The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 30, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 5
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We wish to thank our Friends and Patrons For Their Hearty Support during the Holiday Season. PROTECT YOUESELP AGAINST LOSS of papers and valuables by renting a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX $3 THE YEAR Bakersfield Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. Church Names New Officers The annual business meeting of th« church people of the Pilgrims Congregational Church, which was held last evening was attended by a large number of people Interested in ^the welfare of the church. Besides the election of officers, plans for future Improvement of the church were discussed. It was decided to have oak pews placed in the main auditorium and the basement is to be fitted with a cement floor and a kitchen and trustees' room are to >e partitioned off from the main assembly hall. The whole cost of tho proposed Improvements will amount o $600 and the annual budget for running expenses for the coming year will amount to $1125. The following new officers were elected: Clem, Mrs. G. A. Eddy; treasurer, Mrs. O. R. Quackenbush; Sunday school superintendent, Mrs. Katherine Knudson; trustees, R. F. Coates, B. B. Anderson, C. P. Burrows, R. O. QuacK- enbusb, P. D. Mills. Outside the regular church officers a business men's committee was named, consisting of the following: C. N. Sears, P. D. Mills, B. E. Anderson, R. P. Coates, A. W. Marlon, A. W. Me- Rae C. I Burrows, J. B. Smith, J. F. Kaar ,G. W. Croy, G. G. HutchlngB, R O Quackenbush, Chas. Premo and . . M. Watson. CAL1P+BNIAN KERN CITY PERSONALS} The Fraternal Brotherhood will Initiate four candidates this evening in the K. of P. hall In Kern. .1. E. O'Toole and O. L. Harris are up from Los Angeles visiting friends. Ed Tolar is expected up from Sim Pedro tomorrow morning for a short visit. Al Kink, who ran a null in his foot some days ago, is able to be around again and expects to return to ins work In the oil fields In a day or two. Orval Janes Is expected home from Lemoore in a few days. Miss Hannah Stlber Is confined to her home with a severe cold. A. M Hunter returned yesterday from a visit in Los Angeles. V/alter Staples is confined to his home on account of illness.. O. R. West returned last evening from Fresno. Officer O. 3. Meade went to Fresno yesterday. . „ . Mrs. Stramler has gone to Los Angles for a short visit. Parker Barrett and son Percy have returned to their home in Marlcopa after visiting for a few days in town. Mrs. J. W. Jasper and daughter Thelma, who have been visiting Mrs. Jasper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Ryan, returned yesterday to their home in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Riddle are entertaining relatives from the east. Mrs. ePte Baptiste of Tulare is visiting friends in Kern. Mrs Jack Nelson and son Thomas are up from Mojave for a few days visiting relatives. R. L. Beekman of Randsburg is a visitor in town. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1908. RESOLUTION OF INTENTION No. 145. Resolved That U is the intention of ie Hoard of Trustees of tne Cltv of Likerstleld, State ot California, to or- Bakersfleld, State ot California, to o der the toilowini; sewer work to b done In th? said Cltv. to-wit: To construct e following s ttcularlv as follows, to-wit: c i U tti j on nav^iv.>.*•""»»• • »'o construct n slx-lncTi sewer alone i the following .streets and alloys, par- Comniencir.K at a uolnt twentv feet, west ot the west line ot Chester Avenue. In the center oi the allev between Kourteenth and Fifteenth Streets: i runnine thence west.along the center, line of said Rlley tind across all intersecting streets to a uolnt tweutv-teet east of the east line of 0 street. Also. Commencing at a iiolnt. twentv feet west ot the west line of Cnester Ave— ,_ .t-_ —.... _. .,._ n r)ey between in the center 01 the ifteenth and Fourteenth Streets, the Ilk (Jlltl l'V7l*llCV:**V »* tsii ^ v 1 rj. i n unnlnt: thence west along the center nu of • said alley and across .ill intersecting . streets to a point t\venty feet east of the east line of "G street.! Commencing at a nolnt twentv feet, wn-t-ftf the went line of Chester Ave-| mie in the center ot the auev between f »« VI f nnv. In \ 4t*im*ss n H rl 'Pill ft n* iTl* h . Closing Out All '08 BICYCLES Avenue and TmrteenthS Street, running thence west n'onc the center line of said allev und, across all ORANGE TREES JOT. ^ ^ L. V. Olcese went out to visit his orange trees in the orange belt last evening and found that they were not damaged In the least by the recent heavy frosts. JUDGE BLACK TRIES CASE. in;i iim; KL oaiti uutjT out.* !*»..• WOCT «»i> i frsecting streets to n point twenty ,v..'t enst of tne east line of "G street. A f HO Commencing at a nolnt ten feet west' of the center line of "H. Street and 132 feet south ot the south line of Fif- .~..- ....,- — .,.«. Ine or said aflev to a notnt ten feet west of the center line of said "if* . . Comniencine west of the west Ol \Jl L»Jt. TT *. the center nor-or I k at a oolnt, 285.25 foet t fine of "F street and of Fourteenth street: al Commepcline nt of th sitor in town. the center Mr and Mrs. D. \V. Tolar, who have teenth and miccm-i.. < been'visiting their daughter. Mrs. B - ^fnil^U. aoSaffl McClure for the past three or four {ft> rtc «»f e \. ffnt SP'ty- i .. ..._« n ^i + rt tl*£klT> lif\Tno in SRn l V»T*\monr»mt» fl.t n IV + 1 Well Borer. Work Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. Judge Black tried the case of Ardizzi-Olcese Company vs. A. O. Searles in Judge Marion's court and rendered judgment of $28.70 in favor of the former. The plaintiff was represented by C. I... Claflln and the defendant by Rowen Irwin. - « . » -INSPECTED TRACK. General Superintendent It. V. Platk came up from Los Angeles yesterday on No. 107 in his car the "Los Ange i les," and in company with a number of local officials went out on the Sun- day.e returned to their home Pedro. . C, A. Frear of Los Angeles was In town today on business. , Road foreman of engineers, R. a. Goble, Is in town. Mr and Mrs. C. M. Fleming, who have resided in Kern for the oast two years, expect to leave soon for Sunset to reside. SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICIALS HOLD MEETING IN KERN. The managers of the bureau of .n- ilosives of the Southern Pacific neia i meeting this morning in the super- ntendent's office, the purpose being o discuss rules and regulations gov- •fnlng the transportation of explosives and other dangerous articles. Among those present at the meeting were C. H. Jasper of Visalla, C. H. Bagley of Los Angeles, O. W. Arm ten feet jv.est of iv v-»-»4id n»»^ u. » StTGGt. AI HO, Commencing at,a uoint twentv feet west ot the wes.t the center ot a li fornla Avenue and J ruru running themce west alon t'st line o the ,alle\ and Th, stree iv between et in Call- lirteenth street. ,e. the """ „. said allev to a i>0'".L.t, vest of the center line ot F i; line of vest Al ie center •n feet street. All set branch this morning to Inspect the new Sunset Western Hayden Furniture Co. iL ear in Mind ! tv 'feet 'Co'mir.'.'ii' ing at a point'tw south ot U:' 1 south line ot >-.m.v street and len feet west of the center line of "F" street running thence south ten. feet west of the .center Tine of said "K" Kl reel to a south of the cent!".' Avenue. To construct an . line , feet .tornla ht-Ili.' 1 *' scwet _ is. inn J"ular as IOIIV\Y!~ to-wit'. . . Commenclnu at a nolnt U-n feet west of I o conKtriK , alone the lolowinir str<" Iv as follows to-wlf. Commencing at a noin. .^.. .^~~ of tho center line ot "M ••'•':'"<:\ fii»'}. 1<!2 feet south of the south i'ne ot Thirteenth street, running thence south t.-n feet of the center lint' pi Hiiid "H" street to R point twenty leet south i ot the center line 01 California ave-; $46.00 Bicycles, now $35.00 $30.00 Bicyclw, now $25.00 $25.00 Bicycles, now $20.00 Positively this reduction open only for a few days. «£?F Edison phonopraph lloadqtiartcrs. A complete line nhvnys in stock. Hnvfl vour old phonograph pcjuippiMl with nttnch- merit for playiiiR both 2 and 4 minute records. I ean do it for yon. I 1mve nil sizo ntlach- ments on hand. GEO. £ SNIDER "ToniY>i"iK'In!i at a nolnt twentv foot south of the center line of C.jiHtornla Avenue anil ten feet west of the con- tor line of -H ' street, running tlienco west twenlv feel, south ot ihe center line of suld Caluornia avomio tja !.10 al the center Hno.cjf QJp : Phones Main 295 and 1185 958 Baker Street, Kern, Cal. JJUjjicrj' \JL J-rj" **»- 0 —» , a -n stead of Hanford, A. B. Allen of BaK- ,,,,, •-—•;;—;; ersfleld, M. D. Murphy of Ventura, £"«! sid'o nmln W S. Cautlron of Santa Barbara, T. | H ower of the CHv ot F/Bresnahan of Fresno, M 1 . W. Jones I 1 1 V ia. A "Hoosier" cabinet will be given away on New Years' Day to one of our customers—come in and we wili explain just how to become the winner of this valuable article. See the cabinet in the window. !S°lllfuiH«nripr anv onev or damages .demanded In the .mflcet* ut3uiu"v»^^ -r-. ..j arlBlne unou contract to the. Court ocontr Complaii id. tTie _s; ,^L. ui , other ..nt., soal P of Mojave ana T. H. Williams, gener al station and train Inspector of the southern district.^ DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that all persons owning and keeping dogs within the limits of the Town of Kern, that license tags for the year 1909 are now ready for delivery at the .office -a* the Marshal, and on and after the 1st day of January. 1909, I will proceed to impound all dogs found running on the streets that are not wearing tue license tag for tho year 1909. 139 C. P. BADGER, Marshal. SUMMONS. .. tion oi lilt 1 fornlit. Ci)unt v bierk , The nia st'ii. fondant. You in an tbe a. nerlor Stale oi v_ainoiinn. <n"i •- .,,, |s'!SSi,,K«£!6^H,S"«' Jamii-holea'to be ed at the foil One. locate i.u'o penif-nt. Tho UiicUnesH of walls shall be eieht Incjuw utul twenty feet west Cnester avenue fin, of so ev '0'- iiiles in tne siiiii waiiB snail ue UIBUI mu «--o '•>"••(•- descvibeii saiil I uirni siiall be a uirncui«i\ von?. • lie idand construct- bottoma shall be formed| o^^.concrete lints, to-wlt: und the ton of the concrete -dull lie on t of the west i a level with the Inside,.bpltoii, .il t e In the center "ewer ulue. The foundation shall bo , „ *. -.. .^ .->„ t*/- 1 m»- I « f .*«>.A>»,l rvf rti'inft'«I it "111(1 KM tl 11 I'fc' Une, nf* loi It;t3\ t>V)Vkv»t v^» \.iiv. Y V •-• , "ifteep"th street nnd on Oie center One ten feetlvest of the center line •^•H" street and 1S2 feet south of the >uUi line of Fifteenth street. One, twentv feet east of th -,, VT* "rs" utropt nnn the ce*-' teent , of said street a „. the east the ce'-'T line between Four- Thirtee One irteenth and Fourteen s. ne 132 feet south of the south line of Fourteenth street pntl on the cen- > tho co«tor.llnc of l "¥r i8 Vr I «'nm,lT:ii/r;rt HofifKoftlie south line of h""/^,' 1 },/",^;, n,r- __ on , . .. . the too shall be _... cast iron cover with red with u olo ov urio cou il •! unuciUmH fnc sot The "18 for house. ^ v ...»*•*.•..-—• herelnabove referred to anil .Ie*crliji'< to 6e constructed, snail \ mnAa mil constructed of nrat ounlltv vitrineri salt-g azeil sewer DIDP, materials, and there ahull be Hixty-yiroo In iium»u~ nlaced In the said slxflncb sqwgr. jin fifteen in number of Bald "Ys' 1 shal f * ^T_* *Tf t— ^...iJl nl»Kt I«nti ar*wi't\** «C said . olaced In suld eittht inch Mtwor. a d r el s hereby Mtw ndicated in said rflanH. pronlo specifications Jierelnabove referred a And It . rlni-p'1. tbnt. In the onlnlon of t.h is a n< iifi,¥<- i<-i^-»red to, resolved and de- riHi-i-n. linn, in iin- ..nlnlon of lh(! said bourn 01 eitv trustenB. of said ollv. tbe said contoniiij:»te(! work and IniKrove- meiit hereiiuuiove reiorred t<> c" : ^v.'' ij ^- I..OIT. I!:;'; 1 . !;'^al . harv iiubllr li°noflt. and M Hotird of Cltv Trust i' rR ' on thu »lh Oaf Lion of . inadf to [)f i»llK(*i rjn"'>'«. tlie of "Ice o K'SVlhSTM* and re.cprd f «> of tto tot tlcc nut ,.^..»niii»"'~> IIJ »j •••••— i of intention and no- issage the-eof shall be .manner and bv tn» >ets oT o no*. llOHCeH Ol III*" iwr*7in*i»- "i .\*>»"_ 1 eSOI»i- (Ion in the n,ann..rand In. he form ouired bv law. notice to bo in ssil'l newaimne: laled as the s resolution e of the miss Dubllshed In tli^ u....,..'. ...... -^ nersons reau red bv law The sunerlpt*—, -nt of miec Bald cltv I« nerebv direoted to,of Ih?_I>BKHBW; "J A h 3« f , laillii i «imi 111 in.- i\niii ." iv. |ii!«rl to can BO a slinlltir iiiiblsHhed for six davs In lor in tho itumner reunii^ nil.rov.- , The- ..lev v'lcrU of Si'l'l ..^J;;,'« Ic I' n •mil ilc- liv dirocted to uoHt this Kiwiiuuon or ord|. nlonllon coiisoleiicHis v lor two ,^i on or nynr the., »! ' r ,, lo ;.mi . "I II' » •• i ed bv law. The Cll is bnnt <ft ilVfc ' ttft 'liird of'"rniKtc'i'S iiiii) 'to f'aiiMC tne H n n!' t.i IM- imbll«h«..l l.v two Ins..riIcmj In thi» manner V"ci\nvt>d bv r.i\\ irt s,)ifl In llu- Sum-rlor Court of .the Count v Kern Statf of Ca itpnna. H."i e AI--I-. IMuliulff. vs. Franl; nAITr , v K. MAII.EY. rnwtee ' ot Thirteenth street. teet west of the went undalos of sa torn I a ayenue an' . One 2sr,.25 feet w v ... ... .-.., line of ''K" street in the center r>f the ds, oortlona of ds IB. and afYe'r sen-ice; op ^mfoflW'Sunpions. if servecl within Raid County. 11 «<!.' !d"Count vViTserv- Associated Supply Company "O'tie ' 2S ine of "r" Street in ino cemei- ui m^ .n "v running between Kourteenth and ^BnfMSlreet west of the west line of <! F A street In Uie center of Four- Ul »- «»•* *-" * tennth street, line of west of,the we^t „ ^''-streetln f nTcenter~of tWe funning between Fourteenth and ,, Mfteenth streets. One' tw.entv fee west of the west the lots and lan narcels oT lands " IIB Of 'ithin *„, IwrtlonB"of lota, or to be assessed to oav if — >lil con- tor the Bouth e of Fifteenth street and ten feet teCrll Phones Main 19 and 1O26 STORKS AT Oilcenter, Mcliitrick ai\«i Coalinga of^'r 4 ' 1 it'feerHml "ten fecit' west'of tne oentor line of "F" strae.t. . One -41.25 feel south of the north line of went o of ( &uru!enth lJ ,s^ of the center,line of .V strict. One. lows. Jo-wit: lire descrlbucl ns follows. «>-wu Commencing at ihe Intersecilon of (he center line of Chester avonue and .(California Avonue ar • Tunning jioriB to the intcirBectlon of tho center Tlnp of Chester avenue and Fltteentn street: thence went along the canter • Fifteenth street to a nolnt .» west of the wO8t lino of ol horcbv 12-M Illl t-A-w,ll».i»' vj,».. f\ 'rustees of the C'-v of this resolution In ' 8. PI/AT55, Cltv Attorned. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT CLAIMS AGAIN8T THE ESTATE OF L. HAMMES. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. In the SunerioT Court o' Ihe Covmtw of Kern. State of fylifornia. . In the matter of the estate 01 »« bv the unrti*- the estnte ol r n« o , sree. fer-t south of the south line of Thirteenth street irtid .on i f<;«|t e center line of "F stive ; . the intersection of tb<> cmi- west "of 'tYie -center i One. at tbe (ntei.,,..... j tor lino "V -C," street and thence west, o e cener o - ander avenue, nnd &7/?fi fept north of tKe south lino of CiiHfornln avoniio: thenc<! south :iril."T» feet aloti" the renter line of qieander aveniir: tlKsnce i . *;im i ...H' C)f C)I.TUI,II.-I ."'-..*..^. ..i>'.»... least tmral el with Oiilifpriilu uveiiiie to the neuter line of "H" Htrwt. tlionce north to tne Intursoction of tho wnter lines of California avonuo ancl l5 H" street: thenco tuiHt to the olaco of C F i or n ii"morn full and. ramuloto do• ' of tho work herein coqlcm- bn .done., roforonco la ufatort »o tiM- lino 01 »i HXIHI.-I nun i ""-.;,•'• ;v. fnet Koulh "f and nar;illrl wtb th center lltv of C aliloriiui n\c iiiic • , maifn 10 on IHJHU. i-tiiuiinniti 10n<n«- OIH- ;;orv.L',i lec-t west ,of th • weht. t . A ,„ , 1( . „.,„., u)) , orofilos on in,, of "F" strcM-l and !..,'•' f"«' 1 "', I , 11 , 1 . 1 llo he offloc of tho.CUv Kuulneer >f the noinh liiKi ot Calitornlii avc'iiuo. "' - H , )(ir ,|ii C ;itlonK on fin In tho ofllco To c'oiihlnict jr.,in-lio Us in tho »; | o f ' ho Cllv flcrlt ol tho Oitv of Huk- iowers. lie.n-l.uubovc. __cl<.^i;il>eil. «.i I ' « ,, H ., j( | ,,] tt nH. Drofiles :inc HIK-C .._ned \,, Ham of, and mltnlrilBtrator o m witn w'fthln four months after tho of Ails Me at on l tit. notice to his office first nun- said ail- ho eouit tninBHctjon of ^ ••• in HaTil Korn Count v. Dated December .'M 1 . Public and ecetnt adiTiinl- of McC.INN. . Ki'in Counlv. Bstin.e or Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-~L,fMl AND 24 STREET inan-hof.i to In- locaio'l mill v el al (ho followlmr iiolnls. «>-wlt. nlii. ten fi-ot wi>«t of the c-entoi llii'i of "H" street and twenty feet south of t »• "enter line of California ixv«jnuy. One, tc'ii foet wesi ol tho ci'iiter line of ••""''stvi-ot and tw/'titv feet soiit i ol tho renter line ot California..avenue. One. 37.7.1 feet north of the HoiiMi i lino of i'aiirorni!! .ivonuo and on Hio center lino of Oleander avenue at. ho ni wht-ro snld M'wor (•oniH'ctH v,it_li ,,.,- west H de luain or the. inn-fall server of said Cltv e .shall be roust rncld'J "V«" for ,. oonnoctloiiH in Hiiid "W."';?.-... 1 " tho 11 arc's aw cli'finriuitc'd in tho DliliiB. "olilo" imci siK't-ltlcuMoiiH..iHjpijtod ijii crsh'el(l!"Biilcl 'olaiiH. Drofiles :iiiij HIK.'<' illcatlons huv.lugji«en adopted by lin siM.'fltlca} ioi. .. he 'Mb (lav of November. 1HOS. Dv Bald oai-'l of Trustees, for Hie coUMtnietlon H..,H:.l<l IllUIIK of ..'ofH of said Howe;rn. H:.•••„.••• ill OK on file 111 III'; ciflic-c • .cor anil «»'•'! the office- ol tin- • ij > «••!•' , imililo.; iincl Hiii-clllciil . i-ii" rt'ti'Fl'i'tl to illl'l S?J'iOi<ilIi tii>«--' '"' rt of' VhiH! rc-K/oi 11^0^10,1011(101,^ nd referred, to file in j IH'I fi( v a part I W .fe.l uro- Cltv '(•Vo'rk'V'Huiil (ins n rev v made' MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Oflle. Phon. Main M **** Phone ' Maln 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering -nd Repalrlnfl Neatly Don*. Goods caHed for and Delivered. Contract, taken. Office, 2027-2029 Cheater Avenue. Worki, Corner Elfthth «nd L Street*, B«ker«fleld, Cal. ,r:,,,nbejve do- ret'ei-red to Hhllll b<; e-on- of' tirKt-eiUiillty vltrlfiod salt- hereinal.e and c- >' innu-inir it u» to within ot of tin- HI reel Hiirlm-M bv ^ " J. J. MACK, Vlc» President. ^_ O. J. PLANZ, ABB!, Cashier. "BANK OF BAKERSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—8. W. Wlble. 8. KMack. J. J. Muck, J. M. Keith, L. Ougsenhime. Oenernl Bunking, Domestic »Forolgn Exchange. Letter* of Crei.t. The officers of the Ban* will be glad to give the benefit of r their «*• perlenejo or obi-erratlon to all ppenmnB desiring Information on*mat- lers ot buslnesa •

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