The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CATJPOKXTAN * * We wish you Very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR. Phonea— Dry Goods, 142 Hardware. 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. The Southern Bakersfield's Leading Hot* Culftlne, Service Urwcoelied it IMIM Where When want want .<&: smoke Often smell trouble want some room nace does not read pick up and carry a mse easy PERFECTION Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) to ihe room you want to heat—suitable for any room in the house. It has a real smokeless device absolutely preventing smoke or smell—turn the wick as high as you can or as low as you like—brass font holds 4 quarts ol oil Fin- lliat gives out glowing heat for 9 hours. in japan and nickel Every heater warranted. ished an ornament anywh ere. it (He limp lor I lie student or ruder. It gives • brilliant, steady light that mak"-. tfn-Iy a pleasure. M«nieol bri». nfcV.rl plated and with tSc U-ril imp'ovc-i central drift burner. Every lamp warranted. 11 you cannot oV.ain the Perfection OJ Healer or Rayo Lam? Irom your dealer wrile \o our acarest agency ior descriptive circulw. STANDARD OI*, GO9IPA7CV M 1 'It t i \ arnum WON FIRST PLACE AMONG AMERICAN CARS AND SEO- I L OND PLACE IN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT CAR ROAD RACE er lejulinjr the entire first half of what proved most, exciting and most stubbornly fought speed battle iu anto- mobil histor, the Buiok Model 10 's nsoline tank canio loose arid L^enuse of stops totalling over twenty iniuutrs from this trouble ,lhe Bui«k lost the Ifrfi uiile Kuvanah race b six minutes. all Credit is due him. BIP- Hilliard in his $3300 Laacta woo niau iu his $1000 Buick gave him the fi^hi of his life and brought his car in with such a lead over tke remumiug coatestauts Uiat there was Buick o question concerning the standard which has set in low-priced automobile construction. Tho great duel between the leaders was a si-ht which the spectators will never forget. NOTES ON THE RACE The Buiek used was a regular stock tin; sake of securing less clearance, the were underhung. Our regular motor, parts were used. chassis except that for SECIES Holiday Suggestions o*« Good Things and Fine China 1 > frame and transmission machiner and During the entire race, the hood over the engine was not raised Seventy miles per hour was made on the smooth straightway oH—The throe fastest laps were made by the Buick—The made each of 17 laps in less than 11 minutes, the length eaoh lap was 9.8 miles. The fastest lap of the race was tlie Buiek in 10 minutes nnd 8 seconds. ^» r* made I .v akersfieldJAuto Co. Cor. 19th and 0 Streets Telephone Main 1260 A deal Involving Immense Interests In and near Los Angeles, aa well as the control of the Consolidated Oil Corporation by the Union Oil Company, was completed yesterday And the Union will Immediately take pos* esslon of 740 acres of land in the hertnan section of the Ix>s' Angeles field, on the old WolfsklH rancb near Beverly, says the Times. The negotiations leading up to the consummation of this deal have been In progress for a number of weeks, but have been kept secret, and tho announcement today In the Times will come as a surprise to the oil Interests of L*os Angeles and tho state. The consideration tfald by the Union for the control of the Consoi- Idated Is a secret, but it Is asserted that it was a generous sum. In this same district the Dohem-y Interests recently incorporated with a capital of $10,000,000 on a basis of eighty acres. The consolidated is capitalized at $1,000,000 on a baste of 740 acres, and by acquiring this tract of land, much of it proven territory, the Union becomes the dominating factor In the U>3 Angelas field, At present there la a well JROOfc deep o n tho northerly end, which in oil sand. It will too made a d»'i-p well by the Union, which will immod- lately place two, and possibly more, riga at work in the new territory. 1 Just south are the flowing wells of the Associated, but the control of this territory precludes any further expansion of the Associated Interests in this direction. T. R. Gabel, president of the Consolidated, managed the negotiations for his company nnd will remain as president, and no immediate change In the personnel of the officers of the Consolidated is contemplated. Why Baker Resigned. The Union OH Company's annual meeting will be held on the ihird Thursday in January at Oleum. From a party in touch with the Union's affairs it Is learned that the forthcoming re-port is expected to &how a surplus of $3,500,000 over and above the dividends of 1908. One of the important matters to come up will be the resignation of John Baker. Jr., as general manager, which was presented some time since. It Is likely that this may lead to several changes. From all that can be learned, however, there is not the least significance attached to his retirement. The stories that some one Is circulating about Standard influence are simply "hot air." This is tne view of all well-informed persons. Mr. Baker, it is reported, has enlisted big English capital In the buying, selling and transportation of crude fuel oil in all parts of the world. He Is admitted to be one of the very best-posted men along these lines lu the world today. If not Indeed the best. He has visited the countries of South America and Europe and has had reports of tho Oriental trade. His experience In the shipping by sea of crtuie oil has been quite largo. H«» has patents on the method of loading nnd unloading boats without the use of docks by means of flouting pipes which can be put up at trifling expense and moved when desired and will carry the oil a mile or BO Inland If necessary. Ho was tho one who conceived the pipe Hue across Pan ama, by which the Union is enabled to reach the Atlantic without rail transportation. The reason for his resignation, it Is quite certain, is that he believes he can do better in oil for himself than by working for a salary, however la'rge. While in England Mr. Baker 'stocked himself with a vast fund of information relative to the market all over thf> world and n'so as ta shipping facilities, the cost of charters, import duties In various countries much of which data are obtainable in Komlon, where so many big companies operating in all puns of the world and many ship mvn*>r* have headquarters. carry the finest line of imported goods to be found in tin* Valley. Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Figs in boxes and glass. Green Olives in botttas. California Glace Fruits. Pinard Prunes in glass. Skclied Almonds. Lovtaey's Chocolates in fancy bates. Beach Nut Preserves. Heiaze's Mince Meat in stone crocks and bulj'. Remember we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A -visit U our store will ctnviace y»u of the superior quality of our goods and method of doing- business. Our stock •£ Haviland and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. »>Pople vrho liaye called at our store in past week were amazed at our beautiful display of Havilatid Hand Painted Ohirja, Cut Glass, Bruges, Carving Sets, Steins nnd articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street dltlons ns to donoslt an above mentioned. . Said urocet until said franchise and awarded to a niake the necessarv dcnosit ten t>er cent of. tne amount of tj uro wilt he tit l V ' H struck riff, jldder who t. leas of, at leas I of his hid led, Said with t wen- hU NOTICE OF SALE OF FRANCHISE TO ERECT POLES AND STRING WIRES FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC HEAT AND POWER AND FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRPNT FOR WPAT ™efeior us Herein provided. i MIL, UUKHENT FOR HEAT, successful bidder shall dopoBh LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTH- thq. Clerk of said Countv. within ER USEFUL PURPOSES, TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECTED THEREWITH, AND ALL NECESSARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCES AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE SAME, ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, AVENUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES,! AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME,'will bo sot usldo. and t IN THAT PORTION OF THE there to' COUNTY OF KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER, PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. advertisedfor nail-. Notice Is further uiven fhat work must he commenced In eood faith with- I - — — —"^ •** --,--— -— ^ m^ «..« m™* f^ *•' » • » P « «• «1»^«**»« » T" _.,_ tv-four bourn of tho acceptance of ~Z~ *>Jd. ihe remaining ntuetv per cent of t no.amount thereof, and In case he or It Hhall fall to do so. thpn the said deposit theretofore made will be forfeit- p(l, and the award of quid franchise will l)o void, and said franchise, will then and thorp bv said Hoard ol HU : HM*. Chamberlain's Uuiment IB otw ot- the most remarkable preparations produced for the rellei of rheumatic pains, and for lame back, sprains an* bruises. The quick relief from pain which it affords Jin case of rheum* tism is alone worth many times it« cost. Price, 25 cents; large size, cents. For sale by Baer Bros., Ba ersfleld; fCorn Drug Co.. Kern, * . ___ - ~ -. , — - ----- I JOjJ Ml Oi ylsors. bo aiMtlii offorud 1'or sale highest bidder therefor. In ilm ...... manner and .under the uumo rostrir- to 111* sum* I i r ( tlons as herelnhofpre provided and I bijlm " ~ ' " ai ne ninctv n«r ctuit of hla hid, within c iTc as n said 'lerk of sa ..B'IO deposit wltn 'ountv tho remain wetiiv-four hours after Itn acceptance, the award to him of said franchlHi aside, and the det tin be o. made forfeited, and f r and bv no II h im I further ceedlnca for me sale of said will he had until the sa will nro- me sh aYi'lIe n IqUhom it Mav Concern: „ Whereas, the Mt. Whitney Po Company, a corporation, on the 1 day of December. 1908. mado and 1 . ° commenced within saiil tim d shall lie In not, more, than tour months from the i declare* nd with erantfnK of such franchlrie. and ° commenced ranchise HO eran ana oiner useiui purposes, ana tor telephone wires connected therewith. ana all necessary poles, and all purtenances, and appliances therefor, and tor such electric wires and telephone wires, and to maintain and on- erute the same, alone, across, noon, over or under each and all of the nubile, streets. allevH. avenues, hiehwavs.. o.ublic Darks, and public places in all j Ker bidder lor said t ranch t»e sL wit iln five davs after said franchise in awarded to him, or it. file with TV •»••-• V' • " I tarr **» i • x^ i • \-\f -*••••« the Clerk of said Count % . il Countv In the i , Thousand uollai'H. with at v a boprt run,he penal, sum that DortOn o the Count of U ^ ut p Twen L 6 t£U^ Uornllu scrbed us fo nine to said Countv of OIK leaHi two nood and sufficient sureties, to be approved by said Hoard of Su- fsors. conditioned, thai such bid- ulv observe, ful- of Towns t tho North West corni-r tv-ftve South, flanue i* n.|SSl T l-] gft 1 nty-fc Twenty-four , und tienc« run u? d o r t r m &v 8 fir$RciioF cmditllm whole amoimt cif t" W t to C. J. Plane, President Arthur 8. Crite«, Cashier. and »n t t ... , , • innii u i i- in nui'.-f < tl IM r i in- \\lyreas. it is proposed bv said, conditions und limitations Board (jf Supervisors to offer .tor sale, in tlie sajd application of Kiild Mt. A BANK AOOOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS Thdre is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with a hank account. It will make many a Merry Christinas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. When making up your Ijst of Christmas presents, include a Bank Rook with the First Bank of Kern. 4 por cent interest paid on timo deposits and Saving 1 accounts. I -t'-l , and erant to the h der s:\id franchise on the conditions hereinafter men t orniM on ed: Now. therefore notice IK horehv clv- pii. that the said Countv of Kern hwrobv offers to sell and grant a franchise for fifty years to erect poles and sirine wires tor transmitting electric bid-1 vV'hitnev I 1 -—"r Comoanv now on me and i with the Clork ot said Hoard, which h — ——- — '--- m ^^ ••^»»«»*»»"»»»B™«^ eat and nowor. and for tninmnltiiiu: oleotric current lor hoat. Ilirnt i biild application is herehv referred to tor further nariiculars and Is a hereof. 4 Jh-4 "• •• * ft i -^ wrvis- or ant ant nocossarv to 1 oower. and other useful nurrmsew for telephone wires conn therewith. , and all Doles, and all auintrt^ and, appliances therefor, nnd such electric wires and wires, and, to maintain and opernte j the same alone-, over, across, unon or under each and all of the uunlic • streets, alleys, avenues, hiuhwavs. nub lie uarks and public nlaces In fiald nor ountv of Ken Hv order of the Honnl of Su s of naifl Countv of Kern, Dated bocemlmr J4th, V.tuS. (Seal) 1. U MM.I.KH. Qjv Clerk of Kern Countv ami ex- fflrjo Clerk of the Board of Su- oervisorH of said Count v of Kern, State of California. T When in Doubt NOTICE OF BIDS. streets, lie win ' : 'MJ Of Notice Is hereby given, that Healed bids (or the painting of the Old Hospital Building (tho body of said \mM i. anil"for Ing to receive two coats of paint com- ner said mini c.streets, aliovs, avf»- nnsod of l»r»st nualltv of white load Kkhwavs. nubile naAfi. and imfo- ??.„_., *,, H * lua "« OI wime ina(1 \Vhoro to get a good come »nd see HAS fnuicfoiHt*. awl unmuiHv tlH'ivnt'H'r dur- if. ho corporation wlio shrill uuUic the hiuh- will ,.<••«•. She IK . lif Said Thls week the KinpJre Theater has been presenting <<> crowded houses aa excellent show. The program Is varied enough to carry the Interest of 'the audience through the entire even- Ing and It is made up of high class vaudeville, llustrnted songs and motion pictures. The best mini her of the vaudeville is the Deman-sUo Brothers, Jn singing, buck music and dancing. ! The Crazy Soubrette, Marie Colestine, is good, ! Paul Tonjes has a pleasing, song In "Hearts and Eyes." The program is Completed with the lauahabie picture "The Substitute." Manager Ktirite announces that there \\-\\] b«» a s)n>rial matinee on New Year's Day. i STANFORD UNIVERSITY WINS THE KEITH CUP- the ti Ini? VAXOOUVKK. Mterduy adniit»irt''M-»-d (}» j fi'al to Yjiuronw-r oh field, winning fh»- u;un*- and Keith cup hv tt^ri points to three. Comparatively th" Stanford lea in bad all the bettor of the same, br- intr able to put It over its rouyh pla; opponents at all times. Th- made tiy Stanford was r« in view of the short. Iln: ( 'alilornjars U:t'l j,'-' it the game. Th*> wroumis wet-.' l n fine condition and ihi- contest \\-JIR attended by a big crowd. Tho visitors were enter hi! in d at a ball la^r nUht. Callforulan want ads.: three days, 2i Ml^-Sli P4ftF^|iT-l*TL.T. |'llt'ftB\^ !'{**•*< ilr: wacfs. to tho tmraon. firm, or ror- norntlon that will nav to tn*» said fount v of f\* k ni tho hltrhoHt. rash nneo i here/or, and aerf»e to ?>av and u;tv to siii't Ootmtv two per com oi tho uross annual rocHwa of the person. i>artn<>r- «}il» or'corDonitlon to whom the i'ntu- chlse JH awarded artatim from it:- use. ^Deration or noBBosslon. after Hie first nvc years suecee»lliu? uu i (late of annual thereof. to the iMM'Hon. Orni or ... in shall make the h eat cash hid therefor, and will a vivo to nav and i»av 10 the Haiti Count v oi' Kern, two C.M ner cent of the annual reci-Juts of the person. airship or corporation to whom the, franchise U awarded arlHum from Its, use. operation or nosfleHslou. after the first five veai'8 Hucoeudfnu: the <Uue of such franchise, and annual!v thereafter (lunnir the life thereof: ant) in the' event saiU iiavment IB not made. Ktild franchise Hh«H be Forfeit*"1. » Notice IH also hereby elven that sealed tt bids In wrltinu there-, I 0 * 1 . . W *U »f received un tour o clock a, in. on the third dav of; Febrnarv. l609, at the office of the. ouptv_Clerk of said Countv of Kern, ; rtou8fi in Bakers- lltorpla. and that' ... ••----., «" ir P» fefl o'clock m. thereof, said 15oa.rd of Super vis* . i will meet in regular meenmc u (he reeulazvmeeting olace or »ali board in said Court oimn an said bids »nu otter for Bale an d fiW* rranchlQe, Hud th -will for "the. uavnieni of "a gtated aum in cold cpin^of the UnlTed States- that the aafd franchise will be struck off, sold and too nerBou. flrm or corporation who Hhall make the nltrhest cash bid therefor: orovided onIv. that at the time of the onenlnu of said bJdH. nnv responsiblo firm or corporation TU'esent or sented mav bid for said franchise ^inn pot I**SH than ten per cent , i he hii?hes( sealer! bid therefor s-dd bid so matte ruav be raised not nun tttii iM-c cent )iv anv othei liidder. !»nd s;ild ulddlnt* \nt' iiiiill lipullv wild • MalJ be viinifk (iff sold and l»y s;ild H<t-il il of Super\ I'iL'bi'-ii bidder t )i»'ivi'ur in !lie Cnilcd and the roof of snld building to| receive one coat of paint) will be received by the Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Court House in the City of Bakersfleld, Bounty of Kern, State of California, up tho houf of 10 o'clock a. m. of January ?th, 3909. No bid will be received or considered by wild Hoard unless It is accompanied with a ccrUJJed check or cu'.ih deposit in ten per font of the amount of such bid. The Bald Board of Supervisors reserving tho riRlit to reject any and all bids. By order of the said Board of Su- porvlaorn H. A. JASTRO. Chairmm. of said Board of Supervisors Attest; I. L. Miller, Clerk. 12-17 Only white help omployod. m he host is none too for ou Open day and night American Bakery JL field.".Kern , _.. on said dav at the a. WELL J. H. Well Borer. WorX Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. * R. HOE8ER, Prop 1923 Chester Avenue anu award », received at that time; ran chlse. wad tne »e ojnened and read all oldfl must ted HO I EL •^B- ^^ I •"• I ™-^»-^^«- - - - « TT 1 • "^ ™ ^ Adams Fruit Compa STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS, $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkin 8AN FRANCISCO Headquartcra for 8aker«flel people. mu^ to f rnin ol n Cdh i (; ' I i 11?' I!'t unit v t !:«•' ••i; • •, f i' i.,- with ciis'i or '''[c td t lit- Tfi'jtHiitvr "' KMf h 'or the full ;ntMunit o*' said bid .-.d.'d idd wiH !.•• c-i :il<! C!(sli or i iH'f'x is and accti.npiinli-s t -•st'u! l.'idd;'! 1 IiH)v : t di'iio:-ii fell fj*-! 1 I"* 1 !)' Of' I IM - li UK M) Pi i ' »Vt'h the ('(JMIH V ClerK "1 i- lid »wfnrc said I't-mir^lst- w'H !>*• >,( to him. And it );<• shall tail to IN i •iji 1 ' 1 del Kt-dt 'nil M;tf eU'. ! lu-'t .» in th;it c':m»-. t»i^ hid wil) MOI b.- 1- e- celvAd. and will be oonHlderwd ;*s void, and said franchise will then an 1 aurala bid therefor, subtect eon EEINOER ASSAY llns enlarged its store is prepared to accommod the public with all kinds Fruit and Grocer! received a load mountain .'ipplcs, for holt trad- 1 . 806 Baker Street. Telephone Main 714

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