The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on July 31, 1965 · 7
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 7

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1965
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(1t) -:jii Viht 0'0041 tortMONWIlo Kays Gary The Helpers The excitement of teachers and assistants involved in "Operation Head Start" is compounded by the response of laymen One teacher after another tells warm little stories of people who want to help in some way Mrs Betty Walters of Lakeview School has just told us of a man who watched her leading a group of littl'uns through Freedom Village 'lie came up gave me a $10 bill said he wanted the children to have a treat and walked away before I could get his name" And there was Mrs R J Geddings who phoned to invite children to visit her farm When they arrived Mrs Geddings gave each child a cup with a planted flower seed to take home and transplant They had pony rides a treat and fished in the farm pond Even the fish were hospitable Every child caught one "You can see" said Mrs Walters "why we're excited" So Let's Help The big need in "Operation Head Start" is clothing for children ages 5 through 8 Social workers at each of the 32 schools involved all but fight over the scant supplies which have come to the PTA Council's clothing closet at Oakhurst School They shouldn't have to fight Surely in Charlotte there are enough clothes including underwear and shoes for the littruns And so civic and NC Father's NY Search Unsuccessful NEW YORK — 1 — A North Carolina school principal walked New York City's streets for the third day Friday hoping to find his missing teen-age daughter W L Foye came here Tuesday from Sanford NC to look for Sandra Marie 17 Sanford police said a girl of her description had been seen boarding a train for New York Foye principal of Lee Elementary School said Sandra Marie had not contacted' her only relative here Mrs Doris Landingham an aunt The Negro educator was bewildered by his daughter's disappearance "She was a happy girl and a good daughter" he said "She has never done anything like this before" She disappeared July 21 Foye said only a day after doctors told his wife Elnora to avoid excitement or worry "My wife is hysterical" Foye said "I just can't under stand why Sandra did this" Police of the Missing Persons Bureau here have joined the search Checked in vain were several school friends of the girl who have been living and working here for the summer Foye said he planned to return home today and canvass the parents of other friends who might be here Sandra was described as 5 feet 11 inches tall and weigh ing 135 pounds Foye made a tearful plea for his daughter to contact him or his wife "We just want to know she's safe and well" he said Prize Puzzle No Winners This Week Solution and Explanation of Clues on Pane 311 p"4 0002emme 3 4 3 IMP WWI AiOP :4 Charlotte women are being terrorized by one or more male sexual perverts adopting a new and shrewd telephone technique At least one young wife now expecting her first 'child within weeks was so frightened by the caller that she had to be placed under heavy sedation The caller in a dignified dispassionate voice Identifies himself as "Doctor Proctor of the Mecklenburg Health Department's Birth Control Clinic" At other times he uses another name and purports to be a representative of the Mecklenburg Medical Society lie explains that the clinic is conducting a birth control survey by means of automatic and coded telephone equipment which protects the woman's Identity even from the caller Initial routine questions on marital status progress to questions concerning how often the husband is away from home and finally to most intimate subjects Dr Maurice Kamp director of the Health Department says he has received several complaints from women who took the calls "The crackpot is not only annoying but potentially dangerous" he said "Certainly nobody in the medical profession would conduct any such telephone surveys It's a messy situation" Doctors and police advise women to hang up Immediately on persons claiming to conduct such surveys social clubs church groups please—won't you collect and haul a supply to the PTA's distribution center at Oakhurst? Mrs Go Idle Waddell is in charge of the clothes closet there Cuff Stuff An anonymous "angel" has bought tickets for all Thompson Orphanage children for Saturday and Sunday peas of Sum mer Theater's "Here's Love" Mrs Alberta Foil retired long-time teacher of Plaza School and seriously ill at her home on 1039 Queens Road West wants us to thank the more than 300 former students who sent her letters while she was at Mayo Clinic While opponents wanted the proposed Wendover belt road moved from state highway routing through a school complex to an alternate route through a golf course the NC Supreme Court has just upheld the original route Old news? Nope Amazing coincidence All this just happened in Greensboro practically a ditto even unto the street name of Charlotte's late ruckus Giveaway Dept: 10 baby 'possums Phone 375-3546 Complaint Dept The RHOBFC (Rock Hill Order of Beat le Fan Clubs) petitions us oft and long on many matters profound but the latest appeal finds sympathy Won't police and management allow them to stand up and take pictures of the various long-haired darlings who make personal appearances here? A separate photo session say? "We spent $15 on film when 'Berman's Hermits' were in Charlotte" the letter wails "and every picture we got was of a big fat policeman who kept jumping Ili front of us" Tsk-tsk The Very End The Harold Rhodes' 3-yearold Dorabeth now living in Largo Fla has been practicing her patriotism Current project is memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance Progress slow It always comes out as "I led the pigeons to the flag" And that's The Very End By ROBERT IIUMMERSIONE Observer Staff Writer Dr Paul Tillich the philosopher and theologian and Dr Glenn Seaborg chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission will be speakers at the Thomas Jefferson High School Award Convocations here in early 1966 Dr Ti 1 J t- - '1101""it 11049044 FOUNDED 1886 She joins Banking's Elite Helen Ward law Elected A Senior Vice President By ROY COVINGTON Obsirver Businits Editor Charlotte's Helen C Ward-law a teacher turned banker found herself In rather elite company Friday She was placed there by directors of First Union National Bank who elected her a senior vice president of the Murder Ruled In Pistol Death WILLIAMSTON SC — (As) — Investigation was re-opened Friday in the gunshot death of John Lewis Allen 37 after a coroner's jury's surprise verdict of murder rather than suicide Allen's estranged wife testified at the Friday night inquest that "I have been unjustly accused behind my back of this deed and I am glad to take the stand to deny it" Officers gave testimony that they said had convinced them there was no foul play The three-hour inquest heard 21 witnesses Officers said Allen's body was found slumped in the back seat of his car May 17 They said his shoes were off there was a pillow on the floor and a 32-caliber pistol under Vie front seat The medical report said that he had been shot once under the heart and once in the heart A statement from the South Carolina mental hospital was read saying Allen had been declared mentally incompetent March 14 1961 His widow Mrs Betty Jean Alltn said he had been a patient at the mental hospital several times and frequently had declared he was going to kill himself She said he had visited their three sons who are in her care the day before his body was found and that he seemed extremely nervous then Sheriff Jim Williams of Anderson County told the six-man inquest jury that Mrs Allen had volunteered for a lie detector test and it indicated she knew nothing of the cause of Allen's death Williams also said state law enforcement division tests of the pistol and other items indicated there was no foul play involved in the shooting But the sheriff said Friday in view of the unexpected verdict of the inquest he and Williamston Police Chief Robert Greer have re-opened their investigation of the case The Jury found that Allen was slain by a person or persons unknown to it One-Sided Dime Brings Offers COLUMBIA SC — (UPI) — George Miller is being flooded with offers to buy an authentic "one-sided" 1953 dime Miller said he discovered the monetary oddity in a pile of coins he was sorting for bank deposit He said it looked like a slug but when he turned the coin over he found a picture of Franklin D Roosevelt on that side The other side was flat Miller said his best offer for the coin has been $250 but an insurance broker said he would insure the dime for $2500 The announcement was made Friday by Dr Chris Folk assistant to the superintendent of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system which is running the convocations A speaker for the third 1965-66 Convocation has not been chosen yet 'Mich professor of religion and philosophy at the University of Chicago will speak Feb 26 Ills remarks will stress the need for a strong faith in today's world because of increasing pressures on young people Seaborg will speak April 2 Ills talk will be concerned with the present status of transuranic (man-made) elements The third convocation will be in late October or early November Folk said Speakers under consideration Include Douglas Dillon Charles Percy and Henry Ford II in the field of economics Dean Busk McGeorge Bundy Maxwell Taylor and Milton Eisenhower in statewide half-billion dollar institution The National Association of Bank Women lists only six other women in the United States holding that position none of them in the Carolinas "I have mixed iPmotion about it" she said Friday "I fret real humble and at the same time I'm thrilled and excited at the opportunity" Mrs Ward law a graduate of Winthrop College and a former registrar of Queens College joined First Union in January 1952 after four years as coordinator of the office practice program a t Central High School here "I thought when I left teach ing to come to the bank that it would just mean taking short hand and typing and I was afraid it would be quite dull "I can honestly say I haven't had a dull day here" She started as secretary to First Union President Carl G McCraw rose to assistant to the president a year later and was elected an assistant vice president of the bank in 1954 She was made a vice president in 1956 and in the same year was selected as one of the 10 most outstand ing alumnae of Winthrop College Alone Mrs Ward law was "the last Reidsville ABC Store Vote Okayed REIDSVILLE — (UPI) — The State attorney general notified the City of Reidsville Friday it could hold a referendum on liquor stores even though the county voted down a countywide system only last week Deputy Attorney General Henry W McGalliard wrote the city that a charter change enacted by the 1965 General Assembly would allow the town to call a referendum upon petition of 15 per cent of the registered voters In the election the county voted against liquor stores 6771 to 4941 In Reidsville Township the vote was 1786 for liquor stores and 1820 against In the only precinct where only Reidsville residents are registered the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of liquor stores international affairs and George Balanchine Isaac Stern and An thur Fiedler in the fine arts The format generally will follow that established last year which was the first year of the convocations The convocations will be held in Ovens Auditorium In Charlotte and attended by high school students Who have shown Interest and ability in the areas of discussion These students will come from high schools in the Carolinas within a 75-mile radius of Char lotte The convocations are financed by a grant from the Jefferson Standard Broadcasting Co Their purpose Folk said is "to expose these young people to the great minds of our time" Mich 7S has been a teacher philosopher and prolific writer since he began teaching In Germany in the early years of the century Ills main Inter 444144:101 4 g pok Uaktoo— 41044:34-04-4N I of 13 children" of a Warrenville SC probate judge She grew up on a farm and learned "the value of hard work through economic necessity" She specializes in personnel problems and customer relations at the executive level and serves as administrative assistant She also is secretary of the executive committee of the general board of directors of the bank She holds a master's degree from Columbia University and has attended the School of Banking of the South at Baton Rouge La Another real factor in her rise to a banking position usually reserved for men has been the attitude of the bank's management she feels Erskine Vote Reverses No-Compliance Stand S C Gov Robert McNair Tells About Travels At Columbia News Conference BACK FROM TRIP M'Nair To Push Study On C immunity College COLUMBIA SC — (UPI) — Gov Robert E McNair fresh from a National Governors' Conference and a meeting with the President said Friday he would push a study of the community college concept in higher education McNair told newsmen about the governors' briefing on Vietnam by President Johnson who revealed "classified secret and public information" to the state leaders McNair said during the governors' conference in Minneapolis he had a private conversation with antipoverty chief Sargent Shrivel McNair quoted Shriver as saying the lack of private waron-poverty groups in South Carolina was not the reason for delay in approval of the state's applications to the program The governor also opened the Tillich Seaborg Speak Here In 1966 ests have been the boundary line between theology and phil osophy In the general areas of religion and culture Ile is the author of 2 8 books including "The Protestant Era" See NOTED Page 48 Col Seaborg bo&ver Saturday July 31 1965 "It has been my good fortune to have been with an institution that has progressive ideas and is not adverse to giving women an opportunIty to advance in business" First Union now has 24 women officers she pointed out Her associates know her as a hard-working salesman for the bank "She doesn't mind coming right out and asking you to do business with us" said one The point was proved as a reporter was leaving her office following an interview Her parting comment was "And do you have your account with us? If not I'd he happy to talk with you about it " WILL ACCEPT NEGROES AP Photo possibility of more hearings if they would he useful on proposed 25-year lease for mining phosphate in Beaufort and Lis-per counties ''I found the community college concept rather popular (at the National Governors' Conference) but let me emphasize it is the community college concept of a two-year college program not the mixing of all kinds of education in one institution" McNair said Ile was referring to California where vocational techncal and the two-year college programs are lumped under one Institution McNair said he would nush the exploration of "two-year extensions and divisions (of main campuses) for those who might not be able to get in college but deserve the chance to see whether or not they can do college work" After the two-year pro4ram some students are then able to do the unt k required at the main campus he said "I will have sotne positive recommendations for the General Assembly in January on community colleges" he added Other educational areas that would receive extensive study were the vocational and technical schools McNair said He cited Sumter as an example of such a school which adapted to offer agriculture training to hell) meet the needs of a Campbell Soup plant being built there In talks with Shriver McNair said he learned that "Shriver' knew of no such decision and had seen no such memorandum' listing the lack of private agencies as the reasoa some South Carolina counties have not received approval of their applications to the Office of Economic Opportunity About Interior Secretary Stewart Udall's withdrawal of his objections to Duke Power Co's proposed Keowee-Toxawdy project McNair said "If I was surprised it was pleasantly I do not understand why he interceded in the first place" Nism400matmomattsmaimum40amideltamfrAtioNdm-amit mememdmtAmetsAmrerAA1TANam mmomitp!m emir 14 e t t-3 fLo I ::-tt 4 a IA '5 t k '‘4WV44 - EDITORIALS OBITUARIES CLASSIFIED COMICS V4444"114411 'vy"-fzoisitu: Mrs Helen Wart Haw At Her Desk Have Mixed Emotions About It' Decision Overrides Conservative Group DUE WEST SC --(RI— The board of trustees of church-supported Erskine College reversed itself Friday and voted to pledge compliance with the Civil Rights Act The Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination by race color or nationality Compliance with the act means that Erskine will have to accept Negro students Rev Grady Oates of Bartow Fla chairman of the Concervative Coordinating Committee which opposed compliance said the vote at the closed meeting was 24 to 10 He said the board voted 16-6 against compliance at its April meeting The trustees were requested by the general synod of the Associate Reform Presbyterian Church to reconsider its April decision Since its last meeting the synod had appointed seven new members to the board of trustees Compliance with the desegregation provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act assures Erskine of continued federal funds including student loans which now total about $40000 Rev Oates charged the board with disregarding the wishes of "a large majority of the people who own Erskine College" He said they had signed resolutions requesting that the board not sign compliance forms Oates said his group is giving thought to calling a meeting of the synod so the issue can be' discussed further The Florida minister argued that Erskine can carry on without federal funds He said student loans could be appropriated from funds used for other purposes The college is operated by the Associate Reformed Pres byterian Church which has congregations in the Carolinas G e orgia Florida Virginia MZn:Mrrr:7n Section B AL" Artfran"'"'" I 1 1 g - -r5 ''441141 VI ‘1 NrNeriu 6 West Virginia Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Arkansas and Missouri Student enrollment comes primarily from Southern States A college spokesman said the board's decision will be outlined in a letter which will be sent to Erskine alumni and parents of students by college President J M Lesesne and board Chairman Thomas S Watt of Columbia In other board busisess Watt was re-elected chairman C R Younts of Atlanta was re-elected treasurer and Charles Carlisle of Due West secretary Dr R C Kennedy of Camden Ala was elected vice chairman succeeding Dr L A Brown of Troutman NC Kennedy is di Tector of public relations at Troy State College Texan Fined For Rushing Slow Cook GREENSBORO — (UPI) — A salesman from Texas was fined $10 for simple ashault Friday in a municipal court case involving three orders of fried chicken Police charged George Proffitt 45 of Houston Tex with threatening a cook at a local restaurant who apparently did not serve three orders of chicken as quickly as the Texan thought they should have been served Witnesses said Proffitt went to the kitchen to complain picked up a butcher knife and banged it on a table then threw the knife across the table Ile grabbed a bacon press after the cook James Johnson picked up the discarded butcher knife witnesses said "I'm from Texas" Proffitt was quoted as saying "and I know more about cooking than you ever thought about" No one was injured during the incident :q'tsNi:4:Wdikeraer41i4iVe:ii44iiVQetkkhXiiAiii4p4:0 'Falling Out' Party Putts Man In Creek Observer Gastonia Bureau GASTONIA—A car stopped on a bridge at dawn Friday Three men got out They pulled a fourth man from the car Then threw him off the bridge Gaston Rural Police heard this story from an excited motorist who told them he had seen it happen They hurried off to Seven Oaks Bridge on New Hope Road near the SC border The polico found a man sitting in the middle of Crowders Creek beneath the bridge "He was just drunk and apparently had just had a falling out with three of his friends" a rural policeman said "They were all just local hoodlums who are always getting into scraps with ealh other" The man pulled from the creek was not Injured awl refused to press charges against his "friends" 747l'r1:1-ZrIMIC'"ce-1'"31 70'44cA4 4e1611110"lt Ir-11: h 60' ifk t BEIMMINENIE ' iir She joins Banking 1 s Elite :4 11 : :t 4 4 - 0 4444444 Elected A Vice i President Helen Wa w ttrdlaected Senior vce Prestaent l itik4' F 411 do ' ' ft " iilii1--' ' By ROY COVINGTON statewide half-billion dollar in- of 13 children" of a Warren- "It has been my good 7 Obsirver Businits Editor stitution Charlotte's Helen C Ward- ville SC probate Judge She fortune to have been with an vcii 1 : 7 grew up on a farm and learned institution that has progres- 4) : law a teacher turned banker The National Association of "the value of hard work sive ideas and Is not adverse 4 found herself In rather elite Bank Women lists only six itN company Friday other women in the United through economic necessity" to giving women an opportun t Ity to advance in busine" ss :t frILLi R s ) States holding that position she specializes in personnel She was placed there by pro v none of them in the Carolinas problems and costomer rea- First Union now has 24 l directors of First Union Na- f i4 tiek"ti CZ'r tions at the executive level and women officers she pointed i fr'- -k — Vegiit i- tional Bank who elected her a Pe I L t "I have mixed emotions serves as administrative assist- out senior vice president of the about it" she said Friday "I ant She also is secretary of the Her associates know her as a ' fret tr NI urder ) el real humble and at the executive committee of the hard-working salesman for the same time I'm thrilled and general ' board of directors of bank "She doesn't mind corn- ' excited at the opportunity" the bank She holds a master's ing right out and asking you to degree from Columbia Univer- do business with us" said one ' - --2:"''1"41‘ y:c77b ) ! Mrs Wardlaw a graduate of MI5 and has attended the 411-- :1-:— 7-771('""' 0 — Desk ins About It' es id des soup Alabama Misssee Kentucky dissourt Student Imes primarily States kesman said the will be outlined h will be sent to and parents of lege President J board Chairman of Columbia d busisess Nazi chairman C R ta was re-elected harles Carlisle of tary Inedy of Camden d vice chairman L A Brown of Kennedy is di relations at Troy Fined ushing 00k to — (UPI) — om Texas was simple assault nunicipal court three orders of !cl George Prof- ston Tex with ook at a local apparently did ree orders of uickly as the hey should have ' Id Proffitt went to complain itcher knife and a table then ife across the bbed a bacon a cook James up the discard- nife witnesses 'exas" Proffitt saying "and I ut cooking than t about" Injured during irtyL eek dge at dawn Then threw 1 from an n it happen New Hope le middle of d just had a 81 policeman to are alwaya t Injured and "arzvrtroria 1 rP'Y 4064 - tAt tit) OMOMMIMME1 rir7:1 t t ( mor Wei 'chili she iden Ilea be a con teh 1de clues (b horn men worn clang prof a mc imm surv The and a eratio pounc laym2 other of pel some of LI told t her 1( throw came said I have before And Geddl childr When dings with take had r fished the fb child see" we're SI The Head childr Social 32 sch over have cil's c Schoo fight are e under' littl'ut N N 11 NEV Caroni walke( for th( to fino daughl W I day fr for Sa police descril boardi Foye mental Marie only r Landir The wilder disappi happy ter" done a She Foye dodo' to avt 14 My Foye s stand Polk Bureau search Chec school have here fol Foye return the p: who m Sandi feet I: ing 135 Foye his dat his wi know 2 said 7t4 40? t '241 I ' -A?: : ": : 4' :'-'11i : ':-::''1 ? fsi :St 401404it-''::4 1 '‘ -1 :‘ t e:iir 1 Yi'''''''-- -' 4 ' : A 'o::::-4 :i: '''' ::::: ' ' - 1' -: ''''i--- '''''m '''''"f:: Vii -:ii::':' : !!: -" : -::5i:: - "1 :: ' :-r 4-Z! 5'::!:??L ' 4':':' "'-'4!1'-' : : :'':'-'::: ? ::::: i -:"11-:1!-" - i k'::':i :'ij 1 i E'::L !: - 'Ii7r z 42 7' i --" -- u'-i'- ''-- :" : :: ': ':' ' 70'''''''!: ' - ' :- 1 I (: - - " w10 - z001 '1 v 4Qt' ':ii4:-'!-X1 441t4 7i 1'1 111::0)11' - ti: i 11 0 °Ip00 dal :--- :' ::t'':::' :: 41 4 ' III ' -" 0 AFe t ill - i -:-' ::':It :!::: :: 1 i:- $ 7 : i : A : r i it' '':: ' '7' ' :' - z:4 :: : 5 : A '0r ' : oft4toolk I 7 —"--"'l ' ! i'l t: ''' 1 3 111 ' '''''l : 1 14' --: '4 '1' 0--':'--:-4 - 0:111 -k 4) 21:15 1 T 0(1111611-111-14tit' 1 0 e t e t : w : (eh Nor 7 71 loro1w !"Ittl 111 ( V

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