The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 30, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 7
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^***J THE BAKERSFIELD CAUPOBN1AN WEDNESDAY, DEC LEGAL ORDINANCE NO. 93. An ordinance Imposing a license for the business of handing, selling or giving away spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines, fixing the amount thereof, Imposing conditions and making regulations therefor, providing for the revocation of such license, prescribing the method of procedure and fixing the punishment for the violation of said conditions and relations. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, do ordain SB follows: Section 1, It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, club or association, or member or members of such club or association, whether as principal, clerk, servant, agent or employee, to engage in transacting, conducting, or carrying on the bufii- fceaa of handling, giving away or gelling spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines in any quantity or quantities, in said County of Kern, outside of municipal corporations, without first having procured a license so to do as in this ordinance provided; and any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, or mem. ber or members of guch club or association who violate any of the provisions of this ordinance, shall be deem* ed guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as hereinafter provided. Section 2, Every person, firm, corporation, club or association, or member or members of such club or association who engages In, transacts or carries on In the County of Kern, State of California, outside of municipal corporations, the business of LlOAk LEGAL. thereupon proceed to hear any testl mony offered, either in support of, or j against said petition for license, and shall refuse to allow a license to issue thereunder, If it shall appear to the satisfaction of the board, that the- petitioner for tne license Is not a proper person to have or hold such license, or If such petitioner has been convicted under this ordinance, or has violated any of the provisions of this ordinance, or if such petition Is not made in good faith, or If the proposed place for conducting the said business is not a fit or proper place, or If there is any other sufficient reason for such refusal, whether shown by such protest on file, location of business or otherwise. The Board of Su- porvlors may of their own motion, or for good cause shown by a petitioner or protestant postpone the hearing of any petition. now existing, or hereafter adopted for the lawful regulation of such business, or place of business. If at any time in the judgment of the Board of Supervisors, the sureties on such bond, or either of such sureties become Insufficient, the LEGAL. Section 20. All ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall take effect and bo in force from and after the 4th day of January, 1909. H. A. JASTRO, LBOAL. DOG LICENSE NOTICE. board may require the principal to Chairman of the ^ 1 execute a new bond with sufficient sureties In like form nnd amount as the first bond; and if he fails so to do within ten days after receiving written notice of such requirement stating the reason therefor, the board may cancel the bond and revoke the license Issued thereunder, If at any time it shall appear to the •satisfaction of the Board of Supervis rd of Supervisor? ors, after having given the principal five days written notice by mall, that he has violated any of the conditions of this bond, and of this ordinance ! the board shall at once revoke his It- Section 6. Any person, firm, cor- cense and declare the bond forfeited, poratton, club or association; having' Section 12. Xo person shall vend, been on-ce refused a license, or having;hawk, peddle, failed to posecute his petition thereby reason of protests being filed, County of Kern, State of California. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) The above ordinance was passed by (he Bonrd of Supervisors of the County of Kern, at a regular meeting thereof, held December 16th, 1908, by iho following vote: Ayes: Petersrs, Brite, Woody, Corsett, Jastro. Noes: None. Attest: T. L. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) 12-19 Notice Ifl hereby Riven to all. pei sons owning and keenme (Iocs, wltnu the limits of {he CItv of Bakerstteld that License 'raas tor the year 1906 are now ready ror delivery at the ot Bee of the City Clerk. ia.tbe basemem of Producers Savi at 1 ,;, give or furnish spirituous, vinous, malt or mixed liquors or an Intoxicating drink to others within the County of Kern, except at n fixed place of business duly authorized. Section 13. Nothing In this ordinance contained shall be construed, or dopmed to authorize the sale, or furnishing, or giving of intoxicating liquors to minors, Indians, habitual drunkards, or to any person or class of persons to whom such sale or furnishing is prohibited by law. Section 14, Upon the trial of any action authorized by this ordinance, . .the defendant is deemed not to have made, they muay refuse to grant pr0 cured the proper license, unless foi ahall not be granted a license upon a second petition made within six months after the first petition; and no person shall be granted a license upon any petition after having been twice refused by reason of such protests; provided further that any petitioner for a license may be examined under oath, and any competent evi dence may be produced as to who is the real party in interest, and if the Board of Supervisors is satisfied that the petition is not in the interest of the party In whose name the petition ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Clerk of the Bo^rd of ^npLTvlsors of the County of Kern, ?tate of California To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described lands, take no- tire, that the report of the viewers on Koposed County Road No. scribed as commencing at and on after the 15th tiav of Janu ary, I will proceed to Impound ^ai does found runnlne.on .the streets thai are not wearltifc the Jlconse tasr 10: the vear 1908. __ J. R. COX-.Poundmaster. Dated January 9. 1908. TAX COLLEOTOB'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given tnat thi taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on thi second Monday ia October, and wil be delinquent on the last Monday It November next therafter, at 6 o'cloc* p. m., and unless paid prior theret* fifteen per cent will be added to thr amount thereof, and that If said om half be not paid before the last MOB day IQ April next, at'6 o'clock p. m an additional five per cent will b' I added thereto. 1, Tnat the remaining one-half o) the taxes on all real property will tx payable on and after the first Mon 268, de- day in January next, and will be d* the Inter- Hnquent on tbe last Monday in Aprl LEGAL. ^^^ d ^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^Mu^^u^^^ ^^Ml^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK CO Stockholders Annual Meeting- The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Bakersfield Sandstone BrirU Company will be held at the office of the corporation In the Prodwo era Savings Hank Building, No. 170E NMni'toonth street, Uakersfleld, California, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Monday, January llth, 1909, for the election of directors, and for the transaction of such other business as tu^y ho property brought before It. FRANK S. RICE, Secretary. Date of first publication," Saturday* December 26, 1908. 12-2€ NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING STOCKHOLDERS OF PRODUCERS SAVINGS BANK. Notice is hereby uhen Unit tho an- ual meetine of the stockholders of t Hank will bo ht nua meetne o Produce™ Savin at the otnoe oi r*au v o itu'ie. nia. on Tuesday. th *.iarv. llttt'J. at tin 1 h ml coijmiiiUoa in Pro Hank Huildintr. in ( Call for- Savinus Hank Huildintr. i;; City of UakeivHeUl. Slat-- of <> ll!th <lav c»f Jao- mr <>t : '' o'clock », m . for the tmrooKf* of <•)<*<•{ trie mrert- ors for the (MiMiinir year, and for tbe transact Ion ot such other i-niKittess no mav properly com*' betore tho Pros! VV. S- TKVIS. resdent. K. W. Ronlbson. Secretan. Matteson .urlnK Co.. HERIFFS SALE. No. L'8457. and, Williamson ^M Plaintiff, vs. i Oluersaaw engage In, busluess of handling, giving away, seliing any spirituous , malt or fermented liquors or wines In any quantity or quantities, must first obtain a license therefor from the Tax Collector of said county as hereinafter provided and make therefor the following payments; For each and every year Three Hundred ($300.00) Dollars; and, provided further that no license shall bo issued for a less period than one year. Section 3. No license shall be Issued to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, to transact, or carry on the handling, giving away, furnishing or selling spirituous, malt, or fermented liquors or wines in said Kern Countv outside of municipal corporations, in any place or places where any farce, comedy, tragedy, ballet, opera, play, e peaking, declamation, singing, or pantomime, is being given, or where any exhibition of dancing, aerobatio feats, contort ions or (lie like is being given, or In any building or buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, where females are employed for the purpose of soliciting for tbe sale ot, or of giving away the same, or where females arc employed for the amusement, or entertainment of the public, or where females solicit for the sale, or give away the same without being employed so to do. and where females entertain, or amuse the public in any manner, or in any room, building, or buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, or place whatsoever, where music is be- tag played or rendered, or dancing is going on, or any dancing is being conducted. Section 4. Every person, firm, corporation, club, or association desiring a license to engage In, transact, or carry on, the, business of handling, selling or giving away, any spirituous, malt, or fermented liquors or wines, shall present to the. Hoard of Supervisors of tbe County i t r inciting of s praying fur Hiu Ho !!,-•'.•, said petition shall L>e. si^nc by .1 majority of the resident lessees, aii i resident owners of property within a radius u f live hundred feet of tbo plate in the town in which it is proposed to conduct the sal'* business, furnishing or tne Ncense, and if found to be In the ne eUnj?r prO duce It, or prove that he Interest of one who has already been refused a license, they may treat the petition as if made by the real party in interest, and the petition shall have the same effect against any fu- terest. Section 7. No license to sell, give away, or furnish vinous, malt, mixed, procured It. Section 15. Every person who engages In, transacts, or carries on the business of handling, giving away, or selling spirituous, m»H or fermented liquors or wines, without first obtaining a license 30 to do, as in this ordinance provided, or who violates any other provision of this ordinance, or anv of the conditions of the undertak. or spirituous liquors under this ordi- ing herein required shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars, nor loss than Fifty "Hollars, or by Imprisonment in the County Jail not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. The judgment that tbe defendant pay the fine, may also direct that he be imprisoned until the fine, be satisfied, specifying tbe extent of the Imprisonment, which must not exceed one day for every two dollars fine (provided such Imprisonment must not exceed one hundred and fifty days;) And In <?vt«i that any person is found Ruilty of any violation of the provisions of this ordinance by a conviction of an offense committed at- nance shall be Issued until ordered by the Board of Supervisors; notice of which shall be given to the Tax Collector by tbe Clerk of the Board ol Supervisors; and provided further Unit no license shall be Issued by the Tax Collector to any person, firm, cor. fporatloc. club, or association, until ' the party or parties making petition for such license shall have paid to such Tax Collector any and all sums that may be due to the County of Kern from such petitioner, or petition- er.s, or either, or any of them, on account of any business heretofore transacted by such petitioner or petitioners, or either, or any of them, and for which said business license has not been paid; ami it is hereby made section of the eastern boundary of County Road No. 99, and the line between sections 20 and 29 of township 27 south of range 26 east. M. D, B. ft M., thence east along and 30 feet on east side of said section line, 3406.7 feet to corner of sections 20. 21, S8 and 29. thence east along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 2\ and 28, 22 and 27. 10577 feet to corner of sections 22,23,26 and 27, a distance of 2.64 miles, has been set for hearing before the Bald Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Court House, In the City of ttakersfleld, county and -'state afore- f-'atd, at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. m.. of tho 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons Interested therein may appear and make objec- (ion (hereto if deemed proper. The said proposed roaa or public highway will pass over, through and upon th e lands of unknown owners, A. N. Towne Co., H. C. Phillips, r-state j of H. P. Bende- deceased, S. W. | Root, 01110 Thomas, W. A. Frirk, W. i Falconer nnd the Snn Francisco Sav- •inps Union. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the said Board. Attest: I. I.. MIULER, Clerk. 12-16 next thereafter v at 6 o'oiock p. m. and that unless paid prior th«r*tc five per cent will b» added to ttu amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, as ber* In provided, la due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In thi office of the Tax Collector in Uii county courthouse between the noun of 9 a. m. and 18 m., and 1 P- m. 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. ros,. a copartnership, com nosed of C. . Qiderahaw and F. H. OUIershaw, 0e- enuantB. Bv virtue of an execution issued oirt, the Superior Court of the Countv of Los An«eler* State .of California, wherein Matteson & Williamson Jlai*- ufacturina- Co.. Plaintiff, and Older- Bhftw Dros,. a copartnership composed of C. D. Oldershaw and F. H. Older- shuw. Defendant**, upon, .a ludK emenl SHERIFF'S SALE. •HIM .* i t Nicholas Jacobs. Plaintiff, vs. Kar- nm-Alax Consolidated Minlne Coimm- nv. Defendant.. tj By virtue of an execution Issued OH euoered the 6in dav of November >.;l808. for the sum of $1743.73. ul monev of the anil in \ . . ± - , , UnlUMl States. costs ami interest. 1 nave tntc dav levied upon all the riant. .Hue. claim and interest of, saw uoff of. In and to tnp follo^'in real estate to-wli: All the rieht. title and Interest, ot said defendants or either ol them in n of Block nine HH •act, tho same I luv of the Siincnor Court of tlie Countv o Kern, State of Cnilfc \ . __^._ _ _.. .fornlfi, wherein Nicholas Jacobs. PmntlfT. and Karma- Alax Consolidated Miniuu Co.. Defendant, uuon a imlirnumt rendered tbe 5th dav of November. A. I). iflftS. for the sum of S')8G.tK>. lawful money of the I'uiteii States. besides COM* an-l Interest. 1 have this day levied u;ion i nil tho rb'ht. title, claim pud Ir.'oy*^* I oi b,,iJ dflV'mJnnt. of. In and to tbo itollowiiu: described real estate, to-wjt: 1 the K.trma-Ajj|x mine-, touother with ; tbo mill, machinery and appliance* lot ft f> and .to Lot one ( In the Chester l „, „ «-, - „ ,_. an addition to the City of BakerKfloUt County of Kern. State of California. Also Ml tin* riirht. title and internal of said defendants or either.of. .ibejii and to that certain store now uccutried shaw &, Co. lit, No. in tho MnVrfeUlc hi of nt , e bii Kern oaaobold of the TV C. D. Older- C10 19th stroou In tho "•••^ v • • ^ • » •• I* Countv. Cnmor *ublie notion is hereby elven l>At \ will, on Kriilav. the Sili <luv of f i r and atmllanoo^ . . . thereon, situated nlumi four miles south ol iho town af Molavo and i more tturtirulnrlv (ipscnben at nnire l fi(». Hook K of nilntny records of Korn Countv. State of Qmfnrn a. The said nronortv belne In Kern Countv. State nf CaHfornfn. ar\- A. I). llMi'.t, ;u i> o clock n. ,m. said day. In front of the Court R-> door ot tho Countv ol Kern, soil at nubllo auction, for lawful motiev ol the rnUod States, all tbo rltibt. title, rbim and interest ot saUI defendants, of. m nnd to tbo above described nroiwrtv. or so muni lln'reuf as itiav b snrv to mine minVivnt inonev to Iwlv said ludcnu-nt. with Interest l» costs, etc.. to to -nt. wt liiulu'tt t and »*?st an ft bid NOTICE OF ASSESSMEN i PuliHc not ift! is ncreov uivon that I i will, on Saturday, the I'th (lav ot January. A, D. 1901). at 11:30 o'clock 0. in. Krn Kern of Korn, d board, a issuance, o shall bo i the duty of said Tax Collector to aa-jter the previous conviction uuder this certain whether or not said petitioner.'ordinance, he shall he Imprisoned for or petitioners, or cither, or any of n period of not less than one, nor them, are so indebted to tbe County j ra ore than six months without the al- of Kern, before Issuing such license; ;ternatlve of paying a fine as the pen- and the said Tax Collector shall re- j a n v therefor, or he may be punished All such fines, when collected, shall be paid into the County Treasury of th* port the same to the Board of Super-! by both fine and Imprisonment visors Section 8. A license must be procured immediately before the contin-' g a i<j County of Kern for the use o! uation hereunder, or commencement \ the general fund of said connty. of any business or occupation liable | Section 16. Any license granted to such license, as in this ordinance [under the provisions of this ordlr provided, from the Tax Collector of nance may, at any regular meeting of snid county; which license shall au- the Board of Supervisors be revoked thorize the person, firm, corporation, ; f , nd cancelled, provided complaint in writing Kern-I;taii Oil Company. place of business. Uakers County. California. i Notice Is hereby* eiven that at a l mpptiner of tbe directors, held ion the onl dav of December, 190S. an . assessment of one-quarter of a cent per share was levied upon stock of tbe corporation mediately, to the uncle. ........ ^ _ _,. ry of said conioratlon. at the sheriffs office, BaUersnela. Kern Countv. Cal* Anv stock uoon which this .assessment shall remain untmld on/Weanes; day. the 6th day of January. 1909. will be dennouent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will pe^sold on Mon- H ' P front of tho UNO door of the Count v of at public auction, for awful ot Ute United States, all.the r »~ ** • M T • • • « «--- V J- *•/ *J %* 4 rlncipai!<;>F...8aia i dav, o |n Court Kern. Dn.o,. rvo. i,<;HV. 1 k,, 3I . L v. Shpr) . Hv T. A. Halter. Deimlv. 12-1 SUMMONS. In the Superior Conn of tbe County K Hate of California, ette. Plaintiff vs. Peter in ^|v ^^ H ^ ^r ^»^ • V »•-— ™ -^r — • ^-— — ^ _ — i ^ . ^L " *"" ,.tle. claim and Interest of salrl lendant. of. in nnd to the above scribed property, or so much Dated Dec 12-16 Bv A.\. Sheriff. Ktr. ucuntv. ° f .he r f'£ uile Ktnel Uoumi Rououette. Del. - . . _ . Act'oh brouubt In , the Su no riot Court ol tbe County of Kern. S CnUfornln. and, tbo Comnlnlnt r said Coijntv of Kern. In the omco e Clerk of said Suoorlor Court, The People uf the Jtnto of California send creeinnE to Peter Hauauelfca. de/endant. . . . . You are hecebv required to ajralnst you at a ti-l club, or assnelatlon, petitioning the same in such town or particular locality In the county, to engage in, transact, nr carry on the business described In said license. A separate Ib-onse must he obtained for each brunch establishment, or separate house, or place of business , located in said county. • No license Issued under this ordinance shall authorize any person, ! firm, corporation, olub or nr or that a corn- duly verified, person or persons making the same shall have first been filed with the clerk of such board, setting forth nn-1 specifying wherein such ordi- nnuco. or any of Us any of tbo conditions of tlm rein provided for him d, if after a full examination of t;ic witnesses produced at such hearing tbe Hoard of Supervisors or a majority Hereof, tOinll bo satisfied tlmt the 'person, firm, corporation, Hub or asociation hna boon unilty of com- day, te 25th, day. of January. 1 at the hour of 2 o clock D. m. to me. delinquent ussessment. together with costs of advertislner and exuens- cs of the sale. B.v order of the poard of Directors. 11-5 T. A. B.\KER. Soeretarv. Aia Def SHERIFF'8 SALE. E. L. Weeman. PlalnttfT. vs. Karma 1ax Consondated Minlnc Comuanv. n an action brought aiw _ . be above-nnmed nlalntlff. in the, 8«- erlor Court of tbe Countv of Kent, tate of California, and to answer the omnlHtnl filed therein, within ( tea n^«* (exclusive of tbe dnv ol service* after service on YOU of this endant. B virtue of nn execution Issued ou f -- _ T - • ^p — ^—^r- l ^^f— — ^m -^ ^f ^r -^^ —r ^— ^^r •• - ^ -^ ^ ^^» ^^^^r ^H v^u ^r^r — r ^^ —I -^ -^r —I ^ ^H of the Superior Court of tho Countv pi ( vnil f fl ti fn ftn ,,„, Kern. State of .CaHfornln^.wb-lri E. XRHJfltt wlfi tak L. Weeman.P[njnflff. and Karmn-AJax Sinnov nr (inm-ie ConRolidatecl **'«*««• '"" i!«?/!.•.,!««* i uioney or (intii<iK 1 t\ SUMMONS Mn unon ?i fiiffprnont ol Xovembor. A. nc Co.. pefondant. nio oth dav . A. 1). liiOS. for the Rum of ?inN,:*5, hnftil mon^v of tbp T T nIt- In the Sunerior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. . J. O. HodKens. rlainiirT vs. Sllvei Mow Oil ComnJinv. DcfoodHUt. Action brought In the r i. iuh • i f?d Slates, besidoH COHIH and interest. tliis dav lovit'.i uuon all (he titln. olaini an-1 Intov^st ol' said of. hi ;m.I ;«) iho foilowinu to-wit t v of Korn. Si . __.._.,_ Comnlaint U Vountv. of Kern. ir» the Mtf Ol ¥ cd V, ^-- ^f . , _ the CWk of Httid SunfM-ior Court. The Peonle of tlic* Start; of Califor- a send dr<»tlnc to Silver Dow Oil i or association delres a license under the provisions of this ordinance to conduct such business outside of any town, the petition therefor must show the place where said business 1« to be conduted, and be signed by not less than two-thirds of the resident lessees and resident owners of veal e* tate situated within a radius of three miles of the place where such business Is proposed to be conducted; and said petition must be accompanied by a plat showing the respective locations or places of residence of t to carry on such business within the limits of any incorporated ciiy or lug tbe power to impose or \ tt 10 offense charged in the city or town license tax, un-jpj a i n t. addition thereto, a license re- ( Section 17. Upon the fllinc; of the quired by said city or town be also complaint herein above mentioned, I duly verified, charging any person, I firm, corporation, club, or association, with the violation of any of the pro- first procured. Section 9. It shall be the duty of the Tax Collector to collect all licenses Issued under this ordinance, and to perform such other duties as are by this ordinance prescribed. Section 10. All licenses Issued under the provisions of this ordinance shall contain provisions, and shall be granted upon condition that same may be revoked or recalled at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors; and nia solid urov Cumnanv. " ' YUM nro in an action he, .. nerlor l henVliv ronulred 'o auiienr uryuu te abovo-numed nlantr n te K Court of , . .. . .. v 8uue of California, and to answer th Complaint nled therein, within te iho! such board shall revoke any license, plained of, to appear before the d to when Jt is shown to their satisfaction Board of Supervisors on a day to be u vvj . visions of this ordinance, or any of the conditions of the undertaking, herein, as required, it is hereby made the duty of the clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and he is hereby express, ly authorized to Issue a notice reciting the substance of said complaint and commanding the porson, firm, corporation, club, or association com- - _» _ ^_ -— JR ^K ^A «*h * 1* f^ ; any poratlon, club or to procuro a license as aforesaid, shall deposit with tho Clerk of th<J Board of Supervisors of the said County of Korn, nt the time of presenting the aforesaid petition, tho sum uf Throo Hundred Dollars, United Statos dold Coin, to be an- to tbo payment uf said UCOUSG for tho iit-st year, U paid Hconno in granU-tl. nnd If said license bo not gruniod, the naid sum of Thr« i e Hun- drrd I'olliivs shall bo roturned by thr.« d'-rk t" ilio petitioner; and pro- vbl-d t'nrtli.v, that no llconso shall !;»• issued to any person, firm, forjior- ation, club, or asriooiaiioii. under the provisions t.f this ordinance for a fiu.t or less than on*. 1 year. Kcctlon .',, Kvery snrh petition be flu J "'itji tin? Clerli of tho of Supervisors at least ten days prior lo the first Monday of th« month, upon which day such pot i I Jon .shall lie heard by the Hoard of Supervisors, and the clerk of said hoard nhull give notice of the filing of said oetltion by causing notice thereof to be posted at least flvo days before mid hearing as follows: [f such business Is proponed Jo bf? In nn unincorporated town, notice shall bo posted In UiPN; of tbo most public places In such t o w u ; If the proposed place of business la in the country, ono notice at the place \\hero fiiieh business is propop- ed to be oonduetcri, niu! also in two of the most public places within a rudlus of three miles thereof; said no- tie*? shall state the name of t'.onor, tho place where tbe IB proposed to bo condu-cted time and place when said will be beard. The Board of Supervisors the hooof eep- staed heen at next regular returned, but aii'i tin- \sh'-b l (h ed to the county any jM'i'son, tlrm, lii-srielutlou Is re o county will be ' has, why such license should not said license, | revoked. The rules of evidence In civil cae shall govern the cxnrnlnaUon of such charge. Section 18. Any party holding fx Hunder tbe pntvisions of this or'-, who deslr'""' '*' s-s bevond th- tim • such lirenve, IUUR' same form and i-'-'" tbn flrpt petition, in Kero'Ul Heellpo; ail \ b-.ldini; a licen-e i :; In obnH a ! I P" fi :ft' in ,- i/-, t in d In tbo for obtain u n party IV c- no new i,r 'M-:Hit( ( i id th P"ra!i'tn, club former one such pnrtv the it it : to ft time C i-hal! be ordlnan'-e until In in'' tbe expiration of tin 1 and sneli party M' 111' b tr *-- tbe poll business and the petition a disorderly place, or is violating; meeting after the filing of such com- of the provisions of this ordi. j plaint, and with any witnesses that he nance or of the state law, or that the 'may desire, to show cause, if any h« best interests of tbo pnnniv will h« ' hna win- an/»>i u^nriRe should not bQ feervcd by revoking provided, however, that no license nhall be revoked without giving the holder thereof an opportunity to appear before the Hoard of Supervisors in hU own behalf. On the rcvor-allon of a llt-ense no part of the money paid lo the county by naid pi-tiUoner ov petitioners ^Imll in h money so paid, !'*•<)!' shall be forfeit \Vheii a license of corporation, elub or ,( il for nriy raus-o, liicii^" shall be same person, firm, cor- or asMH iaiion, within liie date of sricb ro- \ocatlon. Section 11. No uranteii under this the jM'tltioner shiill have e\i>< utt-d a joint and several bond to th" County of Keru, with two or more sti sureties In tlie peiuij pnm of Thousand DoIlarH, nnd such shall have been approved b\ t'il'.'d with tlie Board of Supervisors. which bond shall be for the term of one, year, and shall be conditioned that tho principal In such bond clur Ing tho time ho shall continue lr\ th" business specified, not exceeding the term of tbo bond, will pay all license tax that may now, or hereafter be Imposed on such business by this ordinance, or any ordinance of the Hoard of Supervisors, and that he will conduct such business and the place In, or a* which the samo may be carried on, in a quiet, orderly and reputable manner, and In conformity to the laws of the atate t and to any ordi- H uiaunat vpii bv frt in the Su- tbe Countv of Keru. e en aavs (excl ' - - - - - - - • after servl If served wit else A_ on .fall to .BO armear r —^f —r^r -r -^ ^m f I —r -f^^ ^ ^ T -^f ^^^ ^— ^— —^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^J ~f ~^f • ^f—^^ ^ — ^H ^^ -^ ^r — ^f—^f ^ I ^f^^r aavs (exclusive of the day of service) ... ... th thin BI ere. within thirty days. V ^^ ffi v sa qu of this Summons, ud Countv; rrserved swh nd/you are hereby'notified that II you fan to so appear and answer, the Plnlntlff will take ludument for any one answer, the or datnares "demanded, in the t "f" f,^L _, -^^- — — ^r- ^f m — -^ ^m — •• _ ^r -^^r- ^ ^^r —^^^f -r- T ^^ — -^^^^^f— v^^^ ^^ • — ^^r — — -^ plaint as arfsing upon Contract, or pply lo the.C&urt for any other demanded In the Complaint, and and the seal of f ess my nana ana tne seat o perlor Court of. the County o tate of California, this 2nd day o.vember. A. !)„ Jwa. nn ^ «**..*(• L - JWt-iJBR.. CI« Whltalcer, Attorney for F SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the Countj '" of Kern Bow VQ tate of Callfo odeens. Plaintl: ompiiny. De« Tin 1 Karnw-Ajax mine, tocotber wf'h | tbe mill, maebiiierv nuM aoultitiieeH lo- , c*fMofl tliereuii. situated about lour \ miles south ot the town of .\loiiive und more ii'irticnhtrlv deserilieil :it rm. 1 *' 5(1, Huok S, mining records of Knrn Countv. Stato of CalHorniM, The s-iifl ;H;C-' -fv brlni: in Kern County. State ol' .Cnlhornla. Public notice is hereby cjven thnt I will, on Saturttav, tho *tth dav of January. A. D. l^Oy. nt 11 o clock n. m. of H"'I! dav. in .front of the Court If served within said Countv: If served elsewhere, within thirty tl»vH, And you are hereby notified that It u fad to so iipiwar nud answer, the ke liKlcment for any monev or damae-os ilemanded In the Complaint as arlslnir noon Contract, or win annlv fo tho Court tor anv other relief demanded In tbo Cornolalnt. \\itnoHs ruv nnnn nm\ tbo Seal ;if the (-puutv r«'<i. this Kat \ I) I'tOG ' ' I. 'I,. MMJJ2R. C)ei By Hodr-1 Smith, I)(M'iity Clerk. li win and .1. W. P. Kuird, at fr>r . said Hnporlor Court o Kern. Sfnto of r,'inf'> dav oT Jnlv. « orn. , _ in front of the Ci ojiso door of the Countv of K sell nt nubile auction, for lawful ev of tho United States, nil the Hie. el ^•^ ^^ ^F . ^f f ^^^ ^ ^^ ^ l ^ — ^ ^r- — — — ^w -r- ^^ r- im m — — — » ^ -^f^ ^^H^ — -- ^^ f -^ — — ^ ^* scribed nronertv. or so much thereof v minun nucuon. lor lawiui tnon- 10 United States, nil the ritrhl. lalm and interest of said dp- . of. m and to the above *lo- and best Dated 12-16 _er. Decernber By'T W . enutv. A88E83MENT NOTICE. , Armlnta Oil .Company, a cornoratlon. Location of onnclDaJ Place of business, Btikeisfielil. iJtUlfo „„ VB. Silver ant. Action brouuht In the Siroerlor Court of the County of Kern, Stole of California, and the Complaint Tfl«2 County of Kern, in the oflu Clerk of sain Superior Court, F • of In said ce of the ornia. The People of the State of C Silver Bow or- Oil ofa send eroetlnir to Comnanv. Defendant. > «u nre herebv rnnulred to in an action broucht ai r :iin;u vnu b\ fhc ahovo-uarnod plaintiff, in ihc rt of the Countv o to rtnsw^v thf» within ten > int i*« Iht; Suf Kern. l HI' (I I/W * IJ'IJ iH-rlor Cour State of Ca. Couiplnint illeil therein. (excluyive oJ th*' *Hiv o/ f;ervlco) i . •-. A tn service on \nu r'd \\ iff; in s, H-rft. wltliin vou ar«* ( fnU to so ;ii»tto:f 1 t 1 I • • J >• • fc t • t • ~* H* * * * ' J •jni v; JT nerved v dfivs. notlH'Ml thai If nrt answer. Ice ia^bereby eiven: That at, a of the directors of the Armln- nanv-a corDorntlon. held on k v of December. 1908. an as- of six and one-fourth cents per share was levied upon the stock of RRld corporation, nav- .. on or before Tuesdav. Januarv 19th. 1903. to A. B. JpJmore. secreUirv, S 1047 I ntreet. Prosnp. • California, iv stock upon which thja asseaamen u 11 remain unpaid on the 9th dav o Kobruarv. 1909. will be do Inaueiu ant uavortlHod for sale at pu JHC auction, and unless payment w maao boforo wiil bo sold on TucBrtnv. the 2nd dav of March. 1000. to pav the <k*lfn<tuet)t as- Hessinenl. toirothfir wllh costs of art- rt!KinL r and expense*? of »alt, I)fi1e,(l. December 7th. lt»OS. eai» A. n. ni. Secret a rv A rn tint a Oil Companv Location of .ottiee. 10-17 I St. Kroano. ('aHt'ornbi. ROAD NOTICE. Office of tbe CletV* or the TUiard of Suprrvisorw, County of Kern, StatG of California. To all non-consenting owners of th* hereinafter described lands take notice, that the report of the viewer* on proposed County Uoad No. 271, described as commencing at the corner to sections 1 and 12 on the east boundary or township 26 south of lange 25 east, M. 1). B. & M., thence west along and 30 feet on each eld* of the line between sections 1 and IX 2 and H, 3 and 10, 4 and 9, and 5 ana 8, a distance of 5 milee; Roaa 271 A, beginning at the quarter section corner on the ea*t boundary of station 12 of township 2€ south of range 26 east, thence west along and 30 feet on eacb »;de of tfco Una between the north and flovft halves ot sectloiB 12 and 11, & dte* tance of 2 miles; Road 271 B, commencing at the corner to sections 11, 12, 13 and 14 ot township 26 south of range 25 east, thence west along and 30 feet on e&c%. side of the line between sections If and 14, a distance of 1 mile; Road 271 C, commencing at the corner to sections 13 and 24 on Gtfc enat boundary of township 2(5 Boutt of range 25 east, thorux 1 west along 30 feet on each Hide of the line and '.M, a distance* iuUti^: easterly 110 feet to roa<? S'l) pnriv d to ihn for business between i« en.-o and i ontinulng eonMnulng in'-d i M'?n rive bond and as in , firm, i i: n»n, or thoroof en- ••en-e, and such su' h business of a misdemeanor and tlierer)f shall be pun ordinane provided. tlon 10. tevory corporation, clnl) or t:ny member of momber^ Rappd In any business In the, County of Kern, outside of Inrnrpor:\t"d clt* who In connection with such bus- sellH, bandies or jrives a^'»X ^"X -s. fermented or dlntlllod liquors or malt Honors In any quantity whatsoever, shall be required to conform to all th" rules aa to petitions, and notices w In ibis ordi required of iiers*oim who en- in the business of sellintc at r«- fail alone, am] shall pny tbe Fame, license, and for the samo length of time; and a failure to comply with the terms of this section shall be a t'!aint(ff will cike i'i'!i r ment fr>r or (laiiru'es deirantU'd in thfr nt as iiilHintr upon cou»raet. or will futPiv to tl'e Court for ;mv o relief doTunntt'-J ' r ' th<=* roinplalnt. Witness tnv hand nt\d the seai waid Superior Court of the Count Kern, State of Crtllrornln. this dnv of Oct.. A. 0, U<"v (Seal) 1. 1.. MIU.KR, Clerk. (ieo. n. WhU.aK-er.AHy for Pitff. It t . NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. n.iUerMh'hi Fuel and Oil ( Uui of urineiual plafn of California Location oi \\orlvH Kern Couiftv. Ca)IfoniJ;i. Notice Js hcrobv ulven, that at a meeting ot tin• Hf(*ctorH of the above mimed eorti'ir Mtlon. held ou the. fitb (!:W of Deeein- f»er. Hu*X. ati asscH.^m^nt of oiio liun- (iollars p"f Hbaro was |evi(?ii UJMIU uipifnl wtock of lh(» n luirru'diatelv to the :'|joration. Cbarlew ... jit Mm olllee of the f the t the Leo, at rou ntv NOTICE OF ASSE8SMRNT. Oil ( fUi!TK' f 'y. HaH**rstield a < Irand Prlxe pal nlaoe of Kern Count v. ('a|lf<»nitfi. Not Ieo IH bcrebv t-tvon that at mf-oHuir of the directors, hold on iMst dav of November, 11*08, nn ment of one cfnt per sh.*ir« W/JM levied \ipon tbe canital stocli of tbo corpora- Mon. navablf liuuie<lia?e)v to fbf un rned Hecrf-'nrv of «Jild corpora- at. room** PO.'t-^O) prfxJtif-erH R/iv uanl< buUdln::. HakersneM. Kern Coun<v. California 1 Any stocli UPOM which thin ; men! Khali remain uniuld (the llth dav of Januarv. i delinquent and advertf^- public auction, and union miulo bflroro. wl I b" «<*M ebnmrv. n m. 'o - t of Haul conioration. Cbarlew.A, bin offlf-e jit thr* i FU'Oonler oC Kern Cour:v. Anv stock upon whirii tins ,. - ., nusiit .shiilf romaln lUJPalii'Mi the Uth «mv of Januarv. 1!»d!). will bo delln- mien' arid iidvortlHo/l Jor nalu at pub)l« auction, and uulews payment is niadt! l>eforo. will f>«? sold oa tho .'KKh d;iv of .Ifinutirv. 1!*0!». to nav tho delin- ntiopt aKHOrtHinfiil. touothor with tno o^«rUBln« o1 p A l s «x{,^H« ??i Or of t.h<» paUersflehl Fuel tint] ts roM! sale. Oil Co.. Buk old. Oil. NOTICE. oij <i;iv, bo tbo t tav o hour of 2 o'cloc lnoue-n costs of advertising fine sale F, B Til" . will fur H.-iJe ;tt inu'inent. Is "iinl« v. I'Htf*. fit (ho v \im do- e.r wit *?n«*'H u Sftcy. 0ro tern. ahall nance of the Board of Supervisor* misdemeanor. all whom it inav N'oHcv jtoard o J^T f f m T*"T* *^''^ * ~* ^-^»w --^™-- ^~* V A ;o':iins( tin 1 count v contraete,! bv coun tv ant! tounshlfj officers orbv . bv annoinnneiit ot said unU'HH ;i reuni- in writlriL' IK flrnt pr(u;entod to te<! bv the MfWiH). of the _...... oar Attwrt; r. L. unterroiim;/ mi* IH hereby ulvon that the i IVH of the Count r of |i not rtudlt ttnv l>ill or he cr oflleo of StinorviHo and between sections of 1 mile; nlso from ?initnn.: No. 00; li-md '.'T] 1>, frr seftMn corner nn the south bouu <!ury of section Kl; thenco north an,} 30 feet on each B.Jdo pf th^ t»"(\voen the cant, and wost halves ol Bection 111, a dlstanco of 1 mlUs hax been set for hearing before thft aald Tioard of Suporvlsori at their rooms In tho County Court House, in tire City of nakerflfteM, Kern County, Htate of California, at tbo hour,of 70 o'clock, a. rn., of the 4th day of January. 1900, where any and all person* Interested therein may appear anf make ob joe Mon thereto If deemed proper. The said proponon rond or publta highway will pans over, through and upon Hie lands of Kern County Laa6 Compimv, K K. Khfirwood, J. L, Robertson, F. Kvert, Chaw. R. Lawrence, Ch«s. HenJop, J. H, Melchor, M. n, McKarlaud-halrd, S. Tucker, l.alrd, M L. McKariand J. W. ruer. .f H. Hae, H. A. Stlmpson, 3T, . h 1-, Kulrr, J. U Netbaf, ev and M. M Cecil. Hy or'ter (if (he said Board of pr-rvJHors. H. A. aASTUO, Chairman of said Board. At tout: tfi. E'

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