Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
Page 3
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ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE ROOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1916, _,—-— WOMAN'S CLUB MEET Mrs. W. E, Tuller, Of Morrison, Delivered An Excellent Address. SURPRISE PARTY r.-.-.-rr.l rrr iri' rl-i ,\i(;- r.ri ,i • I •> t n fr T>.«- ->fr. AUTOMOBILE TRP Crowd tr Of Ne Work «( Us- ]>.<•< k falM V, Hnturdav ;u!'t sin'ifi. k !n th** n'"-»:r:-p of th.' )<t (>f ;>i( Some !iuflin<'>-i wider r»'-i •"!•!* i.-f < rnrtii «t !!><• ("K'ii the *-x)>pn«Utitr<' of it(ill;»r,«r <>n the f !h« Illll Mr*. -'l, nn<! <hair- rr>rm»!U<-r alni'Kit («<• Tin' 1 matter t>f d»-leg-lfes to the State tjtmvent.iuii ai L'rluuui was lelt. uvtr. itnltl th*> next rwctinp. The priicrrim of the tiftonmon < i>n- f;i«tc<»l of a -piano *olo by Mis* Virginia Knde-l, uhdh was most beautifully rendered. rt-llrctiiiK (treat credit upon the you UK bidy. The stwtiriKS from f'X * I •resident •« ui'if Vf'ty ihspiiiiiis and belpful nnd KiiVn till n desire to !nk«> rffrTKe~v» ; fiFS wnfTT "ivTFfifeTteweiT"«-ri" erify. A very nnlone number wa« the ! "is l»v Mi?* Kttnny f)<;v,H!. ,1 t Hi" Kii.ri «t<1i<.<'). 'i »,»• (.•!-/<• <i,n«iVt- 1 of :ui aluminum b.tkfhK divli. A r«'•••ritton tu old rind tier, nvrn- •rs was (olliiVVf-d by l '<•» ri'5!ifnrril>i nri'i {.•(•i i:il time. Th«'tr '.Vrt>- of Rtif-sts. -Tlit'-" nii-miif'tH WCT« V'lted If). LADIES MEET Missionary Society of Chri*ti*n Church Meet Wedniidiy. The Woman's Mf.iHlonary 8oci*>ty .of the ' 'hrlstlan church will meet Wed- n^sda^- nrternonti at (be hntni' «>f Mrs Martin linker on ICnwt t^ifth str«-et. This rrHfUriff was. to bo held last w«rk .Ms * \i •- 1 ' -I I MEETING 1 •«• M-iih i.-ii'rf.HnsIs. <'!...« \ l , I. •n .1 , n;rh< : MiH-^ I ' irn;.h.-i!. M Atr" ft-, n \\ ! (-,•.!,-., k ,i<5.1 i >!?.;!', I'riti.r j.ti.l .l.iMKhti-r ix-tiii.'-.-t!. Mr-' C 1 1 !;u« i|)-«>! t, -Mi •- II;!!!' ,'i.n.i l!<-:ii.ih I '"•ri'iij'tti!. I' llnns.iti ,111.! *.n. I.I)<-!K!I.-,\ n. .Ml" Addio 1,,-Hidi I'l i>t'f!i't.«tutt n, Mr. ;tnii Mr« I,' 'At'!' Tanil'l''* 1 . :uid t:> V- A, V. t'-r. ^Mrr- Arn:u>.lr ( \vii'"-iM.'-K, i.r |H-.|ii'-;.m. P.nil Mi, Jin.! Mi« \ U«-!i»nd. uf r-!/-- Ycaftg P*op!« Metor To ,.,. ,> N<.w«,, n . Ii«f,.'hy \\ si-' i t'J'iih. Mndt-v Hfuhre. OKI? Mcrn» M.I«(PI. !',!..« Kl- ii;.! ! f.-iri'ld I >t ft* tt!'it<>r»-ii i|*'-rd Sirrnl:i\- •.'. hf-re th<-y .dm •[ at ;H!S •!:!(-..•.'!!*• dir>•!>i 1 >"•<•,•«• !,,inn- In t.h" af- RUIB BY GOMPERS Roosevelt Says Wilson Let Him Dictate In Mexico and * Rail Strike. Silk Petticoats frTF»T PLAN RECEPTION Will Be Given Rev. Lott And Family — . — Tilt*- Ev*nmg— At— Tfte— Gtrtrrrrr. ^fANOARO BEARERS. "STJtri 'liwT Ff^T^r^ IMH~ Ruth M(ttht«r,--t*'M MOTOR TO MT. CARROLL, Mr. and Mr-?. J.tcnb Itaur-r niKliter. MMa Kvf-lyn, .".nd Kthel nri.l Ms i her May, mnt<ire«! Sun- l;iy to Milk-ilEfvillf, ChaiHvirk nm1 MT, <_"arrol!, wh*=rr- thpy visited Krhitti's av«'.' ROCK FALLS BRIEFS «••» t KJK-f'i -Saturday iins, ;ul<!r- >S!!IK rnrinv l.f f"!f<<! atl'itratioi h»m 11 >• Martin is r« M r*. ntftit ami n th»> toft for Ihfir now htimc In Fort Try Jap Hi>Mf» * sV>f' vVl1 •- Ronp ! Mii»ipr(*ry Society Of M. I Will Go To Thr> Womftn'N ffomn Church Hoc- lety of the Methodist c'hurch will K" •" Ajurris'in Friday and hold their rti'-H- rriembr-i-H are urged to K<>. TOOK AUTO TRIP Party Of Friend* Motor, To Princeton, K*wane« And Galeiburg. Mr, and Mr«. ('IUN flansi-n, Miss and ('v lo\vir!K o'l-loi'k : and Mr«. Fxiit nnd family tins In thf • r-fmri'h p.Tt!or«i. Tln> f Ifif < .liltKh have it in i.ha»-e<; r>hody I* wclrtintr. Th»» fol- pr.'Ktarn will hr n-nrli-rrd ;.t ** r- -trr-Ki^v-t-nljr-nf~ K., of H \'iolin sol , T<»lk Iiy .I!i-\-, .Mi'lhotllftt, of K..nrth Ht r; Arttf mi is the twentieth century means of settling disputes. In time, Arbitration should supplant war in deciding differences between grcarnations. Acceptance ofjthe principle of ArBitration will reTiHcT~SeaFln3ustn'ar strikes impossible—and even minor differences will come to be settled by this means; Impartial judges can be -counted upon to render fair decisions.. 1 .Tp_4mpartial^judges- of roofing, we —will ..-..always -be willing to leave decision as to the comparative merits -of roofings, confident that intelligent investigation will result in a decision for i * lioiihif dud- -Mr*. Kline rind Mfw • ')i nl lin. Minm-s \'elrna nnd- -Pfoy "Srotl. J-ieli-i thin !>>• quiiiti-i from i 'tiri.xtlnti eiiun h " "• talk ..... Mr.« J. MrNell. ' Trio -<Jlen add Kl».ul Tenth. Hurry GOOD ATTENDANCE Former Minister Preached At Morning . Service—Special Mutic. All m-rviri-H ut tin' chrlHtlnn «'hviri'h Sunday wrr«».,.i.'xi:i>it(l»uttlly. -\vcJl .ut- Ifudi'il. Iti'v. - MllliT, furrncr ptmtnr, pn'.ii hi vl thi- inortilfiR Kfrviff, nnd hin many frit nds wen* to hear him again. ll«'v. Miller nn'd Delbeit Wright iiK.n liiivt which WHS greatly appre- rln|i-d Iiy -tin- c ntllfri'SiltiiiM. In tin- tntMilnjj KcV, Thorpe delivered the sermon and H|>cclal music'watt fur- nlKnVd by the male quartetto and Kcv, Miller nt\.ntt » Hitlo, The Christian Kudenvor wn« lend by Hvnn I*. KiWl, II|H mihject being "•(I»MM| ''Itistetisbiii and llo\v ti» ('ultivuti> l!-." which-wan very •instructive, Smith, Ark. Mr. Hlair.hnt a line -ttnn In ft Irtrjfrt Tumtniris Albert <"rab. who hn* been a few day* ut th<« home of Mr. and Mi B. H. E. (Iray. returned <o Ms home IJL l:>fKalb t»umtny. Teh Wllliama 9t««nt Bunday In Dlxon with bis brother, who is v*>ry Dick. Mr. nnd Mm. Henry Allen and family, i if Lyndon, spent Sunday M rr-snrt - Mr».~8.~R-; W tttt tnrk (<• cbicaxq. today for a few dnys visit. Hen Riiey returninl homo yesterday after a two wt-ekn vlult In Oene«eo. I'Vancis Tehnn \vent to f'hic«|to Bun- .liiy for a few dnyn visit with his fds- .lohn Hill, of Rockford, spent Ihe i'ay here f»n Mi«.K "Mnry Kynder. of Morrison, spent Sunday with friends her«». llert Heirs went to Mnrmon this morning nn busInesM. AI KrctBJL'hmar went to f'edar Hunday for a short visit. While PIT rtrrTtTrr-Trrrrrrte--«-^---4lt*-~ law. and ihe ro;mn«-r ut its enactrnf-nt. which ?)<•• cohtrnst'-il \vith !ti« own ric- nt th<> tlrtie'of the anthr.icitr- siiik*-. <*ol, HnoseveK severely fit raiK"*'-'I ">•' president for timi<ltty nnd JriderlKinti. ,i«R^He<l tjfcnt Mr, Wilson had proved !»•*« SnfliKmtinl thrtn President 'ii'mp^r? •>f the American federation of Lnbor in profurinur the. release of Amr-rienn In Mexico. And referred to the diplomat** »]ID...aclcd..jin & footinie of fraternal equality In their Joint Conduct nnd misconduct (»f American foreign relation*." He said Wilson allow- wl Oompers to dlctnte In the street car Strike. f'of. Ilixwcveh also criticized 'Just recf'ivcij ahofhnr shipment of silk ptylti (if extra fjwility silk taflVta, plain nnd two tono -!unh' - L'n im-h ?!<>!<!!<••*.', with -i!!> <in-f mi'M )n»1h in j'ftriilar ami out six<>— nil popular sliwli'* ?3.45, $4.50 and $5.00 House Dresses Another lot of llonso Drosses of gim^nm ninl por- i-iil*'-- in all sixes- high neck and long; f»U'eves in «lnrk This • shipment inchuku] « nprons, in pink and blue colors. MM to $1.75 ot of bungalow W. J/SOWLESID. G. CO. KOCK FALLS !>t»tnocrntlo tnH!Ti-«i«*fi«m! that the SlJ- t>nd sea.««>h fur cnts. fnr- ttlral biirt'tiu. have offers from eastern tu the strife received numerous.1 called wnr tax was « "rti-ncl^nry tax. ' '" '""" ""'!"•'" fut ' ho "" M - 8ayl " s | and simple." nnd predict.-!! bn«l- jrnt fur will tnhp the ptnrr- nf mnrr rx^ ; depression If Wilson should be re- pensive fur fur dress nnd clonk trim- ! tniiiKK. .(Sopher farm boys Rot the Up! and (ilftfted to help convert all possible j Into imported rolaretles. Fur; BAD SEASON FOR CATS, {Hy t.?nlU-d I'rf-ss.) Kt. I'nti), Minn,. Oct. If..-This Is n fur*. here arf pnying $2 *-ach for the) r WITH THE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS li DEMOCRATIC. Ity (JporKf" Creel. Mr. nnd Mr». Bd*on Wright and of Mnnllujt, Hpent Hunday <5rnnt fwindlH upenl Hunday With friends In Morrison. Hiram VVIU'H went, to Chicago Htm- day to «iprnd a few day*. with friends. Oiifl letter remains uncalled for at the Uock Knll« jwnl offlrn. Mm. K. K. (Written for tho Di-mocratlc National <'umniltt«>c«.) Ucpau«f< Mr. lltiKhfM nnd Mr. lloone- ; * REPUBLICAN. Hy Oi-orgo O. Hill. (Written, for tho Kepubllcan N'atlon'a Xn policy of the WHwon administration bdtfr ItH lnefflc|pnc> veil put their fnlt/i in hyprocrlsy Is that any reason why the American peo- nnd its Indifference to the comfort anr pl« should bprome,hyproi'rillPK? The welfare of t!ie people than that whirl whole country trembled while the sha- it ban pursued with regard to the Nn- dow of a rnilroud strike rested on theltlonul Utmrd. Innil. It meant IONH to all and ruin to many. Alno a vnni BiifferlnM: beyond "eKtimatlon, That the 8trike Khould he averted WBH an tinlverwal prayrr. Not a miKKCfltliin fame from Mr. THIRTr FRIENDS^ Entertained At The Johnston Home Saturday Afternoon. Ml«c||i Uita AVyli" mid Virginia .Ioh,ii«tmi ° onli>rialtii'd, Satunhiy afternoon thirty buy und.Klrl frii-tulx. The affair «-n» RlvriirnT'thiy'Ji'itilTStuir liotnij Mr. nnd Mm. H. A. Owlcles. of Chi- i-affo, cnme out Haiurday ttlRlit to vln- it with Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher. Mr. f'.edden returned Hunday evening but Mrs. .Hidden wiil remain f.or ft week's visit. • Mr, nnd Mr*. John Kadel and children and Mrs. J. V. Mc<*nrty motorod to Mt. f'arroll Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Royal Coy and daughter, .of Sandwich, motored hern Sun- tiny -and' vlxlted with Mr. nnd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Pyle, Mm. Ilrun», Mr. and Mrs. -H. A. Whtttfngton motored to Lyndon Sunday. No patriotic American can. object ti thi" President's ciil[inj^ upon the N'a- tltxtal (iuard to aid the regular army In protective the territory of the Unit— cd Htnte.s when nn emergency makes They hid)(bat course necessary. Many peoplr s« man'or [tire convinced that bad Ml. Wilson politician cainn forward with a big {faced the facts regarding Mexico, in- or Mr, liorwt'veli. in Htorm pnllars; No Woodrow WilHOti JUKI every other Seated preparedm-Hs, In bin mesaaKe to problem IIBH been put up to him. And Conjjrcnn of December. 1914, he would as In uvory other jfoodw. v . tw dellver«>d the; have appreciated the necexidty of In- creaMliiK the rcRular army and thu« Tltf crlnl« over, however, up popped have avoided the neceH»ity of callinR the Candidate and 'the Colonel. Great of headn and of ImtidKl The wicred principle of arid- upon the militia thlH Niimm'er. but that IH another propOHitlon. When called upon the National TEN CRUSHED TO DEATH investigation into methods of rnanufaoturing would show that ooly-the hcst quality of roofing felts is used in CERTAIN-TEED roofing. Tim is thoroughly saturated with a blend of soft asphalts— the formula of the General's Board of Expert Chemists, it is then coated with a blend of harder asphalts, which forms an impervious coating and prevents the inner saturation from drying out. This explains why CERTAIN-TEED outlives ordinary roofing, and _yrhy it is possible io-euarantee4tJo£ -S,-JUXor IS -years, accofding-to—— ply (1.2 or 3). The responsibility of the world's largest manufacturgr__ of roofings and building papers if behind 'this guarantee; which ia conservative, as experience proves (hat CERTAIN-TEED outlives ' the period of guarantee. The General makes one third of America's supply of asphalt roll roofing. His facilities are unc.qualcd, and he is able to produce the faighey quality roofing at the lowest manufacturing cost.* CERTAIN-TEED is made in rolls; also in a slate-surfaced shingle*. There U a type of CERTAiN/fEED for ^very-kind of- building, pitched roof sr ~ aftd moat of them farmpn* or »tock- v men. '. s . , .. '~~"" ; The;tralnn In colllHlon were th* »cc- ond and third wecttonH, : The third «ec- tlon plunged Into the HCOOIU!. Tho second had »ome trouble with hot. IJOXPB arid had stopped at a point about half _b£iwegn._BmitUfl«ld flnd l IH claimed by those .on the train lhat the crew of the itecond aoctlon to put out torpedo** or ' roidcncc or oul building. CERTAIN-TEED is sold by responsible dealers all over the world, •t reasonable prices. Investigate it Before you decide on any type of • toot f " •• __ __ Geooral Roofing Manufaclurteg Company 011 the englno pullinu tli'd.tuial-iicctign had B»ne"Qift. ^ Tt is reportedTTer* that two ojFt.h> injured di«d on U»e way lt> Wfaii'i t«rg**t Af«m/bc*«r«r of Roofing* afid Balldi*s Papin CU«M« _ 31, Uol» Bo*tM «it a«n Swiiilo Heuoloa WE HANOlljANDlRECOMMEND ^ Roofing and--other Certaln-leed Products They last Longest and are Guaranteed by a Responsible Concern faper^Co., 10<&;istAve., Sterling, HI. YOU CAN BUY CERTAIN-TEED FROM Johnslon Lumber CO.RQCKFALXS hangin 'found the pantry—a made with Calumet thf wfiH, purest, eco»omlc«i flaking triition had been abandoned! I're.sldcne jOuanl renpondcxl loyally «nd cheer- WilKpn ba<1 yielded to the blackmail of j fully »nd hnMeiH-d to the border n» ' the unioiiH, BunlnciiH' of moafnK.' i rapidly ns condltlonH would . It HO happciiH thut nil thl« hypo<-rlHy j Afu-r u time Ocneral Order N'D. 20. J*-.ntit_uiimiXEd.__wllli _ fahu>huud __ Tins. brotherboodB inndf* tut dt-mund fur PUHH- UK«» of nn (J-lirnir iuw. Tin- prlnriplf of nrbltrntlnn Wns hr»t nlinndoni^d, He- for« re<]in'ntlnff tht- olilnlon of either «tuted flntly .that efKht-hour day, and I*r(>«. h« Htoud for th Thin -provided that __ tlw» Look and Feel * Clean. Sweet and •. fresh Every Day Dr)nK-»>fllaMofr«sl ItoC wifi; fe«fdf» f briiaklMt to Life In nof merely to live, but to live well, eat well, dlgeflt well, worfc wrdl, sleep well, look well. What rf KlorloiiH condition to attain, and yet how very eany it la If oho will only adopt the morning Insldo bath. Folks who uro accustomed to f««I dull and heavy when they arlae, *pllt« tltiK headache, Bluffy from a cold, nanty breath, acid stomach, can. Instead, feel a« freHh an a by openinw the nlulcc» of the each, morniinr and flunhlnR out th« wholt of the internal poisonous 6taff* riant matter. Kveryorio. whl-tlier nlllhir, Blck of; well, nhould, each mornlnfr, befor«"J breakfast, drink a of real hot water with a tcattpoonful of llmcHtone I phtmphnte in it to wn*H from Htomach, liver, kidneys and bowels the a*t Hour bile and pnlnonoua toxlna; thua Uuit h« d[d iipt regujd the._ principle Train On ,..* Burlington^ .... Koad Crashed Into a OabopBe ...... ------------- Carrying Stock Men. ~-^- Klwood. Neb., Oct. 18.— Ken men were crunhed to death and Bwven oth- erw Merioimly injured when'p'tnUn on the Uurltnktori Itallroad cjffohed into the cabootie In which they wWe riding. arbitrable. Time and a half for ov- #rtlm«», aHked by the unlonx, and in- ratt-H, anked by tlie rallroadH, arbitrable, The Adnmwni law' IH nothing more than a nine inonlha'. tent upon which Arbitration .-can- bn based. - At the ond of thti tent the- wholo matter «oe« back headH of farnllien ami thoHe having others dependent upon them 1 whould be relieved. The order wna proclaimed (o the puMic and many wiveH. dependent mothers and otherH hailed it with delight. Hut there appear* to have been order, prlyate!y_.J»wued l _. In sweetening nnd purifying tbo entire alimentary canal before ng moro food into tho stomach. ,.„ /he action of hot water and Ume»ton« v* phosphate on an empty stomach If wonderfully Invigorating. It cleatw out all the sour fermentation*, waste anil acidity and given one _ splendid appetite tiff breakfast. WhH.»;| you are enjoying your breakfast the*1 water and phosphato Is quietly J5jl_ for »'; inaidft- east of...he^fe, Sunday v |- twelve- miles mornlriK- •* « Five other men, standing (r» the rear philfiirm of the caboose, sajiv the approaching train and jumped to safety. &^-m»n-ttr-rt and wan thrown clear of the wreck eacapt-d injury. The trains in col Union were aoctionH of A regular stock train. Lack of lights and warning ttlgnal* ia given by Hurvivora aa the' cause -of the accident. __--___ ________ western and central Nebrafcfcu v.u>.wnn. to CoiiKrexH for final action. The brotherhoodH aRree ( | to this an fair and called off the strike. Franklin .Underwood, prenldent of the Kr'le. ha« jriven out u. Htaienient volutitnril>' praising Pnmldent VVIlHon for- -hin course. ; Only Mr. HIIK|ICM remains bitter '»nd unconvlnoed. Only the mVnn .the Hlupid refiiNv to -iiee the cour- ~ and which effect nullified Order No7 20",~for" many men whpHp, loved oneH were In actual want, or were belnn supported, by the patrlotfc donutioiiK of the communities" in which, they lived, sought to obtain their dlflcharge under Order No. ao nnd were met--withr;|nf<irfn«tlon from their officers that they were forbidden to make Hiich application. There appear* to be no good ren«o'n for keeping the KiiardHmen on the border all thiH time. A redistribution of the command of General Penihttiy along the border, the aHBembllng: of a greater force of reKulam, etc., and Rterner, more emphatic metliodK of dealing wWi Carran*u would dou^btleHH have made the blood and getting ready thorough, (lushing of all the Argun*. . •„.- ..:..,;. Tho millionn of people w|>o bothered with constipation, bl Hpt-lls. Htoniach trouble, rheumatiiin; others who have sallow nklriii, blood aisoi-aers "utj^ gicitly complexldns ar¥ urged; to gpt a <|iiurter .pound of lime-' stone pboNphate from tho, drug store whi6h w»l cost very little, but "ftI sufficient to mak« anyone a - pronounced crank on tho (subject of Internal sanitation. • — f<l th« ruitJon from dimmtw even while pavinc ,wuy for le«lHlati«n that will end tho jnentice of Induxtrlal war. } YABOJOSSOEE Threat* Of Retaliation Are^, Heard -r Againtt Sen. Shermanr —<~ ponitlblo the-Fett>«Be of TeuHt all those who have, wives or othem dependent I'm them for support, if only administration regarded that end of sufficient importance to warrant It attention. Heat display of cold pnck method of' winning, |2.00, $1.00. Heat can of chow-chow, tl.00,_76c. He«t email Jar of 'hatter, 13.00, 18.00, n.oo, Fancy Work For ladies. . Best crochet yoke, *1.SO, $1,00. -Btmt-pntr~iTmirw trimming, Ji.iH). 75c. with crochet COMMITTEE MET <By JLInlted Quincy, III., Oct. i«. tallatlon Prens.) Threats of r*>: Kenator Lawronco V. Sherman, who nwently publicully denounced Samuel Uomiters. president of the' American FtHiemtlon of Labor. were heard on eygryhgjujjmt. dejegntea -(ganthtued from page~tT' ttrtiigtHlnota J)f-i4>>IOf Will Be Made By President In Chieago Thurtday. , III.. Oct. 16,—President Wil will make three wpeeclmw in C'hl- ne^t Thursday Jn»teiu| of one, ttlly planned. Tliu first will ,be at-a luncheon of the Preaa Club al noon, the second at a women'* meeting at 8he Auditorium Theater at 4 o'clock, and the third at ttm stackyards pavilion in th«- euing. All of the meetings wilt 'be under auspices. And the Presl* addreaaea will be more or leys iumpoliUcuJ. Mayor Thompson,' probably fearing that there will be tou, strong a tinge of politics, ha« declined «n invitation to welcome the President at the night meeting, which i« under tiu* auspices of the New Citizens' AIIe«ia»r}» tVle- brutlon committee, Thu nit*yor, in his tetter to the commit lot-. expressed his fogrvtv thait he could not be pr«ae«t, but saw no specific reason for declining. . convention gathered here today. The convention opened tills itfter- midltoHum nt -thf President ji>hn Walk- aml- FreBi»- I^abor Temple. w-ot th*,suite dent Frank Furringiibri of»the 1'nltfd AHnw Worker* were among HIP oltliMuls who are attending the convention. President \Viflker ban an cxhuiiMtlvc roiH>rt to muktt lo lh^Htat« body. The i-«W twenty early, 11.50; 2nd, Heat twenti early, II .... , . . . Applea—lat, I^orgetit and best e*hl- hit, live of each variety, $5; 2nd; J<nr- and beat »xh|blt, live of each vur- ' 1st largest and, best exhibit. 110} ;'n»l bu-Kest__jtnj1_best_j!iSEJll!>lCJ3;Urd 1st best neck onions, 76c; Sj nnionsr SOf. ----------------- - -_..... . peck beets, 50c. liwtt ropqr •venU interest to labor ocirurrlng iu tlm state during the last year. * The reiwrt also contuiiui tiie iegln- record of every member of the general assembly unit , foi responding, recommendations. l«t be«t peck turnips, 75c; 2nd best turnips, 60c. 1st bent peck carrots. 75c: 2nd beat BOC. Hest lunch cloth, witli crochet trim--! rnlng. »100, fi.oo. Heat ten plece« of erorthet, $2.00, $1. West ten plecea of Uilting, fa.OO, $1,00. Bent ten pieces duncy work, any Hind. $3.00,-'$l.-«l».- - -^ v For Girl, Under 1$ Yaara Of Age. egil,~T3Ti)0.' $ ITOfl Heat loaf of Iki«(on brown bread. II."0, 75c, 50c. BeHt dozen rnjuodhiHCuita, 11.00, 70c.™ Hest chocolate layer <-ako with white fronting. $1.00, T5e. . • siiiiKlilnB loaf cake. ji.OQ, , . est white layer cake with nut.lclnf . 11.00, 75c. , " — llest one-dozen hormlts, 11.00," 75o, hand ihado cor»t cover,' 12.00, - He«t hand :f»*t t rimming Hest hand kerchief, with cro- Use The UuKetlo (flasMirtcd AdH, for u|ek-8ttlea, help wanted, eto. TO BAR CRIPPLES Brazil Official Fear* Country Will Be Overrun After the War. , - Hio Oe Jwneii™. Bruzil. Oct. 16.-— 4 Mil rctfulutiii£ the adinisiwiun »)f per- uoiiH muttlat«d in th«-vi<*ut Kuroptwin wur. is. bcuijjj pushed by Peputy iiUr- i\'.t» The h'Kitfia.tar fe»rs Hrussll will -wrtrun- by • tt-r the viMr, ' The far There i* oat iure, uf« w»y to avoid«blotchy, pimply ikin. A good or b*4 comp!>»|oa comw from wUbja. Ifyouw«m»cie«rcojnpl«xion { a clean «kia—roiy «hwki and good hwlth, your blood mutt b* pure ».nd tho pqisonom owtter rou*t bacarried off, DrEa wards'OHveTableU ajiiu Mturrio rtitto?* ail poiionou* «-«»*, HJ»UW in tt»t •/«l*w. Th«y act on thelketandbontli like calomel y«t b**5 ftp 4> ns^rou* aftw-cffict*. 1 hly are ieH»bli>^-skf« wd canaot harm— »r« used by wp»*» folk* «verywher«, Coniti|>»tioti it nearly »!,««?» tha ilraentiof wonieii. The la; U caadt to dp their work ^---•*--*" la »n6fEB»l 1st best pock parsnips, 7Cc; and boat peck parsnips, 50c, '. .(., 1st Hest bead of cabl-agc, 7.~x : i'nd best bead of cabbage, fiOc. ' ' 1st best »<iua»h, 75c; and best stntussh, 50c. —1»r beat jile pumpkiri, 76c; i'm pit? pumpkin, 50c. •«t pumpkin, 51)0.' s«nuudi, 5flo, • ear.of corn, 50c. i«nn£CMt ear of corn, 60c, Ht'Kt cur of corn, $j, -......, 1st .hlKhiVM. score in corn ju'dKi»«r class.- J3; t'nd highest score In corn Judging dawn, $»'; 3rd"hfghcst «core in corn judging olawa.ti. Special Premium —Hest ten cars of yellow dent corn, premium offered by ('buries "Passmore. lift.-," korchief, wjth tat- Inj? iriinmiiw, 11.00, 76c, «lo»rr button holes, 12.00, Jl.00. ctmfehtft tflinnied, *1,00, 75c.: He«t both towel croohct trimroed, $1.00, 7tic, Hest guest towei. tattlnn trlmmlnft # J * hand nuul« apron. $|.0t), 75c. dr<»sHed <U»!1 by «irl under- 4 years of age, 32.00, f 1.00. 7541^, How to Heal " Pussmore. |io. -. , Howiohold Science Prize*. Tho h<iU8elioJd~8t'ieiH't» For Ladiet. bread. 13.00, '12.00. ••• - -•-' ......... ••';-••«•- -- J Ut'st loaJ fl.oo. '•Ut-st loaf gruham bread, . 13.0.0, f 4 Ort 11.00. . Uo itutilu with one CKK,' II (JKt ten 1 . ' - - • ..... • Hc*t whUo Iaye£jji0vi-v\)th cow.'i- nut ii-ing', |l 00, 7r.c. . ost Hun«liim» lout cake. $l.tu», 75c. •• ci»late chocolate luyor with chu. home with worm, ;., or two ubltfui nightly and note the pl«». AUdfuggUu—-10c*nd25c. f l.U'M glass s'uiiaHt j«-'lly. f — lii'hf'fis'n >;trn•wht'-iry- pi,'. "'• * . IK-st tan «r;iypberry ' inci '«.-%• $ !.• Hftltimor'; dwctor auggcnU tl«i« but n-lUlilo and Fiu-, ipenaive, tr'eat'iutut for uwplo ~ ^^ouidj ring' raahvs and iU'liiiuf, burn* «"« ,»'uin troublca. • ^ t &ny roliabla v uggint's guts a jar of nssiiw oiutHMsuf and a fttke of rcttiuol goap. Ihww are not at all «pwj»Jro, WUb the ri'Binol aoftji and warm water baUi« ttiu ulTcctod parta thorougiUy, tuttU they arc frj* iruia cruut^ ftu<i \hs jirio, is aofttwd. Dry very geatly, «prea4 cm u tiun l»ycr of tho rewuol ointw - A cover with a light taudag*—if : to pr«tt«t tho clotliliig. .«,_., !M« du«tt twice a day, Usually * tin- itching and burning atop with tb* '" " treatment, ami tiio akin «ooa be* ticar and »(*lthy ,. any »oap wilt dean && MHO hair. But thcwu wbo want a which not only ht'lps thi* coiflpli to cUoom; i>'»iawl but wt'tually

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