Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1916
Page 6
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PAGE SIX STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SATURDAY, OCT, 14, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. VAUDETTE THR6 E O R6AT_A C T S AMUSEMENTS. GRAND Wonderful »lf>c Hrh!t- n<l rcmc-av. Thrcf s-h"WR. R ; 1.". to 11:45. r**unl prirf,". »_.. Monday. Pox prf-Pf-nt* !^r»hn Knlich Itt "Awbition." Maiinrt- 2:00 p. m, Tu**d«y, Hfl*-n H«lm^« In "Judith of flit CumlWrlUnd*." Mntinf-r 2:i»« )>, m tJmml prirps. . Academy o I Music Monday, October F*v%rit«t of Two Continent*. ttf TOM Wk HAL NAWN- DAVIS *t pl*y«r», 4 ONE-ACT PLAYS 4 tb*t ll*v* be«n rfcognlced hit* in liM l**dinj WK UM* th*Atr** of , England and "PAT AND THE CENH." "A TOUCH OF NATURf£" f "A BUSY DAY." . THE;UNEXPECTED." Price*, 2Sc, SOc, 75c, $1 Boat* MOW at Bfrt-HftR Thnrmacy _Harold ...... "May'AlfiibiP? "The Masked Eider" Af,K«» Musty SutTer cmnedy .MONDAY Douglat Fairbanks in • "Flirtins With Fife* Al»o K«y»tone Comfcdy FOR FIRE PROTECTION ^rl Harper, deputy statf fire mnr • .. was _lli town today and KBVS b*> stttrts npxt we»')« for IVinvIHe v. V-.PP th<" stntf firf marshal nntl n }nrn<f number of deputies nre Eoi'if? to glvf tin* city n ftenernl Inspection nri<! Issue order« f<ir a Heim 'if «S they did nt Sler- line last ..i-ciir j:hUJ«-tl>e-Hr»t-mwl— IriK of-lhf kind since th* hot wenther «iml other rltleu ntnv b< v Riven attcn- tlwi during the f«H and winter m'nntbs. Mr Hnrper tmy* tl>* v pff»nern..l Inspection n." Klven liy the state deputies.- have been frniiKht with considerable Rood for no city ran help hut .be In letfi dnnprr of rire ..under such strict'work n* Rlvr-n It by the force of deputies. The Insurance companies- of the. stntr nre nlsn ndvoculinK thin work and hiivr- n number of represent nllvcs,. a long with the HUH* COURTIS Application Of Hoync For War- rahts For the Police, Draws . .. .a..BigjCr,ow..d,.,._.... .-'^"" FOURTH STREET v \V th"tf--!f'-! wr h"iil Ik- John K»-rti of <lftj-s with fri-'Tiits run! this Hf.y, Mr«. Chflrr** dfrwent an iration « t rt..JS»**«l%V s Vrf ^S-- 1 which T':i»> pn«itnr on "What ih«- to Ktp*<t t-'n-m nnd in thp "What th*> f'«ntrr«>Kallon J!n«t a R;«h? .is the ordftr. of ..a*rvir-«f Suntfmy school at 9:3-4, nt lf»:-is. S^rmnn by th* Epworth League st 6:30. Thi< n League Reunion and will by the pa-«tor. Service for t Simple nt 7:3ft. In the 1 Wail for Cold Weather MANY FROM CLINTON Hcvrdl auto Ion-Is of oooMlf rn for the i'Union foot bull team d row- over this afternoon and most of them went directly much. DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL. Evdry Monday Evvning From S to 10 P. M. " " FOf private "teBKOHa call H. H. KELLEY, Btll phone 430R NEWS IN BRIEFJ THE QAZETTE^QETS THEM. F. W, Cleveland, of Hume, writes aa r»: "I tried. to • find a man t« on farm for a month. Didn't In getting one. Then I ad- lived In The O««elte and recelvwl en answer* to date. The Gazette _lii « the twidlf-« rMl ro/ini on <lh They nppreejat.* thfe room v«ry AmoriB thi> numl«r>r from that city today tvpro tho foltowlnR, who j-fi?n p >'P on th* 1 train and had « pli-ntr dinner nt the rent room, thoy bc-lnn on»- .Mr" .John Kohl h«« returned w h^re she £|x?nt tht? .with relative* »nd friend*..... Carload of gwvd wlntet" Harmon next Monday or «a!« on the truck.* .1, K 1 . CSftllowsy hns returned Torn Ft. Atkinwn where hr T.8! dny_s_l.njl>U8lnefl|>._- •_ Stop Don't Walk. ''«li j'atrirtK" Auto J*ervlrf. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bush of Battle day will be in churse of li, W, •«-, whose many friends w-jl! him In this cnparUy. Twi'i fln Th* of thi- ir«Hcb»-rn of thp high who«i| mifi j orlar-d ditncm tnn(?ht privately at my of HIP fmUmifn: Mrs. K. A. Tx-n- \ r ««slde nee, Mr*. K. n. Bell. JMI 27*i 1U.» Pati- Sbclmn Iowa, who came here to rtttendj the fiinernl of hlo mother, .Mrs. CnliMa Meditation by Heller and I'aMorale in Hush, have returned home. A by «,iilment. 8tran*«r* and vi.*it. Mr. and Mrs, Merle Roger* went to ,„-„ , n lowll ftnrl a| , ni ^ fn wht( attl , m , Ml'lwauke, Win,, Friday for nn extended these visit with friends. „ cordial welcome and hf Grace church <5tilld will hold rnm- mage sale In PnrMh bouse next Tues•d»-y- and \Vedm>i«4aY-* Rev. F. "VV". TKnilScfTe fnovcd from Klgth avenue to 901 ICast Third »tr«'ct on Thursday of this week. O*»rtrud<» Itellcr and Kmmn went to Hofkford Friday for an extended visit with friends. •> Nice car New York Imperial apple* on Q track. Friday, Hand picked. H. Lang ford.* 1'. Johnson, who attends will upend the week end with his parents In Prophctatown. Walt*, two stwp and- nil oilier aland- !>«.• pa»tt»r. The «s follows w'rbH-k. An ded tfft^s f>-r ««ftiri*rt V.JU JUkc, llno Button, Bdlm Dcnby. and Stfltit n««man. TRUANT BOY JAILED, .Truant Officer John Cushmnn. for tho Union schools placed n, truant boy In the city lockup this forenoon. The ttl ppcyl Johnson -Mrs. turned BUKxaTd and ".""JflTiiiile" will spent the week-end in with friends, Peart I'alco and children re- Friday to their home in Krle after a weekS visit with friends here. Mrs. C. P. Hicks, who baa been seriously III Is not Improving as fast a» J»." The "tale" told by Mr. Clevc- 1 ought to point UH own moral. Men r* all over the county, hunting this hunting that, puttlnK up hand hilln a,ucilonft, looking forcowH,_.tPjr1njt. THTfii«eir~tryInK^ to xeJI farms, fcwBlomer* ~0f olifc Kind 'and Her, .putting sign* to rent *6n their arid forgetting to put a for rent In The Gatvlte, and - thoy do this a amall claasitled nd costing from to tt.OO would do more -work, ftnd natrons, get more help, secure ijr« renters, well more Rood**, buy more In one wt-ek than the other met- would find in a mo'ntlK Mr. Clcvo- d tells the whole story. He tried H«* school Thursday and placed hltu Itl school and Friday he skipped tiRtUn. He was caught by. the officer this mum- Ing and arrested., and placod In .the cooler to . HiitlNfy UH> dfinnndtt of thf mien. The bid did not like-being In *ho jail and was glad enough when matters were arranged fnr his release. It Is siife to say- this. particular boy will not be playing truant again. ; -V ' ' HAD TONSILS REMOVED i n • ilerwent slight operations nt the hospital for the removal of tonsils; Following are a few of the cases; Mrs. John Pollock of Polo _lmd_j(0ji&n«— **m»v«l> month, , -He got nobody. lef-idhizpttler'antr # few dayii. Moral, try The Gazette. REGISTERING KICKS. A number of people, who arc forced atreet f ruin Sixth k venue to Broadway arc registering at the Illinois Northern Utility ipany for not fjiil»dilnji_,uii_:_il8 e street. The company IH ing up the middle of tho street and putting in new ralhi. Thin Is an rovement needed, hut tho autoints the rall« are now laid from Hroad- TJp along Hide uf the mother of Mrs. ««o. Maxwell -• had tonsils removed, — Mrs. Delia Houthwnnl had tonsits removeo. Hoy Howe of Montmorency hnd tonsils removed: All the patients are reporter to bo getting along nltwly. HAS BEEN PROMOTED ' . The many friends of Miss Kfrna Hen- drlc.ks will bo pleased to hear that she has received a promotion In the high schiK)! nt Menitowac, Wisconsin, Miss "Miss Ruth Picket! nf--C3tiea#n-l*-a- gue*t at tho homo of Mr. and .Mrs, LoulR Hteffa. Mrs. L. 1* Kmmoni* went to Chicago today for n few weeka* vlult with her children. Mrs. Fred D, Went haw returned to her home In Chicago after a visit with her mother, Mrn. Alice Kltirbro. When giving a dinner or party remember The. -Enterprise, 315 Ftr»t Ayenue have n full line.of dlwhe* und plain etched or cut Klaus "for rent. —aatnr-&taTgnerlt»' ' Onuidmr Itfv. A. \V. Hunday will school at teacher and icrnded tfft^s f>-r ;i!l ^ h attend. Morning- w«r?hhj> ivt I" i". o'rlof-k. Chart talk t'> th«» Junior <-<*n- Krcgntlon by l|»rry Tlffvrhan. f..U«n -.t by ft oermon by th •'The Yf»ar Ahead." ttt 7 ot-l»«'k. Rvrnltt subject. "Hfttl V«hie«." the '",.. E'.'.' -.'.h°. .P'.'.Ucc notorious cafcj". for fllicg e dtu-p lect «>f duty ftfU-r Xtfitr's Attorney H«>yne had charg'-d the police with winking at vi<_->», Illval fon-»'« of-dH^-dlvi'St nnil special officers !"f'>ud ut the doors of the fir* prevention bureau today. Those represent Ins tbP'<"ity administration, were there to prevent the state fwntw «>f Ilnyne from tiikint; the records n : "thf- iniiicc -HV=- A li'mf y<nir cold you oi(]«'r your- supply no\v inn! iuivc it over -with. Hard Coal, Coke and Soft Coal Kpworth Key. J. W. A. CHRISTIAN. Y. M. C. o'clock. _ 'y wTTT f. Strndny nt at ibe »ervit-c* o'clock. Communion service at and evening service at 7:30. jo U TRINITY M. E. The attendance and futercpt «t meeiinjgft brlns Ju04}--«t- here from Chicago ttxlity to visit over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ji W. G'rnndon. -.- -.Njibuna. _ liwem — \\nv« — imprnvipir;' Spiral slayes, Call Hell phone 700 1« willing-worker— ^ind — Is worthy or the pn>motlon; .—---.- ........... BROKE HIS LEFT ARM Charles HturU of Ualt had the misfortune to stumble and fall yesterday morning while dolnK~sonifl cement worlr which resulted In breaking his left arm. He, was brought^ to_thl8jclt>L.wJifirc^4L local HurKcohTook care of.the Injured JTrlnlty United Kvangelical church has been good. Sunday's aervices will held at the ii*nnl hours. 5-30 H, m.. t*ut>df»y »cbtH>},' . m.. 7:30 p. m. C'hrixtlait.Kiideavor 'meeting. «5;.10 p.. m. S|M*cinl ranged for. The new orchestra will play at nervlce, Meetings w4H evening next week, except ban N-en ar- Sunday *rh««l the b^ held Hoyne U-.trn»il Hint re< v «rds belotiK- ine to Prosecutor Hurry Millf-r, his op- l«>n«-nt for election to thf office of stale's -sittorn'-y at fho coming flection. were Ijikrti to the ftrp prevention Vni- reau to prr-vent iluyne B<'ttlnK them. People's Ice & Coal Co. BOTH PHONES 211 SECOND AVE. (or Mr. many .poj ,«rrr»-n l-rti oroiin «ii(l«> arfk nian> tlH-r* 1 l« ;i H»-r*'i» fit-Inn, it cunso of tliv l',. |')lsr\v. ,Ji'«<-|ihln«» oif«r<Ml f,,r I U - ji!.*,.it. iHvk Cnsillla, 'Karl liii thin I5c!tii!c<j !hr- hum- j It'-ruii-ft l-'inn ;itul n(hnr:i of rif "Th* 1 I*nri>l% IwHly" their j prornln'-m-'-. tftjrills in tfiin Ifntun' i«r 1 r ----- strxnK nn<l at.riftrrnrrfr rtiy-' j THIS IS Kv«'lyn (Continued from PtiRe One,) nrp l«»inR rotnliu'it and Irmtc- fnrwnrd. Attorney I". It. Wn fM-ii .'iniMjinlr^i! utNtfnfy fm' I stery and a love story told in A and novel manner. VAUDETTE. „,. i ln of DAY KIDS. tbf> Hngcnbeck <fe h»> rnmirij: picture i. Rverybody The f,,l| ( . M 4im- »..o K nun will he.Mi,.wii j '''"'. ••"l""-««.lly the kids «1» not think at the Vnudette theater cv.-ry d;,v n-x. ^. ir " m '* lltl "..,,<„, itled«ucr^H unl^^i' ... ' I Hn-v K«'t tip alKiut 4 o clock in tin* its rr»>titon«. upon tlu-ir roquciil. by the antt John M. t>tfiKi>r hnn IMHTI mtorni'y for the* roo'Hv« v r. Mr. Mann W«H inl«>rvlpwf<l tlilM fore- nw»n anil hr says hr IH jiurc if ho had ?>wn nitowr-fl to handl*- thf- liiifini-w** lonti*-r. hp «-oul(I hiivt- pulil off «>vpry HP sjiys- hf thinks Um :30. A. J. C>mnnberl;Un, of Kair- haven, HI., will preach. »9cJA$tpp6sa4.... ( flth Avenue.* Judge R. W. K. Mitchell reached homo Thursday even I UK front Chicago where he ha« been n lending the^neet- IhR of the grand lodge'of the A..-M. & A. F. '.-MJHH Helen Sherman, of-Idaho, who has been n gue«t at tbi* A. U Heck-* man home, left Friday for a visit with friends In Rockford and Chicago, en- route home. • • ; —Kevr"JTAlfiriHl~"«Tarrett went to Chi- rwl»er«> he officiRtod lit the wedding ceremony of his friend Otto Hpooner u leading druKirlst on the South Side. ' Bell'* dancing achool will be open Hre And it IH with difficulty that auto .can net through. I-am night man got'hid machine Dialled along rout* nnd arwttA^.mntv going th« way had .to, take down thp lights * company and get around the urw. WILL PREACH TOMORROW * RPV. W. U Collin wh* h«» Ixvnn rv- Thurt'h for hi» founh year, will' ihc pulpit both morning and < and will bo- pleaaod. to sen Mn many Jt -.. T y:iv?f.^ '- ••' , DILLON6 EAST BOUND letter w*a rei-elved last nlKhl by people from the W, M. Dillon tyKitylnir they wore expected tn uu I In I'Hubtirsr, Pa,, t«iit night, bar- |f}|l» no accident. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. and party left Sterling Uist Mon' for throw or four weeks' trip In the In their n,ow" car of 1IU7 modal. -Th« slated that th« rur hud sly and no accident had boon <»xii<-r- f(eticed of any kind. The Dillon* ex' ot to visit rel»iivp» In Pennaylvaniu, York, Now Jer««y. Shugart Thack- UIIRS, utovpd and ranR<?», at Woods,* C. A- Flynn spent Friday In Chicago Honey all Bold. W. H. H. Btewart Knicrtton.* W. J5, Long apon't. .>V!dajLjnl-.rjilt!agp ' and SaiurtmyH for all season at Woodman H«ll of Sterllnsr. Cla«a«a Itom— 8-U»»-*Uar|>— t-o— »rS»;- — A ~ "social dance will he given - from »:3« to 13. jPJfty centu |*»r couple. Ladles SSc- All. Arc cordially Invited to attend. m> arranga your crowd «nd come up und learn tho new uters and enjoy the »oc- PRESBYTERIAN Chester M. trwfn, pa«ti»r, Hunday: M-fiVSil, 1ft: 18 "At the l-Vft of 7:30 Tho f>N>iftivt > n<*t)i> of J*in«i. .Thu.radai-j:_l;3« My. Churcn_and-JU~ CALVARY BAPTIST Corner of 'Fifth ntre^'t and Fifth Av«nue. 9:45 A. AI. Hlble school. HM^S A. M. Worship fciermon—Subject "Th* Dynamic For and The Effect of United l-Tffortl" 7:3d P. M. TVopl«'.« Ftmim. A visiting speaker. The public -is cordially Invltetl to the above '8T. JOHN'S LUTHERAN.' —E;—i 1 —*l arrtH, v paxloi 9-SO. Prtmcbing 'Mfytc*; 10;S*, ful Unto Death." Rev. 2:10, •.Christian Kndeavor, 6:30, »ubj(ecl. "Public Spirit and How To Cultivate It," Citwnship Sundfiy. I^eaders. 1st division. Theodore Trouth. 2nd dlvlntoii nn.-k wiTTTn voice rit.b'iixt thirty t.hou- »«nd diOlnrs and if Judiciously nmn- e«l all »«f thr blllw may be 4)ald and a «m»d atxf-tl Kfirplu-<*lcft over. It ri-- nin«n» to bt> si>cn be Hfiy« what will be The Stt-rliiiK l>cptirtme.nt Htor« i«« oflrnr-d by <)(>Ht"gi» Mtuiti, nil of t lie *t««-k With the exc»'ptJ<«n"«if two pint re*, his .«nn in St«'rlins. <»wnlntr one of th.e two shart'n not owiii'd by Mr, Mann. Al«>ut thrcp ycnrc a.fco Mr. Mann cume to HterlitiK from Calenn nf»d' ! »n init-roHt in the Ahrenn' iH-i ^«tort\ _ Abniit_it_yejir__ijfU'r In- lniut;>it «>ut the intcrexts of 'AnioK Ahrcn.s. wirnr trwuhle arone between tlie two men and H *uU ia«_Jjctu_ .in—thii— court* - piespnt. Mine. Herthn Kfillcli in "Ambition," it If « m«ct«>r Wm s Fox photo- I lay, graphically depicting (In- Hrr.-tfic* 1 of n rnun'» wife and home to « pollticai In order thitt he may secure sue»how» th^ extent to which n wife ami Tuesday — Star Helen Holme.* ir iM'rlands." « complete story in the photoplay in M>tt;i'd in the I hillH of nid Kentucky. H>'lf-n Holmes • <>f ,-« m»<>nsbincr. It ' the pictures you KC! a chance to nee | tho rlrcu.« unload without losing a lot j of Kood ?<!('«-|i. This afternoct'n nl 2:30. jund \ 30 and tonight nt 7:3U, «:30 «nd j!»:3" ut the Actub-my of Music thr> coin- j,plf*te moving pictures of the circus will UJ ?^ 1 ^ J£^w"J fd. Instead of being ...foreol— jto r*t>' the iiNiial-circuit prices the pic- ttin-H will 1><- shown for What you usual- ;and ii nark of peatl.UtM. _ 5Tf.~S!»nn claim. 1 * h'e- luw.Meveml thou- >»itd dollart* tjod up thi.-< .way and thin hitH hnd ctfiixiderntde fo do with nutk- -diflf irtitt~f or~'W lra~tn~uoc«re'; "T h*> capital. Mr. Mivnn hiiK 'made many friends wince h«* came t«j Sterllnj? and hundretin i-esret th«t this action was deemed necra'wary to protect the creditors from Sterling. His buaincHs in HtwrHng have been very Ju<iinr;iii]<- and while bin grocery traile has hwn extra His clerkw Kpeak Mructlnrit ' you i th( H an4 oniy'thn most prpper danc- InK allowed on (he door.* Fr«d B. 8tebbln» of Cltronello, Ala., la a fjrueat for a few daya at thw home of Mr. and Mrs, R, A, Kidder of thla cjty. He waa a pleaiwint -caller on Th* Qacetjte todny. Mr- 8U*bT»in» la return- Ing HOitth. ha\ ins spent sevemFm<mTTi8 J« th« cur for- them. 1 CORN 'CARNIVAL AT OALT, • The Hopkins HchuulH have planned to corn- c«»*nlrnl-this--fail -on Iday.'Nov,. 3rd, at fJnlt, Tin* u»uttl will bo Awarded for the best alory, composition "or bio- jiphy, best wtiather chart for the lonth of Octtdier, beat writing by dif- ant grades. «tc, l'riJ!i*« will alan be for Tho publii' Is cflidially inviu-d, FILED. been iti the office of th«* clerk of the ty Court, Karl Hen*. In the case of H> Till on vcrus W. T. BURJpalt rettinmbjo at the N< o< the City i'ourt, Nov. 16, The dtunageg tu the iiinoinu ;l4(e H'. C. Ward la- at tor- far the pluinttft'. i'hi- d.-iaiU of will not be U-urncd tiiilil Die *tlon has been tiled, - * NICELY. N- 41- Wolbtr. who umlt'iw opera t ton a w« i «-k a«o at f a on . A. T, Austlh wat»--ft-.-bualn«i» eaHep In I'eorla Friday. Attorney Walter Htnger upent Friday In Chicago on buHlnit«M. . F..C. Ix>ng, of, Clinton, Iowa, spent Friday here on bu«ine«8. . ('all at Hock's f^e»i «tor« tonight, and look at hla potatoes.* Mr. and -Mra. Fred Crome. of Tam- plco. were here Friday. _Mr». Andrgw_jnas«._wj«nt Ui J''rei>purt Friday for a few days' visit. (i. F. HaselUm. of New York, waa a. buslneBB caller u«re 'Friday, Car load of Pear's— Juat In- Call at i>r«w,& Co . link that section, wh«r« he knew preocntrowners of Th» tltt*«tt« Ct ' Kahili, of Ulxon. culled on friends here Thuraday evening. Hev. and M.rn. Fitplu of .Prophetatown, xpont Friday heru with frlendH. Walter Smith, of IHa-fui, callt'd »n frlciids here Thursday evenlnti. \V. T. Teuch, of Morruion, l» ln« a few day* here with fr<end«. AUTO Total Auto 8al»» and 8uppli«« For P«it V«ar N««Hy Doubled th* Record. (tty ^Tnited !»re*»» Waahlngton. D. ('.. OvU 14.— Ksjwrt !H of American uuioa and pnr.tM for Vear endlnu June 30, totalled $144,'888^719, nearly doubling tn» rerord-TiT- t«I of th» urm-lou* year, the commerce depariment rerwrt«d todaj-; ^Phe sales of J commercial' «u»o» amounted to over f JS.OOO.OOO, itaaaenger «uti?« to over de. 1'reacbbiB n<»rvlc«v 7: SO. "Trust in iM JLord^l^lms ~m: 8. SCIENCE CHURCH. Tho Fintt Church of Cl»ri»t Scien- tlut meets in I. O, O. F. hull Sunday morninsr. Service at 10:45 tfclocfc The subject for next Sunday will b* wy-Wrtrnrsdmy—F Everybody' welcome. "srr Fir»t Baptist Church Ralph Hlnkle. pastor. S«nda> *< h »! at 9:30. Morning worship ' at totl'i. Children** iiermon. ''If,Qn«> Would !.ivf. Then ^>ne_JlhlijHt_^»lv«».^_ Regular £•*•>-. tnou, "Stilling the Tempest." B- V- P. I?, at fi;m—Bvpnlng worohln »t "7.30. Subject, Bethnl. Thursday evcnins votlonal scrvlco at 7:30. V««u »n5~i dlally_ jnvlied to como with us. very highly of Mr. Mahn'and feel"very much grieved ut the HI fortune of their '-Hundred* «f patrons M'111 hnpe that Mr. Mann may fltuj « epeedy way out hi* difficuliictt the utor and HO«»II be' con- R««l Economy. hV said that cold feft KOVKS a deal of money from tlmo to time, Atchlson Globe. Se<- Ihrilling and ban a. tender im-c story ' the a reels*. Alfo travel i Crater Luke, c>r«'. j it^irts with vaudeville, i Three ai-tfi, fcaturtng Adnm-i A comedy nov.'lty jugglerx. Hec r E. U. TAYLOR FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE . and RENTING Notary Public Rook Fallt, III, rlciual .l.-»» Also exit-it J'atlu;. ptvwcntf Chapter 2 of "Tbi> Grip of Hvil/'-J-lit'J -H«-com'PK r t«'~nrTt5TT><» : 'l7, Tho t'mb-r ! World will !»«• shown in No. 2. featurlnt: ! Mii<n Ja«-kiv StiutubT.s. liii'cl Kol'and Hot- j ' toml'ey. some Also Don't mJ!*« it. cnnif-dy ; ......... -Vaudeville, Three high- clrtSH act)*, pluyint; only tlie circuits and extra. KPC XaiMdoun. the Sully, lu» itmii". tin 1 numkey- Itlrn Alno xpcelal feature, "Fatr'M 'I>ecl»d«n," <;.ibson and IU»el Life Magazirie. l-'riiiay— -Km I re tu-w vaudeville bill. Three great acts, xumo fine novelty and _ Hire, "Tlie Yellow it. everybody JN Kv.crybod'y. praising it. Also Mutu.'il \V«ckly. Saturday— -Matinee and nlnht. Thrc«- grcnl vaudcviUc actw and Hpeclnl "feature, "Hiuidy Hefortner," featurliiK Helen Kot*«un and Art Acord, Kxlra. Jerry ROBERTTOBSET Attorney-ill-Law Stat* Bank BrdgT—Bt*rIIn«rni \ B. T. MOKE^OUSE Optometrist Ov*r Corn«r Drug Store .j y. man in 'nu»vle«. I AMUSEMENTS ~ THE GRAND THEATER The jrrt»gr»«n to be given at the Orand Theater for the week commencing Monday October^. ,l«1rh l» UM fol- On Monday,' October-nth the Tri- Flirting with Fate. The theme of gjnea to over tJ,0«0,Ooo and parts t« ov«r 166,000.000. The nalft» were coni-entrau-fl princl- in Knslund. France and FIRST Hunday. Oct. IS, ha* Nnm it* "Tercenteunri' Sunday" .by the c«tn- inIssIon on ml.v*ton«j of the National (Council of the Comrreuational church- o» of 'tlu? Unlt'ed Stales, and l« con- with that plan the day 'will I* EFFOETPAiLED iiiul v\ili houu* in tlu i K'Ui,-t Mrs. Mike Keal went to Chicago Frl- d«ty for a »hort visit.-with frlendn. MTH. Carl Coi< went to Chicago Friday for a whorl vlntt with -friends*. l/loyd Mt-yeca wen.t to Denvcrt- t'ol,, Friday for an e^tcndvd visit with relative*. Mrs. Wlndotn uiul dHUghtcy. Misa Kuth, opent Friday with' friends In in Clinton, Mrs. 1». A, Marktt hua gone to Chicago for a jdiort visit with friends Mrs, ('IiurU'H Sprlhklo ucnt i'i t'hl- '.'UK" l'»duy lur a sliurt visit with frj>-udi* M 1) John bpcnl the <i;iy in M*irri aon on liutilncsH . "~^ ( Kllllt'l- t»tU|'k wi-Jll In tovva, titday for u vlwtt with John (iiiltnutii NIU-IH lh«- d.»>, in C.I I- HKO on lin»in<>!< . Mi)»s« (»r«i'«' Hill __ ...... ^ IN ILU^OIS HISTORY' Qa Oct. U. '!H»2. thf KM'iu-b.i!o\uiti" t rtH-tflVfd H. n-i'iou 'H p.ui> lr<H(U(il« bud cujiUiit'U unit KiiU-d JlUnw* ln'U'ii"< OAiLY WEATWER REPORT < r It 1* —3 jf - Epi»oop»li«nt Resolution St. r»«t«d at Marriage t«w». (By I'nlted rreu») l,oul«'. .Mo-, Oct. "14 —The of (Ir-pgticb and house .of bishop* of the rr«it«atanl K.pS»« : "pai church if joint «e*wlon this nfterntwn killed a resolution prohibiting tlw'tnarria^e of all di\i<ri'(xl pct»M»ii«i. BIRTHS <'LAV|N - A baby boy was born moining to Mi ;uid Mi*. A M fj.ivin KTl'HTSS -A (laiiKhtri* wa« burn Frl- tU> nu»nUHK to Mi ,suU Mr* HturtaiL ,.\li.^- Si'phi.i Ni vvt-H \\tnt »• tu,),i\ inr a ^ i»n v\ lt!*i r»>l,iiu<> Mrx H--iir\ Stni^i-s und Kjih \\fnt «i Chii .IK" |oii,i\ (t u ith u-Uiin ''I s ' (in- Tb'inta- MiHit "f I'bi.i /Di ,i s i)»lt uitb III.H ,»i,n» Hi' li.ntn.iii «> I Mat*' i tat U_s-«i ~lif J.4IU' JCt*'?iT l« f! tviirt? -f H" h a \J>>- fi'*V CARLOAD OF APPI.E5 U ill •church with appropriate «»erclw»«. Rr. Jonua will uptMtk in the morning "*t 10:<6 on "The Hlgrim Plan and It* Fulfillment." Th« * be at half' pa»t seven, with by the pastor. The tiun<lay aciiiK>i «lU tact at 9-: 45 a. m. and all ar<? looking with cnthiisiluhin for the coming of Dr R, \V. Gammon, of Chicago, who »iU 'be With UK it week from Sunday in tht* 'nutrning. afternoon and evening, will in? «» gresit day for the school and churvh- A cordial invita- th)iiMti given to all to attend the-w»r- vice** of thi» church. The |ntd.-w«s«t» prayer meeting will be ««} Thursday evening at half jiast t*i'vm «v. lm-k "The Discipline of Work" will t«e th« general Xheme uf the Xhff Thl« Umt lurk "In irrrrnHr^but" w ear« t hem t he de- t«Rllv«t on his trail wears th»»m and thy villiMn we«r» them, ; while Fair- tiitnks was walking about the studio with .hi* private set of whiskerK, one of th« (N*wh«>yir who played with him :n "The Gooul llad-'&lan" Mopped, op- him and drawlwl: "Come out A STRONG REPERTOIRE. The""a'ttru'cilun nt tlwi-Aiuulnn.tjl fif Muxic. Monday. Oct. 16th. will b^ iJiV first appearance in thin city of Tom Nftwu and Hal Davis ntt cu-ntarH.' an A. Q. HUBBARD, Surveyor field notes of th« Original Survey of Starling and Rook Fall*. Bell Phon* 603 E. 2nd St., flUrllno, III. Tonage i'if IIH> well informed theatre-goer,-ax for yearn both these gentlemen have eiijoyed. ^ dlHtirtKu-i>'.ln>d and almoKt world-wjdt- rcpulatlnn in their particular fleld« of endeavor. They have selected from t hoi r ex ten five'rep- four'of their biggest, hitx, four nil combined. in -QUO DR. F. W. BROOERICK tfL. EYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Hours: 9 to 12 a, m,; 1 to 4:10 p. m. . Fifth Floor *Awr«nc« Bldg. . Bt.rlinfl, III. Beth Phonw cv«ning*» (ivrfornuincc lending, variety zest tti every mtniite of Mit-lr a wo and a. half hourti «-ntertuinmf-nt. The ~jfBfc$hf~. Genii," by the late lOdmuhd Day; aj classic 'that has met with hugh au'f - ] cess in both thi{* country, AiiHtrallu and : Kngland; "A lliiny Pti y," H f'<rt'" rf w —[• laughter,-by Soarlo Allcii; "Th* 1 ?tcd,"' another playlet by the late Kdmund Day, and "A Touch of! Nature," by Tom N'awn. These tittle j all fciiuirc ac-ting of Uic Practic* in all court* LOANS We all know jou'te thei *3U!»-* we klu wu> yer cars it 'ivitgRln On Tuesday, Puriitnount present* Pauline f-Ynlcrick in The Moment UP fwre. Pauline Frc«lcrn k n.oted for her and aJlunni; \\«»mt-« as \\cll ft!*-' realistic t«>rira>al» of ttwcet In i.oc*>nt grdlxiini. a.liU another }H>r*on- v\ achievement to her i f maitka !'!>' l'l*ier» Film Cv>miHtit,v'h pk-turiwiU»n •>f Israel XatigMtdlK pi>wcrlul drama TtM? Httor*»'" .on the l*ara- >>v*-t (T\y United Hwyonne, X. J, (let- 14.- K 'lit- HtrikliiK '"^ vt!»rt$<-r« the yucjitiuu uf returning »*»• caiuM<d l hi- catu t'llatioR of th<> IK'IH ttn oi>co air muhw u the A BOf.l) BOBBERf plant* M«>iui.t> Wtu!«> iflHj, Trlaiittle Ui The I )«•!,«•» U «>f MH-IV and sanely earth, TU . (v»o jnfH <-n .t lior«*' j»lun>;- u»g V'ivr UK iMiik. ..nut rolling belt, i - vK«>!trr t» thf btidoin- thul'x the ti.ljj thriller in -'-Thr- iVr>«-Her." nt-» «'b4fl»'> Itu* fvutui-c -1'id U'n Pyrouc !«>!),it *•!,•! \ ••! y s:«-t... »«.' 113 Hit Tbt.-. a t null- ll>ilif!« I i it's m-Hfl Us ait<>it{it>ti sfitrw have ens«s*'d the best. Kupporl- inj;" company availitble, includitiK " <i>r their'., lendtni; lady. Kvangellw • J)lx.ey', daughter of the renowned actor, lli>m*y JOHN A. WABP Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN On B*w*l 159tat« Security . MORTGAQE8 FOH 9ALK 411 Lawrence Sld«, Sterling Hi iwtti («!, Hell j.h'ine ' ill < ' M A (»n» \\"- S,hi, J,m( < '• i H Tfu- vi Ki-r. ! -,« % 4.1, h .1. N ..f C i ^V< I • *-n tin' ,| !' r« t .'i\ .1 i^.iU-'li 11 '!>-» c-.-lfi U'd t-i ^1865 1916 • '^f^mm pP(lp(l^^ ^Ipll^ "III • »l! l^fp . ^llprtr ^Hfc^ > '^^BB^P^-^^^il" Cannel Coal Does not 'pop or Great Fuel lor Graf es 1 tbls O«'lurH ; r w <»ivt» it a trial. ' ' will i'tnui-li sou any quantity you • TRe right place to buy your Lumber & ¥

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