Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
Page 6
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naix DAiLY GAZETTE MONDAY. OCTOBER is, me. AMUSEMENTS. GRAND AMUSEMENTS, Flirting With Fate" • _____ |->nt urine Dong-las Fairbanks Aft* K«y*lew* Comedy Ford Sterling • m "His Wild Oats Art *'* f ' i y>t lf > l ' irk i t-'-roprnm TOMOllOW Frederick IN "The Moment Before" f > lct»rl«AHo.\ of th*» orlfrinftl play ALSO 8*li0«Triburi« N«v*». WEDNESDAY B Th* DtwHtr" Wrst. Fex, ji*tt pietu«s» mad*. VAUDETTE Tnniuhf -~r- Wni, Fox Bertha Kalich - ... IN "Ambition" A !*o <-i'trif>-!v. Two Show»—7:00 and 8:45. TOMORROW, I,IK w-tai, Hsten Helmet in "Judith of th* Cumb«r. Hft'dB." A!"" extra, t-i'i' <'j;»t*.-r Ure. Mavirv* 1 *" il;M(>.-»»»* 3*-4*; 7.00 ami 8:-15. <-Vjt !.'* v M;- ?>(»,•.! KrturrlH'-, ,tf ' "M . in H'.-r!i"K -••' f'!!'-:!:'-"* r»M: • "l>ki!!««n :«-!i!r?',!-.! ri"tric J-vtt- n n 11; i <!n <"'«"< inti !ft the »-n«!- V!"i! • This is Suit Week AT CHESTER'S DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL tv»ry Mo»«Uy tv*«intj f to 10 P. M. For t>rlv«i«* lesSons* call' K6LLEV, 0*11 NEWS IN BRIEF RELEASED ON BONO. 1es AH*»n, the yminij man who ftlTWted a* hC wa» Betting off a jrht train at the I. C. depot at 01*- Thumday night, nnd taken back to »l>oy to face n charge of attempted ha* Iwen relenned on bonds of B, "The cane h«« liM-ii set for next »d«y. Allen will be. defended by W, O. Kent while Htnte'» At"Edwards wilt appear for1hr- Allen nnd hi* titlorne?"state It they can prove a' perfect alibi th* aoruwKl. He ha* not yet been ntlfled by the victim of the at- annttult. flNTEEN VOTES FOR HUGHES. ""C, Arrmtt, of FrophpiHtown, hn* itt« "» record a» regard* hl« Hepub- hovlns voted for_«<Vfry lie- nomine* for pr«ldi»nt. *\wt party wan or»»nlzMl *»«%•«• tlie flrt» *nd h« fatted to thc-n only He-h*»-*lK lit w* who .will cant for HuuhfH this fall. UiuiP th»t thin IH dolnj? |>r«ny well family. AT THK REST ROOM. Mr«t. Henner-1* very much fit the numner of women who taken advantage- of the rifjsf room in Sterling in the past month, Slif «tay« a* cold went her advance*- the niimlwr • •f women stopping has Increased right By 9 o'clock this morning six- women from sPVTTft! stales ami several cities in .this state. had. called and hail registered their nam**«. Nearly one hundred en lied ItiHt Saturday, denned up nnd tested nnd f»<>rne of them ate their lunches there, and went nwny thanking the n&lrun for the privilege*. [n the /H-p weeks just pn*t there were rrt*r 2.M2 mllers for many dtd "Hot to register. The following Is the number per week for the flve weekH: 268; the week before, 2!»H; preceding that. 324, then )2i> and 2G2. BURNING TrfE LEAVES. The matter of the burning of n the pavement and tin the rurbiriK has of the city council for *ome mmliMdohern Trout h nnrt <>V' d'ser wiy about the only way to get of the leaves IK by burning them, they *»»» n«» other way thnn tn let resident?! do it. They n«k that the ' be away from curbing nji.much-aji for inlenwe heat cause* the "lo~"cfncR" and (I would cimT money to repair them. Commissioner Tnn.ith says HterliiiK,-ln blent with quite n forest of trees iihd It would be hard to be without them, but they have lots of leaven every mimmer nnd when autumn comes they full and If not rak* •d up nnd burned they blow badly, bother, miil-li" Mr)*. J. M. vVlforc, who «-fti» n for !(!•• r«-rriov/il of goitr rio«spit«il r!d the AY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. Oct. 16. IB$». tliln wa« thp birth- f Nloolaa lgnut?c dc Ik«aubtil«, Of Ka»k8*kia pariMh, On <>»>«after huvliiK lti«luc«J the Ka»- ndtunn to mov« tholr village the JlllnoiH Hlvir to Uic mouth a.^nuWin • Father If miiurionary in. tho llllnolii coun- , vhUt a new French nettle>Vat th* mouth of th« SOME FINE PIGS, * J»«»ph»t»town last *o»d to fourtwn Frank »h»>at*, 'TO BUILD HOUSE. lice Korn prejentetl a j»eUtlc>n tp_ih«» city council thin imirnliw uwkiim p«>r- iKHlon for the erection of a double t«|M»rtmetit -hou**- - between ...... Plrst— «»nl Second aven.ue- In the alley back of the Harmon clsar i«tore." .Mr.. Korn. haw already tip the foundation wnlbi. It will be about twenty feet wide nnd tplrty-Hix feet Ions. It l.n to be n»Hdt> of tirlck, and they will be laid an noon aw the wullx are nolid enougli to »tand the weight. -The Korn extata owrm ro'ntriderable land in thin place, part of which, i« covered with KtrurtureH. one of them bt'inii a two-titory living utte. The lol» do not face «ny Mtreet,.but ha» a- goo.- wide- alley to «et Slirk. fitly Krel*e nnd Olen Htir- lesp. of Coieta. nre home from Chlra- tvher* they have* hw»ri for & in the {•'rank A. Ward was In Co l»ta Knnrtisy on tvith th« pfopo(ie<| town hull to be erected Soon. Prof, nnd Mrs Will II. Smith, Jtidfff and -Mr*. J. W. Watt* nnd Mrs. flea Hiihneli. of IH.tmi. motored to this city Sunday ani! vl«ltfd • ,iLrR, Hay t'*+weH left Pttliirday f«»r her home In (Sterling. Colo., after a thte* weeks" visit with relatives in this vicinity. Ml*•»«>» Aiii-e Cnulrnpp and LJIft Htev- »'ns, who went to Chicago Ha(urda> nr? 1 eicpt 3 ^~t* ! 'l hotn^ this ev^^ > datire, Tuesday evening. U'oodman bftll. 8t»'rllnK.' I»*>n'l .foritct. Hell'*, dancing clasa and florlliil iTfUn'*' nl WooiThinn hnH tonight. PuhUc Invited.» Mr. and .Mrs. Wlltl/im Mpenrs- have returned to their home In Hockford fitter.. ependlng a few Uay« with Mter- HUM relatiVfH. Mr, and Mrs. .1. HI Hutt. Mrt«. C. H. Hiitl iind Mr«. l,i'iui t-'rln-s, went to Alftidoia. Hunting Mr^mid .Mr?. KrbeM will muke their home in thut city while others went jiift for a -nhort visit. H. (!. Crawford' nnd family nrrived home. |n»t evenlsiK after a two w*'*k»' vixlt in IOWH. They m?id" the trip in their auto and v lulled in ReveraJ Iowa I'lties, reporting a most enjoyable trip, j Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoover motored to Colelii Hunduy for a" vliiit with friends. Mr. Hoover returnwl home last night, hut his wife rcmalnW for a Fortunate, Indeed, Is the Woman Chooses Her Suit During Exceptional Event < In the past few weeks a host of charming suits have arrived from the leading manufacturers. ....... In order that you may learn the distinctive individuality of these suits, and their rare superiorities of materials and tailoringr, we have arranged a pound* «nd brought tho ___ Rum totttl of, f2T6.57 »om«- out of the ordinary for pig* not month* oW. H means almont dollani th«" »hoftt, and Hlrewn "tht«w~ K#nti*men arc mort* than ^ ENTERTAIN^ FR^ESHIE8. *8opho1mor««*of*tii**Proph»tiitown •chool ,«nt*rtained ttu" FYeshien night in Dudley'*,..auditorium th»y had a royal good time with miuic and dancing. The af aund up—Brtth" a HOLDING DENTAL MEETING. A large number of th» dentint» "of erliiiK weni ro Tampl<H» thin afternoon in autoH _tQ.'_ftitend_th.e._»naUji>. njf4ijf— th* — WhltPHtd* — amFnCS^ County DcntaL-Ansoelatlon being hfld in that village today. Bo.rne of the demists Iroiit DUon came on the In-. u-rurlwn and jolneil the HtcrlinK men and they all went down together, , McMillan, of -Tamplco. tt» prenldent o.f the aHHOciatlon. and Dr. M«lvin NeJ- »on. of MorrlHon, IM «it>retary. The IH frauKht with RCKH! Mm. J. II. Folkers and children left last evening for their home In He,fon litikr, — Mtnn;, nftvT Hpenfltni? "thn > < T \v«»«-u* at thw home of her pare.ntH, Mr. and Mrs. I". P. Hyan. Mr. and Mm. l-Ye«l Hoover and family and Mr. and Mr*. I, eon Andreas itnd family enjoyed an automobile trip Sunday to DIxon. Qrnnd I^etour, fJr«" Kon, ' Hlaclt Hawk monument and %•!*• ited ut Col. Lrfm'den'a farm. Mr. and Mm. John .laminon itre in Hlerllntr for a ylult of it week or two with Mm Jarnimur* mother, Mrs. Tyler MfWhorter nnd other -rototlvMt. and MrH. Jamlttbn lived the ford etFllfe in MontmorirTcyTTntrr- to northern Iowa, where tlmy land 'and have Krown up with the country, ...They.. have many friend* in thin MiH'iion umong the- older people, r SOCIAL AFFAIRS J It is an event that will afford you a supremely favorable opportunity for choosing your new fall suit. Tne selection includes a representationof-every—style-tendency--of- note and embraces suits ideally fitted to every type of figure and every occasion, There's a wealth of materials to choose from —gabardines, serges, whipcords,- velours, broadcloths and Balivia cloths. And you may make your choice from any of the season's most popular colors— charming grays/burgundy, plum, taupe, beautiful mixtures, and eversmart navy blue and — black. • Remember, please, these are not ^ordinary. but suits with correctness of style, quality of fabric, sincerity of tailoring and moderateness of prices. an and wan pronounced a per• *ucceM: There were gome forty- prc««nt. • , "DAILY WIATHIR REPORT. weather burantfJ'ojr.ffiMt J« an follows: Showers to- partly cloudy and mid» - Buy McnV Winter Overcoats any to und several good papers will hc< read. The place for Its npxt meeting will be Met during tho afternoon. THEATRICAL PEOPLE CALL. Richard Castcllo and B«*nnptt Thnmtt, of the Tom Nawn and Hal Duvin Co., were- KUe«tn of Mr. und Mr*. Harold E. Ward Hunday night. The visitor* and .Mr, Ward are„old .time friendH, dating back wlu<n Mr. Ward followed tho theatrical IniHlnesn himself an man- user. Mr. Cantello when in Hterling 1 last was manager of "The 8w««t«tt Olriln Pftris.'^ _HeJtLnow_ata_ge man- ilget 1 of the "company appearing tonight and »aya It in an gjctra_gQQd^gJhi"_w. TO HOLD RECEPTION On TuMday Evcnino For R«v. and Mr* W, L. Collin. A r*ceplTiiTi" ;wlll" bf> tehd*riwl Bavi and Mm. W. L. the Fourth 8tr««t .MethodUt church on Tuesday evening. Th* followlntr proirram wHI 'tie rcnderoil. .Mu*k: will IK« furnished by the Hunday *choo) orchentra'duringr the arrival of the BUeats. John Wagn tier will introduce Charles FraBer, the ot— the official—board, who- ERECTINQ NEW WALLS. Hflger Brothera have torn down -the old wall of concrete block* Dumuinding their, lot on Firat avenue, formerly used by the Kemputer garage, and have started building wall* of brick. They_J[ntend to build the wullH^Jiljih tough BO "that there" will IH» twenty •fw?t~rlear iii the rvum.—Thl»r-wlll nnike an airy place for any kind of tf lot ha« wallH 18ft fe«t long and i» forty-eiifht feet wide. Thw entire front n been razed and a splendid new front will be put In to tak« its plfictC will be toaatmaaU'r for the evening; S«lectlon-~ChurcJi Quartette. . I'rayer, Address of welcome — N. G. Van Bant R««pon»e^-R*v. Collin and wife. Selection—Quartette. ------ - ----At the clone of th^ pj-Qgram refre»h« men t * ~w'ITI IMT ~n*rvea~«"nfl e v"ery body" i* welcome. ~Tfie reception committee IB composed of the (adieu of the church. AT LAUTZ HOME A Wonderful Choice of Suits at $25.00, $30.00, and $35.00 .-Suits .that will delight you with their charming lines and becoming materials. Eeryoif a s Wooltex or Palmer model rectness and quality of tailoring. YoiLcan make your selection— from a delightful variety, embracing the fabrics andicoloringrs which smartly-dressed women are wearing this season. All -pop-- ular materials and <^oring sented. . $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00 DIRerBuits priced up to I45.M A Special Purchase of Suits Brings This Unusual Bargain Opportunity $22.00 Suits $16.75 '$32.00 Suits $22.00^ Our New York ready-to-wear riepre- sentative made this fortunate purchase —you get the benefit Every suit is new, distinctive injl^&iiexcejlen^ "Materials are poplins, gabardines ancj serges. •-:•.-•We-advise early selections, for they will not last long at these prices. CHESTEBSbo •s T am ME au'i isr .<=?... i r- X-.•, lion 2: JO. IU» thou futthful tmt«» death, 'o'clock. Supper will be Mr, and Mr*. Lauti Ent*rti|in«d nn«r. Mr. and_Mr». Antone Ijiuu. who live north of~HrertinK. ?i»t«rtBtnpd u few Hug*, 8tovcH and range*, at Woodii. Dr. ICwkuy went to I'rophetutown Hut urday on btiMiiu'sa. " Mrs. John Redden.'O'f Clinton, Hat urday here with friendM." Rummage mile, Y. M. o. A.. Frid»> and Saturday, October 20»S1.» r—Wt at bermillers' in Oregon and Chuna today Ml*fs Lena Stutzke baa nccepied position in Dr. K. C. Hirgner'a office it Dixon. Moonlight dance. Tueiiday evening '.Vpodma.!! hiill. Sterling,* Mr. and Mr«. J. Houtninger enter, tained bar brother, Klllu Da.lU wife ami baby, of Brie, over Hunday. pon't forget Hell's dancing clasu and dance "at Wootimun ball tonlKbt I'ublic Invited.* Mr. und Mr.s. Harry Lee und Minn I.eliu 8lujzk.e attended a dunce in Tampico 1'Yiday nlKht, I*ubllo dance in Hound drove hail VVednexibi),' evening. Octoher Iferh * - Jdr. und Mr*, WilllJrm Vei»t und two children, of Uixon. ttpvnt Sunday ut the Janu»«-Cox home. L'!tt'i»ilii Hurry Hulliiia IH {^iutiuK 44>* front o|,th«{ Uuuil confectionery alore on iivvnue. Don't Walk, call Hell 5S6H for A Anto Sorv'ii.». He.'uiituuili r« Mr. and Mr« t Karl W. Kottxler Mjut children, of I'olo, spent Saturday bete with friundM. . • ' r I A. Kowdvr, of CltioaK". i« vis.- sit the tu*nu> of i>r. und Mrs. IV-w* ^Ir Jf«'f and Mr« Wttl Wolher ami of Aiillidu<'Ville. belt 1 vMl'ItuiflneK^r two step ftiiTJ all other tiin ni »» T,.«'ug|ii ptn.iii-iv nt eiu-«« Mr* I" R (Ml H'lt.7' !{ n tl I' Hick's who bat lj*-.-ii nt. luny (um> 44 giutUlt& two frlendw at dinner Sunday in honor of ther bb-tfaday'of the ~latterr-r-Tbe following were guetttn; MK, und MTK. K. N. Higley and aon Wnynn, Mr. and 'Airs. Morton Higlty and daughter* Fern and—Jl^nwr- Miv »Hd--M«h Higley. Mr, und .Mr». Auatin Higley and daughter Katherlne, Mrs. liert Hart and «on l^wnyu'e, and the Miss* %• Irene and lieuluh Higiey, Ituby Clark und Mildred jtonnetu CHICKENBINNBRH Mr. in •nd Mr*. Ry»n «nt«rtain»d Honor of Their Daughter. Mr. and .Mr*. I 1 . C. Ryan and fum- (Iv »nt«»rlnlinn< ut a chicken rtinngr_ln Bacred Heart church will mwt Wed neaday night at the school, ing wlH u«» the diversion of the evu-' i Kaithfulnemt, HI the golden virtue, In Hint? and re? reshmt n»* will he served. |tlu> home, biinlnenM. churi'h, every- utTeluta"iH^r~ to. from {the borne, and «!HO «e«» that the cl)H- publu' j dren. and the itdulis us fur its poatd-" ; ble. are regular In attendance upon tin? this u meeting of the Kv- ! Sundn\ Scln W, E, Sunday _ll4l~-l>y- Ml mi ,Kin- honor uf thoir daughter. Mm. J. H. Folkem und children, of Heron Lake, Minn, Thono pwvtuH were: Mr. and MTH Homer HottH.^iiul duughtcr. of Montmorency, Mr». Y. U. FoJkeru und chlldrvn, .Ml*» Mildred lx-«'. of Hock Ottffiiy, of Mr. «nJ • nd ner he in I' . J.uth- n t?'!;: of near !iu>tl (\ ciity ri'latr\«>s iH iron* th>» T^in '"auy stud >«« Hb'ni'av .«t i h* • .en din- iur of tin* »'7ui o|rthdi«>* < t' hi dn>' \,'&n ^jit-ni iti H*ld Saturday Afttrneon Wa* Attended. rvgnlar meetinp nf th" Helief Corps was held Hat urday afternoon In tbe.O. A. U. hall. The attendance was very large and pre|»,ii-aut>n.r! were mad** for the annual inBjx"«'tion to he held soon. All tick memucrs wore reiwrted to lx»'convaUi!Ac<ng. The report of the auditing com- »tts read, which abuwed "tlie to be in a very rkmriiihm.1 dition. An ini|>oriant ahm»an<*roent mudo Inviting ail members and friend* Wt*. l>ei"K«.'r, corner of Seventh nooti .Mrs IktM'ki-r w|}l tx> assisted by Mrn. Ma be | Myers and Mr*. Thomttn. A good timw la ^roniisfd all who :»t- , .and lite i>rt>e**s(s or the Htn'tal be US*H! in buying j bome'of Uenhart, child lest banker, who his wealth to bin t hur<'b unit in. "Huw in reuclijuun not in church." On Tuenday evening. Mr. Harm us president of «ynod will preach oh "Hheep having no Sbepluaid." Puul H. Holfgreve is pastor of ,Sl. Mark'a,. the church where ay nod in held. Pr«|ittnttlona are already under way for the tu>*.«do» of the Women's Home and -12wttiit,n 'MbMionury' Society whit h meet* nekt Wi»«?k'in HI. Jplm's, To c<n- 'ttrrtain tlie bundled ladies from abroad. many homes are e.x|M>ctt>d to op,en their hoHpitabie doo|H. TheiMlofe Tiouth led i IjvjsiuTroTTTiTlsTMTrTiniTireinTn j on "How to cultivate public t»p|iit."j statnl fin the best"'in yout own towiij j a« \v-U.-«» for your patty.' Cbur,u-ier,, I nut (Ru-ttMall politics*. Ueoige Carolits. | j'wlll Have <-U{irRi> of Tbitrsday night. Friday evening, 7:30, Choir Hebear- Mil. -'" '- ' •fhePistrict Convention of the Worn-1 en's Foreign MtH«iunary society^_wI!L lull held at Fourth Street church next f wet k, Oct. ;'4th an«J -Sib. The lucaJ j churches are U>(>kiiiK forwaid' to the! HtttheruiK und expect trom all over < tlu iriTitory covered in the district a number of A dcitilcd program of the conveniion will apjirtir in tlte paper later in Hits Week. , AT TRINITY U. E. Ttvr revrvwt B«-r\it'p ~&i~ tlio Trintr> r I'nited ICvaiiKt'Iiiral church last even- iim' drew an attentive and intere«ted uudionce. Uov. F. \\', Deutsche, the pa^tiir, preached, iislnK .&# bin thenut, "jfSttlvalion and HH Hindiwnc* 1 *." A very helpful addition to the BBrvicu_ wi>* ifu> t uv\\ly utKUiii'it'il wrc.hejilm»» J ' Services will be held every evening jut 7 311. Kttv. A. J. Chamberlain will ; preach. Thursday evening is to be At Tho Pr*»bytcrian. Hr\ ' hester* M. lr«iti prtuched SHI-MI; t.eim»n *'n latnU.v worship Sun-JbeVst of the Sunday "school present {"Sunday S>cJio(»l Kveulng," and Mil ef- a i fi.'t'i is to be made tu have all the m depurt'n ; fir tMi'ii hoitu'» him urtjiv, ii| jiy- rctutri «' il<o day. O. A. D. CLUB WILL MEET. The mniUr ineetlni. of the '». A P- lull «il| lie held tonlMht in 'their club lit'llH A- 1 ! niiiutu'l-: ;ui- 'H'<;«' J to l-f m-xt-iU tin at inlcit'tiiint: m«<«'Jlii'j t>u>t (THE CHURCHES ) SUNDAY ilF§T, JOHN'S. In blbUv** hool, Louis fe»t«-ffa je|'(,ri- Si»C, offering Hliu* dolbim. 1h<inei Htioi'K» cl;ia« gone, tit- wia wMh tht- >oung l«»/iil of Mr Harris.' t'aul'n ap- jit'Jii lo t'«"M:ir ' n.tss ib«* twpU* The )«..!> AT FOURTH STREET. • •* " Tb* 1 w«ik <'f"Ui-' iti-w i mifi'it n>» ,,it Fourth futut-t (tutu It hail .t \\-\\ \;.i\i\i\ .utd (di-iiii'-iiif; i" ;;i!iiiii!j: in th<< 'iile<led tin p,tr.|ol. ik«'V W I. Cnlltll. '•i:r;ji !!,K iU'» ;.01 rnoil!» W>tt> f VtflrnT"" ll\i- [<l 14'I.| U"l« ..nil cxti'lliillili; ,t ln-UU M«-|««me nil l>ii- re-.»pp»iiiUilent t«» tlie ipviMi>IMte uf U.i> cllliull t<'l the tirurth \ Ml-, t.' Sui!'la\ \~ T ' M« il K»1»l i'ii(.T(,U)i«'d Mi - 4 X i' XvKuii Mr ar.-l , ,. !..HUii X-x'tl, C. I'l 'J'laiiV.i"! IJlCVl- YOUNG LADIES SODALITY.- T!io Yuuag L,iiiuV fciyUallty ut death aniii ik-Jet ted th lit- |i>n*5 Mien jt Jt-»» ut v»C tU« to \ »«U (lie Jr.ri«A.tleiu, »f «ilh lln- 3l> illlt-^ Mi f 'the rt;<-ir, un-l«-r ^ of Mi».i n,mh c. WtUi bripj V tu< <#, 41 .t.viH the , v t i likv"Ht '»ti.j» " V •. .',1 "t ,' * ~ Sij«- ^k^lf'll u.l ..f R \\' i.u >-if, Wlln >»-!•» i i'ji .t IUKI' i htij-a-i < Unit' IS ii.^mwt i Hi h* f j'i n •• a! TV*" .(Hi* 1 tiiihctn> w<i • <, Min <->_Mi,-«i, J l> 'tiolltf.!! .!• rt ll Mill) |)|. I -I!,,-". !!».. ' \"> \t T i' •>! (\ > \ < liutr • j, (1 j..| . ..f ! J.> I l.'jl > '• tt '.U J< Wilt ! i ry TnornrnB"—i n—rtrp-- | chin ch. He ledtittnj the subject Ufa ' m.Uhi'inaticrtl proposition thai made an ,|!iho!'iie lertatnty oj tho .tlarming con- duti-n in tegard to tht* religioUH in- it!u»-:u-it-of Amv-u.'^n children ot the eicsent geneiiiUi'li. Tiuv child ill u hi>M> Ih-ine tl»-ie is IMI family worship nr leltciititiM tivumiij:. at'ii who attoruts H,e s'liiilti' schoul. wlier«» ii Itkt* fondi- Ihiii jiex-allti, t» ob!ii;»"d to depenil « n- tlieiv" ttj tut lln> Sutiil.ij. SchiHd for I'e- :ij;tm,« ifiMiiti'tiKii H it> ]>iuctically uuj"'*..-.!!'!,' u> iie\i>u* ntt'ie iltan halt ,.tt h"itr i<> iho Mudy of the It'jt- Sii|.,m,-t«. then ,t i-intd alU'ijils- t-V- the >«nr, i)r -'.2 Him- , vvti.iii' > Wiu'ii h MI Miiull a i art <>f • a feints iviu Knm\le*lge ^i, i- lit (Met l le l«ion.'tlll> t«" ' id "!'!'> c ,t'll tu.thts coiitiidtin ' ~( »|i,t t ,;) t is ,is ui> tlui«iit-p d"< i H. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BOND* Net 4 to £ per ««nt Exempt from Ihcom* TM LOANS INSURANCE 310 L«wr*ne* 9ldfl. »Urlinfl, III. This Blvt-t tl «u! tbv .uteiu tl In-ioll .it Je'- tiu 1 t ill of REAL ESTATE LOANS First Mortgtg* Invtttmcntv carefully selected Farm Mort» v gage!» leprownt the shlfibest typ« at tiecurity. The income l» ^ie.itt*r than that of any other iiu estment tifferlng absolute aait-iv. hutj'est and principal- <olifet<*d without- .charge. JOHN M. STAGER Law Office Stager 4 St»a*r . , \j .i .! I* \\\l\ .1" • u .» a. Attornoy at Law. On Ke«l Es MORTGAGES FOR 411 Lawrtnc* Sttrlins, HI, i.

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