Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1916
Page 4
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ggRLH\IG. l.l.UNOtS.. SATURDAY. OCT._.14,J91.6,.. -4 ' Dr.Prjce's CREAM BAKING POWDER ( * - / ». . S/x#y Y0mt** the Standard No Altim—No Phosphate if SOCIAL AFFAIRS WOMEN SHOU'LO VOTE... AT m SftftllNG CtUB STIRLING DAILY GAZETTE AND J)AILY STANDARD ' *~~ 8 1 XT V r§€ CO N D Y E A R , , •tin M it re, i. Published Daily Except Sunday. D. W. ORANDDN & SONS. Editor* arntf-Pti Withe i*s, Office, 111 West Third Street, at Poitoffic*, Sterling. Illinois, «•• Second Cl»*« Matter. Of By Mail, Outside of Sterling ana Rock ' Fall*, Anywhere in the United States or Canada. (In* 5 y*»«r In ;i(tv:iin < . . ..... ...... f* " Silt m»»ntliM In advance ........... ! .:' .! TiMiM than .»lx month*. i>"i m"ntti. . .'jr. fly Carrier in Sterling or Rock or by Mail at the Sterling or Rock Falls Po»toffice. f»H» year in advance - ..,*.". month?: In mlvano-. . ,-. .. ;.' T»»mUt* tn -sHlvnm.-f.-, ... ! month in inUsint•»•. JSy tin* week, pay.-ihle to the c;irii' i PASSENGER PROTECTION. The plan of !<i;itliiu;- ships with ;iln- nttinldon .for the altic.'t iiii.l «l(h pus. whRtrw to proti'i't flic fhtp« fmni at" lock under the p)«'.«e!i! Httinnl«> cf iho llithlinlffttvltlon |.« < •i-rtiiliily u very iTt'k|p(»H iIlMcriniitiHtiiin mj.iliiMt the CJcrnians, P't/r iiiMnni e.wo I'lnltn a.« H rotintry to he netttrid. Yet tin- other II Pllip mtllMl on; of tile [M.I I I.I atr\ IHK: t">,(imi tons «.r mnmtiiiltfun. It t;tke?i an, average of a lotl of ftlHfl H)nllHiiHtit>ti M Kill one Herman. That ,«hi|i na.s i-.-u'ryliii; llCfltil to IS.'MKI (ietniiiiiii. '!'•' protect' H 353 |>:iHH«*ni{«n( \veie pinnltiei) to THOUSANDS M ii-t)iu:in j'.'H'et It /l'liilll<-!!t I •eK FRAUDULENT. t !i <. \ ' i I! 11; « of ni.-idi- • ")>IM !!'•(•. nf n'tnn did nut lii f « in'-r•'• t hi'v H'TI d li >.* Dimply die »!«! • U:in i • '£•< x »tf I'fi "(»?'• w li..I! thi* I'alf. l»etr»it i" filed t .mil (In- i itv T.ffl'-in!.* .if* i ii-nd!v (•> f !i'- ll'i'dn" .';.!' it).' p f the lt:ilh»t. • > i«i, t !i 1 h . iJ-ltf litp 'oilit men! t <-:ilU-n> IH . ir iiiH-te ti. ! i * • T i » i J i •i ! M s n '- ! *$ > h ."i.'iy... .ifK-r ;.*.'• I YM\ ci>. ! h*-u - i" ii "|\", II «,!-- hot. irltur:il »!;.•! i .1 at Ix-sl vhttuld' proceed to mitkr pure i,f (tie defeat of prohibition by worl:- ing In thousand." of fr.imlulrnt reti-i- i ration* in t!i'' I»!K ''!/> that l« fri«-i5d- !y (i> Ihe HHIWI* ltu«in<*£*',' The di«i MVCI y may put a Mtop to noim* of tin- fraud, but in e\cry Hint*' wide campaign ;ind in liniyllfd.x of smaller tarn- paigns, the litjuor ltite/-ef*t«i v afe aide ; 'xv Ilium* lo K'C? ;i\v.-iv xxlth many fi>)Ui!u!''n; ; mi the 1 ''i'"•' ^" ****' -liki i Hie'' it i*< iiiu'f i'^,' i_hi'_v IM — •fr.r >'!!.;!| CAUGHT ON THE FLY anlii' eo«!»t til of tioutil entl!«. u\oi'i ami . M i ';iilitn:ii in.'H on the At li:n e «ol to tto to keep i . !o a\o|i| Killing Ainer- MllkitlK an U.I.I MiiKniK other «i»i \\iiriiliiM .in-l .lo their Mlnkin;: otln r'^-liliv «»mst>le of llln' . .• 1 .1,-. i|| S'ajlitlt.'. ____ u the (<(<!(' -,ilt in .1 In HicfK in fa\ frail.! K.-ime lift*'!.l. u! Ui« diitcoxery ma 1 )' Mir , t" the situation and re- r vote in i IK* i-ountry din- !.r i'f tlu> arnihulmcni. The mav I >f worked onco too Til.:.- .Hi'.uinaiiiiins arc rapidly b-arn- iiu: war in'thud*. \\IH.-H. they tetreat- ccl from KtuiisUiU In • Transylvania they timiiiuiued it w.if a "«traleK man mihrnartuo come* at.nvc and s<•<••< t LITTLE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN, dt'nth to is.rtoo Ucrnum Kuldler* in the] l-'ditc-i'd.nft-,-i* a ml" pay much at- Jiolds of thin whip, SUmdiitK in tlic j i-'iiti<>h tu Niciuagiian affair**. They •way of Its destruction an-..",'•;! iniio- ' don't know who i*t president doxvn Cent; by NtandeiH, The mti'.Mion arises j there, and they, don't earu. It may bw •What ifKbl ban this cntinty to pcr-ji.f interest, tmxxexcr. to. learn that • mil any jm^enKetH to nail mi- an.''} I'm !.• j'i*t Knt through electing kind of idiip "c'lin.vitiH; ammniutloa'.' j a ihvutiU-nt in lh<» Central American , . ' , I Ortfl JiaKKeiiKei- xxonld l>c (lie *<air.i< j republic, licin-raJ Kmilaoo Cn&rorro. j protection nH :tr>;J if they WMV Ainel- i the rncxv prc^ld'-m. WHS thw choice ofj U'e pfciti-jsH to lie a. nrMi- j \V*:o<hiiiKioii. atnl hi* ' uiCrWt»tl wa» I el xvi" are i'enTimp'~t^':'" tr ]'TrT-iTh''. ;ir.rocrtTfr;—it~T7r-a*sort(. l d7~b)r thi" | Ofirnnrt noldlerp to death by -permit- J pro;«-n>-o of' Amerlnin niarin>.-«, who ,tln$ a ftnv |ia»se;iKeiH lo ride on .am- were lamted HI Managua. AB a re- muilitinn •ithip». and inwlxtiiix thc»i» suit 'nf "the Intrrfert'iK'** of tho Vnltei.l ships iniiHl not, be Miltji-ct. to attack, j StuteK." th<> l.ilieral j»arty, c.-in- To nay the leaxl the fiirclKM ]M>l!cy f dldato f «<i« Dr. .litllai.i l l rlu.», 'declined of this country h.i* hoen most Jiu-on- j...ti.!_..uadJ*iliM.Ue..Jjii (.b*>_!?5*.Ui'.L'»..-l )1 'y.tL"'. "Ilstcnt fn.rrTaiiy ua\n, Tli» rljjlit Kind ln« llie election iif Oencnil Charorro. diplomacy would be to rt«fmi«_tni^ uiit_tiixu>ti-4*H-—»'*n*nlni;rHttt'—flertioiT xvu« that an Internal'condition had arlnen that did lint differ materially j .'ram, that which existed in Mexico j when General lluerta fiHHUineil Iho iliV- | piany nous "( firmy or ii>v\ lui i.itive cla'IV k . t V, 'f. Kti"X, Such cxtraxan divorce in Iv.'i inn., f'.'i' «'i«ht And tli<>*i» f the c.iiii;'ainn :—renri* in ivfttt^—tm^v i)fficial~ ciili.vt in the .\oni-. I>:M! has miir, -eltse v. !ty he an --of M- i.ti He v UerJo, Xi'V. ean He! » Ke 'i'tirke.!- .liml wilen Initt in on the politifal "iroli—ntty—imrnnnnirR>ii fnden Which under thn rul«»» <»f-wtir IH Icgnl- 'ly JlUbjoct to aUiit-K if «'atlKh( ^ by »hlp« or Hiihmurlni'n, to carry ' manaKftH iin> iloliiK their durncdrst to jiVrt th«- car of the ptihlic. I'hU.tdt li'liia i»av>4 hud two "wciely jnxolvinK Iho "eternal trl- la'.o, and yet they pay the. ilmVof th*» worst"fffcrtH of the war <l!i -rim -has bcc'h thai" 11 has radical- chatiKftl table mannera. .,..,...' out marine ln»»rtt'iH>o rates ;-i. J)o oi'i know that over o' peopju $ »V^^^ Xt»xl \\vH\*'is bt'in^'rvt'tl li\ iiiniiy of tlicso, intluslrics in recognition of Mr. Kdisou's NMt'iiiilic iH'liit'Vt'iiicnts. We observe tin.! week by gi\ inn iiil. recital y makin tnwy <Uiy at l»ur.-storo ami jssiblc ft»r n t't'rtain til'so by niiilxiiiM' »t possil^l nuuibor of jitnijtif iu this cuiuniunity to compcto in (lie We hav« set aside a liimted num^tr of these wondcrfuj nVw instruments. They have been specially tested and wilt,be placed in homtfS »n this city on an absolutely frea three days trial during Edison Week. Thoss who secure- tht> benefit of Edison Week fieo % tw«l* will bo the bio $1.000 contest for the bent opinions of the V4lu« ef U*» -New Edi»on m the i^jnio. Thusi; ^pinions mutt not be ovti 200 woidi> in length. Th«ir literary quality docs not count. P»of*s*ion»l writer* and. all mem- W thr an $ t,000 Prize Contest _ ™ _ ' W .- --_- - . - — .~ '"-. lor me bc^rdcycriptlons of the enfoymeni and musical cducaUoa derived in the home from Mr. Edison's la vorileandprobably greatest Invention The NEW EDISON bers of the phonograph tra^e are barred, Wha't the lcd'*on Company wants are the \_rtal heartfelt' opinions of the people after they have heard this wonderful new instru- menjNn their own homes. The first prizo ifc |500. . Second. $20CL Third, 1100. ,Ti«.cn jhBrc arc consolation prizes yitmij |200. In oiiditiqn, lh« Ellison Com'- ji.fny wifl pay ttn (,ini* |tvr yiroK) for opui which, although nut Winning pru«s, jre tfurccl "!>Uit,ibJ(; far pwblicatiqn. See UsBefore Monday Noon Jiidd Decker, a Charter Member Was Given a Surprise Last Evening, r.U, T>">'iT ! i.'t! !>«>! .-ii nieht« in |ij«-:i."i'ittt rtf- >i!C!'!-f' «ii!« «-\ccll'-nt ntiil was ni.'irk- ^|] !•>• n V.TV plr-siMint feature, tlse t'linpinir iu i'f a brilliantly .Illuminnt- ed liirihday • ako r»r Jndil, Docket 1 , chiirt' 1 !' nt^mh'^ find pn.^l ['fe.'ud^nt «t"\xar*l t'l.n r-d tin* cake in. fmnt of Mr f>r-«-krp, ;'>i(' in r^>;>«»naf. to re- oi'frc.une l'is» Purprl«f» wiiffit lehtly to make ii !>w happy re-marks After (!)•• cluhn renieml-rnnco of his birthday liV r.-'i<«<«!!i« rlRars nmonft the men and r-itndv nninnt' tliO Iftdir-'s. lJ;i!ic- inc ijnjoy^o later In the evening. * "fftinVn s <nvhr>stnt ftirntfhliivi tho rn:i--Uc. vXntone out of town cur.Htrf w«'f ; «V ."Sll- .Tod ATi'«. .Tliiie Or t*ror>li'" l ts- to-xn aifd .Mr. Osb»»tnw of Chicmno. FOR MISS RUTH WINOOM Miss Ruth Thornc Entertained 18 Girl Friends At a Linen Show'er. < »!!«• nf tlK 1 prettk'«t jfilii must illlii'll- IIH of -parties was iiiven by Ml*s Uulh T7)onie"~aT~nTc Mr. and Mr*. L. r. Thome at r>«5 Firct avenue la»t rvenlni;. a« a pre-nuptial itteullnn t«> MifH Ktith Wiiulotn. marriage to Howard <!«?y«»r, of 'nllx.-'VIII be n n event of the month f November. -Hte-frtet'ii yirl frit-tid". were mtt Four i Reasons Why Grebner's .'—' t» , • V " Shoes Are fhe Best 1. W«* handle the best tines ob~ tainabbe in the country. 2, Oitr stoek is the lafge'ti* and most complete inWhiteside county. 1 3. "We carry all sizes and widths and a perfect fit is necessary before a sale is completed. 4, Our prices are the loiuest con- jiideringAhequality of merc/wm- GREBNER'S SHOE MART FUNERAL SERVICE HEL0 FOR ASSAULT BOY SUSPENDED C Over the Remains of Mrs. Barrett Was j Charles Held This Afternoon, smith Allen, of Peoria, Amboy Case. Ttaken In Fulton ? Youtlj School a Ctg*<- in Room. afternoon xv.'»« In the nature of» a linen fhower The early part of tin venllifi was npent In "jilaylw: eardH, uriiiK which time many exoliina gfVm were played. At ten" o'clock" the ho«t*,'i'N . m'rvi lainty r<'frt'shmpnt«. which wa« fotlow- d 'by* jihowerlniJ tlio bride-to-he with nany beautiful hnd .coHtly pice« of lln- •n. The remainder of the time wa.s s-penl iii pliiylUK Kami'H, and the even- mr Is reportfil to havo.bwn on* 1 of IIP JnllK'ot ImnKlnable. Mexico. «,'t\« tin Amt-of-lowu AN OCTOBER BRIDE Mita Cohenour Will Marry Richard Parkin*- On Oct. 24th. --------- — ,- r,— of" his city, have aniunmced tho mont of their ^only dauKht^r, Margaret lo nit-bio, Colo., formerly fjf SterllnB. 111. Thn wedding', to tak» place the 24th of )otober at 1'ueblu. Colo., wvhere they vill.make their future home.. ' Thv wing couple are wel.J kjiowu iuiU have " nany" frieiuls* in the Twin Cltie«. who vill wish them a long'and happy wed- Qiven Last Qvtnlng in the Woodman Hall Was Well Attended. he social dancinK pftrty, k'lven by Mi<H«i'H. Archie BehreiiB and Earl *>yvvell lft»t <;vi?ninK In the .Woodman tnll wan attended liy about -Heventy- jwnH J'urnlHhed Jiy brchewtra ami- n nerr.v time vx-at* netijoyed by all.-The •nuns men are planning to k'lvu an- INVITED TO ROCK FALLS. Tlu> StorliHK Urdwr y uf iiitsterii Star Thimble club hu» rw - «l\o(l an InVittt- joii from thrt' Kock Hulls O. K. ^. Thimble club to Kpcmil next Krlday ifternooa with them in tht'ii\hun_oj iiveiMie iii MaHonlc te.mtde. /I'ljoia mm jAterHfiK who irfuy l>o ahlu to at-, t'licl an<*a»-Ued to notify .\lrn. Hat lie •3b«'rnoU» not Utter than next Monday MOTORED TO DIXON, Miinlui Hail«»y, Helen Uiet-n- wall i UejK'^'ieve Hlroben and i'Vme Qrvvnwalt of -this olty,, and Measrs. •'rands tirton, l-Vank t)sborno. Jtlch- fd Krripll and William Hurtwrll, <if Hilton. Iowa, motored to Uixon lust vening an'U attended tjie vaudeville show- -.'*-. • . PLAN' PHILANTHROPY incorporated cgoojety ~ Eaise $130,000,000 For Freaoh War Orphans, ' Ni'\v York. JS". Y-. <>«''• 14.:— "Ain*-rk'ii> 'Uiri! lo'Kni!H.'«Mif Ihf l;m«'r's uitl <lur- ^tifj h<-arUtr«'uktO(i tlny»« of '7«>.*' is In* way «om*» of n«»M ttinJ ihmtH'it'i'j* of Ux* nation wSil the t»t>oiiuy f«<r thd war Tlic funeral "f M?.«. was held ft«m her late residence, f-nS Hecond iiv^mfr, this? ufternnon. Hev. M. Irxvln, pa.«tor of, thf l'r«'<«- byterirtn church, ofl'lclfitlnif. The ner- v Ice wa« simple. roiiHistlnjr of re.'idlnj? if fcrijiture, prayer, and b/ief remarks. The followhiK 1 wontlemen per\eit as John AV. MnrUri, K. LelUiy Ualt. \V. 1'. Mrn. Smith Harriet, who passed nwiiy Thursday. <» l; t. U'. IHlfi. was* one of Hterllnsj's oldest, resident* nnd one neern, ha\'ln(f lix ed here c ontliUK'iisly ' li-a for over xlxty yearn, and for pracflcal- tht in id,. iiiirles Allen, of IVorln, one »>f the ! S<«rne ••( Ihe t'i-y.« in tin- junior j men arrested in Oitop, IH the .»ne now! in the hi«h st-hool in S-'ulton have |><*en .HpecHlcall.v charted wilJi having made Momewhat inxtibordlnatr ariil h»%'«» an uiiKuccffsjtful attaek upon a CO- cauMed the tenclierN In the hlffh HPhOftl _\t>ar-oUl lady In Am buy. The othr-r rr.uch trouble by their violations of th*" two rnrn. I'.i-rt Nixon and fhenter t Hdioul riih-s, Things enrrm to n olirnftx A'danis. xvltu.-" 1 hiimc.t are In l"suia. xvere ] \VeilneNday when Karl Ternjile. while lit am-Mi-d, chsirned with" drunkenneKK, the c-Iaa?* room, wrote nome They are said to have Ifeen. with AllMi jlnttRiinRo In some bonks. Thf on the train and perhnp* in Ambcsy, j a.-iknl him to Ionve Hie room Hnd Ito but as yet they arc not rhnrged u'ith itilii liriviun had iftiythinn to do with Ihe' Mr. ll.ildwlii utiilertook tu adVlne attack. ; youth, wlm. In return, replied Allen xvas tiiken to Amboy by Hh«>rirt Ian iiiHiilflmr remark. The boy ws* I'hillipK, but the Khock to the lady'then told to take hl« hooks nnd go WIIH «o Kreat that *l»« Is still in a crH- home. However, he did not t»Ue ht» li-al condition and was unable to have t books, but left the room. Tliursdajf. prisoner hnniKht before her for he returned and entrrril th« H«« xvjjl_ bo' heklI in^yVm-i assembly nmm. wearing bin lint Iv all that time "ii SSofoiuLax cmuj _ tin.' same location that wax MO w!«»-„! boy. until such a tinn? a»j tin; lady wUljHmoktriK a' rUtar, and With ilii nfr of ly chosen when the region all ;<hout-.lie aide to we him. ^ jdeMance went to his KC.-U to gather up her hurtle W:is open prairie. In tbej He IH ahout 3s yi'ars of «K«?. lioyntnl | his bonks. Mr. Italdwiji. ./ixkl'il JlUL. iss.'i. about tho'time that the t'hl-IMatlntr Is innocent, the man j.yomiu man to remove his hat und la ca»;o and Xortinvoxtern rall^M* ran Us j first train as 'far" as Sterling, she'j vi/tnv with her husband. Smith Bar- j rett, and'her brother, M. W. Wlcewell. j to establish a hornv and biiKlncss Here, i Bivth' th«.W men were well known in! litiKlaeSfH clrch'H here for many years' after they-.came to. White-wide county. Mr. Harrett dl«d in- 1N!«, after thirty-^ TTnJSTiTe»8 lire in tlTTS" . Uarrett had ihe to talk. Subscribe for Th« Qnzctte. j refrain from Minoklnj; i liiiiuiln^ and received reply. Karl ban been H hile in tlw ami ItiHulting Tlve. yean community.. keenest memory of tiie frlendu and a«--j tlvltU-9 of tho»e early days. Her mind j vva« nlwiiyi* al«rt eonri'rhinK every in- tertwf. that made for the welfare of' Sterling" and jts peiiple.^ AmjJiot_Lo«M^ f ul l"y~wi»«"^fi.b«lJji\*'!'i^ H'jL- JiLJLilOl'MU irffairirTuid^the. welfare of our Country as «-wholv». \Vlu?n Abniham Uneoln 1 col en which h«s. been commemorated by the erection of a boulder at the' place of its delivery, near the Second ward school. she wits In tho front row of auditors. nnd was accustomed to .say: "1 could almost ha vr.rfachei(--out my hand to Mr. Lincoln." 1'Yom the first yenrw of her. reHklence j Mrw. .liarrett found a homo in the| I'rpsbytpriaTi f-lmrch. There must be i fp\v names rrmnlnhif; on the roll of membership of tlmj chnreh .\yhich were entered a.s curly as hcr's. and it may well bo asked' whether any have been . . -. / - - . <•• •••• Silver-Gut Glass-China T II10 with her. more faithful und consistent, or more alive to the Interests of ami the proKfesB of the. Murt lui Wise well IJurxett WHH born ut-XaiJts^Jntaria -county, New York, Septembor »R, 1882, the. duughU* of J'Vun.i Alice Whitmaiv Wisawoll. Khe -was e<lucatcd ln_ _ the _ cttffiintm '.select m'hooln au*l MCllOlilts smith in tho village day, TTer marriat(t» to oci-urrod November X, Jlanvlt l-'nr »- .wedding trip »h« Htarti-d Vork t'ity liy stame i-oach for u ifiirtv. tnik* ride over routlH d«t'l> in November mud .until tl;»> railway i-ould l»e reached, lu'i- IniKhand mukiiiK tbo L 4iiunmy-U>-pi44i44aiiu-i;t'**da»i'ii The mothei' of Mi>. "harn-tt XV«M an only Miater of MaiviiM Whitman, tin- plnnccr mtatttnnary and patriot of m fame, and MrH. -Harri'tt ht-rnelf xViiK n»t l.ii-kiiiK in the decision and foivefulnesH that ehttnu'teri«ert her Uncle MarciiK --a jiositivo quality known in tho. region of her blnh as 'Whitman srit," Her inter«*»t in the work of I~>r. Whitmnn, now roconnUed us having IMM-I* i,tf «reat value to the country and especially tw the north» weHt, b»*K«n early iu life. Mrs. tinrrett'H eoiiHtUutlon withstood the wear of life well beyond the scripture mllestom? of "four »cor« years." And whi'ii tho pain and 'wearlneun of iniuiy months of final HiilTerlnK came the ordeal wa» iriet with the same pruv- tical K»«H! wiiwi', unssvvrvinn faith uiul which have- marked all h««r The i-luiKti'iiuiK whU'h ••iitnr tin- ii|i|>n>at'h <'( lU'dlli rv\cuU'U iunv i-U'urly ttn» strc'HKlh mid ht-r character, ami iirt»w to Mu>n> \-I«thi-Iy th»- Uiv»> «uid n-vor»-iuM» cf tiumo -who weiv -tn noar l>v re«8i)n ui" ht-r liii--li»nK| frn j i»ilhl>i|» lu-r doulh h;i« ! ik» I'Sii-i'iul n-KJirti anil af- ' with yt>( I her «;it'ts iH'gin lior • nuirriod' lift' They're associated witlr every .pleasure it brings. Is it any wonder that every }»itn;o is treasured more with every passing. . yeajr. •,.'_' ... " ; •'"'•. _-;.'... .............. ...... The wore reason for ehou.sing gifts. that endure and warrant the affection that is bestowed ,ij)on thorn, 'treasures that may be handed down ttHrtitui'u Sueli gifts, it is our pleasure to sell and we'd enjoy show)iig 'you soincr gifts lTiaT"\\nTT^llve~ tliTOiigli " 11ife~y eii ^rs; G i ft *T In^IiTdT yo¥^Tir take a pride as well us the brklo. The prices W. T. Jennings Jeweler Optician HALLMRK Store For Men Little things, but mighty important to the^conifDrt, health, and Jo.y of Uving. s They are daily neepsitifB that cost but a trifle and yet they count big witn those -who Shaving Lotions Our bay rum it the best in quality and we have many flood lotions for the fate.' uti'.l .Miss Tiu-r* I-'r.inh H. S, Y., !»f New Y«irk i r.r«in«wt' K, X Y Wtlil'lt t'oini"'iMfS mi Ihv .Idggfct rf\'ik> 't-v- a iHMiuiu i ««vi ftnxi "will l«i> r.'dhvtt t».V ! AnM'i'lraii Sui'it.'ty fn; lh.'- < ....«»J» > fMlll'.i; Meteorites. ot»Uf»'Vli>u shown in yl' lite Xttfiiiiial i-. a I'l-inSirUalilj sin -• -fr •fii<1iitt« > l!i:ilij tU Mi Shaving Soaps Of every kind. The old r«> liable «oap in c*k»§ «* well a*"the handy *having *tick, powder, or cream, ' , Shaving Brushes Some that sell at 25o and other* that particular men are willing to pay up to $1.00, Safety Razors AH the best known kinds are h«r« to choose from—41.06 to $5.00, «-f- Hair Tonics ' -i. A comple^* liock of *verythLnj|, 4hat is good >n hair preparations, V/o recommend and fluarantee ««93" Hair Tonic. For Hendricks The Brushes tfic clothes.- h»ir, tseth, and s'nutirfacf^o Tht-y cost but little

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