Asheville News from Asheville, North Carolina on November 19, 1857 · Page 2
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Asheville News from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 2

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1857
Page 2
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I'.- 1 : i-...-,-. -.f-'-'A Jf .i 'i ; . '-.'. . . v.; ;v e i.- -. " in urn 1 1 iiwi ' - - - i- . ! rrr - . v THEfNJEW:Stf: 1 Nrhpslayr Iov. 10 I837.y We observe tbat several of our cotempo- '.na' era atnrPSmor fin OTmi0ia R9 tO tlje propel thne for iiolUing Use St?tte Gonent:oo ti nnminntp a r.inlidate for Governor. Some im ; RTt in favor of an earjj )'ny soiiie time hi February or March, fibers takd the ground that there U no urgent necessity fol suh haitc the time above mentioned : bc'iftg the season of the yearfwh'en travelling,-is itsst comfortable, on accouct of bad "rowh, Frcncli BvadLj Koail. ; Wiimington mftrsouf the i above; Road; and z&fal :S6met(mig: ought tor be done hf, the Leg-IMtUre forilhe extreme Western; part of the fctateH for Heretofore its clajma upon tlie fos-t'0inX.Lr'nt the State have been neglected. Kichln all the elements of wealth and natural i bean ty blessed with those "Fesouree wnicu ! ... . . o n'n irt !p hat never are. de- fllinjo guii'j, f , ' 1 ti ! VTUeiOcoecBlaiik . tVV; ire fa.tcfaf to tthf r; 7. Eeagan for nabHn uatojay iheTbilowing mfornia-tKQ before pur readers : v J -i ' f : Keems '"';C reek, QT.iCl 4 th , ?Jy1 , Cori;esifondelicc br tiic Xew. f J'iREanyS: N. (X, Kov. 4t, Jlfptverj lorigjivnce it was my good forlane- Velopl' it has remained for jears a country, as1 it Were, cut off tho busy. marts of trade land cQmpiratively JnaceessiWe. Lat trlv1bwever;ihe attention of the people in . Yp cannot see why so erly a day should' ba sefected, but can imagine several, to our mhidt very cogent reasons- for deferring it? to . & -later period. It is desirable th.a the entire Stale :be represented. : Tiii3, indee;d, is essicn- tir.f to harmony of feeling nd concert of action. From those portions of the tate lying 'contiguoua to the sereral of;Uail Road, it is ah. easy., task to -visit Raleigh at any sea- ,ROn. Not .so, however,- from the extreme r wt-stcrn counties and aV the early ; day ; mentioned, it is moic than' probable .that cot a single Jelerjale would be in atteudiince from west of the ridgp. ' ' l: We trust the time will be sci fixed tbat' every sretion . can' be represented' in strong force -a regular,--'rousing gathering of tlte clans a mighty throng of the invincible, lion,. hearted Democracy. 'tWo feel especially solicitous that the west be represented. We have isnportant interests hanging upon the action of the next Legislature, and our wants and our requirements should be fully "nnd fairly stated, that prejudice and ignorance rriay po longer stand as barriers to our legitimate advancement. If we ever get anything ? from tho Legislature of North Carolina, we have to look to the Democratic party for it. An appeal of the right sort, backed by an able delegation; next' winter, will, we have faith to believe, secure all we want; . Ur 3Miotr has b' er tuViieil lo this brauti ful region, and c ff j'ris are being and will be maneuo eueci a buoii'wwW seaboard. 'We thinV that the; most feasible plkn for ouflfrientls of the West to reach the Vy . thI! jis MhroiighJtlio rnedJum of the Wilmington, ClarloUe, and Rutherford road ffid to proposed extensions. It will be many a iortgr 'year before the North Carolina road is carried west of Morganton,. if indeed it ever carried hevoud ..that pqifct. .There is a probability lltat "the. road hence Wst will be eJmnleted to Rutherfordton; and when it reaches that jxiut no oC doubts an ultimate rtimpctinn-willi the network of" railroads in -Tennessee. The prospects of this great State work are encouraging. ' That H'yiWl be built is f e nc.ral 1 v 1 .conceded.. It wnldbe lotler thnhfur our mountain frienya tctooktowiard? thi thir search for 'market facilities. rather'" than in JulgoJ ; the delusive hope ot a PMimwi'imi at canton: a hone which-we do not believe will ever be ralizied j: Most sincerely do; "we thank our friend o: the Herald' for his kind Words in behalf o the West.Veliav been neglected, friend Brrniost shamefully neglected. Our people -are heavily taxed to aid other portions ofxtbe Slate,, vhlle never a cent do we obtain. 'here i a jciit where forbearance ceases to be .a virtue, and it is no wonder if our people are growing restive and discontented under "Rev. iTw; ATKiN-Dear Sir; :As there Impend 6everaldays m Ashevitle-to; forrn i " -JtV ' in the many acqaaintahces among, its generous citi; is a good sprinkling of Ocoeo money in ine tJ: rrr.-v.f -"r, . - j h . -.; t ,.1.? v.- - . zens.and to enjoy eertaio remembered favors bounds oC-jonr circulation, Snd as any mfor- ....JY. .i iy f1--vr.wan ; vcib adlreceiv Laidiprrvdeges irf etum of, the -News. A.I - nst.T i 'US; rn ..-r. .. vL IDrobose, by T6ur perraissior,; -no y F -.i, -v t - ; . 3 i i- l t oiv ndw and then, notes of ray .observation, jex before vour readers a letter which Iwiyea , w '-' - -sxt'-j-X -n;.,!r ' . Derience and refkction. I propose nothing ast.week. irom mo vresiaent w iuau u. Respeetfally,! - . ; vJ. A. REAGAir 1 ni r-cTf:n; Ten;. Oct. 20 tb. '57. perience ana re?wcuon. i propose more or Tess thn a tree, trutlifirf, good. ia-tured, old-fashioned talk about 'matters aud tEinors in i general.? not, mean by bis that I shall l,eyote my aiiennon exclusively haslek coSper-aiea,-ntf. SeverartIl0asand laboring people ;lS&ir 8otfr6nouncctlby pomerof its-tor- dni,JJ)ar;ad the thorpughfares ontti! 1 met friends and advocates, noi. a Vu'g Mmohsfrating tor relief gathered lagain i 7 cawljaaw Jior, ,; r, r - tnis irrmay; morning, on i.ompkins gw-li.- . m theiiauer oavs oi e v ra tnev were aaciressfecr r vocate either .a .high tariff or a U. S. Bank, tj yynflamatorVipecches . -- - ' . t . . 4.I1BTT also gave accounts of a number of hard cases f suffering, and related stories of theirwiJ J iiL. .IlLiLor nfirnmpnal measures. I ..... , . .-rm ' i D( ' Notwithstanding (tiesejfacts the Democrat have -always shrewdly sysprciwvi.-" Ret. J. A. R vor of the 22d whatever at voii have,-or mav hereafter Lave. Your friend, . ' ! T-HOS: IT. CALLOWAY." a! syUm whioH never gives- iceasinglv demands, but The Next or 33th otisi'ess. The Charleston Standard gives a list of the members of the 35th Congress. . From this, it appears that in the Senate there is a Democratic majority of 10, viz: Democrats 35; Op puLition 25; vaca!;cies 2. Inithe House there is r Democratic majority of 24, vizrDemo-corats 127; Know Nothings; 15; Btack Re; publicans 90. As to the Delegates from the Territories of Minnesota, Oregon, Nt-w Mexi co, Utah, Washington, Kansas and Nebraska, tli;ey.are all set down as Democrats, except F'arrott from Kansas. The members elected td represent Mianeiota a Stata are all Democrats. BAOiS-Dear Sir'! Your fa- ?o 'tU ' W.t-fh-ird timwy.' pt-niuHntjS ;'bifbre mo, and I V,-;- Bt ' - i ' t - -i if t rwt escve. luis reratus4me max on we write to say that the Ocoee Bank is perfectly noiee. v . -. sound, and will be able-to hot only redeem ternoon or yesteraay,-, .appenea vo he. whole circulation but to pay back to the tortune 10 y : -- stockbolders.their stock paid in and inore too! other pocKei doors ana pura, y I say this much. thatTou need' havejno far have much, amj yet naa . near, j an. . bout any notes of the Bank that just like everybody eise leeis unuer h ; tune. Itns morning 1 started m searcn oi u. I, saw bne man told him my misfortune, and he seemed to be wondrously ay m pathetic. He. looked and talked like a tender hearted' (loward seemed to W more depressed than even I, at my fosi, and concluded with the Bud and. 'consoling remark that he would Help me look; for my purse he was t busy. I came up with another and received about the same generosity. This is an index of this world's favors, j If a liberal deed can be done without incurring expense or trouble- then everybody is wonderfully liberal. Selfishness is monarch of more than i3 admitted, and riianv a noble and praised exploit is but the offspring of selfishness in disguise. OU for ihe day. when the human heart shall turn iaway from the narrow altar of. its own un 4m hr rnmnir nur nrove its own exct?henc """o o r.. and greatness by a pure and genuine philan hents1. if oWe elevated to.power would re- ...Utiyrllftrsf Toves. slid -againddle these aneAsUes upon .tUe i country measures thepi?ded l tiill i-nia ihiir utinoDularitvVnd the impossibility of bbtaluingpower by advo- catmsr !Uiem. 'Recntri.emonsjlratidr suspicions' were not" grobmlless.Sinie the "panic" at seAn we v find the opposition papersj withjlbaVold Federal sheet, the Na tioual Jnielltaencer, at their headr agaia dis cussing the propriety of creating a U. S. Bank. Al Wcf has come, they; think it a favorable children famishing. Tlier then orgei - masses to proclaim tneir uiieriy destitute sit uatiorv by demonstrating, and if necessaijy to compel the rieli to help them, j The .roestig was organized by Mr. Boiyle3r -who jannounwd5', that a procession wpiii'' i formed, to'procewl through various streets and to the Merchants Exchange, . where a meetin, would be - arranged to show to: the rich their w retched situation," and to implore for tl sYmpathy'and h lp. Hergethe-crowcito keep quiet behave decently, aad not cause'any unnecessary excitement. ; Mr. Schmidt, the" "origin a tor of the rnova-meut atit? leader of the previous den: uj. timis tl&rf- appeared; ; ' ; . lf i f He urged the crowd to abstain fikii ijcxisiatiirc. wiivctii seems to kr.owno limit but the bottom of their purses. Our moun tain rxiAuta arp patriotic: and devoted to North TTfiP Tn 1 1'tum'' Carolina and her 'interests. But ithey-a I the Nashville Dailu Jw, of tbe 27th of thropy. That day will not come, till religion that it shall be remembered th;U tho West October, thus classifies the members of the iundefiled prevails. Fortunately my ipocket ;a a r.t.f North Carolina. If this reason a- Mmise- vOf th s.ventv five members of the book was found and that by an honest man. x ; ' ' . ' . . . . , . v i u it. nniinmfr lost and a serious run naa ble cUim i not recognized in the disburse- IIoUse of Representatives, fifty four were boru raent of State money for works of improve- in Teunesseer seven in North Carolinar three meut, they will demand that it be ignored in 0 Kentucky, three in Virgiuiaytwo in Geor- ihe collection of taxes aud in the bearing of giat one in South Caroling one in Alabama, . . s ii ! Tk i ? . Til- ;.r a burdens generally. ! , two in iennsy ivamar cne in Illinois, nnu one When Dockery's treachery befeated our in Ireland. Twenty nine of the seventy five just expectations last winter, a thrill of indig- are farmers, twenty eight are lawyers, two are We" regret to hear that Capt. Stephen nation rah through- the great heart of the lawyers and farmers, one is a merchant and Munday of Macon county died a few days West- Our people felt that a wrong had farmer, one a farmer and school-teacher, five .j : I . .i l....,v irae to present anew inearom p,,uWl-V8 flirther- nroceedin until the d.cisioh nf laid de, ana to auac ifemocruc.ine. Com'mon Couhwl;Svhicli cannot .conie dfc heretofore silently' acquiesced in, because of their impregnability. They imagine that the fears of the people -will br aroused, and that tliey 'can excite 'tVieioaa a still higher pitch, , . ,v'. - . i ' . .. i,i . k and thus probably efiet a change sunicient to put f out the ins and put ift the outs. " But thev will find their mistake. Gen. Jackson never i left bis work half done, and he sealed the eyes of tkat old monster, a U. S. Bank, loo eff-ctuailv for them ever agaiu to be puiv Hie ojK'n.ey Let belirf I. not thnt Democrats 1 be' deceived into the hV sub-treasurv is not sufficient, fore Monday. ;Yet if they wished to demanstrt quietly, and march down low it in a becornin.f manner, to show their destitution -he Was willing to march down town with them, an. address them at the Merchants'.E'xchi'ino'f.- he resommended them to beware of esp'rtln v. to violence or bltod?.hed. You have n)ilii' to gain, Iije remarked, by riotiijig, aiul if.yoj resort to it the cit'iaens will have; no sympti; With you. They will gather together, -kria? themswlvearand shoot vou dowri like do Great. howling nnd groans.. Cries Put hiia ealh of Capt. llunclay. been made upon my funds, I should hare fallen in with the fashion and mspended. Suspended means Mhung up," and this re minds me of a real hanging that came off in North Carolina some weeks since. A negro, had committed a capital crime, and in obedience to the law paid the forfeit of hi life. I visited the village where the scene tianspir- since. Capt. M. represented Macon in the been perpetrated a gross outrage on their merchants, four are physicians, two are tailors, jjd in time to meet the returinug spectators. State Legislature some years since, and was rights committed; and that feeling still lives, I one a surgeon dentist, one a tanner and bar- Tor a long time State Superintendent, of the and will live, demanding .what k just, and J oess maker, and one a bricklayer. Forty (Western Turnpike ; Road. An energetic, satisfied with nothing less. eight are put down as married, twenty three public spirited man, his death b a serious loss to Macon county. Several hundred Kentucky hogs have pass ed through this place, en rou te to market. One or two hundred were sold here at 7 cents We do expect the next Legislature to do a9 gingle, three as widowers, and one as a something for us. As the Herald remarks, rjachelor." flatterly the attention of the people in other sections has been So much drunkenness I have not seen in a onetime. The village saw about one' ban-dred drunken men and a number of bloody fights. Suppose one thousand persons lost a day's labor, and one fifth spent something for liquor, the pecuniary cost ar;d loss, will - - mm -r-k 1 I I turned to this beautiful money and draekfasts. ine ivaieign ;norfal:fas short of a thousand dollars. Law region." Our biglily favored country was I Standard sajs that "a distinguished gentle- lyers, jurors, witnesses, Ac, will be occupied ted during the past season by many gen- man oi mis oiaie recenuy paseu mrougu ;in a number ef suits, ineir time is worm tkmen of tnlared and liberal views, from the reiersourg ana look oreaKiasi ai ono oi me i something, the oatns that were uuerea anu gross, twelve months credit. The rnhngpnee p . rd M,dd portions of the State who hotels, and offered in paymeut a North Caro- the multiform sins committedand the fright- must fall cousiderablT under that figure. ... : - : c lana hill ' He was asked if he had nothiner fnl ininrv rlone to manv a heart many be- i n u uu in vuri!iiiiw pi i i r-..fri Liirmrri ices r i ----- o i . -v-.v.v , . . iusT-w - i" vi -v - I i i t 1 llelihted with our region. The icy barriers better, and made the excellent reply that the: ing made blacker andtnany more miserable, just demands when they are able, to cio so of prejudice are, to some extent, giving way, money was better than the breakfast." and we confidently look to the next Legisla or thai a national. Bank would Ikj better; and as for a high tariff let the South remember that' it would only, operate to enrich the Northern manufacturers and impoverish the Southern producers. When our oppouents rail adainstf Democratic measures and accuse the Democratic party of bringing about the present financial difficulties, let every sensible man inquire for . the proof; or rather, let him look j for himself, and he willnd.the causes of these difficulties to have been over-trading, reckless speculating and extravagant living, begotten and fostered by an undue inflation of pap currency, which is wholly anti -Deiri- .i n i .1- ii. . hoeraic. Tliese ttuanciai revulsions are me resml t of fi-otitiousr wealth; and every paper dollar now in circulation, not represented by a dollar jn specie, is but a fiction, with no mnrft i re air value than an old ran. Wealth thus built up is without a basis, and must fall It exists only in imagination, and vanishes into nothingness when it is attempted to be made tanble. All men arc wealthy when they can meet all demands uion them; and all individuals are considered dishonest ; who will not roeet awav Many country hogs have leen bought at six. and we liare no doubt manv more - will be sold even lower." . . Tali Warning: Those of our customers who expect to pay their indebtedness in cpuntfy produce, must deliver it before the close of the present year After the first day of January we will not receive produce for debs contracted previous to that date ture for such action j as will satisfy our people that they are still rCg.irded by their brethren of other sections as! forming an integral part of North Carolina-i-as heirs iu common to the bieins and benefits of a wise and liberal system for the advancement of State in- ! i terests. ; Fire at Chapel IIill. We learn from the Gazette that the late residence of Dr. A. : - . i Moore, nearly opposite the Campus grounds,; was destroyed by fire on Monday last. The; building was occupied principally by students of the University, several of whom lost; clothing, trunks, and other valuables. Dr.! j Moore had also a lan?e amount of cloth in or.: . . a i nn iMlnilvnrl riAWarft? f ri Call into I r . ' ... inc ueg;,ier enters uPon lb5 Ud opinions as to the best remedy L . i A-A r. .mi. t.FAanf iailliil .- ri rl rn . It. avs I " " .. .' . . .. . . tributed to carelessness. ;"the most feasible plan lor our menus ot me West to reach the sea by rail is through the its 57th volume, last Wednesday. fire is at- ' JfgMr. Toombs was, on' the 7th ' instant, re elected United Slates Senator, by the all this counts and counts infinitely higher. And ihoe who incur liabilities, knowing all God speed the time when public executions j the tipe they cafinot meet them according to. shall be abolished forever ! Their influence promise would hardly be cons-iderea nonesi. is destructive and demoralizing in the. ex- Whyjmake banks exceptions to the rules by treme. Time and labor1 lost or misspent is which we Judge individuals? They promise' the cause of our "hard times." They come' to pay their specie on demand. When they from doing wrong and doing' nothing. Too fail ;to da so they violate their promise,, and much is expended on that which does nobody if they can pay and will not, are they honest? any good, and too much that is properly p- And . if they Cannot pay, are they not impo plied to commendable purposes, is ultimately sitions upon tbe public, which the sooner got perverted or rendered worse than useless. rid of," the better? No bank should ever be There are two characters among us which jut upon; a basis' that would ever remler a ment consummate pity and contempt. They suspension:; necessary. As long as H is on a basis it is unsafe, creati ng .tictitio us i " Another eried "then wc;ui get into . . i . i . I . . .- the st6rts."J lie did not want their applause but he deemed it his duly to caution themto remain orderly, and this was his well mear.t' advice while he was advocating, their ciu. lie did not wish them tto star j;e, bu t Le did. not want either that they get into trouble cr even get Aleprived of, their iibertr. A strong-feeling rapidly commence!! to exist against this speaker, - which ..was!ni;ini$,steJ by groans aud hostile expressions of all kinJ; and several said that they Woitld insist upon h'avinor relief in some way. ! "Mr. Btiwles tlien ordered a proeessn to IV formed, which was done, and headed by: a banner bearing the inscription, "We Want Work" which was carried in froat -ai the ' -I ' L-: - procession moved on. i i .1 . .1 : About 11 o'clock, " they poured lOta VuJ street iiu procession, in Hiatses-and In alhl ouvrier habiliments somewhat exaggerate!:) e- J yond the iiatHral costiuneas in lirU, and in; Vienna,, in onier to .'create a seRsaLioo. Ntv-i eitheless, . there was nothing riotous;or oisor-5; derly exhibited- but there was an ! evident 5 reverence for the unaccustomed .bfruU t of Wall street, and tho purlie us of tliu tx- j change. ' . - -."- ':.'-l - " i -r j '' A Mr.; Bowles, saict to beablacksrnitS, j Georgia 'Legislature. 1 The Postmaster General has recently! deci ded, that if the Postmasters do not givejpub-lishers of ncw?pfpers notice when their papers X-Mr. D. W. Carter, of Ivy, has Teft at fare theiheartloss monopolizar and the reck- uch mdim of the Wilmington: Charlotte and our office the "biet beet" of the season- less spendthrift. The latter helps to bring wealth, encouraging speculation and ex rava !Rthorf.rd mad' and its nronosed extensions." a whonoer. trulv. and as ffood as it is bir financial troubles, and the former grinds the gnnc ahd tendjng to bring about just such I 7 i A . I 1 ii. . O reYnain in the YoM Office without being taken j Hoad is under contract to Morganton, we out by the suh?tribers within five weeks,; they btlieve, and that is only sixty miles from are habie for-the pay. 1 Ashevillel It is most assuredly wiser, for us The attention of Post Masters, generally, after a connection requiring on It is directed to the above, iwo or tnree oi iQQ mile, to 8ecure! than attempt to secure these officiaK ?wbo have leen guilty of the . tw:.e thftt dUlance. Bnt ; we do not most contemptible raeanness,irt. the particular de . entering mto an - argument on the alluded; to, would do well to read, mark, and l rcfer to tbe matter inwardly digest, tor we intend to try life etn-1 aC!jB We cannot, with: the lights before us, give in Thank you, Mr. Carter we are the proper to this opinion. Ine Western North Carolina j roan to test the quality of your vegetables. cacvof the law on them. South Cirolisia State Agricultural Society. ThisiSociety held its annual meeting and Fair last week. The Fair, as we learn frora the Columbia papers, was eminently success ful. -The number of visitors was unusually large- and the exhibition of works of beauty 3TA terrible epidenrc has broken out at Chicago, resembling tbe black vomit. Ii. carries off its victims in a few hours. It at tacks alike both persons and cattle. t- . for the xews, . ! i At a meeting of the Stewards of the M; E. iChurch, Asheville Station, jhe following res-j blution was adopted, and ordered to bo published : - rl Hesolved. That all persons are prohibited unfortunate: and builds his fortune out of the sad necessities of his neighbors. The mon opolizer in tirrie of a crisis is a tmser in ctover, or. a devil in success. With pharisaic, hypo- criticaf pretensions to sympathy, he commis erates hi customers with doleful- words, and times as the present, and worse. Standard. . - ; . - : - ReiffortccJ SSaussrlitcr of Um- ted States Troops. I Chicago, November 11. A; report bas' readied St. Pauls to the tffect who wore very white linen :cutts, anJ , to wipe is speak- wivi ... . . . .U TT..;i..rl SLapa' trrwit hav then rum up the shillings till the hungry p- .umiju uuuu.rv; u.. - , r ; - : nlisnt trembles and turns pale. Upbraid been ro.acrcd rby .the inuians., . u. .s ue- r . , ...... him for his extortion, and with complacent Bishop Early. Rev. Wm. Uicks'i-Editor of the "Herald of Truth," in his report of the transactions of f'om using the ground the late session of tho IloUton Conference, '35st Church for bui " 1 1 sneaks of Bishop Early, who presided, as fob having inenas -oune staves burica .mere, are reauested io uavo 'Bishop Early did business with great dis- lQe,r rcraams removeu uunng me patc4i. and though not in health, to preach, j vrjnter. and utility, and fine animals, rich and mag-l Presided durincr the entire session, ordained 1 T. W. ATKIN. CICn. niOcent. The Annual Oration was delivered! quite a number of deacons and elders,;;held n B Favce Sec'v by Col. Marshall. ; J ;! ! morning FHjerrae on. Thomas L. Clinman, was elected by ,UV, V , . - - , ' . self approval be crie? "hard times," thus g;ving)as ah excuse that very .reason which all justice and humanity urge in favor, of len iency and even sacrifice). lie seems to snp- i;evMl that the troops were' part of the Utah .Expedition 'V ;f ;; L ; I . THE GEORGIA -"DEMOCRACY" A2tU I iJlIE ADMINISTRATION. J , I ' I " Milled gevIlle, Nov. 1 1. lows: ?. i nnsp i.uai iu more ntvi ioer is ui inerur . : , -r-v i. ; 1 i t V . f..W 1 ' i - . " A arffe -.JJemocrailC moling waa jrem u ,belongngtotfeMe.h. lho riht ,,e . unmercifl- lUJchto evening, Gor: Johnaouf reiid-ml purposes. I ersons TO ia A,.di agepwerb, 'Whtistigh; ! ,-,..,,.,;. ,,,.,., ,lrvinir H. there, and owners oU. - f Us blackest forms. It is thiswhich r .:n,. ' 1 aniniMiMrHIIIIM ill lJUUUnunu, Ul"lll V , f T - ' niion. aur - ur -vvj trust lefta savor of good upoi the Marion ' S mJ : u tXf , ' I thelNOciety t0 deli ver; the Address at the next ooVlregtioh. lie is quite venerable in his j ; : 6 were h the other d? a ? 1 tr " 1 . iffitTilArtj-tdMW AnAi mMlrr m -v w it I villi QT appearance, erect in - person, oi a quicK step, i " au wvcaiiuj- ohcci wueu for a man of his age, of great energy, quite; manufactured by our friend John Ilildebrand, threatens to disgrace some of our cities with battles for bread. Much as we must condemn mobocraey, we must admit tbatin this case it would not be more condemhable and detestable than the monopoly which creates it: yhy t Because it i3 ..better to commit Sraikeri removal. :t Hon. A. II. Stephens and others, addressed the meeting. EXCITEMENT TN PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, NdyeraberrC. Some excite"mentVas manifested here to .starve but norno, no very while cambrick handkerchie the sweat off his brow, treated by. hj ing, seeraid to be the leader. Mr. Kowles SiEECir: Mr. Bovyles substance) our banner' tells what ? we See it. There it i! : ' p "We want work" and. we must have ;t We want work,antl r&ust have it, orjvrjmui die or do wofse, for we will never cogent to starve to death in a country like this. ask for nothing but wbat is right, ami w, mean to fcuhmit to nothing -that is wrong.-You owe us aiiyingf and we mean to haveit. We have come lre aiivong )'ou, to show you, rAat.nfes. what we are. anJito (!.?: mand of you, what we must havework, work, work where to earn bread and m1 "We lor ouseie, oui hitc?, . must and will have work'or breath j We wiU keep tiie peace but -ve will? to the merchants and wealthy classes hers before us; that we are starving with our w:va nnd children and that wo must have reM All we want is work. ' . You wealthy men, here in this street, v hereabQUl, have the" power to relieve and you must do it. , . . Thwe are twenty millions or doi.a" ..- your street, idle? doing nothing, ot ein ting among the peopje-, and you ma late it : among the people, so iu "'; : some i bHt tobuybreacl . . ri There are many in this crowtJ wnyj lv lor1 ihorr' huA AVPI) A Oaf Ot Dfei J. . ! -Wfi will not i theignr3r' annual meeting. V Secretary or tale. , We ; learn ' from ; the Raleigh papers that Governor Bragg, by and with the advice "the Council of State, filled the vacancy i the office of Secretary of State created b the death of : Mr.- Hill, by tho appointment .- - .... , Iturus W. Page,' Esq;, of Wake County. Mr. Pasre is the son-in-law of the late Secre violence for the sake of life than to be guilty -.-dayj, by a gang ot aooui twelve avraeu men. There aresomenosay, ..- , of oppreion aridrnurr f streetr-with banners bearing the classes, who dont know how to keef , . i Thank Heaven there ' are some noble people inscription, "Wei will protect the Poor, and here, even here in this place,' witii j I n.t afa mnr lir fimfn'otl viVp't i .li.C.xf Ua.1 nilnr(it rn it T!ijv vatr: I t.nAir rVrtiit. In, starving " tilOUa . I aftab e m the social circle, nimin ms auim-' k Af i,;a ni,M uu rt,nampni aiuw" ua- r" " v n irv'iy.y---, -""'uyi."n - '--i - i 1 istration, has a high- regard for his office, and , . . ; ; - . L Jtremes, and while industry ..aud . economy dispersed bythe policaand -their, guns yet we keep the peace. , f v.- J of declares that he never expects, to be otlietwise; ' H' 'tnark-'tbeirlives,- the have hearts" that feel :carilarV - w : ' , We will- increase rm number eve-j n than ettective. . . . . , -u:''f: -v i d d & opetuV-Ta sitili let bur praise ' i t" " . . , . -. mark that in numbers irresisiime .u-r -j y Tr....-.'?- Sn.-TAr I L- :irv. xr.-i v be given f . f- , ... ---;- ' ! v.,, ' .:.-. .and. f-w . - will . roaicu i fa , , H. ijcsu utiu u n. JLv-Aai ii prize t win ue wvausc ine juueea uo bu - . . . , ?, i - f , xxrv ti&ikiiix. . , ' . 1 . .. , .' ' numbers day uc " I " - - .'.-- , r . . . . . !.-. J. &. . , ;iT No more, this time. from, vour friend. I - '1 , with these increased numoern, ujr ,i :A hre occurrea at urownsyiue, lesas, re, rnusic in the,r sou nortein their heads. ; , . 'u. IXLPH; m r . . V ,:M?r:l7-; J ' You,L mj ieDds ceniiy, oy wuicn nineiy.ii iwe oi oowuer M - . . ikit . f . f . - - tv A larffe meetinsr oi persons connecteci wim. i : . -.tJ; Wiflifm:" i i Tflt . . ca e t r Vi exp bded. kdlmg four persons and injuring tary of State, wrote in his officQ for a constqi " - , .? T t r , tf.- ;j- 1 c. j 1 several! others.1 The loss is estimated at arable neriod. . and is in every wav fitted to discharge the duties pertaining to the ap- '700,i0 pointnient just conferred on him .... -. .s ' vtr AsbyilIa is an incorporated town, and its citizens are heavily taxed. How is it that the 'mall hcuryof the' highi are MORMON OUTRAGES, ' - ;-,New York,- Noy. II." moA hiAna.t K (Via , tintct'mw f rrnil'ftW I - T)onitrbp 1 received here rstate thafthe' i r . : ; b .' ' .' '".,-- Post Offices At the wnnraencemeht of t ti.4 :t:-v.: " i jw.IkUmi.'aii Ji loco' l;: r. A.?t: .".:.l : . ;thHunger;MeTrientM sirmlar to those of f it - Joy sf: It is aHtja that baqner. Jr nnajeipu'a anu xie.w-1 otk, was ueui :v.,i fli) . .. x I . f - -- . JJUk """.5 f 1 - TT. VnnAff WAR T)U t aneaor B treet,rtor K:r"r" : ..ttv "T ; m: .fwt-frAin ooft,n 3.000 persons vy, - Hon, Asa Biggs will accept our thanks President Pierce's A dtoimstration in 1853 night after night! Have th town author!- ,T ' " f Ufi;- iii -v; kiu uiucoupreiae )-- - 7 - - .'rri'!t " ""'" , -ifMct th rrovernment .ammunition and .-rovil -?.pi twrr- m. M.E. 1 n i L . w. n . n v . m J rm . ' tv . . I'll n hAAA ..wC I, for a copy- of - the decision Court 5 of the United ;SUtes in thi famous ow about 26,000; .thf r net .In Dred Scottcase. :s ; ; - -.J crease in one huafedpei month,; : 'sf..T , thevUi . C1S& it ave the,powerr wby do they not excr-on wagons. Th tropphaycnot jet reached " Dont all speakat once. I the desert. - ! J ' , . -, : jTbes two lines, tluit look P solemh, -' were putere to mi we: The astonishment 6f' ers, broker, bulls and bears, was h great, - and'tbey :hardl f recoTered trpiu u4 I : f " T - .... f4v - ?.

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