Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
Page 4
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and STANDARD YEAR pt Su«rt,i A ion 5, lit'iTir Th.rd St-r<", i ^ <, \ i-t r rn* n;> *. i • r i •*• *iHf ><***< ! . F SUBSCRIPT ION, Guteid* Of'Sterling ano Rotk (M*t»« or (ft ft*1v"ft!>< f In ,i'ir,-r ; (•>• r • • T- -i • ! >••< r -r>;- - t " , -i ' i r n \j ill A CENTRAL ARMOR PLANT. It i- ». •••>i-:i-.| fr- ••><, W.•,•••!';:>!>:!••,•'. t!i !rt Mail »l trt* St*Himj i£K'T r sTrr Potto ff it-*-.- In • ' -'.' .,,,. j|,,. ijividhihUif v • >:' t-f ..|if.tTii<' !:i« ...„, In ad van- <• ^^^^^.h--....^^ .-"..I «),.. ,,,„,,,,,, .hi,!, j'»; ;•;;:;;; BARING PRICES' " """ • •^'-«'" l '»« <"" 2±" nt '" Km '° ! " finnnHnl nnd Vjdity .r.ii.i n ""•"""' DRUG FIENDS AND THEIR PRO-. u«ftx'«« i.iitliKik,' GENY. bHnE full* •'*' "'"' •*''[ \u-Jst into *-ff.-<! j.-tariliiip ri'nidiHons than b'-fnH- tin- "•""•ji^tvn iH'cii bated frotn time to rime. ; nil. nibbif. *ugtir, j ^-,, (l , )tn ,. r ,T,, V rhicnC" learned of tui and «ll f«)"d prodti' I* •'!"'i ^.^dfii.j,, iHi»i improKHi'd the (treat city * f,{fff}j}|fitlf}i£ u^ui'jal unrt^sf j- ir j...-j^^ .^|^,^jjr> t^^-^eti}* v-*>f f'M-ermiT** f to the filf-idc bl6!i • ""' '''"'utiuK the ilnig trnflii'. «r thwt iHirthm \VlH<il Blld floui i r -a. hU Ii «l ill on* i a U ^ i>( jU:i'll>.L stlb- <-»'iit nnd owr, Tb" P.ilt-, v ,.,„,,,),. ),nd ;u 1( nir. d the morphine »V<T ' ""• i )ijti,ii; and, a* victims uf this plague • • j ItSimlH <l". !«•> !"'«> inn put-*-... s ,,j vf ,<i t<« tTio maximum. They were ^.^JiUW A «ub*tatitlal »i e * * ln «' rapid I v di«in!'>Kr;u!ntr nnd ruining If," C«Ul>» good* «"' -'•"' tn '""' thvir lives nt a tint* when they f»houhi [ ti let Tier, linen 1 " ht»\o doobh •'. • i.„>,,, her-n in their'prime. ore r.'i to 7ft l« r • ent at.i.v. T»I«W | t ,'td JV child.'(in Innocent '•" '" ^'"hi'ti yet In hi*r tperiH. Aml'thl* uf hutnniiity, which should luivp been u )<'V uul *jfdr\i-'* to h**r pitrf'ttt!*, took In the wlM»u\«ale ,, l( , , Ul . ,,.,„„ l!( . r ,,;, r< ., 1t ,,_- or t t ih»rlted ttmn nmutiK retailer*. i:\ent-1 , M( , ,„,„,,, , ttwy will !•«•«» h n^ "U- jjht 'also havv lo pay f"« «'«•' >»• ' not »»y »t»v nie Htatw. Tht« ami ««mi»»i»ne (>otni>U'X, fttl nf ttirm lint* Un-ir In (h^ W4.r m»i nml , IB thw uhlfiins »f million* «f ii.ldii-tctl 1u tnurptiiiK*. When family Wji.«» illicoVTri-d; thf rotidl- c'. An<> iMi >tf th«> Irio was |»iUnbl««. ' Tl (|ii-i i* iii-t tin Ifnili WAR AND SOCIAL 6ETTERMENT8. It i« OfolarfO by «»ne faction lit laail that ilm -Kfwtt war will lia iiti-jj.lotiH sitninlatnr «>f t>oolal iii'-ni^: th;u coiulitlons that .,mum? tlu- inHf>,« of imtiah«»r« before ihi» I'cnilii-js .hnv<? dlsuj>pearc<i for- that Just the :c\rl~" \:t Iru.', It )l(iillt» OUt tlUVt lll- y \w» i'( en upiipt; that millions Can plevi-llt even higher the terrible wourge ofjof t»''ii h.ive lx»en tnlten from tflClr • • *"*1 .Gifts for theOctobWBride Ker-Cut Glass^China ^ bride's jril't* liegiii -,-Mor nmrried .* with her. Thoy'ro aswcmtwl with every plea5nrt?it brings- k it aay woiideivt piece i8 moro with every ypar. . • The inow reason for -choosing gift* that en* $axe jtfjd waiTunt the aOMioii .that .is ht^towotl 5pon them, treasures that WHY he handed down to future generations.. __ - . .. ^ ^ Such gifts, it is our pleasure to. set! iiuil-wu ? J 'rio showing you some gifts "that will Ho showing you some gift through the years. Gifts in which, you. .will take a pri^le an well as -the bride. The prices will prov/e Ii pleasing surprise, Central Union / •- The purpose of a savings account is to have ft supply from whjch to draw when an emergency "arises, and you are i» 4ire fteed, , ; , Have you considered a savings ac- oaunt of your wasted energy? Sj&w maay time* recently have you catted upon, and found your per- forces lacking in supply? the Bell telephone save you,, time, i , . . , 0ettiraJ Union feJepnone Company, Mal« l(l':.--l >.,' :•) ; , t-nirnl *•<'<" ;ni!*-.« r«..m rstlrtt !!:;;' i ."aciVcIf ill. . <•! .-Mlif, ind r the I'lan h;'u\ I i' l> if( t ' ->»n!i.nn>! with h/iu ni;n|i-' »}'•!'• ihHn r .-tnv ofh« :irul :>* HH .'.-iiiur ..f tin n.ivul rti!thririli*>«, it mus? be i-(in--pd«>d (tirO at ihi* writinsr Hvnns- CAUGHT OfMTHE FLY 7*M-iy Sihic tin'' j.;i|M'-r ir*:.. »h- «.*)d "f a hurried riay."~ Tiic newspaper tsnan unrka all the tlmo ns ITie farin' % r i-iisli*'s" %\Ti»-!i tie' "t>ji trylnir to K-'t hi« luiv in fibeiid ff :» Btorm, •pjic^fi hiub bull 1 * our -women fire tt-earinK don't In the < h;!f\gp the look* of their jinkles. Hut then, no- Thi'to :nv tnt'ii in t!"' truvhcs Would raUier rhnrKe Into it .-battery of mftehlne curi« thnn wrlmsle mjrter th buzzer <lnil* "f th«" 'army i li.-. /and .^iRiiM-t hfiblt Ir nr In the itiov.lfs M.I th Id \vrntci-nern used (o Hilly Kiindiiy'K talu'rnnrh- In -New Y«»rk-l»--"i» 4»;>itli mr»'«»t, whU-h is.ubuut nix mih'« fioin tlu> (IfVil'M iluhiprs on lK» gir^t white way, OKuinKt his own mime, nnd just hn ha« the «nme biitlalK a* Mr* Roosevelt, Tho "|idt" In th»» European slaughter game la no\v If.O.fiOO.'Onn.mxi in a royal*i'.<iBli. Why is an r h«n'|M»ii up -'with j lawyer nhvay* so Our nblo citlzrnry nffnln «TC crlng that 11 Is cnwM«r to buy a hat thnn oj«>rnl«» a f lirnaco or a dr*k nhvnys ami tnat of n y clean? The KtUoer will i no long an there !s one Hiimtm- rlne.left. . A fellow In town \vho wnn lute Hie other day blamed it on hl» wrist watch. And now the'football heroes will get a riveting Hln»r at jfame. NEWS OF THE G. A. R. : .. Our Hniml nrancl Army Post mnet« ihg wn.H held October 14th< Saturday evwning, with a good turnout ntnorlg the fomnide«, aiut rn.oat of Oiem made snappy talks, Homo were on the floor many times while othern kept their seatu and talked. Kven Comradn Haborer, who Is a strict disciplinarian, wan heard talklntf to a eomrnde prlvntely'In •cat by hl» »!de, whllw another wan within W* rights "on the floor. . ' It was rather «frnni?e and somewhat funny that Andy should bo vauphtin nn net that'hn.himaelf will not nernjlt in. the room -of city court, when ho ha« the saver in his hand. In. our Post wo all nr* old men. w^ mean well, but 5r?mptlmejt~dn fttrgot. wt> hirvtt a UOIHT -- ; Our next nwy nwlte A "Peek".of trouble, CommiiHder Kennedy's -gavel 1« «oare«l,v ovor «-ooke4. Kvan Comrodfl John, who IB "officer of the daw" wa« caught in a reverie when lfi« foro- mander In rlQaitut-cergmoayjaBliecl high "\Vhut »houlj lx»" the doons of Irtil- tnrwf—Htr-wit»-not «hot»When the/ roll %va« fulled from fororada Moorchouiifl mom lifflirnvd nnrt-h*-ww*-vot«J-P«*t- CtimmdfK r-uughey -4i»rt ;U-P but euelii huve one pood iddo nnd that -•I I us to keep them ehwrful. 1*h« Women's ll»U»f i"orT()8"sends In their (jUarterly roiwrt wliioh the Adjutant wid» with hiw own ttloud fro»\ th«; t«U»le, anil .they lx»th maJto a good his i-fgitneiu (the. &5th IllinoiH) in reunion in u town'beyond tjwlnoy, In W» talk iiw tellH of meeting Quiitry Horn* soldiers from which-ht» H°t,K 0<ul ln " foiiiiuliiin. from y. T. Alut\jtiut. noWi UH AJiiimt^ of the ijiiinny.-ilonie. Hum hun |.l''ked hi« chiunM from unuwg the «<ddler boy* ui thu "lfon»e.' und uhvtidy tinda tin- lot rtnigi'iiiul. t'omrude John vulls> up ' lls * ttou relative to iH-rmlth for moi. al j-ei'iird, uhifh wius laid over ut tin.' liu*t nteeitiiK, 'i»d on motbm of t.'om- rwde Uo>er M now |u>x on tlu> tnbU' TIM- reiolutioa uus Intended to <-loar tin*, tide ut «U worthy Kimradca vv lumi- may be Homied. HIM! tlutwti ui a dUiuiu-t wh«i « MIS. net no iulelliK'MU rulc&-.iti-lliu Ji'jaAiiUlon, it Ihey would lmve bt'«-n udo^ted. vould nlwi l'i« » lOUde to the illy loimeil \\liu hHf the MttM C a» to wh-we nanu-M Mliuttld be rhn>nell«d on the m->u- unieni and «-Ji ttif ]<;af ciiy pu>« th 'h naiiu- roMn M'"m one to thrcs> i»«'0ordmg t<» the liiunfn-r «if in the Mild(er'» 'inirnt- and hU nt '»\e inimt noW.«n luick tr», niOUH'lH Vkltt-je »i» »e««t' in K"l«' leih ll^i'W tti'Hif, ""rti ut httirllng uiul \ii-tnliy tint. nionUirtcnt tu •the u SOCIAL AFFAIRS ... ' * • --••••• HIWAI1N DAY AT CLUB Stfiling Pcoplr Will Furnish th<* Profram At Womnn's Club In Erir. r.-.; tt ;ifi '••• -A I'!, .-( i:;-- -i* i!'-:'i I "? f.'I'Ti j; ri'ft •. ; ii'-, i'- .' <A ill i"'- ' n i'.\ niri 1 1.1 cKiiTt tlmr ncn Sh^ • -wtll Stet!i!'.L'. w !." win ilht«f into (he. li\- !D« Mi'; "f the jiyl'""' "(n'.'iHid t -! t-f S "r.4» ; r Hawaiin ••">nKft. who wll wl) a n>rniTiit!*'p (IT ti FAMILY REUNION W»* Helcf ai tHcJameT Cells Home if Honor of Hit Birtfiday. ,\ family ifiinlun \VIIH held Snndnv :ii the hi'tne uf .turner t'tjiiiw in .Jordan r-iulif y-pw -onrt Mrthdny ij'irfnf Jn to diMer "wu ^h «U f>r<-s it licuvi; hi riiiMH-n 'an.t ^nit!-.}' li iiiilfi ." i^k'hiiitc^ ".."A" " scrvi'il at noon, nf«T rnt - wti- w^ittttwl; U i+* ln'triK K370 poiiinln. Aflfr :in hour of vfsiUne n vnlk wnc'ttikpn.hy «1I to the north <-nil of tht» fntm, whii-1* i«t jino- [tinl on«'-li;iir njili-.i from the riH m with fiit Jr. Mr. i:ihr John Mic, U. 1 iry <**!irty^ie\jf n trying n, futfl race hi.* jEfran«lrhiidr*n. Thoiw wen- Mr. find Mrn. .IIUTIPK I'oatB, (Hid diluuhtel'S Kt1|f»1 litiit and >lrn. U. \V. Hrbwnnk, t Kltitrt.i nnd tSnire Myers, of Hter- Mr. iitnl Mr?, t. r.«Hriu' : k«»n, Mr. Mrs. It. (i. t'tifip nnd dnuphter rn Mnrunret. Mary. William and , ;i!l of .Ionian. The <mly mem- nf (he tatully absent wen' Mr, and .1. H ('iiiitM 11111} four i-hildfcn, nf *urt«« City, low,?. AT POWELL HOME Mr*. Mary E. Powell C«l«brat«d Her Eighty-eteond Birthday Saturday. MVH. Mary K. I'owoll eelebnited her Iy Saturday evening. An oyster supper wa» >i!j".ved by int-mberH of the Powell, family, while Mr«, I'oweH'H only •brother. M. U. Quirk, "f Palmyra, WIIH jio preHent. A feature of the HUpper wa« a hiindRonu! birthday cake tn<iiie iv Mrn. Theron Powell find p' 'VoiiaUni- TTR- fi>IIt'\yln^ wen» 1'ieMeut: Mr, nnd Mr.«. Kd Powell. Mr. and Mr*. Traecy Powell. Mr. and Mr?, Theron Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Powell, Mr. and Mr«. Karl Andrea*. M. H. Quick, and Mr, and Mif. Th«:ron TO WED IN JANUARY Engagement of Former Starling Boy — _Ha»-Boen Announced. —— The following aniioiincenu-nt np- prmn-d in th<- «oi-li-ty i-olumnH *>f the Bo Sunday' llenild, I'om.'ornlnH; a 8ierlin«; boy, *»on of ,Mrv.'Harry Annlnp: . *S*».Mr. and Jfrx. Kdwln S. I-iym»n of Mubbard Woodw,'announce the pnRiiKe- ment of their daughter, Klizabeth. to Henry Hervey AnnlnK.-><oii of Mrw..K. U. Anning of EvariHtoii. will tahe plaoe Jan. t," Numeroua 'Sterling frJetula will^cx- SOCIAL Of the Pretbyterian Church Will Meet Wednesday. The Women's Missionary Hoeiety of the Presbyterian eh.urch will hold «n all day liivvllUK Wedneisday, Uct. 18, in the.-rhuroli! parlors. After the work of \\iit morning aeeBion, a plcnlo dinner enjoyed at 12 o'clock promptly in which all the men and famlliejs of the church are invited to participate. In the afternoon a. program will be (riven'hy-the Daughter*'.of thc^Ooy* eiuint class. , THE AID^SOCIETY Of the ^Ctn»9*enational—Cnurch Will Meft All Day Wednesday. The 1-adles' Aid society of the Q>n_- groj;utioiial church will ho!d*»-»H day Wednesday in the church par- lore. A plcnhi d|n,ner will bo served lit .nouii and the'-i«cmtM<rn 'hnvti th«- prtvJlege~dT rmlilnjf their ira8l»Hnrti»"«ii T 11 friends to jKirtaJui_ of JJ»e dinner. The work of the day will bts THE 0. E. S. MEETING Will be Held Tonight in the Maionlc . Hall. The regular meeting pf the- Sterling Ohaptur. (). E. S.'- will Do held thia in th'tf Masonic Tt-roplo. All are tirgert to IH» present, as of imiiorwnf*-,-Wll! JL'C.trai-is- PollowliiB the- meeting u so- 'Jal hour wllj be enjoyed, WADES ENTERTAIN In Honor .«f-The4f-«»v»nth Wedding Annivera»ry. Mr., and Mn». Hurry Wade etiter- anu'd thirty relatlvus und. frienda Frilay evening iiv honor of theil* sevtfnth wedding - jinnherHury. The evening \ spent' in music anrt Bumen, after ItU'h lefn-tdinivtiti* wero THE GRACi CHUflCH ^..__. The ilnt-v ciuii-rh Guild will hold an ill day meeting; Tuesday _at t.h»< parioh !um*e. Plenty of work hn» been j>lan- ui'd ;uid it is the destin? that all inein- lit'tts bt» piveent. A 1 picnic dinner will iit« stffVku} a't noon. Her Cook Book! T HE modern daily newgpaper is a chart of domestic * science. Tfls-ino^lfi'fi'ccii^bdok-^it'is a buy* er*s^utde to the average Many hours of a woman's life are spent in the home and Ker newspaper links her mind with the worla 0utside. % v Storekeepers who are large newspaper advertisers write their newspaper appeal almost entirely to women. Equally so they favor the goods the manufacturers advertise in the newspaper. They put the newspaper advertised goods in their window where they will catch the woman's eye while she is shopping. Sln> rends tlio fulvorfisinir it is holpfn.l 1«> IHT. 'Sin* '"iy-; ncWHjiapcr nilvrTliscd ^otids hccmtsc she lias f'.'filli in tlu'iiv. Sin- con to bu liifm nnd tT'llHicr frit-mis' about-llVm if Uioy iiiak*' irond. No otlifr medium !ia« the sanio constniit nnd inliniiilc appeal to the \vomnn ot' the hoii«e ns has The, Daily (Jaxetfe. Tli** nifinnfjietni'er nr nterrlmnt \rlin dnps not nse mew«?pnper nflvrr ii,<in^ iti el<»mtf his door to thouiost prolitahle tivonuc* *>fJnidp. .-iff Imly. Mr. And Mre. Rutt Entertained A Few Friends Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrw. Arch Him entertained nt djnner Kunday the following- gue« Mr. and Mm Harry Hubbard, Mr. and { Mrs. Doytl UurdHalf, lister Uurdsall,' Mr. and Mrs. Robert \Ventwll nnd two ' damirhters and *a «on, Mr. and Aim.! iHtln Weaver nnd son, Mr. and Mrn. j Matt 1J n n and t h ree i la u gl' t era, HUM- i 11 Thrtma*. Mr, and Slr«. ".lohifBRcl- ;' Iy and' diiuphter, Hiiivel, and John PJntutiber. --.- ' • • . . : TOE SOCJAI. CHICLE Of^ Pr*airieville Will -Meet Wednesday With Mre. Eatinfler. The I^jdiejt' So«lal Clr'cle at the. Pre- anil tin* ilv-nti," u mythical cunn-dy by th'- hit*' l-Mmund 1'ay tn which. Mr. Nawu hux won an International reputation. His portrayal of "Pal" ban been ptv>niinnc<'d one of the most hlKhly Jir- tl.««tlr perfurnlancwi'of a Celtic character ii'lf ever prpMented on' any ntaKi>, "A lUisy Uuy," a lively 'farce full of brink action nnd I'apid lire diolofciui will introduce .Hal. 'Davin In tin' prin- clpa) chiirftcter. while "A Touch of Xaline" with Mr. Nawn. in the. b-adTntf rob? and "The. Unexpected," ii racing 1 ' comedy with" Mr.-Davin as U««tftr la nun- to give si'Kt aiut".variety enough to/.fcaUsfy,' Uie tnont esactluK , Wit«lrft5 gitcr. -The company h«« for Jtx 1eHd» 1 tcr <.f Henry K. Dlxey, the fit maun 'actor and herself an aotrcs* of dls- i tiitrtfonl and includes Dick CMatl.lla. ! Ksirl Hoojnc. Bennett Finn, Jowphim- 'Deffri-y. Kvi'lyu "VVatMon und oth.-r : w«'ll-kni«'.vn artlxtK. FAILED T9 ARRIVE. ThertA wajs» a big bunch of disappointed kklH In town Satur.'luy afternoon and evening over the faflnrc of Tfi« tlrcusTITay pictui : PK~ro~TifrTyirin~ the Academy of Music, The picture showed at (Oregon Friday nnd fallfHl to" make <-oniiectl"li In lime lV»jr,Sterl tun-* again for Hntnrlay. Octobpr '2" • * • _. mi-et Wedm»8rtay, October JSth. at tho home of Mrs., Wallas 1-Sitlnger, of Gap Orove. A^ lii'rsro jittcndancfi. of__inem- ln-rs Is d 1RAOI MARK THE RED MEN'S SUPPER, The event of the nemw»n among the Hed Men of .Sterling, will be the.sUp- per to be given by them this evening in their hall. A large number of the members are expected to; be present. The drill team will be revived and from now on thi.s team will do con- rill vl *"' very prortolent. AMUSERJEBNTS J 4 PLAV8 AT ACADEMY TONIGHT, _ l'i! !_ tttractlonH. of .th _ theatrical ciirrent neanon will the appearance at the Academy of .,«hlc on their initial tour as •b-stars of Tom Nawn and Hal Davis. )6th of whom are so well known to the well Informed theatre-goer that thin announcement will dmibtlesM be joyfullyr-fee*ivetl~by alt 0»<»w who cn- |(iy good aotlng. will prvBent four one-uct plays, r Svhich hat* ecorwl tremeiidotw, "not' only in thiS country; " and Australia Tour playii ~ure of widely aifferent .'haructer ranging from deep pathos to Drmul " " ••*—<-(y a t.hreo hours .entertainment of laughter *uttfl teaVs, S&SMARKETCO.S&S Special for Tuesday (At tlai sum-) Short Steak, Ib ...... 16c (Cut from young tsntier b«wf) Fresh Hamburg Steak, !tv Lamb Chops, Ib'. . , . » . A Reliable Friend i jMiur foot are > (n)ld-ftntl your In'tl '"> and you yoiuwH' t\ro t't>!tl j wlu»u x^ni ro " Wiuit -Ii splendid bed f fellow u tfood hot water ! bt»ttlo makes at sueh a .! •'iiine -and it is only time that it ean he ! rolied upt»n to befriend ! yt»u. TlU-re »ro many wtlier 1 . times and o< \Vv recommend our 'i quart nlted bottle ut 12 00- W»« ' many otl«»i»" from ^."c to It,71 HeMrjcis the &a Store A Gentle Reminder Tm When starter gets lazy and lights grow fiaint, ifs time to look ' tery. Remember— we're experts. ELECTRICAL SERVICE STATION . 120 WeU Third Street <*• - Free inspection of any battery*at '««> Tuesday & Wednesday atliic: Cash 214 first Ave. Both l*how»s Jelke's Good- 2 lt)s, to a customer i 5 V ppundg Navy Beans for '. — ^ • 55c 11 -pounds fancy Sw«6t Potatoes for - 20c S^wJicia^ancy^prunes for .,.....;.;;.;,;;;,:. r.38iri Large 25c can Calumet Baking Powder for 19c J*arge 25c bottle Monarch Catsup for .19c Largy «•")(' can Slu-fd I'iuu- "" apple for .*..., r~7.19c 10 ."u 4 " rolls Tuilt't I'aptn' for 25c '-I^nw -w' purka^ 1 Uold Dust fur 20c '2 l.V cans Pork ami Beans fur 250 ,'J <-uu» Kitchen Kh-uxer " ffli j .. r. TT :.. r-. -.-- -.- r 44^ ^ 15c cariss Toinutoc-- .25c l 1 l.V cans Salmon fur.25o 1'Vesh Halted I Vomit's, J)?U' poiuui .... .\ .... ,,.10a Large full t[iiarf jars plain Olivt'.s, per jar /... -2§C America's Cup (V»lYet», per pound .* • - ...25c Pure Honey, full combs, per I'onib ,17c Kxti'ii~I',- Juout.. U nh£; ha.rd Squash, each ,-.25(? ioi

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