The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAEB&8HELD CALIPOEN12N .THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1908. LBOAL ORDINANCE NO. 93. An ordinance imposing a license for |he business of handling, selling or living away spirituous, malt or fer- pentcd liquors or wines, fixing the mount thereof, imposing condition! nd making regulations therefor, prodding for the revocation of such H- pie, prescribing the method of pro- fire and fixing the punishment for ^violation of said conditions and Nations. The Board of Supervls- Ifef the County of Kern, do ordain Follows: fcction 1. It shall be unlawful for LBQAL. thereupon proceed shall refuse to allow to hear any testi- r in support of, or n for license, and w a license to is- t shall appear to he board, that the Icense is ont a ve or hold such 11- etltloner has been now existing, or hereafter adopted for the lawful regulation of such business, or place of business. If at any time in the judgment of the Board of Supervisors, the sureties on such bond, or either of such sureties become insufficient, the board mny require the principal to execute a new bond with sufficient petitioner for the license convicted under this ordinance, or has I sureties in like form and amount as violated any of the provisions of this I the first bond; and if he falls so to do as in this and any person, person, firm, or corporation, club Bsoclation, or member or members ch club or association, whether lincipal, clerk, servant, agent or noyee, to engage in transacting, Juctlng, or carrying on the busl- of handling, giving away or sell- r spirituous, malt or fermented |Vs or wines in any quantity or •'titles, in said County of Kern, |jde of municipal corporations, at first having procured a 11- ordinance ., . . . firm, cor- I ion, club, or association, or mem. members of such club or assq- to who violate any of the provll- I of this ordinance, shall be deem- rutlty of a misdemeanor and pun- l as hereinafter provided, fiction 2. Every person, firm, cor- tlon, club or association, or mem- or members of such club or asso- |.lou who engages in, transacts or kles on in the County of Kern, jte of California, outside of munlc- corporations, the business of [Tilling, giving away, furnishing or |lng any spirituous , malt or fer- (led liquors or wines in any quan- I )r quantities, must first obtain a .4e therefor from the Tax Collec- i said county as hereinafter pro- and make therefor the followmymonts: 1 each and every year Three red (J300.00) Dollars; nnd, pro- further that no license shall be Id for a less period than one bctlon 3. No license shall be Is- Id to any person, firm, corporation, Jj, or association, to engage in, transact, or carry on the business of .handling, givl.ig away, furnishing or selling spirituous, malt, or fermented , liquors or wines In said Kern Countv jtside of municipal corporations, la uy place or places where any farce, n.edy, tragedy, ballet, ki;-,g, declamation, is opera, play, singing, or ordinance, or If such petition Is not made in good faith, or If the proposed place for conducting the said businesa Is not a fit or proper place, or if there Is any other sufficient reason for such refusal, whether shown by such protest on file, location of business or otherwise. The Board of Su- pervlors may of their own motion, or [or good cause jjhown by a petitioner or protestant postpone the hearing of any petition. « Section 6. Any person, firm, corporation, club or association, having i>een once refused a license, or having failed to ppsecute his petition there- tor, by reason of protests being filed, shall not be granted a license upon a second ,<iietltlon made within six months after the first petition; and no person shall be granted a license upon 'any petition after having been twice' refused by reason of such protests; provided further that any petitioner for a license may be examined under oath, and any competent evidence may be produced as to who la the real party in Interest, and if the Board of Supervisors is satisfied that the petition is not In the Interest of the party In whose name the petition is made, they muay refuse to grant the license, and if found to be in the interest of one who has already been refused a license, they may treat the petition as if made by the real party In interest, and the petition shall to do within ten days after receiving written notice of such requirement stating the reason therefor, the board may cancel the bond nnd revoke the license Issued thereunder. If at any time It shall appear to the satisfaction of the Board of Supervisors, after having given the principal five days written notice by mall, that he has violated any of the conditions of this bond, and of this ordinance the board shall at once revoke his license and declare the bond forfeited. Section 12. No person shall vend, hr.wk, peddle, sell, give or furnish spirituous, vinous, malt or mixed liquors or an Intoxicating drink to others within the County of Kern, except at n fixed place of business duly authorized. Section 13. Nothing In this ordinance contained shall be construed, or deemed to authorize the sale, or furnishing, or giving of intoxicating liquors to minors, Indians, habitual drunkards, or to any person or class of persons to whom such sale or furnishing is prohibited by law. Section 14. Upon the trial of any action authorized by this ordinance, the defendant Is deemed not to have procured the proper license, unless he either produce it, or prove that he procured it. Section 15. Every person who en gages in, transacts, or carries on the business of handling, giving away, or selling spirituous, malt or fermented have the same effect against any fu jure petition, as if it had been made j ™s W ines, without in the name of the real party in In- ^ „ }icmw gQ - tQ do _ Bg Jn terest. Section 7. No license to sell, give or . (ilnance provided, or who violates any other provision of this ordinance, or away, or furnish vinous, malt, mixed, j nny of the conditions of the undertaker spirituous liquors uuder this ordi-1 ing herein required shall be guilty ol nance shall be issued until ordered i a misdemeanor, and upon conviction by the Board of Supervisors; notice of j thereof shall be punished by a fine which shall be given to the Tax Col- not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars lector by the Cleric of the Board ot nor less than Fifty Dollars, or by 1m Supervisors; ard provided further j crisonment in the County Jail not ex< that no license "-.'it-'l be issued by tho j ceerling six months, or by both such Tax Collector u, ,-; . person, firm, cor. fl n e and imprisonment. The Judg poratior.. club, or association, until m ent that the defendant pay the flne the party or parties making petition i m ay also direct that he be imprisone; for such license shall have paid to | until the flne !>e satisfied, specifying such Tax Collector any nnd all sums ; the extent of the imprisonment that may be due to the County of; which must not exceed one day for where Ke ™ from such Petitioner, or petition- every two dollars flne (provided such l Wntrt «lfl, 0 f o,- -,„„ r,f tTioni nn nn. l™,,«l>«- m ««* ™,,*t «n» ovnoo^ r,na ly exhibition of dancing, acrobatic its, contortions or the HKc is being ven, or in any building or buildings, jlosure, or enclosures, where fe- are employed for the purpose I soliciting for the sale oft or of away the same, or where fe- Lies are, employed for the amuse- |int, or entertainment of the public, jffuere females solicit for the sale, ^'glve away the same without being iployed so to do, and where females "tertaln, or amuse the public in any fanner, or in any room, building, or iildlngs, enclosure, or enclosures, or |ace whatsoever, where music Is be- played or rendered, or dancing Is on, or any [inducted. dancing is being era, or cither, or any of them, on ac- i Imprisonment must not exceed one count of any business heretofore 1 hundred and fifty days;) transacled by such pelltloner or petl- i And in eveiit that nny person Is (loners, or either, or any of them, and | found guilty of any violation of the lor which said business license has ; provisions of this ordinance by a con not been paid; and it is hereby made victl-in of nn offense committed at the duty of said Tax Collector to ascertain whether or not said petitioner ter the previous conviction under thl ordinance, he shall be Imprisoned fo: or petitioners, or either, or any of a period of not less than one, no them, are so indebted to the County | more than six months without the al ('Section 4. Every person, firm, cor- ration, club, or association desiring L license to engage in, transact, or irry on, the business of handling, filing or giving away, any spirituous, alt, or fermented liquors or wines, iall present to tho Board of Super- fsors of tho County of Kern, at a sular meeting of *nid board, a peti- in pra}4ng for tho issuance of said •onse,.said petition shall bo signed |y a majority of tho resident lessees, resident owners of property wilh- a radius of live, bund red t'cet of the e (n tho town in which it is pro- 3d to Conduct the said business, must ao.couipnny said petition by [pl»t showing the location of the oposed place of business; and when •I person, firm, corporation, club, association deires a license under 5e provisions of this 'ordinance to induct such business 'outside of any town, the. petition therefor must show •be place where said business is to be |ondiited, and be signed by not less San two-thirds of the resident leg- Ties and resident owners of real es- I te situated within a radius of three J ties of the place where such bust- IIJSB is proposed to be conducted; and ,id petition must be accompanied a plat showing the respective, lo- aliens or places of residence .of 'ihe ersons whose, names are,signed to petition; any person,'firm, corporation, club or a'sociatlon, desiring- Ifo procure a license a* aforesaid, deposit with the Clerk o£ tho koard of Supervisors of tho said |«unty of Kern, at the time of pro- nllng the aforesaid petition, tha nm of Three Hundred Dollars, lulled States Gold Coin, to be aped to Ihe payment o£ said license the first year. If said license is ranted, and If said license bo not Iranted, tho said sum of Three Hundred Dollars shall bo returned hy (ju> clerk to the petitioner; and pro- bled further, that no license shall Ju Issued to any person, firm, corpor- Ion, club, or association, under tho | provisions of this ordinance for a period of less than one year. Section 5. Kvery such petition Bhall be filed "Mth the Clerk of tho Llioard ot Supervisors at least ten days Iprior to the first Monday of tho onlh, upon which day such petition khall be heard by the Board ot Su- BOTH, and tho clerk of said board Ihall give notice of the filing ot said hetitlon by causing notice thereof to j o posted at least five days before [.aid-hearing as follows: If such business is proposed to be ionducted In an unincorporated town, of Kern, before issuing such license; and the said Tax Collector shall report the same to the Board of Supervisors. Section S. A license must be procured Immediately before the continuation hereunder, or commencement of any business or occupation liable to such license, as In this ordinance provided, from tne Tax Collector of said county; which license shall authorize the person, firm, corporation, I an( j cancelled, provided that a con club, or association, petitioning the j complaint in writing duly verified same in such town or particular lo-: by person or persons making th cnlity In the county, to engage in, | -same shall have first been filed with transact, or carry on the business de- the clerk of such board, setting forth ternatlve of paying a flne as the pen ally therefor, or he may be punlshei by "both flne and Imprisonment. Al such fines, when collected, shall I) paid Into the County Treasury ol th said County of Kara for tho use o the general fuo-J of said county. Section 16. Any license grante under the provisions of this ord: nance may, at any regular meeting o the Board of Supervisors he revoke LEGAL. Section 20. All ordinances or parts f ordinances In conflict with this or- inance are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall take effect and e In force from and after the 4th day f January, 1909. H. A. JASTRO, halrman of the Board of Supervisors County of Kern, State of California. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) The above-ordlnance was passed by if Board of Supervisors of the Coun- r of Kern, at a regular meeting n-reof, held December 16th, 1908, by ie following vote: Ayes: Petersen, Brlte, Woody, Corel t, Jastro. Noes: None, Attest: I. L,. MILLER, clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) 12-19 ROAD NOTICED Office of the Clerk of the Botird of upiTvlsors of the County State of California of Kern, IftQAU LEGAL. DOQ LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given to all net logs, wlthu of Bakersfleld .ags tor the yearlilUb are now ready for delivery at the 01 nee ot the City Clerk, in tne basement of Producers Savings. Bank bulletins and on after the Ibiii day of Janu arv. 1 will proceed to Impound .al. does found running on the streets thai ring the license tat: to eons owning and keeuin the limits of flie City c that License Tags tor t d on afte v. 1 win gs found are not w the year 1" _. K. COX. Ppundmaster. Dated January 9. 1908. To all non-consenting owners of the erolnafter described lands, take no- Iff, that the report of the viewers on .imposed County Road No. 268, de- icribed as commencing at the Interaction of the eastern boundary of 'ounty Road No. 99, and the line be- ween sections 20 and 29 of township 27 south of range 26 east, M. D. B. ft M., thence east along and 3d feet on east side of said section line, 3406.7 to corner of sections 20, 21, 28 and 29, thence east along and 30 feet on each side of the -Jine between sec- ions 21 and 28, 22 and 27, 10577 feet o corner of sections 22,23, 28 and 27, L distance of 2.64 miles, has been set 'or hearing before the aald Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the bounty Court House, in the City of Bakersfleld, county and state aforesaid, at the hour ot 10:80 o'clock a. m.. of (be 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons Interested :hereln mny appear and make objec- Ion thereto If deemed proper. The said proposed roan or public highway will pass over, through and upon th e lands of unknown owners, A. N. Towne Co., H. C. Phillips. "State of H. P. Bende- deceased, S. W, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that th* taxes on all personal property, and one-half ot the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on thi second Monday In October, and wll be delinquent on the last Monday It November next therafter, HI 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereu fifteen per cent will be added to th» amount thereof, and that If said on* half'TO not paid before the last MOD day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m an additional • five per cent will b' added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ol the taxes on all real property will to payable on and after the first Mon day In January next, and will be d» llnquent on the last Monday in Aprl next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m. and that unless paid prior thereu five per cent will b* added to thi amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid ai the time th first installment, as here in provided, la due and payable. . 3. That taxes mar be paid In tht of&c« of the Tax Collector in th« county courthouse between the hour* of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. an< 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAT, Tax Collector, BAKER3FIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPMHK. Stockholders Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the sloclt- olderg of the Bakcrsfleld Sandstwn ?rlok Company will be held at the af- ce of the corporation in the Proiafr rs Savings Bank Building, No. 17*6 •ilnoteenth street. Bakersfleld, C*M- irnla, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Monday, antiary llth, 1909, for the election ol Irectors, and for the transaction «£ uch other business as mny bo proye^- y brought before, it FRANK S. KICK, Secretary. Date of first publication, Saturday December 26, 1908. IMS NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF OF PRODUCER* .-'otk-c'Ts" mVrofiv u'lven that the an tut! meeting of the stockhohforHof fnr 'roducei-H Savinirr, Bank will he ty&f t the office of said corporation in Pro lucerH SuvliiKH Hank Butidiuu:. in ihe Mtv of BaUorsitleld. Stale of Califw- lia. ort Tuesday, the 12th dav ol Jan- mrv, I'.MMi, at tho hour of 'A o'clock w 10-1 Kern County, California. SHERIFF'S SALE. , Kar Com oa Nicholas Jacobs. Plaintiff, vs. nia-AJax Consolidated Mliiine O nv. Defendant, By virtue of an execution issued ou of the Sunerior Coiirt of tho Countv o Kern. State of California. Nicholas Jacobs. Pb'lntlfi. and Alax Consolidated Minlnc Co.. ant. noon dav of a iudernent rendcrer Novembf ' ' ' 5th dav of November. A. p. 1908. fo - the stun of JR86.05. lawful inonev o .the I lilted States. besides costs am Root, Ollle Thomas, W. A. Prick. W. I Interest, I _have ^thls^ day levle 1 upon Falconer and the San Francisco Sav-' " ' ' ' inps Union. I ^ic pervlsors. nil the rltrht. title, claim and Intoro'5 ol' sail! defendant, of. in and to th , following described real mtuta. to-wit rtlnr nf (ho snlrl T4nnrrl nf <3n I thp K>l rniil-AjtlX llllnc. tOCOtlier with nttr ot tne said board ot s>u-| lne mil ( niaclilnerv ami atinllanreH lo- n.. for the purnosp of electlim di; >rs for tlio eiiHiiinu: vear. and for tint " nsactlon of such other business an ,v pronerlv come before the me** ;. W. S. TEVIS. PreKideni. f. »\. Ronlbson. Secretary. 11-Ss SHERIFF iurlne C u aru .. Pl RIFF'S S No. 28457. ru! William ALE. i MnnnTno- ...,,. Olderaha* ros.. a copartnership cpninosed of C, i. Qldenihaw and F. H. Oldershaw. 0e- amson aint Iff. VH. fern tdants. Bv vinue of an execution Issued o«! 3f the Superior Co-.irt of the Count* of Los 4, nK .?' er> s . lLn te,,9, f Callforjii*. wherefn MattegonAi Williamson MM- t ucturjnir Co.. Plaintiff, and OTdcr- aw Broi,.. a eqnartnershli) cpmnofo* C. D. OMershaw nnd F. JT. Older- aw. Pefendanls. unon a imlKineift rendero'l the 6th dnv of November, A. p. 1908. for the sum of $1743.73. ixw fill money or the United States, pp- tides costs and Inherent. 1 have r ion all the rleht. t ?rest of said defends the follo'-int tlescrl es costs ant dav levied upon claim nnd Interest of. In and to the real esute to-wli: and interest ol riEe""rfKh't." title defendants or either ol them i* find to Lot one (1) of plock nine <94 In the Chester tract, tnq same •" s o the Cltv of Bak nn addition to Countv of Kern. Stole of California^ Also all the rleht, title and interest rtr said and store _. JakerB ern. Stole of Callfo -ieht. title and iut« defendants or either ol t to that certain loaKohold i now occupied by C. D. or either of them In ' ' ' of tlir .,_._ ... iled hy C. I). OliteT- shaw * Co. at No. 1010 19th street in the Haherfeiile bulldliK' in tl)i> Clt* of Bakersliehl. kern Countv. CaJifo«»- notice ;;- herobv irivr-n tpntl nf» H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the said Board. Attest: I. 1.. MILLER, Clerk. 12-1G , patpd thoreon. situatecl about four miles south of the, town of Moiave more particularly f.i). Book 8 of m Countv. State _. nronert v belnu In of California. described K ami naire mhilne records of Kern of CttTlfornla. The said ' Kern Countv. State will, on Friday, the Mb dav tit arv. A. D. 19n9. at 2 o clock p .... said dav. in front ol the Court Honwe door of the Countv of Kern, sell at public auction, for lawful money of the rniteil States, all the rieht. title, cmiw and Interest of nald dofendantH. nf. In ainl to the above described tironcrtv. or so much thereot as mav be news- .-arv to raise .sulticieni monov to sa*-is!'v said ludirniont. with interest anfi cos's, etc.. to the hluhi'St and best ui.' NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Kern-Htali Oil Comnunv. Principal place of business. Uakursfield. Kern County. California. Notice is hereby ciyen that at a meetlne of tne directors, neln on the 3rd dav of December. 1908. nn assessment of one-quarter of a per share was levied upon the Cj stock of the corporation, paynb capita Ble 1m Public nonce is nureuv given tin will, on Saturday, the 9th rlav of J uar.v. A. D. lyOlt. at 11:30 o'clock n. ? f said dav. In front of the Cc louse door of the Countv of Kt sell at public auction, tor lawful in e.v of the United States, all the ric title, claim ana (merest of said fondant, of. in and to mediately to the undersigned secretary of said corporation, at the she:' ' office. BaKersfleld. Kern County, ifornia. . Any stock uoon which thl ma day nent.Bhalljrtjjhaln unnald on a r j8 ejlnc ' DUbjiC is ma 3 f January. 1. advertised for sale stock lall.n 3 6th ouen^ _ ._. i auction, ana. unless payment ... ,- before, win pe sold on Monday, the. 26th day, of January. 1909. at the hour of 2 o clock D. in, to pay trie delinuuent assessment, together with, costs of advertising and expenses of the sale. , By order of the Board of Directors. 11-5 T. A. b.\KlSR. Secretary. an- in. "at Kern, iiwful mon- _ cbt, it of said qe- , _.. ._ ... the above described property, or so much, thereof as mav be necessary to raise sufficient pionev to satisfy said iudement. ,wlui and costs, etc.. to tne hlch- at bidder. interest est and I Dated 12-16 By T. A. aKer. Donutv. SHERIFF'S SALE. E. L. Weeman. Plaintiff, vs. Karma onsolidated Mini endant. u. »» ^KJflUll. 1 . _. .Consolidated Mining Comnanv dant. iy vj[rtue_9f_afl execu,tlon Issued ou issued out e Countv of scribed in said license. A separate liconpo mu?t be obtain and specifying wherein such ordl- or any of its provisions, or busiiic-ss ; | n <j herf-in provided for 'violated, if aftpr a full have examination ed for each branch establishment, or , an -,- O f the conditions nf tbo undortak- separato. bouse, or place of located In said county. No license issued under this ordinance shall authorize any person, firm, corporation, club or association to carry on such buslntss wl'hln the t), n t the person, firm, corporation, limits of any incorporaled city or j r .] u ], or asociallon has been guilty of town having the power to impose or | t],e offense charged In the saiu ^om- levy any city or town license tax, un- j p ] a int. less in addition thereto, a license re- j Section 17. Upon tbe filing of the quired by said city or town be also i complaint herein above mentioned, fUMMONS In the Superior Cou .Kern. State of -- - _, —till p. Hodeens. Oil Comuuuv. • Court of the County if California, i. Plaintiff vs. Silver v. Defendant. in the Superior. )lida._ _ . unon a lugc'ment renrfe of Noveiuber. A. D. 1!1( of J1514.35. Inwriiliiionev • ui. , . ana Karma-Ainx Co.. Defendant. red the fith dav iered t. ujLerl'A; p."190». for the sum of the Unit- ind Interost. of . Bo\v 8 oi\rt of the Countv'of Kern, "s'iiiie ot j the mlll.'iinichfnorv-aiid aiVpllaiiceH lo- alitornia.. and. the Complaint tiled In I cut "d tlioreon. .slliiated of fio witnesses produced at nurh hc-ariiur, the Hoard of Supervisors 'or rnajority thereof, shall bo satisfied Comnany. :; r. i '''juntv of tho Clerk o" The Peon un ed Slates, besides cosits and I have this dav levied -unon nil the rlthf. Mtlo. rlaim anrl Interost of sjiid iliMondatit. o:. in uiv.1 to the. following •'•••v'-nl e) r,.:,) estate, to-wlt: i'ho Karma-Aiax mine, together with , t P,l Dec. pb, , 71v T. A. Baker. Deputv. } y .12-1* SUMMONS. .n the Suiierti-r Court t. of Kern. Stale of Cnllfornln Kthel Uounuetttt. PlaintiL Rououette. Uel'endant. Ac'''in broueht in the in the Suiierti-r Court or the Count* Kern. Stale of Cnljfornln Kthel UommelUt. Plaintiff VB. Petflf " ' .t'fimtnrit unevtqr ! « tt, office St nf H Cailfor- •"th~e"PconL 8 of''tfe J-Sfnfe nf California send Ereeting to Peter Rouauetl*. defendant. , , . You are hereby reciulrod to nonetir In an action broucht aeninst A "" tne above-named iilaintiff. in 1! of the. Couutv of vou fnl] nlalntlrr ern. in the. office 01 the or C of sale! Superior Court, sole of the State of Cantor ijreetinK; to Sliver Bow Oil first procured. Section 9. It shall be the duty of the Tax Collector to collect all licenses Issued under tMs ordinance, and to perform such other duties as are by this ordinance prescribed. Section 10. All licenses Issued under the provisions of this ordinance shall contain provisions, and shall be granted upon condition that same may be revoked or recalled at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors; and such board shall revoke any license when It is shown to their satisfaction that the holder of the license is keeping a disorderly place, or is violating any' of the provisions of this ordinance or of the state law, or that the best interests of the county will be served by revoking said provided, however, that no ..„«..-- ( 4 ,,, .,..*..., w* %.»*M^*,V« •— shall he revoked without giving the; shall govern the examina'lon of such holder thereof an opportunity to ap-' charge. pear before tho Board of Supervisors, Section IS. Any party holding n 11- In his own behalf. c< nee under the provision? of this or- On tho revocation of a license no lUnanco, who doslros to i-mitliiuo such part of the money paid lo tho county I duly verified, charging any person firm, corporation, club, or association, with the violation of otiy of the provisions of this ordinance, or any of the conditions of the undertaking, herein, as required, it Is hereby made the duty of the clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and he Is hereby expressly authorized to Issue a notice reclt/ Ing the substance of said complaint and commanding the person, firm, corporation, club, or association complained of, to appear before the Board of Supervisors on a day to be stated therein, at their next regular meeting after the filing of such complaint, and with any witnesses that he may desire, to show cause, if any hi has, why such license should not be license, I revoked. license j The rules of evidence In civil cases who desires to beyond the tin notice shall b e most public posted in throij places in such by salil petitioner or petitioners shall ; such license, must pr< bi) returned, hut such money HO paid, and the whole thereof shall ho forfeited to the county. When a llconsn of ;>ny person, llrni. corporation, cluh or association IK revoked for any cause, no new or other license shrill h<3 sranted to Iho same person firm, cor- \ former one, it sh>ill be. m the, by Su- _>elemlimt. ru nre'hereby reoulred to annuar .ill action broueht a«alu.8t you ..._, abovfi-namcd plaintiff In the iierlor Court.ot .the Countv of Kern, aud to answer the g reln. within ten e day of service) in vou of this Summons, .said. County; flTaerved SUMMONS. la the Superior Cou of n TCern. Stite of T. Mi. ijpdBens. Bow the County Ta. vs. Silver irtof th« .llfprnia. .. IIVUNVUD. Jl idintlU. V. . il Company, pefendant. „ ctlon broueSrin tne STtDerfor Court :he County ol Kern. State of Call- 119. anji ihe ComDlalnt rfled In said ounty o °i P l ern. S omplaint . in the of nia send greeting Comnanv. e Co ern. In Hunerlor_Cour w the . Ine K efendant ice of the to . Slate of Calif late Sliver Bow for- Oil san;o form ntul manno tho fii:;t iietition, In on! Rorond llci IIPO; and In ' holding a license uii'ler nopieots to nhtnln a-he at tho r>xplrat!e!i You are hereby reuulred to apnear in an action brouirnt against vou bv the above-named plaint Iff. in the Su- utliiiio KVich porlor Court of the Countv or Kern. r-tflori iii State of California, and to answer tne ,i ('omnlaint filed {herein, within ten In tho iduvs (excliiKivf; of the ilav of serv.oe) ••euirrd 'or I after service on vou of ibis Summons. , ' t,.iir, n If served within Kalil Countv: If served 10 otiiaui .1 | pi K ewhoro, within thirty (lavs. a parly j And you are hereby notified that If vim (.Ml to «o «nm>;)r nnd annwer. thfi Plaintiff will take iu<H?ment for f money or damairos ilomanded in of t\n\ the —,. about four miles south of tbo town of Moiavo ami more particularly described at IUIKO .10, Book 8, mining records of Korn Countv. State of Cjilltornlii. The said i)ro"--tv bolnc In Kern Countv, State of .California. ililic notice Is horpbv cjvcn that dav of ock a. m. ~ourt of Calitornia. Public notice Is hereby civ I will, on Saturdav. tho !»th January. A. D. 1909. at 11 o cln of p-'d dav. In .front of th House door sell at nubile au ey of the United " " " Jlent iruieiit. with niche money to" satisfy said ItidL.. ... . Interest raid costs, etc.. to the nlchoBt and be^tTldder, .... 1QQ8 __. ... ........LY. Sheriff. 12-16 Bv T. A. Baker. Deputv. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. corporation, of business. meetlne fa Oil ComDanv.p cornora' the 7th day of December. «.././!., ».. .»» sessment of six and one-fourth cents (6 Vic), per share was lev .._,.-, ..r__t ... __..i capital slock of Baldj able on or before T 19th. 1009. to A. B. Jslmore. at 1047 I Htreet. Fresno. n ,h thia . «.././!. -fourt ied u . Anv. stock uoon w Hhall remain u February. 1509. advertised for on an as,non tne cornorauon. nav- 'uosday. January re tar v. itornla. asment day of on the 91 ,09. w)ir be (ieflnauonl and ,— .or sale at, pubnc auction. and unless pavmont Is made tieforo vill be sold on TuBBd! (fav. the ! the dell: with coi sea of sa 2nd day of !nauent as- ;ts ot ad- arch. 1909. to nav sessment. toeether vertislntr and exiien Dated. December (Seal) A. Secretary Annlnta C location of office. Fresno. California. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. BakorKtlebl -Fuel and Oil Coijni:inv l/icallrii)o/jirlii.clpal nlao; Bnnr4 rt*: n, an action broucht ..e above-named nerior Court of _ __. State of California, and to answer the C.omnlalnt filed therein, within tee. dn--q (exclusive of tho day of Hervlo*) after service on vou of this Summon. If served within said Countv: if serve* elsewhere, within thirty days.. And vou are hereby notified that.B " " to so appear nmi answer, th* will take luck-merit for aar monov or damairos demanded In the Coiniilalut as arlsine unon Contract, or will upnlv to the Court for nnv o(«« f relief denianded In tho Copinlajnt- Witness mv baud i;;;; 1 the Seal ff said Superior Court of the Counts o* Kern. St'ite of Callf<M-"iii. thin intfc dnv nf .luly. A. D. Iflufi. ISotil) I I,. MH.'.KR. Clerk Hy Ileile] Smith. Deputy Clerk. Uowen li-win and J. \V. P. I.aln1, .tt- tornovs fur plaintiff. 11-11 • ROAD NOTICE. Office of the (Merit or tin Supervisors, Count;.' of Ki of California. To all non-consenting owners of tta 1 hereinafter described lands take w»- tlce, that the report of the viewers on proposed County Road No. 271, described as commencing at the -corner to sections 1 and 12 on the eaat boundary of township 26 south at tango 25 east, M. D. B. & M., thence west along and 30 feet on each st* 1 of the line between sections 1 and IX. and 11, 3 and 10. 4 and 9, and S UA 8, a distance of B miles; Road 271 A, beginning at the qnst~ ter suction corner on the past bone- da ry. of section 12 of township 't& south of range 25 east, thence went along and 36 feet on each side of r line between the north and halves of sectlois 12 and 11, a distance of 2 miles; Road 271 B, commencing at the coiner to sections 11, 12, 13 and It * township 26 south of range 25 ea*, thence west along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections li and 14, a distance of 1 mile; Road 271 C, commencing at tho corner to sections 13 and 24 on tins oast boundary of township 26 soutfa of ranRo 25 eact, I hence west alone and 30 foot on each .«ldo of the Hn« between sections 1.1 and "4, a distance of 1 mile; alM> cxtcndliiK cftstc.'ly from stiu-'inir point lli» fort to r<xa* No. 99; Head :'71 T), beginning nt tbo rtnstr tor section corner nn the south boun- poraihm, club, or associaii within such party to continue unlawful for Mich business tho ' eqiiiiilalnt. as armlnir unon contract, or win iipolv to. tbo. Court for anv other six mouths from the date ol snob re.- durlny t'i.> time Intcrvenim- hetween \ocatlon. itho expiration of tho first license and Section 11. No license shall be : and such party HO continuing relief demanded In tbo complaint. Witness mv hand and the Real i Superior Court of the County ( '" ' of California, this 281 D. 1908. I. ],. MIM.RU, Clerk. Kern. State ... drtv pt Oct.. A. (Soal) granted under this ordinance until ! cense, and aueh party so continuing j <Jeo. E. WhltaKej.Atty for Plttr. 11 If tho proposed place of business J in the country, one notice at the ce where surh business Is propos- II to bo conducted, nni! also In two , the petitioner shall have executed a ! such buslnoss shall bo deemed Builty Joint and several bond to the County i of a misdemeanor and upon convlc- of Kerr, with two or more miHlotcnt , tlon thereof shall be punished as in sureties In the penal sum. of Five tbls ordlnane prpvlded. Thousand Dollars, and such bond ! Section 19. Kvery person, firm, shall have been approved by, and ' corporation, club or association, or ;il"d with tho Board of Supervisors, ;:ny member of members thereof on- which bond shall be for the term of , Rayed In any business In the County one year, and shall be conditioned i of Kern, outside of Incorporated fit- that the principal In such bond dur |iep. who in connection with such bus- UIK the time ho shall continue in thoiiness fells, handles or Rives away any business specified, not exceeding the; wines, fermented or distilled liquors NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Prtnol- .'il place of biiKlnoMs. BakerHftold. Corn Countv. California. Notice. IB herobv irlven that nt n "nil of the fit rectors, bold on tho .av of November. IOOH. an aHsees- mont. of one, cont uer share waB levied unon tho capital stock of tho corporation, oavablo immediately to tho un- liei-Hlunod sex tlon. at. room IHKH Hank bu Countv. California. - Bocrettnrv of said corpora- iniH 203-204 Producers Sav- bulldlnu:. HakerKfleld. Kern term of the bond, will pay all license, or malt liquors In any quantity what- i \ nv ' 8 tock unoii which thlH tax that may now, or hereafter bo im- I soever, shall bf> required to conform meiil Bhull remain unpaid on TueHdav, posed on such business by this ordl- I to all the rules as to petitions, HJu... llih dav of Jariuarv. .1909. wl.ll be directbr8" Jn of biiHlne.Ms ; ,|ary of section 13; thonco north nlonr, and SO feet on oae.h side of the llmv _..... botweon the oast and wcsl halves ul ?f the. aboyo namojj cortior-1 section 13, a distance of 1 mile,-ha* Kolrna. Callfornltt. Locution ol wnrlis ! Ko.rn Countv. California. Notice Iw • hereby tiiven. that at a moot Ine of the i " " rtrod (loljfarH per wliiiro wan lovlod tne catiltal Htock of tho corporation, o Inunnilliitc the secretary Hiild cornoronon. CharloB.A, Loo. at s offlffj aj tho offlpo or the Countv econler of Korn Countv. Any ptoc.k upon which this OSSOBB- ^JftR"* 1 '' 1 ,,,''^ t " t ! '. tn 1909. wll bo (lolln- menl afiall rnniai t *hal of J nuary fia> OI jaUUc*IY. iWUff, Will tin Ut^llll- oueiit find udvertlsod for aalo at l)iib- He Htiotlon. ami uutoiu* payment Is boon sot for hearing before the pon | Board of Supervisors at their room» In the County Court House, In •*&« City of Bakersflold, Kern County, State of California, at tho hour of 10 o'clock, a. m., of the 4th day of January, 1909, whore nny and all persons interested therein mny appear an* qiiido before. uav of .!;>nua wll! )« 9. sold on. the ,30th irv. 1909. to uav the delln- toco th or d n V,i" with UK uuiiLtj UA it* t * dVLifaiHE linn MXOOiiHf*B oi Secrotfirv. nf.tho BitkorHflpld Fuof aju. . Laker he Jlake r.-tfie.fd. Cal. 12-9 make objection thereto if proper. The said proposen road or publln; highway will pass over, through anfl upon tho lands of Kern C. unty I-autl f tho most public places within a ' nance, or any ordinance of the Board bonds and notices as In this ordl ullus of three miles thereof; said no-1 of Supervisors, and that he will con- r.anre required of persons who once shall state the name of tho petl-'duct such business and the place in, gage in the business of polling at. re- loner, the place where the, business or at which the same may be carried tail alone, and shall pay tho Barno II- s proposed U be conducted, and thp on, In a quiet, orderly and reputable cense, and for the same length of fUnie and plac\ when said petition manner, and In conformity to tlie time; and a failure to comply with sale will be heart. , laws of the gtate, and to any ordl the terms of this section shall be a The Boar* tyf 0gu>«rrf«ore shall ia«ee of *• •our tf lupiirtKii* if. B. BORTHN. Socjr. gro tern. SavJnes Company, R. K. Shorwoort, J. Li. orison, F. Kvi-rt, Cbas. K. l.awrettiSjE, NOTICE. Cbas. Bonion, J. H. Melchor, M. ftlft kltiH, MoFarlaiid-l,aird, S. Tucker, '^ To all whom It mav concern: ! K. I.alnl, M I,. M.-Farlfind J. W. P, Not <ti> IH herobv (iivon uiat thoi , ,, ,, ,, . -.1:. ...„,.„ •/ • Hoard of SunorvlHors of tbo Ooiinlv of i nior. J. II. Hae, S. A. .itimpf-on. ,i. i '- "' ' "• Voakiim, I,. 1.. Kaler, ,). N. Nethaf, ' SchumakPr and M. M. Cocll. By order of the sal<l Tionrd of flte [K-rvlsors. i H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of said Board. Attest: I. U WKftlrV Clerk.

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