Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 7
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PftOB SBVEH. BATES ' 0»1 Otftf A W0»t> HJILP" WANTED—MALI W A N TRI>--f .->:! rn Ts»rb«*r tn«l»- Hi* fv-n," tv'jKy to !«•.•* ft!. n< »it"'» t,',- ?»r C-sileftes in the U. P.—;-3 bTrtrioh *,•?>,,,,;* fl{;,} p;i<<(»*». Wn!.<J f"f <"tf;1- ?'«. Tri-CHv BarbT Of-HrR.-. ;:->!. " W A XT !•; r »• <'" A H i 'KNTRftS ST ! JA f»V, (<Mn«- ,T I'.... k \--\ i\-..\ .":"»?< St. ai.d "th Avv. H-r.rv w ]<.*•.' (V. HELP WAR TED — FEMALE • • --•-! ..... -— ..... _____ i „ Tr;t>- -«ulu TMr to »!<,( > 3! >"•">. _..: - Let your nose pick your 'smoking tobacco. It won't deceive you, It will choose the best from all the rest. It will show you before* ..hs^_justj^i^io^^oj\^l give you the most pleasure — the most permanent ^satisfaction—in the pipe. Pour a liitk TUXEDO into your hand and rub it briskly between your palms till the heat and friction bring out its full aroma. Then hold it Up to your nose. Put omer tobagcos to the s^mg test-—Rub them^ustas hard-and- WA\Tf-:iV-».\ TUlI.tA!!!,); SAT.KSMAN P»W. Apply !•• I>ivti Hhlrt *'<>. or phon* 554, i'MxoTi, HI. 8^* \VAXTEi.»—MAN OVKH 3« VlwVUS ulij ft* trftii-i f"r '"•' m.'iknif; St< rllnsr, iiuii H»< Hfc-nl, Vai!f->. .M Milne. l>av«"ii|wiTt_ Vf r y titfa^rtti! t-stnJill^hi'rt t* FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE f-oitlOuac^oN^KA sT^T^i iM hTrwt t h«>un*w iu went part "f l*rlc*s fSf.'i urn! $!.(>*.'». Ouitlin, K<>ck Fall*. The Wife Should Save TTl" lif'Mi M:my !--ul.i>t;mti;il !>,«!;!% -,-n> "nttluaHy hnilf up. f t w -4-v^-t f rtttfr- rt rrrf - • jrnnrt ' "T .alcrnn iitv*--t rrrrnTTnTiT ~""!T • TT I'.AXK. f' VI-U IM oiii-i! ,'HL V ' ; iMi[ij ,'if T * * FOR HAT.E AT IVAIIHATX liMtnp o« \V«>-»t Third N!.. H,f.Mt>, \V. T. Htmif, H<tck AI.K OF KKAt; Tbf tindcrciKnod wilt ofTi r til" public .«<»!«* «s!i Fr'd.iv, <»<'t '.''», hour of 2 i. ,'ii.ji x i'. .^" ;i! th'/ farm In Xrwtoti township. Whit<'Mii|<' coiih- ty7 inmi'Kttif™""WP5t—•ftatf~nf ttiii in Xfwum fuunty. •: Ten tlal.'iHc*-. 1 when jw long- as you did TUXEDO. Let your nose get the full aroma of each. The fairer the test—the more.careful the test—the better for VkeyQQd_jdoiib.t JOT:^queslioiv^at^TUXEDO^is your tobacco. You'll know that a tobacco which is so superior in fragrance must be superior in flavor. Your pipe ''will prove that your nose-is-right-• Make the test today. It's simple — it's interesting—and it proves. int." n will }>f KJv«ni. Thm b<» K»il<t to Any further In formnHmi lliul'ion, Kni'-. 111., ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE .•4Q.ACUI-: MAIigliALh tHHJXTY fai in. *3E*hijr~ fa nil !« i»i;ut«-rt srt tliiti fiior iiilI«-K of , Mnrnhalttown. l<twn. and rnupl IIP nohi within 3n ilayn to »«»tit»» an, **tat<'. Ki»r full i»nrilfult»ri» iMf or writf. F. R Hr»rri<\ Ailinlni-i- tr«U>r or Krttl W. Carl. Mttrslialltuwtf. tOc Tins "-•« • The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe THE AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY i>f i)[v<- tnv rri cull _APPLES T *f<» TrAvVF" A nxikliiK unil •'itiiiiK aiiplrH on Vitluy or fttlunltiy. o»-t. 13-H. T!KM. «\irt,U' {itul jtt-o llH-m or II {i!u-n«. ft; 1 ; Kir. William \V. Big Type Poland China Boar Sale Cholera Immune 50 FIRST CLASS BOARS will ho sold at auclion at. Hnst Side Farm HOOPPOLE, ILLINOIS W.H. Schinleber FOR SALE-.MISaELLANEOU* ' WANTKU in Kail*. Wave a. numbfi nf hiucn-i for Hitch places. W "1" S 1 fi;«»u .SAIJ-: * n;ic'«« in rail IHM \Vt-Ht Tlilr.l Kr KOll ty • •ren nenr K«»ck Fall*. 1'ru < onf & f'anflin. Hock 5c r.f i Piirteeton. <"orn*'Il, Dartmouth and the <!lrP»> 1*1 I5F 'c»!*t. liiinoi!* iiniv«-rnity and Colgate <SnHd and-Whuf It Mrans- in n Oats ^i vl.ay " , tinlVi-ffity will hidd tho Attention of i Mr*. J. Hal Smith, a rcuirn«»d MIK-; Pork _ _^ Itiiiireat Centers In Clash * '""thall follower* when they mcvt to- i*lonhry. from Africa, .Raw a ttlwrt talk ; \"' 1 - **•'» -j *mtg*pait voMnuta »M w « '•tn'^'p'sv ?tfvrri' t/ '-n r*t t'r^"inrt. IU. j>m ilu» }u>nt>ibt|»« ««ndnr«*il bv tht* Ali»- • l>t ' ( '- ••>••''' - * ^olffttejind "" .r.p» 27-75 1 (<j»v'f bn'ii in foreign rountri««« wnd told i Jan. und']" ' ~ ar ° FOOTBALL. ^ Thls_vyjll be t ho first mr-ftinK oMH-li 1 ' noiH and tbo 4iuj<Ky euvttruerti, who ,•««« •«•••-•• •-.-.- ••-• »—- .--,,-- , ( I for Home time «upj»ort of th«- Christian pcopb* nt ' ' art'*, rnowt powerful ren* jhumc. .be counted (ir»t In: . The Evening S*uion. , . ,i«nt i After thi> opcniriK W»*JK "'•«! dovuticn- () " lo * dt- of i he i IVc. i'Jan. 15.1 a 11.2ft E«»t. Vli. l^ohlyh at Now v«. North fur.v.liia at %-s. WHHftmH at ;cn VH. TuftB at Prince- i'.S Ml li.JO 14,i'7 13.7i.> J3W 15,0? 16.15 H.15 13.60 13."i* 1 «.!»& 1195 -MKN—OUIt ir.LUSTnATKD CATA(OKU« t!Xplnin« how \vo tt-ach the baitn-r tnule quit-kly mailed free. Molvr JJarot-r College, Chicago III. * 71-t'0« 'K TO THK JTHM<*~lIortN>fter 1 will ««?irno fruit on Humlay. Kr«tl FUlla. h"4-h9» TmV NHH 1 Kt !T U J \ K ctiur»»- Hr*t tuimin-r, Fisher Hi-hixiii fonot-rt Company . M, 1;. Cliunh, Montlay j-vr-riinKr, Ort. 16, M5-S* mobiles, will pay the tduheet price 1 Also «ell all kinda of repair*. Mifte.. tha 116 Tailor. Both phone*. 3«tl i __ _call iu .Ml Wi-st Fourth-St. S8-88" I OF THANKS—I vi-h t,. licly thank thn toac-lir-r*, tllr patrons;, fric-ndx an«l uH nth«'fN whu f With thi'lr f.irni lk -t CO-CIH nilmn and j iii'lp nitukt tin- Alt. 1' «'i!in. <"arnival, )i»-ld at Hound <!tnvt', Oct. II, H wtn'CPss,—Clara H. cuslrmtvu and IX Foil griCK MAhK—Fl'R- i ! fTur<- of iin' rtiom.H, ini'ludiiiK w»ll<l *.'f. ~idi bitjird. 5-t'tnch 4-xtcnKion din- isjk. i (».;. il'iiiitM, »'ti% .VI2 Avenue C. 88-K9 :-S-AI.I; r'ir, MODEI, M OVKR- !!•! Fully «Hjuipp«.<l. ISi-ll pttonft «-!, - »S* LOST U>ST— A KCK A i*U»TH TO for b«""T~iu!ilH-r'iir«'H. i;t)3 Av«. A- -V. WilluuiiM. S6-M* cortti !>«>twe*>n J'r«pht«t«-t«<wn and Mh 'Ht_., Stt-rlirt]f.-. Id-Ward, ruuli-r Vuvi-. 7*t this offltv. JI«"itr>" T»J«'Wn ' U).ST"-1N small black msi<ft< jturx. «'<»n!alitint: $10 in hill*. Kinder n-fnii'tit Tin (!,tz<-tit v offii-*> and if'iH-ivi n-waid. Utti \»f ijanovnr, vs. W<"«t Virginia v«t. Holy i"ro»»'nt v«. "P-ltmhiirKh at Ann- i f va, N«»w Hampwhirc nl • at ill,. ! football. Lust y«-jtr <VlKato went 1 After tin-opcniriK W>IJK «nd ^^ | thrc-uiili tin* KfaKon with only onw Ue-'nl wrvleo, led by Hcv. T, A. IS.irtt.n. 1 ;•'. ( ' feat.' 1.. fuel, tin- t.-nrn wL. not womt'of Fcntosi. Mr». V. W. <>v.-rton. * t ,f. f> ' 1 - " ' _;;^ '"' ! nni^uliTV^^iwrTv'^T u'! h |iHiTy 'IM^TII^KM.^'t'T.If.'f !l.'.aJ.rtr!tu" GlHIC^GO^Td^KnyirARKlt: Ucore. Tlw Army ttnd Vab-trains were ifwi»n work and of the .work) of otirl Chicago, 111, Oct. 13. , two «tf IIB victims, Illinois j«plit th*i'mU»ionHry. Mrs. J. H;U Hmith. of Went; HOR* open rtt-ndy. I honor of bcliiK hig- nine ciuunpjon« iMt} Afrb-fl. Hho in turn rontMiH-d w'ith t U ft ovt r ..., , 4.419 i with WuiconKin, so the frtst and |» most int'en-htluK tftlk of h»-r work ( Oc-od ............. J9.EdiU6.20 j w«*»t <vill i>«« K>ndioif t«o of the mo*»t' there aniontf the nallvc«, .Mrt«. Smith |Kjw*rf«l ti-ams tiKfiinst ench, other, jln a woman full of enthtpduMn for her i IJglit. V which Iwtm't.doiie anythingjllfu work, and plainly « huccc*« in the; Hough ...... '. so far, will he Valo'» op-• foreign field. Thoso who heard lier i X'uttle... weak. • ^ iofrtfw;—and HurvarU will : wef*~Kureiy "riTiicu richer in »>jnpiiti)V' Hripcp^ steady, a hoaihrrn teai|>. North, <"'ar«T land understanding, both for thow who j Hogs ; 22.000 LANDS i*t*i^+***++r+*+f+jr*t, RICH FARM LAND IN WORTH. eaKterti Indiana. Nortb««nMOTH In- diftna oftrrx tiplrtsdid oppoituniticn 'for the' farm buyer who dt-»lrc« a fiwxt ,|uftlity of land that will rupid* ly incr*ane in value, Thix wcction of tin* hiTitt' >m<i n rich >«iii mostly tiUKar or wahutt Inam, with clay siib- PA in OK t;m,i» HI.MMKH l>ow fjlasN«-M in I'a.-n-. In two n H.M-I - M'li'jH tinniKM and Mtf-riin,; I' Id-turti to OaxMtp <jffh-<' LOST 17-JEWKL KOI: HAI.K r .-PASsK.V(;i:n UVKK- l.tnd.-vt« lint- ciiiHlitioii. LlrnoiiHino both, i'.ill (it <W llros. 88-8U Foil SAI.K-l!KHRC»<)M .SL'lflC. »S.UO. l'««4 Avi-IHU- <'.->, - hN«<H)* J •!•> i ,\ m.iii- str.un-t. Hohi Hock' Kit UK, % <»i: SAI.B I'lisny and harnesN. Ch«>«:p if at <»mv. liuiuire 604 West Seventh _ pi>;«. two different n Uro.s., -wi»«t of Wati'h. between CushmaH's rc and Acudemy. Finder have at flu- Kelt*'. Reward.' 8'S-SS 1 »<ni, jiieidinif bump«*r «T«-p*' «if i'orn, oats, wheat, ciovt-r, timothy and ftlfalfa. Wheat jiV«>ruK«»H t'» it* 4» l<usht-!« u» the acre, while corn yii'tdn 40 \'t 60 l.uwhelii to thf .-urrt-. Htork ratairu; IK ulso u i$oiirfi* of Itig protit in ltd»< Mt-Ui>n. Htmns Quality Farms ar*- tb« ch.oic»^tt farnj properties in X«rth«<iist* i rn Indiana, Th*»y are weil • i'»tadi»ilt<-rt ST»ST-'AT THl-3 Hot'K Ki V4:it rtH'.V n > i'lult. u lady n wiitrh-rm— d.iy. Reward. 'Mrs, W. H. < r«qnraunitii>« the ft»rtilily. of Uu» «•»!! in n known uuantity fronj LI rtuliancnt "at Itiiaca. aniVIViiu'i'to'. Jof the conditlonii encountered there, j Shi«cp : x ;... will RO tntii'wftftt pjx»bably vv7iT~f*<' the! The eVcnliiK clo««ttj with a WUIK by- liu^s closo 5c U.wt-r than ttame uf th'« afternoon when ii ill" J««diMs' Quurtettf and ct VH. la ' af at Ni> V*. Hinerford at New vs. r'nuiklin and ,fcilcjiigan ^s. Ml- Fnlon at Ann v» Indiana at t.'lii- c» at ^ ,-U IN- Tuft« at N'uiii' iMnu*. ttHoilH'i- high u-itru in IMO wt>!iit, v$M hunle th<« HWJJ- IniliniiH fit' Houth Jl«-nd ynd Nn- \\ill.iuikl*' tin l,jnrt»ln. . ™" ; A FINE MEETING Woman's M««ionary Institute Wat H#ld at Fenton, v«. H at South H"inl « * I v«. <Jrintu«U .»« towa t'ity ' Ufl \H WatthliiKi«'n jit The U*ointin*« MMMonaiy fld «t th» I'jdttd JHretltroit chinch it I'Yitttm hint' Friday with ifti-i-noon and evening i'lif liillowing in tin' Morning Session, " Mm, V, W. Overtoil, ABSENT VOTERS A Bill Mny Be Introduced In The Next -i My I'niicd I »i «>.,»,) iii'M, 111.. <»,t. is. i(.iti> hy.ttiu I'nwts uf (ho Uluiui* Dui- 'i'. I' '\, in >.*'ii«njri an j Tin- im|HHtaacif! of Mission WiviU in sin I "its <i«n Field-Mt s IMtih lift th<- I', IX cht|n h al rulHa. vt* at VS- Antonio mt imi\ atui |<nu'i>diiK li,\ vvi •t'nt <*otfr>' bill iiui> !>«' pifwiitett 10 ho Ki'th'th <Ji>ru't L ,»l A.ssi>mhl> oftHi- rlt I'EII Illillls M;|?s lit llllt,»|}. and tilt-' •|(,l|l til l.iiNl' .Sill h ,| I)1<MMH<' Ill'l CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. . I'llH-UKl'. III., Oi'l. 13.., Wheat— .No. -' n-d. $1.%S <-J.;vXo. U r«-d, $1.531-4^1.5? 1-3; No. 4 iW. $l.4f.4( 1.-1C 1-4; No, 3 hard winter. fl til :U4«» '1.6,1; No. 3 hunl winter. *t.SS t-2<»'l.C2: Sample Kind*-, Il.}5fi}.$«, iVirn — No; 2 jvllow, S94#80; Xa. J vt-ltow, ««t 3-46t SO l-S; Ko. 4 yellow, ij •i8.s I-'.';. No. 5 yellow. NT ) --'fi 1 !*!*; »<«» uf emu pi udttciitrtr-tatd splendid and fttciitiiAtt. Th»> road* are. for th«« rno»st part hard wlilltt K<«»d public ami PUBUO BALE. PARTNERSHIP CLOSING SALE, Having dissolved partnership we wil " at puMIc—italfr-wUtwHH^ rt-.^i'i-vf OH hi- Harry Jono farm, "'» mib- if Colt'tu and 10 mile* iioithw«-*>i «t mmt'diately after. i> rws--— Span Iraft man's, weight l,f»<ift poii(>dM t-ach afford hptt-ndid cducutionai opp*>ciuaitIi'H. , KUUUH guality 1'aimt in XurUi«ai$ti!rn ItidiaHtt, «« wi»U aK iu oiiwr «iexirabU* fanninK vccilou.s. ar«i>fully ittftrribed in the ItUti Jt«Mik. whk'h i-i.iitufnw alno plio* of the and dia- *>f the/ fnmis. H«'iid for u ropy whU-h will b«« niaili'd fr«;f to any in buying a K.OOU ("arm lit tit hot « Coti>pa«i>. litfnu S years old, Jfaith ui %ht ilrivinsr team of ' Iruft <mi> milch driver; '-' MicKltnv colt?100 JJc»«d uf «'/rtt|i — !.• Som«> fi«>>>, by dn> JIIKI r,-<- jf jdc»'r.-«. u :>0 if i«aK» and tsome lieiivy N •curling hi»lferti; 18 iMniiiK twu-year-old •nd »prin|f calve«. & vesil ial\e««. on* bull. monttm i>UL <>i\f li,-a 10; Xo :; will If. XK l-4Altii» 1-2; X,». 4 v{iit<*. "'Ji 1 -y, No, "• white. >«7' No. t» 'No, .'> Vo. No nus*»d, ont«'il to jh<« in M \s.»-ii>hlv list M'<'«l|ril|!tt g "I'l O pt4'|''(M % 'l bill tbh .ihsrlil I'mm ,\ii . \liir Aiidt*r9>on. of \ iUi iJiiu, I •(,)(( .\tin\-Jilini! v<- a.vciv interc^t^iit: I UK on UK ,.n,i,,r^i ii j,,.? 1 ! i \v»'iK .ii',4 I'h.ljsi- H 1 >ar nf i<> \.it«- !>, n(\ ll.U' >in<1 ollifip i n > pi i. Itn u. -w Kit Kl >n < <TftHi> "1 th«-'s, tie lakiiLi; (ht.-i .»i Ijiiti Tlin,*. ui hliul I hi- bill (f.^i !~,,ilini l|-'>\clii',« men iti- •( •>tin;: it-view nf J)h', .Mi*d< j'ltii u IH-JHV iri,in\ nub » «•.«! .»|nl Indiistu-tl l'ba^«- of tHc Uiuk { , |,., nu'l ''l,i\ -At Hu- !•) !*;tt>;«Xo. i -\\ltilt». 4S'al*l-i. No. -vhitf. 4'i 3-4'ti 47 .J- 1, Xu I u i.j'f. i !-(•>» it 1-!; Sni,, 4? l-l <i f> ]-t. ,<U ; lc rfl'H'U* choitT. 4S«lfHl-l • l!,Hli-v s' :.'. j i N ' and |,"« l KA41.M, fin no or. |>ri»tuvU\c land, clote to 3 hip . Write for idtoiosraplw und 7L', N. V full vu.1, TI:AI»K c'lty, Wo. .it it . STERLING Cin MARKETS Mi. Anto.t iiii.iK. i>f )*.»,( .toidan u.m- ln>'in<« t- VlMIc n Pillon ' Company.) in t\j»»i.'l a.-atic «'hdi. Ii Abr>ud ' |Th« Afternoon S«**!on, . ni4 . mi .:,V, STERLING BOARD OF TRADE i^ »t J'ulhnun u vs ^ . Jiatswii at ill.- J,<ii* AtdN-i. »! ." A j'.i|"'i ••nil talk no. 'Miu-Thiid; "( \VI».ti, It I.'.. ' v,.is .,sv..'n h.» i!j,. 1,'jhth i l.-i-^t v.iu i'l.t'h- Low Clo»« .linn , %s, i .,. No. ! it-. MiU'li'V 6to«k, Rte«i» Jnr a uf ynt IUT«-or ;*r> ac»»"i .Mimt In- a j^-U)] ruirn an«J m«4\ put dilHfn-tn'i« in funli. Writi -""\, Y. 54" >--«!*• O iz< !!>•. .SiT-ll"* t , $S ,H'itlM)il LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. Dairy—Rttail, ir}-, butter ........ .... ..... , ---- 34c Dairy— Wholesale; ti r ..... ..... . •oil bull, two yearn old. JO Hc^id of log HI — H brood HOWH. oiii* ji'Jir old; l-f >«vrow*. weight SSt> jHiumU; r.' niu.utM rrlKht 75 posnds. Kiirm !iih'-luin-i>- ohn IHvro tiling plow, in K'"-d ,- ----- - ;;,i i—i ,1k' 1 ,—rr oml order; Jnhn Iji-fii- combination orn plow; single drivttik- IUUDIUM; dou >lc driviHK hiirncM.Hi h>>puriito! 'heil 4 month.') and is a-» J.HUMI as new ll tonsi of'BOwd TimiUhv ,'i;i\ III butli Vinu- A->f -aiilc. All »ujju^-.uf-$-ia. nh& nub-r c.ish. ' On' MIL/ n\>i ilia- niiiunt u' fudM «'f IV inoiitii-. liiiu KIXB BASE burner,. €02 West Klghth St. 88 \>H SAU:-KIX i'i:iiE imED CUBS(Vr Whltf boara with plenty quality. jr. IX M*ki«>l. Harmon, « S5-96* >iox'i:v ' Foil sAJJE=rii KX- tnu-ud or in. ctAmb. Will deliver In and Itoek Falls. |* House, Bell UJJ7U1. Call niornlng, na<Jn or 75-98 'OH SALK-KKSf REMBDY FOR rhinimatinn. «end one, dollar for ro- cipe. Address, Box 42S, Rock Falls, ill. ' ' ' • 7S-S5* ^!«'. FitHt-cliiwj n-hape. Apply to I-:-. F. Umond. Fn.H». . 8T-88* •'uH UI.'NT- TWO UNKl'HNUSHEU nr hinall houst for light hou«e- Call A. Hcrllii, 51 un either I'hur.i'. .. 88-89 N'lt JtKNT- UOOD letNACUK FAKM t>*4 inili'M hotithwt'Ht of Hock Fulls. 1>iiimii> I'o:. nth Avt*. - 88-91* •'ol"H Huti.MS I-' ai lw»7 Klt'ih Av«*. IIBNT—OALI* on HIIN'T Modern flat of six r«om* w tth in U hloi*K« of l'o»t o(fi?t>. K. K J'-iikiua, iOl 4th. Avi l . 4'UN»ilH-n>KtH*M FOR IU3NT -» ,M<xletn coin can lu'tw. Hi-u phono 2«s-\V. ' - 84tf 't'K RKNT J X FLAT, VVKtiT "V '! isoti^, hi',it »>i; ii pt-r cent uitcrt'M !i'»ni i! U^ \'t 'luJHMU lcm»Vi'il (Hit ' - !Ui<! f.i' j ' Van! I'r.-ni, J. (-', i'i».in Vn •,... rttj j - - ™~ 1 *'. Klhix, I'lerk HARRY JONES AND .SON I «ili M-H with tli»- li.ii. ^ .(.HI- . Third H(.' hujuire A. 1.. •<>u UKXT. xi»v. IST. SKX-UOOM \\iih haih. All modern. &06 vo. A(.i>t>- to J. H .Philips. * l! »t:-iti:\T t»-i;uu.\i uor*K ox J'tftftiitli A\c. ftii'iiiuv ,tif Unr.u-f \\ ..!"'»-. iii'ih ph<>iif. -T' S'7-.h'j New Vegetable!. iettu«<-, "j-'cr head" , ," ...... : -fK. t-aeh ....... t ...... A'i '*,«' '..,... i ., ....... ' . . . ........ 6c t?, ib. ...-.,...?.... ..... 2«c h ' .................... Oc ^-th. U >/t n ' ,1'H 1 . u«'Uii looker, a Jti'iu-t »i tai: pn-r .nut \tl.«\ liul -,»• with j.liiiU .,( ^i»i'. il , J. U PEUGH. » o,'i. ii ir is i! eReo HOG SALE. .. I will hold a l>ut<> b"it.) h« • • >!c on In- -Wjl/er. Murtm laiin M»I >-i>uib ui i-ol.'n. WEDNESDAY, OCT. IS, 1916 t'uu-.!»!ll,K l>f 55 ptir«' 'tiU«t !»'U< I i Dr. E, W. Wahl SPECIALIZINQ IN Electricity in tr««tmtnt «f 21 g, 3rd St. Ov»r Galt't Book 8tor« St«rlio 8 , ill. n.i\i- t ill ;ni<! > ..I .1'..! uid i I'lu -!« ? l'iv»'i|L_ i will .U s M ii .n c«.u- !.• » 'iU'11 VV Ilil Hits f. 11' , .' . i II i t.U -'• M in u\y >i>i n. • i - i i t ' i , ' FrMtt. ^ ^j,,! .,,!• Sl\ lilylltll- t," • wl> H. ,,«* , . . . .3Sc (•«,!,,.,, j; M i v \\ , . \ , > w. ic, wmw t *V 4***» * • i, 3, t, ,n, u i J, Chiropractto «n4 oatoopiithj* t*««l- GtA88E8 •• niBnUt, .CORRECTLY 8Te«L»NO, It! » —. — — »- ar '•"jLt.rj AA '~ "" ._y jBf _TT j*W>| - 9&*' ^+

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