Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1916
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READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 89. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING. ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCT. u, i9ie. THEN READ. IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. OPENIN^RALLY Republican Club Fired the First Guns Of Local Campaign Last Night. Two Women Speakers Urged the Women Present To Take An Active Interest. The first bit? nepublicnn rally of this rampfllRn wan" held last evening In Hie Armory and the building wn" *ell fill- rd. At least one-half of {In- audience "wefV wr>m>h vfitr-rs, who expect to cast their first vote for proslrtent, Nov. 7th. The speaker'* Miami was directly In front of the largest rtiiK l» the county. It reached front o»ie ~*lde of the room tothe other, ami from the platform to' thp celling. I'lc.turea df Governor Hughe* and Colonel Frank o. Tx»wden Were seen in profusion, tacked up on "the aides of the room and the front of the rostrum. , Chairman William*. r ~" JT'Tr'WIIIJnitm wfts c-hntrnrmn of thv meetlng. After (toveral selections by thp HterllnR Military hand on'" thp BtrePtH nnd ft half hour's concert inaldc the Btru'cture, Mr. Williams made the Introductory tn)k. HP suit! In behalf of the Sterling Ilrpuhllcan club hr> wcl- comcd_Uxe new_ voter*, thejwomen,..who have wanted to rule the nation for many yearn, and the men-who have tried to rule It for !!*> yearn. \\'e are entering what may be the turniriK point In the world'* hl«lor".y." Colonel Roosevelt wild th 1913 that hn wan for full Woman'*) Kliffragi'. WUnon «aid no. "Now Governor Hughqs cornea nnd nay« he In for universal BtiffraRp for and again Wllnran. In nut. \ViU- RENEWALS ARE NOW DUE Notirr?; nrr hrirrc-'Tit nnt iturt pirr- *?v>iUy. Thf (Jawtte i« mu< h pk-,i«ii-il at tttf iiin-ra! f-^sj l-,:i\ I- IM-.-H e<ijjiin£ in. Subftcf ibf-r-s rt\'»!j.»c that Th" O.'iKettf- H fai-inK (••"Mentions nevrr before ernuuntert-d by the «nia!l tl;tiik-,« of the roun- try, f The Oawtte i.«< striving; desperately n! a b!e lo** to ' kf PJI from t-aiPinK ftubRcriptlon rates as is bfinK done in so many <-lll*>? of this ,«l*e. Rates can only !><» kept down by n large \cilunw of. business and the prompt renewal of aM who receive not Ices miKht enable present rales to be maintained. •The very rfrsnt consoUdnH'in nf the t\vo papers i« Hi'- only thin? that prevents an i.mme_dlate Jnrrease. Subs'-rlbers who are watting for cut prhr-a, pperlal ofTers or ron- tfjsts. wiff ti«» disappointpil. No «pf»chil prlfejt fan tie maile. The (!a- j;»t!i' pilir <-iin nut K<> lower. 1'rtlfjts ronditlom* chanse for the better t!ie pri't-f of Imth Fuhwriptli>n «nd nilvcrtf.oiriK will be raJped tho first of Jiintmry. _ If «>iltj<( ribern intend In renew, better do *t> on receipt of notice as no lower prices will be made this year. The price for city delivery In Hoik KnllH and Hlerlfne or at the Hock Kullft or Sterling I'ost < >ftk-e is_}r>.00 n year In advatn* or lOc a wcok delivered by carrier, in thtv two cities. Hy mail on the Jtnral Routes outHldc of'Sterllnc and Hock Falls or elsewhere the price will inntinuc tu he fi'.Mi c«sh in sid- vnnce until •Jntiunry 1st. •* TOTMf JI klXLHIIJll C HAVE BEEN LOST BY ALLIED POW Barrett Andrews Largely Identified With Popular New,., York Publication. Tells How the Increased Cost Of Book Paper Hits His Magazines. OWERS IN ^THE GREAT SOMME OFFENSIVE RECEIVER NAMED WAS DECISION Ezra Mathews Takes Charge Of K ud & c Sheldon Han <Ja Down the Business Of the Sterling Decisions m cases HC Among the caller* at The Oajfctto 'off ire today was Harrett Andrews,'of New York City, who wnr« ir-allcd here by tbr death of his grandmother, Mrs. Smith Harrett. ' Mr. Andrews an a young rnnti was around HlerliiiK and Is well acquainted here. He^is now en- ga&cd In the publishing htwinefs In a larse way, and knows how to wympa- thl/,f* with -the small ciiy publisher** over the print situation. Mr, Tlarrett 1st vice president of Vogue, published jri New York and London. Vice Illrdiing concern, president of Motor Imagaxlne, vice president the automo- il'lv t'nitrd J'r*« ) » | fM r t. r rr.W? H^rlln. 'ier,. Hy 1 -Wlr^les* Tr> KayviUe, I,. I.. let. 14.—Ninety fff-^lv AnRio- 1'fpnch lUvisioiiM, (about . I,fi2'i,"i'!il in* 1 !!*, w«»re pTa<-iifai|y nnnihilnt'-d in the three nnd a hnlf months Fommc" offenaiv? 1 , necnrdinR' to the mHitsry critic "f a weTnl-offSchil n«'w«t a,cency-. The dlvl«lons were withdrawn and disjipppiir- fd compleifly from the battl^-. Fifty-five tii vlsli"iriH, in fuin>fft\.ir-ncf' of heavy to*ses. enRagrd in the combat only twice; lf> division^ were In action only thr^t- times and oly onr division remained an fntart thnt it eould enter the battle four different tlntfs. Since tTio b»'i;Irinlnir of (lie Komme offensive !7S 'divisions, (about .1,184,- Oflft mm), partly new and partly fllUd up have been launched agtilnKt the (Jerinan posltlonn, the. critic Mtatrd. The Ilii«.«inn lojses frrim Jiin« 1 to i.Vi. 1 were n^tinvited at about 1,000,- fiOO men the critics Htati-d, (jit<'tlnt: a Ki*>y (ifflcrr in a Kwi,«« newspaper as his authority.. Home Hibrriuu.recimt.-nL4 were 'annihilated mid theJ'otu th-^il army corps lo.*t between 13.00U and H.Oftfl men J.^tweeri August 3^ HIM! tember 3. AUSTRIAN8 LOSE 28,000 MEN. <Ky 1'nlted Prens.) f " ' "-» T^ondon, Knj::.. Oct. H.—The Auwtrlans have ln«t 2S,nnf> men In the last two dav-M of lljihlinR an tJic Curd, plateau, said A WJI-«)PXH from Jl«Viri«»- twlny. The battle contiuen with undimtnlshed violence. son s"ays he IH a great friend of the wo,men, then Why doe* he not come out and nay ho IB in favor of full woman's suffrage? 'jSome monthn_ago r ; wa« askPd to be chairman of a meeting In thin very structure and make a talk. I declined because I believed thv hoy* who were to be anked to enlist and Mart for the border were bring dragged down, to do police work, at fifty cents per day for political purposes only by President Wilson, And yet only a abort time ago, be. signed tho measure which given to the highest paid workmen in the world twenty per cent more than what they the gctyng. by the eight-hour law." •If9 read lettersfrom" tho World's »—rWork a rro-Wlteun periodlcnl?-writtinr by wives who had Written to President .Wilson for. their husbands, who were jl., swt .to the border, and they themselves were In delicate condition and had no one to support them during the ab- olectcd Department Store. Local Creditors Hope That the Store May Be Continued and Pay In Full. Heard This Terra. At tl>e opetilni; "t tln> t'lly Court UtlH bile .trade directory, an well as 4»nt trennurer of the national Hepub- Mean committee. When .asked..n* to the paper sltmttlon 4 n f+ijinfd-•!«-• -his--pul>lU;»v< U>nn-l>«> *it*U«l that the extra eost of I he tine coated paper used on VOKUO wtnild reach $70,- CHASE LINER U-Boat Is Reported To Have Been Sighted Chasings Danish Boat Friday. msoyoPEFUL Declares Conditions Are Improving In Northern Mexico At Present Time. German Submarine Sends Two French Cruisers Down With * Loss Of 1,000 Lives. Despite the Growth Of the Venizelos Movement Greek • King Still Delays. rHy* United I'ress> Merlin, fier,, '»<M. 14.--A (Jermnn siib- mnrlne sank the li'rem-fi cruiser HlRel In the Mediterranean on Oct. 2 and torpedoed ''the> FTeTieh rrulflpr flalllaon «)ct. 4; l.oofl French ahd'Rerbiah troops ierlshlnp, It was officially, announced. "A German submarine IB tho Mediterranean on Oct. 2, sunk by two torpedoes the small French cruiser KlRel, biillt'as a destroyer nnd. on Oct. 4 thB French auxiliary cruiser C'allia by one torpedo," «ald the "official statement. "About 1,000 men of the Pranro.Rw- v blan troops on t'hc tJallia on route to perished. Tlie «h»p sank }n minutes." morning JudKe (*. K. Kheldon handed (or)Q a Ills concern IB one of the down i|e< Worm In cjmew heard during j largest buyers of the particular grade the term. In the ,-nr«e of K\\ Imnkx j atid is imyinK at about two cents be- ugatmil Mi Cue, The ,-oiirt "decided it) favor of the defendant Jit me*' McCue, throwing the costs on the plaintiff. Ix-c Kw.lmnks and his wife hired out Rwn .Mathews. representing the First I I*";''""*." ."'''' '.".* "'^J^"'' W \ io —. _—__ —, .— t —. „—_ —,—-* jrjTtTiT"B—'" rt TTT\—rrr p nT"~t i \\ 11—!7TKt™~B"D r t n K~ bwti iipi.olnted r..eelv.r of tho BterllriK | Aftl>l m""t«iH th-y ,,ult. Department .Store, taking charge of { At lhul time Mr. Mcfue owed them books nnd the business la*t night about * 4:>> wMch ''«' refused t-> pay clalm- 4:30 o'clock. The keys of the store ! " m tn "- v f •''"''«' to k "'l' lh(>lr contract. Tiitve beeir riTrneir over To WHItiiin K. t Mr - Kwbankw- -brrmjrht -mrit~t»f rrrorer Holmen. chief clerk of .tho grocery I tllf * !'»>•. It was trleil by a Jury business of the store, and Ihe btisinefs i before Justice W. P. Palmer and the Is belriK cunducti'd today the same an it has been. Gi-orKl* Mann, president of tin? corporation, was in i.'hicafjo Friday and knew nothiiiK about the action until this morning. * Three creditors of the HterHriR'De- of their husbands. Wood^ow Wilson tvB« only four yonrn .ago because, there" wan a •Pitt In in* Republican party. - ~ Judg* ft. W. E. Mitchell. -~ -JudgelR. .W. E. Mitchell being In- trotjuced, «ttld It wTuTlhc> tlrnt'time in hl« life he addrcHHed an audience . of i women and men, a* fellow citizen*.. | He maid ho knew the Hepubllcan party wtfs united, nnd adiled that he believed thnt one-third _pf tho Democrats were alBO In favor of Hughes. Yet he. saift we must not atop working for it pro- ^ducefl a^athy^ which IH dangerous. Our duty Is to gy.t"1nTi»y "nnd "Keep busy, "Wo Invite- you women to Join hands with us In rolling t,u> the biggest majority ever given the party." He then Announced the corning of IT, H. Sena- partment Store; -,-Tho .Sterling Wholesale, Grocery Co.. The Twin City Pro- gave i's verdict to t)ie defendant: The case was appealed the , City f'mirt. P. 11. Ward, .-attorney for t Mr, MwbankH filed an exception t«> the de- clslon and It may be appealed to the appellate court. Judge Sheldon In announcing bis decision Bald he has spent three or four days, on the cane, far more , tlucc Company and Tho Hex Paper j than what the amount Involved would Company, «ll of Sterling, through their Wi ,rrant, but he wanted to be Impartial before Kefereo 11. 8. Dlxon, of Dlxon, «, V |dence. Johnson A- Johnnon were nt- Krlday afternoon to have a receiver np- pointed. Anothor petition askinx that the buKlncsH '.""be cynttnq«U an It Htm been and the money rec^ttVwl fn»n thu Hale of K«*ods bo applied pro rato to the creditors; All "of which were granted by Jtofreo Dlxon. The three SterllnK buHiii''*.^ houHes very much the necessity, of plac- •hr tomitys -for Mr. Met'tie, ' .The cus<» of lllriujnoor njjudiBt Mott waA dismissed by the Jvidge In his dt'- flutn'n, 1 .-Tho' ca«e wan Ritpptineu ttl j b|iv»» been tried under the name* glv«-n above. Mr. Dfmnon», attorney for the plaintiff nftt-r • evidence was heard by the .judge, made- u' motion the low tho preitont op<'ti market in of the amount of stock used. The jirlce ban Incroiuted on, the book Block uwed from f»<4 to SV4 cents a pound. TITT tti»' 1 nutnmoblh* blue iTiirrRjrTfre^'TiF" f-reawed cost will lie. over $15,000, and the name, condition "prevalln on all the publication!). Mr. Andrews also Htated tlint the National, semi-monthly magazine tor papers have been discontinued. They were backed by millions, "with enormous circulation?*, but • the In- erA-naed trout of paper put them out of hiiHlncsH. He looks for little relief until after the war. Hi« concern exported $30,000 worth of coated paper for their London .branch ,laat month, a«i It in *lmponxlble to necure paper In Ijon- don such iiH.they u«o. After the war Mr. AndreWB expe'ctii to nee the price Officials Believe the U-53 Is Waiting For Munition On Transport Boats. Roosevelt Will Address the Pennsylvania Miners—Gov. Hughes In Nebraska. t Uy Robert .1. Mender (Staff Conrespondent of t.'nltod Press) Anbury Park. N, J.. Oct. H.- "Conoff Nntitucket Unlit yesterday morning !«iiuon« m northern Mexico are Improv- New (Jty rniled ' Cress ) York, N. Y., Oct. 14 -A tier- man submarine was'"«lKht««d fio The IONS of the (laIlia* wafl admitted by the I'rench admiralty a few days ;IRO and ftated that more than 800 men were mlnftln*. Tht> French 91 earner Itlgel, of" 3.3(55 •torn*, regUtered at | in hot pursuit of tjie Danish * Liner | nK nml the Rovornment will soon Ilovlr reported on their arrival lodny. ,,i,| r to l)( , morc (n rol .at present. be Uf<ed, The Ijner llovlc re;iched port to«lay from Manchester, Kng. It stKhted a \ve.Mlhninul .Hiibmarine one mile nntern of (he nantflh l.lner lleilic winv at the militia ^eS'ldent WlTSorTlle^ i.n a letter to OoVernor Whitman made public today. "The emergency, which led to the ,'-ailing of ,the militia, wax the pontd- i.blllty of iiKureffnion from tfie Mexicans 'and the |.>rotect|on of our frontier. K:30 yester.lay mornlnK, 8on,e i'f«-tlH. j { , rn<lrK( . ltt . y M , ln unhappily exists and 1 officers of the P,.,vtc believed that thejnin advlsiM] by tlw? military authorities cruiser mentioned In tho Otr- 'man statement/ (Hy I'nitetl Pre«n» Paris, France, Oct. 14, — Tho Germans "«ucceede«l hi reoccnpylng part of tho village of Ahblalncourt In a. violent attack preceded by screen flrn south of t HP - Komnu* and- juime trenches north of the town. Tho French Inlmedlately countered arid drove the Teutons from their positions. HM.T- THE INVADER. liner white others were not Hubmnrlne WUH pursuing thai, the liner was being chimed, certain J that the, withdrawal of the militia at Oiinidhjuny time from the,date of the original (call up to the present time, would In -it>r~8homian for a talk |p-HH'rlliiK next woek, aavlnir thnr«» would be a lady speaker a« wall, and music, Mra. Jtffrian Talks. Mi : 8. Jeffries, of Chleajjo, a noted woman suffrage, wax then Introduced and gave nearly an hour'n talk, mostly .to the women. Sim mild idio pin-potted —t«-l»tere«rtr-thfr-wome»i-f*H i -H ughea, Hht- Hald, "while we wonn>^ will vote fur preoldent for the tlrMt time this fall yej we muni not makg & ^ni«take for ^v*< might be deciding whether there will be blood tmed for our hoy*. There are four million women voter« in the ' country alone and no one can tell how they will vote. We have not the White tiicjfact that; It was learned that Chicago creditors were arrarijifinB to "do tho same thliiK, and the stock might lie boxed up and sent to 'Chicago and iiold cheaply and the creditors receive but a very small dividend, hastened matters here. It WJIIM thought that If tho bUHinesH was managed rixhtly juid sales continued, the crcditora miKht receive nearly oife liiindred per cent, tienco thu Sterling creditors KOI busy. They have but the kindliest feeling for the owners of The Sterling Department rrom umsmoor to that or Oivar -RoKiark. Many declaljjn .were_ cl ted_ t o verify his contention, but thjs was' ali a\nil and the judRc threw out ihe case entirely. If the case It* to be heard again, It will have to THJ started • nil over. Thin will Ilkoly be 1 - done, The case is over a noto which Oscar Itouark .sinned with a Moiiof l^ouls Mott for $25. which the ypung*inan failed to. pay, before leaving the city. It Is 'claimed' Unit the elder Mott agreed to pay the note, but Store and wish to get out a* -pot as much Now cv- .-ry one having a bill against the. es- tabllshment will- share pro rato i»i the dividends. Th«< store will be operated the* ^ame -as It.has been In the pa«t to all outward appearance. , All of tho (Continued on Page Six) Pil«d in a Heap Friday Afternoon E«»t of Town, Threo lard wer«> badly wrecked Kri ^_ day* afternoon about '3 o'clock east of • the fetation a few block, between Third -,[ and Fourth on tho Chicago & North Wtwtern. The . breaking of an _ »lr hosa between two cars caused the bTaKes" to "set and . this stopped the ,' entire ' train, and the- curs buck .o.f those on which tho brakes wwe. set — — piled «ti top ofeaclr nthrn — ^Threp- of — ' t|n» I'Ulg WUr'U BIliBBlUHl to HAVE NEW SONG High iSchool Student* Sing For V'C' tory.At Games ThV ^ihideiUK of the Sterling township high school have ti rousing "cheering song which they havo bc<"n learning.. and they 'have been Hinging U with a 'vl'm at Ihe. game*) their foot ball team' has played, ft'is sung to tho tune of. the suite, song. ''Illinois". In this he 'failed and In some manner. tin* nutt' wits heid~irgalnst Jurvls moor, find milt brought In hln nam«* GYM, CLASSES START Physical Director Richardson Will Start Winter's Activities Monday. " "P."'!•*; lllPhnrson, formerly- of Monmouth; who Is t rector at the Y. lic^ new physical di- M. «'. A,, will start the winter's actvities In the gym on Monday. The varlnun classeH will"tjn held as follows: Huslne«s men at 6 p. m., on 'Monday; Wednesday and Jfrl- day; busy men at fi:4frT>n TneHcliiy^aiTd ThurBday; seniors at S p. m,, oh Monday and Thurnday; high school ..... at 3:45 on Monday and Thursday; cm- ployed boys A, 8 p. m., on Tuesday and Friday;, employed boy« B, tit 1 p. m. «team ahead ifind 'dtudied went ward-at] aggression'by Mexico ; ngalnnt the liven 4ho KrmileHt wpeed to avoid an at- nnd property of the people of thr Unit' tack. t»d Slates. "1 am happy to believe that condition* In northern Mexico are iniprov- and that In the.near future, we will on Tuesday and Kriday: senior pram- .NV O, Van Sant'waH attorney fur the defendant. BE SURE TO REGISTER being worth saving for kindling wood, tt fourth c«r w«« badly wrecked, but thin could be hauled nwuy. " The Sierling switch engliiM.lmd jjune to Nelson lor ciTiil and the Hurlington switch vitglnc watt obtained and 41 went tu the wreck fwmi the west iind piillt>d out Beventy of the freight tiar*. und'plticcd them on a Hilling, 'i'he wrecker reach .#d tho BCi-ne' «f tin- wreck abiult 4:3<i 'from t'llnttm and in ICXH tkan n half hour the three cwr« 'piled up together hud beon lifted In one bide and thu conjjejition WHM fcllevcd. The wrecked i«»-t!f tiuV town In -whieh-iJttHr pluy IM uticil and the Hpng in effective (if any city. ' The words were .'•omponcd by -Harry Harmon of the ?\iu>» of -1915. -The following- aro ,1 lie- \vorilt); - ',.. . We will make a greart big showing Sv H. MS. II, 8. - •• Wo will, hav« ol,d Clinton Koltiff, H. II. 8 -H H,H. •Wo 'will muko them -fi-ol HO tjueer- -They will wlah ihey'd not -come tiwar. •- - • W« will fill them full of fear, 8- H. - H. - S.-- Hr -»,-^-=5:~;r:-;ri.:-: \::: :; : -'i-—WP will till them full of H, H.-H. Ifc (».-'- Must Enroll Oct. 17 Or On dot,'31.'• .The men, aitd.-eHpe.elall,y._thii_WMniuu. of the county,must not forget that they-ought to .register ;Tuesday. Oct. 17th, if they want to vide, % Nov. 7th. without swearing in-their vo'le: Thero- (it 4 p. m., «»n Wednesday and 10;30 a. m., on Saturday; junior grammar at 4 p. m,, Tuesday and 9:30 a. m., on Haturday; senior leaders at 7:30 p,, m.. Monday; Junior .leaders at 5 p. in, on Tiinrnday; Ictfj^ue games at 7:30 p. ni'......We.diU'S(lay and .ll?') j>. jn.^ jyi. Saturday, .-•-.. A new 800-galhm hot water tank has been installed KO that memberH will t)'e aHMtired of an ample mipply of hot water at all timcn. . There haw been mieli a demand for hot water that lii 'NOTHING HEARD OF U-BQAT. (Hy United Pre«t»l ' TioHlbn, Mun»». Oct. 14,-*"Abiii»luteb/ .nothing" hast been hwifd ofr.tho Oerman Hubmarlne 1'-53 since, report* were ro- cc'lved ri'onitlK! White Httir early -yettenla'y, the Chark'iitown railio htatlon: reported today. A .j-ei»ort IH. current that the^ nub- marine w"iT« neeii"Ti'fT t lie MitsHacbiisct lif >a?it appttrently in purHiilt of a Dutch steamer. Thin in lii-lieved to" have been confused ..with J he;'j» .riTpoFt. I'a Kengeri! on the Movie reported that they •Ighted a nubm'arine' chanlng the Dan- |»h Liner Ihdllg <>lav yesterday morn- REMAIN A MENACE. (Uy United I'rewH) WaaiiiiiKlon, IX (.'., Oct. 14,--That the be able to do even more than hau been dunri to relieve the-embarraiwinent-and suffering of the militiamen." -• Oormiui miiimurhiu U-n3 and imy olhci Toutonic iigtiting Nuirhmrsllilen that may bo with her, remain.. if menace to shipping from Mjnlno to Florida, is the admitted belief In shipping circles. The naval department ban not ..-been lulled Into inaction by faltte hopes be- of the Inactivity of the U-boat. They believe on the other band that the Hubmarlne niay bo hiding In were piled (ncnw* both track*. stopping travel from both wajs. Tht- wreck ottme at u tluu^w licit thvrc \\-uf SHERMAN IS COMING United States Senator Will Speak In Sterling and JMor- risoln Next Friday. . fiiro It woultl bw weff for ovoryono tti that hi»t name in on the poll book. ()ct. 17th. DM- judgtw of the election will meet at their r«>HpHctlv« voting preclnctn and will enroll the name of every votwr thoy can think of, both men and womcts. But owinK to tho fact that this IH the tlmt time tho women of the «tate of llllnoi« huve ever voted for prewident. thii juiisej* have had "no way of. getting ull tlieir and "there wi(l bo t\ great mai,-y naincB will not bo written down. Then t wo wtiekij f roiji Ihftt dtty, tin iTueaday. if the punt tho Hupply been exhaUMted. h«H nome times al committee haft been lii HterlltiK for tho- pawl' few 'dayn In tho intercHt of iiKsiu-iatlon men, the official V. M, C. A, publieatlon. _ ;_ ;...." ........ ;" uny .numcH omitted on the DERBYTMYITKIBBIJY Groat Sport Promised Next Wednesday and. Thursday By 7 0 Eunnlng Horses. • A -large number of people from Ht*>r UIIK.. and vicinity ..aj'i* ....lai'!nK._I'!aijH .jfo attending the Amhoy. Derby dwx for n"in" HH n munition parrying . of big tonnage or slbly worno ('anndlan t.riinHport with its load' of human freight. •Home officials declare it is Impossible to -'watch tho great stretch of coast t nrnpWven r^sn I jmnreMrs -f Com — r tgp it I tip- out to leavo oil mipplle.s aboard non- Binkable rafts, Few believe that the U-6S IIUM even Htarted hack home. Tts-tt As ROOSEVELT TO LEAVE. Uy J. P. Yoder (Stuff Correspondent of United Press) 'New York. N. Yv. Oct. H. — Col. Roosevelt left New York today for his second quick thrust and return to hhs*' before, ho sjart« on his big of- TsjiiHlve in the intereMTof'ITuglieB^irexl Tuesday. . He speaks tonight at Wllkesbarre, 'Pa'., before, a gathering of miners. He ret urns'Sunduy-ami leaves on Ills west- want swing on-Tuesday, llu goes to 'the heart of tho mining district-tonight loaded for the Adam-I Kng., »>ct. 14.— Tho, Tlou- Vianlant* have halted the attempted ApHtro'-flerman. Invasion noiith of thn* lied Tower pnt*H and driven tho Teu- tons back a considerable distance, from the border, Huchareat dltipatchCR report that Gen. Mnlk»«nhayn'n advance has been checked everywhere in tiouth- ern Traimylvanln. On tho eastern' 'front the Oermunw were Mtopped by the. .Roumanian, northern wing 'ami were 'thrown back at Heveral polnta by "jitrong counter attnckw. The 'fighting on both wing* in the '•fkiikahn >« l>ecomlng more violent. The British" are In the oul«klrta of Hcrej* and the village Is already under bom- tjardment, and have cleared the «ur- roimdlng country nf the *nemy. On jJie_loft wing the Hulgar» have coun- • unable to bend back the Serbian line. King ConHtantlne despite the growth of the Venizelos movement, continues to delay plans for Oreece'i* entrance In to the war. The king haa told a •llpiomat, according In ^ tho c-or-^ respondent of the Chronicle, that ho IH convinced the Oerrnans will overrun" 4iouinanlo-.wlUii!i lC_day?l and feared that Greece would incet fate if It Joined the allies. MANY COLORED VOTERS lavvHniBbi'ar, an of i nan a weeK after Pre H Hie n I VV h lie the miners' .uiilnn. declared for President Wilson, He will, tell the miners that he believes in. the. ft hour law but that he does not believe In the* Adummm law. Ho will tell the miners that he doea not HliwrR~Ttirtiu r T<)"rin«r president but us" a .brother member of HIP rjijnera' union. Ho 'too.k along hl» to travel both IruiiiH wlitch -.v.i.v-*. UMialiy The t tt*»eh other ut 8ttirli»i|i! at 1 o'clock were deluyed about two houi.s, .N'i. «ne hup- penwl liy be In the" earn al tlie tjlmt* t»r there would have tu-i-u fut.tiitlcH. • - - • .. . / f Tinted .sii-tcn Senator I*. been secured ;n- u (ip ,Hi'|)ul.|ii-iin tally in KtcrlinK next Kridu> e In acknowledged to h«- oi campulKli Hp»ak«*iJ» »( PLAN EECEPTJON Fourth Street Church Will Entertain For R»v. Colbn A ft caption'fm 1 Hev. U. h t'.tilm. whit WH«\retti'poinit'll to tl)e l<'»nith -wrwrrTrrrrc 1 ?:"^ EfrT.T"iTr-'nr 't\ .'• \ i "T rrr---' • tlav ntgbl In the > >om h Th-« «<ptton i,y>mtHltfee There. iVull be n•i heWCd dl file' .-ii,f ,".;" n,e The (»i('j{i mi (iitrs hct-it ui- ltttUj**d L>\ ull Dt lln,' .iilfiiuil lit'.'in- Cht?^ OT t Ho '(' I i tJtT"tl Vn ^T7- 'ti" fri —^—rr£~ 'tlu» clnni^ -«iij be |'i*» nt ,/'j(ii( 'town \V«mu«/r ,lh ciuiiiinnii <ii ttn viiiciUiiii- Y, Sheunan c.tkt-c fo,t- « tu> held Mr. a of the I'nited Unites. He in a niinr~of nii- tij/ftal reputation, and wa» a caadi- »lute for the olt'tcc of preHtcU'iit It, i,* ibi> •intention uf'tbc U<-jMiidi-< cans <sf ~thf city and county t,> nuikc DM- vihit of Senator Sherman oin'> of moment, and to that ,»-ml they \vun-* every one ttii««i«-htt-d in politic* to ar- to jitt'-nd HUH meeting The meeting yvil!- In 1 In-lii in (li«- A< ;uifni> nf Munlc If 1,1 be .nliliitiu'd Theie u.u_ l>"l'd.t> ,t(hil.-"Hi tiltd niilki- Tillx JM to l.v Ct>|- lla'e \iili-ih cuunl.S, t'l'lti IMI u .trnl Wom»>!« If in,' Ills.' . VDt'-f <,f [J lf tlrti( •rcici'Mration day, tlu-y can be added to the lint ill ready mudf, Huch time nfter the rrtjititrution JudgcM IUIUK up (he cnroltlncnt lint - near tin* polling place that people- may net- If their name* liavci boon rocordpij. Particularly oiiKht tlu> lint to bv exiiinincil after the rfigiiit ration. |f youi- nanx- IH not there, «€•«' one of ilu- judgcH at 'iiniu;. phone Mm., or be on hand at the second rcsr- iHlluUun \\ltich in Oct. aiht nnd tell them about the oini««ion. Thin will Kit v«' n whob 1 lot of work at the Unit' nf th»- elei'tlon. HeiiK-inluM- that thfl II rut rc^Lstraliun It* < H-l 17th, and the Huroiid will lu> Oct. 3l«i and election day 1« '•Nov. 7lh, A BETTER HARBOR Warden .StnwcH", of KulbMi, WUN cir- <-uluHHK -i pclilioi^ Ti>iu>d.i-. uhlch irtiib' wddrc-MMil Jo » '"tiKi Mt'Ki'n/le of tidti dihtiict. to UMt' ill 1 - illfUlejice in hccm-H**: aid for the jmpp>\ IIIB of iht" h'ti bur .Hid bout l.iudlni; .it Hie l \\ r t*diie«dil>' nrnd "Thursday, OrtrlH and lt>. it ib likely, ihut jn-nhcin illlnoih- iiinnltiK horses MIH will be seen at never had MO many within it* lnii thche racew, Uy, luck, g «evenly of the fawt tumpciH ure wrtititijt! to K« MJiiUi fur the M inter for the "New Orleans races, which start in the fail and eoiitnine the rest of the winter. Many of the ItorueK conu % finm the wnith oiiguutlly, where run- nuiK race*i itre the greatest of air><portM 111 the blue ;;r,i.^> icKlnliM of iLu- «nutllt land. The. borne-* have • iieutt making the HOI them i,.ieeh nnd btopped o|f itl fere unlesH It attacks an ••American VCH- '»el. Hut tho destroyer'commanders have been ordered to u»<e rlgoroun tneasures to prevent a> violation of in- tornatlonal law such as the (ujpplylng of the submarine with oil. Officials bellove th>» l^lncr Adriatic 1» now out tif 'danger or at leant until closing In toward Hhore-on the, other side, Thuy do iiot'lkdkive that H jsub< marine would tuk« the renpon»ibiHt>' t»£'atLairliJuK a boat with -Americans «ieml)er«hlp card and ---another - cord fihowinK that lie Is .« meniher of the railway brotherhood In good Standing. , HUCfHES IN NEBRASKA. —- ;•; -.<-.!-,'-- '--—fyy I Pf" fjr A"»('M)nfT"« . (.Staff .United 1'ross^) On Hoard Gov, Hughes' Hpeclal rrain, Ueutrlce. Neb., Oct. H.—SwInij- intr acronn tin* NnUrnHkH prairie, today States To Vote, the Dem- -'• ocrats Charge. (Hy United Press) _J!^JlL!!K]i l .'lLl^^''' Oct '- 1 jr"^ a ^±l^^ chargeH in dozens 6T~»Taum'~oT «up-" uo«ed frauds jii tin* coming' election, the departmoiU jof It ha« no ba»l» for urrents In tho newest angle of U)« cju»e«, charge^ by certain democratic officials that-negroes are being taken by hundr»d» to northern mates, particularly to Ohio, New ftb«at''l so IL» J Ji«i Adiiulic now ~~" lic Defcnda Submarine Action (My I'nited I'l't'hfc) rlln, Uer. Hy Wirclcw to Hay- Anibuy on the wa> bet n ™ifh'c» hundred There have put Up i»is ,1 (' ttVcllUC. Tile • I JllUtUllite HIM ut of Tenth bject <if I III- tntll|r|i J., rt!hl II I-U».(it>K 1^" lil'ich In purges, ' and llrcu> will -lie ^ d.iy f'T tin- two dti>s A SMALL FIRE Residence of Horiry Breidmg Caught _ Ftr^ From Burning Box Car*. Tin l o'i lock \iiid i lilcd Tin- been i .uijM'd 3o tii C 1 Of lit itl> illH lnlen.'xHi ,U>iiilI the tile di p.iI Uncut Wil* 'lie \•.,!,- llnulvht to h.iit l.\ >li.Ukb ||nm the lilt l Jilllt: ,1 U U.< I * i>t J e.sti I l>lll P p Jlrt ot ii • t um,U Vllle, 1« I, <>el. H The right ot Uer- man .submarines ,to opentle off the American coaHt ; IN long ; >M Amciican Ud'i'llofljil lightH are rt>*|«'Cted and Pledges to tht" I'niieil Hliltes kept, i« upheld In •»» authoritlvo wlatemcnt issued tliioMgh a M'tni-nfficial new*. iigency. It in denie<| that siii-h npi'iu- tionw coiiHtitntc ,t liltiekude iind it i>- fur'her Muted that no sensibb 1 Ameil- CHII i ittien will belic\e a wi ret depot for Btij>t>iyit>K tJerman Kiibma- . _. Democratic tariff policy and decried a warning,\ againut tho «> come after the war, If the for revenue policy In continued. Hu«liCH WIIK ia Mplendld lighting trim today, hit* voice w-as clear 'and resonant. Today- the .- nominee, wa« feeling particularly good over The new treatment given him by J, Uibsoii, a phyMlcial dj^octor. nothing more or U>»« '.than an rubbing down, and the treatment w«* JltignoK flnlHhPH"htK orator^ leal niul the treatment quickly revivea him. Officluls "closed up" when asked details of the charges. Senators Kern md Tagirart. of Indiana, are known to i jtmohtf the d*moe'ratlo""off>r» •hf»l«i- -~f ««*«•- that- b« used In tho November election. Warren "O. " Horron, bf the Jimtlce department, IH handling the cane« in the of Assistant Attorney General Wallace, but ho rcf ua«d to comment on the charge*. TO HOLD TERRITORY It iv uld bo U'.llt CUilHt ' VUIH pointed on the out ly j they CUH ronftt of tin- t;,ll linked e>e ' HlHI Nn\v Ytn k ho <• bt-. seen flom hiiildim; ttiih tb Plenty of .Wilson Money t* Offered 'on th« Short End of T^o To On«. TIGHTEN SOLDIERS STABBED Two Illinois Militiamen Are Not Expected To Survive Their Wounds. . < Hy 1'mtnd Press, ) H,'»n Antonio, Tex,, Oct. 14,--^f'i-j;<»ajit Hidden (Uid'l'rtvut-e 11. Knndi>on, of t'f, i\ Third Illinois jnfiuttrj, who wen? Mal'bul duitiig tui nltcicalion in whiih several *.<i|fU<-r« pat ttcipatcil Wcdnwday iugljt, ur«' not t'jvpeeiril to li\i-. An iitv«>Htigtttion in htili u(ider waj to determine ^ho Mabbeij tiiein, The Kit(-t Kun'siiK infantry in en- mute from Km f • K.'un lluiiniiin todit> t« thvit t-tuti' tniiblij/'.uiiiiH camp BECAME INSANE -Evacuate French and Belgian Territory Taken, (Hy United Herlln, (b«r., Oct. 14.- ciuliMtx luu'k from ttie horioi.s' ; of tr«snche», wHl never' eutiaenl tu the nvacuuUon of French and Helium territory for wbirh they paid ihc'prtiQ in blood, the HociullHt ncwtipapcr lHt>- (tlocki deelaKMf. , Thu paper diKujureeH with I'luihp Hclieidemnnn. MoeiHliui leader, wi«> de- cltired In " ItoichBfaK tip«'e« h that France would Hfe her Koll nnd that nf liel^uini 'fteed now nf ( xnl<n,-r« •Vvithout NluddiiiK unoihcr dtop of blood, if tdie wutll'l coilHCIlt to pea, e, 'I'hc liewi.puper remtiulH H< hetdemanu tluit micialiht .sidiilei'M ure not uj't to ' MET WITH AN ACCIDENT A K Ha|tbai$iiiioc h.ul th tutu- t'i *;••( |ila lift hand i^i \\uod iiiindtiiK machine in »nc of local f(i-(,i|ieM Ki idlty Uftetiiooii, \\ r. >,i|lti-,i m atMjiiilatiiiK tii, ' luu iVi'ld'.!!"* tititjcih tiixl tit" lHII-''ltt >»'• b,td J|bo\ lll.jt tl -,\,lh I1CI e^pjij-} t |.ii>lll» in l» III them (l tfi --C-W4—t-UUl ,i l.ub (.11 the l. It'll Hln iman V\! (ill li-iV If IM (lit; m.- ,i!'d 'ti 111' 1 dep.t) llll> lit 1 .Itld I he Ille |,.ts ti{ music lie II! Mi. n (,m »ntl I'nited III. (>( I N" \ . !, MH--.I \V ( ("il,'J Tl< j-liui and 'and CORRECTION

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