Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 4
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S1g|LiNg,jiUNOll FRIPAY, OCTOBER 13,1916. DAILY AHD DAILY STAHDAED '""* II »--" M V«* <* P'lrtfei* inf SlXTY-THini> VKAH iiifTf.tH'-il W"0fi>!f-rf<itiy in t.tift !n«U five--i •»•*!**,• jiM'I. trit'-rf-Jitinir <>; r'-I.U". Ani'-r- ;<;t'i firm" h.'vvft efiM.'l.'i! up fifty f-f-r PiJ-bH«h<vl rmHy I.». w. nnANi. if (it* ntitl 111 \v>« Klnv. . Pu!»!i*i!«"r<5. Thiri! St lit IViRtftfTit'p. Stfj-liriK, Illinois, ft* S«-t-f)h'i <'ht>s MattT fn thi.w h" Oir f.Tit. is !>;ir<>|v h'. b-"-.v- 'i')1n>; TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION- Mail, Out«M» of Sterling and Rock Fali!*, A«yv»her« in the United ----- ...... Stctt* «r year Jn advance .-•; H*»H» than *>tx months, per month .2o By Carrier In Sterlinq or Rock Faffi, o* by Mall « th* Sterling or Rook FalFe Pottoffice One year in advance ........ .... $."/»>• Six month? in advance ....... ... 2,r.o Thr<* months in advance. ....... WS Oh* fnflnth In 'advance ............ 45 NiJ>!'-'!l ("liltl'IlT* !! in i'n*\ fn ( !'<•! iar;''" of forfi t ratio j • •r>»j*r into th<- wtiri f»r a »:i i'i ("rrwTiHkp .«t'iti J?:ll> '•"iisy rinil iiatfj, thTp t!t» i h:HH"i> of war's fis- SL T\ ™TT7^7TnTrT~'rrTjTr~fTvTi Tf TV Busln».'»« shtiiild be oj c-n ffssirtio tu \\itr. tc' the !m- nnrl in mor(? i'- !hf CAUGHT ONJHE FU If SOCIAL AFFAIRS fh* nrrnv. Britfsh f«ir.?ir r-abtps th<-r dny hnri !t thnt tjify ; 7) Of •?*.." I'.v *fii« tim rv-ij-KrU'd !•> .hi «r>tnt> !y kilting. dtilnto Hfmty of tiir* forpivij«!.« that fotir <r<nti(r d"% in wTT! 'n them. t* ! ' T'rf>liit>ltion t i A HOME WEDDING jMiss Irene Allen, Of Lyndon, i Became the Bride Of ! H. K. Hill. •«,'>.. Mr-s !><*'<! d>--m"r,.'-!r.Ui"d fruit ! ft '. <••• V TM. . >V. !: i\ l!iC t!if f (" U if> ! Hi i"it ri;ir ( |>;<-ff-|'ls rrnH .cf'ff-". Th<"«•! m<<Mnr .-if ?>;.. , ti;h wH! f^ hf-ld '•':•• ii-n!i- of Mr*. !,<>«• I-Vr-.lf-rick, SURPRISE BARTY w " T * nde « d Mr - n\ By the payable to the carrier .10 TO AMERICA, "The Ami k ricflji," n put>- TifiSS "By the* 'National Cliy bank of New York, whlrh haa established tuAinchfn In' M<,>»th America. In lt» fl*l>tcmuer tenon ptiblinhcn a complaint »f thw Indtmtrlfll Union *»f Argentina a fain lit American *htpj*-r*. t"h* complaint InrfiiilHi iff nun- SOL6IERS POORLY PAID, The pay of Arm-titan s-o|<H«'!ft Is than that In nnv nthfr nrmy; hnsed on th'' .'i mount of money, of foti.f.«fr," nnd not fitnv much It \v||| buy, Th<> wi«i;f v M of Amnlcnn woldifrs, howfv«>r, hstrt not l/rrn IruTfawil In ItiP TSSt TTfty yT-iirs; H BliH remaln'Jt'af $15 a month. Tills is bnrrly entittRh _to pay for. iiu'ldf-nts. nrid IH the real causo why enllntmrntH for thf> army are so ^pnr.«e. A nntion that wants preparedness nnd protection from invasion must, or of «octd», «f fr«ud. many " ho " w b<v tfl for A " . of milvaruwl prlu** .Hfti-r offers ll '*• the *fovernm«mt ROM .to huge ex- had b«H?n accepted, rascR of Inferior ROOds shipped, and'many ca«es of c«re >ilp-8hod methiHtn in and ulhcr ppnup in ntteinptiriK to lntt»pe«t pro.*" P««ctlve soldiers but continues the pay- of the toweni WHg«?e In the coun- rtry for work that may rnenn death in The merfJifiiiin of Argentfnc 1 com* plain that thfy hav»» mifTerwl «rrrnt IOBUPB an a result of thjn lark of bus- In pjm efflrlpnry by many Anierlcnn flrtnil. In fftft, «iri«"nf lire. InrKestt <HHI- ccrnn In ArKctitltK 1 — and they . h»v« koine mighty lurK* 1 onen down there-— "fiai "SiinouiicetT If "'WITT lit-vi-r 'iiHhTh~jViif'-" chase a cent'* north of Roods ftvin American flrmi*, Conduct Htu-h «H Unit of whk-h tho Argentine rm-ruhitnl* complain Is a crime ajcalnM Am««rlf«. Tt f« cpntmrr- clal InefOcbni'y In the «t<«nnth power. It I* not the kind of liu«ini>H« that will get Uncle Kntn very far In the world markets. Of course, It can be clnlmed that tho American firm* nt fault aro «.i tho realm of ft_ .wuLJb n venit _J«n .11 .. 1 1 nip, _to_ Jcarn better. It would *e«»m, however, that flrn>« that do no! know Mow dhuitld not ttompetn for fniflgn trade, Th« damRKo, though. In dono. And •wtthaJ, It hii* not Iteeu unpJC|i*ctrU. Repeated wai-tilo** ha\-<» upon w-nt out .to* be extremely careful In dolnir.biiK- ineaa with Soutli biit evidently Ii»t« of thtnk they know too much to follow adrice. . hav« lncrpa«rd from 2.10 to 300 por cent In the lant fifty years, rtnd other" necp«mitlfiu In prcjrortlon, Flf- t«>n yr&r* ago nr> a monjth could buy thr«-e or four tlme« na much SIM today, ttnd the puy of a notdter could not t>c coiiHlderod a« low as It, in today. tl hftn -l>wn jwilnttni rjttt—that- In rt" crultlnK centers In the largo cltlen employment agenclCH a~ few *tep« aw«y will bo iifferlng $S.50 a day, and without medical ojid phynlrul examination, with th*> r«!«tilt that they ifpt most of the "buHlneHH" of attracting men. «)f course,'a ralso In soldlorw' or wiilor» g pay would tremendously In- ct«ii«e the cost of our military and naval eHtatillslinu-ntH, And that's one reason why. tho pay isn't ralaed. "Tr.TnnriH! •» iTi IT"T!'»niT, Phi h wiiat a tint ro'.mtry and good w ill clo for nti irulustry, It !« nllffff-d thnl Ui^ two for nlr-kfl r iRnr is p«.i!«lnK away. Tlti? rnarp rvldrnre tlint folks i*ho tniv in automoMtrji don't llkr» cheap a wet r^'ofiflon in dl?>- yostcTdny, Juit tvhnt «i»M he r-spcrt of n'Hty that f«t nlwnys Poppy fvrn In dry polltlral partlr-n arr> abiindonlng for the has* drum. And tho by Kovemher *._?onH»txidy will touch off the park cannon. The Greek cabinet comes and goes with (he Mt^pf'I of the Twentieth Century Limited. Hill No. 2,3«7 hnn rhanKfid hnnd» In Knumaiii.'t. Now find It on-your m»p. th FROM OUR READERS "The world owe» mn a HvInK!" How often the maker of that remark IH a lazy, xtwd-for-nothlng fellow with an empty head and no conception whatever of the value or Joy of good, hard work. ' ........ But don't condemn him yet! Tho world did owe him a TelU Of Th« Cave. Morrison, 111.. Oct. 11. J!>1fi. Kdltor Daily (iazftte: Altich ban been Wild of hit*' of It f <i~i"I . T» a' tii" '• °!n! n< parents -Mr..nnd Mrs Itaipn Alh-ri. lifV. j ; I). JfenkU'V jiaw(f>r of M'-thoilis«t "chuff:h .perforrnfjil the core m<'ny u.^Sne th" rin>r prr\ ir* 5 in th presence uf oni^ himdre.l and thirty eik-ht fillet*. To the utrnlns i.f t.oh'-n grin weddlnsr march pl.-nt-d i.y Mi« Dorothy W^tzell r«r Slerllnr a cousin '•• the hriilf, the bridal p.'uiy (nt*TCI the parlor and took their r^opet-tl'v plrtce*. An urttisirally. effective <<ettlni for the nnptfnl ceremony had Jieen ar rahKeVT iiniler "a TiTjif fin-Ti, t Iff"'""back Kr<»nnd beinsr n hank of fi-rtva nn< potted pJanbt. The nttrnctlvrnc-ss 01 the spacious room had been enhnnc- ed by a profusion of foliage,in tlie tutl- Unnt nnd varied mlorlncs of ntifumr o»itllnln»t the door and window «*irelies and sf-recninK th*> rhand^lfer. Pret'edinsr the ceremony Mfjtu Harriet Wetstell of this city RftnK "I I'H'' Von Truly" accompanied on the vlut-iM by Mlsn r>t<rn'Quitrlcfnlmnh of Mrirrisott Th(» attendantH were Ml»s Minrt Hill a Perhaps he did—but more likely he didn't, , The mnn \ tho golden e^Ra of South American trade, but th».vyir«» traltora to the fair name ar:Arnerfca. A k ••* THE JAPS BUSY FOR TRADE. Thruotit the entire world, Jn spite of the-.'-w«r,i_--thi> HrUlsh are- exiendinsr "fheir trade line»—except fn the far Hotiir Konir. Auaimlfn, the - Dutch Kant Imllex, Strait* Settlement*. .,H*W«U nnd the PhlllpplneB— in nil . thiwn markets the wily Jap la throw* In* th« harpoon Into lJrltl»h physically, mentally, morally—doesn't often d«j«enprato Into tho .Ktrci-t-troBner whlnor who "The world owen me a worthl«sn Figure* published from » tho Japan Weekly Chronicle, a trado pupur of TjOfcib. plainly lndicnto that while Britain In Mii«y on the tmttlfi!tOdn of Europe, Japan IH just n» ' buny paving the way for the nalo of goodM. And. eiirioiiH to relate, numt of the Increaaml trade that Japan l» ohtain- • Kvory child, girl or hoy, rich or poor, block or red or white, ID entitled to •puns food,- clean clothes, fresh air, noiuid idecpr to Instruction that will equip him to collect bin living and a .-little- Joy- beside*; and to kiunvlcdKe-of- tho difference between right and wronK. Don't he too hard on th« man who bejlevcs the world owc-a him a llvinK- of— c-oum'e — bu t--perliai>H It cave \vext of Mt" I'nrroli nnd I would .Kindly add a few wordfl In pral«e of th<» beauty of t'arrol! cr*-ek canon. Kormerly wo used to reach the cnvo by entering th« canon about" three- fourihn of a mile-.u|»»*tr*ain and follow down to the cave, croHHtne the Htream H(?ht tlmem In thin distance, Durinjf my three years' residence In Mt. rarroll I drovri tn thft eav» many times with vIsltlriK friends arid all of th<*Mi were mtm* than delighted with the beautieH of the canon, the cavn nnd. tho prolto, t think I hnv« seen about all of the scenery In IHInoiH "w orTlr~i tro~nin lie; if n d T r rtmrtrti»T~thnt" near Mt. Carroll Is the flncut of It all. Hom« twenty years uffo Charles K.. Brown «>f Kfttdallvlllc, Indiand, visited the/canon and cuvo nnd later Hent a beautiful |>oem descriptive of It to h,lK friend. Itev. W.. B. .Htoi-oy, I Iran wcrUw the ixjc-m a« that you may pub lit»h If you no dealro, Vours truly, H. A. Maxwell. Carrol! Cr«*te. ..._.._... .jf? HL f <!'' of honor and Bhe \va« beatitiftilly at tired In a eown of plnk-KCorK'-tte cr^p TTie liMdennmldn were Mi?i« Lucy Adatnn of Sterling an Infirnate friend <>f t!i< bride who was attired In n pink cn-pr meteor uown and carried n, banket of r«<*»-s and Minn -Marnticrite Allen a counin of the bride wan Kowncd In. ;i owe* him other thlnifa. I/ord NorthcllfTe, the owner of the In the far i-ant is the kind that Britain umd "to get. The British aearcoly do any business In the Philippine* any more— what bualnenn London houNe^i did there being; dona by the Jap». On the other hand, WlndowShades We,us© The Best of Cloth THE VICTOR HAND PAINTED r The Best Boilers TEX HARTS HORN ROLLER We will give you THE BEST OF SERVICE L - — and Hang your SHADES RIGHT , COME IN AND SELECT YOUR CLOTH Book tore Times, MaJli and many other British •-pubilcatlonii,-lta»-4iom«-(uit-for egual suffrage, after lighting It talttep- ly for years. His strongest oppoaltlort bun been that women aro uaelesa in war. He baa been convinced now that but for Iho work done by the women of Knfflpnd in maiming munitions plants and other linos of- necessary work dropped by soldiers who went to thirfnmT, :Knsrltnrd psnrd The Her,rute nn'kH are towering high Their lofty tops with verdiyo crownec Hcem holdhiK i-oiH'erso with the »ky The (^rwn-leafed treea with pnch warm breeze Nwi KiUlx to us from tho At every^lurn ioino radiant flower, ~—. Or chanjrlntr view the eye delights, AVSth 8llvery,gleunvtUe-wlndlng Btrcam Flows Hwlfily p«Hi the paliwide. And murmurs low ItB mu»lc »w#*t. And. hurries on thro light and nhade, And now we pawn the flower«atrewn Ki'asH, That decks Hie edges of tho>tream; And pi lingo Into th» grotto's gloom, Where rienetrates no llyhtnomn beam. Up 6'er the bed«of some-old dead Forgotten streams our way we wend, in the war. 'While the pxuuty Is prt>Uy- thln for giving women somuthlng th»t belongs to them by rlgtit, uuy kind-of an OXCUHO that will win such forceful papers aa are controlled by Lord Northcllffe will ndd milch to the strength of the cuuso of women. No matter what reason moved, hlni North- la u powerful "cgnvert. • ^ ' UH to think we've neared the end. - • " • But as \vc near tho «p(»t where sero And brown tho rocks obstruct the way, '. : The' winding 1 RUlch leads still ahead. And beauties new tholr charm* di»- ALWAYS TWO SIDES. , •The I! cum International News BCT- vice lius been barred from Kngland, the. use of tho cablea or the mails. Tho Knglteh my it Is bocuuso of lt» unreliability. .Thti i(car«t paperu say tho service haa bwn I _»..<! s»u» , ii 1.1 lutD tjvvit ">^wiinifSBU uin:«»niw ill refused to garble and distort the news to meet the requirements of the Hrltlsh. wnaors. There necma to be two_ tildes to all controverslen. two videx to all foiUr«ver«iiK. \V0 haven't,much 'faith in Hearst and leas tn the Hi'itlhh itli-u of_ fairness.- to Amer icun iutitltutii'iiM that retuHo to be «u- licrvicnt. ' • 8HO.ULD GET BUSY. lei Mtill lllHMillrt , Wllll ' to linpr«)Vt> the* city's- lukc front. Up iivci'lii-ad a nlciidcr Of meltinR bluo donates tho sky; Turn where wo will there's nuught to ' ,"• nmr'' '""' "" :' '"• " : '• Tho scenes that all about u« He. Bright Carroll eroek, I v»ilu would seek AgiLln your changing light and shade. Would —vlcrtv- twice -*no>«—t he-mighty workB, ' Which Nature'* God bus here displayed, • My heart IH thrilled—my mind t« filled With wonder at the laving plan Of Him who made-the*o beaut Ion rare And gavo them all to erring; man. In vain I Hook for word» to aiH>ak My love for all Thy klndn«u> «hown, Out while my ionguo may lack In power, . - - ' My. •thought*, oh Qod. to Thflo are net and cnrled a banket of- roses. The rlriK hearer, little M!R« Kath- erlne.Ftoblnnon of Huron, South Dakota .« counin of the bride wore a beautiful gown of Xvhlte. Th«* "'Mldei*' "drenn wii», "n -K«»wh .of white chnrmeune overffraped with silver Ince net. She wore H veil of tuile and carried ronen. , Following the ceremony an elaborate three courne wedillng dinner wan nerved. The dining room was- beautifully decorated In the hrldcn Hitmen colors of yellow and white. The brldi-n table— WHS- deeorttted— with -\t-H«> i\--rl*r--- bons ntrcaming from t.h«« ehandellern t» the corncm of the table flowers were 1 thryHantbemuinn and Htnllax. 'The cen- terplere won a huge bride* cake. The nerving wan done by ' several Hlwh School frlendn of the brhle. Whih- the menu wan being nerved the Qiiacken- bttnh Trio from Morrlnon furnl.shed the. music. Mm. Hill wan tier. MYSTIC WORKERS Held -an IntijrBtting Meeting Wedn«* d«y Night, The retfnlar meeting of fho !M\'jstl< Workf-f8 lodee, X'o. 'f. «n«-held Wed- nemJay f:-\enirift in Its hall. The at- tendariep -was very Inrpe nnd four ap- piicalluiia f ur. jjM-'4nbcr*hif >—w^w—voM>^ on nu<; two cittul(dates Were Initiated At the close of the meetiriB refrenh- tnerits, eonslstlncr of apple pie a la riiixle and coffee;' was served, This W:IR f<4)l«iwed by n Kot-ial dance, music 1/ririK furnished by Iltill'8 orchestra. SIX O'CLONCK DINNER Mis* Margaret Burbaek W*» Hottess Latt Evening Miss Margaret Hurbnck enterlalned lit n prettily appointed plx o'clock din- Mi«=«« H^len Sherman of Idaho, Vincent Mf-ckman of ('iili-riKo. nrid' Herl.'ert Ithickhurn of'|{o«-k Pii;l«. FOR BRIDE-TO-BE Mrs. Sturtevant Entertained- in Honor Mrs. .Tnhn Httirteviuit entertained n •w friends Thursday at her home nith of lioek Knlls. hotiorlnK Misn Helen <!ebhardt of this city a bride•be. of this, mouth. The day wus spent Informally and nt noun an ela- iorate dinner was served. HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL. The True Ulue clnMs of the St. John's lUthenin church held n meeting lawt v.enlri« at the church. I'hins were niidi' for 11 Hallowe'en Hocin! to be held t the church on Friday evening, Oct. CLOVER SEED We will pay from 18.50 to $9.00 for '-CHOICE CLOVER -SEED If you have any lo offer bring in a sample. LA '"• ........... ~ ...... " ......... SEED" '• ........ 7 Wanted Bulk Timothy Hay — We will- do the hauling. We can supply your wants on bulk hay at market prices. Grinding W. F. FLOCK The Flour, Feed and Seed Man locust Street Sterling, Illinois <Hnrpre tlinnks to Mr«. Charles Hoi-rix>nKue, K. l^. Shllladay. of New Yor and -Mfif. Mae . \V. U'ilUins for ! moulntr Hpltii in Mayor ilieji. which th«-y.-jr.ive UH Thursday niter- j l-'nther ,!. U'. H. MaRuiro of St. Visitor** noon. . j t'oiiesje. Kimk.'ikcc. The suljjpcts l-lenolvcd. That \vn frreatly appir-Hato t'<" " r ""' fpeuki is will dial with I nirnl«hed Thursday after- '•mployrneni the \Voman'n chief ill. noun hy thf ladle* of Missionary SIM'if'ty. l'.e«olved. That'wr> expro.u* in manner "ur than hi* to tho chulr for 4-h*>- wutt(,it*>t» mulled nt(h*t 'j'4 Hlrf j,| M y cvenlni! nvr\ ice. ll«»»o|ved. That wo extend In The Gazette mid Standard our appreciation I'**'""''''*' Henry Olson of th« Chieaefi Munli'lpal c'.iiirt, will he tl principal spi-Mkcr fit tho Hiitidny morn* >Vli(»* Jttfin r I-A N'litioiuil children'!* lniu-ati at Wa«h« i. U. c.. \\iil addrentt a WITHDRAW GUNS fContlnued from Page One.) hnrn and ralHed In the village of Lyndon nnd In'a Krtid* uate .from the- I'rophetstown school. •I.. Hill and wan ; horn and mined in ProphctMtown and after itur from th,$ ProphctHtown nchool In look a hu£lni>Ks»,conr«e ... in , Brownn Colleue In . thf^i, i.clty. Ho holds n r<-- ponftlon 'as bookkeeper fur von Illndenherg i« til"' wurld'H-greatest general. He would have beaten Napoleon in the flrnt dny'n battle." Major General OHtcrhatiH, !M, who claim* to bc-the oldent surviving gerj- ••ral of the civil war and who In the father of the Rear Admiral OHterhaun. of the K*'|I< rourJ PI-««SH notices which have been given of tho program find teSHloiiM nf tlx» a.ysoflatlun. IleHotved. Tluit .we e.\te»,3. throuKlt >ur -Henlstnir, uur «ltwer«« »ymi>:ithy to Dr. John Hoyd Johnfttpri,-and-that lowers Khali he sicni him In thr> tmttH' of the Association, Hesolvcd, Tiiiit a.M.we leave w;c pray that (.!od'« blecsing may remuin wltii thin church and its pastor. A radical change ir the npon Mr, nnd Mrs. Hill left today .ori a ten day honeymoon trip In tb« East nnd on' their return-i tVlll make their home In The 'Out Of guent* were Mrs. John JnmeH RoiiinHon atid children l'<a- 'therlne and Jameir of Huron, 8. Da- tiit.Mr. nnd Mrs, A, -D. . Pfundenteln. Mr. arid Mr«, J, O. Wetwll and daugh. terf», I>irothy and Harriet, Ml** Jaicy Adams. Mr. and Mrs. lloijert 'Benne, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Greene, Mr. and Mr«. through -lh« United PrfM« today. ITALIANS HAVE FAILED. (Hy ITnlted vSeition. -After the .automobile ride thrrnurh- aiiii the eitie.K. the meotlnK came to order in the church where the,, feature wan the addresses of Dr. Mc'.'ollum anil • Ur. Uammon, both of <!hidvMo. They wero'of inter'ewt riot only to" the mlniMer* m id- visiting laymen, but" to the aiidiene<» a.s well. The fall ussueiatiim then cnn»»» to a close, and It was considered to be one of the best association meeting held tor mime time, Mr*. Koyce A, Kldder Horlln. Her,, Oct. 13,—Tho Italian drive on IHOHZO. launched It In bellev- '"'? '" l !'!!!!L v '?_J'.L**.AH'*trittn pressure on Houtrianlu. hiix failed according: to the Vienna statement, -The AuwtriruiHj blocked repeated Italian " ciitci latri vislting nicmber), and Mr«, J, A\'. Plait was in charge of the-committee on ar- lungemeuts Dr. and Mrs. \V M. Jones aided materially in making the association meeting the success* thai It wii«. > • which the conference will bn held licini; tried out thlr( vear. Herctofor tlw eon vent Ion o).ened on I'Ylday nlg and coiitlnueil through Tuesday. Thl W;IH foimd too l<mtf for some, and thl yr.'ar'n conferi'Su-e will open Prldaj rnoitilng and clone Sttmltiy night. Credit JH tho prnllflc parent of ttnd~thp- ptiK-r" hirr ~ Bhnrp enough to find It out. HP fern those who dance to pay him some other day, with the result that ihej;] dance n so«sd deal wore than otherwise would. Often they danc«j more thuti they • crre-afford, but that'i] nothing to the plpcr.- Credlt to Farmcrt' Wives. The. women of tho fnrum are nominally important. They feed ttt«| liSf GOVERNOR DUNNE mit tithe'r frpntn. from cten. Oadorna failed, to Mr, unct Mrw. 1'heo Jan and William Freeman, Sterling, and Mrs. Walter Austin. Mr. and Mrs. .-MlMSPtr-Ikt raw-Pauline xnd Frances Quackenbuah ofSforrlson. Mr. and Mra, E, I;. HIM, Ml»« Mlna Hill and Howard Hill.. Mr. and Mrs. <ehman Hill. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Warier and daughter** Hultlc and Orace. Mr. and Mra. -Charlen Scbryer, Tht«o Taber, Harvry Hull, Mrs. Frank Smith and W, J, Minch <)f Propht'tatowh. , gain although he wasted ammunition lavishly In an eight day's bombardment. The British and Herbtan attack in Macedonia, probably made for tho purpose of drawing off the }<tulgarfe, met a similar fate. The Jtulgaro withdrew tit Bftme placcH lint maintained *44wl^ Will fortified lines. ((-.rontlnuiul on Page Four) drcsH hy llev, \V. \V. Tuttlo of i-MOo, on the biihjoct of "Thu H (if I'owcr." . Tho follou'lntf ii-HnliitioiiH were then offered hy the - roMoluthm committee known. Mu«t Be Midi. You tuunot drt'um yourself into n churactor; you luust hnmnier and forge yourself one,—Proude, <3uetta Were Informed of the Engage* ment of Miw Modler. Maba^Modler entortuinod ton girls vwy plea«antly at*ti(<r*honrie, 201 Avc.nue U, Wednesday wv«njng.- Th« Ile»nlvf>r, hnt ^vr "n *"" __-_-. _ 'In crocheting unrt fancy, work, unit lit 9:30 o'clock a three COUI-HC 0 Inner wax vwl. The dining' room was tftste- ly deoornted In the noIorH red and white, carnations he I MR the principal rtowcr, A largo kewpU». adorned with a big rod bow, was the while th.e favor* w»ro t»nmll The |>li»ce canta wero...\vhlto In tin onvelopt', Thl» \vu« the MUrprlse of the evening as ou thu tin* Sterling' church ui*m it«r-brnutlful church' ami its flllcleut paator. • Ueaolyed, Secund. That we extend to the proplo—of th'lti vhurcTi our hearty thanks for tho delightful way-in which w« have IHUMI etttertiUned while we have been their KUCMH. 'Hesolved, Third. That we extend our Be Speaker At State Charities " Meeting'.' (By United' I're«n'.) Alton. HI. Oct. in,—A hip Sunday af'ternoun meeting In a downtown tho- nire, at which Governor Dunne will be the. principal speaker, will be or/e of the features or ilu» annual *tate conference on Charitiea and Correction which oj-eiiH In this city October '-!(). Otfa>r Bpnaltrni at—I lie big— mrrstr meeting will h« .Mrs. Florence Kelly, i president of tlm National Conmimora* riiori can go to work without hreakfasti nnd t( bed without supper, tho womc who feed them iniiHt bo given credit for tlieJr shuro In .the growing cropo.j Tho food they prworvo |« no Itern Jn thejjutlonul wealth.— Evening-Post; or ouoyahcy. Prolmbly the mowt buoyant material] In thp -worhi l« tha pitch fr<ftn a giant nunflovver grown in Klheria, wltlch can" support thirty-five times it» ow«| weight 7hen't)n the water. Cork, oa the other hand, 1ms a huoynncy o* only one to Uvo, and reindeer's halt] one to ten. ___ : Hfud The Gazette for all the newx. of tho ('Urdu WUM the announcement of the engagement of -Miss Mildred Mod.ler, »i Mister of thw to.Arnyn H. ganger, of Nel- The exact date 'of the wedding ot given out. Following tho din- he evening wim son. This J^fiMi dom> for liftceii of ttteuty- y*'.»,fH. and fmw n move is .on foot to dfftW Up H llt'W tU'-l t)f plullH, ' (}«!0l- njri-stet— tell - us~rtntt~- th«— lake tx-guing tu disappear — or overlloiv — in th« of time, so that If Chicago la really goims to act, It hud better di» w> bt-forw tho Uikeacupo and the lundscapo does tho flop-away. Dally Thou 8 ht, Certainly, in our little uphero, It not the moat ncMve people to whom we owe the most. it is the lives like the st,ara, which simply pour down on us the falxo light of their bright and faithful being, up to which we loofcv and out of which we gather the deopout calm and courage.-~ Brooki, HOUSEHOLD CLUB Of CoUU Htld an lnt«rc«ting Meeting W»dne«day. The Ook'tu. Household Hcfenc.o cluh met Wedneuday afternoon, Oct. 11, With Mrs, Arthur Deots, \^lth twenty*(our laditsu -present. Wr«; Mllea Wai- luce read' an excellent paper entitled "rfome Kiwentiatii of; iiou»ekeeping," Mru. Hert' Hirdeul toid in u very- plews- of YDUR NEW AUTOMOBILE! ' _ .__ « . J How to Keep Its Pine Body Surface! Like New • Depreciation in automobile values is more a majtcr of appearance than qjf mechanical >vear^ and tear. Why people pay so little attention to the ,care of the body surfaces is hard to under* stand. Most cars look a year old after two or three months under ordinary treatment, It is a very simple matter to keep the auto body practically like ne'vlf for several seasons—simply by cleaning and polishing in the right way. - , Tobey Polish, the old secret formula of The Tohey Furniture pjany; (Oiicago & New Vork). .is a per- feet preparation '. for auto body re- qtttrements. It h~ recommended and exclusively used by many leading dealers and makers. . , It cleans off all dirt and grease, 1 cosily and quickly ; HO hard rubbing ; docs" not Toilet Needs For Men I | | ln« muniu*r.uf "Tii/^ wuman'ji the tlnuiicu In fhe home." • These nub- were qufto" thoixjughly dlucutlBed. bu»liu'8» was brouglit befuro the ; wipes off dry I r*oe$ not catch dust. Docs tint coat oi^er the surface ^•simply maintains and. beautifies the original finish,' Sold at the better stores everywhere. Quarts $1 ; bottles, SOc and 2Sc, r- Litile-thing^^ . health, and jpy of living. Tney are daily necessities- that cost but a trifle and yet they count big witlrthose know their real value, ' Shaving Soaps Of every kind.- The old reliable »oap in cukes a* well *• the" handy •having! ItTcR, powder, or cream. Shaving-Brushes .Some thut *e)l at 25e and others that particular men are willing to jpay up *° $1-00, Safety Razors All the beat known* kind* are here to choow from—^1,00 to |5.00. Shaving Lotions Our bay rum is the best in qua!- ity and we hnye many other or th> f aC fl ; Hair Tonics A complete atock of that it good in hair preparation*. We recommend a.nd guarantee Brushes For the clothe*, hair, teeth, hand* and a number of other u»e»,. They coit but little. Hendricks Drug Co. The 1fex«& Store The Most Complete Line of !..-••_. . —v---^ • We Shown rn AKoctcl

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