Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
Page 5
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-TOswaK - ™~- «~ -irSwEF ^ 3*^, Jg"--—tg*™*-'"'-~ 1 ATTACKS Cel. ' Stats Pay Roil. Up !'-l''i!|f •;••• .•[]' ? ' ''"I. !,;.V.'<i', I DEDICATE HOME K, Of P. Dedicate* Olrf Peoples' Horre At Decatur. (J'v f'n!!r.(! |'f, ex ) I»ff:itur. Ill, «K-(, |«; \t, inmiciK-" fHrt'ftn <T<nv<i<<! tfiii Hty !<..!)!••. !r» at- tmirl thf dwlii ution of tb<> new KniKht 1 * ft Pythias t.'ld People*' !l<>m»» nml th<> ipcn-ing »-srTfijws of tli»» <<rand Ixclpf. Tim <]«M-!i('.i <.!''•'! look jiliiec lliifj uf- »n ami tho t;r;in<i| IxidfC" <tfi< Il<« p doubt you smoke srgrjod tobacco. No doubt you think you re smoking the besf tobacco— the one that just -suiti) your individual taste. There's a simple way to find the best tobacco —your tobacco. Use the tobacco experts' test. Let your nose judge, For the-flavor of tobacco, the mildness of tobacco, the smoking quality of tobacco, are all proved by the aroma You'll know this is true after you've..xnade~lhia-easy test••; rub some TUXEDO briskly between..your, palms loos enough for the friction to bring out the full aroma- -then hold -it up to your nose. Test the tobacco you're smoking now, and all the other tobaccos you choose, in the same way. Your, nose-will-tell-you z that TUXEDQ^wJiM—tMtTtha others fall fipml.'iy and Tli'irmlH.v. ______ >\lt bnm* lit** 1 - IHITttrtrT nf "tvjiiKT)i|s'"tn full ri-K.'tlia tfJtik pht<-r thlongh the prihc-iptil ,«(r<-fts <>f (do r)fy tod:iy .vfnny f-r-m--, iiiriuiliiis; biiii*. tf.-cji- tlftnp ,'iml dfliif fuijtt imiu. will (•(•Jt!i-ri"« > thf^ H"< i.'il f«':iltirfS «f" 111" fiilivpiitjoti. If Arthur Urmvn, rn«pio militiaman, ihsr- tl!y t'nitcil r'c«>vs i I'l. IIJ.. «irt. JO .-Mr?. Intf tho recent mobilization, has tib'd two trn-thoimnntl rinltnr suit*? in thr elrt'iilt i onrt for dafiuii;e«i for the death of her , huttbaml. 1.1111- i«t directed UKalnst Pet'V AlcCimiii «|m if; ;i||»'Ktd. to have .H..M 'lift. MII ll-pior, ami *.«•)< SMALL MLMHUl'KI l-AUM. Kunner, the i«wn«-r • >)' tin- im •ssr Young Men Should Save f"\''?\ \ Hi \\a\' JIELj^ANTED WANTKI»~<tl!tL !•"' N> iiL'li.. .\V.t;sl__ WANTKI* ily of twi rs.KKKKI'Klt IN I'A.M- i farm. \Vrit«- "<"" «'ar- .MAKHJIAM, COUNTY T!si.»* fiirm in Inr.'lK'd wittffn_ iiic*', nf MarsJiv-ilItiivrii, Iowa., it* «u!si •wjiiiin 30 ilaya Ui s»-!!l"- an <f-«iai«'. i'nr full jmrtipulars '-••i-f'tit wti!i>, K. ]•". Ilornf-, Admitii** trni<.r or I-T'-I! VV. t'.nrl, MnrsJialltown, !*.»,< $5-»0 FOR SAX.E—FARM LANDS MISCELLANEOUS i MI-:.V CATA INJUED BY AN AUTO. l>nvfn|ioi t, In., Oct. I*;. xl, ta sin jmtfiinol'ill' 1 'in n fan' li<Ty utii |Vr«ibnhly futnlly lhnni(n:Ii CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WOKD far short in that volume and sweetness of fragrance that prove -deltei0«^-flavor-and~STipf^^ Then load up your pipe with TUXEDO and see how your palate confirms what your nose, told you. That's the final test that shows your nose knows. HELP WANTED—MALE ami !•"> monthly; tn» Interest or !:ixt\«: highly productive html: che-«» t<> 3.hi* full informntloti.. Minuter A-17*. N. Y Uf-c-.Iild* n -"Kitn*5t* Crty; Mn. , 7T-lf»;i* WILL TKADi: MY K.rt-Aciti; 1.KK <-«(mty- farm fnr n farm of "Ti'i'T act »•« <<r L'Mi acres. Must h«' a KIHH! (CM may put difference in c;i>ih. Wrtf«- "X. Y. X." carc» t lunette, &7-IU'* wt> barber trade quickly fnallpil fre«. Alob-r Bin her College, Chicago, 'III. 71.36* C ill IIM4 WeM Third Kt, ' '' 88-i»0 s SITUATION WANTED K«»K HA.J.K- "HKIH«H»M -Hl'ITK. $8.09, — •.<•( Avi'ime C. , 88-90* tiU -r*3 WANTKl> 7 HWp:riN.J AXI. 1,1'Slv ,,,„, SALK^TKX OWR PtttOC -3 itlKv ' all HHI pnow*...-"?•*-.'• : «'^. » ,|,; tM . y -„,„!,, ,,i t .«, » W o dlffwnt " 'J WANTED WANTKD- -i SOOH Ci >HN* call. Hi-it iia^-^—u^-ix—Jx. I'H'KEH. , WANTED—LPnrn bart>er pay, Ea*y to leftm. Result*.' obtained here. Bi«eH nyat«m of Barber Colleges In the U. S;— 63 brunch Mtch'oalH »nd Hhopn. Write for catalog. Trl-Clty Btxrbor College, 201 ntf«-i. violin*-, in. ;, Co. MAN* TO-FIKK IniJIcr ut niKht, HtiTlliiR Kluritl . !*'Jif WANTKD MAN To PICK it. WANTKI> — MAKItlKI.)' MAN farm. Wrlt« -"if 'oarv nn OX jifl -'.(;" !!••. k of '* 88.90? WANTKO • and Imnrdcr ivho fiinilly innd'-rn h»m<- * * *** 1 ___ ~ " f I • I \^J~ --- ^ " "" In- ;- tJltl\1N*ft HOIIKB, v uiif h;irnr»«. .Cheap II at i'i»-«\. lin|ulr«' 604' Went HfVfnth KIT ' ~~~~\ : ; " ' r^ i§ Aij * O* i-jL*« »i> tr \ i f. % «ci v i"*i * i? f 1 "* Sillier* f* Mc^fit""^ 1 mobile will pay tii. highest prlc, i"-\v» I i^mr/wu»pSl7«£S! ^1 AlHO *«>11 all klnda of repair*. MIk« r ,, \j,.i. ( . f .i iiarmoiL«» -«1 the »15 Tailor. Both phonen. 36tf J " • M<) " >1 - Hatinon. 8j>.»6» ..^ \v7\TT7rTO UFXT -"l-'AltM NI-*Ai:| Kl)U HAhK-UKST HEMKDY FOB '^ ^•i^Hnl «a in i7l> T=rei in » it"?' iVv rb.'um«tlnm.. Send oru- «lollar fort*K - I trie i-n'fe r.d MlKliI r,.iiV"b' b'i v ' j cipe. Addr«-K«. Box 428. Hock Falls, III. }.1 if prieu IN rbxht. Must i>v in , cciii'iitiun. AdiirfHH "X. I*." ''u« i I5;» - i j.- •/I'tfl'. ' FKATHKU 15KD.S Ult.MK.sT «-M paid for old leather* and ea*t j Li: 3<>. J. c*. HOARS SHORT 1 lijills. Aaron Fluck, Nftltton' * i..•Stft'lint:. THE AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY 5c Bags RECORD CROWD OUT It Saw a Holly Contested Game That Was Won By CltHtim—| By Score of 14 to 6. FOOTBALL SCORES Wcit. ciur.'iso. '.'i;' In.liana, «i ColKute, I,".; lllmois. b. \Virn niiyin. L'S. Soiuli Dakota, *. c PROPHETSTOWN NEWS EPWORTH LEAGUE HOLDS SOCIAL j STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Mnxwol) and Qulnlcvan Mc-mber Hoard of Trad«. Chicago. 311., Oft 16. Open High Law Clos. On«* «f (hi- a football KUDU' in Sfi'illiu: ouj. Salunlay to \\atcli th»» <'lii>tn!i ami "Sterling' Mgh crhonlH rli«i-l* ott thr Krift wnK i'l Ki'MM w«'il W<'lLb_llliL , for t)u« 47; N«.rtn Da V*nb.u,h. 7. Mli-hman. L''., Mniint l*n <",!».', 4*- Keiivon, 'i. Xotte Iiamt-. 26: Hn5ktll. '*. tii (IIK**IO\\ n. It; I*, of Ctiieiiiriali, *'th, a. -hrW-ir- ! Wheat at the homo of Mr. ami Aim, Irwl night, there la-ins. :VlfUK, 1.1, Kallkit-D^ U l(n\a. IT. (Jrinnfll. T. liko. forty prcupnt.'. Th 1(| ...:. a _.. —wtirs and with tho t i nti > rtnlntnrnt"nf ford«'d by playini; madit a v«-rj plvaxant <'VcnitiK of It for th« and ly matched. toll "much are jH*rt th« 'fhe viHliorx were of the whlrh tho StWlimr hem in hcuc, i.s.—rrtirriitl, »" nwlt i, H . Kun--:is Ariti' liil'lilY ^_ _^ I ntitl i'h(^ : trlp ;waa , J"; l^jmb.inl, East. , an* about <«iUt'l. wnt. Homnhow the oj<l r«-ll«»w was ItiiK- intt .aroutnl uml \vh«'ii«'\««r •Strtljm, wasn't lookliiK h« woubi HIM- ~5T~PU»«J» toi'waiil. Thai ts'>vhy tl!f-\ won by -ihtt jiurrow iiuirg'Jii <if /-I tt. i> T|}!t even though Hi* li>r;il« !i»st if wu- - not ftft-lg»M»»ivl»UH»H-<>*«f"rt4. — i-i}ir_i^i, -. dt«4 ifftmt'ly «u« tn»»y piomiwd to »to • 'tjilnton w«it tin* to»« EHI«I choM- in •Itjfand th«» i ; U8t gutiL Dutiujr tin- iir*.t tulm-il <-O futniilln« int4««r*d with Hn»i'llnK'« jo "for ' out of th<> tht« r,i> Imlf. "t _ -- - _ fotty-tivo yiml MIH>, but In- \\a-s ia«i> lnjf Into (hf fa*-*- of tl«n wliul and tb« hall Ml nhwrt' »» f«*v,' fc-t't, * w«»»«» ' ti>rti>p. r a »otn-luU»w» in Uic (Utfl again, in th«« thlnl kicked gml i'tteh ti«u«. nmkinw a «f 14 iwlnla T!H' Infills qucsntly. Uut ea.'h U»u« \vvm ol « elthw> by ftmU^iiiK »r niluTWt-.f .-aUjr'in.alui fcuu. j-au of .tUe f «ltiartor jh« ball w.ix lanU-ii (.* ti« \taitora' ten M»r«l lint Hy ^'^lIn utralfht lihts Mifklnit. l»>ihm. r-h-nt 'and Btm-t'ldo cauiMl tlu> b.tll ..v l( Mi^ gdai for HU'tliutsH In a .un"! .mtj who Ujif HI 1 ** 'Jot (IMC tu |'.M ; | |4«\nn; on, t'hflr tmrt bm t*» thi« i-jUbft .-i Hn-i» LatU jnir « -hutort «• n iwsm tially tb.»t t local liiH'-nj* Huhn; I'l im-( t')ii. ; Ciiincll, 4^; Tufts. , iii, l'"rannhii ami .\lar.'«hall. I'I.IVMI, »;', Anihertii. •> - Atmv. i, - Holy Cross, o .U'ai'h Jet! , 4".'. Mariett.i, r. V.'a* i:;. ItutKern. I'l llobait. r,;. liaiiution. 7.' LENGTHY BALLOT Sampii) 1$ ?2 Inches Long And IS Wide. nm jri}IJ' % _ fVoni_ U>wr team, tin major povtio>i of thi» company grtinn or u hay nick. Tho Rtmrt of tb« trip \\tu> oi|tial to tho tMKial. PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. .luhn KrirkS'Ml, of jSt. Cllaileji, 111., la 4, t ,._ ttrt , ti -«t- th en fri<*nds am) iflutivi'.-i. J4»hn hai* a 'good position in Ml. Charloa with tin '•ity liK'M and tiow^-r »^»n«b_any. _ _ Mr* titiH Kick m iu-ro fi(»m l'r«"ffon |u«.i, \\5ii ni Ji<;r biihiniml <i|.t>ratcH a hotel Sh« o\i'r t» , her mother. Ah* .Minnie lidlli-n* and other* •» j'i CM on is .1 Hub- «lo\\ at (his time. J \V. <!iiK (< > uf IVeMtoti. In., wan an u'lU'.il in ioi\n l-'ildav by auto, beiltff lei ompanied bv I'l'ciT -1114(1111118011, Who i;«<i been to \S iM'onxiu to look aft< •ftnd ' ' .loseidi Johnson. th«- itonbln man of .!!»• l^opbeixtoun Mutual Telephone ''o. has bei'ii nulH|toNed ftir ncvcral ilUiil- Mi^>> Kdnh Huir wan a P;IS«.MI nnt»r lo iomp.M'11. Ill, l-'ihUy eveiti".« for i iy ^>v»-i- Sunday uiib her mother ^: rtn-;}'i ul, HJ , « «-t l«i.i\ ilu- d.i\ lnr i«. . With 1 «J«t ih.- \sitlnli>ivval !» for 8.t'itf r»',H[ii-( in t> ti>K(*is, > list- b !,<r U.4* n, Th«"i»Ji i i\> unti: iiiJitl.itf^ <,n i .unti ti. l.i-irt 'ut.. s u'". to untiili.n\, tin- • HIM ,1 .' itli-lh loci.!- • i ,i i i, ti< i t. -I t" i* > JUtlHl In- |«l- It'll u;!U 5 .! billot«< w li! > ii i I i. tl J.ulf ~ illl i. r» t tll l.ll lit h«. = s j,., u . ,i bv \\ itb jx« > .in- i'ii' !' ibi- S- il- i •' ,4 I||| I " III' ill ' lU Illl _ •JIli- tn t-tft) Ills' HI i>it|il'fl»l ,lll Mini \» Intel In Kft I be in >lf«'(«>ii bv Ibe l"|ii|ilu't!>lo^vu •>ln« v\it( i.i iilu lUi tin-, t'll III I'.llill.M jv \\,l,», tl p.lhNl'llnl'r to f.ndrt Snniifl.iji~)nnrniTTj(~t\lu'iii b« \\ill .)« i .! .1 \\ci.| 111 |i|,< hi im« of hi>-' d.niKh- 'ei ..h .. 'Ci.inlv T»unb\ and l.unilv' "'^ \i ii \ \ ( uli'in. MI and ,UiM Al Ki-Hi '. »\ i t <- nit t nr " l j rr»1 tfi fJatttnlay j!i>>iiinit iS|4i(«M. tu rie~V;.ine I(\.N V. Illl Illi Ilil^ .illil H |,lll\f!.* Alls Al n \ ("Him ill I'hiitim, nii'Ihri > ! Ml- Xjsiii i'ninv\ «>f lh!;< place. Ih .••is ill <«tid All* C,u lif\ I . HI» .Minn i« it «i!l .itid he.u!> rln.'«- ,lti > tv I.II'UN "U l!li t:-K.'i TJu-% t>«- 1*. iii-u s .it»-, l*i.i- t* •• tli-p'it'iti art, r^r,.*r - ti-T l*n> i'n , .1 Si,. ...i: s !„,(„,, Juidi in, i'|i| ( iin t -4n<!(i eiitvti iiu;i in i!i i! ?,. i uon i.i Mmni'Hol.< ll.H jt'.ii UK il l.itiUll , tt 11 Tbe,.t\ |n nj<ti- u.-xil — - , _ in lu ( , in 1'itii'bt (Mow It ' \ PROVIDE VOTING BY MAIL. ' \n ,u..i .>,i-, T I, \vnill ,,r S, utb. M.iU«"-, V-.I-, "tl, }«< Tb'» J» »'.-!' ' v\ -ii ,ni.l Mi, \Uf.. \\inli i'l ! i'l. .!',*) >»» «» ^' f -lilll I !•-« it tlH i '.t 11 \*. I , ,. ! , i ih! In M .H 11 , ll-i 111 |n\\ || Dec. May July I.5H l.SSVi 1.57',4 1.07 Vi 1-33% 1.57% 1.33% Corn Ifec, ..7(;?4 ..77',$ .76% .7C*4 May .7s«( .7K% .78 is ,78 !4 Oatt Doc. ,*S May .^1'^ ^Ffirk _*_ : J _^::- AUCTIONEERS A. U COR, AITCTIONKKK. • ItoC'K Falln. Havf had exporb-nr*' iiv all of Hiilt-H. Hold Hii|e*i anywhere fverl*^ i r^~ i, Can i.-i»T«'r you to a Ions . lint of HutlKiksl cusuimcr.-*. H«-«' nio : for'ilatff. Uoth iihoin'c. ~J; C. t.'HlXM AND HON. Al'CTItlN- •';•?«"•«**•' ('ob'ttt or- MillnlKcvillt*.- AV»» makt* a 0*mrtticV 'cain r<-f<>r ninny Huf.inli<Hl JMI.S- rantct^ abwolutf nai- Writ* or jtlioiH- OH for \VAXTK1)--V1H1T Ol'U ISAHKMKX.T. iirlt 1> t'H MnifduyM and TtH'-<I:iv ; «i. SALK—vorit ""rxTTaT r r«"-Tr~7>r in" corn! deliver. Call niornitiK'*. noon %«>ni|i«H, L. Hotme, Hell phon« '• ; - - 73-SI ._.. _____ _ . Sunn,' tin- la ft »tor«» on \W><! Thin! Sf: Hutf.i, Kurnitur*! '"a'rfil SI.IV.'K. FOR BENT Foil KKNT— MODKHN KIOHT-ROOM Ave, Vt' — ft T 90tf l, r ,03 Third Ave. X:K:M ^___ LOST LO^^W^ ; ?Toin^^^\ IJ TIU' i Tofie. Hock FallK. Fin.ler leave a date*. . C3 FRllN iJA'E STOCK Have «f»l«l |>iir« red' stock "in i «evi»rol ,Ktati»« tho )m>*t -. tnjagon. 'HatiHliftl nuMloinrfB niy bfftl ; r«for«;nce, AM .Culls promptly attciul- 5 iKl, 1'honu or-wrlto for dates. 1J3.SO Jan. -H.:!*! Lard Oct. i;,!,-, l>w. It.Ki .Ian Kl.tif) Rib* inn. u'.»;r. 2JL2JQ 2Mfi 15.22 14.4fl 13.72 12.72 23.35 15.15 14.15 13.110 12.150 23.80 •15.82 14-40 18.12 .13.92 MAftKETT Chicago, 111.. Oct. 16. p iif"f«n }tl5r}f,C' lOWW. t OUT ". 1 >' 1 ilood faith', She'ci>. Hogs '. lowi»r. ir>c lower. It. MEisT. Chadwlck, 111. HalsfK;irta«l«?,,aMj:,wh»'rc. . . FIMW and stock wa,h<« ,»i>cialty. ; JSJcperlunre ; )ian be«-n my toucher. r HI peak both KngllKh- and Gertmuu -f Both- jilHJtifs. - Cull, - writ* or Wir0 : at i thy ' L('i«T- .Sl'XUAY XICHT nN 'Third .St.. ' pockrtbook. ••t.nt inoni'v. Mnd«'r pU-asi- b-avc fit <Ja xi-ttt- office. Howard. '.<i»-:c LOHT—FKMAI.K . FoX TKHIUKI puppy; 5 months ok). White.' liiack and tan marking*. JU-waril. Xotjfv II. it. Wood, rifi" -rbird 7>I7 LO.ST—IN HTKILLINtS TilflLSDAY A .jnmall black inxfcU' purse, contnini J1U in bill*. .Kinder return to Tlu I'vctive reward.' i). M.—FAUHNEV. AfCTH^^KHr DLxon, HI. With y«?ur« of i nthe auction buHiiu-MM will KUuran- ; tee tMitJHfaction. For. rtsfuwicw i«v«> people for whom i have hchl >>ab>M Dlxon Homo phoiu», n»«id*'n*'i>, liii"; e, 00. _. Prophetntown,. 111. U'H| t-ry tut I*'** LORT—IlLAriv 1JTATJTRR "P'OTKKT book, rontalnintf >'.»5 in bills on 1'eii- niiutton road, between stj-i'tmt: 14mj 1lU to $Kf nnvai'i! U-avc at (Ju^ette. . itiKy'j' T OR STOLKX IT. «. K(iX.,HKll> tire «>n a M«*sw>>ll rjm, bftvv«'<»n (let 7th iinil 9th. li Frank-InMtvor, Uiv- "n. III. «« ami 9L' LEGAL WOTIGS y«>arly._ |ih<Hstowri. CitlzenH bank. Farmer'e. National ban^ Farmer'^ phone, both ttttif- off ife. ioc <8.00n B8.000 8.600 tlmn_Bnt; CH1CACO GRAIN MARKET. tru. III,. Oft, 1«. ..»jf« l.i". Nu, 4 ml. }].4f)4ilM; No i huiil \sinltT, f I6i^fl.i>2; No. 3 \vinu-r. »l,r.5'4 l.tii), No I hard r. +J .'in <i |,,'ii j-j. n - Xi». 3"yvii«»\f, "rro r-~pf<nn-4r t>V.. i S(l |-2; Xu si >flliiw, K.S. No, '.' (i; No. 1 white. l»!M--2, No. Ti white K. Ni, u while, »r 1--. No. i' So. 4 mixed. MI, No ') mixed.' S7«-i O.l I ft ™ Nil M i"- NA I 'i'TU JNKKH irocrrsHful Ht-llniK. — ^*nt^ KUiirunU'od. .(>ffici> •with M. WilK««r. Jloth |)lton.-K. O. W. AIJBOTT, Ai;< t TK)NKKU,.l'uLO. , 111. Stuck and farm wuli-M a Mpt'i'lalty. All <Milln jj|uiii|>Hy alti'iiiloil. MaKi- your 4tut* i H early. 1'honu 250Y Mu- —tual. . - - AlllITlONKKIL Atnboy. IH. Kami and Itvu »Un:k aHp Lf GAjL_NOTJCE. of Illinois, } WhiteHide County, j In th« County »'ourt to the < m _ In tlits matter ut ' t'hlute'of Juli.i N. <j. Van Sant. Couseiyutor and i* Adininif>tiiil<ir of the estate ,\o, a \Vlu-at. Rye Harley 4m- »6c Liv» Stock. Cowa 80c $9.ftO©10.2B N'u : ul.siin lrl*J: Kn. 3 WllUe. 4G«J H5 .!-!,. No 4 Vhm«, .|S :i-<f f j 46^-4 -M7 l-l, -.ifth, 7.J.U.H J. +f i"rf! 1 la i-'i; Nrr. H; No i, f 1 '>.{. STEBLiNG MARKETS : I h b.. I>r«*w, . t , 8toac)il*,"<f. h b, 1.1 .. i , » -i hill to jH'ifim i I <-l-l 1 ! i \Otf, «it>4 t!. K - , r t., s i., ..,,• ,. t ,,_, I 1 i j I I! i t ,11 i i' »|!>!K tl MI il-e ln>ni>*.T M iv i_Ji^--£;4=a i~i—i ..!_ I < , !., I . i :s .11 ",. i i• < ^i ,t,?v. i~i, -It. h .u,-,-. i i. I - N'i (Moaea Dillon Coinpauy.) TOBSAM ill) j t H >w ^ 4 ^ Sir LOCAL RETAll, MARKET, (BtPrlluK DeM, Htoiu) Dairy— Retail. Dairy butter ......... , ---- . llyn-tinni ci rauu>ry bnrur . .. Dairy— Whol**8lc.* Dairy butter ......... . N«w Hi>ail lettm-f, per < 'elery, each , . . . , c-uch 60 iHHfttoes. pk. ...... ,,,,.,, -.iik- &• lulia Thompson/ ihannahan, Joseph Hhaimahan. Thorn- IK Hhannahan, Nellit- Berj;er. Mary C •iinith, William ShunitaUaii. l.lx.i-.ii- An- irimiii, Uennis Kbanmiluui. Annie Fie) »t?jr« at law of Julia ThompM>n, de- •eHHpd and Il«ny Adums. tenant iiS .'»u»set»s*lun of ptvml«ets herein dejicrSb. >d. 'it appearing from affidavit on tile' iliiil John Hlumnahan, JoHf|ih HIi.iniKi. inn. Thomas Kli'.um.'thiin. Nfllit>.'.Hfr«<*r M.ny C. Mintth. Willluin .^bi lot H'sldelltM of the f!t:it4' uf llhtinU. fhfcefurt*, pultiiu notice !•> in-reby giv- •n the above named IHI-MIIIS aiu] ai. .vtiMin it inaj com vni, I!- it on the M.\t), v'an, adiiiiiii^tratoi .iftiM">aid, til- •d hit pellliKii in tlii- County Coin! 'f \VhiteMdc Coynt>, Illinoi'-, pl,i>iii( but the abtive iituiu si * Inliii Julian, ili.ii. loteph t Thi'm-i" Sh.uma inn. Nellie- Herder, .Mt,> c Smitb 'William Hhaanaiiai;. .\nd't-">n yhaim.Uiin. i'n> run Adams be nutd<* (lutu-. tl< fen>t tilt to HUid petition ,»lnl Ul it ll>«' fill of f-'OK m-INT 7-KOOM ALL MOD-. •-m h«n>w.»t ii«m Sixth Avf. CnU The liny n. Woodx hitorv, 01-92 UI:NT TWO GROUND FLOOR front, -truon*. furniKht-d for JiKhl hou««t .Jtlt.H, (!, F. 8mlth,-flOS- 'OH IfKNT" l-'oiutb Ave and Third at, •>!. C." firove. 90-91 V'M.J HKNT »MV MWL'KK IN ROCK 300 i-jasi Third St. Will be hitter p^irt of wfek, L. L* at (iu^i'lU- of photia i B«ll &*ti-.L 'OK HI-1NT—OOOD IfiO-ACKB FARM IIIH«H wotithweKt of Hock Falln. O^,Mth Aye. 88-ti* f UnNJ8W5D liOOM FOH RENT Third .ML Inquire A, L. Heckman. ' i'*OH KKNT THoHfJUnlJLV ajuu-.\ erti hniih.- in tfnuil location. Inquire 1 \i at 311 I'ifth Ave, ilell photiw 6<9-4. I .f .___j__,___ - 89.01' " i n j, H i :XT si A m - n. FIHST. TWO ftirtny mi ^hn'res. On«'-4rf—SO i ,thV In each cane . J*m . .ind f-tnn miichinery, ami to be fin- anctall> able ami willing to buy for tin IHI«»-I- fa i m a half interest In ~" ^ tie.-id of pni-»« bred HolsteiH cowa r-H the smaller farm to buy «' half int«*re.wi m 10 COWB ami ftv« «owc For t'i information apply at Wood- JiyjJi Jjluiui^ 90-»5 IUINT- -KTOHW IN buibhiiK/ Apply to John A«fin. HtfilitiB Nutional Jlank ____ _ — -- MO and PUBUO SALE PURE BRED HOG SALE. t will hold a pure bred hog ante hi; \V ai^'T-MarUu fiirm just south ut :»»toi». WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18, 1»t§, '<>»i!*HtiiiK of 35 pure hm»d v boars. I lave f.»ll and upripjt boars of Poland 'Inua, liiiiuc Jt«rs)t«y , and • •lion nith thin ^aU« Ii} i earl I UK I •"•me It^avy »prtnger«, Froe.lunch noon, -.lie iinmtHilfiU'ly after. TerraH f - ib 8:x taonthx tinn> wilt be given n l,<ii{K<ilile isute beaiini; 6'% fronj (lattt, 'l.ili me* K, .Mitxwejl, AUC't. s H. O, in..\ cbik. JOSEPH MAXWELL. . <>''t. «. 6. U. 18. li. 16, -did Julia to |>a> tlie (be rtl«l iliHut at the c ( ,tiit •tn't., ,1 In s.,,1,1 I d>-< i'.i>* »i UL f n. ftliM k Xi- Thirty-.nin«\ (3'-'> in \\ i'll.t-e and C..ili" Addition to the Ciu »f ,-']• , I '..,iut) That the nine .«nd i«fue if the ic- I urn of the < -,imm«"i- (ti thi^ «-.t >o i 1 - •%1'Uibe) I'«lj5 • cuy y «f M"r- » WaM SflECMLlZINO IN Electricity in tr*«tmtilt «f 21 E. 3rd 8L Ov«r Gait. Book lievlm, bunch . Qruca Ib ...... , ............ '. ! .Fruit. ' ' ' M \V I I. in, t\ t U i i. J T« ni .33u , _ j5p- ^i«'ilL«i^«'i *^U W. K. OUNMORE

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