Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1916
Page 5
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StEfiUMOJUJgOIS. SATURDAY, OCT. 14. t916. o^i_JmrTrjidDro^m"i:r'~-'"tr'—rtrr'.'r——r r—-r" — —"—" "•••*• " '"' '' ' *-—• rr—fc-jur-jn-rtui PAOB FIVJB. Carload of Potatoes Just Arrived S1.5(rPerBushel These are Choice Red River Valley Ohio Potatoes. Delivered any place in Sterling or Rock Falls. Lay in your winter supply. Do not wait for a lower market as you might be disr appointed, _ . • • ^ ' ' ' ""•""' "" '" "i" " '"""""""" ""••••"""**" i ""'"^>'""""'""""- ">•'•""•«' *»—*->»•**• •«*«• niirilVil mi....,, Don't forget us on -Flour as there is no better flour milled than King Charles Wheat and Yellow Corn Meal, Rye Flour, Wheat'Graham Flour, Pancake Flour and Bran for domestic use, W. F. FLOCK The Flour, Feed and Seed Man * aaa GETTING A START _ Nathaniel C, Fowler, jr, CLASSIFIED WTES ONE CENT A WORD HELP WANTED— m ALB AUCTIONEERS Tor Sale '-K- TWO 'SO ACRE PfiRMS FOR SALE. (!• f i- WAN'TKp— • Rai barter Trnd*— l»arn. H«mi!tJ» f.r-r <.vtH<»e<-» in th* 1*.' S.--53 f- «rbf>f.'i'» nml .*fu>ri<t -Write ff>r tfrt. ' III. iU'ANT-Kl* «-,\iif'r-:NT w<ir1?.'~ H*['<-irt with NATI8NAI LOTTERY The Lottery In Brazil Is As Much Of An Institution As the Newspaper. (U}t United Preps) Hlo |)e Jnttelto, O.-l , It With tuo ; hundred nnd fifty thousand imaKlnary H one tuny hnlld a fnirlv Rood Klin; nnd .the i« n KM-.U 'illr nf'hlN'd His m-Mc'tinl, iil- way« lit Genius Is Useless Unless Backed By Real Energy By DUDLEY CRAFTS WATSON Director Milwaukee Art>Institute Tlu> only linppy people in the world nrc {lie onts, and the ones arc thfi worker?. Downright laziness on their own part IM tin- lottery tl< k< v !, • In Hrnxll IM nn much nit ni\ the dullv now stji,T0i»T * Or tho milkman, jn»t nt H onc-p wan more or low* »n In the t'nited t»tnte-«. A Ht>anl*h itmnlwnni. womnn bought ft lottery tlckrt -»IH sin 1 walked dowti '"the RnnK I'latik of tln> nt^inier that *"l>roUBht h^r in the tiew m»Hd wimv arrlvni in th<« rlt> ntir lomnl that hart won tho MK |>rl)>." of tin- dav'* atilji, richer limit her wildest vvorkinj? -jnrm, F*««lro J-'llvnlrn, thai ho wo« to win tin' tottory nflv.f . - Ills dream jrjrnmunicaiul to bin iK'Ighhor* nnd th nut tiiily nuTiTiicf"fiworTTiir TlHMvHnnpenngs of tlioso who Iiitve failed, hut-is tlu* root of Iheir hick of judgment. A person mny be dead \frotjg, mny Iia'vo an nltogethcr impossible' viewpoint, but good,' lirmt -"litbor eoon Itiuls tbo many experiences which briiijr sound judgment. This is especially tmo in the nrt world, the tech- ii]iu' of painting, yc'iilpinny musio, nrchittt'turo and act ing-can IM- imported from teacher to pupil, but the mil nrt which is to inspire the use of this kfwwJwIg^-ftiml to 1 bring forth a worthy result, can only be gained through on esthetic background, or by experience. I will bank upon n.stoHd plodder with ambitions, whether he ha." much geniiis or not, " ahead of'nny genius who docs not have the ability tSTlSr the (< «uurinr"mm'ber. <ir< 'H"i to concentrate, and n ceaseless industry: When the genius is also a worker, . Bold «ll hit iKjHKPHHlirn* to iihtain thej l ie absolutely becomes a mn.stcr, but no genii)*?, hir.v, ever became anything Hi« extraurdinnry faith NW.M ^ an M0(i( , r op w i nn i ng the sympathy of liia friend*, the love of "a few ^j^™" 1 ^ —».i.-— ..... ,1. _.. ./• 21... _..„» -fLtJj t i^'flr4d r ^»d-^1Usn4ie^ie*^ rr ^-to—|rt!if l"W'a» necompnnled to the "chapel "I Chaheo" by thoiiM.indir uf frlen»!n and |*-'ettrioun vvlui hlul heard hi* Klury, As th.a>iih( lltilo KiilH H|iiin lhi« fateful whoplu lha tiitmti<«r that titrm-d up HobU«»t hold i>y *M'- 'iVtn. . . "p«r Syndlcmte.) THE DIARY OF A FOOL, Monday: Got up late. 'Bolted breakfast Hnslwl for the train. Arrived »t office behind time. Bosn fva» there waiting for roc. H« made a remark about fafdinrssr Went to dancer Oot Rt one Tlrrtt. . . • Hot rtp late as «g«nl. No breakfast, but got to office on time. Felt Blerpy nnd Boss noticed 'It. **uf mailed them. Oue«8 there's going to be trouble. Wont out with the boye. Had four drinks and. smoked six Cigars. Wednesday: Ten minutes late at office. Hoss didn't appear to notice It. but maybe ho did. Felt sleepy and rnndo gotno mistakes. Guess I must cut out this night business. Oot home on flmc, ate supper, went to, bed at nin*» and read until eleven-thirty, ThlIF8day;: TtftdflreroiriuTes Tot breakfast, but got my regular train. It was late, no didn't get to the office until -nine-thirty. Didn't feel like work, but managed to pull through. Six of us went to th» movies and then played pool until midnight. Last three dollars. Friday: On time at office. Went to lunch at twelve and didn't get back till two. Met a friend and enjoyed a table d'hote with him. Had something to drink. Lucky for mo tho HOBS was out when 1 came In. Called on Mildred and tiirjrrt got homo till midnight. Saturday: Overslept. No breakfast. Twenty minutes late at office. BOBS was there, of course, fuming and fussing because there was some thing for tno to do right away. Blow my head off: I'll bet he never wni .JEQUlMLhtiMelf.Life la hard. Lucky F<*!;r!h 5?f . ItrfViisiT ('.., Ji'ti k- Ivland. 'fo I!. ••. or Ft. nn<? 7ih A very W. Horwt r,,. ^7-Sf \VANTK U— RK.NTfr AMI MACHIN"! mo!i|f>r?« asi'l men. lo l^nrn n Steady work, , Pratt Mailfnble Iron Work, .fnlif't, III, r OVfiR 3tt yrwtft? old to travi-1 fist n« inakiiif: Kt«'i Hitc ftlvm. r~r«"i>"ii. Clinton. Hixkfoni' linn, Ht<t«4., t. Hip rnoni-y Hot hi-s-tcr. N. Y. ' and iiptinUit J<«^j feprt-is^d . ntlvpM for IfiidlttR houxf. NJni- rnotitliH • 'ontract KiirirnntfcijiK i-xpffisps «„,( $?«? a wr-r-k, riiivfi«a! IJlble Ilou^r- HELP WANTJBD WAXTICD I,AUY TO DO work ami r.nre for old l.tdy. Lydln <'rump, Pflrmer'H Murrlmtn. Mr.« 31fiV, to dlNtrlhiitp fri>»> mot to WHO 2'Mi |)»ckrn,'«-s Horns Nrm|i I'oudor itmotir No mtmr-y rr-fntlifd Ward , 731 N, Fninkllli at,, (!hini- ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE 240-ACK15 aiAllALL COUNTY ,. farm. This farm in located within four mllf* of MfLrNhaUtuwn.' Iowa and must ho sold within 30 <!«>•« to wttlc an p.Ntuto. For full p»rtlciilnr« »p«- «»r wfitA, f, v [loin.. Admlnln'. trator orl-Ted W. Carl, -f'T -l t:'.i- r, i i , ;>i-r<-. ' r I, ;,' «>tnnir ..<,..! v-irt...--^ ^.^F (.':-,.' k COIL it.! --'.'"ifn • i-i-i.I ••':->, • }. ,,;!=. --- U"-.:!* 1 . .;!!"..{.._. \---\- :t- !«•. \\\ lie at r«'fcr<- \/<i\ I' Sn 11 > fit'd f-'i^tt'iincrs rnv > All fnll«< jintTTiptlv .'i;; -n.- or write for d:ii«-« R, R. FISHER, Aurora, Ml. ' 'isii'ilv iok. III. S«l"s rtlfiflf* ntiywK'-r* Frtrtti .nin.1 .«!<'<'k sal'-* iny sji"<-i;U! K.\|>» r!< ft<-< lins t't?fri my !>aili(-! „.. iipiilk ..Luili.-KuB.lbih -- and . ..(Ivr-inl' iS'iili !>h'--j!»"?. Cult, wrttf or win- a M1SCELLANK008 M r;x'-~or'rr* n-u* PTK ATKD CATA- lopne explain* how we trach the bnrht»r trade quickly mailed ftw. .Molf'r B;ul'»T CoUf-sc,, CNtfrtftO. IH, 71-96* rt» TIH; I'riu. ' I) ]«•' fruit »n l)ix..n. III. With yr-urs ..f ,>xp,.n. i,. .-' ! tilhi' nuctinl! bnslws<l will ;:iiaiaii- 'I'.liTN fc(> <iitti«f:irti'<n. For ri-f"it in ••• • "' J|nim« j'hitnr, UY <hli|l for l»('-:t "W^nams, TO 203 . I". I»J;viix.NY. AITTK »M;i;Vt l'mj>het«l.»w»i,- III, Will i:< rii-- nnyvvhei-f. Conduct l»>0 t-> |M •...!<.. yr-nrly, Hf-ff wires- -ttftnk «t l r m- "I'hotKtown, rltiZ'-n* bank, I'atttMi - NiUlohtil li-ink. Farmer'* |ilmn«-."t.mttr resid'Tiri* nnil offlre. H. L. HAHHI.N\«T().\. »;!(fU«»tf<M. .). \V, AIU10TT, ATCTIONKKK. I'dl.u. III. Htitrk flint fnrtrt All {-fil|B prcm|itly ymir <|fil<'S »>urly. tual. POK * FARM, f 10 f'AHJt ;ii)i| $."» monthly; tm liiTf-if'-H or tnxp*£ i highly priuliM five !an»l: i-htfc it> 3 "big" .-*rprkH«. Writ'* f»r phitjogmphs ami full Information. Mn»icr-r A-1.12. X. Y I.lff IMilK,, K.'iitxim Orty, Mii/ 7T-J02* WILL THADi: MY !«n-A<'HB L15R ro'nnty fnrni f»r a fnrm f>f 200 jsr, ilu: acr(-.«; AfuHt be a jr<K?d fnrttt- .'TTTil may put difference in cimh-.-VV'Ht-i* "X. V. 7." c;uo (-,!!•/.< It". ST-112* "t S|U'f|;-llty. Mu- N. OKNTUY. AlTTIoXCin Amhity, I!!, Kurtn-and liv«> "ttK-k salt Fnrmf»fs tH<>fihi>Hf. • for mo thl* was a half-holiday. Had a chance to Bleep it ofL Don't like tho Boj!8. Ho Isn't fair. Just raised tho pay of the fellow Bitting next to me. I nuked him if he would raise mine. too. Did I get it? Nix! Camo pretty near getting kicked out. There's 10 chance, for a young man nowadayn. Think I'll look for another job where ,„ bcd . TOO !in poverty and without honor, tho world uay«: "Oil, how Bad, «uoh tiftil spirit, and wonderful genius unappreciated by the world) which should have received him with open arms." "Laziness is tho major trouble, Extravagninl hnp« and fra'jff'dy IKJ lottf-ry in Ifl'rtKtl. The rirh Hr.-i- I ~buy« III* lolti-rv tirket UM in- liiH morning enffee, l>y Imlnt. The pour llnttslllun HMVI-* and tuMmi'* often «OPM in jl''l>t .for hiH one Wins every day. Hun- dredH of thotwands' never win. — f»UAN TUBERCULAR COLONY tlly Tnltetl I're»« . Sprlngtlold, IJJ., Oet l l—t'lan-* «r«'| "Under way ftcriv for the cuiiHtrurtl<tn' Of ft big nibereiilnr roloney nnd K.UI- itarlum nt lllverton, • a prmill town ne«r SprlngneUI, Tin* plan WHH nrl- -fry -iocBl—pi The Hf.'iMim Tor ntiellon iinl^H will • noon \w here and Tin; Oaxetto. will» In 'better position to Rive thi« farmers of this »wii(»n Much 11 Horvlee us HM-V -iu»v»r hud before. The 'Uazette does th«r«nle hUl Ii'N oilier Job iirinting when it jiur- rliiiMi'd The Standard of A, L/ Jtichmitnd. Mr. ltlchmoin|-«t tlm Kume time tllHcontlnued'the print- luff of auction wile bills of all klndu, In tlilti* (•onneotioti Th<» On.zalia_ wmjid Siiy' that ulthouKh there ban l»<«"ii n blir-iiicreane in the coat of uLuck oiatii- in_mlc-.JUiiiB_«a-i<i--~- .NO will he miide in la«t' year's prlceM before the" llrnt of January. l-'urmerM wh«» liiive made dates for auctions* should arrange for ihi'lr blllw tit JwiHt three weeka before hand If poHBlhle, because there will be Hiich n rtiih that it will not nlwnyn b<> possible to j?«'t the bills out the .mime day the order comes in. -7 —Arid -H-lway* U-«honltl lw-r«mem- bered that the furmerM of this-«eu- tion read 'The UaJelle, anrf th« P lace "they expect to ~~Hfsr t hi- ad- vt<rtlMlnK "f tho auction Hales IH i • In tlus udvortiKJnK colunui-s of '.bin ! paper.' . 4jn ad >'or ti«ei! with the full Jea»t six Ttjefore the ttule. 'FillumT COMJETHING happeps somewhere! y Instantly -the'ifiilfor newspaper catches it ui) and screens it on thfi printed page everywhere. * ' . • . ':'-''"'/ : . Kvcry <ltiy, cvt-j-y liour, tbt' prc?sM k .s uiv Iniiniuin";- ami (lie -ilailv •r is sh(iw?,ii"; UiWs-iuT&'iiv'fMMctiirt' to an WIMVI' ainliciH'c. - No printed word np}jrt»ar|ias the jicw.s|»a|)t'i' iu its iinivcrsal, t-om jH-lling, eoirMant uj>|)i'ul. Nti ollivt'Mni'diiuii lu'iirs Hirh mi iiiiiiiiak- relation to ovcryday IjfV. ',•-.>.•..' . People 4»\pcet yuui- adverti.H'uiif in. the iie\v.-paj»ers Ijeenuse aUver tif-iiiM H part of HtV> daily Mory, -"Tjiat-is why the Hejv^jjii^ei'v pro'--.' diu-es sue!) ori-at re.-ults ti* ii^ei-,> iU!..>:'.pa(-'e. - '* "•"'- - -•' If you have anything to sell from a toothpick to a ra»ch, film your offering in the advertising columns of The i)aily Odette. Where you leacJa-Jiundreds any ot^er... way muc.h less money. ' 1 "P. woods with «omB of tho fellows in thtf afternoon. Drank throe bottles of beer "apleco-iiud ^njoV^d^ All.t)io fcllowa dlngustod with thofiV^lobs. -Agree wltb me that there Isn't ajny chanco for a goqdy-goodies get all the snaps. One of tho fallows said his boss caught him drinking a cocktail and raised tho deuce. Gtive him a Ipng lecture!. AVhat business was H of bis, anyway, BB long as John,didn't drink In the office? ilia bo»H Is a fool. Buys bo ha» a right to say whnt his clerks shall do at Jjo?ne_5_i KlchB becausp they- go out nights. I'd like to iee my Bossi irjTlf pn_mo._.H.wou1dn'».»kfl: mo go anyway, flill Jones has a good, scheme up his sliisve, Guesa I'll go with him. Hill says there's no chanco over with Mildred tonight She doesn't enthuse,- Saya I'd better maka good at homo before I get out. What does a woman know about buaineai STERLING BOARD OF TRADE l'li!e«Ko, IR., Oct H Maxwell-and-Qulnievan AiemlitT Hoard of Trade. wh*«? p * n Hi8h Low C|OM Dec .Mny 1,.'.H'., .Inly l..'!l. Corn .May 7.S* Oat* I.)etr- •!**« •May • Gl*, Pork Jan • l','j.r>n Jan ^;t ,">,"» Lard f*ct If., HI 1,5 .S *.,. I.,'I I'* 7Ti; Tf,?., PUBLIC SALE. ifafai-^r^^.-0-kw. ""n *•»*_! .^ u,-tLJ-4_.-j^ni_J" PARTNERSHIP CLOSING SALE. Ilnvlnff dlH*olvfd iinrtnerHhlp we will " " ~ WANTKM - [llill'I'H III f'itllf'l* .i-"iill«, llu\>' n ntiinli* t of Ijnyr-rs Ir.i.Uiiiu for «iich plat'r^. \V. T, Htwie, lto.*k K:i!l.i. './88-M I WANTBD—SRCOND-HAN'D AUTO- mobiles, will pay the "hlghcit ptlca AI no Kelt all kinds of repairs. Mlk», the $16 Tailor. Both phoncR. <6tt WAN'THU S'i.SIT uflt HAHl'.MHNT. srti at public «ali> without reserve on the Harry Jon« farm. 2>* mllr» xoutlt of (*oli>ta and ID milen northwest of' SterllUK. TUESDAY, OCT. 17. Hut•!«•«« i feed« ovcrj-body nt 11:30 (thrirp. Mali- Immediately afK-r. fi HOI-H«>H—.span draft mares, weiBht 1,600 pounds each, and 3 years old. Hotli In foal. Good light driving: team of gelding*, on»- i.s Rood. nitiRlo drh-or; 2 Hm-klini: Ih' St. Airmrla yi K. I!. A. l-'n|Kt«'r \f ln«l -store .on Woit Third l-'ufi'iitTirf and J?tnvii«!c. SO -90 WANTKH \VAHHl.\(JH AT • 11OMK. ir.t»3 Third Ave. S9-94* LOST i i run WUH-K rood milch Jan Ribi Oot. Jan "•<•> 7S->, 7s Uj **>* -it% .|8 ;ij;r. -.Mar. 23.25. "1.!).*, 23.3J ^3.:K, .1.17 i t ',,ii^ i,-,.j7 4.--' U'.OJ 14,15 SUi'i 13 t»<> -13. aO i:».85 and ?'•*.. ,, L»ur Poll HOK ban .loh San IfOfX corn blc 10 t Terr unili , two- year-old «teert*. 3a winter | and xpriitK culvcs. 5 voal rstlvi-s. o^,. Durham bull, IS m<inth» -old, one ijed ! ••u.i of fuit^ -1SJLOST IX STHIM/INr, TllfJWPAY A orne rresh by day] - H)MllI i |,] iu -k inside pursr, and . XHr'JU . ,. f FOE SALE--MISOELLANEOUB -I«';jd of! ^ -— HoKs~14 brood KOWH. one year old; 1 M ,,. ( I'oll bull, two yenrn-old. l» He.'jd . barrow*, weight 250 pounds; 12 . weiRht 75 pounds. Farm machinery— ! John Deere j;nnR plow, in K»W\ Hhupe; I wide delivery hay rake, in! OH HAI.K -O.Ni; U.VDKItFICU'FOR*• naee.- in RIMH\ condition. Oreat har- K;iin. fall-1104 Went Third Kt. . . .'•'" . --S8-00 good order; John Deere corn plow: single driving harness; tile 7IriviriK~Tiarne*in; creatn FOR •SAI.K--NEW I'JIB OVF.HLAND. JCHIC iAfiOUSTOCK MORN LlKtU >l Isfd Cattle ChiciiKo. ill,. Ort if • ,'. „. ftc: U-wer 2.174 Sit.Tai/$10.25 $y.a»'ii : >10.20- $9.2',>Cjf$i(l.25 IU.3HI 0.70 ... Hteady - Htemly i-tnoittba and is IIH fiood aw now. 10 ton* of ROW! Timothy liny in lutrn Termn of nale: All wmiM of Jio .ami under ~ea*h. On sum« o\-|.|- that amount -a' credit of 12 montliM Unit will be Klveii on approval notes, bear HAHOA1.V KOK QtMCK S . niture of five rooniM, Im-lndlnK oak sldeliuard. 54-Inch exten»l(in din- in •-•, table, i'hairs. etc, '502 AvenilO C, 88-89 lnt(l>. ('nil ut Coe I!ro8. 88-89 property removed until -'settled' foi FOU SA1.M -ri-l'ASSKNO'KU OVER. VV'ard C'rom, J. C. Crom. Auotloneeri ' land. In line condition, lamoualne H. C. Knox. Clerk. ' HARRY JONE9 AND SON. I will Hell with the Harry .!om-< * SOILS sale, 1 sorrel gelding. * ; years'old i weight 1,200 lb«., a line hlt'cher and! F<.Ht HAhK—llKUHOOM -SUITE. J8.00. BO I Avenue O. 8S-90V ' *' n >' HARD QUESTIONS TO ANSWER f'otlie ~"~. : . :.H!tW|» ------------Hog clo«i« lower than yesterday 30.Oi.iO next week. 145.000!). CHICAGO pRAW-MAmCE3V ' Regarding MiSttSr of Dally Life Are Hurt* to Comply With.- Why do somq men aijcceed In bust* neaa anil otheru fail? John A, Sloicher Why, when n business has been auo- does it. fall'.when It falls Into another one's hands? : Why doca a bualneea that ba« failed under one munageroont succeed under another? , ' • Wl»y do some njon make fortunes by wjcuriug control of a bankrupt erty and putting it o^ Ha feet? Why does one family grow up with Ua members intelligent,.conHClentlous, clean and whpleaame, while member* of a neigh boring family are indolent* improvident, dependent aud porUapi crlmlnaj? cUurcn ; memli«r8hlp grow Chicago, 111, Oc-t 14 . Wheat—No. 2 red, 1,57^.41 l.f.S',« ; No. 3 red'l.494t l.f.r.%. No 4 red, 1.45 ( ftJ.6H&; No. '- hard winter N«£iJLJ!ard:J:.wJj)ifer^dLfii rhard winter. l.«). „: CqrnV- Nix 2 >'<?!Jow,_!Hl «u .i»OJ (aw S8'/4SJ»9tt; 3S'o. -4 yellow.<sn'4 I No. No. 2 While. !>'K<iSfl,i; 'i Rood looker, a horjRt with plenty of *p<-cd J. L. PEUGH. Oct. 11, 1.2, 13, 14 -——PURE-BRED ......I! wHLIiold a. pure lirtnl--h<»B- sale o the Waiver-Martin farm just wiuth < Coieta. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18,' 1916 Cohsisting Of 35 pure bred boars. have fall and wprinjt bour« of rolnn €hlmt;—Duiuu—jerney—mm NV. a . 4 Nt>. 5 wlilto «7Vj. No. ed, 89H®:>^'. No', 3 mixed, hUU Bam pie grade, mix- dais— No, 8 missed, 4<i; Ni>. 2 white No, 3 whlt« White 1 breed. I will also well In eon iHH'tion with this w»l<- 16. yearliiiK steer ind Hume heavy «pringvrH. Pn-e luntrl it noon, Bale immediately after. Term w Bankable note bearing G'.i- from date H. Maxwell, Aupt, H. c JOSEPH MAXWELL. Oet. a. «. n. in M. 18 -•Hate «if . WhiteHide Countyi }• »». City of Sterling, | N'o. 4 white Htaudard, 47'4 j o_ fiamnla urrade. 45H-- llarley Gusli, 73« 1,14. Itvo. No. 2 1.27; No. 4 1.20a>1.25. In City V.'ouri, Hepteinli"i TCI in, A STERLING CITY MARKETS '' jlMosoa Dillon Company.) No, 8 yellow «orn' Sic N'ew No. 4 yellow corn , White oats - *4n>- W.—-Maftitt—T»;—; i»nj«' K. Hall. Korerlo>tiic I'llltlle iiotli-.. IM h..r..|.. ; .j iMU*Htiiitil l« ;i tleci'f'e of j in miM raiwi- on'- uemlii-r, I9lti, tin-- lu-Clmnwry 4.f .n Ih-U •.'!.•.( wti* 3 mixed out» 4iv, Wheat, No. 2 rty» ....«,.. demaRoguea at street corners grow larger-?-- ----- '• -------- - - ------- r Why does a man receive good wcsgea and working comfortable hours listen to a wandering agitator who toils of Utopia where labor is unnecessary and whore the state will support the people? Why? WhHt'e-tlie atfswor? Submarine Drill on Pacific Liner, , ( OrUsu, the i'aciftc Llnor which, wlt^i a_T9.1imbio cargo, reached Liverpool recently, inaugurated what was Liv» Stock. (Plppert Bros. A Cot.) Li^t steers .......... ...... 11,00010.85 .'own ....... . .............. *6.00@7.00 UAtves ,-.,... % ............. |«.OC® W.0f , ................... 16,00^8.00 ...... t7.nofliB.nft in the- bth day of Nnvi'iulu-r. |;in;, he hour of ten o'clock A, ,\| . ,,f s lay ut the cant door of iln> Cnv Hall •n the fity uf HterliiiK in ('miiily , ifft-r fur unto ami nHI' ti> rlu- liiKlu-Hi i ml bent bldiler for c«j.h in haiiil tlu ilc.-Hcribeil reul . n the tuty of Wterllw. fnuutj ,>/ \\hlteMftie «wd State of niiouts. tn, u Lot Vine (10 Jn Hlm-k Thiny-M-u <5il Kant uf |irou«l\Vtt> In <ln- Cilv uf and also lieKinnin^ ui tlu •<"iliheitMterly corner of Lot .Vine fi) » Mlock Thirty-Heven iu7i lOast ** ISrottilWiiy in <he t'ity of SU-iluii, ; ' •henee ruimiiiK munition-of the Ka«t luu<Of o the North line of-Uu- nun "submarine drill." Without previous warning ail on board wore times suddenly uuinmonctl to the boats — Luudon Chroniclu. Now. ^ . Patienoo — I understand her husband speaks Very quick to her at times. • , 1,'atrh't* Yt'rf,' but , lie's.- trying to. strike au average;' it \ins - au long ttitio UeU'i'w litt jiri»pt>reii iu Uur. LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. x - (Sterllng Dept. Htore.) Dairy—Rttiiil. Dairy butter j.v-'-ti' 34c »rd creuiiifry huttSr ..-•.. 4(ie Dairy—WhoUm!*, butter ...,,...., 30c egga ,....../... 30c New V«0ttabla». Head lettuee,'per head l2Hc ( '«l«ry; each ,.,.. ..,,.,........60 Cucumbi'Va, each .» ... I'tfac ..»:... .60 N'uw juitaloes. lettuce, ib .................... 20c bunch ... ..... '. . ......... . . .\6c New Vubbage, Ib ..... . ..... . ........ '6c Fruit, •>ranjrea. Calif., dozen ......... 85®50c E>mon8. dozen , ................... 3Sc I'omm »•""•, Hi « ..... "• ....... . Kl H»tou'rcefu| Vocabulary. "Tho river I>«runa. v dot'larcs I he prospectus of a real natuto ugmit iu Furatitt. Brazil, "is th« nioat walory Extending Life of Oilcloth. If H double la>er of i'l'ouu jmjM is i"Ut Hitdi-r usl< liittt .(»u s|n>hi>4 o tiil'li-s It iUil \ three time-* «N Sun ti» if liild difivtiy on (lift \w«il. T' , 14 u* Vft, Ti i if i '1 .1 \ iu the world, it is navigabin until to this state for shljiK of Ki'i-at (uofound- iu'?*; it »rt also swJlkifntly Ibhjful." This eaine t-hoerhil -chap U is whu further asseverates that ''tlu* \-goia- ble reigu is excesBfylly representud in HjgUH'Ug. pily an<j ^uujnjoua ..jpjaat» t " . •*•«>• CoHumny thence ucMerl> •h«- ^aici ni.rtli line to tin- in •f waul North -Hue with i!n>- . '.km southerly t,f the «f>|.'i}> hue of *anl U-t Nine «!)); lliiMiiv i».rUi<-ri> 4loiu >.ti4t (irulopKutiiiti M<iaiif*ri.\ c»i Uif westerly line ut t-»Jti h,i i,,' n,, <<outhwe»terly eyiiier vf f iKI |..t, HCIKJ •as-l.-lly aloiiK the. .-i..iilu.| l> h,,,. ,,( -alt! tot to the jilaoc i»f l<>< u tinuiit: . It-nheri W. iu «-,,., Mai-lei -in-(M)Hiivi'i \ . H I'. VV.iui, .-Mtuiin-v tmi' i'(int|ilann ^ Th.- EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. tf of (;<><ir£<> VV.n,i,'i «tf< I of Hi- 1us- \\ ,n tx'i- \\.«i:i<i. I..I "f i ; "OH SAI.K- TEN CHOICK DtTROO Jerxey male |»IKH, two different sirainK. HoseuKren Bros., we«t ' of Hook FnllK. 8K-JIO* IIOltSK, anil hurncass^ Cheai>_ it taken »i oiu-f. Imiuire UO-I West Seventh St.. • SS-90* HAl.K--.SIX I'Ullfi HRKD CUES- .1. p. Mekeel. Jiamion. • 85-06» IIONKV iou trncted or In comb. Will deliver in __8terJiiiK. njidLJiock Jills — L.-Hou»e, Dell !»27rtl. Call morningr, noon or . ' , '73-^8 SALE— BEST ItKMEDY FOR rheuinallHin. Send one dollar for re- tlH. HI. "7S-36" •'<»lt, SAUK — iiKAvy I»A<:KING Mtiltalilc for vniill linlns,'. Al«o two Hfi-ond-li4»<J / ,sb«w. cases, Tho l')nt«'rprlHi> Store. ' 89 ' FOB RENT ••'<>U ItK.N'T -TWt) l-'Xl-TUMISHKI) 1-IHiOl" (tf Htrmll luillm- fill- H;;h{ 1 phone. '•(»H HKNT t'iill A. Jlt-ilyi, lil on either |i!ii.A«'ltK KAHM inllc'-i M>titliwc>»«l of Hock Kalis. Iniiuim i;0ii IMIi Avo, , «8-91* -. , — . , _—_,.—__^ •'oini UOO.MH Koit HKNT—OALU at 10(17 Klflli A've. SS^SS** >M'RNIMlllCn HO(»M FOR RBNT— JVIndcrn conveuieucew. Bell |>hona 869*\V. 84tf '<I>H RKNT-MOJiRKN PI-AT, WKST Ht. Inuuirtf A. I*. Heckmatr.— 86tf HBXT. NOV. -18T. BIX-HOOM } in IIHI-, \\illi liiuh. All mudern. r>()6 Fillli Ave. Apply tb J. l-l I'JUIlps. ! . Sfrg3»- •<)lt ItKNT ti-UOOM I'MflnVlttll Ave. Inquiin of VVutcon. iloUl |.li(in^.- • ON' liinicii 8"-ks'j •(>u UK.NT-ONK ,six-uociAi t'oT- ajji> on WvM«-Sixth tjt. All-modern •MIIVI'liit'iH'i',-- ,\|i|i!\ to W- T. Jenun ui:x/r Tiioi{(»r«;Hi,v .MOD- t-«n lions-'- in x«>od loi-aiion. liuiuirt- ill 3II I'lflll A\i>. IScil phone C49-4. FOB SALE— KEAL ESTATE ) ty ncr''«- near Roek Falls. • Price l^f.d'i si"iic »V ('antliu, Hock Falls. 'i (- >t,t i ili-.-Klt «',i ,, H ,; ',(,, H> .Mill i I l I, , ) f J . I l, . I'ttiti.T term, on the in -i M,.',',\ ,,, .i«it t iiib'-r )i>>%t, ;»t wl;ii n tun 1 >!f I'i'i- rl^.lll'Si ' I III < - i'i It n , i !H I ViJ |.i •on ,s\u; «,x K.VHV Ti-autH. TWO. UK" li<i|ii><^ ill VSt'~! pUH l*f lUil'k r.iii- flu 1 .-: '|j;*iO {(ini 9i.t>f>(). ^tmtt- ;<»it S.M.I: AT M,\U<;AI.\—.v Itoin" I>M Uc-t TiMUl Si,. Hli-rHiiji^or 13,,".u" VV. T Sioiit*. HIHK IVHs, - -lift -ill u .. - } i •, \K • \ K - f , I > \ • f * K, OUNMORt co SpccUli»» Hrt. t 12^ o»t«op*t!ut

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