Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1916
Page 1
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UIAD IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND STANDARD THEN BEAD IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPEBS YEAR—NO. 91. STERLING, ILLINOIS. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1916 PRICE TWO CENTS. INJURIES FATAL BURIAL THUHsnAY tehn Clayton Kreider, Aged. 8, .it Of Mr*. W«ll Be William Miller, *!d Thursday. .BOARDS ARE BUSY !, r . Registration Boards^ Are Kept -I<1 (In)! «' «tinrt Hf nt the Jttfe Boy Was Run Over By Auto While Playing In Road Near School. ld n.t thf Sr» fvt«t I»:ini*-t lJ«'f««rmMl M'-n- otn Clnyfnn, the efjrht-jrnr-r.!,l «.-nn [?*,._ .JoJi.HrKreidtr. t-f Jor* Mondity evenlnK nbuitt eiitht «f the Sterlinis Putillc Ho^pitiil I ft JU fit* r'Telveil when I un over auto, Th»- funr-rtil will be In Id nftprmuon. A «h«>ii service rill to** In-ld nt the hon.w,. nt l i.'riock. r..nt 2 o'clock ri>«sular ?it>rvift'M at IBiixt f?rlf«ncp Hidise church; K*'V. A. |««tor of the cbHtfh will t;f- . Rtljjoinfntt the ,rhurrh.ji-nrd. Yh« details of tb^ Accident are very *rt rundPring, The llttb- boy lived mile* fintim thp Ivnivt Hcience is* and flv*> mib»*« from IEr«tHl })««! bffti Roinp to that sritoot ifirifur «ftern(Mjn_i!iirlnfc... the. race** Ftod, ihf children were out in their practice. The win fcr ft cro»i» rond, runnlne north ami Jth, and It v*.;t*> on thb* «-!•«»** r«f««l the MtflfSti were playing. i.Thn children wer« pin vim; in ib»' Mil® of thp road, wti^n hti auto rig at a fair rnte of *p<*e«l jt itn«Nl, ih the tUroctlon of "the chil- te# roittl, the tlrivtr of the car drove on* «idc to avoid striking any «if It Is mUd the littli* Kreider" boy timtA tip frorti hl« piny, and made a uf{ht #ho*»t for thf side of the roart •rhlch wiui th»> ttiitj., HIN! rmi tltrt-t-f. In front of the car. The driver was Mile 16 mop hi* machine on «* ( art notice and ran over the boy. Tin Wtm dtopped ftt once, nnd the lad found to be badly injured , lit In the car which tun over him, and "Ml to hl« horn**. At the name time tor Hnayely «*a* phoned for. nnd at lhi» home of the boy »ut the timn boy wan brtni^-lit there. Short examination rwvealed that he njo a ho-ittitflllur V,y f',*-v. Inti'rmcrii Moirifon. iifltT :itt ll!li««.«-» of clsht wr.r-lc •slroko of t«trrt!y,«i.«. A rnmvl tuary will !><» i»iMi«hfd lutor. k-r. of \'fil- rt th«> M*T- irftru-) ' I»ft»-r. \yill lie in >r« tur«-U f»nm n i-> TEACHERS MEET Annual Meeting Of Northern Illinois Teachers Will Be Held At Dixon, Teachers Of Nine Counties Will Convene Thursday, Friday And Saturday. Women Registering. So Many Names Were Received the Boards Will ^e Unable To End Work Today. IN COMQ IN EFFORTS FAILED President Today Admitted He STRIKE GOES ON < arm try Swift. «! ;,. Rfnv v in wish (h,- .v run! th«'-n. an at:*("-,uil.> 'ailiitt: y»-«t«-rd;iy i.n If. ur- K tin- T!i»- r<-t;i><fr;it n-n thflr hoard.* )ir«- c»>r!nln- today. Thry The program for the of tin- NorthwTKtPrn M nnniitil meeting •i'tlon of th*' which will ti<> Ii»'M «l Dixtui on Thurn« i?ny, 'Friday and 'Hatnrday, Oct. 26. 2" stnrt It W»» found that hl« ukull wnn frac- "~~1 »nd h* wan Injured-in the «nd »«!verul ojher s>lnces where" arliit ana ran over him. 5Th* boy wa* unconHCioun when pick* up and he mtvcr recovered con- JHnexH and dicnl at K o'clock, it evident to the tloctorx from the it that ho stood Very little chance i*ecov0ry nad hi* death wiw not un- t«i to them, nlthoiiKh they did t .they-could for him. 'The body .tftKim honje shortly after hU Itto by hbi grief mricken parentw,. JJttle John wait H bright boy.-the i or hi* father and mother, and be. the eldest he took a Brent deal of o in watching over bin younser aln- -iluth. anil TlrDTr—TiolIy bFonrer. He wa* a bright pupil nt and the nccldent onKt a utoom iv^ry one of the tuipita un4 the Her. Appntently there nwms to be to bfame, thp ntvldeni , Jins hwi rnmnlrti'd, nntl it in- thf t«'achfr» nnd publl'*' who attend th*- m«'(!tlttKi* i»orn<- very hotpful nnd l»islrtic!lv*> I'titvrtainnu'ni. The mi^tinij will In 1 for the Ivai-hfru nf Jo \Viiini-biiK<». f, C'iimill, OK If.- DfKtiih. WhltP- anit I.»«'t> rountlrs, and dou!itlt'f«.« hundtvdH of Un-m will nttt-nd. G«n«ra( Meetings. Four general mK*PtlnK«. to which th«> lit'' h«'Id fit I hi* proj-rarnN for Ktnfted In :it !' o'clo* k tliin tnorninK ;irid have bi-f'ti worklne ronstantly ever f i nifif-e. The ifiw provides two ditllnrn per ilav f»t the m'-mbers "f tf)» hoard, iiuil tin", ni'ier wtiikfd «" ba'rd f«»v two dot-Inty a*j tin.')' lire ili'ihu today, -j*jji*» rs ?t»«i r((et Timp in tfef history »>f tbf ff;t(t- !(m! tftew»Hi«-o bavf* hftd to re(el*«ter. nnd this entail* double work on. the port oT the l>t«ird, for th«-re IH no pull Imuks uf former lions to reft-r'to in order to «et tt;tttt<-!(. Thett* weem? to be n of opinion reKiiriUtiK *'ie time of cloM- in*r 'the rr(rlstrfitl»n, - rfj« ••ino*>t of the bonrdH will not (itilsb tbday and will do well if they KCi thrtiliKh by work' in* all iilKbt, Htnte'H Attorney .1. .1. !,ud«-n« wa« nppeaieil to thin iiftertioon, and he fiiy.M there l«.no hour ««t(ili»d for rlonillK the work today, but t h«* law wpeeltles thnt thf Iinnrds fir«- lo work until (heir work of «'n!f*t(i>K tlw voti-rs' nnmen on the bookn M 4M>inpli«t«»'l, find if thin wnrk i« no.t roinplfted at Hie reEulnr hour of i l*>*<intr. the iHembern of the TTn.irvt nrr; «-Tpi-i t''il Io~*"-'otitli>ue until the Jolt IH flnlXbeil. fveu If i! tilkCH nil ™.- Utn* .occur*. * In invited, vvTU Methodint church, the which follow: Thursday—7:30 P. M. Mu«lc—I'filon Uixh School (llw Club. Invocation—Ui'-v. !•;. C. 'LumMden* . .Music—X. I). |l. ,S. OrcheMtra. Pr«*»ldent'M AddreHx—1«, A. lleinner. MilHic—Union llij*h Hchool tile.. Club. AddreHH—'"Work and Play in Education." Dr. Nathan Schaeffer. " (Slate Supt, Pa.) Friday—8:45 A, M. Mimic—Union HlK.h School Olee Club. . AddifKH—"Why lioyx and f!lrl*t C!<» Wroilfe."' <I)ept nf 1'ractlcal Theology University of Chicago.) Vocal 8ol<>— -Stf-lpf-trd. Aitdrww— 'Tin- Nature arid MlntBtry fan over the little Haul Klenitn. «f SOLD HIS FIRST LOT [? There I* probably no other firm In northern part of the state, which bought *nd sold more real estate *n ttnyy tin* Martin HroUiern of tliia fy. Their un.les and pun-haNe«., of. e»t'U{* will average on« a day Dr. If. W. Shryock, (President South State Normal, Cnrbondale. Jil.) —"CRTIilfeTrH. t-toTiIcH~arur lyove »f IteadlriK.". '• MihH Annie Cai*roll Moore*. (Supet'vlBor of Work With Children, New York Public Library. Frrday~7:30 P. M. A pre< !n< I i« Mippo<<ei|'to have le«M thun "iOO uiuni'H, iitit the iidtiHion of the women'* riMf'nes may incri'ji.*"* the i*n- rollfneitt of Home preclnetM to In t|ie «itluhb<>r.hoiii.i uf .a..tliouwind. At noon today OIK* of the prei'lni'tH had Kot as far ifa tin* letter Iv in the nii'U'« tuimes, and bad not touclied the women'w nunu'M at ail at that hour, and the board member* were working very hard, too., On th<.'._*jfron/l day ...of re«i*»tratlon. which Is 'two weekH from t«<day. the board will Htnrt at H o'clock In the mornliiK and will 8tuy open until !< o'clock that nlniil. It would bo well for |»eople to look Into the copy of thn poll hooks to be tucked up nt the door f the voting precinct Immediately after the-completion of the work, to tee if tlu'ir tinmen are reRlHtered. Then between" today and Thi» Heroitd""Fejslw- tratioti day, notify one of the/ Judges of the omi.HMlun and he will attend to 4t—ft-tul—«jui_thut— .thii n a nit!—bt_\vr-lttW4- in at the mewtiiiK October 31. In n|)eukiu»j about the'necoHitity of the name being in the poll book. Hti Attorney Ludeiia mnyn thlM In not t v.-^it h *tt '-.-t. n-p iinitbrr nf Nils. Swsft. tn tin- "rn't', t-f- «ntU'tn. she 8Ut"!'tii--iJ M* tiv saviiur ?!>>- w-iw born in f'orri'i in IW**, ,»nd ihnt her fntlu-r v.'.ia Jumc<t !.). Hinghain, «.ni? of the tlrst sf-tilfrs Hy tho. wny. thnt «ns tb(< most re- marknble of nl! our early \VhltPfdde settlements. It wa's not rt hit nrui mis* < rnwil. but !l pl<*k**d circle of cxt'c.Ilf'iil people, moral, intelligent, .liidustrioiis, rnnjfif'nliiL Just tliink aimine tht first lot tb»>r<> w>'l« six" mifv^JTrnr; ~tbree jtltfp "rfifrfal'fis. one m"lnt,**tfT, fiHP rslitr.r, rTiP""prtntFT. one doctiii*. onf miller, one merchant, three *»hoe dealfrs, two fnr- m»rs. You see they w-<'r<« fully (ire- pared to start a town, and form tiseir own sor'lety, The bind wns.mirveyetl In Ifc.'lR, nnd when the Rovernment. wiles were held In 1M£. Htic;h men its Httpkinn, Wilkln- 1 son, Hurr. Heoit, Hnrnpsiin, Pollock, UnnlltiK-. . Hlnnlmm. 'familiar- names, fraught" Ihrir rlaims. nnd siron Coma beeam»» tin* bnslffti center of trade In eastern Whlte*ilde. 8i*>rlini *»i*attered hamlet, but Cittno had torit-K. stores, and a large grist mill A Kood church nnd Behind, Hut the railroad in lsr>0 left Coino n mile ti lb«* -Houtb, anil It IB mnv ;1 ihoiirnfu meinui y. For Poland. Differences Between Powers At War Block Plans But He Renews His Plea. l!v !">••!" l t .! P.endf-f. lf-*taff ('orr''* i i,'"M.ti'Hf of t'nltfd Pref-i ) .Shin!.,xv I,awn, N. .!.. Oct. I7.--1U- I'.'Hiw important itiftVrencex still ejs.lP between the ;ii!lf- nnd centra! power 1 under whh h »mpplie»i mny be sent d> Poland, rrevidrnt Wir*on .1n- lutlui .that. !ia IIUK "Hot >€rt been >uor»'««,«fill in inducing the powers l<i concluib* n »lr!initi< settleim-nt." •{•Some vu*ek«t ai;i> the president wrote a letter to the KlnR of KiiKlnnd, Prenl- d»-nt of'Franci". »''r peror of ijernxiny Auiirbi oK'ifH the Far n «/- T r As S. O. U Wiil Continue Concerned. So .( tn.. ••tr;':,.. Kit on « <-on<-er-M '.i \v rtnttr of HtiRxia, Km- nd Kmp*-ror of their co-opprntion in sufferlttK of the* Polish be i lii* nsued « statement efforts have been Khrlni* of 0>e miKhty. i-«n it l>t«, Thist is all remains of theo? people. Totlav' ndrnittbiK timt In v«ln. Explain* Hit Failure. l|l« 'nnnoimrrnirnl wn* «s foHows-j "I have now received replies from the KiiiR of l-^'mbuid, i'lesliieiit of France. ICfnperor of (Jemuiny. Kmperor of Aim- trlit ami tlie C*«r of Uuunia to my l»«t- ti-r of July :'n. l^li;. in which 1 tendered the frlendlv offices of this government in negitttrTttrmw-tmikinR to n fresh cunsiderallim uf th« poxslhUty , and m<>thods of f.elivin»{ Poland. It appears. him th»'V v |-k \vith»ii! r- *n.-;T« not itriKe, IHI! < '-re r< more to ni'.K l h.' Tlk.- «.f f;>r lopj.eil t!rv- who ,TSk''t) :•>• inn them iieiF Affcr l'C (if f"N, di! nf them to po t«u:k Thf (•f»m- ! tn ask for ONOTFENSIVE Col. Roosevelt Departed Today On Drive Into Ky. t III., Ariz., N. Mex. and Colo. lughes Says It Is a Big Contract To Attempt To Address All the People. DRIVING A WEDGE The Teutons Have Launched a Jkeaf Slew.--Jlff£mive Against Roumania, "The Tragedy Of Jhe Somme Is Near a Climax," Says Semiofficial Statement. Mrs. H«is« ivas able to recall the meeting of an early teacher's institute in i'oino in IJiSG, lH>(»cots D.-iuliiK was muhaKcf. Alexander Wilder conduclor. KeitS*. Phinney. Hmlth,' "irfrionft the tcarherH, flavin secretary. .Mnry Pollock nt tho t'-ycnlriB'Tecttires, Mrs. HardluK helped to entertain the'peda- BOKS*. The, meetings xyero held In the llftlis brick church whic'h Is still stand- itiK, Peter Pollock, who .like a comet, Hashes o.nce In awhile in Hterllng, be- to thn ancient «*omn rrowd, IJefore leilVitlK, Mr. Kwlft showed UM mmte ance.xtiTtl heirlooms, a geography, I MM), no Chicago In It, Sacred MedlUi- tion«. 175$, by James MeiKle, North Amcrii'iin Header, by layman Cobb, ISUfi. with tnnny childhood favorite*, liko • • ' - ' On-Llnde.n when the nun was low. GEYER IS MANAGER The Sterling D»pt. Store. Fred H.. (Jeyir. of Thick Fall*. bus: tMH'tl for ttm Htcrllnif l - uy KrM aittl.hew; im-elver wuirtTvUt' tho selling; uf the stock lu •doe* not have to HWCHT In hi* or bcr| th< ; tlU ,' w ,, r Mr Mattiew. n« thn bitter ,.„ „.!.,„! (ji k)(1>( (,,„ * lllH y n t (•„, First Niitlonnl •(till Important iliflft rt ii<>e«i between the fillled and power* ft* tti the term* uinier which relief fuipplleN may' be sent to Poland I HIII disappointed thnt I hllVt' not >el iH't'h HllrrcKNful 111 Inducing tin p"»«-li-lo rotieludi* H definite inovi un ut." AGAIN UROES RELIEF. The ptemdeiit'N h'ltvr t*.i tin* Kuril- peari ruler*. pb*ndtut! the caiifi* of Poland, wan atj»> m:uli* public. It is 1111 fool own: "Your Mtije.ity: In view of tlu« overwhelming dhMKtcrM which '. lutvu 4*e- fallen million'* of 'non-combitinnt Inhabitant* of 'Poland. 1 feel jUHtifled by tin* universal and honext cXjjr'enNloiiM of the Hympathy of the American people, rej*avdle»t*» of nice, origin or political HenllMicnt, to '- MiKKC*t to your mnJi'Hty thnt the Mubject of wayn and mi-jinx .fur live *,<\!nij of thorn?of them" people who Mill wul'vlve. bo given (lie further benevolent coiiMlderatlon of your majesty's* government. While no can fall to appreciate the Huffer- nnd jmcrltlcet* uf thw people primarily eiijj'iBed" in the exlMllnie war nor tin* dtrricuMh*** In the wuy of alleviating the-, hard*dilpN of thnHe who .UEU-JLhi: imitdtuiiut •uil&iMi'Wi--fwnn—thf wur, the dciiih i<> slow or rapid mar- vatlon of miHlmi* of 'lunm-cnt people JH -MO awful n fact thnt nuch tin out* i*ome -Mh'onld "lit- averted if it it* within My .1 P Staif < 'orn spoinle N. A V.iik. N. Y., -;itd*>m today dr> v* .iwei Tnemloif IC Vo.Vr. t «.f rolled Pri*ss. ) o,t IT — Kep'ubll- >it f\; play It,*! left iif'vrit. The t'ol iiel ief! at l<i;3«.fur his blK rip: He IH to speak 111 live Xlnt«i«, er^ui ky. Arizona. Xi«w Mevico, (~'o|- iiii!" ami Itlinm,", The major part «>f the <"«i|nne)'s ef- rt iMIi In- made In Kentucky, where be I" scheduled for thirteen slopM nnd xhort plutform Mpeet'hen before aweep- inir nn Louisville for hi* !ir«t real offensive of fho tour, offensive IH meant Imth'wavs The Colonel Hfthl Upon leaving today that be intemlH to make it n» much way its i*us*dblt< to the I'eiiu'rru!**. Th«* Colonel will begin his ttpcnklni? ut Fulnnmth ut V:30 tomorrow morn- ln(j. He will hitx'e miKhty scant Inter- vijlu i>3 r» MI until be cowhides thf nhort tulkx/ju I.ebliaiKin Junction nt 6:4$ l« m ..He iirrlveK at lAniUvllle at 7:3» tor a" three hour and :» hit If stop, whet*" in* "HI deliver a utrefully prepared Tho''i|ite*>tli>n "of" a" New York nt«tc trip itnd a tilj> to PittHlturgh anil ix'r- biis'i.x 11 lew place.** in Indiana und Ohio will nut lie -decided until the Colonel In New York, KiUurdtiy, Octo- • i l.ty I'nltf-d Pre«».) , i. Knjj.. <'<'t. 17. Aiming' to drive si wedKe bttwe«M the Hu^sian and HmmHomin armieK, the Austro- 'Sermrtns liii%'(* launched a Kreat new • ifTt'ti-dvi- in-nr tin 1 northwestern frontier of Itoiimlzinla." SlrotiK Teutotdc fitrces. nccordlnir to Pefrog'nrd diMjtnK-hff. ore ftttnckinf? TTii-"TJViiffiiirTfrouf STrtTlh nf Tttikawlna " he.ii the point where, tho HuBslonH and _ itournHnlniiH joinpd handn. The Hu«- •*lan« hitve tiecn driven bnck. Herlln dispiitchett report the Itoumahinnft/all** IUK bark Heron's their own frontier. Kvery Itidieiitlon polntH to the be- of the much heralded offensiva tlen. von Hlndcnbeig's cnrnpalgn to crush the KdiiriKiTihuiN. Morn Violent IM (h.. flKhtinK Routh uf Kronntadl where the Teuloiift have flTlcceeded in pitxhinK through Predenl pium nouth- vifdi <>f KroiiHUidl. Tht* AuH(ro*nt>r» miitirt'nre attackiiiK in-lit rise force nnd ' lii-nvy liKbtiDK i- 1 Koln*4 mi /HI ibjuman- fciu noil. " BRITISH NEAR 8ERRE. (Hy--Pnlted PreHH.) London, linn.. Oi-t. 17.-British troops north of th«* Ancre enterml enemy tieiH'hr« wets! of- Kerre, (led. HalR ro- ported. Hlui'e the fir*«t diiy of thn offennlv* Alien Hie Hi-Iti»dt drew tfeelr lines cltiMW in Serre and were then driven bnck. then* hn« been iso IlKlitlUK on thin fr*int, Tlie (iermaiiH holding tho KtronK Thlepval .poKltloiiH inndo It In-^ jidvlxiibb' for 4hf« nllle** to extend th»lr -, north. Th« capture of the way for widening ...................... vote If the name ba» been omitted from the poll books, unless some one bank to attend to U In 'detail. th» year and some of their have umounted to $75.000 nnd -•****!!'.£ «* msicb. They own, by r, more property In the citlei, of SNT- tnd _Uook I^allH, thnn any other fH»r*ons, io nay nothlnr of. their big • furm» !*»id__ PJ r °J;* r ^}'!: *yr- iiaifip iTuMio -Mtnik—?*?orth -Hidf "Hrhonl Orche«tra. TliM N. K. A.—It. iJP. StoopH. Jollet, Addren**—"8om« Peril* by the Way." Dr. H. W. Hhryork. Carbondnle, •Addretwji—"Biology and Boy Nature." Dr. Allan Hoben. <l'niveru|ty of ChicitRO.) Saturday—«:30 A.M. cltten. lnt«reiitlnt Incident Is related of vld Martin, the of the brothers, Ilusiness—IleportH of__Commlltt*es, Klwtion of brTicers. Address—"The Teacher's Point of View.' State Supt, KranHs-fl. Blair, Address—"Our KeMolutiuns and Ivttitlve Program.". _ R. C. Moore. (Sec. State Teacher*' Ajs«!nJ MEETINGS; :»re u jureiit many women in wich prt«- uo )U , llt , cHtatillnhmeot from now on. ••Inct »o %vell known thut there would u»* i« a buHlnesa man of many yenm lie no tjucHtlon resnrdlnw their right »tundinK. nnd for a number of yeurB to vote Rloiply ;h«rau«o-the nami* IH micceiwfully »-onducted it, furnituro und »oi written 4n the-book. While It. j» not tthftolutf'ly necesnary to huvo the nam* on the reKlntrntlon book, yet it rnlBlit nuve time and trouble If m»mo BiandH re'ndy to chulleUKe. HAS ADDED DRUGS Howard O«yer toi Put In Stock in .th* underuiklrig buslneaa Mn Hock sellinir out to 8. K. \Vhe*»lock, Frank Murphy of the Murphy dry goods store, C, J, HtahPof the \Vytit'- Deaver Dry Goods company, nnd Matt Wllger, the well Known auction clerk, havo been appointed appraisers for the stock of* the* SterlinK Department nforin for-whlch-n receiver was appointed . a few days ago. They are belnif asslst- • City School*. A joint meeting of nil pblah t*mh» to §how tlmt wlicn-he * »«*t« bin mind on a piece of pro- ty he will buy U no mutter what \v-ui- y««ars of age, his fatlu-r, who "Sl*o a dfwiJer In real estate, din~ Tn |w~ David, «1thou»h younrr, hnrt his •set on ownlnjr »onu* uf that land, moitt* a prap>i*4iii'**> t»> tl*o l-uyer Ml»4t plot li» buy •»*' it f > r '\—TnJ«-w^u &n\v n «hort f ; me a*- h* knew th» wltolp trju't was sold ?~f?0, Using a if.lnor (ho dual hint made through bio father, who I p«vjd if hv knew that tie IUM) ily noia it for that sum. Tht> lad he did. anil the baru-ilu \\-i- H Jfc and David i^ta for the tuf u.o. noon #i» ho COUlU get t.he rnonpy, later cr-K-t^d a houst* on th«> pro- ty, and he utill hu* & fond news for |t lot. for while he ban uold huu- of lot* in SUrliiiK be bar rt-futtcd tlmw* to p«rt with this one in school the grade will be held In the au- Howard (Jeyer. proprietor of the paint »loro on \Ve»t Third street, htm made nrrantrements to Install a stock ,of drugn aisd other good* which go with a druK store, nt his place of biwl- nnH« an HOOU an he can get tho room ready and have the good* Hhlpped here. He atajrted last sprint? In the J'»'nt and bus tlntte retnnrhjaJ'Ty well tnl in their w»rk by experts In the gro eery line from the Sterling' Wholesale Grocery company, th» clerks of ditorium of the uouth Hide Jiluh school fi-pm 1:80 to 2:15 p, m.. Hupt. u. a. Jones, of-Reekford, prenidihg und with the t'niversijy of Illinois. Jane pri-urnm will b«: Clould, of Belvldnre._ wll£ H»tU~tbe and nays bis volume of InmlnenB litm bwn lar««, but, h*v w»yu, lie can han- rile 11 drug »tock ju«t im well, **«pec|ully from lliw fact thet«* Is Iliih* demand for pulnta mid oils during the luwnttiH. (lie und it. In ' llu* effort to avert it 'I, con- tlili'iitly pledge tiu* co-op«>rat'l6n of the pcopb* of llu 1 1'iiMtil HtuteM if only thn way, can tie found d( make their co» operation »n*ectlve. -— u Mny~ I — Hlrr«*fr*r«*.—be—{irrmittfd to f4UKKe«t-"t4iat an entirely fretih connlil- (•rntioi'i be 'given to the pimHlblllty nnd methodn of relief for i'obuid. and to tender the friendly office*! of thin government In neitothiiloyH- lo .this' end. it being uinli' tlmt iiny plan pro- nhall bo of Much a character UM to he adapted to the nccomplhmmc'nt of no other rexult than thut of the relief- of the dlHtreHMnI Inhubitantn of Poland "1 havi* l In* honor to be, your ma J«*nty, "l'' yours, Woodrow VVIInon." JlJWllL^ HARD TO SEE EVERYONE. lines ^ further Thlepval ope the front, tlrltbdi patrols are active ~ on both fronts In Macedonia, It In officially announced. THE TEUTO"NS"CHECKEO. <i»y Hnlted Press,) IVtroMrad. Hussla, Oct.. 17, — Tho Austro-tierinafj offensive near the Rou- manian, frontier south of Dornavatm has been checked It wits officially 'announced today. The KusshuiH repulsed severnl enemy attacks. In f)ohrtidja ilKiitinn has broken out along the whole frotit. Around Cory- t.nica there is otmtinate righting. Fierce enemy counter- attacks wern •repulNt«.l yesterday throiiKhotit the day. which interrupted the Intense il^htln-f, Tho Itusslans captured a machine «un und 3u prisoners on this front. uStiitf CtirreHpondent of United PICKH.) •Mil. bell. H.-I>«kl, t>ct. 17.—lU'publl- •'iin Nominee iluKbcH wan bmrinnhiK to lealixe (inlay that it In a "pretty never! 1 h-7-ttt^^fil,' I'nited Statea," UK tin* people he liiinwl!" Starting of lh«< puts it. on a hurried sweep .Into tHy I-tilted . . Iterlln. Our,, Ily \Vlr«'l«»s to Hayvllb?, L, I.. (Jet. 17.—"The tfUKfdy of tho •^L'lL'l-IJlimLlhii-Cllniajh^i-iia id iTrrTcial xtniemeiit reporilnir the r,ul French' and Hrftinh losses In their unsuccessful attempt to break throtiKh the tiernmn lintis north'of tho Homme. '' "The • (iritlsh ruHheiV forward near Oudecourt and six Oertrtfin infantry South Dakota today the , candidate found bis voice more BtnUued than ut H11A" lime JiLfiCe. Ill* lx*K«t^ fir) Au^ua* f.|| to i lay his »H>licle*» before the people. jfacliiKVt|V»in" The *a»mttli«""tunied ' ~" " '''' '""' ' their rifle* and machine jruna onto tho appro'tching enemy. Theae. crowded ,. , ... ... ..colunihH In wurte placeii were literally lunkton and Sioux City. He mowed down. Tin* Oprm*n» defeated lilniined jo emphnwlw ond..en!ftmii_onLj:t!peitu*d uttucJu, i-H't"b*»r g to 18 can lilH HpeiThfs of yesterday on the [be counted among the laraeat flifhtinjr tre-ttment by the Democrat* of thenK- action** of the entire battle." wrote a ricutturul Interema and of the eJTectB -•-•--• «•«>» «. hoped to nurse. Ills strained voice, today although he. had four M«ceehes scheduled at Mitchell, Sioux HUME POLITICS Republican R«ljy-in-Th«t Town-Fri- Mayor Of Chicago Quizzed In I Regard To Handling the Saloon Licenses, • ~ '(.Hy Tnlted t'reHS.> i* atarix, In a day or two, to the factorieu to ph»cc un order for fU« turex .for bit* Ktore. He IntendH put day Evening, OcTover 27. The first political "sun" to" boom for the prenldtntiul campaittn for r.'lfi in Hume will be Friday evening, Oct. 27, Tor at that time a number of excellent of thin party will be present nnd make the town enthused over tho ting In «r*l chi8H under ^^H^.^-piimj^ke for noil wan called "To' municipal court of Judge oinon today and grilled <*ou<*ciniuK liltt connection with tha i»iMuiiii(.*e and revocation of tui> loon ilceimen, by : Krank Juhnttton, Jr., iitale'i atlMiney.. It. WUH DX> tin nui y in- woulif (jive import,*' ant testimony in behalf of Chief of for «llcr,ed laxity 1n deallnir (Continued on Pag* Three) PUBADED GUILTY County Main «a«k*d 1437.95 For ~- J "'" ~ ------- Sums Atk«d F«r U* County Work y^tr. Too, High. Kuturday wa« the da\o set for the I'peninK of bida on the work on the ni«i1on and UrookH l-ridgett in Ifumll- ton lowiiKhip, u.« county. All hid» wer* ivjeet«d bivatttM*. in the opinion of aup^rliitendcut of HlKhwayH U B- Neighbor and the uupurvluwr**, they placed at too high u, llgure. Tho <bid» for the lilMdon i,i,,,in ili.> time the. ilxtureii r* »Plt«iidM talk ill the armory last l<ri- state,'*' dctjare .,.« »«•'«'" ,,luy evening; Judge C, M Hheldon, nud Mand. "lii the ire In place, He hrm U!HO placed an 'order for « ib.Hjgut'd Kodji _jfuujil«_L'A for next Bummer'H trade, Mr. "Oeyur was, formerly In partnorBhlp wlih Kred Kb*rl0y ln«the Corner Drug store, no that ho Is familiar with tlui Work in ull, of it* different linen. The wtore i« tha one formerly occupied -for'n nuni- w'r of years by the ilemlrlckm DriiK company, TtTuuy MUST BE STOPPED only <*»»»> ihn i^e county court d»y wa« tfiat of the iv«>pi«* v«. •k Miller. »Th» <•«*•<* **aiiu> from r«J <»Md In it Miller w«»» cliarged r , ititoxii utiiiK luium-H un- full)'; itud nmiiifuiniiiK •<• comnuui H« plfaU H^HI> to both '*# He paid lines umnuiuatiii*^ to Ui* or lirpiorr on *he other chiu'gu pcttdin^ 'ttly case to be* hcaid today which upunn Green river on tho State Aid road between Uixon -aud Walnut, were opened in the . mornHip. There* were three (irms bidding for tho work. tb«**e beintc tbn Itock 'Kivor Bridge *'i>,, »if i»rcgiin. Ill,, who offered to do the work un u "force account,' thi** being at cash, plus a c*ft«ln «|>cciflcd ruu« pi'i.em ot protU; 'The.' Clinton Uridec Worka »-f Clinton. b», whose bid -Aits, H,wr,.j. ,iiuj tin* Northern Hteel and l'juii-u«(*« Co, of Free port, whose Tin. gfiiUeniVii a*'ting with the Ct». Hupt .>f Ulglmujc-.'Mt-r-Xt'lghbur, wtn- Su|H.>r\itiitni t'. c Uurkaioo, K J Man- Tri>«(tle And Joseph Oauejr .fy < 'otiuuiMHtoiior W. K B*»*m*nt Drinking Mu*t C«a**, Say* th* Chi«f of Pt>jlca,._ L Hoy Hall pleadiui Ktitlly thi« morn- Ing to a I.' J, Iitgh of rf of fcHeward in *ueiiiK her tutlu-rX amagwa, i-liiir^uiK the al- tluit wf bfl bu»>baiur,H 'itftt-i'ti.iu htta bwn triisi bef-V*, but W the appctUlrt! back for ft nW trial., ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY "IT**,, lFit*"n)^iT v-uVii-r lu tlut^fact n vf.ts " " >'« U culm . l mi't- ; 4- il '-''iHH'i>* hich an .SPEClAi: SHOWING AND SALE OF ^. ORIENTAL. RUCS. Mi. Ituboui in with, u*> nguin with a Due of beautiful und rare of Oriental iug»-ujl yf * «'U ilbpliiy tn tint rug of "drinking in other public places." lit* wan given a fine of $7.f>0 und con in, amounting ty nearly |10, The automobile of the young man Is In charge of the police auU'orltU-K and It will lie held uutjl tho'entire amount IB paid. - The vane wat» he«rd- by -Juntico W, P. Pa liner. Tbo >oung inun wux urrvntwl tlii.w uiuiuing hy officer Carter lu u rcwtuu- runt with ullK'iw, for drlnkbiK and In-:n« inlosii'ttted, Itt'fow being" locked up the polk'i'inuti found clt*\t'ti lmuli>M of beer 'and u bottle of \vlilnKvy in M» kit loui-ii: tttc IniUli'ti vvt'te H(at<«'n Attorney ,J. J. l.mU-iix. The of the day will bo dlm'UHm-d in j'ir, "luiTmie ~p7«opli« of~ t^t- are cordially invitinl to attend thin meetliiK and hear what ttn-ac ardent politician!) huvo tu nay. A CRISIS AT ATHENS French Sailors Occupy the .Municipal Theater antTPlant -•, I'nited 17.- M crittia ia upprourliiug ut contained in Wt*** ul a M>» ami 1m n i »t (i -i vi this, two <-iiUrrrii>M, i (ij HI tiiislfv, of the afti.ui it Is the- >e«r }o "hj. J. f{. 'i'lH* C'ilief of "pullet* W»>'M be hUN H 1 - <-fiyi>«i a iiudiljcr of coni|>liiint« about di inking ('."'mi on fii^calliu; i4ai'e.s an.) In; It- Hut Ki'il'K to li'lcl'ad- it ail> iOHK- vr and tbi* iputtlen vvilL be atiesMed wbent'Ver appu-hcnded ' TUtr chief of poliiv prefeu 1 ''"!" the ai,.ilMht {In- yniiiit; mat! uinier toi'.il oliitliaiiM' kvlihll plo tutals the iiciiiim or diinKiiiK Hi it'll. irit . lh«v— new M»y l.ondoti, --J51 that a. fierlou; .\ttlfllH WUH fruin tb(* Urcck' cjtpuul tlu» That Fietu'li ssuilorn huyc occupied ilii* niunlct|i;il theatre and piauted lua- chlno jfum* in reuUinesH for Luctant ae- lion. «HM (ierliU'i-U ui' dl!«| utchca ;to ti": lOv cuing NCIVK An earlier..(.iUpittch from Atln'ii« n>- c poited llu* landing uf niui-me* ui Pir iit'tiM to telnfurce the AlhcitH police, and to prt'Vent "tluvuieu<*d iroubtc," It t»j HUHU'tcd. tlwt allied H'oyph huvtf in cupl^d Kilkiuh, Av^rolf and C**uUo», FOU¥I)R()WNED Victian* W«Vo Trying t« Ford Rtvar in "im'rt <-i'iiiiiii rhief lieuley in anxioiiH 1WH Of tilt* tlui mayor 09 thtsl nuiiier of licence revo- cnU<>iii4, I luni' al\\j>» taken into con- tlu> chlef'n complaint and if «*-*nhrd-thd-odvtci,» of tilt; corporation cmutHcl, At ouo Unit*, wo hud MO many complaint* that I bud to appoint..* it. committee, composed of ouo ineuibiT Itoiu thn c.orpor- uiioii coiiiiMel'ii uillcf, my pri\'ittu accre. tury und DUA' police oilicer,. to huudi«< Uti' <>«ittpl(i)titii, ' "1 don't know an t ever refused to foilojv hlM *uiKri*<mli ! 'U '"ill I,' will nay dial 1 have ulv*,a>H beenInlU.ienccd by iiu» chief In u'miri I havw grvat c,ou- tldcnco." "Hid jou e\vr act independently of Chief IIeHb'y""lYrt'(w Issuance of u *u- joon_jli*i*|nn' -> " nuked Ibe,j of the IilelM. Iteniocralic tunff on the far- NOW BETTING ODDS. (Ily United I»re«iO Chicago, III., Oct. .17.—"Jim" O'J*ear- cy. foremost hvyi»r i'<f ttetn in Chicago, IUIH eniHt'd hl»-bl f ritlc for the neml-,ofTidal now« agency. "The objectivu of the French and llrll- ish attarki* werw liapauino and IVr- omi(>" *• .. . onnc. TOOK 80MB HOUSES. . (Hy Unlt«»d }>r«u.) Pwrl*, Krwuce, Opt.-iT.mFrench troopH in He now quote* Hughes an the favorltel village of Hally-nallihM>l la«t" night at. I to J with the prettident on the I northouMt of C.onvblu*, It ini officially"ani- Hhort end of s to S.,while the Socialist nounctul and r«pul*t«*d novere German- and Proluultion uindldutet) remain un-1 counter attack, taking 90 prisoners changed at l.tHM) t>» 1. WILSON LEAVES TOO. (liy United 1'renii.) Hraneh, N. J., Oct. 17.—Leaving k-4*nm»rr*»w—Prertldent- Wtjsnn uili start tin hist trip~tu Chtes^ o, during which in additiun to dellv» ring three uddretmeii in. Chicago lie will u; bi-tiught In touch with tho votern of and towoH through brief utopn which bin train will make. ' The president will be In New York or tiulf un hour •\Vcdnenday. lit* will uiv*i tsJi _ tbii—J-'i-'mujjlyantu. ut—L'i^Stt u.d go-to tlie (<rand Central icrminal y. auto and will It-aye there at one PUN NO ENDORSEMENT State Federation Of Labor Will Probably Kot' Aid State Candidate*. •y. auto, and will It-aye there at one seek I UK 11 cluck, fit* will »;o by wuy of Buffalo pVclerutlc |ii»wn*.. The prwMident tbte« not plan to (unlikely Illl'll ll I U fl'ilk l.ll.k (* tit ,, .ht .,1 .1 ,( *..*>.. i.», tut ...l.t.h. (Uy United Prwm.) _Jll.,_Oc-t, -- I7y— 4)4'«j(4tA~ fact that sevwrul state candidates the endnrxement of tho th»- I.TH ,»r>. a in- j», K'nitidi) iitr^n lint I'lllll IO turn Ian trip into u Mtuinpint: tour but wdl meiclj greet the crowdti that gather _ . oa««r by vVay of I'iusburg. Vlttt IS LOCATED '•deration of labor, which iu holding con vwnlloit—hwe r —4t nppwtrw— that any mat* Candidate. . tut eiulor«ed. The different district dolegatluna are holding their caucuumH) today and cat.'• tottifj. "I don't think wo," rt>iilk>d th*? An tho mayor teml(U>d ho gr»w ex- citud und lictitrruluicd "1 objuct to tin? niuyor Mhowtng hit* ability u« a iiolitii-ui bpe«.ktr," i^aid Henry Merger, nuBitttant mate-'*!-attorney, to the cojtj-t_ Def&cto Qovernmejit Admits His Location and the Importance Of Hi« Army. fuli voiiHlderinu thw voting, rocordu of tnembei-M to the general u«8embly in tla-ir dlnlrlct who are camlldiitcH for n>A rt'Holutlun urginii '-irgunlm-d iubor, to hliub'i* the future asplratloiiH of Ifnlled HtttteH Henntor IJuwreuco y d-hyrinatt. IM scheduled to -aome IM> to, •rrow und will pr«cipltat» a hot de. t»*. I'be - Chicago - delegation will 'in halt*. tiitti-ily oppone Jtw »foliwi and Hluomlugtun are .4 lu»t 'light for the next convention, I'Tilled 1'renn V fHy raKo.~TFx..Tu*t. 17,- Mrs ('atrie lluitfetM )Hl>1 lu-r >.|hd I', MIM i.iH niiiti Kiidff, an* jhttiirf- M ! "y iiudu M'li'-i!- HM-V had l>it a Mottiiut -i,' !(,«» .b'fint* t'f Mt,<. Muu:*"* 1 *' it.iiii'Jurt. ' PoloHi, MO, (lit. 17. <}t,'OlK»< Ki' ilcik of tin* court of Watdiittgioin ty; bin \vilV, bin itiothci -in-law,' Annie (%uupb<<il, niui SV'uit hun, 10 ji>:iu. old, ol.f»t <l'Y;im ois l>, ucle ditiv*>n«*<l ui Hie I,UK in ;»• Hilt Uvii H 'l'in*y alii'iii'iit in :t t«,vi nta>or w»t. dotvn>and Hed biH liwliiiiuns nuun *n(berly. Tho mayor prrhcntcd u police list ,intl|cuting~ u dtt-iiiiHO m crime, under bin udmiuiHtiutuoti .A.H.-^i.siiiui Hime'M At torn* y Hclger p-dnti'd iittt that certain oltt'iiMx wen> no't listed in th« re- piat. The nia.M/r udutllted HUM, but tht'io had btvii i* ilvci i-ttstj not IbiH 'Jilii^Tun, WHEAADVANCES Export Order* and Bad Ciop Report* Cau*« tb« Advance. ' if!*, I'lilU-d PU-J.J. ) -' , Ciiii'iu;,i. Hi; (lit IT Wheat stored in the i 'hi, -.'in. i Ki'iin I 1 ".-; mi a l>ii; ' , ______ . ,. ... F"or tlic tlrst tiine »inct» the bwglnnln«r of their campaign aKuiUBt Puncho Villa, the Mexican. dt'furto govi'runient oltli-lullj admitted tho liK'utiitii and iinpurtancn (if the si«»> of tlje bandit'* force*, when it announced" that Villa und bin main ar-my--i«i- *u«- wHV urmed n»cn and more- than i.oou recruit*., tmrtlv armed, weie near Tfiioachfo. about Iftu mlle« north- wt»t of HI Vaile. thu .suuthernmiuit out- POJ-I of Ueu I'enfhlng'tj American expe- liiii'ouarj army. A ut t!U'hm«'iit tif •Vi,!lb«taH i» bcln»r M-ui t» the tiM.ililllb oTtlu- riterren. uc- coidtug lo a me».»agt» from (lea. Tre- vluo., tolinnander at Chi-. bit iliiui, id »icn Udiizak's at Juurc/., to rciovcr ina>')iiiii> mms and «upplli's hitliii'U .by (lie h,iuiill leader inuittho Coatt QMurd* R«*ou« NJn* on Scow Off KILLED BY A TRAIN. K.itik^tl.ef. 11! (i.!. }7 An iu-d uutt iib'iMt 'jj ji'iAtft olil .t'MHHIil t«i pit*, t s lidu*.itil llu' \ ct ,i N«'U \'.ii» tii'itjht Uuiu. . ort but>nr>.it und i Jiu>--i,i, wlu"<t to adviini'i-* 1 tuilaj, win 'it .'loHi-d »t|i f,>, to $1 Way win-ill .ul*. un id CHAHGES Ma«*achu8eti» Soldier* Declare ~ They W*r« Neglected. t IU i'llili'il I *lo.s \ I'.ii,. 'I'.'x . urt 17 \u inve-ti- i iini i\ t>> diiior t.f \Vtt-i-.r tKiiuu.uuitt ' of th. <vu hii.M Us bu.MiU*. into chaise.-. -f itlfcrtT*si- *«^t'*1 «t -~tiu* !m-.< ft.-, uviiui'iii that IU' l i.ij h<"-.|j1t ll ( ||ni .Utli.Tt.,! u{ IIIHliili,!, \ i in,: . iv, by Ambut.inec ! Vt.iv • o'l.u»* ((,•< t.> i.-tuHi U" (,"l lli ilmlitll, 1)1. P!I it ,-n"i!| u^ lit. -l' il.ii.'ti 14 UilljUluCt. . r .Mich.. t)ct. 17. ami «Hriering_ frurn «xpo#ur« !_nlno ^ weie lem'iii-d from a tjcuw derrick four mile* lr«,un tin* Muiii«liH> harbor y»»*-" terduy afieihoon. , Tl»e sea attained a violence i hut hn» mtldoiu Iiet»a equaled. •VV^heii the ncow broke from Its moor i illKW III) l>o||t VVUU aide to KO to M« U.8- sibiaiue. .TUKU wer*- boulwl uu p iiiiit4«» llu* baibor whvn the iMrgt* Aurora. bivakjn** ItM two line, Mvvung M.id0wi»e, < iiiupH'ifly blockiiiK tho channel, hutvr. however, tho cluiunuj was t leafed and count KU'ifdu and tugs toi-iv ;ti'l<- to reaclt the ncow.. ' \S'itb ttu» men suusd tliu rtiMcuurs art< iaboiitiK 'to bring m the scow. Thu • tutt IMW Iw near MhottsUiut t'h«* pounding M*a IMM pit* yen led U* entrance ui- tti (lie itiiiiiiu uj futlugo Point, n Lo»t 1.000 M«mt>er» Our- iny tb,« Pr«c»dina Year, I>.H itui III ili'iii <H'l i i* Ttic v i' C.ilii«..|| ,,f Cbic.t- ", .Ki.Miii ki'epel* uf it<i'i'iilH_ and si ai», M Knight*- t .f I'.vt I mm > i -A» ,

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