Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
Page 2
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I Ut MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MOER1SON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1916. FAREWELL PARTY rf F»rewetirS'u'rprise" Given At Wohnke ' Horn* Ear J«««ie Potter. MORRISON WON T««ir . REPAIRINO THE PAVING. .Tiit> «U"i-.t-l .dui'iirtntt "t . "f tin* cit nl prt>«''tjt .Jitisy" i"p/;dr!n«. ill'* "i 1 iivhifr. Hcvj>i;ii sniall ilrprfspitui .hlcli )KIV^> iUjS'fjircd In vnrioiix |>hi<«» IsiTi- ii'iu !•«•(» ivitut ttn n!N j n!l(>i) nf Hi j HurkiTD'ti. D»f*al«d A Sunday 33 To 0. -.- -t •»«» ut honol- iof All?* .icp.xie home on Lincoln \\.-iy West i >!' \ *e- i'ci'timll |.ltiy*'ii at (lie '.n.iindia. ',vl:'i p, fsoiid Kridii v ,.»,.,,,,, K , twenty- •,,,,».( in «(<• n>> n < e The H boo! jilrl {i!-''id.v in siltfiiilan.-e i '. ". to o, ami ibe \ Mto™» took their <le„ ,.i,,,,( \v:t» flellKlitruIty >pcnt • KO<») iiiiinre llv. Many rooti-r* sic- H,irnr"4. \ : dainty inncii \V:IH ft-tvfil Into in Hie evening, ',%!!.«» Mit< he! arid AliM.* Kdna Kwanwm fixrflsUniT riplenl of n beautiful IM. VaUJcrt 1 her tiy Ibc Kirln si" a imHiim n-mi'm- branri. INFANT SON DIES Three W«t<« Old Son Of William Stapleton Pfliset Away. * ""The Ihfef weeks old son of Mr. and Mr*. William Ht.'ipleton, of <'iydf>, i ••>Tn|>i<iil«il tin I'M :it<r<itiiit<i >'IA t <» pin >«••(! at j<t<->r)In li«»y.-». fl i« Is to Sunday: MORRISONBRJEFS Mrs. '«'. H. TilUtii. ff rhlraKo. a , John llhk w-Piit ('• StcrllMK Kat'ir <Jay"wTiV.r^i1i» T y"vI,B5T» T TTTiT I tiiFtrrnmT-T. Mrs; IJtck'H datiKhtf-r, Mm <ly H»-wV , Hfilllo <'urry wrnt (•• I'rophft.* 'layp vl«l t-iit tu Stir Hix'iii tin town KatiTday fur u with ffit'iidH. Mi>-H Mnifhn Mi-C DDK Kuturdiiy ulH Wt>«-k fnd \vllh PROBATE COURT RECORDS. Kutnto Jninrs H. VV'HI pff«»>iiN'd and |.i>ti(ii>ii to llltd H(MiMtiK Mf't ?•>»• Nov. .'!, -ISlti jf K Aflld.'tvit i>r Mlli'pbiUil. tl« Ivy Veopli H *•en to Hound iJrove Srttunlny f«r n vl.oi with their "«iuicr.""Mr«. Jky Ingleklnw, Mr. and Mr«. Chat-leu Shirk rHurr,e< to their home Id Auroru Hatnidny nf ir-r a visit willi rdailve* in this city. MlfiH (Jeorxlo MeMilllen spent Hatur day with fiichilB Ifi Clinton. Will Hint?., of niton, \va«? a uwny at tin- 1iorm« torn lll«-d i and eer- nollcrs to credl* approved. • 'ImrleH 1C. Hideiuiiir, de- vlJdtorn in thin city Hi" Henry Keiley returned Kriday ev* from ti short bii>>iiifS,H visit in C!tl «.ii-MT.i.~ ' »>*»«». rr i,.. 4 viii*'*'*"'i * wrr- llellt'V \IdlemH .mil f a m 11 y WOT' censed. Allld.ivlt of posting find cer-1 wjundriy KIH .Hts at the Clnrenci- Wtcr 4«- 1-Ylday •ti'.'iilL The child was i titlcatu ....of... publlaltiiiir notices to ere-j, • .......... ..* onc> of n Pair of twin? bom to Mr. and j dltoin filed and approved. Sfrf. Htnpleton Hfplfmber "3rd, The j funeral jifrvici:* \\ere held Huturdny . afternoon nt one o'clock at tho H r ion home. Key, James l>oit«>i Ina. IntcrmcjH took place in the Clyde] nt \V.»nd *» l-a'mcr TO. Hoover, dccenneiU j home from rtile.iRo w.hefe s»h<» wen! fo CeiUtital* ol inibliishlng notk-r to <!"»•• \ an examination ami medical treat m«n ill lorn tiled und approved. . | at the \Ve.«.ley liowpltal several, day; "••'*'• Jeremiah" McCnrtvv deceased.! u *o- , , ,.. . of publishing noilcfw to ere- '«'»<> re*td.neo of Ch.uK-s \VewM-l or KWM Main Httect IN ut pn-Hent uelnt. improvd l»y tin* ml litlon of a, now modern healing pi int. j.t»H. n .-u. > ••„ .«-. lu ». «i........ T A Hc<-k, of Uixot?, ujis H \Mflti 1->l/it»» Iluchac'l Llewellyn, deceancd. visitor in Iliii rlty f-Ylday. ; (Malm ullowfd. KIlaM T.*. David: $4.00. I ,M r . nn( i Mrw. Harry Smouso and J I Kntate Dayid 1^. H>er«, , dpcenspd. and Mrw. (-'linrleh Hlevenn went . dltorn llleil and approved. /w-k A 'KT/^'C< 'C'XT Tr^VCTI ' Kstnte Marv I>>hhH,' dpcoascd. Claim ^ANCfc H.rSjUl-l^lJ uiU.w^O. Fred' I*nox: $.'».nn. man hall In \Vhit- l'l«e«ni on l->idayHi'l ,,, A rnjt WHM weir attended. The nwi'i i J" »»: '•••«:• Iw»ndi«.,$4.<iO, fuinlnhi'd b\ the llTidsejVncf rt ^ l-^tate" Chnrlca K. Crohan. di-cenncd. icntni i»f this city, and all present' Kuuil' report lilwl. Hearing wt for t « verj; enjo>alili t 'fv« i nlnp» j i)«tober i"» llHii. JC»tnti- Anna N. Wieken«. Mr I. and Mr*. <"'hnrlen HteveiiH went «> the day with friend*. .Mr and .Mr*, J. H. C.ray returne. Friday i«vonin«r from a few days vl.iH with frii'ndu in chlyuK 11 Mrs. i'Ved .Scott iell the latter • f H*md— i !, tiled -and up- i School Cli.isen Hold $< M, E. Church' Friday, ty S ln-ol <^ei * M, . S*iiiiflay Hi'h.MiJ It.-t.i a i-.u fll ihi ir •••l"»*. <! t""iti i fit th y i*v« n'ns. T'lcr" w,s i i'i' of your? pejiple pit-»-fit n proved. At 1 l*»tnt-> l.vdl.i YomjK. deceased. Claim t aUi>Wi>d KnUlte of J. AV, HoytT, de»<*d. IS* 1 "w. In re-sab? of real *a- ltf|Hin of pale with proof of no- tncetit.jj j iic«- hl.-d and approved, and >T> h ••»! i turned con Cluules Ithodes, deceased. ' n ,i|.rr\od !ll(( a iato hour, .itter wldcSj.^n 1 y-brok«» tip rrtTTift "iTejIii'tn thfclr • lionien, b,i\ Inii spent a e\enlnK toKetivr, r. "A f- CALENDAR T nrmi of pu«tlnvr rotiec to \.\\ \ T'ed and approved | Kstrttf» i-orett'i •". Milligan. deceased, i )i til report approved and" Docket Will Be Called Wednesday And J^ Caie» Bet For Next Week. .Ciruufl court conveiTi>d "fodT»> s ~whli f: Minnii- .'iitlpy, di ceaced. 'A . The .TitdVO liaiiritu of (lulonii will ln» called on -\V and tha ca«i*K set for the trial- ^ . tlvrjfar ninxf week,_Court will tiicit i»^i Xl '| llor> 7mtrin^'~'niTfniii~T73Tow'firK~NT6ruTivt presented fi i r«'ihutc ana for further i/' . Minnie .», Stono, docoj«..scd s SVill ailmltteU to probate, UleJ and ro- Kutate Mury K. Teller, Uecoas"d. I'l- iinl > hen It will convene under JmU'> . SIONB ARE.RirPAI.NTED, . . i ;iug over UH< Ml«n» of th« Urndlpy- i tonton Co. In the viclnlUXof Mori I- ttl'f "IT iu>illK i'c|inllUc(l The AT TtNUbTTFUNERAL. Wllw»»-w«»nt to HiHwdfti** on t^iturday Where h» Attended the fun- wal scrvict'H of u cousin, Kenneth \Vil» nun. The child paws<-d .away lawt week -Thursday, «[nd'wan th» eon of Mr. and Mm .Sotlt Wilfon of HillHdalo, who retildocl in Newton and are Hntnvn Jiv this viciBUj^ZI : nearly twenty years Nuts food has htld first place among ready-cooked cereals. In lionx's wljerc (JrnjM* Kut!s is riot linuwn, a siugio pai'K*a«:«» from |lu» groct-r would inako it a i'rji'ml HJui^(au«lln' bot-auso of its woiuler i'lilly pltJUHtng llavciriHid iftnuiu'li iiourislmuMil— IHIB IU.HJAV i>f(M|,u jti sjjoiijxH^ .Huo.idu* «>i|f Larh r y. Kvery table showW have (laily rstliou of— of the ueek for a v i-Sit with n in Cttlur.'KapIdH _«n«l_Solon. Iowa, " Knncrt'-SUtihii* left Satunltiy" for In Jmvld" ( liyr Nnht several wt,elu<" w»th % fricnas in this cil>. Unther Ih'lurt .irrlxed Haturdtiy from Denver fpr » Vtnit with relativ«»B «t " friends In this \ ii'lntty, • Mr. and >lr«. V.. A. LuU went to Hutunlny tor It xhort visit nt . hut/... „ .p. H. V. NiKhtwr ln« Sunday monilnfT for a ten days vicilt with rt-latlvt-s in Toulon, IH. Mrn. Jl. H, IJwuU-Ky and daiujhtcr AI18H Alinil, were- Week end KUCritS Of ritorlinjr relatives. MrH, Hen N.-lison, Mrn. Uen Watson nd Keuneih Andernou went to Clm- ton Huturday \\l\er* they vlfclted Louis Annerwrt, who IH recovering from an operitttion in the htupital. Mrs. C, R,'M«Kci' went to Sterling Baturdity whcr« *h« vialU'd her d«us*<- t«-r, Mrm»l-Veil liurch, f.vdia. Itlley went" to Rilton tho Alr«. \V. H- Tulltr went to Itoi'k Fall* snturdny wJ«.Tu «ht\d.clivcfc'd .i»n «d- dr*»»« nt (i met'tiinc of the- Uoman's cjuh of that city. The- subject of Mr». Tullcr'H tuik wax "hVderatloiu*. Tlu-lr Aim* and Acc«miai»hn»«nD».' Mr. und Mi"- Js>v v "»t'i • ll " 1 ifr. "f TJlrchwn-id. \ViN. huvo Tor a V »«*** in ibiH city. Mts« Ullittit S.tndl)iil-«. of of iK'r ^Jsler. Mi'! \\Ullum A lurgc number of Huliimmnn . went to N»w »mtt»rd. Monday to at tend t»u> rucea. ll bwin» UwrCylUy uT thai pluce. . Quite tt nttmbiT of our younff pcoide atu-nded tho dauco at Tampico J-rl- itulTSvi'iainK. A very large, crowd wu» In attendance un4 cvcryoju 1 reported a tine time, Mr*). Jolirt I>undHo>i. uf Mrn. t)'Mu»t«y, friMn-Uixon. atlcndid the m»rvlce« at Tnmplco VVudn«wday. John Hhfiihun tutd M* force 01, int>n n,vw_ i'«iov „ - - i n- pan Uon'eliuo and wift» uttcnded the ' ut ,'J'umptco Wednesday. Kthi-l Oi-vlne and brot»»»r, who ationdi-«i wchmd.ut S .,..„ came home i'Viduj - 4>yeniii|j to spend over Bunday with their parent*. Air, and. Mm, John P«v!n«, Hr: SkIi»M Irene Uoniihu* 1 'went to Turn- ptc(» Friday "evening to attend the danee' und viwH-Jyj fti'-tul, Mi»H Kllcii Col- Harriet I>H-W c«nu> home I-11- day from lu*Y aclioal at Amho). for an over Hunday.. vl»dl with her pureiu*-. iti CuUoliiilt lt« putting a new bim'k fOoiuUtiou tinder !»»» and inaUliu; otlivr minor un- provi»meiit« fiev^ral ptoiilt* fn»m Jfahnnuyui went up to Ktejll^it; to iituntd the ht-Jd. "t 4»t.- ,Mi«^> "Hjid next, Mr. -iuid Alr-sf".\utbo»y Mr. und Mi». IJiu\vn and family iuij- rtued to Tuiupico Wedm-aday to at^end the servlrt'B at ^-t. 'Miirj»'» chuuh and woe >rn«-M(h of Ui« l«?u<f)"« of thut Mh>- UlcjiliS of IbW i, SN lu-re Sl^ltiltK it tin' John r,u>l'!i> tionic /Mr and Mo Joe Kell> vi>-iy'il ut the Chaoil-r 11 nil hj.-nv >,(i »Joi'ttan fciun.iay. H.llUid I » I'l.'lil V i U, «' I H'Wc I<te-.ent ijM'l <v*'iv-'in' l( nl « Iliu w ju ,(. i^Uuia-d TOM MAUN, At the Acarfemy cf Mu*ic tonight. from riiii-tK", w *>«!<• !<«• b.mpht a fine h^rd of fes'tl>r- !!«• will liy to Rt (hen for marki't ii«-vt Jum-, "CiTfT' Tfirf Tti'itT~n ti7t~ i-rtnrnt-r! hfifrtr- fli/rn <'h.'t'mi'ah:ii wfi'-r'- he vrrnt ;i f»;W we«'k.« airr.-. , - » .%)(",«. l-Mlii Cxi-.fny--hft* retnrn"d honi<- liftrf a pro!nt>K|(M! vifit vvifb li'-i p«it- ents and friends its Hahntunan, MYn* KaiHn n JtcCciTOlct; wn^ ;t i-t in !><-pr CM've Mond:i-y. HUGHES HAS THE LEAD He Needs 5Q Hectors From the Doubtful States While Wilson Needs 117. -. ... ..__.... _..... the pre«iidch.H!il election only three \Cf.ekH nff. the tmuwKcrK <>( tb» tw> HTfiit plirtiejt l|;«Ve WiUletl floWH to th*' work of (lidding for tin- cnieliil The crucial ,-ilaU'H uii; tho*e which cither Hutfhr* «n- Wilson must carry in order tu jinm the |irr«ldHicy. They ftr« included amoriK tin- no-culled doubtful aUites. wHirh J'.l .ib''L.*.'.!''.«• ' er M<fHy, Democratic »r K«'publienn utnl which fo.hi.v u|ip«-ttr HH uncertain iH the im^r, There *are i>3! V"i|<-« in the electoral eolleRe mid H total of l'GO ! n victory. At. nrfHi-nt tw'-niy-one H tntal of 2H», electoffi'l counted wifely for IlutfheM; state** wttti n total of J4!» votes counted wifely for WllKon. and fourtee xtntpft with 172- nlBctoru! vot<»M In tin- doubtful column*- —nnrtht-mft'lc-alty—:*! of tho Heculiltcan mnnnKcrH appears ><otnewl»Ht wiHli-r than that of tin Democratic, for on . thene Which nre K«"*r:Uly r«>Karded as conservative, it i* that-Hitches-mtiHt-K»>t «nly fifty-six of the 172 doubtful votim in tirder to win, while Wilxnn muwt th»* 172 in onlT to Htay In m another f->ur yt«at-i an dcnl. Hughe* States. Hump .... ............. ......... 4 — ...... ...... ...... ...<..•! -lt.*! ..... . .............. IS Khr«)ih> Inland Iowa North Uttkotu ... HoiUh Dakota , Kan««i« Wyom t(|Uho Delicious to meet Don't target j«.« . .« > > . . — .. .38 ...... .,.,,.,,. 3 . ........... . .^ , J. r ,...'..,../..., .10 . ..... -.3 CiUlfornia ......... ... ...... ..;;".. 13 Wilton States. Virginia ........... , ............... 12 Kentucky ................. , ..... ... 13 North Carolina ..... ............. ... 12 South Carolina ............ . ...... . .9 t t Florida Oklahoma .12 .........6 10 ..-.'. 10 ,,..,....11} .9 TirXUK \*;w York .,.. S'PW Jefney . . Maryland .... W>st VirKlnia Ohio .;...,.,. Indiana 45 14 8 • •'..•• V' 8 !!!!!'.!}!i6 "iSToriiiio . ,,.,.,,,-.';. ;. .$ New Mexico •.,,,.,.',.,,,. 3 Ariyoim......... ..^.._._.._._. ^.3^ Montana ., '.,.,, 77777" 13 -..;.; 3 "WE WANT WJLSON" That W»e the W«leom» That Greeted" *L* I_J'. l.^-> **L*_ " * , the H'ughei Women , Or<"., Oct. - Ifl.— 'Wilson! Wo wunt Wil«un!" und Whfere'js Urn ouiket-2_l'i;tulx-iu coffin!" crowd of Democratic women eiunpalgtieisi for HUK'I- igft ttietr jpwlal train at "CASCARETS" FOR tlVER, BOWELS SPEND 10 CENTS! DON'T STAY BILIOUS, SICK, HEADACHY, CONSTIPATED. Jan't harm" you! Be»t onthartic for men, women and children. ' ' Knjoy life' Your #ynt,cm in (UletJ VJh un ai'i'wtUUlytlon u/ liiiv and bowel wlilcli ko»>iMi you Milluu«, head- tt»'Hy. dl/.*>\ t«ijf?(ti» coatvd^ breuth bad .nd htoinavh »our—Why don't you fe«t . IH.ivm box uf (^HC 4 tr«!tH at the drug tore ami" feel bully, Tuke C'uHcarvtx oni^iti ami enjoy tho nicest, gentlv«t ivci and bowel f|eu,nslnif .you C'vfT e.x- ieit<iic4-d You'll Wake' up with u, U:»u- head, cb-aii tongue, lively t>tcp, p»-y s>kin and loukinw 'and fechnj: lit PUT CREAM IN NOSE STOP CATARRH Tells How To Open Clogged NOB trils and End Head-Colde. ASSAILS 010 GUARD I Wilson Says Progressives Have Been You feel «ne in a ftnv moments. Your °y 0. 0. P. L«?aders. cold in head or catarrh "will be gonv, ^ ——— Your clogged nowtrllH will open. The | Khodow I^awn. N'. J., Oct. 10.— air paHsaifca of your head will clearl-'Amt-rlca is ulway« ready <.» Msljt for and you can brcathn freely. No moref t | lingH tniu ftro Am erJ«in." , headaclic; no huwkinK, nnuf-j. Speaklnjf to wveral thounand" 1'enn- rnucoug __ r _ no struHidlntr for breath at nl«ltt. tumn . Hatunlrty <tftt j rti""n ai..-thi> i UuuMt*. J'rasidfint thlH time in whnt n<fi»*«u -Mr.. hnx chanwed to canne him to uupport ihln candidate now. whifn h«denounced linn MI \Jiicirmisly iti 1U04'' "Will Mr. McCurniick deny that the forporatioiin are .-<iiU with I J ow*len'? Will lie d»-ny that MiVLowdcn in Imck- r"hv iiu- i.nniiin.Thoinnaon crowd. which, if we can Jud^re from the col.-, unniH of The Tribune, IH th« most de«- perately corrupt KSUIK of political spollw- men that IIIIM ever Katlit'r**d in the city hall in ChicaK"."" Enough to- Make Anyone. Toll your drtiKfjUt you want a Hinall tj, U 8 an^wvred thoso who, hi- declare bottle of Rly'H Croam Ualm. Apnly a hav»« mid that "the w-npU- of th little of thlH frnKrnnt, nntiHejitlc cream In your noatrila, Jet .it tionutratn . Apn ejitlc cr through ev«ry air of tho h6ad; tlitx country don't want 4" (tent for nuy- "Hut AJi\.erlc«." the soothe ,and lu«U the xwollen, inllamed j tinned, : 'niuM'llKht foi'TlVclementH of fnucouB membrane, .and relief cornea justice mid pe.n-.- When oncf» H!»< is instantly. J^_ .-.'•' aufferer needs. Won't stay «t»ffod-ui> and miwurabk'. the Union iH'iHjt Huturduy mid r~4l>f Ir- hotel. so forjjelTul of tTu^ tion as not to t'Vr-rythinK. even his life, to hiiiiul _lj*i'_tht?_hoiior i»/_il»ls_ country ,"^ " " ' The pn'sidmt warned against -('1111- trul of the Vovernmi'iH by men "who Won't tell you what they urc> KOinK to thejlnd vlsitora Htepped upon the ,io" and ripped into tiH'-Hepublieaii platform a cheer for-Hngh.'-* went up {party. !!«• <u>cl«red that JI|M opi»>nenH and (I band bef;nri |iuinpiiiK out rapid tnclody, Kuddenly the .shouta of wi'lcomo-and tho muKic wer«- drowned MI a Kale of !>hriekn f«u- Wilson. I'olico e»ti- mlitcd Hint the WilHiin women oufjUim- bered Hugheu three to om>. it was ft well planned ambuneadc and r«-Ku|le<l in Hcenew uf coufgnion, i)tit know what they want anil ai<- Jh* wild thai l*roKn'«Miye« iiuve been sliume'fullv deceived and betrayed by "who jmTely wanted' to main control of the lU'puldioiui party." ".Now we nee. standing nut the familiar Old Uuiml." he I'diitiuin-it. "He- iiK-mber the ilutiKti done by the govern- iin'iit iiri; nut il.»iu> by the prtnident, but bv I»JM von^iv-."-, ao»l 1 wiint To'iieaT OH! MY BACK! -- w»tni"!<» to thr kind-of- ipiililicaiunutcloiu- hiiK-trii'd to .wield in I IIIHJ tllc\ ,'«! e I) itIiltC. -. i / ii LCI,. AIMS AT LOWDEN Tha Expression of Many a Kjdney j _ " _ . • ' . , Ounne Says McCormick Has fferer in Sterhno- Ht» Attitude. _,._J. ' c.irtii;iV. t .. hi. >')«•(, 10 c;«.v. H. I-'. ir backache- i,>' cau»e to MI?.-jfu ulc IIK lount.i (41 the fli.u'K< ••< 1iui| pect klilney trouble. When tluj ki.l- )•' ,«»n-« l.uu t.\',Mc,uU McConmct, in art-lnlliu»fd nixl Mvvollcn. ,<,toppniK (* > '^' l ' l ' i t"' - , ,' , I ln« i,i-,k ft tlnni' tlti heavy jams a whurp twinge In tbc .small ol w , 1)ItM ,,, } ^.i,,,;,,,..,,..,!.,,, |,. U u^ been the buck, thtit aliip^t taKejl the jlt.tmlc.l to M-UiH .Mi-t'mmuk." Mr. iway. J)ban> Kidney l'ill«< ievivu hliiK-j •>'.''>•"" ^-Hii, "i de. ne to roiund >ou . . , , , ... , . . In- \\ i'« '.ii one nine oUtor-m- ! •sMi ^ Kldney.s - n-licve .,,cJdi, B backs |, M , ( ,„ T||il ,-,,„..,,.„ T ,,,, ym .. y, , H , U( i proof. tb.ii. }!on i,i i;"il, \vJ.U4 c«iiV i^-nv«,' F. 1'cteiHun. KlXth Ave; HUiling, .Kn was ,i i in.lut sic iTii thi- otunin.i-; yr, 1 l 'l recomtiieiiii I)O;UI'H Ktdncv u-in tor ^ov<!i.ot, .unl I limi in-looU- ll»;io e\ei>oite 'whu h^a tiouble fioin , uu: t.U'i if-.i- i.Uri, thtt Kditor Mi-i\n- their back'.or JsUUH'J'' 1 ' I ^Jiail. ]i.ilns ;io.< K ««,.!,» n Ut >iiit>t..i ii-'uiiin, « my ti'id'iu\»» and when 1 >>|otipeil, ..i '!'!•" T'tiine.i on M»v i; IMIJ, tiiiu had dlffb'uUy it» *.ti;iu;bti«liliiH. Ms "l.i'udt i: •- \iitniv m«ic Welt 1 ii it'ii'il.ii in a* lion alho ^.-\,. i im , \ t s ,,fit:"i< <i (ii- to^n i llhcd J *<' ll» ~* Kii! I icy " 1'itlN ' : in 11 ,, m< 1 < . £l .'i t >. i .11 , t. t'.i and they made me u 11 b» i tt | r.!' > >> •'..! it'uirt u 1 in".i- MI. a l>iH- IM. •'*?• 5'IJ, '!• il t-| - . ]'i"!i t • -il ;--'i\U'U..L.J ^uiu_i.i. < .-ii~:uiiw M*\>. . I ,i -Ij i;.t , nits. iV, <l , ' ,.',[,i, , ' U^^ '! <to, ~'.o.i. Us- • iJii-Ui'i "Kl'Ti\r\ Tili 'ir>. "..«iiii ~li '" ^.'..!.<•' to .- ti' ''.I* i r>nu j<*t'> i Mr I'dei .t,|, iiu i • I " >'• i Mm U! n ; i • • ' i\ i'. v- ' i ', " * Co, I'l'.pi, iJuli »!", ,",' i. '• I.- i i ...... ,i... -1.'. • :u«i.,u«.n tiikt'trto tin* this afU')uoou." Jtrn. Kncwzee— "Dcnr, dcor, I dlda't know jdio wus ill." Jklr. . Kuowzee — . "She NviiHii't until she. KIIW tho writeup of thu Hwlnton lutiblcfllw lu whtcti she \vu» mendouod us the guf«t of honor I" — 1'uck. HUSBAND SAVE HISWI Stopped Most T«rHUe ferlng by GetHhg Her ty4taT E Pinkham's Vegeta. ble Compo Texas. — "Aftt*p my littl* girl waa born two yuars ego I. began suffering with femAla troublo and could hardly nio;tny_w I watt vo«y nervoua but JUBV kopt dreg- ging on until 1 summer when 1 where I coulil not do my work. I wo«!d havo n cJiill every day and hot fl&*h«a und my houd would almost burst. I got where J waa a walk ing tskf!et«n and lifu waa « burde» to me until ona' day my husbana'* itep- mister told rny husbwl if ha did not do HumetljinK {or in« 1 would Dot l*8t tang und told htm togt'tyourmiHJicjne. Sofa* got I.ydia K* rinkham'i^Vegutiibi* Com? po«nd for mu, and »ftor taking the fifft tiitee.doaea 1 began to improve, i OOQ- tinned its u?c, and 1 have f<'«uih' trouble 8Jncc % I feel that rny lift? to you'und yuurjrt'Hiediet, did for nu« what dot tore could not do u:d 1 will »»lwfty» pjams it wherever 1 tro."-MM. U. 0. LwWi;«Y, 41 tift-yBtrcct, Dtnltum, Texts. If ynu-BTOuytft^ring-fi-ew^f f-M«aIt: ill», l?~L '&. l*uUUr *if. ky4i* E, Vi-'«'t;il'!e Compound, oed

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