The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on August 26, 1964 · 24
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 24

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
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4-B THE MIAMI HERALD Wednesday Aug 28 1984 TN- Wv v 'V 4P V" :1fr' ivV: t -$ '! ' 1JTrsS I n rf-T'y f ' 0wtvj cbs ‘ © wpiV' is'iPdif Ciii ‘ -''jj Ul0 WUWITV ABC © VTSAIVTC ACC- f ’' A ’V ' " "' ' ‘ wht s - 6 f F& jCSD MORNING ’ : " ? ti -x- (5) VTHS-TV Ed (2) vckt rccv ulY m9v V-toft rv fcs 6:15 O Summer Semester 6:30 © News-English Spanish © Comedy Time 6:45 O News En Espanol © Give Us This Day 7 O Popeye Playhouse QQ Today (to 9) News © Continental Class © News Noon G News at Noon QQ Say When COLOR ©© Father Knows Best 12:30 G Search for Tomorrow QQ Truth Consoq News COLOR ©© Tennessee Ernie 12:45 Q Guiding Light 1 O Love Of Life Q News-Moore Q Life of Riley © Movie 10 (2:30) "Fixer Dugan" (1939) Lee Tracy Virginia Weidler Peg- gy Shannon Romance and 6 O News Sports-Oooley Q News-Fariss Crolius 0 Dateline © Pioneers 0 News-Glove) 6:15 O Naws-Renick Q Newt Sporti-Hirseh 0 ABC News-Cochran 6:30 Q Q Democratic Conv (to It) 0 To Be Announced ©0 Democratic Couv (to If) The Democratic convention is ending the suspense tonight After a series of nominating speeches and balloting of the delegates the congregation at Atlantic City will name the man who is going to run their show and they hope the coun' try’s for the next four years The odds at the moment are highly in favor of the present occupant of the White House — President Lyndon B Johnson But in case the evening does not furnish enough excitement the Democrats plan to enliven it with motion pic tures including a biography history of the party’s progress How much of this will be carried over the air will depend on the individual networks High above the convention floor and behind the electronic long-lens camera systems are anchormen Edward P Morgan and Howard K Smith ABC Robert Trout and Roger Mudd CBS and Chet Huntley and David Brinkley NBC 0 Huckleberry Hound 7:30 Q Democratic Conv (to If) vA (560) WyAM (940) WINZ-Mutual (1260) WAMt-ABC Morning 6:00 NMtsM — Rev aflcCall WW!E— Cracker Jim WFAB— Radio Voice NQAM — L Sherwood WIOD — News Sundial WGBS— News Aqr WINZ— Al LFetoert WMIE— Span Music 9(AME— Brother Rav WMBM-FM— Rev McCal WKAT— J McDermott WILL—News Wtbr WSKP — Mus Thtr WVE-T — Radio Reiol WAEZ— Stereo Mus WF JN — Al Dunaway 6:15 WGBS — Farm Show WKAT— Life Lme IVMlE— PA Hosp WILL— S Dade Rdup 6:30 GBS— News Sound WKAT— A Warren W VIE — M Guaiiro WVET— Radio Reioi 6:45 WGBS — Sound of Mus WMIE — Hora Ewara WKAT— A Warren 7:00 WAVE— Fred Hanna WIOD— News Joum WKAT News WMIE — Orientacion WSKP— Mus Tntr WINZ— World News WCkR— ' “ws WMIE— Mr Stokum WE DR— Cracker Jim 7:15 WCKR — B noiwav Will— News Music W FUN— Sots Report 7:30 wiNZ— World News WMiE— Word of God 7:45 WMIE — C J Hour 6:00 WIOD— Sots Sundial WFUN— J WF UN— Sots Report WMiE— Rescue Mission SMS— BulterbaU WSKP— Mus Thtr WKAT — World News WWPB— Rise Shine WMBM — Butterball 8:15 WMIE— Mom mo ThousM WFUN— Traffic Rept WILL — Hootennany 8:30 WGBS — Poo Music WFUN— Marine Wthr WF A B— Estrada Show WE DR — Poo Music WMIE— H C Hour 8:45 WMIE— Gospel Hour 9:00 WIOD — Sundial wmvj-fm— M Stewart WQAM— Ted Clark WFUN— Dick Starr WFAB— Carfos Estrada WWFB— Best HI Fi WEDR-F Aft— News 9:15 WE DR-FM— Music WIOD — Sports WMIE— China-Asia 9:3u WGBS— Bill Elris WE2R-FM— ita’y Voice WKAT— A Godfrey WMIE— Alien Reviv 9:45 WMIE— Crusade 1 0 :0O WE DR— Jewish Scene WV E— Baoels WIOD— News Soundt'k WiNZ— Jim Harper WAME— B'rkt'st CKfb WVCG voncett fiaW WVET Music WW°B— Brunch Music WMBM-FM — Goso Train W V IE — Jewish Scene WMET— Comp MelOd 10:13 WKAT— Art Godfrey WMIE— Life Line 10:3 WGBS— Sound of Mus WMiE— Chris Cruseoj WMET— Voz Litre 10:45 WSDB— Momtn Round 7:15 © Comedy Time (to 8) 7:30 0 Morning News © Carousel (to 8:45) 8 Capt Kangaroo (to 9) © News 1 8:15 © Warner Th (to 10:30) I "I Love You Again" (1940) I William Powell Myrna Loy j Frank McHugh A respectable small town civic leader tragedy in a story of circus folks and how the "fixer”! helps adjust their personal i problems Fair film © News JJ5 0 Playhouse (2:30) "Secret Service of the Air” (1939) Ronald Reagan A 1:30 Q World Tumi Q Girl Talk 0 Let's Make a Dial COLOR 2 O Password u All Channels-Nows 11:10 O Sports-Dooloy Weathor Q Sports-Hirsch Weathor 0 Waathar Sports © Woathor-Beoker 0 Nows Weather Sports 11:15 © Sports Nows-Young 11:25 Q Late Show "Big Heat” (1953) Glenn Ford Gloria Grahame Lee Marvin Alexander Scourby Cop resigns from force to continue investigation into suicide of friend He uncovers pit of corruption Violent action Channel Chuckles “I can’t understand Ben Casey relinquishing his time for this” vvv y MIAMI - RADIO X - J - v (1070) tVYCG (1430) win WMiE— Hear Israel 11:00 WVCG-Bulletin Board WMIE— Yiddish WKAT —News H'seperty WEDR-FM— J Schachter WWPB— Mom Moods WAME— Rockin' Rooars 11:15 WVCG— World of Music 11:30 WFAB— M del Canal WME I —Drama WKAT— Garrv Moore WMIE— Gospel Music WMET — Soap Opera WILL— News 11:45 WKAT— Jerry Berk WMiE— Relig News Afternoon 12:00 Noon WIOD— News Journal AAVE — Pajf Harvey AMET— Norman Diaz WFAB — News Estrada WQAM— Jim Dunlap WGBS— News Soundtrlc WKAT — Jerry Berko WFUN— Bill Holly WINZ— Harper News WEDR-FM— Poo Music WMIE— Country Music WVCG— Noon Concert WILL — Cractcer Jim WKAT-FM— Melodies WMBM— Wild Steve WWPB— U'ldi stereo 12:15 WMtE— World Tomorrow W E DR— Poos Music WIOD — Pleas Mom 12:30 WE DR— Country Mus WGBS— Jim Ward WMc— Gospel Music 1:00 WFAB— Enrique G'zaiez WAVE — Fred Hanna WMET — Radio Re0 WAEZ— Seo Mat WGBS— News Matmee WVCG— M Svm Hr WMiE— Per fOdiCO WEDR— A A WFEC-Ed COOk wwpb — Stereo Dream w -Fa —Melodies contracts amnesia and becomes a confidence man in the employ of a notorious gambler Tricky plot 8:45 © Funny Company 9 Q Movie Special (to 10:30) "Boots Malone” (1952) Wil liam Holden Johnny Stewart ' Stanley Clements Basil Ruys-dael Young boy leaves home and meets with man who never had one Older man Q I Love Lucy AFTERNOON QQ Loretta Young 2:30 Q House Party QQ The Doctors ©© Day in Court News 3 Q J Truth News O0 Anothir Wald ©0 General Hospital 3:30 Q Edge of Night Key: kk Good Fair Best Bet 11:30 Q0 Tonight COLOR © Lato Movie “Enchanted Cottage” (1945) Dorothy McGuire Robert Young Herbert Marshall Mildred N'atwick The story of two people who fall in love Private Janssen By JOSEPH FIXNIGAN United Press International HOLLYWOOD Calif — It wasn't too many years ago that David Janssen had plenty of time to enjoy the ease of Hollywood — the swimming pools night club9 and parties that go with show business But he didn't have the money Things have changed for David He’s been in two successful television series which have mads him professionally successful and financially secure Now he has the money — but not the time for an easy life "It's between 14 and 15 hours from the time I leave in the morning until -I get back home in the evening” said Janssen between scenes of his hit series “The Fugitive” "Fugitive” is Janssen’s second television hit He had a long run as the private eye in "Richard Diamond" BEFORE he became a video detective Janssen had been under contract to Universal International Studio and 20th Century Fox He also worked as a free lance LOO: Cc? i V ! (1140) WMIE - (710) WGBS (1490) WMBM 1:30 WEDR— Fla Gardner WFAB— Ricardo Vila WVCG— Afternoon Cone WMiE— Debate Musical WGBS — Sound of Mus WKAT — B Furness WEDR— Poos Music WILL— Bad John 1:43 WEDR— Country Mus 2:00 WAME— King 'B' WFAB — Ricardo Vila WINZ— J Haer WMiE— Debate Music WWPB— Stereo Moods WMbM-FM— Gosp Train WEDR— Country Mus 2:30 WINZ— George Cooper WFEC-Ed Cook WMIE— Clasific ados WKAT— B Furness 2:45 WMiE— Claslficados WFUN— Sots Report WM i E— C lasificados 3:00 WAME— Kina Bee WQAM — C Murdock WiOD — Chet Hunttey WFUN— J Howeft WMIE— Muier a Muier WKAT-FM— Concerto WEDR— Country Mus WFUN— J Howell WMVJ-FM— R Cruser WWPB — Coee Break 3:15 WILL — Toe Taoplna 3:30 WGB-Bob Fel'er WVBM— King Bee WGBS— Soencer Danes WME— Muier a Murer 3:45 WVCG— Market WILL— Gr'd Olt Opry 4:15 WMIE— Cartas WVBM-FM— Jocko ow W 1 0 O— R oa dshow 4:30 W K A T— Co 1 1 fng wood WMIE— Exitos Amer WMET— Musicales 4:45 WAEZ— Closing Stocks WMIE— Bailable 5:00 WMET— Trwente WIOD— Roadshow WVET— Musica WGBS— Ciose-UP yVCG— Market Reooft WMiE— Spanish Music WKAT-F M— Fantasy WWPB — Tranquility WILL— Happy Harold 5:15 WMET— Not Deport WVCG — Evening News WMIE— Span Music 6:20 WKAT— J Cummins WMIE— Cartas 5:30 WIOD— New Joum WME I— Norman Diaz WINZ— News WMET— Norman Diaz WKAT— Biii Smith WFUN— Marine Wthr WMIE— Boy Scouts 5:45 WVCG— Intermezzo WIOD— Bus Sots Eening 6:00 WQAM— Jim Dunloo W V i E— Spanish Music WIOD— News Kelly WMiE— Voz de Muier WFAB — Teiamigo AAEZ-FM— Soup Nut WGBS— Sound of Mus WFUN— Bn rmtirv WEDR— Kent Courtney WINZ— L Birger WWPB— Dinner Conce’t WVCG— Dinner Concert WKAT-FM — Li9hts Mus WWPB— Dinner Concert 6:05 WAEZ— Dinner Mus WILL— Nevs WV 16— Refusee Center 4:00 WEDR— Cracker Jim WIOD— News R'show WAEZ-F-A— Time Out WQAM— C Murdock WKAT— News smith WSDB— Wmd-gp WMiE— Near lerael a jockey QQ You Don't Sey COLOR ©0 Queen For e Dev 4 Q Secret Storm Q Mickey Mouse Club 0 Match Game © 4 0'Clock Club (to 5) 0 Treilmaster (to 5) 4:30 O Early Show (ta6)Wthr "Women's Prison” (1955) Ida Lupino Jan Sterling Audrey Totter Phyllis Thax - ter Howard Duff A prison doctor tries to help women prisoners who are being bru- tally treated by sadistic su- perintendent of women Bru- through their mutual unhappiness set in a New England seashore village Sentimental hut good 11:45 0 Starlight Th (to 1:15) "Come Live With Me” (1941) James Stewart Hedy Lamarr An attractive refu- gee in order to remain in trains him to be Fair O Mike Oeegles Shew (to 10) Q Debbie Drake © lanje Billy (telO) 9:30 Q Ames and Andy 10 Q0 Room lor Daddy © Bast of Greuche 10:30 Eye Role Put in Big Time actor and kept hoping for his big break David's career before television is best described by a statement he once made about some of hLs pictures “I was usually in the background looking over someone's shoulder and saying 'he went thataway’ ” he said k k k THE "Diamond" series pulled Janssen into television’s big time Because of that show he became personally popular with millions of televiewers across the nation He also began a fat bank account which enabled him to move out of an apartment and into a contemporary home in the exclusive Beverly Hills area The house is furnished mostly in antiques which reflect the taste of Janssen and his wife Ellie a former fashion model Living with them are Elite’s two daughters by a previous marriage Kathy 21 and Diane 18 Whenever he can get away from his busy television schedule David takes a turn W MVVAV' '‘X -i''-t VMV 4 (1360) WKAT-CBS (990) WFAB (1220) WMET 6:15 WFmB— E Catbrera WAVE— Ale Dreier WMIE— Sept Inning WGBS — Sea Sports WIOD— Wthr Huntley WIOD — FM — Amuse WEDR — Gospel Mus WILL— Bad John 6:30 WIOD— At the Fair WFAB — NoticTas WIOD— FM— Theater WMIE— Nac Real WGBS— D Duckworth WiOD— At the Fair WAEZ— Bus Hr WEDR— Religious New 6:35 WIOD— Show Seen 6:45 WIOD— 3 Star Extra WMIE— Span Music WAME — Tom Harmon WKAT— Lowell Thomas WKAT— New WEDR — Gospel Mus 7:00 WAEZ— Stereo Show WQAM— Rick Shaw W 1 0 D-F M— Serenade WKAT— Lowell Thomas WINZ— Fulton Lewis WIOD— Hootenanny WGBS— News Lampl't WMIE — Radio Hispana WWPB— Opera Hour WVCG-FM— Com Pert WKAT FM— Starlight WAVE— Fdw Mor-aan WMBM— Rev McCall WFAB — Contese y Gane WEDR — China-Asla WFUN — Greg Warren 7:15 WAVE— Nckie Lee WSKP— Mos Thtr WKAT— Sports WEDR— Rescue Miss WMIE — Radio His? :54 WKAT— Ken Coiiipr WGBS— J Ben y WKAT— L Thomas WMET— Sgn Off WMIE— ArtaielO WFAB— Hft Parada WWPB— Head Home WEDR— River Bapt 7:45 WMIE— Artaleio WEDR— Jonas U 8:00 W I O D — Hootenanny WFAB— fuste Show WMET— Spanish Drama WGBS — News LampH WMIE— Radio Progreso WWPB— Thr Time WVCG— Mu Heritage WEDR— Youth Christ WKAT— World Tonltt 8:15 WKAT — News SPts 8:30 WEDR— Gosoet Mus WGBS— G Aba::i WKAT-FM— Concert -WMIE— Stokum 8:45 WEDR — Ranch Show WMiE — Meyer Coment 9:00 WFAB— Show Fab WIOD — News Seren WMBM— China Valle wfun— Greg Warren WMIE— Prog Antiltano WINZ— Jerry Wlchner WWPB— Svmoh Hall WMBM-FM— C Valle WMBM— Elisha Burka 9:15 WED R — Hootenany WMIE— Amman© 9:30 WGBS— Bill Dumev WMBM-FM— Jazz 10:00 WIOD-News WGBS— Newt Starlight wwPB— Amer Adven WVCG— The Podium WMiE— Vordel Pueblo WINZ— Don Julian 10:45 WFAB— Nte Beat WGBS— Mika O'Neil 10:30 WKAT-FM— Sign Off WIOD— World News WEDR — Sour Ranch WMIE— Voz-Puebig WWPB— Starlltt O0 Word For Word COLOR ©0 Price Is Right 11 Q Real McCoys QQ Concentration ©0 Get The Message 11:30 Q Love That Bob QQ Jeopardy COLOR ©0 Missing Links Q Movie Sevea (to 6:3(0 "In Close Pursuit" with Jan Sterling Beverly Garland and William Windon is the story of a woman who spends her life trying to reform weak men 0 Video Venturis Q Superman © Yogi Bear 'Q0 Hantloy-Brlnklfy (Q Nows—Stawirt 0 Reeky And Friends “ © Sport Weather— leek Or 0 Sports Extra 0 Lift Time NBC floorman Frank McGee hurled himself over a huddle of humanity on the Democratic convention floor at Atlantic City Tuesday night and yelled a question: "Mrs Palmer are you going to get up?” From somewhere under the same huddle CBS floorman Mike Wallace clawed his way to the surface and yelled into his microphone: "Help! And now back to the broadcast booth” This was the chaos of thei second evening of the Democratic meeting to nominate a: marries a penniless writer prgjjjpjjfjaj aate and adopt a but is loathe to relinquish a party platform former wealthy admirer A As Tuesday night ebbed w arm love story 1 AJi O Nawa En Espanol © Nawa-Englisb Spanish 1:15 0 Nightwatch on the golf course or plays tennis At home he likes to read — for professional end personal reasons "I love to read almost anything” he said “But usually I read fiction I feel it's part of my job to be as well read as I can be on the new books coming out" JANSSEN has been an actor since he was in grammar school He knows Hollywood’s ways and how success in show business can disappear in a short time That’s one reason he has invested in real estate looking to the day w hen the laud values increase “It’s hard to advise anybody about acting" he said "There aren't any formulas anymore — if there ever were My only advice is for a person to make sure he knows what he wants if he becomes an actor There are a lot of disappointments" Of his own disappointments lost roles and dry periods between acting jobs he said: "You look back on it and it doesn't look as drastic as it did then” ifc (610) WIOD-XBC (1450) WSKP 790) WFILN 11:00 WEDR— News Wthr WAVE— Hotltne WQAM— Lee Vogel WiOD— News Spts WINZ— Mus to Mid WMIE— El Mambl WWPB— Sign Of WVCG— Lvle Thompson WKAT— Ken Comer W K AT P M— Interment WFUN— Bey to 5 11:15 WME— Accion Dem WIOD— Larry King 11:30 WFAB— Nolle iero WQAM — Courtney WINZ— Cuba WGBS— Span New WMIE— J L Maso WEDR— Peppy Fields 12:00 WAEZ— Stereo Mu ft WFAB— Nite Beat to 5 WMBM— VallevS WAVE-Hof line WQAM — Voeet to 7 WIOD— Viem ito WFUN — Bey to s WGBS- R jmecen WINZ— Late Data WMIE— Serenata WKAT— Collier to 1 WSKP— Mu Tntr WC3 — Sifln Off WMVJ — Dean Ross WEDR— Sion Off FM Skeds WKAT-nl 24 Hour WA62-FM-4 9 mag 24 Hour WEDR-FM-W 1 Meg 7 am to Mkfnita WIOD— 97 J mag : am o 'I 10 pitl WGOS— G3 24 Hour WVCG-105 1 mag 0:30 a m to 17 Vidnttg WMBM-FM 16 Houri a Day WWPB— 1015 meg 9 am to 12 MiOflte At Convention Here are the stars and production staff of XBC-TVs "Today” show at Atlantic City XJ this week for the Democratic Mississippi Hassle 6 Hogs 9 TV Coverage By JACK E ANDERSON HrW TV fditor away the scene on the television screen was deceptively ludicrous It looked superficially as if a prayer meeting had gotten up-staged by a crap game The huddle was taking place around the Mississippi area of the convention floor The participants were seven Mississippi Freedom Democrat members the convention's sergeants-at-arms and the eager eagles of the TV’ radio and press corps In the background were the faintly echoing voices of the convention's officialdom in full oratorical flight Completely out of TV sight The cameras stuck to the jj second guessing the Demo-podium only for House Speaker cratic National Convention's John McCormack s speech as he choice of a vice presidential took up the gavel as permanent candidate convention chairman and for a short one by Georgia's Congressman Charles L Weltner jThe rest were merely over-heard All attention from the broadcast forces as centered on the developing bitterness of the Freedom Democrats attempt to move in on Mississippi's 68 stat vacated by all but three ol the white delegates The credentials committee's compromise plan would hae seated any regular delegate who took the support-the-ticket pledge along with two of the Freedom Democrats to serve as delegate s-at-large It alsoj green-lighted the admission of i other Freedom Democrats as' guests As the evening Wore on TV newsmen were kept flying from all directions to the Mississippi section and to the entrances in and outside the convention hall checking on the growing seepage toward the determined Freedom Democrats The “Mrs Palmer” at whom NBC floorman McGee was shouting was one of their determined distaffers We couldn’t see her but she was apparently resisting for dear life the efforts of the sergeants-at-arms to usher her out Outside the convention hall on the boardwalk normally On Radio 12:55 PM — Baseball WKAT — Washington at New York 7 PM — Democratic Convention WKAT WIOD — Nomination and balloting for the presidential candidate Other stations of the area will have periodic reports from the convention 7:05 PM — Folk Music Tonight WAEZ-FM — In stereo Harry Belafonte Nancy Ames and Eud and Travis are featured 8 PM — Musical Heritage WVCG — In stereo on FM Vivaldi’s Concerto for Diverse Instruments Haydn’s Sym-J phony No 101 in D and Sol- er’s Copcerto No 3 for Two Organs’ 9 PM — Symphony Hall WWPB-FM — Iii stereo 1 Vaughan Williams' Symphony No 8 in D Minor and Ben-! j Haim's The Sweet Pslamist i of Israel i 11 PM — Larry King WIOD — Guests will be publicist Don j Cuddy Coconut Grove artist Bill Hutton and comic Eddie ' Grajt Kennedy or to Adlai Stevenson Sen Hubert Humphrey and the other participants in the main event NBC gave us a change of pace with cut-aways to such earlier taped segment as Nancy Dickerson's visit with Mrs Lyndon Johnson and her daughters and a look at what GOP candidate Barry Gold water was doing in Cleveland during the day The David Brinkley-Chet Huntley team is still somehow more in command of their assignment than their competitors ABCs Howard K Smith and Edward P Morgan are their closest competitors Things still aren’t quite jelling in the CBS booth Bob It was a grim visit to AtlanticTrout waxen and glittering of City for TV viewers relieved eye is still nervous His partner ionly now and then by random Roger Mudd is at least not ner- interviews Occasionally a floor-ivous The situation here is jman sweating and disheveled saved by veteran Eric Sevar-made his way to Mrs Joan Ken-jeid’s calm and perceptive obser-nedy wife of ailing Sen Ted vations Bill Bayer Invites Humphrey to Show Bill Bayer moderator of the Miami Press Conference show on WLBW-TV (Ch 10) Anticipating Minnesota's Sen Hubert Humphrey is certain to be tapped Bayer sent him a letter Tuesday along with one to William E Miller the GOP candidate inviting them to appear together on his program when the campaign gets underway Bayer offered them a choice of three locations — t hr Dade County Auditorium the Miami Beach Convention Hall or WLBW-TV studio — for a face-to-face encounter The show would be an hour in length on a Sunday night He would moderate the program he said and his interrogators would be the regulars of his Sunday night fat 6 pm) half-hour The Herald's John McDermott and The News' Jack Kasse-witz ’ Bayer also offered to augment his panel by inviting ABC newsmen Bill Lawrence plus two representatives of the other networks’ Washington staffs to sit in THE STOKER Broadcasting Co owner of Miami’s WGBS is buying back the 1-000-foot antenna tower and transmitter building it sold to Public Service Television Inc in the mid-50's George B Storer Jr president of his company said the installation will be used for WGBS-FM to give it a better broadcast spread in Broward county The FM antenna is currently rigged on WGBS-AM’s tower in Miami Springs Storer built the tower and transmitter originally to beam programs on L'HF Channel 23 When it abandoned that operation several years later the company sold the installation to Public Service which operated It on VHF Channel 10 Public Service headed by the late George T Baker lost its license in 1961 and the channel passed to L B Wil f 0 J'ptoTftm IP FOI KOMI W tuvici CAU LAI'S TV Ns M Ss 0as NA 1-2422 MO 7-6244 f A M to EM 7 DATS A WIU toAHTWRIH IN SADI COUNTY Mentor Can) tnklrr (kwatof (tmumf TV SERVICE CALLS 50 IN YOUR HOME SUNDAY INCl f :00 AM to (SWril t Cnftln Mt) t:00 PM 21” PICTURE TURES ONLY $2195 INSTALLED RELIABLE RADIO A TV Cft 1-514 national convention The early morning show originates from the Claridge Hotel to present convention highlights Interviews and other features The stars in the front row from left are Frank Blair Hugh Downs Maureen O’Sullivan seated and Jack Lescoulie son Inc which is now operating as WLBW-TV The tower and transmitter have not been used since Storer would not disclose the buy-back sale price but it is reported to be about 5230-000 The sale doesn’t Include Public Service s studio building at Biscavne Blvd and NE 21st Sl It's currently being used by a movie company CONTESTANTS in WIOD's Slithery Dee contest being conducted on Jim Jenk-in's Hootenanny Show have until midnight Aug 31 to get their entries in This is a contest in which contestants try to draw their concept of a Slithery Dee a thing or what-have-you made popular by the singing Smothers Brothers in their latest Mercury release “It Must Have Been Something I Said” Winners will be flown to San Francisco Sept 17-20 for an on-the-town vacation —JACK ANDERSON TV Plans For Cleo In the event of a hurricane here Miami’s three television stations will televise directly from the weather bureau Channels 4 7 and 10 said Tuesday plans for a "Weather Central TV Studio” had been set up through Gordon Dunn chief forecaster A room at the weather bureau a TV spokesman said is being converted to a studio Advisories w-ould be given on camera immediately upon issuance Wife Candid Sheds Funt RENO Nev — (AP) — Mrs Evelyn Funt won a divorce in District Court Tuesday from her husband Alien host for the 'network television show “Can- did Camera” j The divorce was granted by Judge Grant Bowen in Washoe County Court not long after the suit was filed The couple was married In New York City April 2 1946 ALL SW 6 6AHISH 00 TV HOME CALLS MO 79281 AA TV MOVICI jm sjIIaitii ova nasi iatii NO CHARGE rtrsKjr- in REPAIR M ALL MARI TV’S U AN TtLCVIBION CO CALL Ml 4-7064 to to mLmLmi

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