Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 24, 1963 · Page 18
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 18

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1963
Page 18
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Gatesbur Iswr (Sdlesburi IT-YOURSELF Memure for Measure • Proper Tool Makes the Job m MR NMftpftpfer Enterprise Assn. tto-it*yoursdf projects around the home generally lack the pro* fessionAl look because measurements were not precise. Plumb Installations, square cuts,* holes that are on center mean the difference between sight­ ly and unsightly work. A small number of relatively inexpensive tools used to best advantage will provide the accuracy needed for a finished job. Remember to measure everything twice. Good Rule To measure you will need a rule. There are several types on the market, The wooden yardstick that some merchants give away as an advertisement is good enough for rough work. Once it becomes warped, nicked and the ends get worn, better discard it. Brass tipped rules retain their accuracy and are better suited than plain wooden rules. For convenience, 6 and 8-foot rules fold up to 8-inch lengths so that they can be tucked in a hip pocket. They have spring type locking joints so that they don 't collapse when opened. Keep the joints oiled and clean. Flexible Device A flexible steel rule that pushes into a case about two inches wide is another convenient measuring device. They are generally graduated more finely (ban wood rules. Get one with a movable hook for taking inside or outside MEASURING TIP C HOLD RULE ON EDGE FOR ACCURATE MARKING ALONG A SURFACE Increase Water Healer Efficiency You can increase the efficiency of your water heater by draining a few quarts of water from the faucet near the bottom of the tank several times each year. This keeps sediment from accumulating in the tank bottom and blocking heat transference, says the Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Information Bureau. -mivu/ Tpuymir measurements. Also get a case wfth one side flat so that the size of the case can be added for inside measurements. If you are marking a dimension at the end of the rule you can hold it flat on the work surface. But for accurate marking along a surface, hold the rule edgewise. Since pencils tend to get dull and make a thick line use a metal scriber or a knife to mark measurement on a wooden surface. Sophisticated Tools As you tackle projects that are a little more complicated you will need measuring tools that are more sophisticated than a simple rule. Use a try square to check the squareness of small boards. A combinption square not only provides you with a 90 degree angle but a 45 degree angle as well. Tt is also equipped with a small level and a scrrbcr in the head. A bevel square or a sliding T- bcvel is a try square with an adjustable blade for angles from 0 to 180 degrees. Get yourself a protractor to use with this for setting. Dividers or a compass — dividers have two steel points, a compass has a pencil for one point — arc used for scrrbing circles or small arcs and for marking off equi-distant points along a line. Use calipers for round objects. Outside calipers measure a round surface, while inside calipers are for the inside of a hole. Combination calipers will do both. Commercial & Domestic Fire Insurance Ask About Our Homo Own org Policy Plan. Huff Insurance Phone 342-3414 220 Hill Arcade Curved Bench Popular Item You can make an all-purpose, extra wide curved bench for poolside or for any handy spot in the yard which will give the family many hours of enjoyment. To give the bench extra texture, build the top with one-inch fir lumber laid edgewise with one - inch spacing. To get the curved effect, you build the bench frame of Douglas fir 2x4 s and then bend the bench slats into place, row after row. You can v also have inch or three - fourths inch lumber for the bench top, depending on what you can get from your retail lumber yard. The bench boards need not be more than three inches wide. This curved bench will attract a lot of attention in your yard. If it is built about three feet wide, it becomes a bench for seating and wide enough for trays or glass filled refreshments or food. You can stain the bench, you can let it gray and weather to a lovely silvery tone, or you can give it a sparkling coat of bright colored paint for accent in your yard. Boat Fan? Are you a boat fan with no place to store your boat? Then write for free booklet on Homo Ports to Dept. PR, West Coast Lumbermen's Association, 1410 S.YV. Morrison Street, Portland 5, Oregon. PouUa nxuunUt Italia day Retain ia ude it>UcjJ*t&uMMf! Wonder Paint sir decorarine because most beautj to-use trial patnt, the perfect paint tor any room. Won't show lap marks! Come and see the beautiful colors now on display* ICliddenS $£69 Gal. $2.15 LUMBER 212 i. South St. Phone 343-2171 Monday. June 24 SPACE MISSILE | PAINT I BLACK PCfc THE PLAV YARD N <3S £CON£ IS POTATO BASKET MOUNTED TO PLYWOOD PIN© car TO FIT TOP. CUT OUT OPENING WITH KEYHOLE 9AW AND BIND EDGE WJTW PLASTIC TAPE • FIBER DRUM USED BY CHEMICAL COMPANIES AND MOVERS CUT OUT OPEN !N <3 AND WIN <3E WITH STRIPS OF CANVAS AND GLUE. BIND EDQES WITM TAPE. CUT FINS OUT OF 1" LUMBER. FASTEN TO DRUM FROM INSIDE . wrrn SCREWS • CLIP AND SAVE J By ANDY LANG AP Nowsfeaturcs QUESTION; I have been looking over different kinds of plywood paneling for a den in an old houso we have just bought. One lumber dealer has recommended a new kind of prefinished paneling made from a wood which he calls wormy chestnut. It looks prfetty interesting, but I never heard of this wood and wonder whether it will hold up. Can you tell mc something about it? ANSWER: The distinctive markings of wormy chestnut are just what they seem to be: holes and olhcr openings made by a wormlike parasite. The American chestnut tree was hit by a blight in the early 1900s that all but killed off the entire species. The parasite that caused the trouble was traced to a fungus creature from Asia, resulting in more stringent regulations to prevent the spread of diseases from overseas invaders. In recent years, designers have been making considerable use of so-called "distress" woods, those in which imperfections o( one sort or another have been emphasized rather than hidden. Wormy chestnut thus came into its own. It is particularly suitable for rooms where informality and distinctiveness are desirable. It will hold up as well as other woods. The worm hole markings will not get any larger, if that's what has been causing you concern. (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) Summer Brings Moisture Problems to Residences Summer brings moisture problems to houses constructed over a craw] space. These problems can take the form of excessive moisture within the house, or signs of moisture in crawl space. An uncorrected moisture problem can cause decay of the wood and eventually structural failure of the house. Obvious symptoms of excessive moisture passing upward through the floors and walls include a musty odor, mold on the walks near the floor and in come i's, moisture condensation on the windows or rn the attic, or moisture in (he walls and resultant paint peeling. Within -he crawl space excessive moisture may he indicated by toadstools or furry mats growing on the lumber, damp earth, mold on the ground, damp foundation walls, and condensation. Sometimes there are no visible symptoms, just excessively high humidity within the crawl space and the house. Crawl space construction is not recommended if the ground water level in the area is so high that it floods the crawl space periodically. Surface water problems are usually caused by inadequate lot drainage and grading. T h e slope of the lot should be at least fi inches in 25 feet away from the houso on all sides. This slope should extend at least 10 feet, except where side yards are narrower. Wide overhangs, gutters, and downspouts also tend to carry surface water away from the crawl spare area. Downspouts should never be connected to the footing tile. The major source of morsUirc is that which travels upward from lower layers of certain soils by capillary action. As much as 18 gallons per day have been noted under a 1,000-square-foot house. This can be kept out of the crawl space by using a vapor barrier type of ground cover which is not susceptible to damage by fungi. The recommended vapor barrier rs polyethylene film, either four or six mils thick. To determine whether there is capillary moisture, place a square yard of vapor barrier material on the ground and weight down the edges If there is moisture, it will collect under the vapor barrrcr within a few days. For further information on problems with crawl space houses send 15 cents for Circular F4.4, "Crawl Space Houses", to the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council, University of Mi- nois, Mumford House, Urbana, 111. Illinois residents add state sales tax. Repair Burgess Home BURGESS - The home of the late Mrs. Effie Balmer which was purchased some time ago by Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gosline of Rock Island is being repaired by a new foundation and enlarging (he basement. In colder climates, when wood windows with insulating glass or triple glazing are used, frost and moisture won't collect on the glass, and no frost will form on the wood sash. Washable Low-Luster Finish fot Kitehens Woodwork Du Pont "Duco" Satin Sheen Enamel gives your walls and woodwork a lovely semi-gloss finish that will take years of rugged wear...washing after washing. It's easy to use, quick drying. Fine for furniture, too, Colors match "Lucite" Wall Paint colors. 22 lovely decorator mlorm mnd White aths >4 IT PAYS TO SHOP AT CLAY'S 43 S. Prairie WALLPAPER PAINT Phone 342-5517 BUY THE PAINT THATS WMffl THE WORK.. . WE BEAW LASTS! DINING 8.5*9.5 KITCHEN PORCH BATH PORCH LIVING 13*17 BEDROOM 13*10 CARPORT 184-6 55'-4" FRONT 12- a - RETIREMENT HOME features front and rear screen porch to take advantage of winter and summer sun and breezes. The four-room home measures 28 by 28, plus the carport and porch. The breakfast alcove is handy to the rear porch. The living-dining area, as well as front bedroom, White Grubs Kill Lawns White grubs could be calted "delayed action" insects when they attack lawns. They feed on grass roots at the soil surface all summer, but damage usually doesn't show until late August. Homeowners can delect damage when grass wilts, turns brown aftd dies. When one rolls the sod back, he will find large numbers of grubs eating away at the patch. This sod dies and must be reseeded. Three types of grubs predominate: true white grubs, annual white grubs and green June beetle larvae. The true grub hibernates over three winters below the frost line, while the other species spend only one winter hibernating. Lay Eggs t» J«'y In the adult form, grubs emerge as black, brown or tan beetles that can be seen feeding on trees or shrub. Females lay eggs during July to start another cycle. Controls can be applied at any time of year. A practical method is spreading insecticides as granules along with fertilizer. Two effective insecticides are chlordane and dieldrin. Apply chlordane at 2Vz pounds per 10,000 square feet, and dieldrin at one-half pound per 10,000 square feet. After spraying, water the lawn to filter the insecticides into the area where the grubs are located. Many homeowners have used spray attachments on their hoses to get both jobs done at once, but for best results water are cross ventilated. An extra walk-in closet can also be converted into a dark room for a camera I we n a fter spraying, hobbyist. Plan HA295R contains 784 square feet, plus the carport and porch. Jan Reiner, 1000 52nd St. North, St. Petersburg 10, Fla., is the architect. SKELG Check Suggested Home Heating System New Dutch Door Recalls Delights Of DayS Of Yore ] ~T<T put off havmg your heating system checked until the fall, or until just before the heating season begins, is like waiting until it rains to have a leaking roof fixed, says the Plumbing-Heatmg-Cooling Information Bureau. The nearer the heating season gets, the busier the heating contractor becomes. A spring or summer heating check will leave the homeowner confident that he will have sufficient heat for maximum comfort when temperatures begin to tumble. THE DUTCH who colonized our country introduced the double door, which has never lost favor. With its romantic air and practical application, the Dutch door is as popular today as ever it was. Doors like the one above can be bought from local building materials dealers, ready to be installed and painted or stained. They come in a variety of designs, and are made of sturdy ponderosa pine, which has been chemically treated to make them weather-resistant. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Loundry • For Both • For Kitchen With an WATER CD f QHCT SOFTENER READ THE WANT ADS! Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III 'wKl m BULK TANK INSTALLATION For Domestic Commercial Industrial Balk Tank Sales and Rental* 45 8. Prairie St. WATER HEATER & BATH A Use western red cedar center- matched lumber for the interior of your clothes closets to get that clean, wholesome smell in your clothes. "WE'RE PROUD OF OUR 30-GALLON, Gas, Glass Lined 10-Year Warranty $49 95 40-GALLON, Gas, Glass Lined 10-Year Warranty 59 95 BATH 5-FT. STEEL TUB—Vic China Lav. 17x19 size. Rev. Trap Stool Complete with trim. SPECIAL PRICE Beautiful to look at • • » worulerful to live under. Choose from many styles, fabrics and colors. Tailor- made to your personal preference. Estimates given without obligation. PHONE 343-9384 GALESBURG CANVAS Some Set os above Iron Tub — Only. Cast $ 114 95 Complete 5-FT. STEEL TUB 5-FT. CAST IRON TUB 14 $47.95 $57.95 17x19 LAVATORY $10.88 W.D. STOOLS REV. TRAP STOOLS — WHITE TOILET SEATS $21.88 $22.88 -$1.99 LAV. MIXING FAUCETS—From $5,98 CENTER KIT. FAUCETS 6" CENTER KIT. FAUCETS From From —$6.98 —$6.95 FREE DELIVERY ON BATH SETS and WATER HEATERS BROTHERS f«7 West Uttr Street Mi-93M PLUMBING DEPARTMENT MAIN and SEMINARY ST. CAU 343 0174 4 \ k

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