The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on December 20, 1964 · 6
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 6

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 20, 1964
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fi-A THE MIA HI HERALD Did Promoters Find Loophole For ‘flew Nations’ Off Coast ? sbe'f ove- wruch they have sere juriscLcticn Both the State Internal Improvement Fund and the State ttorne General's office acknowledge the reef are outide Florida water In the meantime three other promoters beside Acme revealed th’s week that they had no intention of abandoning their own plans Each c aims 'he legal right to develop the reefs on grounds they are covered by no laws and therefore not violating any CLAIMING FIRST jumo on the reefs is William T Anderson 4029 SW Second St who says hs plans go back to 1956 “At that time" he said "there was a standing offer of a million dollars cool cash to anyone who could get legitimate gambling " Anderson who used to wrork as a land buyer for the federal government got some navigation charts and studied water depths around the coast of Florida “I thought we could get something going around Dry Tortugas” he said “but I hit all kinds of snags Then he settled on the reefs just off the South Dade Coast He ran ad in London paper asking if anyone would claim ownership Nobody did “It s just like finding a wallet on the street with no identification and no claimant It belongs to the finder" said Anderson Later in the Orange County (Orlando courthouse he filed an option to sell the reefs to a group for 250 million dollars "That s how Larry Vita and his crowd came in" said Anderson He said he got some cash on the deal but nowhere near the 250 million which was to be paid out over the years Vita is a Fort Lauderdale houseboat builder of Surfside 6 fame IN AUGUST of 1963 Vita announced he was going to move som® elaborate barges to the reefs lash them to pilings and open a plush private dub and gambling casino With that State Attorney RiCtiard Gerstein said he would file suit to stop such an operation He ordered his Charle Silver Bay State to Get a B PETER S RICHARD BOSTON — (UPI — Edward W Brooke hopes the day will soon come when the narion thinks of him a the Republican attorney general of Massachusetts not a the Neg“o attorney general of the fate He knows this will take time but he is encouraged by indica'ions that the voters and the press tn Massachusetts at least no longer aie corcerned with his racial ancestry Brooke won a second term as attorney general by 91-310 votes while Democrat Lyndon B Johnson rolled up a 1236695-vote margin in the state The racial issue apparently played little part in his Nov 3 triumph His opponent State Sea James W Henm-gan Jr was a Bostonian of Irish descent and the Irish are the dominant bloc in Massachusetts Brooke did well in Italtan-A me r lean sections where some thougnt ie would be hart by the fcn-election indictment of Democratic former ftov Foster Furcolo the undav Dnc 20 14 Elaborate Development for "Silver Isle’ ownership filed in H orhl Court s'aff to start searching the law for some legal basis for future action In the meantime Vita said he was dropping his plans temporarily Anderson wd Vita was stopped by Army enginwrv and still is arguing with them over jurisdiction Last week Vita said his plans are still alrve and he is conducting some negotiations in Washington over them Anderson said Vita has the barges built and waiting in Right and Son Dick iorate Edward W Brooke it'll take time state's first Italo-American governor His success also must be attributed partly to his political ssill He is onlhant handsome and personaoie He dresses impeccably and smiles quickly He conveys a feeling of intimacy Brooke 45 has worked with considerable success to ran the attorney general s office as efficiently as a private law firm But the achievements that have mad the most lasting u Fort Lauderdaie But he said Vila has dragged hs feet so long he s about to cancel the agreement and took for someone else to help in the development of the reefs COIPLE OF weeks after Vita unveiled his plans for the saltwater gambling hall Charles Silver of Coral Gables and his two sons took a boat out to Triumph Reef jumped overboard planted a piluig and posted a sign on it Claim Reef 'Sitter Isle' on huze map Negro Governor? impression on 'he voters have been the dozens of indictments returned against top Democrats and Republicans by grand juries to which Brooke presented evidence Brooke will make no commitment for 1966 but he is careful to leave all possibilities open including a head-o n contest with Volpe Though Brooke and Volpe have made a “marriage of convenience” m public their personal relationship is not warm Brooke said Barry Gold-water’s candidacy did not make him think there was no longer any room for Kim in the party Brooke refused to endorse Goldwater 'The Republican Party has not always been what the 14 convention said it was Historically it has been the party of freedom equality and emancipation — the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt It took a new road in 1964 which I could not travel but I'm tryirg to put it back or a road I can travel" Brooke said Man o b ten Iri feel declaring ownership He named the piace Silver Isle He then filed with the state Internal Improvement Fund an elaborate engineering sketch showing a development that included houses hotels a golf course The trustees of the fund repued that the federal government had jurisdiction and the s'ate did not consider anyone had any basis for irakng a pnv ate claim to the reefs Silver Mil he still plans to develop the reef and charge that the other promoter are claim jumping He said he has filed ownership with the World Court and United Nations besides advertising in local papers Anderson however said he already checked with international lawyers who told hm neither the L'JN nor the World Court established property rights m international waters ACME the latest arrival on the reefs is unknown to Anderson Silver or Vita Records show its president to be Louis M Ray however Stiver said he is a builder in the Titusville-Orlando area who once aporoached him with a deal Silver said he turned Ray down because he didn t feel he had sufficient financial backing Sta'e records show orher officers of Acme as Wilfiam Fred NaIy vice president and James D Sims secretary’ Acme s address filed with Armv Engineers is that of an Orlando law firm — Fishback Davis Dominic and Troutman Charles Davis of the firm wrote the fund last September to inquire if Triumph Reef is in international waters The state replied that it was outside the three-mile limit but ‘would be under the jurisdiction of the appropriate federal agency ” Queried in Orlando Davis said he did not know the details of Acme's plans but reported that Ray lives in Monroe La In Monroe Mrs Ray reported her husband was out of town ‘He just got interested in this ” she sad "so he probably can t tell much about it yet" ANDERSON who claims he started all the commotion views it with a mixture of amuement and disgust "It's the smell of money that s got everybody so excited ’ he said “I myself” he added “am not interested in the gam-blng " In his dea1 with Vita he reserved 60 acres for an international skm diving resort which he would like to develop If he ever got the $250 million he said he would give most of it away “1 ou'd be amazed” said Anderson “over some of the offers made me The only trouble is that the people had more ideas than money" Bes des gambling casinos the proposals included an international bank with numbered accounts an abortion clinic a free port a fashion center featuring the models of foreign designers a wholesale whiskey outlet When he staked his claim Anderson appropriately-named his project “Atlantis Isie of Gold" Though he admits his plans might flop Anderson predicts the reefs will be developed someday by somebody Either a an Isle of Gold or as a Silver Isle he says ‘a guy who can figure the right angle can make a lot of dough” Brooke's stunning victory coupled with his charm and ability and membership in n rare which moderate and liberal Republicans want to court has thrust him onto the national scene Many see him as the first Negro governor in the nations history others as the first Negro senator since reconstruction davs Fraectas Available Seveo! eackisiv franchise territories stiH avadobie for RADAR sentry ALARM an electronic device that offer Foil-Sole protection ogomst burglary vondoiism holdup fire and equipment mot-function If you quolrfy minimum investment $296500 secured by inventory No franchise fees Trowed Represent! ve wd! help you set up your business Write or Phone m confidence RADAR SENTRY ALARM 301 2 L Robinson Ave Orlondo Flo 424-8234 Soldier Win War With US Army They Let Hun Out Vwm wl Tiw Win BONN — Pvt Scott Bur-cheil has won lus wai with the US Army The US seventh Army admitted defeat and capitulated to Pvt Bureheil's unconditional demand for a discharge Pvt Burchell 23 will go home to Reno Nev where he will be divorced fmm the Army e'ght days hen-'e Pvt Burrhell adapted the late Mohandas K Gandhi’s non-violent civil disobedience precepts to a campaign of military disohedience coupled with a hunger strike and the strategy worked He defeated the Army by refusing to eat wear a uniform work drill or do any kind of soldiering For that matter he declined to do anything except as ore of his officers explained “Just he m his sack and loos at space ” The sack and the space were in his temporary quarters better known as a cell in the military stockade at Mannheim West Germany He said his philosophy was against soldiering and that a manifesto he had wTitten on the subject was being circulated to other pmioso-phers congressmen Army chiefs and folksmgers At first Burchell only took a little water now and again Then the medics prevailed on the soldier to let them feed him intravenously They also got in a quick daily check on hi condition — heart pulse temperature muscle tone He started out as a 6-foot ISo-pounder Within a few days he was honing down toward the 165 pounds he now carries But his loss of weight rate was not as speedy as might be expected The Army says Welensky Resigns as Party Chief SALISBURY Rhodesia — (UPI — Sir Roy Welensky the burly ex-premier of the Rhodesian Federation resigned Saturday night as leader of the opposition Rhodesia Party The 5T-year-o!d Welensky 's resignation could end the career of one of the most dynamic colorful and controv ersial politicians m African history 1 In a letter to Party Chairman J A Clark Welensky said he resigned because of ill health and because he fould rt “impo-Sible” to lead his party while he held no seat in Parliament Welensky lost a parliamentary by -election rn August to end hts attempted political comeback The Rhodesia Party ts the leading white opposition to the government of Premier Ian Smith which has indicated it might seize independence from Bn tan m an attempt to perpe- tuate its all-white rule Welensky s retirement was considered certain to fragment the party and weaken the campaign against a unilateral declaration of mdeoendenee Gtensl PRINCESS 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