The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 8
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THB BAlLBRtfFUflLD OALUOIINIAN THURSDAY, PECBMBEB 31, 1608. BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE »06T. <i. RAHTON, rUniflf r Tomorrow Night Powell and Cohan Politely Proffer 'BUD HICKS, THE The Yankee Doodle Boy WHAT DO YOU KNOWAMUT THAT A Comedy Drama with Music 10- BIG SONG HITS •10 Notable Singing, Dancing, Acting Cast 3-Gorgeous Sets oi Scenery-3 Prices 25c to $1.00 Sunday, January 3d, Cart Beroh Presents the Greatest Living Irish Actor, Charles Erin Verner in the Historical Irish Drama, "Shamus O'Brien" The Hero of '98 Mr. Verner will sing some of the real Irish Songs. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 Buy Seats Thursday. Monday, January 4th COHAN & HARRIS COMEDIANS In Frederic Thompson's massive stupendous production of Win- f.hc.U .Smith nnd Byron Onuli'.v's Dramnti/ation of Geo. Ban- McCulclicnu's (U'lcliriilt'd story. Brewster's Milli ions WITH ROBERT OBER And tho siiftlfi notable cast and scouic oquipmnnt as seen here last season, including the World's greatest Yacht Scene Prices 60o, 76o, $1.00 and $1.50 Buy Seats Saturday Mnil orders with c.asli or money order and addressed stamped envelope will receive prompt attention. TUESDAY. JANUARY Sth Event of Mirth and Melody With the Univerity of California Glee Club Under the Direction of CLINTON R. MORSE See the Grand Chorus of Trained Pleas. Brick says, "They Will Tickle You." Prices 50c, 75o and $1.00 We Wish You AH A Very Prosperous New Year! Leading Druggists Baer's Southern Hotal Block Perfect Oranges From Canyon Through the courtesy of Superintendent J. F. Dearth of the power house, the Calif or nlan is in receipt or a box or oranges and lemons grown on the company's premises In the canyon, and the fruit Is absolutely uninjured by the late frosts. The oranges are the Mediterranean Sweets and they are highly colored i and dellclously flavored. They were j exposed to all the Inclc.npnt wontner of the past two weeks and are none 1 the worse for It. The fruit In the i bos was picked from the outside of tho treis, and neither the fruit nor foliage shows the least sign of having suffered. Too Late For for St. Francis Classification New Year'h c-ve and New Year's Pay will be ushered in with pomp and ! ceremony it St. Francis church. Be- WAvr-nT* .Ti,.»~"Znr .„ tr.«««i ,• ginning at 5 o'clock this afternoon Is srEVi ,H.-I 1 • %ffsst>'ttLX*s*£ rerent firms. Must be able to walK ...,, "„.,„ „,_„. n.,,i«» n,,,o« >...«_ eight hours a day. Wages, $80 a , month and expenses. Mutt glte . security of $50 for sample trunks nd outfit. Address Callfornlan of- 130 SALE—A splendid little busi nfcss on Chester avenue (on ac count of sickness of owner). Two years' lease on building. Will sell BI a very low price. Make me an offer;'.'jR. A. Moore, room 11, Hop kins nidfc' Phone Main 433. 131 will take plare. During these hours every practical Catholls will visit tho church and receive th>; >.T eminent of penance. The devotion to the Bless- cil Sacrament 'j ono of groat impor- jinnre to the Catholic faith, for with on' H there would be; t,o church, it I hdiiK the center of devotion. < Chimes at Midnight. The St. Francis musical chimes will ring out the glad tidings of the New year, beginning to ring at 11:55 p. MI. and continuing until 12:» r > a. m. , A committee of the Senior Aitar boys will hold .a private social in the SAM LANQFORD ISSUES DEFI TO KETCHELL.; i.iuf , ln u'l New '"Year HAN FRANCISCO, One. 80.—Sinn i Lnngford. the Boston blacl; today I.-sued a challenge to Stanley Ketchel. middleweight champion. In which IK New Year's Day at St. Francis. Tomorrow masses at St. Fra,ttcts will be at the same hours ag on Sun iiinivil*-TV i-lftlll UlltlUIIJlUII. Ill WUICIl tit' t . ~ tr <~tk*!,!..*._l~ offers to agree to stop Ketchell in an !«•«>'• ';J"» maw. ,:46 a. m. Children a rounds or forfeit the entire purse. mass - 9 »• m - Mass and ™rmon. 11 New confidence, since his easy vie a m - _ Nn evening services. lory orer Flynn. has led the negro to ( take this extraordinary step In an el'-i •First Friday Communions. Tomorrow being also the first Frl- 1909t 9 0 9 •19 A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all. BTOB3B CLOSED 1BBW YEAR'S DAY 1 9 0 9091 Saturday will be a Biff Bargain Day at Eed- lick's—watoh for OBT advertisements •1 9 C tort to force Ketchell'into a battle, i '' av lhe members of the First Friday .loo O'Conner stated positively that Communion Class will receive holy In- will not permit Ketchell to fight ! communion at the various masses. Many who have rot as yet joined the class are arranging to begin with to- for nt least a month. morrow. , .. i Exposition Three Hours. Love 1 8 blind to most of Uie dan- The exposition of the Blessed Sac- 8°r s'S" 118 - , rament this afternoon from 5 to 8 p. Optimism and dyspepsia are not on m , 8 he)d t nf , t . ead of the usua i holy POINTED PARAGRAPHS. to most of Uie dan- M. Drysdale, who has just returned to the Pacific Coast from an European tour, utter a few days visit In this city yesterday afternoon closed a denl for the purchase of the Minnehaha property In the Kern River field, which a.t present is being operated by J. M. Hoi- loway. The property has been placed in good order by Holloway since his taking charge last summer and the three wells are' producing In good amount. A Mr. Fisher, an exnerianc-; ed driller, has been engai&d'ttj. Bttpji 8 Intend the work for Mr, Drysj^eXaM. preparations will be nlarte Imjnedlate- ly for the drilling of additional wens. The first work Is scheduled to begin January 2. The terms of the deal could not be ascertained today, but the price is supposed to be considerable as . •.« prouert) looked upon as valuable. speaking terms. 8om» 'men are such swindlers that they cheat themselves. A woman just loves to quarrel with a man who isn't quarrelsome. A' young man doesn't begin to rise In the world until he settles down. An ola bachelor, is as much afraid hour, held the eve of each first Friday of the month. All will remember that the sacrament of penance is administered from 3 to 6 and 7 to 8 p. m. this evening. Prominent Priests Visit B»ker»fleld. The Very Rm-. Mgr. McCarthy of Freano nnd dean of the Fresno dis- of a baby as a, spinster is of & mouse, "trlct of which ~Bakersfleld is~a~part. Isn't it queer that a man never Uceompanled by the Rey Father shows his temper until after he has, Weber, superior of the Redemtorist Io ^ t'? . Order of the Pacific coast, visited St. Wnon a self-made man makes a Francis church and rectory yesterday, fool of himself he robs some woman j being especially entertained by the of the job. ji 0 r a i clergy and the hospital authorl- Every young man looks forward to, ties. The visit was an official one. the time when he will be in a posi- ar. required by the laws of the church tion to boss somebody. After lunoheon the distinguished The more a woman knows about thn fathers visited St. Joseph's churcn in '• - • of her husband the less she j Kern City and left o n the afternoon train for the north. Both the fath era are_ very loud In their praise of n+'lts looif church con Father, Weber, . being PAYNE (ft.. Funeral Directors AMKUUCNE , Phono Anoworod Day or Night BETTER LOOK OUT For A. B. Herrington if you 'Christmas souvenirs, 35c, 50<'., Y5c. Also gloves of all stj fur topped nnd fleece "' Plush lap robes, $3.00 to feather and wool dusters, aiid chamois, soaps, oils and ness dressing. 4. B. HERRTNOTON FOR SOLID COMFORT I Co to the I GRANADA HOTE * ' Suiter and Hyde Sts. 4 Sun FrancTrtfl 4 $3.50 per day American plar ,5. Headquarters for Biikersfle **•»* ******** hna to say about them. A noted lecturer announces his retirement from the platform, due to his recent marriage. He will now pose as the audience. FIREMEN'S DANCE AT ARMORY NEW YEAR'S EVE. All preparations are made for tbe dance on New Year's eve under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Englnemen at Armory hall. The floor has been put In the best of shape and the hall will be tastefully .decorated. Refreshments will be served during the evening:. A late car for Kern guests will be provided. Prof. Kuehn and a flve H'tWernfii'liI venlenees from Chicago, Is pteued to have the pleasure of residing 1 In the great San Joaquln Valley, the head house of the order of which he is superior being located at Kresno. MAY NAME STATION AFTER PiONEER OIL MAN. The Oi! World, which appeared today, BUggsts that siding 2 in Midway lia f'ttllOf) ** j3OllKt " T*V* ri. w.n H>n« _..«« . Tho paper says: "Call it 'Boust ' is the cry. The piece orchestra will furnish delightful well-undoistood slump the Southern music. This is the firemen's first Pacific is up for a rmme t6 decorate ilnnce and a pleasant evening Is promised to all. J. P. Shomato, L. C. Hoffman, R. F. Shackclford, committee. 128 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. J. S. Hairier and 14 others to .Ino. K. RcKbert. $1. northwest qunrtor, nortboust ijuiirior. sontlumst qtmrtor section 34-I12-21. K. N. Casey to Mrs. Irena Grimmett $10 half iiitorcst of north 25 feot lot« 32, block 101, Mojave. M. N. Pottus and wife to C. A. Dresser and wife, $10 lots 3, 4, block 164, Bakersflcid. Pacific Improvement Co. to D. CHchfon, 1100, lot 17, block 101, Mo- Jave. Mrs. H, Badger has returned from the north where she spent Christmas. J. R. Smith, the horsenhoer. will leave tonight Cor Byron Springs to Siding No. 2 with when It- becomes a real thing, has been the '• sause Qf much mental disturbance and* anguish on the part of those who have been longing for a postofflce addresa it is said thai tin, townslte would have been placed on ihc market long ago anrt that a town would have already been built an,| now he booming If the railroad company could only have thought of u uanio—any name so long as }t bad not been used and misused. in some quarters and most emphatically not In others, the name of Boust is deemed particularly appropriate. When It was first suggested tho name wa* cheered to the echo by the fellow who thought of it, which show of popularity taken In connection with Bouat's historical activity In this field IB the early days, urges the forward movement which has set In in the direction Indicated. "Boustt" be gone two weeks. Supt. J. P. Dearth ts here from the canyon. Basiler Burled—Louis Bassler wan H. A. Jastro returned from Los Au- burled this afternoon at 2 o'clock geles this morning. from the undertaking parlors of Dlx- The brick work Is completed on on ft Sons. Rev. Welman conducted the extension of the Pioneer Mercan- the Borvlces. The ooopers of the lo- tile building. cal oil fields arranged for the funeral iMiuiager Harry Jastro leaves to- Bassler was a cooper by trade and a morrow night for San Francisco to member of tin- Los Angeles union, • attend a meeting of the directors of Tim pull l>*>ur,.r.< were Uolim-t (5mw the Power, Transit and Light Com' I.ouls Andertmii, s. (lur.derxon, ,1. Si>^ pany, "Pl. CbnvU's I'..-TV !lr .,| i.;,| JANUARY Clearance Sale OF ALL '08 WHEELS We are giving you for the month of January, a Lamp, Carbide and Bell, plus a 10 per cent discount. Come in and buy early while we have the assortment of such wheels as Snell, Pierce, Appeal, Reading. Peerless, Tribune, Baker & Hamilton. We have about 100 of the wheels which must go. .The same old place Bibles'JCyclery 1807 Chester Ave. Phone Main 850. Yes, we sell on the Installment plan. 0MAL CRES YOU SOLD ONLY IN TINS Bakenfield Grocery Op; Bakertfleld, Cat. 8ol« AganU '". J Phont Main 186. 1717-171|1 AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakorjfleld Garage, Bakeraflelo Main 142. Main 1260 a t» MACK. Cashier J. J. MACK, Vice President. •k V. Wlkte. President O. J. PLANZ. Asst. CaRhlnr. BANK OF BARICRSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors— S. W. Wlble. 3. I,. Mark. .1. J. Mack. J M. KMth, L. General BanWns, Domestic RForeign Exehanse. I.«ttt>nt of CreT.i. The omcera of th,« Bank will be glad to give the benefit olr their ••«• perience or observation to all pperson* dealrtag information ou matter* ol business. New Year's Greeting UERE'S to your health, and to your family's health-may ^ou live long and prosper a* at «# S.WISEKOPF i**,

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