The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 1, 1909 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1909
Page 3
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THURSDAY, DEOHStSHlR 81, 1(908. FRfDAY, JANUARY 1, 1909. We wwfl you *H a Verjr HartfiT and Prospei|bu§ NEW YEA |*' Phone*—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Qrooarle*. 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. *f*f O ,| Bakersfleld'B Leading The bouthern -^~~ -—= Hot*; Service Unreal led ; "How was It when the" chief called CATALINA'8 HOTEL WILL jou In to lecture yon that he g/ew OPEN ON JANUARY 9 suddenly so bland and UndT "I sllpt my hat onto fc1s «eat and he The Hotel Metropole at Catallua Is eat down plump «pon It."—Meggen- iand, completely equipped, will open dorter Blaetter. ^ for the season on January 9. Be Particular r WENT III JOY 30 Days Fresher Than Eastern Shortening!" MADE ON THE COAST BY THE CUDAHY PACKING CO. LOS AN3^LcO SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 31.—King Carnival rulea supreme in this clt» onlght; ruled over the gladdest, mad deat, merriest New Year's eve cele- irjltton ever known in the city that has given that night of all the year over to an abandonment of joy for many decades past. It was not only the passing of the old year and the jlrth of the new that stirred the vast throngs which Jostled and laughed the hours away on the busiest thoroughfares; but the thought that Market street, where the New Year's eve carnival first started so many years ago, Is again a shopping center, flanked on both sides with bigger and bettei buildings than those which were destroyed In the fire of 1906. Three separate celebrations took place simultaneously tonight; that on Market street, which was brilliantly Illuminated from the ferry building to Van Ness avenue, a distance of .fifteen blocks. That on Plllmore Street which has earned for Itself the name of the "Uttle White Way" since the fire, where a forest of Christmas greens, thickly jeweled with blazing electric lights covered many blocks and that on Mission street, the new business section far out toward the city's southern boundary. It Is estl mated that fully 300,000 people com posed the seething, ever-shifting tide of humanity which wandered restless ly and noisily along these thorough fares tonight. The Market street celebration waa perhaps the greatest, although Fill more street was packed to suffoca tlon throughout the night. From .ear* ly dark the merrymakers were gath ering, defying (he misty rain tha came with. aubdoWi, the crowds grow ing more and more dense as th hours went by until th« operation « the street cars became Impossible an service was suspenSe'd. The main feature of the Market street carnival was the automobile parade In which close to a thousand car*, loaded down with laughing, carefree men and women, took part. As the ears swept down the lane that was opened for them between walls of cheering, horn-blowing, nolse-mak- <bg humanity, a steady bombardment of .'Mjnfcttl was kept up by both sides and the" Streets were soon Uttered with tiny, Tjjultl-colored fragments of paper. Barnum !• here Alive and active and .Doing Business. Hat a ctioiM list of Ranch and City properties for sale here and in Pisaden*. A SQUARE DEAL LUt wlttt foe. Insute with me and be satisfied. 25, Qalte* Block, with J. W. Brockman. WON FIRST PLACE AMONG AMERICAN CARS AND SECOND PLA6E IN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT CAR ROAD RACE After li'iidinj; the entire first half of what proved to be the most ex -it ing and most stubbornly fouyht speed battle in automobile 'wing history, the Huick Model 10's gasoline tank came loose and because of stops totalling over twenty minutes from this trouble ,the Buick lost the 19G milt? Savanah race by six minutes. Hilliard in his $3300 Lancia wen ; all credit is due him. Bur- niau in bis $1660 Buick gave him the fight of his life and brought his car in with such a lead «Ter the remaining contestants that there was no question concerning the standard which the Buick has set in low-priced automobile construction. The ','reat duel between the leaders was a sight which the spectii'ors will never forget. NOTES ON THE RACE 'I'll Buii-k used was a regular stnek chassis >'\ci>]it that fur "" > !;c of securinjr less eleiir.-iMcc. (lie frame ami machiiicry wi-i-i- •iiKlci'hiinu:. ('Mir ri'^nlai 1 inotur, Iransii.issiun ;i ii,| a \!'' pii'l ,viTr used. tt- > '-'• IIP., \',\,- riilii'i- i-iM'f, ibe 1 KM! user lln- i':i-. •': • \', as nil) rai-i'ii ^ <•• i '. miles p.'i' hour was i,;ail«' "it (he siii'i ''h slrai^lilway -iv '• -.' 'I'h,. tin',.,- |'a •-,!>•-.( la;>- \\-<---i- iu:uli- iiy ii'i- I'.iii.-h- -Tli< l!" •,',. ea-li of 17 laps in i. • - ff.a.. Iliniiiu! •. i - : r- iejiiM!) u! ''.- •' , i ^n,. !>> mill's. Tin 1 fa-i'-l !;ii' "f the r.." \. > nuule Iiy Holiday Suggestions!! Good Tilings to Eat and Fine China s n< W carry tke flaest line of imported gotcU to be found in the Valley. Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Figs in boxes and glass. Oreen Olives in bottles. California Qlace Fruits. Pinard Primes i* glass. Skelled A1»»»<K Lowriey's Chocolates in faicy bexes. Beaoh Nat Preserves. Heimze's Mince Meat in stone cracks and bul} r . Remember we are sole agents f»r National Crest Coffee. A Tisit U jurjstjre will cwviflce ^'fu of the superior quality of our f«6~ds aad tftfkod of dbiiig bitiiness. "Our stock »f Haviland and Imported Hund Painted China is complete. tPdple who have called at our store in past week were amazed at ot* beautiful display of .Haviland Hand Painted China, 0ut Glass. Brasses, Carving Sets, Steins and articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. BakerstielcL Grocery Company!) Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street THE EQUALIZED WAN! PWH According to notification received sessors. "Since equalization by tne raising or lowering of entire counties Is open to so much serious objection, It is better to accomplish the same result' so far as It may be done through exchange of Information by members of [ the state board and county assessors and by friendly criticism of the work of the latter." The board suggests to the legislature that It be clothed with the following powers: To Increase or lower any assessment on the assessment roll. ters of grave Importance will be considered relative to the 1909 county assessments." it la suggested that these "matters of Importance" will seriously effect the pockets of the taxpayers. It ' ' real estate Improvements, or personal ' property excepting, of course, solvent credits and mortgages. To Increase or lower the assessment of any species of any class of property; as ol real estate, city or town lots; of Improvements, Improvements on farms or lots, and of person- Is known that the a! Pr0 perty, such as sheep, horses, are greatly dlsap- ho g s etc pointed over the defeat of Senate Amendment No. 1, providing for a change In the method of assessing public corporation property and for the separation of the state and county revenue, and the meeting will discuss ways and means to "equalize" assessments throughout the state. The Fresno Republican says: "In this connexion haB been recalled a significant, vemafk »ad« by one* ^ v *_..„,,. .,, IH .-. ' , +,,, of the state equalizers at the meet-:,.. ..*1 k .. C ? H11 °- «« manager of Bll- TO FIGHT MUSTAIN . . In the big cafes, not a vacant seat was to be found from dark until the new year was many hours old. Thousands of men and women watched the year out in these brilliant es- the year approached, a veritable salvo of popping champagne corks greeted the passing of the old and the coming of the new. v But despite all the fun and frivolity of the night, there was little need for the host of police officers so carefully disposed about the streets. San Francisco maintained Its reputation as a city of good-natured crowds and there were few accidents or un-1 pleasant Incidents to mar the opening i of the new year. It was a wild, fun- loving spirit that animated the.! throngs as the New Year's eve spirit j has always been In San Francisco. FRESNOlAf QUIT BASEBALL rountv nronertv f"" "he fuUcash vaue of the ™f nroperty which to C. J. Plira, President Arthur 8. Crltes, Cashier. A BANK ACCOUNT FOB CHRISTMAS There is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with n bank account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. Vflujn maki££ Up yoTffTTsV o? ChristmaS •p£Sg§n& include a Bank Book with tne" First Bank of Kern. '4 per cent interest paid on time deposits and Saving accounts. "„ , be held 8oon - U |B a 80rt «" on- tlnuous performance, the fighting Is to begln early and end lttte - tner e be ' ln * a 'l° ze " ^ more differ^ bouts, I and the fan can drop Into the ' ,, -- .r.=.i.' th •„!• r a "•""""""• i """'»£• "?»'.*« S'SXJ j ,?.-!, ' *' crinf? 8evcral othcr offer8 - Carlllo ls ! The best piece of legislation that I well known In San Francisco and Los has been offered the people since the j Angeles fight circles and will not state was organized bas^ through a I want for opportunities to match his 1 i , .,-._ ... . _ . man ag soon ^ ^^ decides to let him flght again. It is not probable that the Nelll-Morrls flght will occur In February. The match will only ba I made If the $500 side bet Is posted 1 nnd from the present prospect this Is ! When in Doubt There will be no baseball in Fresno next year; So says A. B. Rvans, president of the locul baseball association. The statement of Evans was made to a few men prominent in ioeal affairs. He lias icKt too much money In Imselmll, Hiiys Kvans, and while he llki-s the game ho does not propose to put up any more colu out of his own pocket for the puriiose of maintaining a hlsh class team In Fresno. Hi- cares little, says Evans further, whether the state league \vlll be nil "outlaw" organization next year or avail Itself of national protection. So far as he is concerned Fresno is out. of i he running. Atoni? with the statement of Kvans comes the Information that Cliff Blun- Uenship, perhaps tne best, catcher on the coast, will positively not play with Fresno again. Hluukenshlp was under contract to remain here this winter, j anil the recent announcement moans tliui (hi? (Mil! player's Hillary, which ; came rather during the Ions win' ter months, has been stopiioil. i Tliis' action, according 10 reports, ! was taken because' Ulunkenslilp has '.applied for reinstatement lo tin- na ! tiunai ciiiiiiiiii-siiin, and it became ton ' evldelit that I lie l>:ill pliiver iliil nn! ' llili-iiil in ii'iuain in Kii'-iun In;' aiuni. <•!' SM- i-illl '!'|M : .n • tii'-li' n lac ^° f knowledge of Us beneficent Qualities ben cast aside, at least for the tlme , bei ns- Therefore it devolves upon thls boar d to equalize. We pro' )oso l ° enter u P°n a campaign of in formation and to that end by experl te <| tllnon y and by every other available &****• establish what we be lleve to be the percentage of assess^ ed value to actual cash values In the several counties and make an attempt to place the counties on n plane of equality, at the same time admitting doubtful. "What are tliosc not lichen In yo"rl Kim?" nskerl the flirt who WHS the ranch. "A goorl jui-ii.' n] have lo iiofcn niv niaol handle."— l.otilsvlHo Ooiulor 'They represent men." replied fan..- , - ... , 1 ••'•'' Sim. "who thought they \\iis that as we are confined to the power i smurter than i «-„« " ' alone to Increase or lower the entire: asesssment roll, we shall be doing an | Injustice to the individual and species of property already properly assess- i ed. But at the same time we will \ be compelling those delinquent counties to share their just proportion of the state tax.' " The members of the state board, I according to the same paper, com- I plain of tho lack of power vested In them to equalize assessments and in tho report to the governor tho board says "the necessity for tho employment of this somewhat inequitable ; means to establish equity would be minimized If the legislature could bo I Induced to go as fur as the present ' | constitutional limitations will per. mlt it to go in aiding the state board ! to exercise a regulative and suprem- I acy control of the work of county as- THE WERINOEB ASSAYING 00. N THHV (irfpjire'l lo niako assavH <it nil ore.;, inMiils nnd walorr Ore snmpVs tiy mull cost Ic (w ounce. Soml for free rnalllni,' envelopes arid price list. F. J. WERINGER. Asaayer and Metallurflical Chemist Woody, Cat. Near Bakersfleld Where to get a good meal eome and see us. Only white help employed. The best is none too good for you. Open day and night American Bakery R. HOESER, Prop. 1923 Cheater Avenue j V !! >:• •:• •:• •> •> * •:• -j- •;• •:• •{• •> •;• »•• • WELL BORER. J. H. KSEFE Well Borer. Work Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. i- * TheMathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES ore v. ers of Cctebraiod Red Ribbon Bottled Beer Bakersf ield Auto Supply Co. Cur, :.9th and G Streets Telephone Main 1200 A, P. il »;,%' M 7 . MAIN :>41 I : i .e delivery to Bakersfleld and u;.trtuitL-e for parity and quality, The best bear of all—a $1000 gKorn.

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