Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1895
Page 6
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TO LEAVE THE STAGE, ELEANORE MAYO WIFE. WILL BE A Tfci; Boantlfol Daughter of the Cele- bniti'd Actor USIH Hud a Most Successful >>ut Limited Career TJeforo t(ie Footlights. Both tlio .method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken: it is pleasant -.Hid refreshing to the tnsto, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, JLivcr nnd .Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head- t'.f ami fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho only ' remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to tho taste and ac- coptablc-to Uio- stomach, prompt in its action and tmlv l/cncfiuial in its 'OfFcet 1 ), prepared only from tlie most '•iiealtbyand agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it •.to all and 'have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Fig.-; is for sale in 50 •sent bottles by all leading druggists:. Any reliable druggist who may not.have it on hand will pro uure it promptly for any one who •svifihe.s to try it. Do not accept an) '-•inbstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN fRANCISCO, CAL iOUISVILLE, K1. NEW tOKK. N.Y. Doing For A Lake, Trip? You'll fully onjoy rill of Its rtollphu If you Uikuouoof tlio '•mKE MICHIGAN ANC LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, 5HlHnK.i bctweuir Clllc:ijo and Mackina bland every week diiy (Thursday exctpU-d,' Tlkv new steel stoamsliip "Manitou" Is i iflraitlnsj. iml.'Lco. Trim-is 'twlxt, ChlcaRo rtlnckinoo .Island, Harbor Springs, Pctoskcy Qiarlcvolx, etc. Write for our Toadabl ro;icl!nR ituittor, frou, o tujlc vt>ur nojircst uffent Addruss Jos. Borolzlieim O. P. A. Z,AKE MICH. AND LAKE SlfPKIIIOH TJIANS. CO. Bush anil N. Water SU Chicago. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without na ideal of 3 ti-S I 1,.'. POZZONI'S Combines every element of beauty and purity. It is beauti fyiap, soothing, healing, health- iul, cinH. Harmless, and when' rightly used is invisible. A. most \' delicate and desirable protection $ to the face in this climate. {** •N - r^AX_-*w.' s ^y\>' Sf insist upon having tho gacuiae. f norrlioil. Glttt, LtMorrhai Sp«™Hnrrhir», mod lioAllhy kviaU ilUehnrf;e<. >ro« Sjrlnitfc n. No Stiin. Pr<wont« StricturoKia ri-Tnte Di«oa»e» of both Jtol J »n PrujrxUlB, or «rnl lo unf adilr^sih lor , ' '*»*'»"» ***« l5R Th I^Y HRNv'VT/.rr.^l'- '.•MLYDOR MFC. CO., Lancaster, O., U.S.A CUP1DINE Cures Last Munhood Norv- icu*-: EfblHty, premature- ness diiicbnTRe varlcocele cflecta of early Indiscretion or excesses of ufrer ••v«\rs. SI a box; G for $5. B f KeesllJig. Tten itia TOU a CbJM, «ho csriod f or Costal*. Anice tMcame MIn, sbe chin? to Cutaf!*. .'Stan «be fc»«l ChOirea, <2>e f«»e them Cutaril Children Cry for Pitcher's nas+oria. Children Cry for Putf hers Castoria, Children Cry for Wtcher's Cantor?* HE POET, KEATS, sings about the one perfect day, Idrop- ped, flawless and complete, Into each season. Take a little pains to keep a record and you will llnd that his song Is based on fact. Somewhere within the circle of summer, autumn, winter or spring there comes a day so absolutely faultless that one can never hope to match its loveliness. Once in awhile there materializes In the form of human flesh a woman so beautiful that not a sing-la charm Is kicking, nyr could the most absolute connossleur of beauty suggest an added tint. When It happens that to supreme loveliness Is subjoined the gift of good fortune, so that happiness and the best of this world's successes are attendants straight through from the cradle to date, what shall we ca.ll the comblna-. tlon but the realization of a fairy tale. The princess, whose tints were of the Illy and the rose, whose tongue dropped gold wherever she spoke, and the touch of whose hand left a lasting benediction, hiis very nearly found latter-day Incarnation in pretty Miss Mayo, who has created the part of Princess Bonnie In Wlllard Spencer's comic opera of that name, Jliss Eleanore Mayo was educated at a. convent near Elmira, X. Y, For eight years she bloomed like a cloistered rose- within those somber -walls. The brilliant career which followed her girlhood's seclusion Is made all the more splendid through contrast. Aided by her father's name—and who has not heard of Frank Mayo?—she stepped at once Into a position which some work years to attain. She scored her first success with a company too thoroughly artistic to be as popular as It might have been, perhaps, had It admitted more "horse play" into Its libretto. So charming was her Interpretation of the p;irt given her that she rose at once to the regard of such artists as Damrosch and others of his Ilk. She became the rage, both on account of her almost perfect beauty and hor voice, which Is as fresh as her color. She went to the Spencer Opera company with a reputation which paved the way to a success still greater than that, already won. "Princess Bonnie" achieved a great success In Philadelphia, where It ran 140 nights to crowded houses. It was was during this season that Miss Mayo met the Prince Charming, who was to bring- tho story of her life to Its romantic consummation. Smitten first by her beauty and her accomplishments, but afterward still more impressed by'her womanly sweetness of character, the son of one of th'e Quaker city's most successful business men—the present manager oC a great dally paper and inheritor of millions—laid his heart at the fair lay's feet with such success that tho wedding day Is fixed for this summer, arid with the conclusion of the present engagement Miss Mayo will sever her connection with the dramatic world. Miss Mayo's beauty Is very much of tho same order as Lillian Russell's. She is as softly colored as an apple blossom, with contours and curves that meltlnto one another like snow ?.nd cream. Her hair is o£ a warm golden tint, and of the kind described as •fluffy." Her smile is most beautiful, icr teeth arc white and even as seed pearls, and her mouth is wonderfully srotty. Her hands and arms are per- Mrs. Dickinson's Troth. j ANX" WOVIAN SHOULD bE GLAD ! TO LEARN IT. AND PROFT BY IT. Tlie Bllfftit Tn»t Cume» lo MO Jlany Woniru Explained— I. Way guown hi- Wbiuh It Can lie Avoided. STo woman in America has given greater attention to the aHcaect-B.cc) Bufferings of women Ibaa Mary. Lowe D'ckinsop, the popular writer- acd magazine coolrlbutor. She has frequently uttered words o' warning and advice to women, but never with so impressive an tllect as in a recent address, when she said: ••Without health the beautiful wo man ceases to be beautiful, and educa lion and training are of- little avail if she has to pass her life a helpless victim of sickness and weakness We do not know half the truth about this, for three fourths of the sufferers do-.no like to tell. For every hysterical woman who makes everybody about her informed of her sufferings, there are a dozen who drag their'own troubles dumbly and bravely into their graves. Sickness is a blight that no woman should permit to come over her if she can by any possibility cure it or keep it away. How to secure health ii indeed one of the first prob, lems for this g-eaeratioa of women 'Give us health!'le theory from all the world of women. 'Give us a system that will epare us the morbid broodlngjof discontenr, the hysterical tantrum, the nervous collapse, the look ot gloom from the woils of our AMATEUR RULES. Every woman must admit the truth ot these words. They are spoken straight from the'heart. There are thousaads upon thousands of women who feel sick at ceriain periods, tiled out, and who suffer i'rom weaknrss- &s that doctors seem unable to relievo, and the saddest part of it a'.l is that they might be happy, joyous, flu-h with health.and attractive to family and fritnds if they only knew and acted upon the secret ul happiness. Most women are healthy and attrac* live because tbey preserve the organs that make health. It is true comparatively few know how this is done, but many have ascfirtaiued it, and bavo relied as upon a true friend on tbat grandest, greatest and most reliable aid to woman in her crUtoul periods Warner's Safe Cure. Every doctor knows this truth, unJ hundreds of the most prominent and reliable ladles in America have proven its value in tbeir own exparlonees. and are noi; only alive, but strong, healthy and happy today. There are fs# women who canaffard to ignore these suggestion*, few who should fall to * avail themselves of the -valuable hints tbey contain. Soggentloiu That an International Congress Form a Set for Guidance. The trouble that the foreign cycling organizations are having to adopt a reasonable amateur rule has led to the suggestion that the International Cyclists' ur^on, which represents all the leading cycling bodies in the world, be called upon to hold a meeting and form a s^t of amateur rules that shall be adopted by the governing cycling associations in all countries. The idea of an Internationa! agreement regulating cycling is approved of In this country. Chairman Raymond of the L. A. VT., is very anxious to see a universal amateur rule adopted, and thinks that it would be generally beneficial to cycling, offset all petty differences, and give an impetus to international racing. Racing in this country Is new in a very satisfactory state, and the foreign organizations, which seem unable .to control their men, are anxious to take some steps toward reform. The L. A. TV". would embrace the opportunity to aid the adoption of a universal amateur rule.' In order to provide for all classes of racing this season, tournament promoters have under consideration the revival of team racing for class A men. Before the class system was introduced team races were held -frequently and were participated in by all the leading clubs. The revival of these contests is destined to Increase local interest in racing among the clubs. The Lungs are nearer the back than the chest. In case of sudden congestion, put an Allcock's Porous Plaster high up between the shoulder blades. It will give relief, and ward off worse results. It cures rheumatism, sprains, lame back, and all similar troubles. None are equal lo ihe «ennlnt—Do not only a*lw for, but fccc that you get "ALLCOCK'g." Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock's Bunion Shields, Have no equal as a relief and cure for corns and bunion*. PLAYERS HAVE NO VOICE. ELEANORE MAYO, ect, and really, to sum the whole thinjr up in a word, she is as perfect a piece of lesh an blood as ever carried a soul. THOMAS R. PICKERING. Death of » Famous and Early Maker of Velocipedes. Bicyclists of this generation probably o not know much about Senator Thomas R. Pickering ot Connecticut, who died a few days ago. Mr. Pickering vas a resident and manufacturer of a atent engine governor between 1S60 nd 1STO, and at the introduction f the bicycle, which came to this ountry in the heavy French form, im- orted by Mercer & Monod, he soon volved a' form of his own much lichter and more carefully maae. The majority of machines used in the velocipede halls opened by the Pearsall brothers, and the Hanlon brothers, were Pickerings. His brother, William Pickering, won the first open-air tournament of bicyclists, which was held over the old Union course on Long Island. Thomas Pickering was a representative of the United States at the Paris exposition in ISO". At the Vienna exposition in 1S73 he received the decoration of the Order of Franz Josef, 'of Paris again in 1S7S the Cross of the Legion of Honor, and at Melbourne in 1SS1 a special gold medal for his governor. In 1S70, after the first velocipede craze had died out, Mr. Pickering moved to Connecticut, and he died a state senator. A Boston Wrlfprs's Protest Against » Itascball I4tw. One of the blots In baseball is the slavery system, by which a man is compelled to leave surroundings to his liking and go to a locality that is utterly repugnant to him. The player is treated Just like so much merchandise. He has no say in the matter at all. Some writers seom to think that the player Is so well paid that he ought to be glad to get ,1 situation anywhere. "Walter-Brodie was assigned from the Boston club *o Louisville, and now he Has been ordered to St. Louis, while Morgan Murphy threatened to quit the diamond before he went to' Cincinnati. He was taken seriously ill after going to that city, and his life was despaired of, but that made no difference. He has been compelled to go there. Again and again good players have done so poorly in places distasteful to them that their release was given to them. Should a player rebel at such treatment, the effect of a cut-down in salary Is tried, and then ho has the choice of going where he Is assigned or remaining where he is at a low salary- In case of recourse to law, there is the prospect of great expense, and, perhaps, little left to show as the result of the bother. Surely no player should be compelled to go anywhere unless he is satisfied to go, and in all cases his consent should be first obtained. The same state of things exists In a club where the surroundings are distasteful, as in St. Louis, where scarcely a player can get along under Ton der Ahe, but he must remain and take his medicine.—Boston Herald. Brandreth's Pills free / ho system from injurious secretions. There is no remedy like them. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. produces the aboVR results In 3" ilnys. It art* powerfully aud quickly. Curt* wlicii all otlirr* fail i'oung miMi will ru^^in tUci" ]osc iii.iiihooil.aud old moil will recover tln-:r yonthnil vj^nr by ns:::^ KKV1VO. J C miicUy ;md t-imily restores NVrvoi:ij. H08.S, Lo*l Vitality, iinpoioucy. Nijshi'y Emission, Lost Power, Failiup JMmory, Wasiias Diix-jusm. and nil uiTocte oC self-.lbuKi) or CXR»'*K and iiniiiu'rt'lioo. which limits one lor t-"iuly, business or in.irriuK*.-. 1: not only curi'K by ^tnrtinR .it iho r^ut of disease, but iKatfru.it nerve Ionic and hlooil builder, bringing back tlio pinlc gkm' to imlo'cheek* and re storinc tlio flro of youth. .U wardr. offInsAnlt? and Consumption, lueifi'.. on hnviric IllCVIVO, nc other. It can bo o.irru-il in vcct r'0rl:t>t. By mail, 81,00 per puc'ra^e. or iu\ for S.'i.OO, \vith a posl tive wrUton j,'u:ir;inico to euro .or rotund tbo money, Clr^-'lsrirci". AiMrcpfi ROYJSL MEDICINE CO.. 63 Rivor SI., CHICAGO, IlL roii SAXE MY B. F. Keeeltnz, Druggist, DR.RODRIGUEZ SPANISH TREATMENT, LOST MANHOOD and all utttmdlutf oflliicnW, both of younp nnd mljdlty nj?i>d men niut •women. The awful cllKlsot YOUTHFUL .._ _. of troatoicnt. KKKORS, producing-iTOik- BMW, Nervous Debllltv, Nightly Kinisslonx, Consumption, cmt.lve'O'rpixiiHUnfll.tlnn:onoforrtudv, bu^lney? JCid marv rinpolHquicklycurctlliyPr. Ko<lrliritci:Np«nliih>irrYo UrulnN. Tboy iigt only euro by mart! neat the sent of di>- rawo. but uro n fmvit NUHVF. TOMC und lfL«>lll> HllLllF.lt, brlnfTIIIR back tho pink ^lo<r to pnlo (•heck* mid rusturlni? the FIKK OF YOUTH to tlio patient. HymiUl, DII.OII purboxorfl for *S wlUi writ* I4>n Kimruntvo to euro <ir s-t'fund lh«' money. Boole troo. BpanlBli Kcrvc G rule Co.. JJoi X39U, Sew York. Hold by lien Fiwher, DrunKir.1, ;»11 Fourth Street. * Enell.li r.iu; IWllc. Thlcrs, Sinffor. Mile. Thicrs has 3ust teen e by a well-known New York importing llrm whose specialty is the importation of foreign music hall celebrities. Mile. Thiers is famous on tho other side principally because of her ability to sing songs with the most plaintive of voices and innocent of face. It is said that she can sing the Frenchiest of French music hall songs ever written with all the wlnsomness of a young girl singing "The Old Oaken Bucket" at a church festival. It is improbable that Mile. Thicrs ivill make her debut under THOUSANDS OF WOMEN BRADFIELD'S SUFFER UNTOLD 311s cries. Female Regulator, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC j Arousing to Healthj Action all. her Organs. It Cnu.r. Health to Bloom. »n3 Joy to KCIKU Throughout Uie Entire Tnunc. T NEVER FAILS TO REGULATE. "Mj- viro hm been uod«r cro.itment ot iMttJng phy- Icliuw thnti vcnni. without bcnolt. ATttfr uainR hr«<. bottlos ot BKADntLD-8 FWULK B£CpUTOK .be an Ho her own cootiiic. mlltlnc "tnd wnshmtr. K. S. ERY AS, Hender.«m, Ala. BKADFOXD EEGCLATOB CO., ATLJLWA, (U. QT Sold by drncgbu at 11.00 per MLLE. THIERS. the auspices of the hisses of her manager, but she may, nevertheless attract our attention in spite ol the such a dra\rtng card. lack of V. J. Kelley, the PhUadelpbla professional, -who left the amateur ranks to ride in the cash prize league, has flTed an application for'Telnstatement \rtth the I*. A. W. racing board Consumers of chewing tokccowko arewillingtopatjalittlemorelb tie price charged for lie ordinan) trade tokccos. will find te Irand superior to all otltera BEWARE : IMITATJONS. WEAK MM VIGOROUS. What PEFFER'SNERVIGOR Bid! It nets powerfully ami quickly. Cures when all otbcrs fall. Young iwoo roKUln lost mnnhood: Ola mon recover youthful vlRor. Ab«olntely Onnr- nnteed toCnreS>"errou«ne»«, toil Vitality, Impottncy, Sfl«htiyJ!ml««lom,I,oitPower, either *fx. Falling Memory, Waiting DIn- . and all tftcti at iclf alnue or txcesm and intHtcretion. Wards off Innnntty and consumption. Don't lot droggiftt ImpoHon wortbleMBubBtltute oa you becnuii? IiVleldii agreftei-jpronu Indinton n«v. ICE PKEFF.B'I* KEKVIGOR, or Bend lor It. ou becnuii? IiVleldii agreftei-jpronu Indinton n«v. CE PKEFF.B'I* KEKVIGOR, or Bend lor It. Can be carried In vust pockot. Prepaid plMn wrtp- per. VI per box. or 6 for H5, with A. PocltlTo Written On»r»utee to Core orKernnd the oney Pamphlet free. Sola by drnggliU. AddreM Sold by B. F. Keesling-and Ben Fisher. Jndapo Mado a well Man of iHDAPO TItB CKEAl HINDOO REMEDY PKOBCCES 33S iBOVT RESETS 111 SO PATS. tionn, etc., c&» rf^- — - ,,••• to shmnteri orffsJ", Md qulctlj- .mij-clr lT<»t •UmnlHxxl In old or rounir. I tty curried IB vrat ,.;. u^i.n 01.00 A pac]ca£6. SH for Iji^.OO wlt-h <* cto<*up«or moiirTrefunded. l>on't iUC Insist on havin$r 1>'[>APU, II I It. wo will itenfi It T>-cpiJd. _ ,f«., CUcate, IU«i Brcnr«ces^. SOLD by Ben Fisher, Wholesale DroEgist, 511 Fourth St., Sole Agent for sale ot 1NDAPC m , IND. tNNYBOYAL sLLS Original anil Only Genuine. OAKC. nlway* rdlnbl,:. LADtCS fti-X , ' TUKKii-t for"(7AfrA«rer< l-'wlt'it limit .VrnnJ In Hr4 ami'•Win' . OXM, ratal wlill blue rlliNjn. Tnlio . . In munil'i r.ir pmtlcillarn, toslImoniitlH nn.l "Keller for l.«.|l<.»." Intaicr, bj rrturn ]\l«ll. 1IJ.OOH T.Mimoll!Ms. .Vnmn J^jief. 1'hllAdB.t i K. An'Ordinanee. An Ordinance authorlxlng Tlie Logansport Gas jURhr i Coko Ooiuiwny to Iny and iimlnUtlu pipes and conduItH In tlie streoia, avenues.;uleys and public pliici's in tlie Cltyif LOKiinsportlor the purpose or ruriilslilnj? and suppljlui? tho Hiiid City ami ilia inlinbitiuits i Lcfeof wlin anl- llclal i?is. Be It o'dalnc* br the Common Council of tlie Cltyot LoRansport, Indlnna: Section!. That The Losansport Gas Light* Coke Com puny, and Its Baccessors and assigns be aud 1 they hereby uro craDteil the rlslit and —-••-• •-- jftiirs from tlie stresto 10 City of Logansiiort, as it is now laid out, or raw liore- utter be liild out or enlarged, for the purpose ot laying do*n and maintaining In and under ilie said streets, avenues, alleys and public places of suld clly, suitable and necessary pipes , conduits, nialns and uppiiratus tor the conveyance ot artificial gas for tbe use of said city and Its Inhabitants, Provided: that tna said gas pipes, conduits, mains or apparatus shall not Jnterfcra wltu ihe drainage ot said city, ot the construction ot sewers or Its sewer system, or with the underground nxtures lor the conveyance or water. Section 2. That whenever sold LOKinsoort (Jas Light i: Coke Company proposa to open any street, avenue alley or public place for ttie purpose, ot laying down i?as pl^es, conduits, roams or other apparatus, they tliall ulve to the Clly Street Commissioner three (lays' noilcuof ihelr Intention so to do, and snail not during the progress ot said work unnecessarily obstruct pa-sa«e or public travel on and along said street, avenue, alli-y or public place, and shall witliin. a reasonable time put the same in as t'OOd condition and repair as the sama were In before Mine opened, and shall be governed by ;ill tlie rules, regulations and ordinances row In lorce, or \vulcu may hc-reafter at any tlnie ))K established or put In force by Sild city, Eo»rnlog and regulating the dicElnc of trenches and maldiig excavatiom; In and on the saw streets, avenues, ul:e)S, sloewauis and jiubllc places ot <ald city. Section 3. That If Ihe Common Council desire at any time to erect actlllclal pu lamps at any ot its public buildings or puDlic uroonds or upon any of said streets, avenues, alleys at tald city, thai are not reached By the mams of said company, then the said company shall tor a fair compensation to be allowed an paid by said Common Council, lay down within the corporate limits of said city, within a reasonable time, the necessary pipes mid fixtures, except the lamp posts and fixtures which shall be furnished by saia city, nnd the Inmps tbus erected shall be supplied by said company with ardnclal gas as aforesaid upon as favorable terms and prices as the same la Jurnlshed to any other con-sutuer or consumers. And the plpe.s thus laid down att-e expense of th«clrr shall not either directly orlnclrectly. be used for famishing gas to Individual citizens, nor jtball other pipes be laid tl .iwn within said territory until ln« amount paid by tne city tor 1 lyiDK the same down shall hgve bera relunde<i to the city 67 said company. Section-I. That If any discover or improre- roent shall herealter b» made In the preparai Ion and manufacture ot artllicial pis. lioro coal or other material, either liquid or solid, by «.hlc!i the cost of artificial gas shall be materially diminished and the. same sball be adopted in tee cities ot this State and ot like class with this city and havlnK similar works, then and in ^ch case said company soall Introduce and use such discovery In ibe City of Logansport, and give to said cltr and Its InhaUitants the benefit of the redoctlon ot price ot gas sold as shall be in proportion to the saving enecttM by soch discover) or improvemcni- Pectlon 0. That If sala Loganjport Gas Light & Coke Company or Its successors or assigns shall violate or refc.se lo comply wlib. any of the provisions of this ordinance, th'n and In tbat case, they shall forfeit all oftht rights ana triv- Ijeses granted bj this ordinance, and the Common Council reserves the right to repeal the same. Section 6. All ordinances and. parts of ordinance* In conflict herewith are hereby repealed. SecDonT. This ordinance shall take effect and be In force from and after IU passage and publication for two weeks, once each week. In so-ne dally newspaper printed and published In the Clry of Logansrort. Pawed May 1,1895. [SIAL] GFORCE P. McKnt, Mayor. AUert: JoliD B. Winters, Clcy Clerk. An Ordinance. 'An ordinance prohibiting certain animals mm runnlDKHt larp-Mviilsm the corporate limit* •( the City ot Lonansj>ort, and providing <ortn« impounding Jbereot, Be it ordained by tlie Common Council ofttk* City ot Logansport: • roction :. Ir shall be unlawful for tbs owner of or any ix-rson hartnK the car* or cusioUyoraW bull. DullocK, stt*r. Horse, mare. mule. colt. Jack. jninet. hoc. £oat» slieep. cow, calf, tietfftr, OOCfc» KOoi-t*. turkey or [Wti-rowl to sorter or permit said nnliiuil 10 run at ilsrge nt, upon or within «»ny public street, avenue, fUlev. common, park i.. niilnciosed lots, lands, or grounds within ti» corporate limits ol the City or Loomsport. S» tion 2. It sftHil bo tne duty ol too members Of tlie ]x)llo) lorco toT.iko up aiid impound all bull* bullocks, steers, horses, mares, 'males, y*~ jacks, jennets. IIORS, uosts, sheep, cows, tt.-'V] nellers, ducks, uee.-e, turkeys, or peu-rowls, K^J runnliifi ill large, at upon or»1tblii any puuDc street, avenue, nlley, common, iwrk or any nnin~ closed lots, lands or srounds wiuiln the corporal* limits of sHl'i city as provldi-d in this ordinance, ami keep anil inn ound tlie Mtm« in the pound provided b> tl>e cit.v tor that purpose, until re- ileemec or oiner<vlse disposed of ;is hereinafter provided And such oillcer shall ttttel'ully htiend to and provide ilie animals so taUen up wlttt necessary lood and water. Section;;. Its shall he, tlie duty of the member of tlie I'ollce force taking up any such animal to clve nonce Immediately. In writing to the owner or person liavlrut tlie care or custody ot anranl- uial taken up and Impounded, If known to him, but if, upon reasonable InQUiry such owner ot person iiavinic tlie care or custody of such unlm&l is unknoxTj to him, he sh:ill Klve notice by posting up writ en or printed nolioes at tlie coor of in* court house and at the door ot tlie Mayor's office In said city, statlni; therein tlie time of said talc- injc up. tue nee ami marks and a lull description of'tueanlmal taken up, and ihattbe owner lucre- I ot is unknown to him, tlie place where gala animals Impounded, and also tn« place, the Jar and the hour at which said animal will he sold, Ir not redei-med; said notices shall be |>osted ftl least live (5J days berure Ihfl d.>y llxed In said notices for ibe sale of said animal, section-3. itsliallbeihedmyof sucli member of tne police Torco to sell unj- sucli animal at public auction at tlie time HIM place mlverllsed In ( said 1'Otlce.s, to tlie lilghost bloder for cash, niiloss ilie owuer or per.-on having tlio c;vro or custody of sucli aninml shHll redeenl the same tefore tlie Siile thereof, uy paying to linn In cash all fe««, costs and expensesjmaile up to that Uine.and upon sucli unyment sliall surrender such aniui&l to such o\vner or lerson hrtvlng the care or custody -| thereof, and shall not toll the same. Secilon 5. Tno police olllcer tnklni? any such anhntil shall be allowed the followlue leesifoi 1 taking up aiutlnii)OUiiduiRe;icli antniHJ oiibraoad within tlie terms ot tills ordinance, for built, bullocks, steors, cows, calves, betters, norses, J mares, moles, colls Jacks and Jennets, llftj (50) cents per liexd. nod for bogs, goals and'sheep I twenty-live C^j) cents per heart, nnd lor ducks, geei*e.' turkeys tind p«i-fowis ten (10) cents iwr litsul ;md In addition thereto for each and every twelve (12) nouis or fractional tiart tliereor In exc. ss of the ilrst four hours during which said animals .ire Impounded for tbe expense of feeding and caring therefor tkere bliall be charged and collected for bulls, bullocks, steers, cows, calves, heljeri", horses, man-s, niulei, colts, jack* and Jennets, twentr-tlve (i5) coins per head, and for hogs, goats and sueen twelve and a bait (1^%) eenrs per tiewl, and for tlucks, geose, turkeys and p»!i-fowl* tenl(lfl) cents'per luijid: and mch officer shall be allowed for Sflling such animals wlion necessary under the provisions of this ordinance for each hnad cf such animals one dollar f"' except Hogs, goals ami sheep for which lie f " receive ilfiy (00) cenls per head and except 1 above enumerated for which he shall ivcelvfl ill!) cents per head. In case o! sale such ofllooc slmll retain nil salil tees, costs and expenses from tin' proceeds of sale. Section 0. Such police officer shall pay the proceeds of Micli sale, after deducil'-g said lees, costs and expensei; to tbecltj treasurer, and file with said city 'treasurer a full slatemeut In wrinnn, giving n description of tho annual sold. the amount sold for, Uie amount of few, costs and expenses collected by Items, together with sucli oilier Infor- niatlon as Is doomed necessary b; him or the city | treasurer, and the city iretisuriT, upon proof to him of ownership, shal pay said residue of the processor i he snleutter said roes, costs and expenses are deducted to the owner of the nnlmal solil, and ir no owner or prouer clalmani appears wliDin s x monilis dl'ter snlil money Is paid luto tlie treHMiry. said treasurer shall turn sutd moiiey so received "over to Uie general fcir.d and cliarse the smne to that account. Section 7. Any person violating anv of the provisions of [Ms ordinance, lor wu-li offense, -upon, conviction tlH'reof, sliall forfeit and pay to th« City of Uogiuifpart damages In any sara not more tlinn fifty dollars. Section S. That all ordinances and parts of ordinances In comllct with Urn ordlnancnbc and thesnme hereby are repealed. section II. Tills ordinance shftll be In force from and after Us passage and pnhlic.itlon rot two weeks, once each week. In some dally newe- p.iper pr nted iuid published In the Clt)' of Lo- gunsimrt. T-'assetl ^^ay 1 ]8li5. ISK.U,) (TKOHHK)?. SI<;KKB,Mayor. ,ufest:,Tonn 13. Winters, City Clerk An Ordinance. Bn It ordained by tlie Common Council of the. city of Logansport: secllon I. flint fectlon two (2) of an ordinance entitled "An Ordinance of the City of Lo-I gansport regulating tlie issuing of Licenses" passed March 3d ISSii and recoided In Record "L" on pagn 153 of the records of Hie Common Council of salt! cltj' bo nnd the same, hereby Is amended to read :is follows; Section 2. No license shall be granted fora longer period than one jear. Any person or persons who may wish to obtain a license from the city of Logansport shall apply In writing to th« Mayor of said city, setting forth In said application the proposed place and kind of business for L which said license Is desired, and tho names ot I each and every person Interested in said business, f And said license, when granted, shiill be issued to the person or persons Interested In said business, but' shall not be tranlcrable to any other person orpersoDs.nnd no deduction slmll be mn.de,norany part of the license fees refunded, for any part ol ilietlnin for which said license may not be used. Sections All ordinances and pars of ordinances In conlllct with tbls ordinance be iiud they hereby a re repealed. Section 3. Tills ordinance shall be In from ii'nd after Its pos.iage and c-nbllcatlonf two weekH. once each weeK In coma dully n^ paper published and printed In Die cltyot gansport. Passed Maj 1, ISOi. f'sKAi.'J GBOIMJK P. 5ICKEE, Mayor. Attest: John B. Winters. City Clerk. A.U Ordinance Regulating the Souiidinjr of Gon;,f s. Be It ordained by tho Common Council Of the | City of Lo?aiistiort: Section l. That all persons and corporations except members of Ui« Klrc pepanment and ; street card rivers J bound they hereby are pro-] hlhlted from using or sounding any gong or bell or alarm tn iiny way resembling or giving forth] tlie sound of a gong. In or on any of the streets, L avenues, alleys or public places of said city of, I Logtinsyort.and that all persons and corporatlong be and they hereby arc prohibited from utticiitnic to, sounding or using In, upon or In counecUon I with any milk, bread. m«it. or delivery wagon or I cart or any other kind ot .vehicle whatever, any. gongorbelloralana In any way resembling or giving forth the sound ot n gong, in or on anyot the streets, avenues, alleys or public places of ih«s City of Logansport. i Section^. Any person or corporation whovJo- lates any provision of this ordinance, for each and I every day said offense Is continued, shall, upon I conviction thereof, forfeit and pay to ihe city ot Logansport <1 amaees In any sum not less than ten dollars and not more than twenty-live dollars. Sections This ordinance shall be In force, from and after Its passage and publication for two weeks, once each week. In some daily n«w»-I paper printed and published In Hie city of Logans- I port. Paused May 1,1895. fKK.u/1 CKOHGK P. McKBE, Mayor. Attest: John B. Winters, City Clerk. Nolle*. To Ella J. West George West. Mary J. Nagh, May Nash. Anna Nash, .Elizabeth Nash. Susan C. PeffermHn.,TessleT. Loree, Montgomery BanUl- i ton, Phojoe A. Hamilton. Margaret V. Hamilton, Mary wmiatns, Eu>n Wacenhals, Christopher C. , Beyer, J. Edward Beyer, f. Frederick Beye', John I Wilds. Sebastian C. Ferguson and Martin Frank., f You and each of you are hereby notmedlhat f DenaLs Cnl. Frank M. Harwood, Wllllim Bur*man; Lemuel«. latwrson andX.B. Donaldson. City Oomm'jssslonrrrfl of the clt> ot Logatuport. .1 dulyacpolnusd according to law, will meo.tat.toe:| Council chamber of the said city, on the 20th day F of Jon'-lSUj iit the hour of 2 o'clock p m. to e-stlmaie the bcneflu I and damages v> all real estate Injuriously J or beneflcially affected by the proposed opening off a street w-nty-nve feet (Ji width ton We end o" Sixth street to Erie avenue in said < Logansport- and you snd each of 700, being owners of property affected by the pronoosd proveinent. will take nouce of soeh meeting, wheu I and where you may auend and be heard toocnlug • the matter ot ihe proposed improvement ,, Witness my hand and Mil or said city of Lo- I gansport this 2d day oi May. 1 S»i. • [SEAI.1 JOHX B. WDiTEM, ' Clerk of the City of Loganjport..

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