Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 18, 1974 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1974
Page 10
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¥7 ¥W7 •' H f Jhew Will Buy Flood Insurance ByFORRESTMATTIX (Drake University Journalism Student) DBS MOINES — For many years lowans who experienced recurring losses from floods could not obtain insurance. Now they can, but many are choosing not to purchase the federally-subsidized protection. Currently, persons living in 23 Iowa cities and one Iowa county are eligible for insurance under the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, but only 850-900 policies are in force — this despite the fact that in eastern Iowa spring flooding caused an estimated $12.7 million loss last year. The eligible cities are Bettendorf, Camanche, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids. Charles City, Council Bluffs. Davenport. Dubuque, Dyersville, Estherville, Evansdale, Ft. Dodge, Independence, Iowa City, Keokuk, Missouri Valley, Marquette, McGregor, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Sioux City, Waterloo and Webster City. The eligible county is Scott County. The 1968 Act provided for a cooperative effort between the federal government and the National Flood Insurers Association (NFIA) — an association formed by a group of private insurance companies for the specific purpose of providing flood insurance for persons who live in flood-plain areas. Yet there seems to be resistance to buying such insurance, said Jewell Crouch of Des Moines, claims manager of Employers Mutual Casualty Insurance, the company designated by NFIA to handle flood insurance policies for Iowa. "People who live in flood-plain areas don't seem insurance-minded," he said. Maximi'm insurance coverage for a single family residential dwelling is $35,000 on the dwelling and $10,000 on the contents. The annual cost is 25 cents per $100 of coverage on the property and 35 cents per $100 coverage on the contents. The maximum coverage for non-residential property is $100,000 on the building and $100,000 on the contents. The annual cost is 40 cents per $100 of coverage on the building and 75 cents per $100 of coverage on the contents. Times Herald, Carroll, la. • ** Thursday, April 18, 1974 I U FUNNY BUSINESS XT WOOUO BE MICE ToeATlMA PLACE WlWPESTAORAMiVA'a ITS TMEfflE FOR "—VC The amount paid on flood claims in 1973 by Employers Mutual was $12,425 on 23 claims. "Flood insurance is a narrower type of policy than you find on homeowner's insurance," Crouch said. "When you analyze the risk involved in flood compared to the broad risk coverage of a homeowner's policy (fire, theft, storm) the premium is rather high." Why has flood insurance not been offered by private insurance corporations in the past? In the opinion of one.insuranceman, because floods are outside the realm of insurance. "Insurance is placed on an unknown hazard," said Ken Meyer, claims superintendent for the Home Insurance Company in Des Moines. "There is no spread of risk in flooding. If a house is on a river, it floods every year. It's a known risk. Also, since many persons are not subject to flood, they are not interested in flood insurance." To become elibible, each community or county must submit an application for flood insurance to NFIA. This application then is approved or rejected by comparing it to standards set to obtain coverage. The NFIA usually appoints one company in each state to handle flood insurance policies, such as Employers Mutual Casualty. Each person wishing coverage in approved areas can contact any licensed insurance agent in Iowa or any licensed non-resident agent. The agent then contacts Employers Mutual and it handles the policy. (Distributed by the Iowa Daily Press Question, Answers on Social Security QUESTION — My doctor just sent me a bill which covers recent surgery that I underwent. I have Medicare and private health insurance, but, very little income or savings from which to pay this bill. How can I pay the bill ? ANSWER — There are two ways of getting reimbursement from Medicare for his services. One way is for the doctor to accept assignment of the bill. If he chooses to do this he receives payment directly from Medicare. If the doctor prefers not to accept assignment, you can take his itemized bill and sent it to Medicare for reimbursement. When Medicare pays you, you can use that money to pay the doctor. QUESTION — My husband and I recently filed for payments under the new SSI program. We were asked many questions and were required to furnish our car registration and property tax assessment for our home. Why was this necessary? ANSWER — The SSI program makes payments to people in definite financial need who have little income or resources of their own. When Social Security was given the responsibility of handling the SSI program it included the responsibility for seeing that only those people who are actually eligible for payments receive payments. We have to ask the type questions you mentioned in order to know for certain who is eligible. QUESTION — My wife has the Medicare protection and recently entered the hospital. The hospital asked me to pay $84 at the time she was admitted and I'm wondering whether she has to pay that each time she's hospitalized? ANSWER — It depends! If she reenters the hospital within 60 days after discharge, Panel's Decision is Nearly Impossible to Predict the $84 need not be paid again. However, if she is out of the hospital 60 days or more she starts a new benefit period when she reenters and the $84 deductible has to be paid. QUESTION — I read somewhere recently where its possible for disability payments to be made after the worker dies. Is this true and when was this provision effective? ANSWER — The law was recently changed to provide that in the case of a worker who was disabled more than 5 months before death a disability claim can be filed for him. The application must be filed within 3 months after the month of death and the payments are retroactive for a .maximim of 12 months. QUESTION - After my husband's death I sold our farm on contract and I receive monthly installment payments now. I'll soon be old enough to file for widow's benefits. How will the farm payments affect my social security checks? ANSWER — They won't have any effect on your social security benefits. The only kind of income that affects social security payments is self employement income from operating a business or wages from working as an employee. QUESTION — My son returned from the service and entered college the month after he attained age 22. Can he receive social security student benefits on his deceased father's record? ANSWER — No. He must have been in full time school attendance in the month he attained age 22 for any benefits to paid after 22. Student benefits stop at age 22 except that if a student is attending school the month he reaches 22 his checks continue until the end of that semester. NEW YORK (NBA) -The fate of Richard Nixon may be in the hands of 38 men and women. Their decision, whatever it might be, is nearly impossible to predict. For the most part, these 38, members of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, who will recommend to the House whether the Preseident of the United States should be impeached, are unknown to their tellow Americans, as are most congressmen. And yet their decision will have international implications and will severely alter the course of American history. Even if the Judiciary Committee votes to recommend impreachment, it is no certainty that the House will agree by even the simple majority necessary to turn the matter over to the Senate for trial and ultimate conviction or acquittal. Committee recommendations are, however, generally accepted. Of the Committee members, only a few have reputations which extend beyond the borders of their congressional districts, or in some cases, their state. These include the chairman, Peter Rodino (D'-N.J.); Robert Drinan, the Catholic priest; Jack Brooks (D-Tex.). and Elizabeth Holtzman, the young congresswoman who beat the former committee chairman, the venerable Emmanual Cellar. There is also Barbara Jordan (D-Tex.), the first Southern Black woman to servie in Congress since Reconstruction; Jerome Waldie (D-Calif.). the first congressman to offer an impreachment resolution; Hamilton Fish. Jr. (R.-N.Y.), who beat G: Gordon Liddy, of Watergate fame, in a congressional primary, and Charles Sandman (R-N.J.). who recently lost the New Jersey gubernatorial race. Who are these 38 members of the Judiciary Committee? Some generalities: 21 are Democrats, 17 are Republicans. There are two women, both Democrats. Three are blacks, all Democrats, of which one is a woman. The average age is 50. The oldest member, Harold Donohue (D-Mass.). is 73 years old: the youngest. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-N.Y.). and Trent Lbtt (R-Miss.). are both 32 years old. Twenty-one states are represented on the Committee, with California contributing the greatest number, five. All committee members are attorneys. The first and only Jesuit congressman, Robert Drinan (D-Conn.j. 'is a member, as are two former special agents of the FBI, Lawrence Hogar (R-Md.), and George Danielson (D-Calif.). The senior congressman is completing his? 14th term. Eleven members are completing freshman terms. The average tenure is six years. How conservative or liberal is the membership? The Americans of Democratic Action (ADA) keep tabs on congressional voting patterns, as does the Americans for Constitutional Action (ACA). A high ADA percentage suggests a strong liberal orientation; a high ACA percentage implies a strong conservative persuasion. Although the percentages are all over the lot, interestingly, the average percentage (ADA and ACA combined) is 45; 49 per cent liberal, 41 per cent conservative. How will the members vote on the impeachment question? There are any number of "best guesses" here. A recent issue of Newsweek published the following breakdown, b'ased on the views of Brucellosis Loss $300,000 AMES, lowa^APj—-An Iowa State University veterinarian says the state has inadequate health measures to protect against brucellosis, a disease commonly found in cattle but which also affects man. Dr.. E. A, Butler said a $300,000 loss was suffered recently by owners of 600 head of stock cows when two-thirds of the herd became infected with brucellosis and had to be destroyed. Butler said the incidence of the disease in Iowa' is relatively low compared to southeastern and southwestern states. But he said cattle are shipped into Iowa from those regions. "committee insiders and knowledgeable observers:'' Democratic Firebrands: 5 Democratic Probables: 14 Democratic Persuadables: 2" GOPPersuadables: 6 GOPDoubtfuls: 7 GOPDiehards: 4 The hunch here, then, is that 28 members may recommend impeachment and 10 members may not. The odds, it seems are currently in favor of an impeachment recommendation. GARDEN CENTER OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 5 P.M. Weekdays till 8 P.M. vx#y>»** VXfr <£<*£** K*». %I,/^.%A''*,.% f f SAVE s l, $ 2.r $ 3 all SHADE AND ORNAMENTAL TREES All balled and burlapped shade and ornamental shade trees are on sale. Save $1 on any tree costing under $10. Save $2 on any tree costing between $10 and $20. Save $3 on any tree costing over $20. Choose from our large selection of top-quality, fully-guaranteed trees. 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