Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 5
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STEftUNMLLWOfS,- FlfDAY. OCTOBER PAGE PffE f 5 -—=** A DIME SAVED IS AD S Market & S 310 First Avenue Sterllnfll Original JM -Rale Market General (Offices*. U. S, Yards, Chicago tnaaEESBtJZJSjZtt &t :;iiij j:.u/ r 3Jir; / '/ f k ^^iMiJQ :l3If JilXi-jj-*—js.jt ^"iiT" „.;:!: A fj.^-t.tJL^ fe'v" ^^^ ire \ t 333? asEiiiiaEEmri mw n «i «u« in M ml* i i [gMfffrrnrinrn I II The values we arc offering herewith this week should make the high cost of living look like thirty cents. Quality better than ever and everything fully guaran- '* teed. Specials for TTHE National Citfai'.bnarV Allocation of the United State* have »et aside Saturday, October 14, ai * Candy Diy, »rii th i s*m v will b* oliierved throughout the country on that day. Candy Day i* not a h;>Udty, kit a.diM» i *.\ \*.%\\\n\&\ with yur coife^ioner, or candy shop advertised on ttm pag«. Celebrate tha d»y b]T mtkin?c»ndy pufchnes, and b* sure and not forget the children. Scientists Jiayeproven bye if eful experiments th%t candy B high in food value and therefore good for everybody Rs*dJ these adverUiemants over carefully and bs sure to Ho your part to make "Candy Day'* a big"Iuccci'ir~~" i I ! **Bon Ton Baked Goods (At the store only) Best Native Beef Pot Roast, Ib. 1 ... 12V 2 c Boiling Beef, Ib .lie to 12»/ 2 c Beef Steak, Ib. '. 16c and 18c Fresh Hamburg Steak, Ib 12V 2 c Pig Pork Shouldcf Roast71b- ..::;:lOc Pork Loin Roast, Ib. 19c Fresh Liver, Ib. . , 5c Fresh Pigs' Feet, Ib 6c Frcsli Neck Ribs, Ib 8c Pure Pork Sailsiip, Ib. ..; :::. 15c We buy Livestock and Poultry, Butter and Eggs for Cash , The Market of Quality, Price and Service Real Old Fashion Home Made Made-fro mince-:-meat-\-'.Try; them, They are one of our big advertisements. Feature Quality MakeFargo's Store Your Candy Store iiry Far/arc's Home-Made Candy And Get the Best: % Home-Made Pecan Nougat Role, Special for .Candy Day, per tt). SCc Full line of Homemade Nut Caramels, special Candy Day, —.—, per Jb.. JOc. Wrapped Butter Scotch, per tb, 30c. Best Peanut Brittle and Peanut Bar, per tb. 25c. We salt our own Almonds, Pecans and Peanuts. High (li'jMe Box Candy v\nil a nmipli'to as«>mn«i)t «( ramly of aU''Uiiul* always !n Klork. \Vn invit<> you in cull ami fi'-iiiiiUnl voiirst'lf wild niir nlorl:. Fred JR. Fargo s 1P Wtfjt Third Street Old Time Home Macte "Have a (Jrapc" Martha Washington 500 C* sw%Alsi~ 5 °C Full Pound f \?UnuieS full Pound \ Chocolates-Bon * Bons-C¥ramels r Ouf cindies are always fresh. Over fifty,, varieties to select from. ,..-_Alail orders promptly rilled. The proof of the candy is in the eating thereof. Try our candies. Martha Washington .-K. SHEKT/,, Distributor Sterling, Illinois* " • * Confectionery t Foss «5c Co. of Boston Celebrated Hij»h Gradc*| box and bulk Chocolated and Bon Bons* —Also— BUNTE BROS.' MORSES* KRANZ arid GANZERrS CANDIES You'll find here a big sortment of all kinds o candy to select from. Saturday,,Candy Day, wa willj have extra fin* homo 'Nougats, Caramel*, Log Cabir Rolls, Fudges, and Cocoanut »nd| —Groam-K-f«»e*: Saturday for special* we will avo Apru>ot'W; mel Nut Crejim. hnvn Apry>ot-$bprbeiiand Car**! Cr Both Phones STERLING, ILL, Deliveries Everywhere That's why you should demand , j novii). >j Tbi-y bavo -la.kon fo».ir-oiu> ac I llmi 'him* bi'**n tinu 1 trirtj HI I i unit I'imibiiH'il .ti.u ; »i into PVPII- ^ orders delivered Rnyw1IWf4e Sterling apd Kock Falls. Bon Ton Bakery UO W, Second St., Rock Falls JBoll phone 342R ; iui. aiul AiiHtralia .as wi'«'l. ' i nttr«.4y-^-tH-w— *!.aEAD ALL THE ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE GAZE^ The Quality Market If you want meat satisfaction buy your meats lu-iy. Spring ehickeps, per lb.,23c Fancy Native Boiling Beef, per tb. 12 Vic Lamb Stew, per lb;"12yjc Extra good home made sausage. Clioice eiits of Beef, Veal, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Phelps Bros. mm • *" Rear Beien & Hutten'* Qrocery fitore |>liiyt< Thfiio i'lay,s \ "Pal ami Tlti- ili-nll.' liyMho lati> I'M I wanl Ita.v; "A Totn-li of. Natiftv" liy i Tom NHWII: "A- Hu«y l>ay' by Hoarfi* i' H V1 | t -ii.-niiil "Ttiii I'lii'Vpi'i'li il" by lln butintl anil ninny inllt'S of t-'onc-reto, Wo'hro a|i*A V^Hryiiis .on count ruction of -SOUK' of tin- oitipr rao'rp C' ll•!"'«>'. ' into nuilcria!.^, Kotl lo !>« u« coin iniM'iai I'd HIM! many otHl rpiiulwnuwl*). i«u«'h im »!' niatc'rja.ln, ft i-ltrlii— tit'oy iMtL- For CHASED BAM- HORN'S : . - - - * Teas and Coffee And DANIEL WEBSTER FLOUR 'Grocery Satisfaction'' 'f. AMUSEMENTS ' ' ' ' 1 ARE STAR COMEDIANS * . . "JI Vn* oniiMiiiiint enjoy a mori' wnn*iv ' kll'JWU |X4''ilit* lull ttjtL_iili* •'IRK*' Hi" li , Tom N'avvn aml'lla! l>avu, w bo v» ill |,', "." !( ' ( ' ,ij.j<t'.ii bi'M« with tlu'ir company '"• JH I( ' !lu> .Vi-a<U>inj of AJuMi, .Moiul.i), oi «<i- | ;i ,,, () IM-I- Hi. l"" IM.I M.'iif*- pa-t both H"' ^tni^ bnt < \atitti*\ tlli* *>|iii{i', an bc.u|liiH> ftiitiiH' i x'-hiwu i-!\ on itu> I'lij Unit' cinuii <"anil ai<- M i'««Kiil(!i-il aM.ain«nK (In i i ,s) siif;u!''<l .M'lc of (h<- Ki-llii <n l»li*"iim i-iiitntH ThfJi IIUM- i • Jllli' • • j • ' • .,,__;,„ - • • i' GOING TO THE CIRCUS. j Wlion tbi« .c'liTiiH t'ltiin-H to towi \ji<\ i-ryboily i4tu'«, 'I'lif*^' jmy fate t'or-ib i>rlvlli'Kt', 60c for r«:norv«*(l Mnats. ami buy (i bniTf;) of U'>*iH>ll:Mb; atlil a 1 t>f |M'aiti|iK anil pop i-mn for tlu> Tin 1 n*Kiilar rlri-iis..J.ius bci- Vi-il (o iiiovlfiK lilrJiii-i'si-nWI (but IH ilonti to ainiiMt> iln» tbroiiK at a \ j'l'liviiH. ain1 a-lot of ni>\v HiuniH ailib-il . Ii u*IH.. b«> pri'sirtit^ii wbi'ii "f'in-us 4»ay" * I aiijii'Mi'H oil tin* Hcrwn In tht> Afaili'iny uf Mutiii- tomorrow, Haturday, t>(-tii|iiT Mtb. Thin In a biij feattirw |>lt-(ttr«< :iinl Ibt* rlowns on \\w .slii'i I aii' JII.HI ilii'y an- at tlu« if w HI (>•' , imm.v" aii'l !).3u in U»i> afit-inooii unit l ntxlit .it 7.30, S:;HI i|ii<l to loin tl .ibiii (iU;Uh i-i'iiliui''!!' M '-itii'-ij HII nwMliuii tn n!>i-t ir ): r |i ,"U»nuic iliMU'i* wi'lt .1 iti-i HEARS FROM NEW YORK iTho Duputy Highway CommiB- 1 sioner Tells Of the Roiui Work In That State. ill Ii would (H* (Ji-rny hard for in«v '" tell you froin.ihiH IOUK ill«latu-t« \vi>ulil bo bout nail inosit I'l uinlcr ilio clrciiinhtuiiiH'ii. "All of th« (>!»•»* I lmv«- inoiiUoiK'tl an* Hiici'i'.'isfiil uii(l«>r condition*. Huwt-vi'tj' w** havi'fxami'lt'H nf \vJu-ro ilii-y •««>!•« not liujli in, tho |II-(I|HT : lari's and have nut MttMuI up iiiuli-r til.- tr;;flic Illttt- liad to -VtM'r'Hji-lll." , .\!T; Hn'.(?»l H"BBV«<ts furihor, that If a I'uininuntty'ti* iu »lou-l>t HH to the ,ii-op''i- ninti'H.i! to UM- InjnakfnK iiiiy *i-< tii'-n of n nil, (hfu- \w nm'itrt'il 'tjip ^t>l•\Ml^'^ of .a i.-oniiu'd'iU lilshway i.n-o,r 'of ' ri'cojjnli'.o'J ^taiulliig who IPIH- l,irt; c ' umti iUoiu* thin Uni', ami l«;n't. *liM< limit iiX'nl'' thu flltll'l* Nlfllil- U«M aid tlu'ii aiH IMC uluit oi.rsi- tfi intrstH Hr (itw tn> n.i> *•, 1 1 if tl(n (it y vTi .\ji Mi 111 \\,i« H(i'iill> Cidbiit, Tin- Uaxillc tclltnu ol (In- I'irttt nii'iuM ol i.u itlli'il hioiu 1 or Ktnvfi n. i<K l« HIK i "/ii-»»Ui.<< (| in (ii<- «(a!( ,; \.-,v,Voik tint Ib it II 'I* I'i'imi- ' t f<m,tl. ?<iii ;niil ,N 1. {itnil'iii ol Ibis i Itv lux) I i i')i ii '\>'i Hniil't ill Ibis ni-is luuti\\n> ! \ .- nliii-n «l t'oniin i\t- v»i«.ii- u. tin., vv \iiiU M.ii't i'MIIIIHI.-M >n o! Ulub' ! .i-^ i-*i> —l-hli'tlli (Mull .ibii'U fit Mill'.)' i,i- it I i.« ' l\' -I . u t- !\ .i» l't.lln«s., v»- many urn'-*, tin* "inull ainoutu ibat wonl'il In 1 i'filll l"l lll^» Nl'I'VHf-N * 4'. orla «•( unty is lip ing hoim« i'\* jH'iiciii' 1 ' iilnttt; tbfht 1 lini'M. Tiii»t •il'ilit'-' u c'lunty bond i«vnn- «n». vott'tl n (U-f'MH I. ibi- i.!o|'o.'.l!i'»ii tbi'ii wills one Klnil .nf iMiciihivi- muti-i S.iu" tlini' an I'litsiii'''"'' was w- I-UK.I in gu n\ri til' >llui!i"ii aiut t!if III'M lllll" U (f*Mllt> iUHHl I'.'IH' 'j» lO f In' v-t«?«l on, vvbith u i-xjtt'i t»'*l to be wjim, tiiti |>iij|iutiiiiiiii u ill rail fs'U fu- HI>U» l.iiidH of nuiii'iul.s acfaidiag to tit- »• ijuii<.'iufiit» of lUf loralitV HIM inailn »ro to bt* n'UIH, tit'tt- lar or- i\h|i|mU fllknl, «TU*l'j. ell', TM^lflHU, 41 wiib tb*' uj>inoVal inlifi- nf tin- fifrnuT ubj^c-t«ji«, aiul t'.M tjnn-. • , New Oil-Extraction Process. l'\ ,-ni llali.'tn •for'iliii; osj-ntliii olla Gerdes' Special Prices basket 77..,. Sweet Potatoes, 11 Ibs, for— Or $1,00 per bO»hel 25c. $1.00 per quart . - On 3 fjt«. Pefti*», per bushel Celery fresh from 0. A. OHver's celery bed at Momson. Tliree carloads of potatoes next week.. Watch for prices. You will riojt only find the best fruits and vegetables here, but the' lowest prices. Try us. "~" : GERDES' Baset Grocery Big Bargain: and Monday 25c 1st Ave. , Both Phones I Pure cane, C1 flfl 14Jbs. for . * • " U " With a $2.00 order. [ weivetPa largo Hhip- incut of fancy Cooking or Kat ing. Apples, pin- puck 25c SWEET POTATOES rt'n per peck Wt? Iiavc -h" Jhu' l«»t 'of ex tra fancy KcciVr J'oars.for canning, per bushel .,.._, Svvoct C'i<U>r in"oiu» gallon jugs ........,65c Pbwdorod Bugar for it-ing ,' ll»s.lor 7...25C for rtr ' ilJ . '•' ll ' 1 "'-'- '"''" " u!l * , la uuy way, »uii4 U Js urwHi'tcU «Uat It lonmto tlaj** ' !J* ?J f (i *l 1*' tijt iH l|l" 4 t^liiKl* f -.^..i,*^,,,*!.. *», ill . ~. rt^.'l I ... *t._ i»_ i ...". .. ^ . . *' i. Landis Bros ;( Jl*_i. tt _\—- i. -'-\V.i. jjii ilh.i b ilMn. 1 it'.in- ••; i i null , i \ j'ii ,H j i >,, 11 t»>'-o a-<.v\ill a-, tii.vnv null".* nl u .U'l nno1uUunlAi i thy to- of lut to Ovci feed Fish, lltiji pfi'Si" iu t'f uu auiuuiN us twin. Tli.' uiiuiit'liiiii ut Ui Mii-U'ly lias maul' ili:m ;»unt 111 .SJII'I il"., ,||ll tla- tliu'i»t<u' r«-iH>rih ih.ii in , , , .. .19c uii for.25c 's (ucoa, llti. can's '" -for "y. , ';"•; . . . . v . , ~.;, , . .-35o Fancy cuivtl linvon, per H)iiiiil . . . . ..... '.i. .240 l,ar v ut> 'JO ox'; jar O. I'*. l*ca nut Hul.tcr i'tn- ..... .25q 's Dill,yi> ' Suur Pickles, ]HU • lo/.cn .......... . . ,15c a n'.'i Ci> i !init¥v Ib. ..?v.:... -;.38c FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fancy ' basket 7.....290 i Apples pork ,,-.-..,,,,«.45< Fancy .lohimlhan Apples, J IH-I* p< i c]< 45<J l-'ancy Tokny (Jrapes, \rnJL. bankt't '.,,,.,/ 550. l-'aricy IVaclu's, b.skt. ,109 Faiicv Hailh'ti, JV^rs, per haskt-t ....20e. l-Xlia faiu-y O.^ago Music Mclun». Hxi-ra" fancy" .Wntennol--J uiis, each, ~ 2§Q M x I ra largf ilubbord (ireeii .1'eppers, niuii^.'-'l'Iug Plant, Eu-, ive,^ Oyster Plant, ()jr- r,ots, Turnips,. 4 « . , . . . .•» .'•-4

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