The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on July 28, 1965 · 67
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 67

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 28, 1965
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' kW j&m t 6:15 Q Surnmir Samutir 0 Niwi-Enjllih Spanish 6:3° 0 Olya U This Day 6:45 Q Naws En Eapanol 0 Pot Pourrl 7 Q Popaya Playhousa (to 8) 00 Today (to 9) Naws An executive of Criminal Research Products talks about snooping devices and a Peruvian Indian chief talks about head-hunting 0 Morning Report 0 Nawa Noon Q Naws at Noon -O 12 O’Cloek Nows 0 Call My Bluff COLOR 00 Donna Reed 12:30 Q Search for Tomorrow 00 I’ll Bat Naws COLOR 0 Movie 10 (to 2) “Romance of the Redwoods" 0 (1939) Charles Bickford 0 Lot’s Maks a Deal Jean Parker When a lumber-1 COLOR man is killed by a defective '0 Nawsrool Th saw the boss covers up his n own negligence by hinting! that it was murder Poor out-id Password door tale 6 (D Discovery O Ralph Renlok Report 0 Nows-Fariss Crolius 0 Datalino 0 Wthr Movia Six (to 7:30) "Lady Scarface” (1941) Dennis O’Keefe Frances Neal Judith Anderson The pursuit of a dangerous gunwoman from Chicago to New York Average crime piece 0 News-Olovor Waather 6:15 O News Sports-Hirsch 0 ABC News 6:30 Q CBS NewsW Cronkite O0 Huntloy-Brinkloy News 0 Cheyenne (to 7:30) 7 (D What’s Now “Morning Incident" features the search and rescue opera- tions of the Royal Canadian Air Force at Vancouver Explosion aboard tug boat sets scene for -drama at sea Q Duth Valley Days “The Holy Terror” with guests stars Dick Foran and Penny Singleton A gold claim is decided because of a woman’s Irish temper in this true story O Honeymooners 0 Zane Grey 7:30 CD Family Camping QHST Conflicts “Where Tillage Begins" Harry S Truman discusses the farmers’ farm surplus and the Brannan Plan and its defeat 00 Virginian (to 9) COLOR REPEAT "Lost Yesterday” is another adventure into the land of amnesia But this one (560) WQAM (940) WINZ (1260) WAME— ABC Morning 6:00 WMBM— Rev McCall WMIE— Cracker Jim WFAB— Radid Voice WQAM — Roby Yeng WIOD— Whitelaw WGBS— News Aar WINZ— Russ Wheeler WMIE— Span Music WAME— Rev Mozell WMBMFM — Rev McCal WKAT— J McDermott WILL— News Wthr WSKP— Mus Thtr WMET— Radio Hora WAEZ— Stereo Mus WFUN— J Howell WMET— Radio Relol 6:15 WGBS— Farm SOow WKAT— Life Line WILL— S Dade Rdup WMIE— Span Music 6:30 WGBS — News Sound WKAT— A Warren WVCG— Today Strength 6:45 WGBS — Sound of Mus WMIE— Hora Evans WKAT — A Warren WVCG— Bumf Toast 7:00 WAME— Fred Hanna WKAT— News WMIE — Seen Music WSKP— Mus Thfr WINZ— World News WMIE— Mr Sfofcum WEDR— Cracker Jim WMET — Radio Hora WVCG— News Wthr 7:15 WCKR— B Holida WILL— News Music WFUN— Sots Report 7:30 WINZ— World News WMIE— Word of God WMIE — C J Hour 8:00 WFUN — Sets Reoorf WMIE — Rescue Mission WMBM — Bufferbell WKAT— World News WWPB— Rise Shine 8:15 WMBM— Butterball WMIE— Morning Thought WFUN— Traffic Rent WILL— Hootemtany 8:30 WGBS— Poo Music WFUN— Marine Wthr WFAB— Estrada Show WEDR— Live Right WMIE— H C Hour 8:45 WEDR— Pop Music 9:00 WIOD— News Nevins WMVJ-FM — M Stewart WQAM— Ted Clark WFUN— D O'Donell WFAB— Cartos Estrada WWPB— Best Hi FI WEDR-FM— News 9:15 WEDR— Fla Garden WMIE— China-Asie 9:80 WIOD— News Nevins WGBS— Bill Eiris WEDR-FM— Italy Voice WKAT— A Godfrey WMIE— Allen Revlv WGBS— Jim Ward 10:00 WEDR— Break Bagel WMIE— Med Moment WINZ— Jim Harper WVCG— Biff's Club WMIE — Music WWPB — Brunch Music WMBM-FM — Gosp Train WMET— La Vox WMET— Como Me'od WVCG-FM — Concert 10:15 WKAT— Art Godfrey WM'F— Life Line WMIt— Crusade 10:80 WC-BS— Sound of Mus WM'E— Chris Cmsade WMET— Soap Ooera 10:45 W5DB — Morning Round WGBS — Sound of MuS WMIE— Hear Israel 11:00 WVCG — Bulletin Board WMIE— Reform Hr © QCSPCbgESD 7:15 0 Comedy Tima (te I) 7:30 0 Banjo Popaya (to 8i30) 8 O Capt Kangaroo (to 9) 0 Naws 8:15 0 Maridian Th (to 9:45) “Silver River” (1948) Erroll Flynn Ann Sheridan Thom as Mitchell Action love-story set in the West in pre-Civil War “free silver” period Fair outdoors yarn 8:30 0 Romper Room (to 9:30) 9 O Movie Special (to 10:30) 0 Father Knows Bast 12:45 Guiding Light 1 Love of Lifs Naws Matoh Gams Naws Lifs of Riley Rebus Gamo 1:30 As the World Turns Girl Talk O a 0 0 !O0 Moment of Truth has been pepped up with silky blonde Shirley Knight as the girl with the blocked memory whom James Drury rescues from a flaming stagecoach Somewhere in her past is a cache of stolen money 00 Ozzis and Harriot REPEAT Rick and his frat-brothers can’t resist the temptation to illegally give th rush to an outstanding football star who shows up on the campus 8 (D Play the Organ Host and instructor John Kasche shows viewers how easy it is to play the organ using the Pointer method and any 29 key key board O Living Doll REPEAT Peter Robinson goes aloft in a plane piloted! by Rhoda then learns that! she can’t land the craft 00 patty Oukt REPEAT An amusing trifle on the anguish of ' school girls who give up their steady beaus for dashing cadets The fun in “The Green Eyed Monster” centers around Richard w'ho finds himself competing against Patty's new flame In desperation he enlists Mr Lane to help in the battle 8:30 (D Probe Tonight Dr Albert Burke examines the Common Market — its history and future common market policies and’ ideas favored by De Gaulle and Churchill 0 Hillbillies REPEAT Greeley College! J confers an honorary! doctorate upon Jed Granny the family's acknowledged Beautifying the landscape "physician” is outraged at begins at home” (990) WFAB (1080) WVCG (1430) Will WKAT— News H'seoarty WEDR-FM— J Schachter WWPB— Morn Moods WAME— Rockin' Rogers WMET— Palabras WMBM— D Stirrup 11:15 WVCG— World of Music 11:30 WFAB— M del Canal WMEI— Drama WKAT— Garry Moore WMIE— Conservative WMET— Soap Opera WILL— News WVCG— City Hail 11:45 WKAT— Grocery Game WMIE— Rev Spencer WVCG— Culture Cal Afternoon 12 Noon WIOD— News Collier WAVE— Paul Harvey WMET— Not iciero WFAB— News Estrada WQAM— Jim Dunlao WGBS— Total News WKAT— Miami Talk WFUN— Dick Starr WINZ— Harper News WEDR— Country Mus WMIE— World Tom WVCG— Noon Concert WILL— Cracker Jim WKAT-FM— Melodies WMPB— Lunch Stereo WVBM— C Taylor 12:15 WV IE— World Tomorrow WGBS— Sound of Mus 12:50 WEDR— Country Mus WGBS— wash Reoort WMIE— Rev Schampadi 12:45 WMIE— Brottrer AI 1:00 WINZ— Johnny Bell WFAB— Enrioue G'zalez WAVE— Fred Hanna WMET — 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WWPB— Coffee Break WMET— Ronda Mus WMBM— Wild Steve WILL— Toe Tapping 5:30 WGBS— Merrft Hadley WMBM�� King Bee WGBS— Spencer Danes WMIE— Muier a Muier WMBM— Butterball 5:45 WVCG— Market Report 4:00 WEDR — Cracker Jim WAEZ-FM— Time Out WSDB— Wind-up WMIE— Cocktails wkat-fm— Fantasy WVhPB— Tranouility WQAM — Lea Sherwood WMIE—’ Muier a Muier WILL— Gr'd Ole Opry WAEZ— Dinner Mus WINZ— George Cooper WQAM— Lee Sherwood WFUN— Liverpool Hr WVCG— Suburbia 4:15 WMIE— Cartas WMBM-FM— Jocko Show 4:30 WKAT— Colllngwood WMET— Sports WMIE— Musical 4:45 WAEZ— Closing Stocks WMIE— Exitos Amer 5:00 WMEI— Muska WGBS— Ciose-Uo WVCG— Market Report WILL— Happy Harold WFUN— Doc Downey 5:15 WMET— Not Deport WVCG— Evening News WMIE— Mus Comment WKAT— J Cummins WMIE— Cartas 5:30 WIOD— News Journ WMET— Garment Union WINZ— News WMFT— Norman Diaz WKAT— Bill Smith WFUN— Marine Wthr WMIE— Venezuela WVCG— Intermezzo WIOD— Bus Sots WMIE— Trident WMET— Deportes Evening 6:00 WQAM— Rick Shaw WMIE— Spanish Music WIOO— Jim Bishop WMIE— Vox Je Muier WFAB— Tel amigo WAEZ-FM— Soup Nuts WEDR— Poos Music WIOD— Serenade WGBS— Naws World WMIE— Radio Hisoana WEDR— Dr Mclntir a T7CT mm I 10 "In Times Like These” Mac- 0 Truth Contoq Donald Carey Fay Wray Johnny Washbrook A druggist and his wife while attending a testimonial dinner given in their honor receive note that their son has been killed in the Navy “Down In San Diego” (1941) Bonita Granville Ray McDonald Dan Dailey Jr Spy ring is no match for a determined band of Los Angeles teenagers when the spies try to frame a young marine into stealing military secrets Fair-to-midllng 0 Match Game Nows 0 4 O’Cloek Club (to 5) 0 Trailmastsr (to 6) 4:30 O Early Show (to 6) Wthr “The Lone Texan” Willard Parker Grant Williams 5:30 Douglas Kennedy Audrey Dalton Former Union Caval-CD French ry officer returns to Texas 0 Sea Hunt branded a traitor to find his 0 News-Stewart Sports younger brother sheriff and 0 pIMjn parads undisputed boss of town O Miks Douglas (to 6) Wthr 5:45 Co-host Tony Martin guests Peggy March singer Dri® Magic Carpet Bergan Evans lecturer and 0 ABC News a chimpanzee that paints 0 Sports Extra efforts of Rob’s brother Stacey to marry the girl of his dreams at -the moment he wants to open up a coffee shop Plenty of broad wild humor with Jerry Van Dyke Carl Reiner and Jane Wald adding relish to ’ the romp 00 Wid Nitu Moviu (to II) COLOR “Key to the City” (1950) Clark Gable Loretta Young Two small town mayors meet at convention in San Francisco and immediately find themselves at odds with each other Romantic comedy 9:30 Q Private World 00 Burke's law (to 10:30) REPEAT The death of a little old lady who sells maps to movie star's homes becomes a deeper mystery when Capt Burke discovers she had a seemingly endless 00 Tonight COLOR include supply of money 10 (D French Chef Julia Child shows viewers how to prepare “Puff Pastry” O Lucy Deii Hour REPEAT Milton Berle guest stars as the target of Lucy Ricardo’s determined efforts to land a big-name celebrity to head her PTA benefit show 10:30 $ Science Journal “Traffic Control Techniques” 0 Detective “My Name is Tommy little boy is caught stealing a toy carousel from a shop win- dow and juvenile authorities (1490) WMBM WINZ— — WWPB— Dinner Concert WVCG— Concert WKAT-FM— Serenade WWPB — Dinner Concert WMBM— Rev McCall WGBS— Sound of Mus 6:15 WM I E— Voz-Pueblo WFAB— E Calbrera WAME— Alex Dreier WMIE— Sept Inning WEDR— Crusade WILL— Bad John 6:30 WAME— News Sots WIOD— Johnny Argo WFAB— Noticias WMIE— Nac Real WAEZ— Bus Hr WEDR— Conserv V'p't 6:45 WMIE— Span Music WAME— Tom Harmon WKAT— Lowell Thomas WEDR— Life Line 7:00 WAEZ— Stereo Show WKAT— Lowell Thomas WWPB— Ooera Hour WVCG— Dinner Concert WK AT-F M— Concert WAME— Edw Morgan WFAB— Contese y Gane WEDR— O Israel WFUN— Dutch Holland WINZ— J Wlchner 7:15 WSKP— Mus Thtr SKAT— Snorts WEDR— Rescue Miss WIMIE— Radio Hisp 7:30 WKAT— Ken ColHer WGBS— J Bellamy WKAT— L Thomas WMET— Sign Off WMIE— ArtalelO WFAB— Hit Parade WEDR— China Asia WMIE— ArtakiO WEDR— Jones U WBS— News Music WMIE— Radio Progreso WWPB— Thr Time WVCG— Mus Heritage WFDR-FM— Fult Lewis WKAT— World Tonite WKAT-FM— World WMBM— Hendrik Berns 8:15 WEDR— People Church WKAT— News Spts WKAT-FM— Songs 8:30 WEDR— Stok urn WKAT-FM— Concert WMIE— Radio Progreso WIOD — Serenade WKAT-FM— Prelude 8:45 WMlE-nMey er Coment 9:00 WKAT-FM — Symphony WEDR— Hoot enany WFAB— Show Fab WIOD— News Seren WFUN— Greg Warren WMIE— Prog Antillano WINZ — Jerry Wichner WWPB— Svmph Hali WMBM-FM — C Valles WMBM— Elisha Burke 9:15 WEDR — Hoot enany WMIE— Antllano 9:30 WMBM-FM— Jazz WMBM— C Taylor 10:00 wo AM— Roby Young WIOD— News Wthr WWF-Amer Adven WVCG— Sevitzky Present WMIE— Vozdel Pueobio WINZ— Alan Courtney WKAT-FM— Concert WEDR— Country Mus 10:15 WIOD — Larry King 10:30 WGBS — Review Stand WKAT-FM— Sign Off WEDR— Sour Ranch WWPB— Head Home 10:45 WFAB— Nife Beat WGBS— Mke O'Neil 8:00 WIOD— News Serenade WFAB— Fuste Shew WMET— Spanish Drama f ?£ COLOR 10:30 Q I Love Lucy n what1 Thl 0nl What Thll Song? COLOR 0 Father Knows Boat 11 Q Andy ot Mayberry O0 Coneontration 0 Rebut Gama 0 TV Bingo 11:30 Q Love That Bob O0 Jeopardy COLOR 00 Price Is Right 0 Superman CD What’s New 0 Huckleberry Hound 0 Yogi Bear 0 TV Bingo are called in 0 Seiineo Fiction 11 All Channoli-Nowt 11:10 Q Nowsnight Cont O Sports-Hirseh Wuthir 0 Woathor Sports 0 Sports Sail 0 News Woathor Sports 11:15 0 Waathor-O'Brion 11:20 0 Night Life (to I) Guests are Barbara McNair and Morty Storm 11:30 Q Lata Show (to I) "Paris Honeymoon” (1939) Bing Crosby Franciska Gaal Millionaire takes a vacation runs into a rose queen he would like to marry Not too sturdy Visitors include the Su-premes and Mr and Mrs Lloyd Hand (new US Protocol Chief) 0 Starlight Th (to 1:15) “R i c h Man Poor Girl (1938) Robert Young Lew Ayres Joan Thayer Wealthy society executive who wants to marry his secretary meets opposition from her family Good hearted compdy 1 AM Q Now En Etpanol 0 Lato Movio (to 2:30) "Lady Scarface” (1941) Dennis O’Keefe Francis Neal Judith Anderson 1:15 a 0 Night Wateh (to 6) 2:30 0 News-English Spanish (6J0) WIOD— NBC (1450) WSKP (790) WFUN WWPB— Starllte 11:00 WEDR— News Wthr WAME— Hotline WQAM— Lee Vo9l WMIE— El Mambi WWPB— Sign Off WVCG— Lyle Thompson WKAT— Ken Cotter WKAT-FM — Intermezzo WVCG— Nocturne 11:15 WMIE— Eng Center WIOD— Larry King 11:30 WFAB— Noticiero WQAM — Courtney WGBS— Span News WMIE— J L Maso WEDR— Peppy Fields 12:00 WAEZ— Stereo Mus WFAB— Nite Beat to S WMBM— Rock to 5 WAME— Hotline WQAM— Vogel to 2 WIOD— King to 1 WFUN— James to 5 WINZ— Courtney to 1 WEDR— Fields to 1 WKAT— Collier to 1 WSKP— Mus Thtr WVCG— Sign Off WMVJ— Dean Ross WEDR-FM— P Field FM Skeds WKAT 9301 24 Hours WAEZ-FM — 949 meg 24 Hours WEDK-FM-991 meg 7 am to Midnita 7:30 am to 11:10 p m 24 Hours WVCG— 1051 meg 6:30 a m to 12 midnfte WMBM-FM WIOD— 973 meg WGBS— 963 16 Hours a Dav WWPB— 1015 meg 9 m to 1? Mdnit c Wednesday July 28 1965 THU MIAMI HERALD 5-F Ch 10 Stealing Jump On Morning Schedule By FRAN SWAEBLY Htrald Stiff Wrttir HOPING to get a timeslotting jump on the competition WLBW (Ch 10) announced a major reshuffling of its morning programming Tuesday Most important Banjo Billy is being moved to 7 am to meet Channel 4’s Pop-eye Playhouse head-on and a new series of full-length motion pictures will begin at 8:30 a half-hour before the morning movies on Channels 4 and 7 Later in the morning a news block is being inserted at 11:30 while the other stations offer theirs at noon To make room for the changes which begin Aug 9 ®r By CARROLL RIGHTER Wednesday July 28 1965 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A whole fresh new start is possible for you now but it is necessary that you think big and in a generous and magnanimous fashion if you are to gain the full results and effects of this very good now inspirational period in which a more romantic as well as otherwise personal ment can take place LEO (July 22 to Aug21) Show pleasure in being with persons you like and who are also able to open new doors ?Mk of opportunity for you Dress nicely after you have completed important work Gad about town happily Beach Man On Trial in Kentucky The operator of a Newport Ky gambling casino who gave Miami Beach as his home address was accused Tuesday of using a d o u b 1 e-bookkeeping system to evade $176000 in federal income taxes Tito Carinci operator of the Glen Rendezvous and his partner Abraham Maius have pleaded innocent to government charges they neglected to report $347157 of their 1958-59-60' income Frank Coots an intelligence agent for the Internal Revenue Service testified at the Carinci-Maius trial Tuesday that Maius prepared the daily won-lost report and that Carinci wrote up the casino's ledger sheets from which tax payments were made Coots said there were some 617 witnesses who would testify they paid their gambling losses by check many of whom turned over the vouchers in October November and December of 1960 But Coots testified there were no entries in the club ledger to show any income from checks during that period The Best On Radio 9:30 AM — WEDR-FM— Voice of Italy — Italian melodies introduced by “Teddy” 10:00 AM — WEDR-FM— Miami's Jewish Scene — News direct from Israel and a visit to the new Israel Museum Noon — Joe Fyne WKAT — Guests are Asian Affairs expert Frank Pestana and designer Don Loper 6:25 PM — Baseball WKAT — Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians 705 PM — Folk Music WAEZ-FM — In Stereo the! New Christy Minstrels are! featured 8 PM — Hendrik Berns WMBM — “What’s the Conservative View?” is the topic GEMINI Musicians Off-Stage WVCG — Geza Anda discusses Grieg 8:15 PM — Prelude WKAT-FM — Alfred Brendel plays Schubert-Liszt’s “Wanderer Fantasy” 10 PM — Alan Courtney WINZ — A debate on right to work laws 10 PAL — Larry King WIOD — Guests tonight are Claudia Shropshire child Alfred Browning Parker! architect Earl Schroder Di- rector of Metro Data Processing : 10:30 PM — Reviewing Stand' WGBS — “What is the Church’s Role in Society?" is the topic Midnight — Peppy Fields! WEDR-FM — Guests are j I Frank Keenan Ruth McMa- er delays Get hon anl Georgia Drake tion you require attorney Banjo Billy going lo 7 a in Morning Report is being dropped and 15 minutes cut from both Banjo Billy and VIRGO (Aug 22 to Sept 22) A period of rest after you have labored very hard and have all in order will bring inspira tion Put aside the unimportant Dwell on whatever is of real scope and breadth improve- LIBRA (Sept 23 lo Oct 22) If you confide ypur ambitions to good friends they can help you to attain them Be amusing show you have real charm Happiness can be a marvelous tonic for all SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21) Big business affairs can be handled nicely now if you m show appreciation for the ability of higher-ups Follow intuition in dealing with public They quickly co-operate SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 to nee 21) Traveling is some thing you like to do very much and this is a good day for such even if it is only through books Introduce yourself to interesting persons GROW CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Instead of using all kinds of excuses to get out of pay ing your bills be adroit and do so with alacrity Be more pliable where mate is concerned Ease up — it's your fault AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feh 19) If you support associates more staunchly you find that their mood will improve and much more is accomplished Strive for true harmony between you Labor more PISCES (Feb 20 to Mar 20) The duties before you are very fascinating so be quick & in getting at them Fine advancement comes There are fine treatments you can take later that improve health a great deal ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 19) If you introduce some of your new ideas to others you find they soon become interested in you Plan your activities for the day early Then ail goes along very smoothly TAURUS (Apr 20 to May 20) Stop concentrating upon the unimportant and dwell on a very high level of conscio- £3 usness — improve your whole way of life Get family I life more ideal too devotion firmness necessary (May 21 to June 21) !1 A little deserved pat on back to associates can bring about fine results especially Show where if you carry through with! own duties to the letter For-1 get anxieties tonight Have fun MOON CHILDREN (June 22 In July 21) You can have the added abundance vou want!"3 for convicted and now if you get into projects to lrT1Prlsoned ln‘ that are really workable and definitely show big profits Avoid furth- A the informa- Romper Room making them 45 minutes each Just how the kiddies will feel about having Banjo and Popeye on at the same time (they now overlap during only half their air time) will probably go unrecorded but the next ratings report will reflect whether or not it has been that half-hour advantage that has given Popeye the bigger share The movie package whirh will run two full hours has at least for openers some real goodies such as “Little Minister” with Katharine Hepburn and John Beal and Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in “Shall We Dance” In the news segment to be called "11:30 Report” Bob Harnish will be the anchorman Dick Winters will give business news and stock market reports Molly Turner is scheduled for features and interviews and Bill Bayes is listed for news comments Bill Freeland will be the producer for the show which would seem to have been modeled after Channel 4’s Nightlife amalgam Exiles Blending Into Community ANOTHER clear-cut example of how swiftly Miami's Latin population is blending into the American landscape: WMET radio the Latin Broadcasting Corp one of the first to adopt a Spanish format is dropping it Sunday Changing call letters to WOAH the station will become Miami’s first fully coun-try-and-western music broadcaster Heard at 1220 on the dial sun-up to sundown WOAH will feature a morning program by Happy Harold long-time local radio TV and square-dance man Midday listeners will catch Bill Thompson in' a chat-and-music show reflecting his native Tennessee and Johnny Hudson is scheduled to hast the late afternoon program The format also will include hourly news weather and a favorite hymn This move leaves WFAB as the only station devoting its entire schedule to Span-ish-language broadcasting CBS Started A TV Trend CBS SEEMS to have started a new fad in specials with its “National Driver’s Test” a couple of months ago Now NBC has announced a series of five test-yourself shows during the upcoming season As in the driving test viewers will have a chance to score themselves and compare the results with nationwide averages Among the items listed as test subjects are political beliefs prejudice and reading ability Anastasia Was Slain Soviet Says HAMBURG Germany — (UPI) — A man who helped kill the Russian royal family said Grand Duchess Anastasia died in the cellar massacre a former Soviet agent testified Tuesday Erich Wollenberg testified in a state appeals court hearing on recluse Anna Anderson's claim that she is Anastasia daugher of the slain Czar Nicholas Wollenberg said that in 1929 he met a man named Beloborodov in Russia who said he took part In the 1918 Bolshevik slaughter of the Romanoffs The witness said Beloborodov jeered at the idea that Anastasia survived Beloborodov said he identified her corpse according to Wollenberg w'ho defected from Soviet intelligence in 1934 Wollenberg was called as a witness for the House of Hesse the Romanoffs’ German cous-the'ins ard the chief foes of Miss ' Anderson's claim He said those who were Communist leaders in the 1920s regard Miss Anderson’s claim as a joke hut useful in causing dissension among exiles Short Day in Court CHESTER England (UPI) — David Hutcheson’s day in court lasted exactly two minutes During that time he admitted kllhnS a tcenape glrl Miattr Oral Catln Ckaakir if Cuurn C n TV CUll till I Ml i aik km 2' fnT laaTr Saar $?!U lilt SW — CABLES — COCO KROYE Micwl Itach — NW4IE— 4M-28SI Zenith - mile - MI Idee mtm CELIAIII RADIO t tVan

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