Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four WEDNESDAY, JULYJ2.19U Published'Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATCCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT All KnUrcd a» second clnas mutter lit the pout office In Nnugatuck, Conn. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK.-President, and Treasurer RALPH 3. I'ASHO. Vloc-Prcaidont , KDWARD C. LINGENMELD, Aaslstnnl Treasurer MtLDRED HOLLAND, Secretary SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1.70 6'months $'l- r>1 . , 12.25 1 year W-U'i Payable in Advance wook—18c By Carrier 1 J'cnr I month I month* ..,, I'LEDCK TO TIIK *'JLAti—"I pledjfc ullc- jClunco to the FluiC of tliu United State* »l America uml tn the JU'imlillc for which l» Mtiind*. One nation lndlvl»ll>lu, with Liberty unit ,lii.<«tl<:« for nil." WKON.KSOAV. ,1V hV 12. l!M4 LET'S GET GOING! At this writing the opportunities for Conjr. .Insuph K TalbuL to be nominated by the G. O. P. as their slniulard bearer nt the coming Jicpulilii-'iiu convention appears to be yood. .But let's not take too much for granted. Tlieix- an; many a slip between the cup and the .lip, espe- ' uially in politics, and .Toe's friends, and they arc legion, should not miss one single -.opportunity to expend every effort to make sure of his nomination. • This- is not a mutter of per.sona! -feeling's alone, because by every yard stick that can be used Talbol deserves that recognition from the .Republican party of this state. JTo has always give.n his ail to the K-opublican party _and he' hay on many"-occasiohs been used when the going in" some spots liavo been extremely difficult. Of all the names-that have been mention, and ye suppose there will be many more,'there is no one more outstanding man than the congressman fronrtlie fifth district. He lias proven himself a great vote getter 1 , lias shown that he can ban- die any position well and to everybody's satisfaction and his experience in these many positions gives him that extra something ^vhich puts him head and heels over them all DO YOU REMEMBER? 'From The Files <of The .News 20 Years Ago . Thomas SmngcUkl, Casper ^Posllu, and..]Roland AhroiiH look in the golf tournument in Bridgeport in'which. Billy Burke was,defeated, . o—O—o " , ' . Mrs. C. W. Anderson, and her daughter, A'licc, of Canyon City. Colo., visited Mrs. Anderson's -sister, Mrs. Justus ISnglund of Salem street, o—O—o 30 Years Ago An excerpt from The' News:' A few years ugo pork was high at six cents a pound. But In the past few months It has gone up from 32 and 13 cents n pound to 16 and 17 cents." That we repeat wus 30 years ngo. • '.-','.. o—0—o ------ Htixel Shandrcw was visiting In Danbury witli Mrs. Roy Gillman, former Naugatuck resident, who wns recovering: from a surgery. . .. \Arouyid the Clock Joan Bulakites celebrated another birthday Saturday. She spent the day out at Bantam lake, however Joe Healy says that the family had a tough time getting back from New York, and that he, in particular, would have" been much better off spending the weekend in Connecticut somewhere. .' . . . .' The tcnsil season is still with, us; Dorothy Tuckey, of New Haven ,road, -and Beryl Lundin of Woodlawn avenue, .had the job done at Waterbury, 'hospital, ,and ; George Klimaszewski of Woodbine street was operated on at'St, Mary's Walter On TIIK MIDNIGHT SCENE ' ' FACES ABOUT TOWN: Alice Fay'c, who has officially told .the studio she- won't resume for «. year. . .Lina Basquellc, . cx-atar, now tutoring hoofing and hamaticw .Lolo Lane with a Had look in her eyes. ChumH fear the rift I« permanent. ..Jane Ball, not long ago in the Copacabana girl-choir, now making two films at the same time—"Keys of the Kingdom" and "Winged Victory". ..Evelyn McCrae, a Montreal pretty (with no stage history), assigned to it Warner's test on tl:c coast. .. .ArHnc Judge, preferring the simple life of raising her children to a pro- fcssiwnal career.. .Joan Dalrynrplc. press agent for Jose Iturbi, who gifted her with a $3,000 mink coat ...Cmdr. Gene Markcy and'Myrnw. Lqy, who arc making it a habit..Darryl Zanuck, the wisest Fox of the 20th Century. His next epic,' "Wilson," is booked for 1,000 spot announcements o n Manhattan adio stations weekly.. .Commando Kelly, who killed. 40 Germans in 20 minutes (and another 28 "unolilciaily"), at a hotel news stand buying "the funnies" so^.he, can sleep. . . could have known th a t in .wait, ..And time had close an open gate? . MANKATTA j Pclmonlco doorman ALLETT:! THE RED CROSS DOES IT AGAIN True to its trust, the Hartford chapter ol' the American Tied Cross svninj; into fiction its surui as the frightful c:atas,tro.- u had the ocenrred in nohle \vork of phe of the circus >'ii that city. Once a,icain this ^I'Hiul ur^ani/.ation is proving.. Lt«< wrirt.h.''Tliey quickly went int.n (lotion and tfJU'e its ;dl to the 'H'^'aiii'/,ed effort of rescue and they immediately inside available tlieir entire resources ol' manpower and funds. The public can be sure that, this chapter, like all others it' ever found neff'ssiiry, can : l>u depended upon to provide all the material relief it is possible to Lfive find fit the same time give comfort, to Mios-e who have those who wore near and dear tit them, Tlio people on whom the American Red Cross has nevfroallf'd in vain, can a.^ain be comforted by the fact that the dollars flint they have contributed to it is niK.'O Hgn'in giving succur to people need and in distress. AV'o , hear that, Ted iloodus had a ',)-! ratio as fiw-'as women and men went, with women (-.m the lony count. And su we bey to re'pori that ,Tack Kice, Fred Kadcliffe, Joe Madden, Tom Roilly, Donald .Dibble, Francis Schaof- .fer, A! iVliele. "\Vfilt Armotitif, and George O'lV.miell bad a .nice time there all hist week Mr. and Mrs. John <Jst roski. • and Juhii, .Jr.. relurned from a weekend in X. Y. (."'. The two Johns rook in the ball yames at the Yankee stadium on Sat, iirday and Sunday. The family stayed over with relatives'.• i Lnrr.v ; M-iiinll.)niiiVi -lias has been si.u'noil up to at the "'ama- cliiire contest'' at'St. TTedwig's" bazaar Sat in da v. >5J "YOUR MIND AND BODY" n WALLACE AND LOGIC Wi|.| Vice-President Wallace he renoni- inated:' This seems In l>u [.In., chief im- cortfiinl.y of tin,' apprdncliing Democratic conveiilion. .If recent political precedent means anything, he stands a hotter chance than he would have done 40 years ago. Tn early day.s of the repnhlic, vico- prosidents were often renominated. John Adains, fiei.n'ge ('linton, Daniel .1.). Toinp- kins and Jolin C. Calhoim all won second terms. Then came a change. Richard Jf. Johnson, defeated for reelection with Van 'Biiron in 1840, was the last vice- president to be named again until 191:2. James S. Sherman, Taft's vice-president, was re-named with his chief on the Inl- ter's forlorn hope for reelection. In lUHi Vice-Presldenl Thomas K. Marshall was renominated and reelected. The Bepnoli- can rule of the next .1- years saw a different presidential candidate in each campaign, as well as a different vice-president. Vice-President Charles Curtis was Tiarned twice on the Hoover ticket,, and Vice-President Garner served, throughout, Koosevelt's first two terms. Kocont precedents thus point to another choice of Wallace. Politics, however, is not always logical. Union City bits Private Anthony Gedraitis, former Falton market employee, has- returned to his post at Fort Adams, R. I., after visiting friends here over the week-end. Another Fulton market alumni, Pfc, William Gerber, is now in England we hear Staff Sgt. Francis Kosowicz is spending a furlough with his mother, Mrs. Katherine Kosowicz cf Golden Hill street. • . . . Frankie Wisinski, eleven-year-old Park avenue resident, son of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Wisinski, was the winner of the amateur contest in the grammar school group, at the St. Hedwig's bazaar. His nimble fingers ran through "American Patrol" with ease, and the applause he received attested his popularity with the. audience On Sunday evening, in the high school group, two ; of the acts were declared a draw, so to speak,'and both will enter the semi finals to be held in that class on July 22, Miss Lorraine Wisinski with a piano solo, and the comedy dancing team of the two Rays, Kuczynski and Bernacki were the performers to win the plaudits of the crowd Mr.' and Mrs. Joseph Kolakowski, of Spring street, have returned to the borough- after spending''the past week in New- York city Little "Porky" Lambert is making himself some spare change acting as adviser to the players of the prize wheel at the St. Hedwig s bazaar. By LOGAN CI-KNUKNING, M. D. Advances In. Stiicly: ': : ' ' ; Gl'-'Sna-ke Bitc-Cu're." - :'; THE SNAKE bite problem" is not •very serious'.-in Ts'orth'America" WASHINGTON By ITELEST ESSAKV •• ' -(Central Press Columnist) That Dewey. - - Sees Mrs. Dewey Mustache WorVies: .' Help To Husband's Woman' Writer ... - ' 'Candidacy . recently. Wcddincr .All the SALLIES IN 1 OUH Gary Cooper's parents celebrated their Golden Ann'y . at their home. young g-irls flocked r-.round Gary's pop, "a spry °'^ fellow of some 80-odd years," and ffushcd over him. "Arc you really Gary Cooper's father?" asked one'. . ."Well," he replied, "that's what Mrs. Cooper ' tells me!"... A playwright in. Schrafft's was discussing his new: comedy. ."There's something .rcvo-' lutionary about this play,'.' ' he said, • "In th« very first scene the entire cast comes on. .stage and spot critic George Jean' Nathan in the audience — and .then- they -aJl.. walk but:" with an umbrella wh twccn 6th and 5th)' like ; Bc-ile Street :rt • every night.':. Frank, "a. v Louis & Eddie'K on 43th his birthday he bought hln-ci mere-.the drinks.. .The. in.uT* dresser who collects ^b and/.locks of hair from hia ous lady clients. Why,. Where wives dance with husbands: The little on 10th Avenue. ..Onp.- 0 f streets in New York with' 55lh Street <more trees-...,., streets) between Park ah'd'ii Psychista, 1nc.,'on""W. ,57th',; » displays photos purporting'., the spirits of Will R 0 »~'i Ziegfcld; Leslie Howard c' WASHINGTON—Not that Gov. Thomas E. Dcwcy,- Gov. John W. 1 Bricker .nor .even .the Republican! .-national •• committee., is pining to hear ,a dash of advice from. me. But there's no harm .in my calling nboui 300. biles'..1 -.year,, arc .• re- .pprtfid j'ci, the .United'.States); but for.'.-.tbos.c'l of-* the... p'6pul!ition : !\y.hb ' ' ' arc exposed' it" r will be cbmfbrtinfi to linow thai advances in th'c study f ar.ti-vcnin and • other methods of .treatment hi.tvc not been slowed up to. any appreciable extent by Lhc win- and they, have resulted in n of'technical success. About j.hc time., that bactori; ology and immunity came 'of age it -was 'evident, that snake, venom had the same kin'd of actions and reactions as bacterial, toxins. In fact, according-to'tradiUon, it was Khrlich's experience during his travels in India that led to the development of the side-chain Lhco!-y, which .is the philosophic bsisla of all our thinking on immunity. He saw two men - bitten by a cobra at thc''saine '.imc and one of them lived and .one of them died and he found that, who lived had been bitten before,' So the scientific stiicly 'of'.snake venom 1 began on the'theory:-...-'that, the venoms are 'toxic 1 arid'that the. animal body can build • up resistance to thcn-u- That theory .has been proved to be essentially valid. ' • Thc four, poisonous -smrkes ' in the United States are snake, the copperhead, the cotto.n mouth moccasin and the -coral snukc. Some authorities name 25- varieties of snakes here as venomous, but this-is in dispute'and tit attention to ' a few' little things about the 'Chicago convention that Upper sharply-jri jny th'oughts: : ' "'••First, I • liked Governor Dcwcy much better thair T had expected. 'I- hfid made'-up' my. mind that I would not care for him at all—not that-' my- opinion matters to thc| world' one small bit—•'•but I did find him intelligent, sincere 'and- courageous. ''•'.. ' . ••.Before. I''fro further to explain my.-, now attitude, I want -to say quickly that, he would be a far more, effective candidate for the •While House if he would take himself- to his 'favorite ' barber and shave off his mustache! I have heard dozens of women' make the same criticism of the' gentleman from rv'cu- York. That mustache is the biggest handicap Tom jDewcy has. It takes from the seriousness and strength of his face. Moreover -it will not help with the woman vote. Thc governor has a handsome head, a clearly chiseled nose, a decisive mouth. But when' you look "at him, unless you study his face long and closely; .",you sec none of these photogenic assets. ' . :.You sec only the mustache. You remember only the mustache, the" rattfe- |'Without it. Governor .Dewey would look a million per cent more real as the proper man for the White House job he is after. N'owsrccls and posters could do a handsome work 1 with the governor of ICcw lions asked and the identity of" th qucstio'ners "proved '-the 'interest o th'c rest of th world in the'comin fM-csLdentinl election. •Journalists from- Free France Canada, Honolulu. London, Sweden South America, 'China and Poland wanted to know . the Republican any rntc'thc four mentioned are-, the most numerous. . -.' Type* of Snake Venonj Snake venom is poisonous on account of two venins—the hae- morrhagic and the ncurotoxic. Ine former predominates in- vipers to which group the rattler snake, the copperhead ., and the moccasin all bionjr, and he"''laffo" predominates in the colubrines-,to wh'ich- the coral -• snake- and the cobro-belong. The result of the York as a smoothshaven personality: 1 '•".; ' •- 'I had .imagined that the govcr- 'nor was really a small man. He i.". not a giant but he is an inch talic that Winston Churchill. The Republican candidate's equip mor.t for the. radio is excellent. H has 'a 'warm, flexible speakin; .voice: . Hl3". : .polde'ri-tongucd oppon erit.may even have, to brush up on his ;spcpch lessons, if he is to sue cessfully..'c6mp.ctc .'on the air with action -of the hacmorrhagic -venom j th c Chicago nominee. ' ' Servicemen's addresses: A-c Henry W. Pope. Jr.. Sqd. 1-3, o043 AAF.BU. Lancaster, C'j.i'l Pl'c. Gecr-e Asliford, F. A. 19th B. T. N 7 .. APO No.'o, c-o Postmaster, New York.'X. Y • Sgt. Edward Smo- lensk!, o009. Ord. Sor.-Conip. Oi>., APO 730, c-o Fust master, Seatfle. "\Vash, . . . . • Pvl. Frank Brellis. Co. ^0",.38tli 1. T. B., Camp Croft. Most, tenant-; think their landlords arc tightwads, and most landlords tliink thai, 'most, tenants -arc wasteful. 'Could both be right? Anotlior little hundred-dollar bond salted down won't do you any harm. Especially if you keep it salted down. . ps to' cause .. liquiflcation pf'.thej blood and rupture of the •. blood, vessels all over the body, resulting.' 'in shock and collapse: The 1 ncuro-. toxic: has an especial olfinity for the nervous system-and results in death from paralysis 'and .-.rcsplra lory jTailuro.' • -' • • •• •'>'', The .treatment -of .any' ; snake' bite may be. specillc . or. Kone'ral: 1 Specillc., is by the' Use ol" antl-' vcnin injected in the'muscle. Anti- vcnin ayainsit- our. American varieties is available, at nearly all drug, stores in snake localities. Give plenty of nntl-ve'nin because there- 1 is no telling how much venom- has been -received by the body. It has been estimated- that 25 milligrams of concentrated venom : -l'rom . : 'a" younc;, .active rattler will', kill a 150 pound man, and it is possible for, a snake to inject over 1 200 mil--- Hgrams'.at one bite. ' • • 11 , of Tourntnuet:'' But the same rule applies here, as to'any kind of poisoning which' 1 is that if you haven't gm the specific .antidote handy proceed with- the '.general methods and •rcmcm- The Dewey-diction also is per feet.. Perhaps a shacle too perfect However,, it is soothing- to the cat .and does, not shock 'the nervous system:., in the mann of sovcra well-known candidates. His words are easily understood. He 'pitches his voice well and talks slowly, ] has'"a. nice 'flair- for picking live 'rijjht'words. . •' Dewey conducts himself well when questioned . This talent'no doubt w'as'first inherent^and later grew- when he became district at- torney.of :New York. Thc penetrating- questioning during the day-af- tcr-nomination press conference did not disturb the candidate. yVDcwcy was casual and responded :ciearly -to tTie journalistic inquition, Kis''mind works fast. Very fast. '"'.'Incidentally, the sort of ques- ber th.-ii they arc as effective 'as', the spcific mthods. . . The general method . for- use against a thing such as rattlesnake, poison'is the use .of. the tour'- niquet.; This has' scicnt'illc' approval and has been put on a definite basis. Anybody, .has. a t9urniquet— a bclt'i' a piece"'of ro'pe'; l "a"'handkci i:: " chief.; The ideal one ' nhould be elastic,^ but that is- not absolutely necessary:-'The principle of the ."treatment is to.shut off the blood •'.invthc .bitten limb from .the .gen- eral'circulation, and'release it a little at .a time.. The body will manufacture its- own antitoxin if not overwhelmed with too much of it.(After' the tourniquet is applied above 1 the site of'; the bite it is loosened every 20 minuts for a •half minute interval. The site of the bite should be opened and .the juices...,.in".,, -the nearly, tissues pressed'-dntf ••-.••••- -..--. . nominee's attitude on mattcrs\tha 'especially concerned -'thir own countries!' Hearing, the. strange voices and accents made "me realize that this Uni'tccl, States of. ours' be longs to the world. Or maybe the world belongs to her. ' '-. Govcrnoi's.Brickci', the vice prcsi- very' useful 'in the coming cam- dcntial v 'nqminc'c, . will . be useful paign. for,-thc White. Ho" is a big likeable, fellow and will look well on any-->spe"aker's platform. And he does not- have a mustache. Governor' .Brickcr has a charming wife. who .will be an advantage to the Republican cause. She should go everywhere her husband goes, be about the place to rest the eyes 'on. • Thc Republican ticket is lucky in 'the wives of its candidates. Mrs. Dewey is a;d.irling. She. is her husband's greatest asset. This is not •just -a pretty phrase I am turning. Mrs. • Dcwcy is going to' be more help in ,battling- that fourth term business th«n miles of high sounding honest oratory. She conducted 'herself with skill and tact at 'her first Chicago press cbnfcrfcncc.'iShe was thinking and acting in,' terms of her husband's career. She was not 'trying to sell herself as 'a, 1 brilliant, stinging personality. ' She was poised and thoughtful. I suspect she had no opinions of her own that would have made the headlines. But she subordinates those as dangerous to her husband's campaign. Instead she made her questioners think of the Dewey family — husband .nnd wife — as good teammates working together for the success that so far > has come quickly and may lead to the White House, the highest goal in American public life. MIDTOWX-VIGXETTE: It happened the other night at one of the spots...Thc manager docs ,his. o w n emccoing.. :H e 1 ' requested^ J°' silence and tiien proceeded to,"in-, terdoose" a war hero who happened to be in the crowd...The spectators went 1 into spa.sms .apr, plauding the hero,'who responded with a few words. .-.Then v as the hero took his seat,'c .Tnanigrcr^ resumed at the-mike and" interred:. "Thank you very much, major-l" You may be. sure .all 1 of us 'tfre right behind you—and don't forget .folks, tomorrow night's opening, an entire new show!" ' ' THE "LATE WATCH: t reported that Clare Lucc'ij . .'the-only Repub who'can'be •to-;bc-!n good shape. ..Craig Wort "an" da .-coawter swapped bio other niffiht, with a waiter- to r brcak-it-up) sustaining, night- orb. :, The A. Patinos'„,„ gation plans have snagged, la^ the heir to the mint of the "sif livian. tin king. He'd settle B. 000 'per-year alimony. She »imi 100. .'.Eing... and the Andrewt tii will combine to make "Is You l or Is : You Aih't My Baby?-'.s, Decca. which expccu it to h« !i> top disc of the year. ..Helen-UK! gah's.Rena and the Navy's Edfe Albertc have resumed. ,";.'Gc ^taftris comforting Myrni' whose favorite gent i other'.' doll last. week. ..Vicc-Pnt Wallace's waj-mest friends, ]fc 'J-usti.ce. Murphy, Msgr. Shechyuxi other'- Influential holy nnas-~*& figit those .who arc atteEipUai-to incite religious groups against.hi re-nomination. . .Betty • Allen, or, touring "Early w Stf ' (after the c' "Dream with Music'"- also 'K»d-lli .chance .to sub .for June.HaVoci .."Hayride" and lost - both -spou'l causo.of illness... .- '.. \' '.>/•* SOUNDS jy • THE RetilVen's: "A word to • thc'-Svc | ;'iruy>v)s* usually • resented": :":Ai ^Hurricane: "She carries ;ajuiaeii I 'fTioiigh it" were a ton'-.-.LIn' J U» I ' ME.\fOS OF A MIDXIGHTER: •Some singers refuse to^usc the so- called anti-FDR song.'. ,bj v , ..'John' Ringliiig Morth and P. 'Coots'..'. Noel Meadow, the Broadwayfarer, married Sylvia. Lcc, a.n up-state theater owner...The family of -My- i'on Selznick purchased a mausoleum for him costing $55,000.... That chap in the rumpus at the Monte Carlo may lose an'arm .. Washington denied permission for "Info Please" to visit • London for."policy" reasons. .Nick the Greek and T, Guinan have bought a Las Vepras hotel...Thc know-fif-iils predicted the Zanzibar wouTdn't 3 months when it opened a year ago. Galloway headlines -here August 10th. . .Grctchcn Houscr of the Follies aiid^J. Ri- cardcl, the bandman, arc in tune . .Catherine Reynolds, who danced n "Scandals," married the lawyer •vho won her divorce. . .Paul Galico is now Yurropean editor for Cosmopolitan mag. ..John Gun^ ther, the book-writer, and "Pat" 'arce are gluggy. .. Jane Wyma :ccps her maid by .allowing he o watch her emote before , th ,amcras. Stork:. "She found, out-ali'ofBol- lywood '.is not payed '- 1 wi;i 1 'jold- wy:is";-.-. .At Havana - M•.'<>•«£: "There 'arc two kinds c'.'jtt^lt Those who can't -maltc it uothoit who ca'n't keep it."-'': .At it'to- ,<Suro:» ".The 'election 'is all'.ova kt: the mud-slinging". .,A.i£tfc(Jv& Moritz Bar: "Te's for'.th« pwplt .and "against -the public." 1 .! '•'-'• Yoii're Telling Mel ,By WIIAIAM KITT (Central fren Writer) A BOSTONIAN. po.t a divorce because his wife kept .their house so .clean- it..mrfdc him uncomfortable. "Aha," adds: Grandpappy Jan- lilns, "a; Eefugcc from a vacuum cleaner!' 1 • THE ORCHID GARDEN: Th icw torchamp, "Wherever You o"...Louis Prima's platter Robin Hood". . .Obcron and Mun "A Song to Remember". ..Gen ral R. Johnsonos piece in the Jul 5th Satcvcrpost. . .Tamara -Zmit ovich at Casino Russe...Thc waj "buy Reyes toys with "Jungle Rhapsody" at the 'Troc.. .Carmen Castillo's vocals with Cugat.!.. Brant's book, "The Road to Peace and Freedom." which makes so much sense not one . Washington paper mentioned it. .Florence X-cs- sing's footogra.phy at Versailles. quicl, al. "Borchtcsgadon •a low crunching sound rug is slowly majs- All is save -for as rug after Jcatcd. '' Forgs,. 'itccordl'ni^.'to Fuctogrnplis, >ccl off their own skin; That's nnny—wi; hc'yer wiw n sunhiu-m-d rog, or, even, one slightly tanned. The 'Scorpion, a British anti- and mine-.tank,-'flails the. ground bcfoje it -''as it advances.. Sounds ike. any- ideal weapon .to beat the Luffing ou-l, of the enemy. ^Zadok Dumkopf wonders if thors any connection belween the fact hat Chicago is the most popular ite for.;poli-tical conventions and >•: towm's nickname of the Windy illy- 1 ••'.-'•' ' - • .The. German Wehrmacht must e r 'a war machine with .'front and car molotvs since it travels as ast in- reverse as it once did forward. ' " • •••--• ,-.-.. BROADWAY EALI1,\D: (By Don Wahn): These were the violets from another Spring. . .These were the tunes: thrvt had their little day... Who could have thought that April held a sting— who could have known that lures would die away? Brigrrt were the Inns that framed the shadowed street. ..Bright were the hopes that fashioned in mind... And there was laughter, tremulous nnd sweet..."And there was music riding on the wind.. .Over and gone the pageant of the past...Over and gone the reign that passed as youth...That .was a time too wonderful to last...That was a time when ecstasy was truth... Who Brighten up your : ; j Jtront door! j Protect vour front door agiii* the rt's'atrier, ano brighten «p |- tne" en trance to your home t |i tn'e same ume. . > s •M-rpnv Ajrpiane Super-Sj* Varnisn » t'anious for its usMC quajities—and. it dries in * to* 1 to a finish tnat does justice toll* finest woodwork, or !urnitu» CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET j . TEL. 3507 .'!-|; r Great Oak Faring nronu ROAD , ,'W:,i*i ROAD MILKf^EGGB Delivery To All Get Sliced Reymond's TODAY!

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