The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, December 31, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKER8FIELD, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY. DECEMBER 31, 1008. No. 129 STARVING FIGHT LIKE WOLVES EOR F MESSINA, Dec. 81.—Frightful men and youths. While in war tBe •• scenes were enacted today amid the I armies are followed by the most com ruins of the customs house when' plete camp hospitals, the numberless . hundreds of starving people sought i wounded in Calabria and Eastern for food in the ruins. The first sue- Sicily have been left in many cases cessful searchers were' attacked by forty-eight hours without assistance •others with revolvers and knives in the effort to secure a division of tha spoils, and a fierce struggle followed in which men fought like wolves. Several were disemboweled in defending a handful of dry bones or a few ounces of flour. One unfortunate was pinned to a plank with a knife while his little child, who sought food was clinging to his hand. King Sends Word. ROME, Dec. 31.—The King and 'Queen left eMsslna last night and •'arrived at Regglo this morning. The King today re-embarked on a warship and sent a wireless as follows. "I have returned from Reggio, which I found in a condition no less dlsas- Even when rescued it is Impossible to COUP? them, everything available having l>een filled by the dead. Lack of rare and starvation will complete the work that the forces of nature have left undone." Condolences Received. All the heads of foreign states have sent expressions of warmest sympathy and deepest condolence. The message of France was especially warm ana she is dispatching five warships from Toulon to Mesqlna. This IB hailed as a token of love from a sister race. The minister of marine last ntght received word that the steamships Taormlna and Companla, laden with CHAS. TAFT AND FORAKER QUIT, GIVING BURTOH FIELD COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 31.—Definite announcement was made from headquarters this rooming that Charles P. Taft has withdrawn from the senatorial race In the "Interest of harmony." It la .also stated that the Hamilton County delegation, the backbone of the Taft strength will be delivered to Burton, Insuring his election to succeed Foraker. Foraker at noon Issued a statement formally withdrawing from the senatorial contest. The field is thus practically clear for Burton. Taft's statement said: "My candidacy from the beginning seems to have been misunderstood. I'have been represented as urging my own personal ambitions at the expense of Republican harmony .and success. The Imputation is unjust. VON PLANK LEAVES FOR PORTLAND -ASKS SETTLEMENT-WILL SHE Adrian Von Piank, the actor who was assaulted by E. N. Blacker In a room In the Grand Hotel early in the month and sustained Injuries that have caused paralysis, departed for his home In Portland this morning in charge of his mother. The patient or to effect « settlement or Institute a suit for damages. Mr. Kaye said- today that negotiations are now pending with UM markers for a settlement for ages and that if unsuccessful be win begin civil suit. was removed to Kern in an ambu-! The case will probably be taken to lance and placed in a Pullman sleep- the Federal courts, Mr. Kaye says, M er. He Is expected to make the trip Von Plank Is ,a citizen of Oregon. easily and In comfort. Dr. Long, who I The niackers were not prepared 10 was his physician, is much pleased | discuss the matter of a settlement over the remarkable Improvement in the young man's condition. During the past three days, Dr. Long says, PENDING LEGISLAflON Rowen Irwin, assemblyman-elect from this district, leaves tomorrow for Hanford, where he will visit with relatives for a few days before continuing to Sacramento, where the legislature will be convened Monday i at noon. Mr. Irwln this morning ten- arrive In Naples this morning. Every thing must be prepared for them. Another Russian ship will carry them to Syracuse." Reports Not Exaggerated. ROME, Dec. 31.—Slowly the measure of the earthquake disaster is being taken, and as reports accumulate it is seen the first estimates have trous than Messina. The perfect of j 45,000 beds and a large supply of pro Regglo says there Is grave Injury to visions, had left Genoa bound for j dereiThis resignation as assistant his entire province. A Russian war Messina Other steamers also bound; t , t u t Dfstr , t Attorney ship with 500 wounded aboard will fully stocked, are on their way to' the stricken cities from various ports. The rescue parties, military, naval, and civil, of different nationalities, are performing prodigies, but the task before them Is almost hopeless. No Medicines Obtainable . Added to the difficulty of obtaining food and water, ther.e are no drugs well as putting forth some ideas of my own In regard to the matter, i will make an effort to secure larger salaries for the justices of the peace In the McKittrlck country. These officials get but |15 and $20 a month and they should have more. "There are many other matters of ! less importance which do not Justify i discussing. I Intend to keep In touch j with local conditions and will certain when approached today. No action has yet been taken is the criminal case against Blacker, th» the paralysis hag shown an improve- district attorney's office awaiting th« ment and at times there is motion' outcome of the wounded man's injur- in his legs. This is considered to be j leu. a very favorable sign and while It Is j Impossible to predict, Dr. Long hopes i for the lad's ultimate recovery. Ho has been recommended to physicians In Portland, who have been apprised of the case. Both Von Plank and his! mother are very grateful to Dr. Long anj the St. Clalr Hospital corps for the excellent treatment that the patient received. Before departing Von Plank placed BIG ROYALTY FOR mm LAI his case In the hands of Attorney W, W. Kaye, vesting him with full pow- Laird !"j take effect January 1, 1909. Mr. Laird will not be ready to announce the name of his new assls-!l y exercise my best efforts for Kern tant for several days yet. [ County and Us people." For several weeks past Mr. irwln Mr. Irwin will leave Hanford Sat- has been devoting much of his time ! urday for Sacramento. He will en- to the consideration of proposed leg-: deavor to secure a house and if suc- Islatlve measures. A portion of his ceasful Mrs. Irwln will move to Sac or not exaggerated the extent liorror of the visitation. *«%" applies: "^^Wi^totow™**™*^™* « nt " "»« ~*» <*—• .. . . .. ..» . _ i* naa haan tort nra ann nnmnhlarA from ' — - ^ Outlaw League Next Year of the I hospitals are being rigged up, but has | comparatively only a few can be re- Official estimates place the dead at. Moved auj the scenes of horror defy 110.000 and there Is reason to be- description. The survivors of the lieve that this number will be great- i earthquake are suffering cruel ex- ly exceeded. tremlties, and In Messina they The pitiable plight of Ihe survivors Is attracting the attention of all nations. The dead are dead, but countless thousands of half-demented, letters and pamphlets from naked and starving survivors, some . the advocates of different matters that are either now before the legls 1 lature or uve to be Introduced for ths | ! first Mine at me'nsr o-j«.>...a. I'ol tremlties, and in Messina they may'«» <* lhea e Mr Irwin'has devoted, be seen everywhere vainly marching j thought, ascertaining in what partic-1 In the dust and debris for food. I u 'ars they will effect the Interests of 1 Late dispatches state that the city bis constituents, and learning the > of Palral contains 1500 dead and | wishes of the local people In regard ' Auditor Makes Apportionment tv.'ice as many Two-thirds to them, aste. All the j Mr. Irwln discussed damaged se-; fornlan representative this morning, ' apportionment of moneys collected wltti a Cali-! Auditor S. A. Wbody has made his »~ ( .„......„ ,~r. » uu ..v»v.,v. vjla morning, apportionment of moneys collected - -J a number of the most Important ma> j rrom taxes, aud the distribution to wounded and some uninjured, are cry-[of the town Wfts lajd wa ing pitifully for food, water, clothing, I villages' 1 'adjacent are shelter and medicine. verely. , , , No news Has come from the Amer-1 It isn't a new baby in W. P. i ters which are contemplated, and ex- tBe several funds totals $377,694.46. ioans known to have been in Messina .Smlth^ home that makes him so pressed his views, so far as he has, 0f this amount $13,231.83 was collect- ana Ambassador Grlscom Is .said to , good natured—his wife is using Fol- been able t o form them-from the in*; eil Dy the auditor between May and have set out from Rome to secure In- ', ger's Golden Gate Coffee—her grocer formation at his command. (November on redemptions, etc, this formation. grinds It. It Is estimated that 100,000 people [ have fled from the desolated territory. The latest, estimate of the dead In Palmi and Bagnara Is four- toon and twelve thousand respectively. It Is estimated that an army of 2o,-! 000 will be needed to rescno the liv- | ing still entrapped and to bury the (lead, Washington May Send Fleet. v:ASHTNCm)N. Do-. SI.—The Ar-- ipvinn Hoot may b» sent to Italy to n?s!s' In the relU't 1 work. They wll' he t-rn d«yu In taking cnnl and two 'days in going through the Suez canal and would be able to reach Messina January 15th. They would probably be very welcome at that time with their l"n.OOO trained men, medical of- f!'^ers and supplies. Americans Escape. The number of Americans in Sicily and Southern Italy Is believed to be small find several of them have been staying at TormlnL SCHOOLS GET E "From-all over the state." said Mr. being the largest amount ever turned Irwln, "have come notices of pro- over to (ne COU nty by any auditor for posed amendments to the school laws. < a s i m f|ar length of time. Paierliitenrtent of Sohco'.s Stock- t n has apportioned $57,1)00 of state and county T "oney to the s'-'vural dis- tri '..< us follows: Aztec. 82210. Uuitersneld, $11,000. Delano, $1100. Falrvlew, $1100. Paleto, $1100. Old River, $700. £ Panama, $1100. Randsburg, $1650. Sumner, $0600. Summit, $1100. To each of the remaining districts, iv ported to be which Is on the east coast about thli- | $530. ty miles southwest of Messina. Ac- | The high school receives $18,710 cording to the latest reports the place • <\m\ the following Is the apportion- suffered no harm from the earth-1 ment of special t-chool taxes: quake. i Rakerafleld, $ti502.65; Cameron, The minister of war Is dispatching j $4.82; Dolnno, $3.11; Fairfax, $443.25; orders to the military authorities who have practically taken over the absolute power throughout the zona of the earthquake, explaining: "This disaster has resulted In a greater loss of life than any of our wars for Independence. Indeed, tha situation Is much worse, as while war is always preceded by a period of preparation, this has happened Old River, $515.70; Rockplle, $324.54; Rosodale. $',95.92; Semitropic, $855.72; Vaughn, $593.58; Lone Tree, $539.98; Mojave, $7(54.10. Fruit vale, sale of bonds, $3035. Tree, sale of hands, $11,205. TO MARK THE EXACT BEGINNING OF YEAR. within forty seconds. While war only affects the young and strong among tho people, the present calamity has mowed down women and children, old To All- A Very Happy Anil Prosperous New Year! THE TOGGERY tOWIlt * IhOOM WASHINGTON, I'oe. observatory here will series of Now Year's til.—The naval send out four eve time tele- I have dUciis'so i t'-e icilm* in volved In the proposed changes with Superintendent of Schools Stockton and the members of the Board of Education and for the most part the local eduactors are opposed to the changes. Generally I am going to follow the opinion of thes» gentlemen, for I am satisfied that their conception of tho matters at issue Is good, an'd until I am shown that they have the wrong Idea, my actions will be in line with their ideas on the! questions. I "The race track bill, I suppose, will be another matter over which a hard fight will be waged. From the Information I have at the present time my support will be thrown with the race track bill. "The Sunday closing matter Is another question likely to come up. I •'ni opnose.i to Sunday closing :ui-l it tho matter comes to a vote will cast i my ballot against the bill. "Another matter that U contemplated and which strike^ me as being j a very good thing, Is the proposed i bill to require foreign corporations j doing business In this state to keep i an office or representative who will i be compelled to havo a list of the stockholders, including the names, i address and niiiuiior o. .-Oia 1 '''-', 'it iiioi company. This, in my opinion, is a | SAX KRANC1SCO, Dec. :;u.--Nov;ida necessity because a foreign corpora- j m jiii,., n!j| which once poured into the tion may come into this state, Incur | building of this citv, in the davs of liabilities and go broke, --•-•--•—• happened. The creditors by the tax collector, $212,111.32, and $29,957.54 is the first installment of the railroad tax. The total of $377,094.30 Is distributed to'the several funds as follows: State, $95,395.77. County, $38,709.68 Salary, $49,187.17. General school, $32,783.80. H4gh school, $18,710.74. Bond redemption, $15,226.79. Bond interest, $5864.25. Hospital, $16.402.93. Hospital building, $8,155.97. Court house building, $12,816.51. Special exhibit, $1,639.19. Forest fire fund, $702.51. Special school, $11,141.64. School bond, $19,942.54. Hall of Records, $159.95. Undiatrlbuted, $249.16. General road, $50,615.70. SAN FRANCISCO, Doc. !!0.—With' the entire hoard present and after a war of words that lasted until well after midnight the stale baseball league tonight decided that, 11 would remain outlwa during the coming season. Charles Graham, manager and part owner of the Sacramento team, was the only one present to ur$e the entry of tVie tetigue Into tho national baseball organization. Other business transacted was the decision to open new ball grounds either in Oakland or Sun Francisco wherever the host team can be secured, and tenta'.ive discussion of the organization of a local club. PBOVESflllLO TO ANSWER The Alndln Oil Company, which OWIIH the 20 acre tract on the outskirts of Coallnga, adjoining the Lu- cllp Oil Company, has Just executed a^ lease of Its land to E. W. Preston of' Fresno county. The term la for 20 yours, ami provides for the drilling of at l»mnt five wells to a depth of not leu* than 2950 feet, (unless oil In pay- j ing quantities Is developed at a lessor depth) ami reserves n quarter royalty to tho lessor. Drilling Is to begin within thirty dnys. The land of the Aladln Oil Company is considered as the choicest and best In the proven territory around Coallnga. and It war- on that account that H lease on such favorable terms to the company was obtained. The Aladtn was ready last your to commence drilling operations, when the financial disaster swallowed up all its funds, which were unfortunately deposited in the now defunct California Safe Deposit and Trust, Co. of San Francisco. It Is generally understood that the los-ioe, Mr. Preston, Is acting on be- hnlf of a rich Plttsburg Company, which intends lo enter the Coitllnga, field. R. \V. Dallas of Conllnga negotiated ihc lease for (ho Aladln OH' Company. HENRY MILLER SWELLS TAG FUND BY $104 graph signals, at Intervals of exactly TURN TO OIL which has|,i,,, Comstock's glory, are being used may want . : , K ,,\ n (or the development of Cullfor- to sue the stockholders for their pro-, n | a resources, this time for exploitu- portion of the indobtedneBS —"•—'• hour, to mark the instant SHhe ««B the booki are at their and un- disposal tlon of the vast oil fields of the state. which the United states The source of the wealth which Is now being converted into oil comes -- _ _ - mainly from Goldfield. though Tono- by assemblymen ah and Rawride, and many another Wll 1011 iilG L" Hi 11"* CJliii"" ls * niKtufu. . --•—•—-—* —•—••••---••— - ——» M --, — - - M ^ j* ---•• ..--,»-., u..... .......,, .. »••»..•»_ i The'sUn-ils will be transmitted volun-'from this part of the state ana While Nevada camp are contributing to the tarlly by tho various telegraph com-! I have not yet been definitely inform- upbuilding of the oil Industry In this 1' . .. _ _*• KII« i«tn,./ic-.f I OH unnn nil nf thft matters that are :-,tnto_ tarlly by the various telegraph com-. I have not yet panles us a mutter of public Interest. «?d upon all of the ... The first series will begin at 11:55 to be presented or what stand Is p. m. December I! 1st. eastern time, erally to be taken, I have and at midnight will end. The second I many questions with the local oil men sending will be at 1 a. m. January 1st, and am well Informed as to tneir eastern time, and Is the midnight slg-| views. One of the most Important is matters that are ; , t nte. Pioneers In this movement to do, velop the riches of the California oil fields are N. H. Truett of the famous Truett lease on the Mohawk, which produced $1,000,000 In five months; , . ,, nal for central time; the third at 2 a.jthe measure to require the drillers ot (;,, org( , , ( wingfleld, vice president and Morris Provost WHS this morning hold to answer to the Superior Court for the crime of burglary. He Is unable to give ball. The examination was held before Justice Dlack and Assistant District Attorney IrwRi conducted the prosecution. The defendant had no defense to offer. Roy Wlitte, proprietor of the furniture store. Is the complainant.. In his confession Provost denied that Richard Arlington, arrested as an iicompllco, had anything to .lo with the burglary. As the police havo no evidence against Arlington ho will be released. Bought Champagne. A night In the tenderloin provo-.l too much for one Louis Browdi'li. Ho was arrested by Officer Good:i!l about |L'::;o this morning in the .Midland I rooming house, where by his noise nnd i liolKioroitK language ho ha 1 iiwakeneil I nearly every one In the house, fii-ovv- itell complained of boliitf robbed of i JHii, ;m'l when Officer Goodsi!! at- j lemptod to tiiUe him from the place, j ho iittiicUoil tlu- pollooijmn who WHS j forced t<> use his "billy" In subduo tiie prisoner. Instead of bolni? robbed llrowdoll spent Ills money in the tenderloin buying champagne, for the women. STOLE MONEY TO BUY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 30.—A. W. Troutman, an employe of a local produce, company, committed suicide hero today after confessing that he had embezzled $720 of the firm's money. Troutman was married on Christmas, eve and he said he used the money to buy clothing and Christmas present*. William Troutman of Los Angeles and Herman and Felix Troutraan, his three brothers, told his employers they would repay tho stolen money. H. A. Jastro today received from Henry Miller a check for $100 for the tag fund, with the following explanatory note: "Referring to the subject on which you Interceded with me, you will please hand to the ladies Interested tho enclosed check to be used by them for the purpose for which It Is Intended. This contribution Is not from Miller & Lux, but is from my private means." A CIRCULAR PRINTED FORTY-TWO YEARS AGO- { A circular dated May 8th, 1866, j signed by P. T. Colby and addressed to the Democrats of Kern County, (• a souvenir secured by H. A. Jastro, Tho circular was found In a lawyer'* office, in San Francisco by Louis M, Cole. It Is an appeal for support for the local Democratic ticket and It takes strong ground against the re-construction policy of the time. m for mountain time and tlu> fourth at 3 a. in. for Pacific time. AUTO PLUNGES OVER HIGH EMBANKMENT, SAN DIEGO, Dec. :!0.—A telephone mos.suge from I^akesldo says that an automobile In which were R. A. Watkins and wife and C. L. Hammond of LMiibunkment at Curve near the San Diego Flume Company's diverting dam today, and that Watklns anil wife were caught under the machine mid severely injured. Hammond with a tow bruises. The carj Boulder Crook went over n fifty foot can see but one thing thai >!;iu;!i i:. every oil well to keep a log book ot general manager of the Goldfleld Con- the well, which at all times shall be so i|H.atoil Company; ijvilllnin Erb, seo- open to the public. This proposition rt . ta ,. y ,,f the Mine Owners' Assocta- »?ema to have the general approval ,| un O f Goldfleld: R. V. Ellis, formerly ii mining man of Nevada, now president, of the Home Oil Company, which has paid a half minion In dividends; .luck Horton, principal owner In tho r.nldfiohl Daisy; II. .1. Rollly. of tho lout-eon tho Florence; W. K. .Mitchell, mother owner in the Daisy; Oil Companies. These big corporations, from what I hm-,> loarnH. nre opposed to the measure. The till! looks to me to be u good oue aud I FACULTY AX AGAIN DROPS AT STANFORD. STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Dec. ;!0. —Th« Stanford committee on delinquent scholarship this afternoon announced the suspension of ninety-one students for one Homester because of poor work. Fifty-five wor" placed on Mtriri probation. WILBER WRIGHT BREAKS ANOTHER AERIAL RECORD. l.KMAXS, Doc. IM.—Wllbor Wright broke the aeroplane! record this afternoon by n tight of two bourn nnd nina nilnjitos. He officially officially covered 7;; miles, but In reality SO. was owned by 1.. M. Ballon of Los An- havo not heard whether It Is to b gelos The extent of the injuries SUH- taken up again or not, but the prob tained by Mr. and Mrs. Watklns had lability Is that It will, I have always ' Its way and that Is the question of Its Kennedy, Frank Lathrop. \V. .1. Smith constitutionality. The objection may ' ' ' ' be raised that the working of such a bill would be like going Into tho private affairs of an Individual. "In regard to the Texas car bill, 1 nut been learned when the tnesa^e was nt. THE WEATHER. Fair, day. warmer tonight. Cloudy Fri- boon In favor of Ihe measure and I will extend my best efforts for U* passage when the time, comes. "I Inteu i to follow out the, recommendations of the grand Jury In re- and a ll'iilf dozen others who have fortunes In the gold mines of .Nevada. Those men are organixing companies and buying up vast tnici-s of hurls •,vlih all the energy which character!/. ».l anil muilo cuceortrttill th"ir onora- iioiiH in Nival... Triion a.iil Kill.-, a <• • ••.dated with Arthur O;il, , of London, .utvo piirchiihod -- 1 ' acn-s of oil laud a tho McKilirii ': di*tri< i "irl nre sending down a well In lory. Frank Horton, BLAKE, JURY BRIBER, GETS FOUR YEARS. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. .'{].—Ulake, tho contractor, who was convicted of attempting to bribe Kelly, the pros- pecilve juror In the Ruef trial, to vote for acqullial, waH today stjiitonc- j (•d to four years in San Q' gard to the raising of the salaries of, number of San Francisco capitalists, f 1 certain officials In this county, as interested in the oil fields near Stock- ton, and bus organl/od -'.\ • .^aii .In.npilM Valley Oil Company. <<vnr.-<: Wingfield, who Is conservative.!:.' : uimaled to be worth $|i),iMiO,i)lii), \~ interested with William Brb In the ths Coallnga district. WHERE WILL YOU BUY DRUGS IN 1909? Wo wish to supply your drugs In 1909. W« know we can ba of genuine service to you, and you can, of course, be of service to us, to yourself, and to the public at large by showing your approval of our policy. We Insist on supplying drugs, medicines and sundries of tho most worthy character and at the most reasonublo prices. In 1909, HS In tho past, wo shall glvo special attention to tho compounding of prescriptions. When you think of us. pay. think of rlrugs, Tho thought will ]. A. Hughes . The Leading Prescription Druggist

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