Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1916
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. STERLING, ILLINOIS. SATURDAY. OCT. 14. 1916. " jyjgiyftf'lgyy'*' 1 ^^ T™*""*^!!^--'!^*^ 1 ^. 11 "^-*-^^^*.—* Ty^a^~ [ORR1SON DAILY GAZETTE JULC'.S ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, OCT. 14, 191G. MEET TO SEW SOCIAL ENJOYED TLtrg* Nu <r, 5lv:- V U "' r R V ; _ ,.< ff; , •-.,";-, • , A *h t •• ;-'-iii M ii'» ; ,|U j; , IV! li d'-nt- f?»,h. Mr*. .1 M. 1 Vocal Hotr?~ ~M .-trj- t *-vr- r.i .!; ",\ -i ^ -,i •'.-.; %V-1« .Ui,' I<I !M»'!t rr.c. TKP -i and A 1 j'M ;, .!;ui'. «:.t"-». F ! r': b Y t f r- i r* n ... 5... , I, ! k !!:> -Hi,' '. U) hrinir • . ln:>«te at I' HI' !!'<• W >'l ivi!: Society Spend* »; ..>. Friday nftf'r- .. :•.. ii. M v.-itli nwdlf- i ijK-rnbi-r in :i||f>Wf'<! .< »id anil the atiltJps Unt! will I"- wnt tf> nn t in -Arixona. Ke.fresh- i-' <i intniut' tb" ev<-n- Vocal V«M ,lf M;iry - H'Hll lit • K«'SuJHitr — Until i 'up rain t. STRAW THE H, I. CLUB i f > r?Sss,ntfyEnlerTaiWeo' oS'TfiurTHiy by Miss Laons Green. Tin. |{ I. -hit- of tin- lt;ipfi«t elmreh ,ji.Mia tbe regular meeting nti Thursday lit On- li.ttrH- of Miss lj*>onn ftrPeti; rnefnbpn* nf the dub nt the ,j>!,«<'Ilt, tbe Cauabt Uro '' n home m tllfl lnte afternoon- ifl <lHlcioll-« -~ -^.--J-J- th" .Straw Stack of Grover , Fire Mysteriously. itraw Mack on th<- <;i">*r Shirk in -Untrmvilir m«i* <H^.v -n-d f. j for tho eVenlnc enjoyed. nn flro Friday nft«'i**i<«»i) -•r, m-,.,1 *.(.),'. ,,)„,:,! f Inn, « Li, h ',< 'i; • ii'-( >•.'! !hr- raft: fill!'). QUEST DAY'WT CLUB -f,f. \v. F M K <>f iti" Kri M u-.-h *<• H\ -m«'«--t nt !!;<* homf of M This wilt t)f K'f'S't dny- nnd..Jhi> Ifir f}i,uin<"'fTv f«:f ui1T TVf* «W-T r-TT: KSf-TV m«:->nn'ffl« fwi'fft^l to brinff *» KU/-K!. Mr. n.n«i 'Mr.*, "fed Prflnf'f« fmvf- .jj H > VM l f*"i>m It!** rrttfrtE*- "n Nortti .Mriln sfffr! int<> iftf- r-ne ontu-il by Mrs. \Vdlevf-r, '.viiirh \\;»*. v<i< nf'fi v*ii»k- by.:Mr. nn<* Mrs \V m, F J .|aH;. Afr. ftht.cR rnrtx- ti^rc fv|>*H-tlng to con- ditrt -n !>lrtty«mith (*h»p '*ti( dec : !d'-«t to rHnrn to llw farm. Kmory ' Hrookc «'b«> i« Unrnins I.IMIIO itinlrtif at Ct-n »•--•*••«* c;itrie liomf Thnmlay rveniinc t" spend the t< ••««? nf the vvpfrk. ---Mr*. Wnt - Wm -Mitrrtwinrd Mrs-- (trum*, 1 *, I>nti Vtivinu nnd h**r dntigh- U>r M»P. Victor Knitdahl or t«*>nesoo. nnd nnolhcr dtvtiichier Mrs. Ihwv-r Farmer of Hill«d«le»it dlnnf-r VVptlnen- da; .-. Harry SImddow -ami fsmlly hfiv« " mt»vcd Pol- tlio rpsulnr html^.« in«>'!'ttn(,' wnw hfirt and thf jirogram nnd cuiilil be tliU ..U.V.—A-iut 3.30 j itety I *>>v< ial , start-JMjwionary Society of M. f. Church Meets Thursday. Tile llnni'' Mlf<Motmry w>ci>'ty of tbe * y Mr T*«ml,ly wh,> •n,n,^..y ^ REGULAR MEETING th** flwflii itll'i ^timot*. 'J*^« »' • tb'* tielj?hltors to tli«' n^M^tum'* 1 i; lU:tL.Y>tji<'ll '>"'''. -'' in their »f llio )f iUlll to Mr. h«ld.tholr .f ,,v coin Way r-nst -Thursday of on Lin- 'ternoon, present tha flu- putark Mt,,«,<l, liut Mr«. Hlilrli utiaMo to put it ill MurriMou at were by Mrt». H. ,' painty «'• by the ho«- Uhc time the lire wan NEW LOCATIONS ltv«r*l .M*vin0- Memea. Went moved hlH ramily nnd KOO<|H from the bolide on Ku»t t, where he IHSM been u. renl- Ht. lllurll»ert hutno on Houth < J. W. H«bJiii«on. who hat*. oectipylns the IUirlli« i rt house for l»om«» tlmo hni» moved tu the Clark on Cherry Ht, ....The JIOUHO on ItWalt 81.. vnrtttvd J>.v Mr. W«-«t will be by Mr. and Mr*. Jnf Haird, tl*«H. -. AN ENJOYABLE DANCE. 'several of the young men of the city n dance -at the Woodman hull on . fr«m \Vatfrtown and arc tho bottle owned by ..Tames 4>y thr Htitt«?r*< family. Mr. Phnddow is em- plcyed In the n, Ff«flPter Charlt'H , Wnlker IM Attending (be Kniffht* .. T4»molnri« con.'lave nt DP<M- tur this week, 3ohn Jftrnes hn» c-oinplPt^rt ihft basement wnlla nnd rotindiiilon for_«, fi-jiiflpnci hdjni'f-nr To WfttVR worth i»lnre oh MiUii utrwt, The work on the building will not ho f until re enjoyable, evening. The munlc wa» furniHhiHl by Hodge and Woodworth. DIVORCE GRANTED. •Mr*. Eva J. Young w«ui granted n d4vor*>4>—Xr«»m—her--hUftbaud._J5ni.i'HL^_ 4 • Vcning, by Judge Baume on Thursday. ENTERTAIN AT DINNER. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M«oklln and Miss Florence Ansel! entertained n Slomach Billers number M frlertitM at dinner at the Mucklln home on. Wall street. Friday evening. Follow- inn the^JfiineXtie • evening wa« plean- ,• *uent with brl Ufltly spent brlclgu. MOVE TO MONTANA, nnd Mr». .C. relatives and frlendu, in all thlrty-'nlx. aiwembled nt her homo to in .ce{cbratlng it. The their. Intention of, rcmalnlnR for dinner by taking baskets of provision with them «nd ft.f*«M-wim enjoyed nt the hour appointed. The following wer» present: Mr. and Mrn, Wftllucc Turner, Mr, _amj__Mrti. (ikm . and Jvir». *795 Model S5-4 f, o.'fc. Tbfedo Think of It—112'hch Wheelbase! It has the famous Overland 35 horseix>w6r ! tnotor--- Now at the height of its development- More than a quarter of a million in use—- iDnving^ more,_ automobiles, than any .other motor of its power ever designed. never before has anyone anywhere ever The wheelbase is 112 Indies f It has cantilever springs and- four i»ph iires. And the price is $795. ', See tts^at once—they are sdltng faster than we can get them. • ** ji* . g, fine and comfortable a car Model 85-6; six cylinder 35-40 horsepower, to sell for anywhere near co lo\v a price. * 116-inch wheelbase—$925. Sterlittfr-IUinoii. '""IXl- A«kfor DcmoMtration \^\^JU JLJlXVTiJ. Can make immediata J ^ l! - The Willys-Overland Company; Toledo, Ohio • "Made in U. 3. A." Turner nnd phlldrcm Mr*. Grorgc Ollnfwr.nnd <lau«rht«r, Dorothea, from th« neighborhood* of Ea»t SandrldBi 1 ; Mr. nnd Mr». aeorjro Hudson from Portland town»hiii; ? Mr«. K. A. |{UKK|">* and Mrs. Minn flhrcwm.— from Albm>yi~-MiN— awl-Mr*. Wm. Wilt, Mr. »»d Mr«. Worthy from a two raonUiH 1 auto trip throuith-Iowa, South Dakota and Mon- urna. While in.Montana Mr. Curley purchased a farm of three hundred and ,• avres, located a Hhort dlntano* > 4. . **_*» A ... ._< <1*A. -*.*+ AH TT M ^iwr*«<u4f KJ tien,, Oysp«pii*, Malaria, and ('POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT.) h^'if iSfr-.' frpm the city of WaRner. }l« to leave ^forr)80n with hln family «oon for his n*w locution. i MORRISpFBmEFS MI-H. HarflHon Burch went to Frank - lln (Jrave Friday for a two wceka' vinlt at tlie homo of her daughter. Mrs. Hitrry Dysart. — -. - - • •Mj-H. C, A. Martin went to Hterling {•"riday for a visit with her sister, Mr». Porter Hicks, — 1Mr».~A7 B. UeardHworth returned Friday from u three weeks' vl»it with h«jr -daughter, Mrs. Burwtrd at Spring Coulee, Canada. ^VIlRs Mary Coffey l« Hponding the week end with frienda in Clinton. . and and baby, Mr. and Mrn. Harry Iteardaworth and children. Mr. and Mra»Clarence KgRleuton and children, Mr. and Mi*. Albert Meyer* and family, Mrn. lone lilcait and won l<yie, Mr. and Mm. Uee Daniel* and baby, Mr. and- Mm, Frod JFenton and Wm. Olb- ler. ATTENDED THE FAIR former resident* wh« I viiilt to OhleaRO _ . ier« to vlnit »nrt attended the fair wepo Mrn. Tom Hrown of til. Mr. and Mr*. H, L>. <'olllm», .Mr. and Mr«. Henry young from Hound Oroi-e. Mm Frank tfchmt'ld from Proplietntown. Mr. and Mrs. John Har ton «f Aurora,. M*»» It.""V, Hreetl dntmhtert D«Ett and Audrey from from -Rocltr Inland, B. i^-Adamn from Indlanpoli", 1ml,, Mlimeit /KuUt and Mirlftit Faokler from Ashtan, Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Hannan of Davenport, la. WAS GIVEN A SURPRISE Tha c'. t'. (!. C. Fancy Work club Jar*. lon*"Uteajn iMday, by day evening from n visit of a few day« with friends In Chicago. Mrs. Anna Royer and Minn Tillie Hoypr, of Sterling:, upent Thursday at the Clayton borne in thin city, <ieortre Penchant went to Blnndin^, Il|.. Friday for u visit with hl» father, Perry Farley, of Fulton, waa it-busi- goinir to her home and »p«ndln«r th« afternoon- with her in celebration of her birthday.' The time wa»'»p«U_ Hoclally ,and doing Tancy'worfc, lift- .freshmcnta Mr». Fred Warner left Hafcirday mornliiK for-hw homo «t s -Fargo, N. Dakota. «ft<.r Jt( two with her father R. I* Burchcll Mrs. L, W. BhoeoVaft. Cladyx and Mary Nowlen vi»- rolaHvo* 'fn' Clinton Friday. rar «' Ffo^rfifiva C|ddidat« (or Repre$entativeint ^W^^W^^F^*v W^W ! :i^ • ^ ^ ; Integrity and Honesty — F*Jthful Public Service H*lp JO irid cffiol- ClHt| M the Election, November 7th John Kartlett want to Fulton Friday for a short- visit with frlenda la* that city and in Clinton. N. J. Teach went to tUerlintf FrWay Ot) butiinetsB. lam Tte R. -C. Adams of Indianapolis, Ind., iipeVit the week end wltb/Erlti vela- tivea, Mesdamea J. tt. Hftjsara and Ed. Chow?, a.ttended »v preumptlal shower given for MI»B Iron* Allen of Proph- CtHtOWll, ame in the PeKalb State returned to their homo In Lyons, Iowa, today after a few. v day«' vijiit at the home of her parentu, Mr. Mra. ~' ttocompanle<l home by Jtfrs. wlntor, Mfs» Martha Wilwon vuftt them for « «hort tlmo. ERIE WOMAN'S CLUB FAIR Npt Reo«ipti .\ home Friday "evening to v«»ii her par- Mr, anfl Mr*rilt»ny Prundstein and whiter MlVUwby ovtr Sunday. Alice Ward of TIlllHdiUe, *pent Thursday whh Mr». J. I* Daily. trom nn pstended visit In! tnett- home suirt "played ball' Vi\l\\ tlws Neb'i.ifiKa. with t\'!atlve8 und friend*( baby. Tbe pn.bjition officer, who In it-poiiH a very pleasant stay. (leading the inveMliKatloi|, ' tlemiunvInK 1 M'fx'. N'eliie FU-iwburR ilf__Wiiliuit W. j tho t || iy?' f -ian_\v|io^urn'ed^ '"th0_"bfij>y_ \Vfts"r7m^mTcr~horne j over"to life""UaiTeyk, .HiTo tfbilms Uiey j Friday morning rtttcr - jm»peetlnfc the! "er<> not ilexlnible parents '-for tho ct'lcr in this'place and lliuliiiK it all i child. U». K. • j Itn.ijey 'IcclatcH ho will do ftll , be ; Mrs. Anna. .15e. r trit8ley and daughter- ,-,„ fo'help" the,' authorities- prove .Mi--« Liu y. entertained J-Ylday after-i thn-o i.i a tnifWi' In btiblcn . In St. ; noon at dtiiner JMr. and Mrs. Henry j i^nilw, ||n is alleged to btive-«ild At iii-tt of (U-iH'seo, .Mr. and JflrH. Jli-]),,», wnnted to even mat tern tip with j/ tn(n ThompHon also Mr. and ,Mr«. Ar' ttinr I.'Vencli of l*.ir«'» ; returned hume. from week; Thursday HIT" hTrrt-brrn-irrtttp-cliy norntr with IJ!M inotlH'r who..e la Alvin Hichanls of Mason City, 111,.^ after a!'.visit of several dny« In Prop- wltlt relatives and frlendH re- tut fifd; homo •ThvirtKtay tnornljiit.''MV-* s'has'bW'ti 'engaged In tfie ie physician who sold btirt stti un- culthy child. l!ail«y **ald he uureh.iwd the ilt- tlo Kli'l much as a utockmatu. buys l>uislm.'4<s.hi .Mason Oty ror.inoru tbaii-- - _. Mt>'.' c. ' K. Krury and .M'rs. H, L. ill wero.... recent visitorn In where . they visited with irb-ndti and relative*.- A'r:<. • l *av.fd Hutchklss and Mra. .Keynuldji.-..\vcro imHsen^ers ln^ i thin .week where they are ln : tht» limn with tekitivoH and ^ ., Iblngi*. Kiich a» can be Been at I any ttnk> i»\ tb»» (irwu town; J' Mr»,.M. A. Stowell, Mrs. Ma me " Htttrtovfiiit returiietl' from t'hlra^o Thursday''evonintf and were jiccomptiT nicil by Mrs, C. W. Pratt and little Kirl, 'Mrs. Pratt will remain nnino a steer, ho «eitt into the doct«r'« rjfffro look- Ins for a.'child. He W.HK' <o!«l. thr-re weveral for mile.' llo finally elo*- for the baby girl for $"<, to bin fttory there ; in tbt- -byHft^ fff^ } l»a.U time. t \ | ' Peculiar Idea Some Have.. men's hit-it of .n, good time Is a time lu whicU they bavca't time to be ^ood. with relatives on. a vlalt. Albert Clifton itiid^- John HnnHon both sport mnv earn whio)i they recently {nfreha.sed. '- Both curs ar«' tlve M!s<s Arnoila SJi-TCcHt JIH'H been i.-n- to KlH'ulc in Krjp, 111., on tbe political issuoH. , her engnKemvnt calls for Monday night, fc'lio \\JI1 i>!i',i«i> her ing for. \VI«wii*in, wlM,-rt» he will go on the*route,-for an flld eompany. Qlen (.Winger was the victim of an )u»t viwtr daya. Tttaauia using a iH»rn when mannev li wllppod aiid Jnflieted n «-ut on hi* ankle. He is rei>oiHnl to bo about TOM NAWN y of Music Munday »Jrt, ir>. lljey were Kuea jinfl Mrs 'Uttlu'iLA ard .fciinitli fatnUy. 'Mr. aiid Mrs." Will J'fiimbuHn and ['"'. valll " lh djUiKbter. .iHtietlii vver»i day of Mr.'" ••pjviklns;' tour l^^-lAiiim^±-^i Will bi« id's f the xtate 1,'t the all u( tluc' f Jii" I'r. iiiiii Mj_s... ...1 !•' lloltiinil retnril- tho W. A. Offtyh< hotnw .In "JlofTeTt Flynii and ftiriilly. \vhu nioved • la'iv fnuu Mll^dalc, arr <n > u- -i i-tl Tfojii i»- trip trt-f 'hlrn|!n T e\«'ninw. Mr. ll"l],un! on un<l MTH. llulliiiul went the i'oiti»f«< Httfwt re- i ' ( '"- v '• ' 'lea\elaijtl wn« 'I Who1e»»le o Tr;«ffic li Reported "in St. Louis <J'y -Preu» 14 • rrf im., allojied whojeimle. .trafnu in babies in St. l*i>uiH may remili fmm s»n being offered in the. f<mn- omen that they cannotafford ta be ill. They must keep themselves' in the best oi health ^t all -times. Most of all.-tKe dfges^-- ive system must be kept in good working order. Knowing the importance of this, many .women have derived foelp from These safe, sure p vegetable pills $400,- Which Will b» Added to f»m?k Fund, ^'ho net receipts from the booth*.anil different departmentu ot-the prle Worn- aira dub fair were a« followa; Grab sale, |70; cblldron'M booth, |4,€8;*ice t'ootli. |ai.30i. po|j 118,82; novelty, >H; white clg- $L8Sj"TaTrmera 1 , H2; ontmnci fane/ work booth, 18-40; refresh ni>ntH, $39,37; fried/ uak«8 booth, I1.30,* aom.ei|t|« , |13.GO; , 13.98; Mrs. Harry Pwan lo/t TueMday Ing for an extended vWt to relatives tn' KunstiB und MiHBouri. A, «on w»» b a r» Friday to Mr. and Mm? l*!6'yd Vroman, who are occupy- rooms In Mrs. Anna Mr. and M^ra. Harry Wood and Mr. and Mrs. .Arthur James motored to Mollne Sunday to -VitMt—"" WfTgTJt"arni6T7wIl»era» Hoi fuiiiiil her Bojnuch'imjn-oved aH_to_bc etuitly vaoatwl- by Mr, and-Mrs. Ted. 1 " Chicago,, ill, Tliurntlay tnotninK .«...,, ... . , . .' ii'aiit, Ikivix ji'Icnvclaii'l who brtM bi ^HIIuHi n.Hp and tlm-e diuiBhter., , ( , n)| Vermont with fiVmJJIaden. .Ntd., left for tlu-jr h«.me j ||l|l|tl Mn ,; u . A . XVl , riu .,. „ to fte U /r rtIl ,« W tt, k ^ Vt "« *i th M , r ' f«"»'>- "" *•'» «••''»»'» M'in««"nn«. »P«I Mf* Julin KmhlinK; Mr. Foap i« UH . ,„„„,. ,„. Mtt Hi>!1 UU(| wlfl . , Mr. FrohllrtR's brother-in-law. •Mm, iU'igbborhuod, ia repuried to;,.. lit 1 vxpffted to ini-et hi« fattser, who b(i« been montliH in Vermont with bin and In this fall !HHl VVlllU'l'. J, li, HlIK jvtwneft- TJt'!rsd.'iy Mr. «»d Mrt. Fred BI*»lU aiid drew, Mr. and Mr«. Cllwi Kazwrd und , Mr. iVnd, daughter UeneVievis Mr, and Mrs. U<*> I* J^IP iBiS'^SBwiipf^ip ^9^r~i^jfiff^^f ^pw* ^^^^S^F^^^^^^ I ^^^^^ ^P^W ^WF ^V^B ^R^^HTW^P»WBI^ jiivt'iitury Mivt'.s vou tho c.huncc to buv •Hillwfl Six" CiU'lory (U'nuius1ra<iu", c-ars at at- H' .sold. Some practically to prce All |t> IUHV. write lojlay; bettor '.still, vi«it- the A ONCE A YEAR W u- Velie Motor VehicIeCo HL RUB RHEUMATIC PAIN FROM ACHING JOINTS Rub Pain Right Out With Small Trial Bottle Of Old "St. Jacob's Oil," , .Stop "tlo.sing" mir»uii>>i(t»m jjt'n puin only; not «»iu« vuw m li/iy jvtjuiivM internal treatment. Hub «*cAuthing, pvtK'tiutli>g'."i^t. Jlucobt. oil" rifht tilt tb>J ''U'»iU«r spot," u(\d bj the tlnia you *u«y «l*vk Uqbfnsun out ibt.* rhcoinutic (HIhi be fullinj?. She ha.a. l)et'ii very .{ for several inoatlm nod nf I.-UB has- C fROPHETSTOWN NEWS J CnOSVFEVElSH IF CONSTIPATED tl*in und t which m«ver dis;j)i|iiiiiits* burn the «Ktn It puin, '«K»r**ne»<*t *IIH| niUM>lfti *in h- : 1. 1 » bo -«rt-rc — *-* au.v <4i UK a Mil Ju IH-J- FROM AUSTRALIA i IreUtt Ueniui of A-dttUalM, v.boj til ttiin countiy M<nu> tjine'.'. Who Itii*'!! 1 811 cMl'll'h',1 Mhll 11: ! ,1'orK ttii* -i t» <'(.'iiC uiuviil In I .iiiil will I'lii'iin M>iin tbu HOCht oi u-l.itu i-t< aiu! i'i>i ,'Us no doubt slu- will /!>"; in our na>n m iln.-> p.trt i of f|ie Ijnitcd ,«.s, AllWtj FjcM »\«th a.. I'f i ul One (..;.«,• \ Ittitiif U> JMIMHC,-!,.. ,\lr, n,-lti la'^.ni- 1 HII-!', of UK*. ("U Its « \IUIM\C i.HUIl'ls ' -'»M' Mlt-H llobi' KrilK«f ol Sllvator. lili !."<•! ,-,( tf/i 1 II-JIIMM- tuiill-fl ' HC'lH, canii- !»i loMi lefililly .)Ju1 \.lll <na'iil i>! >KI.! ( t,|)n i- U-;li-- (1 remain Hi the i ,'•!!)<• nj h'1' :i-j-hl'-l. t. i • - li I'l'-.lh -'• ill, it.'.'. ..-,. tl^L^ii't .\It" u . .i->hit li-*!iii ,uiii !niiul.\ liu iu(i- ' ''-U h- ,itii. !,.'! i»t i .-M ,,c it.i jni; Itvr Ir^j-iMnt.i A!r>. Kv-twn i^t,tU< - 'Iisi,,-, 1 t •• -in- nii,,i tlit-iiiu'- .itlin>-h». 1-cr li"ii>'- \\)i'< !«,-< i!, no < (, . Hi v- •:!* •• • '•• i ji"i-i i p| o! ' i 'I't-'i MI i .--\ i up Ilic iltviih >•' !<r i -i^HfTi- 1 ' " "I '• '• • ' ti'''i •:"!! t v. <n • i. > ,11; ,• ll ,.,--- i I I i< !, . t lll'i * ,t, ,' II ,! i V," (' -I J i!" I.I •' i ' r,)T 'i . ,, - ji| ! ' •• i Mji r! !•;•,.!• -(Ul -.1 (ll-t-l-l. ,• 1- >'!(ii. I. . I i l|.I' ".till' \\ ' ' V.I! ^^-—f^,, f.uii.i,'"— We >» r v-r" -*•.-*• .f ! ~ - ^-'^^,*^; ~i('^~'; f i.\"t Syrup • of ha» m tender stomach or • /. bowels. , <• .V l.t \.ili\i tud'iy >..iVi-M ,l f u U c iliuiiii'M. Cbililtj-a -'lluplv will iKc 111' 1 tlMl" 1 I l"lll pi,I) li >VM I-. v iji *h lii>cniiii i hw l,\ i ; 1,1-1 T Hii),,,t ,!F / <ry rotrrt hwo loday l»y Tiert who ,'illfgi'K he- pnrehased a two weeks' old s baby Kiel fjom a Wt. Louis tloetor Weekn i_ ago. __ • Ifjiiley \vati 'to ^tu>w n reiH»ipt from ,cause headachy languor, constipation and biliqusness. til'icjHte of adoption' mudo out A notary public. In ;i public .statement prior to tbe iil-atiiiK HalleV IM alleged to have told j tho indict* l^o "purchanetl" the habvj J«ir tho I'Urpotin of Keeping \\\& wife ati borne. . . j . 'It luu< been charged fialley un»l hla uifc iniiulKi'il in ditfiikeii o ing drugs. "They dp not irritate or weaken the bowels. 'Women find that relfeyjng the small ills promptly, p/events the development of big ones, They depend on Beecham's Bills to tone, strengthen and Keep Them Weil li t' \ if \ Cl" !>«!)) ' t I -t«t»t-(n«t«~ ;«•*.—Ad till 1 - I. n: Ij '.-il.i -- t"! Uit\< .nut .1 ..~ ' i: •!,)!' •• i' •• I 4! i' which li" luaiCiny I- < < -- *lr» \ -v lli ill" II I ! ' i"ll • ..iUl'l!^ . • jiHtrii-'U!!^ i.< i. u-'j ''• i T»J^rTi-tT' ~""- •*!' ~|J.,«.«-, . T w,- r .-- r ». r -*_.j j. -, • c i. Mi- l"i i> ttti'itt. ,>»U'll In' liv«s j-ii'»u (i.iitin, \. •', !' ! • , '•' t - ~" ^^**^»i-»ttr«^-i,K-^t-f -ft- •*»**• 'lilliiiL. National Business

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