The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 5
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r 'THURSDAY, DHCBMBTO,?!, 1008, THE BAKERSMELD We wish to thank our Friends and Patrons For Their Hearty Support during the Holiday Season. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD INITIATES ELEVEN. Eleven candidates were Initiated Into the Fraternal Brotherhood lo.lge last evening and after the Initiation a delicious banquet was served. The candidates were Mr. and Mrs. J. I,. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred McDonald, Mrs. C. P. Badger, Mrs. Sadie Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thomas, Mrs. Pelham J. E. Smith nnd Mrs. J. B. McDonald. S. P. OFFICIALS GO SOUTH. A special containing General Superintendent Platt and Superintendent Worthington, left at 7 o'clock this morning for Los Angeles on an Inspection trip and on the way down will stop at Mojave and inspect the new road as far as Searles. INFANT CHILD OF MR. AND MRS. MORRELL DIES. Julia, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Morrbll died last night at the family residence, 807 H street. The little one had been quite ill for the past four or five days with pneumonia and no hopes were entertained for Its recovery. The parents are grief stricken at the loss of their child and have the sympathy of their many friends. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning from the house at 10:15 o'clock. Father Heffernan conduct the services. will WILL GIVE TEA. The ladies Aid of the Kern M. E. Church will give a ten cent tea on New Year's day In the church, from 2 to 5 o'clock. The ladles extend a cordial Invitation to the gentlemen. There will be a short program rendered during the course of the afternoon In which Miss Emlllne Smith, Miss Nellie Faulkner, Mrs. McCreery and Miss Mary and Roy j,arsen will take part. The reception committee will be made up of the following: Rev. and Mrs. Domon, Mesdames English, Evans, Owens, Mctzner, Jaynes and Snider. J. J. COOK, WELL KNOWN PORTER, IS DEAD. At 6 o'clock this morning, J. J. Cook, for the past IS months, a porter In the Kern hotel, was claimed by death. Cook was a native of Ireland, nnd was 45 years of age. He leaves a wife and daughter In Snn Francisco, and funeral arrangements will not be made until received from them. LEGAL. RESOLUTION OF INTENTION No. 145. Resolved That it isTitle intention of {"Aboard or Trustees of tne Citv or Bakorsneld. State ot California, to order tfie following, sewer .work to be one word can be j thi 'the8"aTd n (5l anstruc [lowing to-wit: nch ST .. treets anil allevs. uar- ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH. Mass tomorrow morning nt 9 o'clock. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that all persons owning and keeping dogs within the limits of the Town of Kern, that license tags for the year 1909 are now ready for delivery at the office of the Marshal, and on and after the 1st day of January, 1900. I will proceed to impound all dogs found running on the streets that are not wearing the license tag for the year 1909. 139 C. P. BADGER, Marshal. PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST LOSS of papers and valuables by renting a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX $3 THE YEAR Bakersfield Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th Basement Furniture Co. A "Hoosier" cabinet will be given away on New Years' Day to one of our customers—come in and we will explain just how to become the winner of this valuable article. See the cabinet in the window. TO QIVE SOCIAL IN AID OF THE CHURCH. The young people of the Christian Endeavor of the Pilgrim's Congregational Church will give an entertainment and social tomorrow night in the basement of the church for the purpose of raising money with which to pay off the building fund pledge. The following is the program to be rendered after which chocolate and cake will be served: Recitation, Miss Marie Baker; song, by C. E. girls; recitation, Miss Valentine Curran; jsong by C. E. boys; recitation, Mtes Alma Anderson; song, Miss Mary l/arson and Roy Larson; selection by >male quartet. NOTES AND PERSONALS. Miss Kathertne E. Gray, the nurse, formerly a resident of Bakersfield, but recenily of San Francisco, has returned and Is the gueet of Miss Day. She expects to remain here for some time. Mr. and Mrs. A. F, Roth has moved to Bakersfield where they will reside in the future. J. Leland ifass has returned from Los Angeles, where he has been spending the holidays. W. B. Isaac of Hazelton was In town today on business. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Eberhard have gone to McKlttrick to reside. F. C. Bauer expects to leave I o construct a six-Inch sower a one i following streets and " tlciilarlv as.follows, to-wit: ( - - ( - .,..., ilillvjllWT?,,. ,„ ...... _.ommencltiK Rt .a noint twentv feet. ?> Kpnrieentji and" "Fifteenth . StreeUT west oi the . in th nue "•'on unninc f Hence said all* west" lln< center ot 6FChest aTle • he r Ave- tween . west along the center .. ...Jey and across all Inter„., -f streets to a noint twentv-teet eay ot the east line or G street. Also. Commencing nt a noint twefitv feet w .?£ i of .i. tne west Hne of Chester Ave- B.W n the center or the alley between 2 h> U'enth and Fourteenth Streets. Fine ^ J n . e . nce .. west along the center ins; of said"~allev"amT across a.._ ._ arM-ci ine streets to a point twenty let east of the east line of "G" street. Toi Closing Out All '08 BICYCLES mimenc of the clne; at a west lin .. lin n,"f. in the center of the calitornla uoint twenty feet e of Chester Avt- the allev between Avenue and Thirteenth running tnence west "lone: the line of said alley pnd across all ntersectlUE streets to a noint twentv Also"" 8 east of stret '<- Ooiiimtncfnc at a point ten feet west ?L l "' '-enter line of "H ft street and 132 feet south of the south Tine of Plf- J«enih Street, runnlne thence south !.?R, f ''fit. west of <he center Tine along H Street to a point 132 feet, south, of the south line of Thirteenth Street. ; In lip. Commenclne at a point ,?p.25. feet west of the center of "the street., jne be- eentn street. I runnlne tie- the west •nter of the allev tw"»n Fourteenth and Fif—„. running thence east along the center I line of said allev to a point ten feet west of the center line of said "K : ' street. Also. Commencing a t a noint .785.25 feet west of the west line of''F" street and in the center of Fourteenth street: center to a center line lurte alon Com west ' le center Fresno in the morning to be gone sev-tfi iimenclnsr at a point twentv feet! , ..-.-. of the west line of "G 1 ' st " f or ' the center of the allev betwe .__. iteentti and Fifteenth streets: $45.00 Bicycles, now $35.00 $30.00 Bicycles, now $25.00 $25.00 Bicycles, now $20.00 Positively this reduction open only for n few days. ,e of "G" street in ev between Fo.ur- said allov the center line o to a e center line . Commencing at eral days. Joe O'Toole, a brakeman, has severed his connection with the S. P. i west of the west Company. I the center of the Engineer J. B. his position and will leave soon for Mine Los Angeles. ! west Johnson'has gone to Los ] A 'conimencing at a p< friends. I south of .the south Ii .... running alone the center line of point ten feet west of of "V" street. Also; ence ifd al ,.„,. !!„„ „* "F" street. Aioui a point twenty feet ine of "G" street in allev between Cali- 1 Thirteenth street, in,!: iiii-nce west alone; the center ot sal.I allev fo a pqlnften feet of the center line of "F street. Ward has resigned ! {^'{l,? ^ n " e "nirTTijrfe'enth" street. Mrs. O. W. Angeles to visit poinL-twentv feet Tlf Fifteenth n ot the south line TJf Fifteenth et and ten teet west of the center pf "F ' street riiuntne thence south le^t west (it the rente:' line ot "!•"' street t(i a point twen;v feet h of the center line ot Calu.rma Mrs. .1. Fry has gone to Los Angeles to visit friends. Conductor Ernest Tyler Is ill at his ,.,.*...., . .,,..,, ,., „ .^,.., i , home on N street, and conductor ] south of the center line ot Luce is running on the Sunset dur-j To construct an eight-Inch sewer Ing his illness. I alone.the loiowlnc streets, ii,i:'lieiilai- R Pr'i«rjilr -i flromnn In flio nm™lrAvl IV "8 tollow^ lO-wll: f »i a i i "reman In the emplo> ^ Commencing at a point ten feet west of the S. P., has resigned his position | of the center line ot "H 1 street ami and expects to leave soon on an ex- '132 feet south of the south line of »,r,,t«i A«LI •.•.» ti-in (Thirteenth street, runninit thence south tended eastern trip. (en f e ,,| w , st ,, r ,-),,, cen ter line of said Mrs. Chas. Davis and ' '' Madge have gone to Los visit for a few 11 II il'i \v i m i»i i in v* ii - - - - - — daughter] "H" sm-.'t to a point, twentv feet south • Hue of California are-, t' Edison phonograph Headquarters. A complete line always in stock. Have, your old phonograph equipped with nttnch- inent for playing both 2 find 4 minute records. I can do it for you. I have all size attachments on hand. GEO. L. SNIDER Phones Main 295 and 1185 Angeles toi'.'? the tru' ' nue. -Also. _ , i Commencing at a point twentv fe< Trainmaster Harry Klnch came'south of flit: center line of On Ifoni down from Fresno yesterday and lef11 Avemie a,,,) Aw (fBt wesr ^ th«ji ccn- thlH morning for S.mset. ! ££ B {'Tw.-ntv fee. «<mth ""the center i The Ladies of the Maccabees held line of said Callioruia avenue to the a mieel'il meptinir lust pveniiv* nt ihe i Intersection of the center line of OJe-; britk laid in cement mortar run! plas-j ci bpi'.i.u iieiuiH, labi i vemn,, ai ine ,, 01 . ., v ,, u ,,, v mnriectlns with the \ tereil outside with cement mo tin .uuj home ot Mrs. Blanche Perry on M. west side main of the main and outfall washed inside with a thick solution ot I street for the purpose of transacting i bewei oi tne Ciiv oi Bakersneld. ..mire cement. The thickness or the imnnrtTtit iiiKsinoaa To construct lamp-holes in the said • walls shall be elcht Inches and imporiani misiness. | «ew«r hereinabove described, said i lorni smill be a turncated cone. T i Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Harrington have • lamp-holes to be located and construct-j bottoms shall be formed of toner gone to Stockton to spend New Year's' eel it the follow.lnu points, to-wit: (and 'he too of.the com:rej,e -Ovtll oi: • • • • ' Out 1 , t wont v i(-*6t west oivnp w troi n, itj\*t?i wn n H"* of Chester avenue,in the cen of tire nllev. runnjne between Fo nno 132 Feet south ot the south line jerth street and on the center l" street ten feet west of the center line •' street and 132 feet south of the line of Fifteenth street. , nCi twenty feet (jast of the 958 Baker Street, Kern, Cal. Noes • Absent: A'a he ' with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Coleman and from a visit to Santa Barbara. Chaa. K. Badger, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. P. Badger, arrived this morning oh the Owl from Reno, where he j has been attending the University of| Nevada. , Jesse Johnson, who has been up from Los Angeles on a three days'' hunting trip, returned home last night with a good supply of quail. M. Moon and family have gone to! Portcrvllle to loslde. Mr. Moon who! has been foreman of Dr. Kellogg's her-; ry farm, will take: charge of a hard-' ivare store in Porterville. anil his son r.ii .Moon will take clmrge of the berry farm. | Mr. and Mrs. J. Cassldy went to Los | Angeles yesterday on No. 108 to ' spend a few weoki with friends. Miss Constance Spungler of Bryn Ma\vr temhmry of Philadelphia is the guest of Miss Helen Campbell. W. E. Gaddy Is expected home from San Francisco this evening. 1 BUU y n(1 J. T. Lyons has resigned his posi- j j in g o f lion as brakeman for the 8. P. lot said Brakemen Geo. Ketchu mand J. C. Tack have resigned their positions with the company. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jackson of Keene are visiting friends in ivern. |Sean None. Bl the I of Che'ster" avenue ln"'the"cente'f | uev/ef 'pine!' "Tfie'Tdundatloh" shall ..ii.... 1— i,,,....„„„ ^our-1 constructed, pi. copcrete shal fa so •'V9 1 , thicj ________ „ _____ --,-, six inches thick. The ton of ihe cover all be on :v level with the 9' reel surce: the too shall be covered, with a lid cast Iron cover with JiolQ i>r nrln to remove the same. The "Ya" for house c, hereinabove referred to am to be constructed, shall be mado a: constructed of first aiialitv vitrlrtc Kiut-Klazed. sewer nlDf; materials, and there shall be slxtv-threc in ntimuer resident the Cit Attest: ,A. Cltv cl ho of si. Clalr. JOHN E. the Board 1AILEY. Trustees ol o the Clerk c . toijneclj.oiis "d IC'I tv cltrk and ex-O board of Trustees -erunelil. The lecalltv of thlg resolution it hereby approved. MATTHEW S. PLATZ. 12-30 Cltv Attorney. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PR* SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE E8- .TATE OF L. HAMMES. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. superior Court of the Count? state of California, of aid allev nmnlnt between Fou Fifteenth streets. of "C." street and the center i .saiil allev runiunir between i and Fourteenth streets. ! Or.o. iwi'iilv teet west ot er^ lineof werii'. i!. ;w o' more Ulan local r iir '^-1 ' ' uarv public benefit, and it is iniiiK .H.I; ! |h rf .j., () vUMl and doi-lareil of the ni.'i a ^ of i hi; atlev riinninL' between Calltor- :i itviMini 1 anirTiiirteenlh st.reel. One. K12 feet soutli of the tjouth line hirleenth Ktrei'l ;::):! on tho rontrr oi "I street. , ,. One. ten leet west of Ihe center line of "H 1 street and KJ2 teet south of the south line ol.Thirteenth.street,. east <!13P. twentv leet east of "the <: "G street and the center allev rur between „ avenue and Thirteenth street. One "*•• ?n rent wst of the west line of "F" street In the center of the v ruunlnu uHiween fourteenth and • ' t-HAt d eat of the westllne Fifteenth streets. One. 285.25 feet w« ^f -'t^ vtroot in th teenth street. e center our- Associated Supply Company Oj[ Wel[ Tools nad Supplies Phones Main 19 and 1O26 STORES AT Oilcenter, McKitrick and Coalinga uiie. iwtiuv reej. west of the west line of "G street In the center of the I lev runnlnir between Fourteenth and 'Ifteenth streetB. ' ~ • — *--' west of the west iter of tne 'ornla ave- One. twentv feet west of line ot "U' T street in the cen allev runnlnir between Callf( .Jentv line of Fifteenth si fp (5 nue and Thirteenth street. One. twentv feet south of ...le of. Fifteenth street nnd. west of the center )lne of 122 reel Bout _, FlTleentfi street And of the center line of. F. One, 41.25 .»v^ llne of Fourteenth west of the center line o One. 1U2 feet south of e south en feet ne of "F" street. or the Houtn line " ten feet wost street. , , the south line en feet west treet. One. 1H2 leet south of tl of Fifteenth street andt< of the center line of 'F »...._.. - feet, south of the north streot and ten feet ine of "F „ _ ..„. —th of the s of I'ouneentli street, and ten feet west i of the center llne of ! 'F street, i One. 1:!2 feet south of the south . . street, the south llne afreet an(l"ten feet line of "F he I On.i.'./ leu feet west i Drilling; and Fishing Jars We have a large stock of fine, heavy jars and can fit you out with any diameter stroke and joint. £ Bakersfield Iron Works & PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET "9- ol llne of Thirteenth ~. ... west of ihe center line of p street. One. al I lie intersection ol the .center line nl' "G" street and a line twenlv feet south of anil parallel with tl: center lino of California avenm unc. iiii.i.ii") li'ol west of tlii 1 wes. line of "F" street and :i7.7B feet nort of the south line of California avenue. To roiii-triK-,! iniin-holes In the sad sewers h( i rclnahovo d<'Kcrlbed. said i.i:ni.|io)(.-, to !:•(• localr-d and conHlruc.t- fd'at the t'ollius'ln" points, to-w.ll: Of' H - Icoi v.', -,l nt iln> center lino of "H" 8ti,et and twentv'foot south of (.-I'lner ijnc or Caliiornia avenuo. west of the center tin street and twentv feet, south <• (''liter line of California avenue.. One. :!7.7. r > feel north of the south line oi Cahiorvin avenue and on tiio. cenier linr. of oleander avenue at the point where said sewer conncctK with the west side main or the main and oui fall sewer of Biitrl Citv of llakors- There shall be constructed "Ys" for house connectloUH in nafd sowers, in tne pluc<iH an dotfenatnd In the nlana. proflle.B and specifications udoiit(:d on the !lth 'lav of iNovciiinor. 190S. hv Bald hoard of TriiKtees. lor the construction of naiil HOWITH. sa.ld plana aini i ironies eri file In the office of the Cltv " ' and sajd Hpeclflciitlons on ... ... ..... office of tho (fltv Clerk, said tihiiiH. proflU-H and siieclficut OIIH iir* hereby referred to and spec allv made a part of this resolution of Intentions. The Haiti sewers here.ina.hove Me HTllifd and structed of elaxed newo Tho said ....... fenvl to shall be (•onstructei Inn an eluhf-inrh "T" verllcallv thereforo costs and expenses of'sHid'conteinplat- eirwoi'K and improvement i* to lie. nnd which said district the said Board of tin Citv Trustees ol Haul cllv do lu'ieiiv declare to DC Ihe district beni'tltcd bv mild work and improvement, airl which district is to be assessed to pav the costs and expenses thereof. Said districtJs to be known us. nnd called Sewer District Number Three and is to be composed and consist of all of the lots and lands, portions of lots, or parcels ot lands Ivlnc within the exterior bpundaries of said Sewer District Number Three, and which said lots and lands, portions of lots, or parcels of lands js. and flball be the lots and lands, portions or Tots, or parcels or lands to be assessed to pav the costs and expenses of ""Id con- templaed work and Improvement, for the said contemplated construction of Bald district sewers In salq Sewer DlH- frTci /number Three and Ihe exterior boundaries of said district Is to bo nnd are described as follows, to-wlt: Commenclne at tho intersection of tho center line of Chester avenue and California Avenue ar runnlmr north to the Intersection of tho center line or Chester avenue and Fifteenth Areet; thence west alone thn center tpe of Fifteenth streot to a point ' " '15 feet west of the wost line of street: thence south parallel with street to a oolnt 57.75 feet north of the south line of California avenue: thence west to the center line of Ole- anilor avenue, anil 57.(5 feet, north of the. south llne of Callfornln avenue; thence south HSl.Tfi feet alon" the center line of Oleander avenue,: thence east parallel with California avenue to the center line of "H street, thence north to the Intersection of the center lines of California tivenuo and "H" street: thence east to the pluco of boeimiine. For a more full and com plot e di of tl ' ' niliilslriitnr lioitsi:. in C'ountv ol t bis office in the court, the (Mtv of Hi)k<<rHfl<-l(U Kern. Slate of California. le iM-lne i he place for the on of Imsiness of mild estul* <ern Count v. December " f i, 1908. ,, , „ , , w - A - AIcOINN. Public administrator oi Kern Counts, and Administrator of the Estate of _,L. Hnmrnes. Deceased. Thos. Scott. Attornev for Administrator. 12-:iO ••said Dated STOCK"oi DER's ANNUAL MEETING. Ttj •1CH a . scrlptlon the work -.«( . tirnpliuil Ol lue \vt)l l\ n Tl'lll I •tli I luated to be done, reference I pwteil to tie .._ by made to the contfin- Is plans anil pmule.s on 0 recular annual meeting pf thfc i •"• i'^ 1 ''''T8 o; tne FlrHt National Bank of Bakerafield will >•« IK-HI at_,, their uanklnt house In the City of Bakersneld. i in., at a o'clock v., m., on .TueBday. .Tnmiarv 12ih. 1S09. for the election at directors and tne transaction or sucn other DUHinj " ~" ' before It. V December 12-15 NOTICE TO PROVING In the Sunerlor^Court of ine Count! of Kern. State of California, Deoart- ment 2. • In the r Goodwin, ., .Notlct dav. the eleventh' D. ifliiji. at 2 o'ctoc ment ^ matter of the estate of Jamca aecea8e,d. is herfjliv elvon. that Moni dav of January, A ..... ... _ .., ..jck. p. m. of that dnv and the .Court room. Department No 2. of said Court, at the Court HOUBB. In the County of Kern. State of California, have been .appointed as the time and place for proving the will ol naUl .lames Goodwin. decriae;eii. now on file In said Court, and for liearinc the application of A. 1>. Whim-more for the Issuiuice to him of Letters te» lameiitarv thereon. I L MILLKIl. ClerU. attoi ne\ tor iii^ Dated Df-r. 2S. A. D. IfioS. file in the • I ••(•rorred to shall he eon f first-nualitv vitrlflod salt or pipe. , , laniiMioles hereinabove re ' 'I bf ci bv ulijc- In si wer and hv lirincini; It up to within ("'» half tool of the street siirfnco M tile la I no ottlce or the Citv Bntiinecr and Hpcclllcaiiciii-' o« tile In the ofllcc of the Citv Clerk ol ihe Cllv of Mult- ersflf'ld. said plans, profiles and spec itic.atioiiK li^ivinir lieen adopted bv the r.nanl of (.'II v Truvlfi's on the !Hh dav of November. 1908. An 1 for a more full and conioli'ii' <le- scrlnt.fv.i of the lotft. nllovH. blorks and streets lion of inte if the lots. nllovH. lilorKfl i as named In this rosojii- lion of intention, reference Js hrreliv made to the official man ot the (Hv of Bakersfleld. filed and rworded on the 25th dav of Noyeinbor I8(t«. in {|»o ofrlce of the n ' of Kuril Ciuintv .--, The Bakers, recorder of the California newspaper fiM cTtv Kern., pWiv.." 1 «.,-'••'">" "!"•, !>rnflel(! Callfqrn an. .a dill nubllsned rti ' 1W n which and no of tost add'nK Pipes of tho same (llarrjetor^anil nhiili be ma oufiliiv vltrll s of tho sa ade and c(in flcil Sillt-L'1-l . . . material and shall llHtrueted of fiisi ized sower oil'" bo covereil bv Tt« nld man-boloa horoina « 'our feet in ,bov) re. "TnTir feet fn diame- AveB- BbftD be ooiuiUucted of hard Hunter. ro u n tv --v Suite of • ninn. a dallv rlrculateti In said C'ltv ofHiiKersfTeld. is lierebv .d.o ienated I^H tho newspiiner In tnls resolution of InUmilon tice or the passnce. tjieTiof s published in tho .manner and bv tho perBoiiH remilred hv law. The Huperinte nt,, of streets Bf.;.l c'!v I. V.i reliv dlrr>cto(l to IK. notices of the misHaire of this resolu tlon In the manlier and In thn form re- (inlre 1 iii law. 'ind to cause a similar to be pulillKlmd for six davH In ewspaper In the manner reaulr- ... cITv Clerk of snid cltv is here- bv directed to post this resolution of Intention conspicuously for two ilavn on or near Ihe chamber door of ibo Hoard of Trustees and to cause the Banie to be Diibiisl'cil bv two Insert Ions in the maiinitr reuulred bv law In salil (lallv newHpaper. I horohv cortifv that I ho forex'olne reHolutlon was passed hv tho Hoard of TrusteoH of the Cltv of R'llfe'-neid. .28t(i (lav of Doc.eiiibo". 1908. bv '8tonor. McDonald. (Hllre I notice said nc ed bv I The in 28th dav of !ho followlncvote: AVOB- Ballov, I WILD GAME POULTRY PISk ALWAYS FRESH AT THE City Fish Market GIVE US A TRIAL WE WILL PLEASE YOU A. Lyons, Prop

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