Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 8
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PAftE EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13. 1916.. AMUSEMENTS^ AMUSEMENTS. of Featnrcs GRAND TODAY Bonse ol Fealnres IN it pr«s»r;f<; 6 " Marie IloTti "The Heart of Nora Flvnn" iU-.VY Harold Lack wood ami M»? Allison r N "The Masked Rider" T'l.- >!<!!.! «...mlf f pi.)', A is-- Musty Differ comedy Academy of Music 16 Monday, October The Tr«*»«-Oe»*anic SUr». J-~*j«sritiM of Two Continent!. mf TOM •% HAL NAWN-UAVIS and! their ai*oci*t« players, pre- tenting at every performance u 4 ONE-ACT PLAYS 4 th«t hare been recognised Hi»i in _|h*_|*id(rigJbJj{ thtie Ihfftrei of America, England and Australia "PAT AND THE CENII." "A TOUCH OF NATURE," "A BUSY DAY." "THE UNEXPECTED " now at Sterling I'lmrmaey VAUDETTE TONIGHT-NEW VAUDE- - - V-ItrLE - -:- : THREE GREAT ACTS . Mile. Bots«« »n<} her troupe of t«r- v ricr*..... j FVed Stansfiold, the Preacher and ithe Kid. ; Will and Lawrence, great novelty ! net. i EXTEA! !•• Tonight at same admission, "The Yellow Menace" The Kienteft photoplay ever prod. K\ n vliod y its great. DANCING SCHOOL N—MYSTIC WOBJCEH—HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For prlvnte IffKonx call H. H, KELLEY, Bell phono 430R Children ftee with parents*. Also Weekly.' .-.-••2 Show*. 7 and 9—U»unl Price*. TOMORROW Mai!ne |% 2 p. m,. t>U: donMe nhow. Se?nl the i hitdleii- - f>c. MONDAY "Ambition." TUESDAY He I e n Holm e«. J_n_5__r«f!|_ JU56£Jftk— "Judith of the Cumberland*." TRAP DOOR VICTIM. UV-.t O^.'liU'n ,,,-.,.;,, n ' \ * - ' . } * * ' '- * 1 ••'.-. ' • ' ; " •- '. .1. -!. ' •'. !> = - f,." - -. :-.'-. "• '.' •". THE BEST STOVE TO BUY FORMER MINISTER MERE, iiiid Mix. I". .1, rctufi)- Ktccport lust nielli after Hprtul illK two ( ); t \s In SUlllliK. HcV. Ki-H !!>•! \\nrt fur niatjy yi'iir.s «n<- of tli<> IM.'M lii»i>\\u iTiuiisl'-is Tn '""KTrTTTiTfn " TJlTFtTTi!" hln ri'Mliln-iu'i' lifn» lit 1 WIIH Cantor nf tlr<* Ur«'itirfn churi'li, ,,lo<','itfit on Slxtli avoinu*. H«- anil III" wife left f-Herllrus nit.'ilnst tin- wishes of his piirlnhlonerM, — lleltl _lii f NEWS IN BRIEF]!\ •*''•• NEW MOTOR FUNERAL CAR. ! B. A. For*ter A-' Hmi« have Just re; j Cflvint a new motor funeral car of the i he thought he could do more and he jhns hevti tioinK fruitful work in the ! vicinity of I'reepoi ? fr»i\ the-pa.xt «ix Hlf friend." in Stcrhntr jrave him an ovation while he and his wife -tt*rrt* hr-rr: -.- - : PARTNERSHIP CLOSING SALE. Jlarry J«'ti< « A- Sons* hnvi' dlto till* U|i-|iiMiaH' dcciKII. It 1* lliU'Mt in north'Tii lllintilx. IH blnck mul it.n Tlu ! partnership in fanning and will sell I without reserve nt the .lonen farm two !nnd one-half, miles* Mouih of Coletrt and KILLED BY MACHINERY. J . uih- ..f ,)•-.-• l-li (;,,)(, T!:- V.HM;:- ))i:;f j ?.•• i.-'i.f'T ii! •>, .i ,,r> fn tT;-- nru iim.TV Ti^rjl "« Ti" W'"k777r7F "~TTT~w Yt s T wTn t' C'- £."T e7T~> 7T7r^j <*{ aue ,-ind formerly livr-rt in Jjr-«- co-,in* S ty. hcinr a !.ir('?!}«•»- of Mr?. II, I,. >'onl- 'i.'irr). He W:ls Well kriotVIl ifl Stel • limt \"«. ry IHtlf is knowti of Die «!>•- <:iil« of the .•ierfd(-nt. l!v Is in^rrh-d .JUid_liia.ves..a....ivi£e.jLU'!liJi.tJK.._ PREEPORT HORSE STOLEN, ljej< (>.••<-e| \ed Wotd from the officer* " f-'n-'ipoit Infotmln:; tlii-m Hm! a ,v;>Jn :ilde hoisf h:id he* n "tolen from r,-ettll» i»>ri!l lit lh:i! cllv. and i! w.-i though! "Hie" (hieve.4 li;id hr-eii wotk inu d«i\vu in tltls- ^eciii.ii. The h<<iM '.V.-IH H dark hfown, wci^him: i> l.oo.t HIII] !,|iin piitmd.o. and WiL« ;tl>.>ut ;dV. .or Hcvefi ye;tr« old. The hul'.-:- luti ,'i Avhite spot on the corner of >*rH> ey» rind Its forotop was flipped. CIGARS^GOING UP. Hevi'f.'ll of ttie ciunr makers nnd Hell era of I'.liiars have^jju.itud up .nolict^ in on u |(i< UOIIM (diief-M tfiiit ftorn Tne 1 he iuii >*• most of tin' hrands of igars which have li« en .s-elllrtK at a reduction when tnor»> than 'on hoiiKht. will he" sold itt, the str prjce. The dealers fay the \vh'>lewih eo»t to them hu." Kone up, like puper are forced to make the announcement of Shi- HtraiKhl price. . BOYS' MEETING. Then* will h<» a very intere.stlni: sr.<<- Hioll of tile IIOVN of the YoilllK .MellV Christian AttMu'iation 'this evening ,-it the V. M.-C.--A. at 7:30 o'clock, ll is Important that every one of them In >u Imnd ai< there 1 ^-ill h<< hl-oiiKhl up matters of vlt«l IntereMt tit them und the membership. GETS NEW POSITION. ct'ui-. \ytiir n t lie . mechanical draftMmon depart- l.-s' of the j,,.,, , ni j. . of SttTlint;.- "wry of the late ae- i«>et. )7th. .for a car of this *ort. The j»-l'"r|.. the f.dlowin« property: of the pattern which may he horse*, mo head of cattle, fllH ill a Very Mli'W' hpeed for fl'eqUelU- Hlx Iv there are horse* 'drawing vehicles I"'"'• 1S ycnrlinK .f is KOI«| milch eowH, 15 hnif- in 12 eomitiK two The whi.-H ami end are i>'•'"'* " 1<i - a » <1 3 ° winter and spring mliil hnml riirvlnn. «'f « iwtti-rn that ! pnlvi ' 3 «' A IarK " 'i'"""" 1 » f fnrr " ' nn ' .-la very attractive. The interior H^ 1 """'- , 40 '»J" J| ; 1 «f • »»««••. n'»'l »»»>« till.1 muhoRany. and llnlMhM very iT'^"^ y .' K ' y . in .!"" '":„ W ." l '^, < I 01 ^ MHl "$4 nienl of (hi- Charter <!a.K in SterllrtK ha* resigned to accept a niliur position with the Fairbanks Morse Company In Chicago. - DAILY WEATHER REPORT, The Chicago wenthei* hureiiu foro- axt today in an follows: Fair tonight and Saturday;' colder tonight: prod- ably frp.nt In north and central portion;.; Hlowly rlHiriK temperature Haturday in t'he north western part. ''...' The combination Coal, Wood and Gas Range The is a year'round ranire that - __. j . . • v- • • - , * • - 7"H . i» - _ , __ • *_ _ i _ «_ coniorms to even coliccivanie- weatner condition and every possible requirement of cooking. The -change from coa 1 to ijas is instant. ^This store carries the largest line of stoves Jn Whiteside county, which gives the widest range', from which to choose,.from the highest grade stove made to the cheaper stoves. Duplex Alcazar We have in stock the famous Hot Blast Heater, the best Mrr* 7M Blast Ml\ Buck's money can buy; the Florence Kerosene Heaters, and Wf t\t W(.md«.* Hd'ny- In J^e- prettily. The mechanical device for H; °- rrom - Huctloueer and H. faxl the c«i»k«-t.i*i "I**. 1 modern. ' '^rk.. The lop of the Interior in made in an* enclosed^ i nek for. carry (UK a la-rue j numher V>f hou'quelH which are to he} trnnnferred from the hou*e to the rein- j <jtwy. , FISH CAR COMING HERE. , Hodney Turner, »»imc niul ll-h war- ""<• » l '"» t f "»>' «««»nr« worth of JlashJiKJltK.An Jhe caHe.He in jnakiiu; ItiH cities hy tuito, and the hat-it end in fitted up for IIJK sample trunks and thl.s sample eam>. Tin- sampje case Wax shaken out by the rotich roads and he was nimble to find it for wome one had picked U tin. •-•-' .:_-- FLASHLIGHT OUTFIT LOST. A traveling nah'urnan from a \VI«coii- MII ctiinjumy wa« In ^terlhif; neltiitK to luciU dealers, lie reportixl the IOSM of u '.sample case of Ilittih lichtK on his way from HocUfortl ti> Htei hns. Then" den, »eiul« worit ff i>m Savnnim that the MHtP llnh car in -expected.' to arrive in Pterlint?' Home time Saturday with n load of game tiwh fur itook river. The 'far l» the only one in the state. The fish Will ho taken from the ei)ihL'lari»> i-J ami — placed— Iti — eit+tt in the water nt the 1>ayou on .. Kali) iinf hii'dnn*?*. --;-.:.__ J. C.. U'bicott, of Ohlcas,'0, Mpent W<>«i- newlay-in ihiH .city nft huHiness*. Dance tonight. Woodmen hall, lluMV orchestra. I'uldie. invited.* Hotmi oookltiK' wile. Tea Htore, Huf- tirrtuy. Hocreil Heart Yoiins l^ult«!«,* Mrn, f". «<>i,of Coleta. 'vwn.s a smokeless and odorless. Just the thing to take the chi 1JU oft a-room removed fro ma -$ tove.—Whew-you purchase a stove save time and money by coming to Wail lor our Bifl PJemonslration October 23d to 28th inclusive. "THE BIG STORE" ^ THEROYG* Our Big Truck Delivers and Scii Up y iere. 0 STORE "THE BIG STORE Undertakers and Funeral Directors FURNITURE-PIINDEKTAKIMO (•"rexli neleeted hulk i;yst«TH to.ntor- rovv. Hron.» rejitdrnff. "Miv; !*; U: lift!. 1 .Air.'and Alr«. lioo\. BOY IS MISSING William Thomas IIUK returned ln>ine from u eHtt. trip to Anderriofi. Ind. Car loud of I'etir'x-'-JiiKtirt. Call jit Van Drew & Co.. Kok l-'nlls.* Grunt Wilrnun of rropiietwtown, Hpent vV't*dn<?*tlrt.v <-«lllnn ott frlendii. . Chop. Davis, <if MorriHon, was liere Thursday. . • Mr«. Archie Newton, of T>i'T\ir»i. IH H|jcm]ltiK « few dayr, here with friend*. Ida Hrn'Kliiim. of'1'rophetntown, >ei'it' Wetlne.silay—tu-i'e Will Doyle's IMtatoeH are here \Vedr.eMUiy with fn-iint.i in Col--t;i. They were accompanied hnm.-'l«y Ms i. ,lilivsa •iriihd. who w.lil spend the ic- ttUliudt-r nf Use \veeJs V,i>n tll'-ni. ...Mr. and Mr*...N._A, .Thomas, Mr. and Mix. Will Thoin.'Jj*, '!eot(,-e Thoin.i.s and Mr, Jin*! Mr,< {•"., K, Stuhh-r.- inoton-d '' fo Mi; (*arr«>Tt day. Nice line of End -Hi* t.ife. * 'J.H. I fie-.-, i J.', of (lisi ciiy, aii'" N.0. VANSANT -Attorney at Law State Bank Building JACOB GANTLIN " 5';. farm loan*. Prepayment privilego BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. ay'Tittil Spent Uie- ln , .'\;.'ii,!t : ,l H iii TMJ ' I had eiiJcd her lit'e I I'ee.-. ""'' "" \Vfi,.. t <n?iui-,l,i iitntned home from it >i c ii'tl" 1 tiS~ Ino11ici' Uoiil'iiiK tli'o tlu- ill da.NH In-fore, l.rick.;^" 1 *""""" 1Ut '' . . . KI-.IKL imi-erial, ,,jiA,.m,,. nip.; 1 ; '"'"" " r ii! «'..-.iinei,i »t the hands l«y, l>ln« label, cream cliei*o, n.-ujchatcl i of her hii?d'<,in>i. It-' >nnlit iir> l,.:»nil ' «• -a'p -d amid a MARTHA FRY, :~ The Sterling Chiropodist. MKS. EMMA GRAY, First Clitxs Chlropodial wlth o Mi«M Fry. HOW. 4th St. -Bull Phona 837. R REAL ESTATE LOANS Firit Mortgage Invcatments c.uefully selected Farm Mori- K.'IKCH repteHent* tin; hij4he»t type .of -»<fcurit.y. Th<r" income Is • ureaier than that of any other 1 n \' ful oienl »>JTi-l'i rii* a I* M n 1 O safety. Interest and principal rrr rfr J tl»t> nolith Hide of the liver, for llferc JM no current at thtit • place. The car In eouslderahte of a curiosity nnd' it •will he worth tho time for inspection. *£:-;Jti»y I'hPlps,- deputy warden, will 1>e no titled, »oim> tlmo today when the car _»1U EtiaclL FINDS MEXICAN MONEY. I.ouiw" Mantleld, of l-«a«t Colonist, i found u. - Mcxlcaifti hill Wednesday on . TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY On Out; 13, |»is, ihu first s#j<sion of the first' StfUe L^glHluture adjourned at Kn«kuskla, r Buy Men's Winter Overcoats $5.00 lo $30, i, , „ V -7- -• / . __ . _- way to the HterlinK college, The rarity JIH It la of. the dynomimition of, the mi 5 and Was Istttieil hy one of the Kntvrn- meiitii 4n—power.—W«4—there i« link 1 thought of Its only us ti ;' very vnluublo. The bill is 14 bout ill* same size n» hills of; the. United NO SERVICE SUNDAY. There will he no Hf;rvieet« at the First Tenth Htret-t «nd Second uvenue, next Sunday, tVj. l&th. The iKiHtiir will ch;itst"of the tt«.rvlciiJi «t l»eth, 111,, on that day. Sutuhty, Oct. S3. {it'rmiin services in th«» forenoon ut 10:30 ttud Hervlces In the ey- ut 7;«H». All ur<» heartily invited ~* tho (J track. <'ome nnd"«e<» the.m.* Mrs. \V. 11. .tt|i|juld w«nt to l>«veit- porl Tho'rHduy for a few d«y«* visit. Mrs. S.-K. Itoyer went to ('hicuKo today for a Hhort vinit with frlendn Mr*. A. A. WolfetsperKi-r and <tntu;lv- Hrr;—~Wi*!rt—1 -.t-trrrr-— went ~"Tn who from liie .National j in,,', 1 In- M»U thrcati ' • I lie—nhi't-l' ; 1,1 end h)H ow II i, Thuruday for a shorn vl(*)t. w. lirodericK, who IUIM neen to attend the««e services. ..,. MORE flUAILS SEEN. !. 'H, l.iuudvr, Ow maohlnti shop man, ! vvhV> llve.s at the- tipper end of-.Twelfth javenue, wiys for mune tJaj'H a pair of j yiitniK (]iiaii hav« heen coniinK up to : hisi ehiefceu yards and have heen 'feed* j in'g with the rest of htu ehlekeusj ..They tare n litt^hit shy, hut will, eat with lonVesilio fowls* if they tire, not ' awjiv FRACTURES RIB. Dennis Drew, one of the well known uniK mei'r.of Harmon, Nu.stained u i fractured rih yeaterday while- wreat^ Tiiiir in a fncTully way with Wuyd Oon- .-•iiline. of the. same, village. The attending physician Ktatea that the Injury ix not *?eri6u.s hut painful, and it will^lav'iiim up from hard work.for a f-hort jiine. » ' . „ MRS, REED* OPIERATEO ON. Mrs. Charles Heed wa» taken to-the I'ui'lic Hospital Thursday morning .for nil opvr.iMon,. 'Sh-.- h.'in iif-en ill for year ;jiui a half, hut' could ^jot f-U.-iitd, ti,e opfrutio^i hefore. Whe is I frit-n'dM In ' ChlcvKO. for the jmut two weektf lias returne4 home, MixH ,lr;.i.i!e Jones hilH UfOepted U pon- itlon at the J. K. Cliester Dry tio«d« Slore. Mrs. Hert Viiughn, of Moline, is B|>endl»K « few iiayft'wjtft i^ Mr. and Mr«, W, M. Kluta*. Mr, und Mr«. Kinm LOUK left Tuesday for I.uiicqamr. >'a.. for H» <?xtemled vl»- It with r«lati vex and friends.' John Mulnlx arrived homo Wednesday eveninj; from a four we«sk»' bu«l»- news trij» in Canada. W» imo Y un HontPii'a high grade chocolate for our hot chocolate-. Illinois C'andy K.Uohen.* Mr«. F, \V. Kskey went to Chicago Thursday to vintt with her HOII, Dr. V, H. KHkcy. , Mr. und MfiJ. Ji4in lioyd, of Murri- BOti, njieiit Wednesday evening In this "''' Kindei«;,rten collet at Chica K o fast i , i(V ; ||nf •„,„,,„„„.,, .,.., n ,,,i,i,, K |,a« »«.en I year, and WUH a wanted a nentor «-ho|. J t , Utl , ;|tl „„„ n-KHU-H helio^e he ^t>hi|> for the primary ileparimcitt of j (l ; ifi '' hf _\ ,, J,J H pr»mt»c : 1 , h»'in tieen elected of the senior WON DIRECTOR'S CUP, Jlolme«, til Chicago,; Is s|ienillnc (lu» last few duysVif Mrs T'asil Inlhin -won the I Mr.eeAor r* no. at the handicap »;olf touninment vacation nt the lionie <>f Mr. and .Mrf, j Wednesday afieim.-oii at TUT- Cotiinry i T, F. Fjlltne on. Histh Av«. M»HH UoUnfs|eltili hy dcfe4tUu< Mia ; Arthur \Vhe*l- j has Just returned from Denver, Colo., jer two niroliCN in Oie play off. Philip H, Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 Uwrenco Bldg. JOHN M. STAGER Law Office Stagvr & Stager i Cuts Fond of Nsedlcs. ! seem to has i* it hah!! of swnl« < e-n the truck* . '•', j tu a veUTiniii'.v hospitnl nun'ciln;,' with ; •H'rt.'.dancing, school will ,he pi>en'; u cou^li. the <hu ; (or nhMi.v«i loi>l»>» for » - t il\'i! and J*'4tUnlJl V.* for all i.eunu» i neeilliV 111 one ilisl; lire Ihii'lol' Chllil.vt.! where aln» spent the fore. j»'art of her vecatlo.n touring the wt-st, . Carload of i,'<.»'d winler .'»i j READ THE WANT ADS, H, T. FERGUSON ——-wyeaTM Nut 4 to 6 per cent Exempt from income T LOANS INSURANCE 310 L»wrtno» Bldg. Sttrllnfl,, ill. .. Mr. and Mi'K,. Paul June, of I'roph- wttttown, attiMid the. •• Kites'" party AVcd- nexdnv eveiiin'c _ ; - . - ! — car Xe\v York Imperial, npides* on' Q truck. Krulay, Hand i>l«-Ucd. Ji. ' " Virginias, '*' r^KUd t» lii'-gtumf; alonj; as well •could he cx|». vtcd'. ; • ' CHOIR REHEABSAL. Att nicntt!cr,t of the-%'trtirth Kreet AJ. K. ehtirch choir :».(•»« til-Red to "be present .at 'ri'i;tdar iv!n-ai'«al this* ev-' I'lHUi;. In the abuMice of l-rof, Hit'c, J!. NEW HARDWOOD FLOORS,' !-.i «,.u v . A. f. C,,K..,; ;.|-..i h-r\i'ni: th'.'ir - t;UTHt*f : tAfi Mr. and Mrs. Matflii Andrea* -lei't this moirtiug for Worthington, Minn.. -fttr a—HVTT—Wrr'tornTiql—irt—rtm Ut iiheu i 1 loltiC... ;• •ed prices oTi nil Milhimrs 'C.h'Idreii'H hat.-. At ,\iumtiing * 4<'U'Mx. i'li! 1C. :5rd Direct.* Lo-nuhii- ,lei-,>ey M\\CI l pol.'iloe«, T Ibs -Tit; -m Hloddaid Utos". it.,,., sr.c..-- . Boy« tthoi'H uu sale at It .IS, Klllen V I'eleix .* ".'•'- 1/jjiu v toni^hi. Woodittfti"hail. llnllV ori'he^tiu, I'u:i!it: invilt-ftr-i.., . . • . , ^vli,s:ie# ' M.eHssa 'Cooper and MtuJv Anmuld have returiud to tlu-ir • hon'ic in'.Davenport. ]u.. after alten'ilintt, tlH* iUllu- U\) at \Vopdmaii Hall of .sjerlimr, elates i o f x i>w y<irk o|yru(ed on n «il Io iv- j Kl'eo S wi!l' r»i Ur ' l lv«n f S onv !)-".•' to"'!'''' II10V ° wlml " '"''' tliol| K |lt ' WttH """ '" <<U " i All'-aie^lnllaliy Svhwi tolucn-l^ j ''"'j"' 8 »*»«»• IUlt "'" cuC« life, wits ; ari'iui^* your crwwd and come up lAiul'j Nivi'd. i- . . j learn the new ste'm and etijoy the sort* \ •" ....'.,....,,.u,. - '..u. '.-•- ial dunce, i'ochran'« orchenUU.. in- }•'. • ... . _ ,'. - .strueUon« y«,u can get in the T»ini Individual Drinking Clip*. fltt,'* and only tho moM proper daw- ! 11»> «)ny of tin?,common drinking cup j nig allowed on tho floor.* j 5n sihout pnsl. However, tliecc-iire | VN'old /OeelvtMl U.V"The Vi.iVette fj'om iJ*oItH«^>hi('e.^i Wlllol) JH'I'Hlut Jtt U»' I'mtV Ilei'-ihlii.-.'!!) in < 'hit atro i tlcw. Oiii.' dl|»[ier or cii|i to MONEY TO LOA On Farm Lands. I have arrangement! • for unlimited amounts of Money for Farm Loans. Lowest rate* of intpr- • cat, prepayment privilege*! and quick confidential action. . W, A. BLODGETT, Morrison* the jU train cany-1 ontJmrstuili'ut jH'tly l«thivr«,'tiKou w. m#-Col l.ovvdcii and t.h.ft «tat>.' caudi-1 KO tunny tMldK utid other <llsieti!*e;j arc'; ' * " ^ •----"--— - jiiiHIct .HidoH.Miniy on ThuiHday, i», i". | eUJIdreu. hulivldiiul 'drluUlii}.' VV i 11 • Illvt K t^ t\\O "'Lllt.litHtll'ii *•* t iJ! 'S 11 ' • " " 4 ii * ' ' , , , '. '" , ' oiik'hi to tin iiihlMfcd upon In jill of our» vya* iinuounced the 1 «ither day tlutt ; »•.-•• titopw would not Uw made u\ l'rt>plH*tK- ! town 'and Krie hut »iwce the iUni.-rar.vj. nude out tTToKc tw»> ~- Van H.>.)U(<"i"j< i'i" i'!ic ji-;t eh'i a.nd \V. 4,U- a!Ui of !)HrHtl.i>' utd ci-ii!< ; tl on >u"tv" t«'< T-unpico i 'iilii:'l. i f ii!i.;'l:ii.<t r'.iic, ,1 1 ..-•.' I! • . I'iWii added aini wtops will h,< made tjsete.' Ii Mill In- .ImpoSsfUde -to 'inaUc \i(>ai.u and'in uider. to' do that .'Ui i-x- Ira t'i.ip wr.uiii have to lu« made i'loin iAiiini! and Hick over thu ttune i>,»ue ^tar, \\'a<5 :, (wif.Nl'v'ii .-uul'the lyli^Mt iiH>d-" - t-fu. .'t.uiv«..-s*«.i-|. ; ».'• Alr«-' H,. I-' U<iKv t Jus stu<Uc.. ;>"'.> \V, 3rd street.. HeH- phone) faiu-y 444'- W.* " - ''-' ' .- '• ' JKon ' When the Cai.(» : Is t Arhllratlon J«. ii'a!,-»lfy most nee*rod lieu tibitichiiJ.V .let iaicw tlutl ilt'ere-is l.iM '••,<!' in Ihoxe ,1 K Can.dil!* &• .! \'v BANKRIJPT SALE , ll Day Satiirdi*v and ..Saturday Kyvning.. Htofk «»i' liar<lwai'i'. aiiti cutlery OIMH)^ ni ih« «iii-. ijo- Har(i\vart>" S(f»r«' wiU )M» sohj at j»tb.a<«' --*il«' A Few of •:|'".'l't ili;4'i'Ut>ih, -tJH^oiilif :!.•«',,;, lotl.ti 1 ';i •liA'U' "' I •'{(.'I', -ll ' ; V *: i'«.» — • It}' I ii4 •» --,Ji4t'H,..- :-., „. I.,'.... ? iiMiiul Mnvt* money .n Hirst* and 4805 1916 EBONVCUBE Cannel Coal >* nul > Great Fuel lor Grates this rliiUi^t'iihK 1 Urtolit'r \v,fatl»tM\ -~> (liv i- it a tri<*l. \\'c will t'.u'riii-li von any ((ttaiililv you ti<'M» lion Co. Tl)Friirhi place to biiv your ilace to bi|v yourl4iijliI)(T ct. ru<

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