The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH », 194* BT.YTHKVUFJ! (ARK.) COURIER K15WS ITHE NATION TODAY \Unlimited Speeches in Senate I By Southerners Gives Test to I Truman's Civ/7 Rights Program By Jrnme* Mftrlov* WASHINGTON, March 9. WV-Here's .in ABC on the Stum* filibuster fight which R«U up » hold ol steam this week. Several things in Involved: The fate of President Truman's civil riehu program; the Iblllty or I failure o[ the Soutliern Democrats to block it; and the right, or ability | of A minority 10 blorlc the will of » majority. A /Illbiiiter—unlimited speechmaklng—liiiiipena only lii Ihe Hrn;it« never in the Hciisc. 'Hide's a House rule limiting debate. Not in Hie Senile. + And there are two kinds of IIII ibtiscers: by and individual senator, or ft group of senators filibustering in relays. Example: An Individual is against a bill Che rest of the Senate wants to [ pass. He kno\vs he can't talk more than 15 or 20 hours straight without dropping from exhaustion. Speakers Work In HeUys And when that hnppens, he Wordy Lady PAGE ELEVEN knows, ihc patient Senate will then i tlic hill. Still, wanting lo res-1 islpr his protest, he filibusters. This one man stand means nothing. J °s reJay kind Hint coiinU: \S'hrn a Rroup of senntors. say 2j, wants lo |>r?venl ll'e lost of Ihe Ofi senators from veiling on something u^e Iho PL'c r ;ir 1 e]il.'s ci\ r il rights prosiTim. This minority, talking in rclny. can KO ou for \vceMs or monihs while all other Hentuc business slows and piles up. If this ROCS on long enouch. Ihe Senate may have to cnst aside, for lack of time, some of the other 1m- ) portant bills il hoped to pass. A filibuster can be stopped though, in two days: 1. By letting ttie minority win. This is when the majority finally agrees to drop the bill that caOsed the filibuster. When that occurs, the particular bill is dead for the rest of the session. 2. By beating Ihe minority and brcakhiK the filibuster. This happens when two-thirds of the sen- ntors vote to srtilt off the filibuster by limiting debate. But— Senators Prlie Their Freedom That seldom happens. A two- tbirds vote of the Senate to hall * filibuster In hard to get. Senators • A a group, prize their freedom 1 to talk without limit. Tlie argument: "Some day I may be opposed to something and want to filibuster. If I shut off somebody's filibuster now, mine may be shut'off some other time." The Southern Democratic senators, although members of Mr. Truman's own party, long ago announced they'd filibuster to prevent Mr. Truman's civil rights program from passing. Mr, Truman intended this program to be of particular benefit to Negroes. Mr. Ti umaii and his aides decided to have a shov.'down on whether the program could get through the Senate. The Senate now has reached the showdown stiiRe: Whether enough senators will vote to shut off a southern filibuster. (The big Issue Is ft proposed rlile.s change which would permit a two-thirds vote to shut off debate on a" motion. Such a vote no\Y can stop debate on an actual hill. The business before the Senate now is a motion to lake up the proposed rules changed In passing an ordinary bill, only majority senate vote Is needed. Snullu-rntri t» Win "If" The Southerners will win ai block the civil rights proumm 1 this session if— Enough Northern Democrats and Republicans sympathize with thi'iu i and refuse lo vote for ending debate. Bui the Southerners are in n minority In tlie Senate. H they didn't filibuster, a majority of senators probably would von for the program. So nil this iwises a problem: Should a minority In this country be able to block the full will of the majority? Almobl everything Con- Zhief Eagle Feather to Let Wife Keep Scalp, But He's Through with Squaws gress rtoes Ls by ma.jorlly vole. But supporters oif the filibuster ' argue it's of grave importance thai minority rfelns be protccicd by Hie filibuster. They .say II keeps ihc majority from over-riding a. minority. This always comes back U> Ihe question: What minority are you talking aboul? in [his comiirv white people are in n majority, ne- groes are a minority. In tlie Senale white Southern senators are in a minority. But in their southern states white people- are fn a majority and negroes in minority. The fiery fejn.ile itbnve is Marie- ClillllX'v ViliMilllt-Cmlliinc-r. :17- yeiu -ulil nn-nihci' nl the French Assembly. She'll ue eominfl lo Hie U- ^. to ;ip]>i "in nn advisory capricily" l>efnie the United N'nlions l-Ji-oiuiiiin-aiul Sdciwl Council, meotins at l.nt;c Success, N. Y. Mine, Vaillant- Couturier, a member o[ the f-'reiirh ComjtumJst Party's Central Committee, is shown delivering a speech before a women's group in Paris. WAVKIU.y, Tenn.. March 9—(At —Cltltl EuRtt F'eallw snys his idte an keep her SC»HI—he's buvM llif ratchet and Is headed west. The while-haired patriarch, jusl hi'fe yewrs short o( a hundred, Is novlng lo a quieter stamping rounds where he won'l be bolhered with legal or matrimonial I roubles. According lo Sheriff Trent WosC- jiook, the cluef be<'flme Invohrd vilh Ihe law (he other day when tried to renuive his wife's scalp will) a knife rtmliiB » quarrel, bors arrived barely In tune to rdncess Sllverhfels' hair (n- taci. The princess had Ihe old Cherokee hauled off to Jail on an ^anlt charge. The next day when the I'lluress withdrew the charge, the chlrl (old (he sheriff that SllveiherU was liidlnR stolen corn and swore ou(. a warrant charging Inrceny. Sllverlieels was airoMeii, says Weslbrook but was released pending Ihc court hrarlllR. AI ihnt time Kaple reathn and Pllvcrhrrls appemed before Mntiis- da(e Joe Parks, nncl ngreed to drop Ihe charges niialnsi each other. Sotiml by All (his. (he clilpf de- clarM alumly tie will "sell out" mid head vvesl. maybe see a son In ]nrll»nopoll». Wherever lit goes, he • runted, he will to alone. No sijuaws will be (Ulowed. John Paul Jones, early American naval hrro, never brcnjne an American clllr^n. ,' Nollc NOTICE Is hereby nlvfn Hint About 140,000,000 Ions of coal »r« burned annually In Knglaud The flavor to be ruined cmid beer Is said it addition o( sail. A. 1'lckard luis niiuie uppllrMInn tor | a. permit 10 oii'cl 11 brli'k ami nin- criHi- building -10 feet by 90 Ircl on ', i.ol fi nnd tta.xl i a I*H > M»r.s)) Aildhloii. This inilldliiK to be nsi'tl for a u'lnll HUM-IMS' business. Any jmiU'st ; should lu< In willlnt; inul fllrd In [Ilii 1 olllec of Ihe Oily Clerk wiililn i :ifl <My.<, .lor earner, (.'Hy Kll«llleer. :i-'J-9 MtJLIUI- j Nitilet ( rf (iranfliic rrrmll Notice Is hereby Riven Unit the Commissioner ol Revenues y[ the Stulp of ArVansus hits l.ssufrt A pcr- mll. No. u:io lo l-'ml !•'. /Mexiuulcr (o icll ami dls)irnse vinous or sptrll- lions liquors |nr bi'Vi'rase i\t relull on tht premlsfj dfM'ilbed us 111 Month Miln, l.mrtM'llIe, Ark. This •lennll Issued on Ihe V5 daj' of Feb in<!) and expires on Ihe :iO riny of June. 1!)49. 1 Fred F. Alexander, rornitilcr. I ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Swiss and Dutch Reds Pledge Aid to Russia GENEVA, Swlizerlnnd, Mftrch 9. I'/PI—The Central Committee of the Swiss Workers' Party (Communist) announced y«wtord«y Its approval and support o( the amounce.l French Communist intention to aid the Riiiisisus if tlie Soviet «rmy "pursued an asKi'wsor" on to Fi cacti son. The midget Swiss Communist organization thus Joined its bigaer brothers in France, Britain. Italy. Ati=tri«. Ciermany and the United States In lining up with Moscow. Benton Attorney Elected To Fill Circuit Bench BENTON. Ark., March 9. ta'i — John L. JIu<!lH'-s, Bcnlon atlorm'y, yesterday was elected .special JiKl:;e to prc.sirip over the .seventh tli.xtikt Circuit Court term to upru here Miirrh 21. The dw.ili of Jucl^e TIHHIKIS £ Tclor. St., Malvevn, bmui'.ht »boul •Jie tiece.sity of an election. Circuit Clerk Hurry J. Ray said thai attoineys who had pending in the forthcoming lenn dia not wnnl to wait until n successor to Judge Toler was i'lc.ti:d or r.ppoiuted. R.iy said 21 attorneys from Little Rock. Hot Springs. Benton and Malvci-u cast votes nt the .special election here this morning. Hughes defeated E!d McDonald, also o! BL-II- ton. the only other nominee. H to 7. Landing nu order troiu a tough prospect! THIS IS I'.iHTOf Alniif-li prns|ie(:Ianihli<-iu;lkeisof Hill anil 11 ill rummm-iliiuuiiu'DiimiDii— llioy iiiM-1 cm llin lir-si. VMIII liibi IIIMK of Hill innl 11 ili will runviiiiT you of ilnit! Tins ricii r\enlni:ky favoiile it. ul\vays~ RED HOT PRICES USED CARS SHELTON MOTOR CO. AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, March 9. MV-The Dutch Commu- ntel Party in a .statemenl by its .secretary Paul Of Groot has" declared itself "in complete solidarity" wiih the statements of French and Italian Conimunkbi on their atUtude In the event ol mi east- west clash. . .\UKcsson A Kubblmt, Inc. - F.xclualvr Dlstrlbuliirj - I.ltlle Ruck 65< 86 1'HOOF Grain Nciltrnl Spirits J,s I ••• The women's club movement in the Unlled States dates from 1868 when the Sorosis Club in New- York and the New England Woman's Club, under the leadership ol Julia Ward Howe, started at about the same time. busy little leeV need Gordon TINYSOX Th« very young generation rtortj off in ityl. with GORDON TINY- SOX ... in rh* finul m»rc«n'i«d cotton for »oftne», w*arobHity ( ond washobility. Pretty Fol! shadei in slripei or ftolid colors with plain or fancy top». [Gordon] TINYIOX KIM «.7<4 39* A PAII Mrs. Day's IDEAL BABY SHOES FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 W. Main Phone 2342 //I Fee! those*Sofa-Wide'Seats! Here'iextra comfort for Ford'i famoui "Mid Ship" Ride! Tha leat* af« placed where the going is smoothest. They provide plenty of hJp and shoufder room for six big peopltl Feel those *Magic Action" Brakes They're King-Size and 35% naiier to apply becouje "Magic Action" mes paft of th* car's own mamenlurn! Fee! that heavy-gauge steel in Ford'j "Lifeguard" Body nnd IcnHRrt. That new body and fra/ne aio 59% more riyldl UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball (!cl Our Prices TAXI and TRUCK DRO UNIFORMS All Colors - (iiilmrdiiit! $12.95 HUDSON Clconer-Clothicr-Tailot That's Our Motto! We spare no ellort In providing mi UXTRA everyday prescription service, which means extra convenience to you Peel free lo call on us in any time. Prompt delivery service.. Phone 607. WOODS DRUG STORE TO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS | Call 510 ur sec me In li>i; llnlldlni; (iriiund Hnor, rear t:il.v llruj Si.ire, M steps nfi Alain at [lulled Insurance FRANK D. UNDERWOOD Fee! that'Mid Ship" Ride! You travel bfrween the wheels in fli« Iow«r c«nt«r-i«clion of Ford's "Lil«- QuofH" Body . ., you 90! fl rru* ro6d- hugging f«el Hial'i lurt and tliady— •ven in a cro» windl Feel those "Hydra-Coil" Springs! They leem lo "slep over" the butnpsl And lh« new Ford "Para-Flex" Roar Springs give o sofl, Icvct, rear-seal ridel Feel that^Equa-Roise' Power you get from the new 100 h.p. V-8 or rh» n«w ?5 h.p. Six with up to 10% more gat r F.c< CMlir l.nlM J0« I. rittH X Oil Itti Mix 9IIM. Sunjlr £vl«in|» -HBC fllt-Ofl. llM to IM Ford Ull»l. Fridir l>in r|i -COS Kll.cik. 3|« }*ur n«*)pit(r loi tim* ind ifilici. Th ere's a in your future Come in and tyitlbday! Drive a Ford and FEEL the difference' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut at Broadway Phone 4453 Have us rriipw VDIII- fnut\vnir wilh IMII INN- Invi'-llih- liulf .sojrs. The hrjiiii'lli:a1)y srnH'd sole- Joint will kc ( 'i» out, moisture, foreign muM^r. Tlir-rt' will tor? DO sliunk ihi to (Usioil Ihr .shoi- unrl M- dl.siroinfnrt. No nulls or 'hr's. Tlic sin IPS nvr truly vc- i'fl for lifii^ siHisliicloiy wc'in 11C IV. ,T€RS . HOC SHOP "izr w. Mfl'iN ST. RADIO REPAIR i nntl ;i-llny Service «ti Any iM.ike or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 \Vi? (,'iill h'uf and Deli% ? er Fred Callilian Klerlriciil Appluince Co. AiillHiriy.fil Alotorula Siilcs Service Iflfi So. 1st. St. .._.• Sales -Servic^ Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO. '.:(• soi TH'IJLIY * PHOM <*•-, BLYTHEVILLE Say it With Flowers The Flower Shop kncne Hotel lildg. I'hone J-101 or 2747 D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED DELINTED, TREATED and SACKED Stale Ccrlifiecl S")^ Gcrminntiun — I Yr. From Station A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For So,« MAGERS & GILL Dell, Ark. Phone 2272

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