Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on March 8, 1893 · Page 5
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 5

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1893
Page 5
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Wednesday, March 8, 1893. DAILY WORLD, VANCOUVER, K. C, CANADA. 3 4l r 11 i SkIIi m B'Bl'S t! mm i 9 M IIS' - Sunlight Scap hcz ilio LARGEST SALE JN THE WORLD Because M i3 THE REST IN THE WOULD Arte? r!(jo because r;a it win J: IIU lOUll other Sup cuii do. i'or Laundry mid Ilnunc'iold, it k a plrt.iVO COl'il'ort, OltANOK (iilANI) MltlCK. The A ti n nit I Measlon (it Victoria, l'nssefi Nome Stron;r UcMilutlnu. The annual iteijsiim f the Or.ingo Grand Loilo "I Hritish Columbia is now noim; on at Victoria, thu i!cic".atoj from Vancouver beiti": Vancouver lodge, 1,,'liO, 1). Donald - sou; E!icne,:er, 1 , 0S'., J. Jackson; IunUkil - ler, 1,013, .lolin H. Saint; tiraml Secretary W. A. Taylor and Deputy (Irani! Secretary F. M. Weill). The annual address of the (irand Master was well received and great euthr.sia. - iia was awakened by the announce incut that the Most Worshipful Grand Lotlye of British Anierici would meet in Vancouver in 1VJ I. The lirst business of the afternoon was thu diseujsicu of the following resolution: Resolved Hint this Grange Urand Lodge is of opinion that the tlmo lias arrived when thu OmtiL'cniet! id lirHlsli Columbia should mako their initueiice felt in settling in a satisfactory manner those great public iiiestions which art now. or may he, before the l'riivini'e and this country. .i'id which atleet the great eardina principles underlying the OrHiu;u association, and also the welfare aii'1 stability ol tho great British Kinpire ; he it therefore unanimously resohed that we cordially endorse the action of Mr. lia'.tim MeCatth) , ij.C, M l'., in introducing iu'aiti into the l'omlnioii Parliament at Ottawa a resohitioa amending the Northwest Ten i lories Aet and a:i order authorizing the Assembly to ii'iolisii the use ol French as ait oilioml langUKgc aiel to put an end to Separate schools; and. convinced i:s we are that L'le great tmljoritv of the people of British foluuibia are strongly opposed t.) tho Frciieluir any mlier foreign language being I'erjietunted as'sn oiticial laiwute - 'e in tlie younauil promising 1'rovinee of thy Northwest, aiel are strongly opposed to the Separate school system being forced unwillingly ujkiu tlie people of tlie same I'rovmee; we would therefore urge upon our representatives in Parliament, in tlio mort mipeetiiil manner possible, that they represent arieht tl.e views held hy the lartre mnior - ity of their supporters, and that they accord to Mr. McCarthy's resolutions, heariugoii thesoall - important iUestious, a loyal and generous sup - Itorr: and further, that this tirand Lodge of Iritish Columbia desires to enter an emphatic protest against tho actions of Sir John Thomi - suu and his lioverumeut in using thousands ot dollars of putiMe money in the interests ot the Premier's eo religionists to oppose tlie people of Manitoba In their laudable elVorts to free the Province from the tllro results of the Separate school m stem : and that copies of this resolution be forwarded to Mr. Haltou McCarthy, i). ('., M. I'.; Mr. K. i. I'rior, M. 1'.; Mr. Thonnis Karle, M. 1'.; Mr. J. A. Mara, M. I'.; Mr. K. S. Barnard, M. I'.; Mr. (;. H. I'orbotild, M.I'.; to sir John Thompson and to the press. I; was pissed by a unanimous standing vote. This l evolution was also passed: Resolved, that we, the members ot the ltritf sh Columbia Provincial (iiand Lodge of the Loyal orange Association of British Air.erli a. in annual convent ion assembled, desire to again place on record our unsw erving alliance to our iita - cious !.oereigu im.e:i Victoria, in tlie Protestant succession, and our unchangeable loyalty to tlie I'nited Lmtiire of Ureal Britain ami Ireland, the integrity of which is and bus been the glory of (iraiigtic - .c.i throughout the generations: That In conformity with this declaration of prineip'es we iieclare our opposition to the bill now I etore the British Parliament known as the Irish Home ;ule hill as e believe the enactment of such a measure would logically result in tl.e disruption of the greatest and most U'lielieent Kinpiru the world has ever Known, i nir fathers sutlered and b'ed in defence of this prei ions heritage of freedom and liberty, w here the humhicst subject is protected in the right to vvorsiiip Cod according to tile dictates ol conscience and freedom from Popish intolerance. Wo bel(e e that In grunting Home Kule to Ireland in obedienej to the demand of the traditional enemies of tiivnt Britain, our fellow subjects in Ireland would he subject to cruel oppression and the loss of those precious blood - bought privileges which were secured to tliem under cod by tlie heroism of our fathers ' Hirrv. Aiighrim. InnlskiHen and the Boyne; and w e hereby tender our sjmpathv, moral and material support to the loyal Orangemen and Protestants of Ireland who are lierokallv resisting the ruinous, disloyal legislation now sought to be enforced b Mr. (Had - stone alio his associates; and we desire further to express our gratitude to Lord Salisbury, lit. Hon. Mr. Balfour, the Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M. P., Bro. Win. Johnston, M. P., llallykilbeg. Bro. Col. Sauiidersou, M. P., T. W. liussell, M. P., and other active opponents of Home Kino, and pray that tho cod of our fathers uiav Kraut them success in defending the liberties ol tho loyal minority of Ireland. The uohle tll'orts of these loyal statesmen pre - seut a pleasant contrast to tho actions of our fellow citizen of Canada. I ton. Edward Blnke, who gratuitously otlered his services to the dis - loral faction in Ireland and has done violence to the moral and religious sentiment of Canada hv attending the turbulent political meetings of Irish Home Killers and dynamiters on the Lord's Hay; and we hereby urge our representatives at Ottawa to resist the passage of any resolution introduced into the Parliament of Canada that could ho construed Into an expression favorable to Irish Home Kule; and he it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to our members of Parliament at Ottawa. The reports of the various officers showed the order to bo progressing throughout the Province, Kamloops was selected as the next place of meeting. The following Grand Lodge officers were elected: (irand Master, William Johnston, New Westminster; Deputy Grand Master, J. C. McLaren, Kamloops; Junior Deputy Grand Master, David McKinnel, Nanaimo; Grand Chaplain, Isaac Walsh, Victoria. A biuuiuet was held, by invitation of the Victoria brethren, at tho Windsor hotel in the evening. The business of the session will be continued this morning, when the remainder of the Graud Lodge officers were to be elected. As the next l - :h of July celebration will be a Provincial one, by unanimous vote of the meeting it was decided to hold it in Vancouver. The demonstration is expected to be the largest yet held in British Columbia. For Hale. f 1000 m the Terminal Building Society. For terms apply to Member, this office. Sncar Ouotatlona Following are the quotations for sugar and svmp for the current week issued on the 3rd last, by tho British Columbia Sufrar Refinery Company. (L'd) of thiscitv. Prices cover delivery lu Vancouver and at Victoria, New Westminster and Nanaimo, and are subject to a discount of 2'j per cent, for cash lu 14 days. No order taken for lesB than 1U0 barrels or iis equivalent. SfQAR. Powdered P - i cents per lb. Paris lumps do. (iranulated . a. j do. do. do. do. do. Extra U .0 Faucy yellow i'i Yellow ow t'i Golden C Above prices are for barrels or bajs; half barrels and 100 lr. kegs, !ic. more; boxes, He. more. SYRfP. Finest Golden, In .TOiral. brl. 2 - J cents per ft. do. lu 10 gal. kegs 3 do. ao. In 6 do. f2.25 each, do. In 1 tins H.oO per case of 10. do. tuj do. tO.OO do. of 'JO. lOUD - ll OI K INLANIt KM Pill K. Miniii, Agricultural and Other News Culled and Cumlenaeri. Mr. clirouard of Vernon has already 11 fine lambs. Kd. Athcrton has been appointed postmaster at Watson. F. W. I.alug has been appointed teacher of tho Rerelstoke school. The prico of coal oil at ltevelstoke is reported to be cents per gallon. A. McNeil has returned to ltevelstoke from Montreal, bringing with hini a bride. Tho Kaslo fire brigade has let a contract for the construction of tanks along the streets. Hainill A Mcl.eod, of Armstrong, havo to contract for the Inside furuUhlng of the new CP. K, boat. Ilighton's brewery at Rovelstoko has been purchased by J. K. Long who will at oncd put It into operation, C. V. C. Tabor, a rising young lawyer from tho Fast, means to try his luck 111 Nelson when the tlowers bloom. Rev. Father Carrion, recently of Williams Lake, has been appointed principal of tho Kamloops Industrial school (Indian) vice M. Hagan, resigned. Tho Columbia Milling Coinpatsy, Knderby, has purchased an addition to Its plant, which Is now being placed In position by 11 r, McKay, the engineer. C. A. Tuustall, M. I)., has received from tho Provincial Government, the appointment of medical officer for the lloyal Cariboo Hospital at Barkcrvllle. The Armstrong saw mill la preparing for a largo season's cut. Mr. Brewer lias laid In an enormous stock of logs, Tlie whole town is covered with them. Jas. Buchanan recently succeeded In smashing the he on Kooteniiy Lake to w ithin nine miles of Nelson, and then gave II up as a bad, cold and thankless job. At the head of Nukusp I.ako Hill Bros, havo a gang of men at w ork clearing n site for their saw mill and getting nut logs, w hich nreclo'.e at hand and of excellent quality. M. Hagan iscalllug tho attention of thepen - ple of okniiiigau Valley to the question n( irii - gatloti, citing the successful action of the I'nited estates as an argument in its favor. Tho Dominion Government Is establishing another meteorological station in the tikaiiagaii. Is is to lie situated at Alfred PoHill's and is presumably for tlie Mission Valley. P.O. Inspector Fletcher has arranged for J. Ilreut, of okmiagau Mission, to carry the mail through to the lower country on pack - horses until the s'eamer resumes her usual trips. Wood A Tuustall, of Kamloops, havebulita new store for their branch busiuessat Sicamous, and took possession of it on March 1st. trues: Fletcher, ol ltevelstoke, w as the contractor. fir K. C. Kllboiirn, of Seattle, has decide 1 to put iu two tunnels on the Northern Belle. K. II. Kemp, ot Kaslo, is looking alter tlie business and will see to the letting of the contract. A petition has been signed by every business man in Nelson protesting against the proposal, on tlie part of the post - olliee inspector, to send in the Nelson mail ny way of Bonner's Ferry, Thirty men are at work on the steamer which Is being built at Bonner's Ferry, and w hich is to so lar surpass in comfort and beauty anything that has been seen on the lake up to date. sleighing is practically f t an end In the oka - nagan for this winter. Through the timbered bei.chcs it will likely remain f ,r a few weeks yet, hut lu the open the roads ate down to tho Hack earth again. It Is reliably reported that a fine seam of coal has been found on the north fide of Kamloops Lake a few miles from Kamloops, and that several prominent and inliuential loopiewlll be concerned iu its development. Mann Bros, have half a dozen of their teams on tlie Nakusp road hauling nut ore from Four Mile Creek mines and carrying machinery In machinery for Hill Bros' saw mill and stores lor Bourne Bros., general merchants. F. Bouvette, of okauagan Mission, has (lied a protest against tho opening of tlie new road from the smitbsoii estate through to Kelowna. Mr. Bouvette intends to erect an hotel halt way betw een Vernon aud the Mission. The Okauagan and Spallnmcheen districts contribute to tho British Columbia World's Fair cereal exhibit more than the half, or over I'O exhibits, against about 'Js for Kamloops aud Nicola combined, and tl:i for all the rest of the Province. Patten & o'Rourko, of ljuilchcua, will shortly operate their Hawkeye stiimp - nuller on Mr. Koper's ranch, near Kamloops. I'hey arc w illing to pur the llawkeve against any other stump - puller for u trial of spetd ami tiie quality of tlie work lone. W. A. Jn - en, of Nelson, who recently negotiated the s i e oi the mines lu the l.ardcau district, left o i tiie 1st Inst, fur Knghind on important busine connected witli mining interests. He will probably bo uva between six weeks aud two mouths. Mr. l'ostlll, of Okauagan Mission, intends bringing in from Washington Stare e00 sheep next summer, and will fatten them for his market iu New Westminster. He is induced to do this by the scarcity of mutton on the coast markets every winter. A.Caldwell, M.P.P. for Lanark, (Int., visited Vernon last week and looked over several pr, - pertics with a view to i tie erection of a Hour mill. Deleft for the Fast, thoroughly satisiied with the prospects of the new city, and it is probable that tlie outcome of his trip w ill Le the a Idition of an industry. F. O. Cotikling. manaeer of tho agricultural department of the Aberdeen estate, okanaean, was married at okauagan on Februarv ivh by Lev. T. W. Hall to Miss M. K Mamery. The event was a red - letter one for the residents iu the vicinity, both the bride and groom being well aud favorably know u. There is to be competition on the I'pper Kootenay rivet next summer. The Great North - em people are bui Id iiiga new boat of smtheieutly light draft to run to Fort Steele, and will try to draw the business tiy way of Jennings totneir railway. F.tlorts are also t eing made to improve the means of transport tothe north and to bring the business to the c.l'.K. at Golden. The first steamer for flog lake was the steam yacht Miramicbl, which arrived last week and is at the Landing awaiting the opening of navigation, when she will make her way down to l'enticton. Mr. Snodgrass' men are building a scow, which the M iramlchl will takedown w 1th her loaded w ith freight fur the new town of Okauagan falls. Four Mile Creek stock la rising steadily. Ore is being shipped Irom tho Boomer, Vancouver aud Alpha mines, and several mineral claims near them have been sold or bonded lately. A wharf has just been completed, audit is expected the townsite of Four Mile Creek, which Is most conveniently situated, will soon tie tlie scene of building operations on a large scale. A public meeting of the residents of Keve' - stoke was held on the J"th ult., at which the following motion was carried: Resolved, that the original committee write Mr. Mara, M. P., regarding the townsite dispute and the protection of the river bank, requesting him to urge upon tho Government tho necessity of tho latter work being done at once. It was also resolved to write James Kellie, M.P.P,, to ascertain what the Provincial Government is doing in the matter. At tho last meeting of tho Kamloops Presbytery, Rev. J. Knox Wright presented the follow - fug return upon statistics of finance: "There are within the bounds six organized congregations under the charge of ordained ministers and sjven groups of mission stations supplied by students or eatechistw, altogether 4i preaching stations. Tho organized congregations raised for all purposes las, year td,27i. They retain b':!i families and 171 communicants." Applications were authorized for grants to Kamloops, Spalliiineheen, Vernon, Donald, Nelson, Nicola, Field, Kevelstokc, Kaslo, Upper Kootenay, Kettle River, Shuswap, Okanagan and Ash - croft, it was further resolved to ask for missionaries and grants in behalf of Slocan, Lar - deau, Fairview aud Pentietou. Special for Our Headers. A larire. life - sized ennravinirjln natural colors) of the' famous one thousand dollar prize sr. Bernard decrowned by the piihlislierof 'I'll K Toiionto Times, together " ith Thk Times Calendar for IkM wili lie sent fi - 6 (in mailing tube) upon receipt of your name and address and two three - cent taropfi to cover expeose of mailing, if vou desire it send at once. Address THE ToItONTO TIMES, Oenoodby Bulldiue, Toronto, Out. KAHLOOI'S Cl'LMNOS. Kamloops, March 0. Tranquility reigns supreme in our camp. Nevertheless having jnst emerged from under tho lash of " Kamloops " in the Inland Sentinel of the 4th ult., in which I was sarcastically referred to as a "scribbler," with the imputation of a fondness to be seen in print, I might just here acquaint tho " Kamloops " of that date that my career in journalistic scribbling has extended over a period of 14 years, embracing the leading current topics of the day over my own signature. These have been accepted and published from time to time in the leading journals of British Columbia, Canada aud the United States. What I write from knowledge I am careful to assign as such, and what is given from information, gained on the same, is always so designated as to place the responsibility for its accuracy or inaccuracy on the inform - ant, Far has it been from my intention to say or write anything not the truth, to the detriment of any person or enterprise. But in speaking of things aud doings in their regular order, my aim has been, and will always continue to be, to speak of them as they are, nor mako any attempt to christen dirt coal, rock gold or silver, nor shall I ever ba found placing the value of vanadium on cinnabar crude, When I last mentioned the Coal Hill mines, I unintentionally trod on tho toes of "Kamloops," For, this, I am not too proud to ask his forgiveness. Nevertheless still I believe, that, iu this, as in other matters pertaining to like enterprises, reliable information is what the reading public wants and asks for. Hence the crime in this instance. In connection w ith the abovo it must be distinctly understood that the Kamloops Coal Co. his nothing to do with my action or anything I might write aside from what information I might solicit from them. 1 am a privato individual and as such am responsible The management of that company does not want a boom, nor do they thank anyone for any attompt to say any more of their property than they are prepared to show thuao who may bo induced to visit it. It is a fact that they have got tho coal both iu quantity and quality and their mines aro open for inspection. Work was resumed on tho Coal Hill property on or about tho 20th of last month. Kit'lit men were engaged and im mediately began to rid the slope of the 100 feet ot water which had accumulated therein sinco operations were suspended. After eight or ten days baling, tiie slope was reported freo from water. 1 have been informed that it is the intention of the promoters to drive from .r0 to 101) foot further, aud that this will bo pushed ahead with vigor, a contract to that eliect having been let to Sam Loyd who now has tho work in hand, I have also been reliably informed that there are IS inches of coal iu sight, which are expected to rid themselves of their bony nature as distance is gained. (J. Kedpath, of the Hose Jiush Mining Company, left town a few days ago for bis cinnabar mines north of Kamloops Lake. Frank AUingham, of the Monte Carlo mines, North Thompson, has returned from his visit to the coast, and is now busying himself in preparation for his usual yearly trip. W. J. Unwin, lato of the Dominion hotel, Kamloop?, contemplates building an hotel at t' c North Thompson colliery as soon as the weather permits. The principal topic among us now is the winter, its length and severity. Kamloops, in common witli other places, has had her share of the cold blast, which swept over the country some four weeks ago. We have certainly seen a lower temperature, but never before experienced such a blizzard as that which accompanied tlie cold snap of tho latter part of January aud the early - part of February. Ltve stock sutlered terribly in consequence, Instances have been told of where numbers of cattle were frozen still while standing, being pierced through by the wind. The majority of our stockmen aro now receiving their supply of hay from the coast aud up the line. So far the supply is equal to the demand. Notwithstanding that this will result in the heaviest blow stock - raisers ever had in these parts, they are determined to save their herds at almost any cost, There is as yet no signs of a break - up, though it has moderated considerably to what it was. Everything of a freezing nature is still frozen hard. Tlie atmosphere is of coin - so light, healthful and bracing, sufficient tit least to leave a ro - menibranco of tho winter of lS'J'J and 1S93, its predicted phases having been fully realized. Nuiu'ii Hivbii. CHILLI WACK CHII'S. Chiliwhaek, March 4. The weather for the past week has been beautiful, bright sunny dajs with a slight frost. Tlie steamboats hiye resumed their listed trps, but owning to tiio extreme low stage of the water the freight has to bo l anded about lialf - a - niilo below the usual landing. Two getitl - iv.eii by the name cf 1'ritchaid and ileidliy have arrived in our age as travelling evangelists. Methodist church two to tiieir having no references from any Thov apok'i in tho evening?, but owing connection with or j denomination, tney have made no permanent arraiie.n.enta for c l t w 1 1 ,, future services. t rof. . ii. Hrown, the entomologist, has paid our municipality a short visit, his principal object benij.; to Uleau information for a scientific! v.or,v ho is preparing and intends to publish in tlie interest ot horticulture and fruit culture. Mr. Brown liuds that many of our orchards are suffering from aphis and o 'her insects that are injurious not only to the tree itself but also to the fruit, l'rof. Hrown comes highly recommended by prominent men of the United XMea and this Province. We trust that his visit will result in much good to this important branch of industry. W. iiranchtlower, one of our enterprising farmers, a mention of whose marriage has already been given in your columns, has arrived home with his fair bride aud is the Bubject of congratulations and good wishes from his many friends in C'hilliwhack. Uobiuson it Mcliae have bought out the concern and good will of Al. Bell in the harness line. Mr. Robinson, during his short residence here as a business man, has made many friends and Mr. McRae comes with good recommendations and we predict a bright future for the new firm. Al. Bell has bought out Jos. Meusde's dray business, Mr. Menzie's health demanding a change of climato. Mr. Mctrillivray is unable to attend to his store owing to ill - health. He is under the care of Dr. Henderson and we hope soon to see him in his accustomed place. WELLINGTON WAVES, Wellington, March 0. The small boy with his tin can, etc., was making his whereabouts known on Saturday evening last, the occasion being the return of our popular tailor, W. (Jr. Fraser, with his bride, nee Ming McDonald, from their wed - didg tour. We wish them happy and prosperous days. The Methodists held avery successful concert and tea on Wednesday evening last. Michael Bradley, a miner in No. Ii shaft, was killed on Tuesday last by a fall of roclc and oal. IX - cta - ied was single and a three years' residtnt here. Tho funeral took place on Thursday under the auspices of Court Robert Dunsmuir, A. O. F. J. B. Labarre, who returned last week frora Montana, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health, died on Saturday, the 4th inst., of consumption. He leaves a wife and family. The football team is practicing for the British Columbia cup tie contest and is putting in some hard work. It will play a friendly match ith Northfield on Saturday, the 1 1 th inst. Some of the boys are anxious for a match with Vancouver, if arrangements can be made to play at Nanaimo. E. Cook & Co. are building a large store, 50x100, in which to carry oa their ever - increasing business. Smoke Kurtz Own cigar. Endorsed by the Leaders, When a remedy is endorsed by minister, editors, merchants, farmers aud leading men of all classes, It Is strong evidence that that remedy has great merit and does what Is claimed for it. Such a remedy is Burdock Blood Bitters, Its wouderful success as a cure for dyspepsia, bad blood, etc., Is well known to old aw joting. Good JuvfatnifMit. Four two - story houses in West Kud for sale cheap; call for particulars, H. 1'. Mc - Cranoy iS Co., 407 Cordova street. Notice to the Public. ! X"7"" Klilptoyi !' TtIK Woitl.h C"iiipnriy is em - cniilrrct Inutilities i, ii it... Iii.nir. A powered le linliHs Imvnig Hiilliorin - in w ruing to do ho ; niir Will IO;y 11. .'Tun lilt C. ,1 in 'led !,,' - in,i, el - ter I heir own lienellt be r, c ruized III settlement oCtbe Co's aceelnits. WeeKiy pityinents of wtige, is IIm Invariable rule ol' lb - t .:nl.ltshiiien, enabling its lliplnyecs to pay e,e.ii to 1,11 with w heln lliey deal. J. C. M. I.. MIAN, Manager. ill A Representative Farmer Speaks. TTt I vV ftv 7 A 'Ki' 1 1 wn. c. HAUN. alio fact3 at "r.o fnllcwi.n; retr." fullv certil.eil to as be'.i.t; u.tuem.' - bly correct m t'.rv pirticulir. Sir. liana is well known i:i tiio vicinity, !ki - ,i:; resided hero Over liity years, and is liigaly reppocted &3 a man cf tho strictest honor, whoso v. - ord is as good r.s Ins bond. A3 will bo Been from his letter, four pbysiciam bad attended him, and it was only lifter lie had tiveti tip hope of euro that ho decided to try linrdnck Blood i!.ttor3 on tho recommendation of a neighbor who had been c.tred of a similar disease by its uso. ?ir. Hauu vrriioa p.3 fjllows: 1 ).::. bins, I t!:i:iK 1 liavo ko:i onn of the worst suuerars yoa hf.vo yet heard of, having hoc - n sre years in the hands of four of cur bot doctor without oV.ainii'fi p'i't.iati(.::t. roiief, lmi conti - .ttally Rowing v.v.. - e, until almost beyond l.opo of recovery, I tried your Bilwrj ttnoi got reli'. - f in a lew days. livery oiyr.n of my body v .is dernnood, tho iivtr enlarged, luu'doned ami torpid, the heprt and digestive otxruig seriously deranged, a largo abscess in '.ny back, followed by pr.valysis of tho right lei.', i't fact tho lower half of my body xvss) t - itite y tiselc - 'sj. After iv;i;:g U unlock ;L:il Bitter f r a few days tho abscoss bunt, dis - chargim: fully fivo (,uar:a of lets in two hours. I tUt as if I had received a i tl: from a powerful battery. My re - I cov. ry after this tvos steady and the ctro ! pel irmnent, seeing that for the four yeais ! tiaoo I lir.vo had as good health r.s ever I had. I btiH take an occasional bottle, v that I need it but because I wish to !.cOt my system in perfect v. - orkm, - ' order. I j can think of no more remarltablo enrso ; tlmu what I havo i::v..elf passed through, ! and no words can express rsty thankfulness for each perfect recovery. C. C. riu - N - , Wdland P.O. In this connection the f jllowinc; letter I from T. Cut.iines, Ksq., a leading druggist of Wcllatid, Out., i - peui;3 for i'.. - e!t: Jlossrs. T. Milbnrn ,v Co., Toronto. j Gi - :vn,i::,n::, I hevo been personally j acquainted with Mr. C. G. lLum for tho j last 20 years, and havo always found him n very reliablo man. You may place tho "'. '""' coy'"K'nco " V." - . l"m "V "!! i :u leeitiu io von: li.e'iieiiio. jau ii... - , uii t " , J .,, . ,, , i t dd that it was niarvelloM the ,'ay the i .iirdock Jilood iiittera hail cured Inm. and that ho now felt as able to do a day'a work as ha ever f 'It in hisj life. Although qtiito well ho still tahea soma B. 1!. ii. occasionally, as ho sayg, to Ueep hi::i ia perfect health. Your3 truly, Tuoxs Cr',irtE3, Welland, Ont. The steadily increasing sale of B. B. B.t the length of time it has been before tho people, and tho fact that it cures to stay cured, attest tho sterling merit of this monarch of medicines, the people's favorito blood purilicr, tonic and regulator. jiiiHiimiimiiiiiiiimMiuiiiHiiiiMHiiic AND HOW TO ATTAIN IT. : A Medical Work that Tells the Canaea, J S Describes the Effects, ; Points the Remedy. J Scientific - lily thf most vainaMc, artistically tlip Z ; most lif. - iutiliil medical lr.:,k ever published ; ; 8 ""plies, every page bearing u half - tone illustration J in tints. Subject:, treated : ; ; Nervous Debility, Impotency, : Sterility, Development, : S Varicocele, The Husband, S ; Those Intending Marriage, etc. ; ; Every man who would know ihe Grand Truths, ; the Plain Kai ls, the OKI Secrets and New llisr ov. ; Series of Medical Science as applied to Married; ; Life, who would ntone for past follies and Z g avoid tuiiire pitfnlh, should write for this Z gWdNDEKKl'L LITTLE BOOK. g ; It will he sent free, under seal, while the edition " g lasts. Address the publishers, 2 ERIE medical Co., Buffalo, N.Y.I t'liiuimiiimiiniini, ,,,,,, m ,: KA CompleteManliood NATURAL GROWTH - NO BOOM Being situated at the only entrance to the Slocan and Lardeau Districts, with a fine harbour, open all the year, with communication by water with Ainsworth, Nelson, Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, Terminus of Great Northern Railway, it is and ever will remain the supply centre and distributing point for the whole West Kootenay District. It has tributary to it over 1000 of what are acknowledged to be some of the richest mineral claims ever recorded on the continent, many of which are now being developed. Kaslo City offers the same chance for investment that Vancouver did 10 years ago. G. D. Sole A", out Itaslo - Koolenav Land f'o. Tin: - O.V COKIMJVA W KSTM 1 X vItMoiJt Oi l! tE:i".AT i l.r.AKlAU Sll.K coitiiiUK' lVotn iny to l;iy until mIioIk in loamI. Every line v now oliorlti'i ix ii Lender. Oiler tor I lie Slock en !In with Fixtures ete.. ill be reeeiied, and M'uelory term ean be arranged wiili responsible parlies. GEO. I. JUST OPENED The peaVer NEXT TO PUBLIC READING ROOM 130 CORDOVA ST. ALL : MODERN : APPLIANCES rimins moikhtk SATISFACTION (If Alt ANTKED 1AVIS l i ma fcOX rroprletor 117 - 1 m JAS. CA11NAITAN CITV SCAVK.VfJI'Jt A'1 I, I, work exe ntVil, nilit or flay, Chnrfri's moiltTflto. - OnltT r.)inptly atteii'lo'l t. Store, JL'ii Wt'stmiiistor Avemie ; rr - iiluiioe, uu Kct'ftT street, VancoMvcr, !'..'. Tulcphoiie IT IK i OlM i O ! To Inuentors - Money in it I Applications nml ltrnwlims ir luircd for ( uuiiiln, Vnltoil sinti'i mid (ii'oat lirltnln. II. W. il CKLIXt Kuirluc'ci', i; ti - . Iloom over l'etor ItiulN', Tnxidoi'iiil - it, Orativlllo stri ct. B "0 ZSTOTICE DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP .JOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretoloro existing between Joim can ning, William Howard Walker and t:. M. l.ow - pcr - t'oles, all of Vancouver, B.C. under the firm and style of Canning, Walker it Co., and doing business as florists, fruiterers and seedsmen iu Vancouver, B.C., is this day dissolved by the said John Canning and C. M. Cnwper - Coles retiring from tlio partnership. All debts due to the said firm are to be paid to the above - named William Howard Walker, who will pay all the debts and liabilities of the said tlrin. Hated this Jnd day of March, lxsa. JOHN CANNING. C. M. COWI'KB - COI.ES. WILLIAM IIOWAKU WALKER. Witness : F. M., Solicitor. i:),'i - lw ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, ALL persons having claims against the estate of Angus McDnugald, lute of the City of Vancouver, logger, deceased, who died on or about the ISth day of Sept.,A.D.I.s'.i - ', lntestatcare requested on or before the tlth day of April, lira, to send to the undersigned a statement of the nature and amount of their securities in writing, and the securities (II any) held By them, together with their full names ami wldn sc. After the said date the estate w ill be distributed, regard being had only to sue It claims as the iiiulersigiii il may then have notice of, and all debts die; to the said estate must be paid by the above date. Iiated March, A.D. is'j.l, at Vancouver. D. A, KENNEDY, Administrator, lSr.O - lhi Box sCI, Vancouver. PWppil SLO SGOTT 111 STOCK of - STltEKT AI STKH A V K. ijese Hill (he t) re WILSON I TO BUJLimRS rpENfiKm are relucted for the ero'tioil of JL l'oint Conifort llo'el. Mimic R'aml, according to ilriiwities' iinl s - pecitieiitious to ho seen at Koom J. Miller llloi k. Tenders will lie received lv us In Mailed envelopes, endorsed "Tend, - for l'oint I'ouiiort Hotel," on We'lues'lny, March Hh, before one p.m. The Company doe not hind lts.dl to accept the lowest or any tender. MEHSltoN A TIM11KRI.AKK, Koom , Miller Hloek, l:le.v Vancouver. R.C THE MERCHJT? EXCHANGE Grill Room and Rcstnurnnt LEFKVUE KI.OCJv - SEYMOl - U ST. liotwecn Hastiiik'H hh 1 Cnnlnvu HtN. stonk mul Cliojm Kimllsh stylo. Meals nf ail hours. 13. - .6 W. J. MKAKIN, Prop. J. L. G OODHUE & CO., I)AXVIhl,E, Ql'l". Tl'ltl HH OK Leather Ww; aail I'M Leather erene, s - Kleeir: Ttie tms;h; . 1 s,i - ' i - U,i:Uiiy A Iiriit l THUS. I'.. A - Vh, .K.'I .NTS, VAU(iJIAN & CO. WHOLESALE C0JIM1SS10N MERCHANTS VI l'OWKLI. sTItKKT j 15 TONS OF POTATOES JUST A.RRIVE0 CITf CF VANCOUVER BUILDING SOCIETY nPHE tliirrieth driiu lug for an appropriation 1 of ' uuo.ufj will rnkc jtlttcf iu tliu Society' hall on Saturday, March 11th, at 8 p.m. ';?.). H. (.F.AKY, secretory. 1X.7 - 10 xotich I WILL not 1 responsible for any goods collected by H. Cameron for tlie I'loueer Hye Works, as he is no longer in my employ. C. DI'NCAN will in future act a niv agent. f.JO. HAY. 2 Abbott Street, , MX lMiO Vancouver, Feb. 2. IMPERIAL M HOUSE, GRAND INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT. T1 - 0F - WAR Tho forn oimo ho (j - 'von oror to tlio C'omief ry '1'cntiiH for T mining In till tho commonwmotil offio Tottmnment, GITY P.O. Hox 111 Oflice over Ioit OHIce, VHiiooiiver

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