The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 30, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 3
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-V,-. THE BJ rtSPIELD to We're Now Making Great Improvements in our Store! We're going to enlarge our store room and on account of the great .alterations we have in view, we've also planned to have a big sale to sort of reduce our stock, get it out of our way. Pull details of the big sale to follow Inter. •O Holiday Suggestions ^•^ ^Bin^^ ^fc^,^ Good Things and Fine China OCPCNOAKJLC 0-000% Phones— Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nlntceenth Street. C. L. CONNER, President R. McDONALD, Cashier KERN VALLEY Bakersfield, California. Solicits accounts of Individuals, companies and corporations. r, IIH I-*' I-' l-» I- t 4 I.*- 1 :«te S. Government Inspectors supervise every detail in the production of nny Brook THE PURE, FOOD key y measure tin j;rain — the rect o distillation ti \vnfh the toraL-f- iinrl finally th'-y NtiiJ ( -r"t.s " inn) Unit llx- "Government Green Siamp «-jirh iKitih* til-fort' it their ronlrol— n that It i 'uufitms pure, nafura), straight whiskey, fully ured anU U lOO 1 ; t proof UN.\V BROOK OI your cui^ TitLUtY CO for u.i Co ROSS. General Distributer • ^l-^^^^H-^^^B^^^B^^^^ Barnum Is here Alive and active and Doing Business. Has a choice list of Ranch and City properties for sale here and Pasadena. A SQUARE DEAL List with me, Insure with me and be satisfied, Room 25, Qaltes Block, with J. W. Brockman. WON FIRST PLACE AMONG AMERICAN CARS AND SECOND PLACE IN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT CAR ROAD RACE After loading the entire first half of what proved to ho the must exciting and most stubbornly fought speed battle in jmto- mohile racing history, the Buick Model 10's gasoline tank came loose and heeause of stops totalling over twenty minutes from this trouble ,the Buick lost the 196 mile Savanah raoe by six minutes. Billiard in his $3300 Lancia won; all credit is due him. Burtt^n in his $1000 Buick gave him the fight of his life aud brought liis car in with such a lea* oyer the remaining contestants that there was no question concer^inj the standard which the Buick has set in low-priced autonaotile construction. The great duel between the leaders was a sight which spectators will nerer forget. NOTES ON THE RACE uick used was a regular stock the sake of securing less clearance, the were underhung. Our regular motor, parts were used. chassis except that for frame and machinery transmission and axle During the entire race, the hood over the engine was not raised Seventy miles per hour was made on the smooth straightway stretches -The three fastest, laps were made by the Buick—The Buick made each of 17 laps in less than 11 minutes, the length of each lap was 9,8 miles. The fastest lap of the race was made bv the Buick in 10 minutes and 8 seconds. BakersfieldJAuto Supply Cor. 19th and 0 Streets Telephone Main 1260 SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 29.—Four teen years In tho penitentiary, the maximum sentence provided for bribery- of a supervisor, was the penalty meted out today to Abraham Ruef. who for four years directed the political destinies of San Francisco as visor of the adminstration of E, Schmitz, former mayor of the city. Judgment was pronounced at th*» close of a day devoted to legal battle, wherein the defense sought to Intro duce many reasons for a new trial, When Judge William P. Lawlor had denied this and other motions Involving delay, the defendant arose nt the court's command and stood unmoved through the recital of Judgment. There was no demonstration on the part of the speciueors during the proceedings in the court room, nor later when Ruef, having entered the prison van in the custody of a deputy sheriff, started in the dusk on his long ride to the county jail. Before the adjournment of court notice of appeal had been filed on behali of the defendant nnd the court lim, signed a writ of probable cause, which will act as a stay of execution In the case. In a trial that was prolonged through a period of nearly four months, Ruef was convicted, on December 10, of bribing John J. Purey. a former supervisor, to favor the award of an overhead franchise to the United Railroads. This was one of 114 indictments returned against Rnef by the Oliver grand jury, which hear.) the confessions of sixteen supervisors who admitted the acceptance of bribes in several matters involving public service corporations. MER "W,ater from the Owens River will be flowing In the mains in the City of Los Angeles early In the spring of 1913." This is the promise of Chief Engineer MuUiolland of the bos Angeles aqueduct, made after a thorough examination of conditions in the valley and a careful calculation based on the rate of progress now being made in the various departments of the work. t "Our reports sl.ow that the forces we now have in the field are constructing 590 feet of aqueduct a day/' said Mr. Mulholland. "This includes both tunnel and open-air work and is equivalent to a little more than forty one miles a year, as a large part of the work Is beln gpushed night and day and every day in the year, including Sundays. , "At this rate it would take us five years to complete the aqueduct, which is the time fixed by the original estimates, but. within the next six months we will have matters In such shape that our present rate of progress will be fully doubled. We Intend to complete the aqueduct^in four years from the time of the beginning of the actual work of -construction, which was last September. I am fully convinced thai this can be done and that consequently we will save a year on the time allotted to —Los Angeles Express. us. CATTLE ON THE DESERT DIE OF STARVATION LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30.—Accord- Ing to reports from the Antelope Val|ley, thousands of cattle are roaming the government ranges in that section with nothing to eat and hundreds are said to be dying of starvation. Scores already have died, it is said, and conditions are becoming worse. These animals belong to Cattlemen In the valley. Superintendent 55immer of the Society for tho Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who has just returned from Lancaster, reports that the cattle have eaten everything available, even the sage brush. K. ,M. Durnnt of Los Angeles tried to alleviate conditions. He recently sold out his holdings then-, ne killed some of his rattle to pu* thorn out of their suffering. Mr. Durant, who resides nt 1007 Orange stret, wan asked concerning conditions In the valley. "It is a hard situation for the cattlemen to meet," he said. "The cattle are usually fat at this time of year, and we have our hardest time In February aud March, but this year the ralna have destroyed the dry feed and there la nothing green for the cattle to eat. If they are in good condition at the start, they will go through the winter on the brush feed If they have an abundance of water right, at hand, but they cannot be It means loss to the cattle i driven men." NOTICE OF BIDS. o \\ ' ! ) Notice IH hereby i^ven. that bids for the painting of tho Obi pitai Buihltnu (the body of said bnlH- Ing to receive two coats of paint com potted of bent quality of \\hitc lead JIT! oil, and Iho. ivof o: receive one cn-if of celvod by the HoaitJ til' ^ ; their rooms in ti..- «' House in th? ray r,i County of Kern, State -of C'alit'onti.i the hour of lo o'clock n in of .1 ary 7th. 1UD9. No bid will I Mil or considered by sai I check o 1 .' fash deposit in of the amount of such Hoard of Supervisor* right to reject itny i By order of the \ peTvisor.s H, A- .IASTUO Chafrn: i:. of s;ild Hoard of Attest: I. L. Miller, ("l<*rk. carry the finest line of imported goods to be found iu tho Talley. Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Pigs in boxes and glass. Green Olives ia bottles. California Glace Fruits. Pinard Prunes in glass. Skelled A] wends. Lovmey's Chocolates in fancy boxes. Beach Nut Reserves. Heiaze's Mince Meat in stone crocks and bul}». Remember .we are sole afeents for National Crest Coffee. A tisit to our store will convince you of the superior quality of our .goods and method of -doine business. Our stock of Haviland and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. *Pople who have called at our .store'in past week .'were amazed at our beautiful display of Haviland Hantf Painted China, Cut Glass, Brasses, Carving Sets, Steins nnd articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. ,.. W ; Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street NOTICE OF SALE OF FRANCHISE 1 TO ERECT POLES AND STRING WIRES FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC HEAT AND POWER AND FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRENT FOR HEAT, LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTHER USEFUL PURPOSES, FOR TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECTED THEREWITH, AND ALL NECESSARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCES AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE SAME, ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, AVENUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES, AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME, IN THAT PORTION OF THE COUNTY OF KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. To Whom It Mav Concern: . Whereas, the Mt. Whitnev Power Conumny. a corporation, on the Uth tlav of December, 1908. made a ad presented its application In writing to the oard of Supervisors of the Countv or em. State or California, for tv t'run ditlons n .» deposit as above men tloned. , Said procedure win be ha until said franchise Is struck off. sol and awarded to a bidder who ehal make the necessary deposit of at leas ten ner cent of the amount of nis b s ierein nroidud a i bidde of said n il . r snai deposit within Sa wit therefor, successful the Clerk of snid County, within twenty-four hours of the acceptance of his bid, the remainini: ninety nor cent ot i he .amount thereof, and in he or It shall fail to do BO, then the said de- po.sit theretofore mnde will be forfeited, ,-md the award of said franchise will be void, nnd nald franchise, will then and there bv said Board of Suner- ylsora. be.qirnln offered for sale to mo htirhest bidder therefor, in the same Chamberlain's Unlment IB 0110 ot the most remarkable preparation yet produced for the reliet of rheumatic pains, and for lame back, sprains and bruises. The quick relief from pain which it affords lln case of rheumatism is alone worth many times It* cost. Price, 25 cents; large size, 50 cents. For sale by Baer Bros., Bate* ersfleld; Kern Drug Co., Kera. * manner and under (he same restrio- ifl hereinbefore provided and In cflse.sald bidder falls to rfapOHlt. with chlse running to said c pruonition. its or a nerlod ot successors and assigns, fifty years, to erect no wires for transmitting elect and power, and for transmitting electric current for heat, lieht and power. and .other useful wirposes. and for and strlne •ctrlc heat I telephone wires connected therewith, and all necessary poles, and all a purtenances ana aiipltances therefor. p- • • • 1 * KB(^ «» J • (Ions as f J ^*» ^^^i 4 ~" ^ %^ — "*•" ™" ^~ ~" ~\ ™ ^£^ " ^™* ~ ** ~ •• ~^ ~ % ^ "" ^^ T - » — -- ^ » ™ -™ the Clerk of said Countv tho remaining ninctv ner cent of his bid. within twenty-four hours after Its acceptance, the award to him of mild franchise will he set aside, and the deposit theretofore made *hv him wfll be forfeited, and. no further nro- cpenlngB tor tho sale of said franchise will he had until the same shall no re- advertised for sale. Notice is further irlvon I hat work must be commenced In uood faith within not more than four months from the granting of such franchise, and it said time all P 'orieited. and shall he completed with- n not more Uian three years thereafter, and if not so completed within said time, said franchise HO c ranted shall be forfeited; provided that tor good cause shown, said Board m;iv bv resolution extend the Unit* for completion thereof, not exceeding ihroo months. 1101 CALW go'commenced within Haiti time said franchise so ffrnntort shall no declared and for sncli electric wires and telephone wire.H, and to maintain and operate the same, uloner. across, upon. over or under each and all of the public streets, nllevs. avenneH. hiuhwavn. oubllc parks, and public places In all that portion ot the County of Kern. State of California, described as fol- Not tee success! u must, wit State of Ca lows. to-wit : Beginning at the North.Went corner ownship Twenty-five South. Ranue wenty-four East and the nee run s also herebv civen. that, the bidder lor sain franchise .., tin five diivs alter said fran- chine Is awarded to him. or it. (tie with the Clerk of said Countv a bond running to said Countv in the nemtl sum of One Thousand Dollars, with at least two uood and sumclont sureties. 10 be approved bv said,Hoard pt Su- nertlsorH. conditioned, that such Uir der shall well and truly observe, fu nil and perform each and every term and condition of «ald tranchtse. and that in cane of unv breach of rea of such bond, the whole amount of tlje penal sum therein named shall be t uth ve ast orn run- 1 t r of ulne Bast to the So Township Twentv-n Twenty-six East and thence running' North to the North East corner of said Township Tweiuv-flve South. Range and tn au the. » ^ » Tjr en nnd os. an princtpa ine ak- H C jond. If sail 1 and Hurdles up' (1 bond be not so n ud franchise win Twenty-six East. West lo the noin' the Mount Uiuhlo .^...^ ... and for Unhtfnir such pu to be linuidato'.I d»in- recoverable from r an nnlu I'M, III** lie sot aside and anv money milil therefor win be forfeited. That said franchise so to bo sold bv said Hoard of Supervisors shall contain, in addition to file usual Jind essential wor-ts and clauses urantlnv d, thence runnlntj f henrlnnlnjr. all oT ase am Meniffan. mvi mum. seniini Ic MMwlN.suffi >ni s, and nub- O^H,MH-,I avenues, oublfc par lie places: and, NVl^*roiis. it is proposed by snld Board of Supervisors to offer for sjUo, aii'l sell and urant to tho h tilu'st del 1 said franchise on tlie ennrf and conditions hereinafter ment , , nchise In aeeov<''in imu- , copjpllutice with said Act o oned: r< 1ft I islature in substance the nril n ( Whilne c,e and t th g In doiis nnd HniltutioiiH mentioned (he said implication of KM hi Mt. i j Now. therefore, notice IK hereby «Iven. that the said County oi' Kern hereby, offers to sell and irninl a franchise iornttv years to erect poles and Hiring wires tor transmitting electric heat and powor. nnd for transmitting elect nc current tor heat, llwhl «nr uower. nnd other useful purposes, am for telephone wires connecter therewith. und all necessary polos, and all iuuMrtenttnc<'& and, annllances therefor, and for such electric wires and telephone wires, and. to maintain and operate the same along, over, across, upon or under each and all of the public struts, anevfl, aypnues. hichwavn. nnb- Hc parks and public Places in said nor*'on of said Countv of Korn. and for Iiirhtintr said public streets, alleys, avo- •;ues. hichwavs. public parks, and uub- •Ic places, to the norson. flrm^ or oo.r-i noratlon tliat, will ('onntv of Kern tlu» therefor, and agree P^—"r Company now on iile Clerk ot said Hoar',!, wblcb said anpilcatton Is hereby referred to barnculai'H and is a mr* with i lie. for flirt hoi lieroof. Bv order of the HoMrd of Supervisors of Raid Count v of Kern. J)Hf<>d Docomber X4th. 1I*OS. Countv Clerk of Korii Count v'and «'-x- Offlcio Clerk of th« Hoard of Su- porvlBors of said Connlv of Kern. Slate Of California. 1:M!H FIREMEN'S OANCE AT ARMORY NEW YEAR'S EVE. All preparations are made for the dance OH New Year's eve under the auspices of the Brotherhood of locomotive Firemen and ESnginemen at ...„ „. Armory hall. The floor has been put I'Wh -P 'i Si i ll(I t !n the best of shape and the hall will to nav *uu? iia'y to * be tastefully decorated, Hefresh- • i i receipts pf the person, partner-(ing or corporation to whom the fr;in-). B> is awarded arising from its use. operation or possession, after the lli>t live years Hurceedintr the dale of sucl tranchise. and anutiallv thereafter dnr int- the life thoroof. Said C.ounty two 'per cent; of "Hie "uro«s j ments will bo served during the even A late car for Kern guests will provided. Prof. Kuehn and a five :o orchestra will furnish delightful music. This is the firemen's first danco nnd a pleasant evening is « ,, Ht'M 1 ".',' 1 ! 0 .' 1 to i u lf i^on Orm or, pr nmispi\ to all. J. P. Shomate, L. C rOTsVi'^d^KW R- P. Shackolford. commit- 10 nav and iwv Jo (he Hald Connly of! tee. 128 Kern, two (2) Per cent of the uros* annual veoelptK x)f the person. p;irt- uershin or corporation to whom ihe franchise Is awanled arlslntr from its use. operation or possession, after the first live venrs Buoreedinu the date fit' such franchise, and annually thfreafi- er durlne the life thereof: and in the I event saltl payment IH not made, said , rmnchise shall be forfeft^'i. Notice Is also hereby elven that! f!al.. i ANNUAL MEETING. Tho '•*! hi annual uiootlnu of the of the Flrfit Natlon- Banl< of UnUersfield will held , at , their V in the CItv of ut ;r o'clock. P.. rn... on Tuesday ankic t . i - f -* - - - - i (. , - - ^- !••••**• \/*Ht. « L t< f * ^Jf/l*fl^ »/. 111. . W4* ,1 tiV 01 *"* A sealed ..bids in writ Ine there- January 12th. 1009. for the elecuon of for will be received UP to! directors and the transaction.of sucn . ,. .. be received lo.o clock a, m. on the third February. 1909. at, the office . (Bounty Clerk of said Cotintv o! dav of ipther be'o the ern. »t tru» County Court HouBe in B»kers- fleld. Kern Countv. CaUiornla. and that on Bald dav at the. bour of ton o'clock • a. in. thereof; said Hoard ef Super via re December • ^*» \ sell and award bids received fi cash bid therefor: urovineu i the time of the ononme' I a <\rs w 11 meet m.reeular moetinK a the recular nieeUnu olace of san iMjurd la md Court House to ooen an ren.d saltf btila and offer for sale an tl Raid rra&cnlso. and the will be Gpenea and retia at that time: that, all biqa must l?o for the, payment of a stated mim In eold cpin^of tu« United, States: that the said franchise will be struck off. aold ana awarded to ine person. flr,m or corporation who snail rnako t hiehe&t cash bid fh onlv. that ut „.. „ or natd bldfi. anv reHnonslule oertion or oornorntlon nreKpnt or reore (1 mav bid for HHkl franchlne t sum not le«H than I en m»r r.f»nt abov< jieiicst Healed bid therefor. HIK >id HO made mav he rained not ICKS l>|ilder. MtKi said l>idii|iur nuiv HO until nnullv said .shall be struck off. wold nnd 1 • : ' tywrd or SuiiervlKfti-M u* the in «old coin ot In- ;iccouiii;iil nav nf sucli I m I CTLY I .p b s:ti-l I Kac' i Ht iM^- bid nr a rr f- ism •• ; Th wiMi ( to U \}n- I'u'l 'd bid will In (»:isb or chcrl and i ;intniiu! of said bid ahd no con-dH«'i'<-d nnii-^r- enclosed (he'-. •• Ii ft U (H'C {'flif i*! \«'i»h the Coimtv .-"'' ^eo-j.-i! ;H ;U)lOilll! '" 1>i of snid bid (i n • H in I!) ,-t ;\nil said said intn^'btse win ho stnt«'l bun. And if' ('•• shall Mil lo t' •b*w* u h i)jjj')*"lia!e)\ . then thai c;tsc 1'U bid will not he and will lie fonHldt*rp'.i ;i -, will then and / !T re- bid- Callfornlan want ads,: three days, 2!)C RINGER AYINO C. J. Planz, President Arthur 8. C rite s, Cashier. A BANK ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS There is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with a bank Account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. When making up your list of Christmas presents, include n Bank Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 per cent interest paid on time deposits and Saving accounts. Announcement! AMERICAN BAKERY AND RESTAURANT. again open. A clean and ap- petising place to eat. White holp only, We sell the famous "Butternut" Bread, RICHARD HOESER, Prop. Open day and night. 1923 Cheater Avenue* " ^^•^•^•^•^^W^^"-W-^™ H •!• "II —•• — — • !• Adams fruit Company Ifas enlarged its store and is prepared to accommodate the public with all kinds of Fruit and Groceries Illst trad a load of for holiday * 806 Baker Street, Telephone Main 714.

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