Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS GUAM MAY -UK -N-BXT Washington, .July, .12—.(UP) — Ur.ltinl S'utCM military*'observers yay the steady -?e.i find ah- affoti- Klvo fi£:iiimt Guam nuiy prcsjiKe nn American effort lo rocplure tfie Islnna. Guam -has Murt'ei-'i'd cljiht ;itt.'iel!'.; in six iluyM, Ttu.> latest reported raid was a • nnvixl assault Sunday. As We WERK SAYING.. A liliiiil man solved a major In. v:isli>ii problem. 'Crate* of arin- .tUli'llI 4'0ll|(| not he «:ode-llll>ele<l ill pultlt hel-» till- flllohliKlit u.siHl lo (li.-clpnor it .C4>uld he .seen liy 'the eneiiiy. The sumir nlijccflon applied to phusplHir- c-Ni-ent lettering. "Why not Use'il letter." iisldT 11 blind veteran, "ami read liy touch'.'" • Swell, said someone. And ralset lettrring it Siecanio, Army horses overseas ai'f> t Xftting their buy In tho form o pclk'ts. For cargo spacii l.-i fa too precious to ship the rea thing. BEACON FALLS l'N I'Jioiie 4,'HM Hair-Do For Collaborationist •.'.. T)lil you cvrr wonder wlior those nrwHpiipt-rs you MC*' in th movies wllli lirmillno that It ritflit into (he plot, conn- fri> LNimlly friim one snnrri-—n I lot lyu'iKid |irtnti<r who ,M.-(S up tlii type, prints i\ iniiximiim of copies, jfi'ts a cirrulatloti, It l.s i-xtlmutcil. of fifty mlllluii. Ills iidinrV Juirl iltiy.s, A tttprimlnx' tealo.-tt.lo was the beginning of tho steam engine. A xti'irt on the clothes lino on ft windy iluy was tile forerunner of the balloon. A spiders web luld to suspension bridge. A swlnjritij: lantern inspired the pendulum. A falling ' apple, uncovered tho law of grnviintlon. Opportunity? ll'u right where you are. families would never «'\- prrii-iK-r financial difficulties If i-xpi'iisfs could !*• proprrlly siuici'il. Hut U.H every, tiiinlly ht.'iicl know*, iti'f-d.s huvr ;i (lln- conci-rliiiK ami .iMiiluirriixNliig way of liitppi-iiini; nil at once— and when rt'srrvi's Hfi; at their lfi\ It i.s at thi.s point that » N'ainjatllcl; Nallcnal PKKSON.-M, LOAN I;* f,-oii(l Ml.x- inrs.4 mid Kouil .sense. Many » family could tell you .from experience what a boon it IIU.H liiren to them. And it can he lo you also, jf you face a financial (>nii!rj;i;iii!y of tiny kind, ju*t cull, wrll.u, or phone IWMti. It will lake hut 2-1 hours tn Ret our loan ('heck Into your hands. .Anil you may take a full year to repay It in smal, cotivcnlvnt, monthly Inslallmenl.s. -'Cost: Only .ti(i per year per $100 linr- rowed Tho propellers on a plane 1'ly- in;:'-(00 miU;H per hour, niovu 'ic nearly twice l.he speed of sound. Bingo To Be Resumed At Church Basement Friday Bingo play returns to Beacon Falls Friday night a! SI. Mii'.h church basemen.!.. The playing- will start at S p. m. The bingo parties had been suspended ' since last month, while work on tihc basement floor was being done. The floor was .sanded, varnished and waxed, and with the shortage ot help, t-hc work look a consid erahlo Ic-iiRth of .|imo. The hall was redecorated earlier this year. Tux Office Open ' Tax Ceilloctor Ralph TucUei- will he at his office from .from 7 to S p, in. Friday iiifjht. Paym.-MiU on . present tax bill.-; can be made at > thrU time. 111 .Mr*. liMjM' Mrs. K.-Uherhui Imperato, Mnin street, is ill in her lionise, forcing her to be -away from he'r business fUuMishment until tho of. Ihe month. Cclchralcs ISIrtiuluy Joan Ann .Del Vcocliio, ti.iujih of Mr. and Mrs. Antiliony Del Voc- chio of Kailroad avenue, celebrated her fourth birMulay ycst.->rd.iy. T.Jii> youngster was L^iven a i>a!'ty, which W:LS utlcnilerl by the children of I ho neighborhood. Death Claims Twin Son Of famerzel Family Howard W. T-Camerxol, one-day kl twin son of Mi 1 , arid Mr.'!. Howrd Kntuerxol of 21 Hnrd .street, 1 Tuesday in tho Wjitorljury lospital. c loaves besides his parents, ci Istor, Carolyn, and his twin brother, Henry. The funeral was hold today at 9 a. m. from the BucUmillor funeral homo with Rev. Arthur Lewis, rector of St. Michael's Episcopal church, olllciatlnff. Burial | was in Hillside cemetery. atuckfire Mar alters Fire Marshal Michael P. Shea, In'' his report to the board of warden and .burgesses J/ist nijjllt, l:ndlcat- •od/.that.tlic "rear wall of |thp build- Inp on 1 South Main~ > s;ti;eel,,:.:known as the Rubin 'buildinp and owned by' 1 'the psborn Realty Co., is in. "very dangerous", ijonditlon ow,lnff J.o .t'llc 'fact .that ith'e wall is bujf?- intj r 'o\itwa'rd! "Ha-rry Rubin, .ag-jnt for !,hc building-, has been notified, and. is taking stops to- effect repairs, Mr, Shea-.aaid. •'•' ; ' •• ; Mr, Shea, clloti' oil "drums on buildings", from 59\to 74 South'Main -street, . an also causing a "very .danjrerous". condition. T<he oil .•di-uniH-.bioc'k.f.lrb'.'.cxrU-on the rear i : porcheH and owners of the drums were ordered ta remove -I hem, and have clone so, the marshal added. A total of 600 gallons o't oil' 1 involved, Mr. Shea said. Progress .has been made on inspection 'of the tenement block at the corner of'Clty Hill street and North"-.Main street, known as the Ka/emekas building,' and l-ho marshal -'plans to discuss Ihe 'matter wli h • the owncs n' ' -Improvements for -better facilities in 'case of fire will be supgcsl- ed' jit ICO Spring- strcot. John F. Sullivan'has agreed to remove a casualty hazard at. iliis building' by | removing- back porches and in.stul- Jation of,,new stairs and porches, M.he report shows. The fir.-; escape .on the Osbornc Realty Co. property, known as liho old Mines hall .is .a. ( ..casualty hazard, Mr. Shea said, and will be torn down. •F.arley's Successor •" —5! Cotton Hdlow Social Club Meets At Mrs WilnirRncdo's T-lio Cotton Hollow .Soc'i'al' club will gather tomorrow night a.!. Die home of Mrs. Wilma Ruccio. All members of the club mro re quested to attend as plans for th annual picnic -will be discus-red and m.-jde. 1 The club will also lake action on oblalnng now flags for J,h« Cot ton Hollow Honor Roll. Tn Will tan™ port, -Pa. Lois Sellinger, a. trainee nurso at St. Raphael's' in Ne-w, Haven, is the week in Williamsport, Pcnn. Miss Sellingc-r will return al the end of Mic weclc^l Now York «tato';»«mocratlc party lcaderH;liave nttined Paul K. Fit/.- ')mtrlck '(above), Buffalo, X. Y., ^•K^tlHilr 'new nti»te 'chiilrman. Ifc .wa»;nfnonf the l,5(M):p^rsonn who •nttcnUud ' a ' '' 'tiMtlmoiiliil- dinner Birthday Friends will fete Doris Ncodham Friday with a party. .Miss Needham is celebrating another birthday. , ' if I veil ' hlti prnU<:<ie«»or; ,IumoH ' y A . '^Fii'rlny', : 'lh 'Xcw Yorit.' ' (fnteriiii- v-:'! •••>,'-'. . ..... Town's Expenses or Funerals WII.7.IAM A. FUI-M.KB J'V»V people I'XCCpt pll,V.«tlell!*t.t and siiiini] pnginrcrN I; mm- how (li'strtiL'tlvr wound WHVI-H may hreomr. Tln-y dNInti.-Krriti 1 ma- .sonry, .shatter |j:kln* ol Jfla.s.H, loosen plaster, daiaage si.-emiflK^ ly inilcMlruclllilf oh.jrrt.s. TuUf tin- iininnffli-il t-xhaiiNt from a lur^c lUrsrl i-ngliur. The fnst- moving rxImilM icnscH produce .sound* likr the rapid fire of small cannon. Snund wavi'S iniivr in all illn-etlnns. Nearby nhji-cts ;»lck lip these vibrations and, if lln-.v iiappcn to nvspmul frei-ly to flu- same |:ijlsuMui; fn. 1 - qnrfu-.v, si-riou.s dafnagi.- may oc<:ttr. ISrick f^hiinne^s have Itwn cracki-d liy sustained pulsations oT rvi^; niodcratr Int'-n- .stty. 'riiiMirf'tic^r,' ||]ir<lly, since a hltf company i.s alri.-iidy inal\- inj; a liiisiMr-.s of roiiiitrracllli),' ihuriaKi' tlirmiKh the sale of its spi-clalty, tin: JJili-Kess Mx- hanst SnulilMT. The funeral of William A. Fulmer, Cl. of 101 Ateadow street, who died Tuesday at the Waterbury hospital fiftrsi 1 a long illness, ^^•ill ho hi.>ld Friday at 2:30 p. m. in Wiliiamsport, Pa., with burial in Wilflwood comutury there. Tho body has boon sent to the Xoll :'iinei-al home, Williamsport, and friends may call tjinro Thursday from 3 to , r > and 0 to 8 p. m. For collaborating ivitli the >'IIK|.«,'- 2'1-year-old Grande GuiJlotte; u IFrenoh girl who lives in Normandy, received a new coiffiir<'^-<:ye- catc.hing hut di-fiuitrly not fashionable. This sftquttncu of pliotoH shows tin? shearing in three stages]. Two 'Prunr-h patriots (top) drag tin; reluctant. Graiidi; out into thi> open. While one n'Ktrainp her (n-iitvr) the young man with thn scissors sols lo. .work. What he lacks in professional ability, he compensati's for with' i-nMiiislasm. Tin; Cask is completed (bottom) and the collaborationist sheds tears as slu- automatically tries to fluff- a <;nrl that no longer exists: (international) ; .- •••••. l^rom now on fishermen may [•am and philosophize unham- piiriid by "h" nuci-sslrv of hokl- infr the rod or watching for u nibble. Fur someone h«H Just pati.-nti'd a light bulb th'it bo- comi.-s Instantly illuminated when a fish bites. Today's am-cilotc: .Cluiuneey Jlrpuw oiioe ' (ihiyi-il a' trluk ipon MarU Twain on an occu- n wlii'H Iliey wt'ro holli lo speak at a lian(|iirt. 'J'wain poke first and was received vith gri-at i-ntliii.siasm. \Vhr-n litpi-w'H turn mini! Iminedluliv y aflerward.s he said, "Mr, 'O:I.H| master, l.ndl.'s aiul (.Jenlemen: Hefore this dinner H.'irK Twain and 1 made an greeiiient to trade spefrlu'S. le lias just delllvered mine and grateful for tin- reception on nfconled It, ] regret ihat I lave lost his speech and cannot inelnlH-r a tiling lie had lo say." Jle sal- down midst laughter and applnusf, It tnltos 37 tons of blueprints to build one hattlOMhlp. Saiil AJdous Jlu.xley: "Kxperl. ence Is" _not wlmt happens to u man. It Is w"at u mini docs witli what happens to him." THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Mctnlxir of F«df>ral DvpniiU Corporation. MKS. AGXKS 11IGI.NS Tho funeral of Mrs. Agnes (Church. 1 Hlggin.i, wife of Horace '•Ilgglr:n. !-iy Aetna streot. who died Sunday night, will he held this afternoon at 2:3(i p. m. at tho Alderson funeral home. 201 Meadow •Uivct. P.ovy. Kdward n. Hancc, Congregational church pa:;tor. will Illciato and burial will be in Gi-ovc cemetery. Pallbearer!! were Leonard I_aw- s-on. Allan r-aw-.^on. Edward Lawson. Wilfred Jordan. William 'Luddy and Donald Coviello. MAN. WOI;I.D FIM; A SMTP Camp 'L.!f\ \'a. (UP) — Maj. D. A. .VTyt-rs. chlf.'f of MM Postal .Information 3rarich. -A'PS. told postal graduates ai tho. nuartormaner schoo here-' :-i>nnnlly trial 1«!0,000,000 piec- o-s of moil wore l-.andled cluring- May, enough 'to load a 10,000-lor. Liberty ship. Tobin, Boston Mlayor, Wins Democratic Nomination In Mass. Boston. July I2--(U P)—Mayor Maurice J. Tobin of Bo.~ton has made his victory in Ihe race for t h o Democratic nomination for governor more complete. As re- lui-ns from the last Tew precincts in Mo.ssa.chuscil'5 .are rcportod. To r hin's vo:.e -has gono to 12.1,SD7. While his npponor.l. State Trcas- ,,,. n - F,..,.nciK X. T-Iurley. hnj 72.15C. Hurley long- ago conceded his do- feat. 'I he Tobin-Hurlay contest was the major issue ot the Bay State- primary. Tobin .will oppossc Lieu-, tenant-Governor Horace T. Cahi'.l for the governorship in November. Cahili was unopposed for the Republican nomination, to succeed Governor Lcverol.t. S.-iltonstall. Gov-. arnor Saltoastall,. in turn, was un- 'oppey«cd fo^'the Republican nom-. [nation -for.^United Si£ite.s sanatbr.; Local 45 Will Meet On Friday '15, Tho regular mne'ti'nfr of Local Uniled Rubber \Vorkors of Amcr^ icn. will he 'held on Friday night at. Linden Park. President Goorgre I7i'00lic!i, n.nnouncod today. Stephen T<n.apik hns been .-nsnmed chairman of Ihft outing commMLee' of Local •1,'j and plans arc now go-, ing forward fo:- "this event. Mr. Knapik will name his stib-coinmit- tec chairmen hi: t'h.-; near fui.ure'. it was indicated today. X^w gas stoves, conlni'ning. r.o rnni-o llian 100 prnmrl.c of iron and steel, will have 1C.000 pounds of r.ritinal ifmterials . this year. Past Three Months Expenses for the borough In the first quarter of the fiscal year totaled slfghtly more than one- fourth of .the total budget of $002,387.1. r J, Borough Clerk Charles F. Daly reported at last night's meeting of the board of warden and huj-gesses. . ' Total expense for the first three months of.'the Ilscal year, up to June 30, was JlCS,30fiJ5. 'This leaves a balance of SH;1,082 for the remaining nine months. ' " I Departmental expenses were: .G'onoral administration, appropriated S1I9.-I42, spent, $2«,955.e2. left., $92,4-10.38; public safety ap-. p'ropriated S80M7. spent, $21,015.0-1, left S. r )D,-l-|].3C; • education, appropriated, S2.'5S.S03, spent, $78,'-•103/10, left SlSl.-IOa.GO; health nnd sanitation appropriated tll.800, spent, S3.829.S4, left, S7.980.-1G; -jjublic welfare appropriated, $33,-8.10 spent -$8,131.0(3. left. $2fi,- 718.9-1.: public works, appropriated, SCS.OOO, spent, S15.S39.39, left, '$52,1(10.01: special aj^iropriations, np- ropriatcd, $28,9-15:15, spent, ?•»,090,50, left, $2-185-1.65. ROMANTIC FILM LEAD NW AT THEATER Couple File Wedding Intentions Phyllis Aldrich, P'.aU.s Mill-;, nnd- Felix Salinardi, 2-10 Scott strent, filed of marriage at the off.icc .of Town Clerk Raymond J St.'John. • " J.usl, lo. keep the record strninrlH w.lian' you sec Turran Bey kissing Maria,Montcx' hand in Ihe Techhi color - production, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," now at Lho Gem theater, 'the gesture will b( 'g-entlemanly and polite, bulk won't .be technically correct. Turhan Boj knows-it; Maria Montez knows it- Universal studios hnowit^so don.'t trouble" to'write in ' and loll'Ihem so. . , • You see, Miss Monte/, is playing a -princess 'of. BagOad in t,li e . thli teenth century. Turhan Hey plays her. bodyguard and slave. Arabian slaves of.'that era didn't kiss -Lhelr mistress'-. hands— or even touch t.h«t). TJjoy would have been killed if they.did. ' "AJi Eaba and'the Forty Thieves" employed a teolinical adviser, Jamiel-Hassan, an Arab from an im- -portant-family,- to point out just such iletai' ilic'film's makjnjt.- Eu'l., when Turhan. Bey bowed low to his' mistress,' instead of 'kissing:" the-.hem ofc-Her-j-obe.'as hi.s techni- cali-.adyiser..'said^, he'should, thescenes: seemed .'so ; stilled and ' formal, tiliat 'Producer -Paul Malvern said;'.. .. -.) • ... '• / .-, . . -.. • "American movie.: goers won's- like ttjat| neither wil'l Turhan Bey's: fans." ":••'." " • So "Turhan will kiss Maria's hand, • an hislorically' inaccurate "L-.sUire, -but one hi.s fcminfno fo!-i lowers will like and understand. The'-Turkish Turhan does it very well. • ' . .- - Agreement Reached On War Prisoners ons Ixindon, July 32—(UP)—Britain and Germany have reached an agreemenl, involving l.he exchange or all imprisoned Nationals, wilh certain exceptions. This was announced today by British For'-isn. Secretai-y Eden. Switzerland will act as an intermediary. Excluded from t!ic agreement are merchant seamcji. persons not wishing: to be sent homn, those whose rcj>ati'iai.ioj"i miglit b«a harmful to Ihe detaining- power. and Uiose pei-sons in prison for breaches of' common 'law. Eden -lid tha exchanges of other Nationals will be numerically equa' -o far a.s possible. C.C.MURPHVCi TABLE and BQUDOIE NAUGATUCI HARDWARE House And Lot On Forest St. Sold According to 'a waranty -deed iled at .(he office of Town Clerk '-aymond J. St. John, Joseph Sar- lonio sold a house .ind lot on Forst street lo William 'JV Halloran. ; Dcnmavk ' is -twice as large in area as. -.Massachusetts. CIGAK.KTTK SMOKKRS gton, July 12—(UP)—Cip- irettc smokers citlier will have o givo up tho .hubit or become econciled to missing their favor- e br-34i<!s. "on ^the' .counter., AuLh- "itatlvi; government souroes say there will be plenty • of cig-ar.ittc':. for civilians, but the populalh brands may unOergo the same fate as cigars. Civilians can get a certain number of cigars, but not always .their old' favoi-ilc-.'!.' -. NOTICE! .. TO OtJK NAUGAT-IJCK-- STOKE CCSTOMERS! Due tn war lime condllloca, ' *, are compelled to clou; out \M- gutuck xlore. • CAtt ,CS For the day our Route on your street. Free Telephone Serriet For N'nuifjituck Cuttonwn Gall Enterprise, 4700 SHALETT-LUX 38 K. Main . St., Wu«rM -Main Office I: PUnt,. 22 Walnut St. En Waturtown — N'auttMk MiddJcbury - '•-.• — S P 12 C I A J.' — S2-PIECK "~J .SKT (for o SCHNEER *^ CRTDIT JIWIIH' '*J South Mo.« it - A submarine -needs 2!50.000 pounds of. lead for storage batteries and 200,000 pounds for balln?.|- alt.oi<:;lh- er-ns much lead as goes into thousands of aulomobilc batteries. PIERPONT'S IIAMC UV\ WAK BONUS AND -STAMPS KAMKK/ICI^-IIOWAItl) W., of 21 Hard street. Funeral today at P o'clock from Euckmillor .funeral •homo. Burial in Hillside cemetery. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE ; Telephone 4334 Announcing — M NEW STORE HOURS From 9:00 to 6:00 T,ues. - thurs. From 9:00 to 9:00 Mon. - Wed. Frj. -Sat. We feel certain that with! these new store hours you will get adequate service in your "ability to secure your record'needs. o "TT CONTINUED 47th Birthday Clearance Full Stock of New Riecords .records w'hen. they-arc iiew.'iis Ulie..,policy oi:' .our business. Try us next time yoiviiii.y.e.tlie tirge to hear' ono'cl' 1:lic iicM'est bnncl or' vocal mimbers. • . Classical Music Interpretation By Miss'E. Roberts; " • . will be ploasod to..have yon stop in Monday nnd Wednesday evenings .and discuss>with :l.ier''ypyi.r'«:Uf- fcreril; questions on the many classicaHmusic"iJiernes ' are bothcriny you. '••' -i . : "" • . '.".' Marjorie Doolittlo • iis coiistantly in ..attendance to assist .you in your selections and to liel.p yon in cinv way. 8 Church St. 3.0O 5*00 7.0O 9.00 12.OO were to 16.95 were S.95 to 12.95 were 10.95 to 14.95 were 14.95 to 16.95 were 16.95 to 22.95 r Additi.ona-1 rodnctions in this- nmmal clearance of quality •dresses. For Juniors, Misses a,nd Women. • : . • ' " NO RETURNS — NO EXCHANGES I 33-35 east: iijain street

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