Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 7, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1896
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VOL. XXI. LOGANSPORT, MORNING, ATOrTJST 7 f 1896. NO. 188 Handkerchief Wonder In T»rM-\A\7 We will place on Sale 100 dozen entirely new effects 1 ULJA I Handkerchiefs. Kare Effects never shown in America. Point Venice Handkerchiefs. Very dicer Linen wtiters, with line hemstitched edges, encircled- with HamUcW New Point VeuU-u' Lace EC fecw. The goods were Imported to soil at'CO ami 7iic oacli. Tlnwigh the fulliu- e of the'Importer we liavo .secured them so that we ciui dispose of the lot at CHOICE 25 CENTS. We jilio place on ."iile many choice Handkerchiefs from our rwuliir stock comprisius »'«•« ^ 1 » l ' llJ iKUnlkorchlefs :md lino white Hueu embroiderer eft'ec-ts worth up to ii.~c. All for -~>c. Shirt Waists Lot i. 650 7sc 85 Waists - Lot 2. 980 $1.25 $1.50 Waists Lot 3. $1.75 $2.00 Waists - Choice of any $3.50 Waist - - 39C - 6pc - 75C - $1.50 u Daysflore. The wheel has SS hours more to rna. It Is running from 10 to 1"> mile* mi hour. A frne«i with ovory purcnasr. 400-411 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one hat a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than ouri. <8 Important Features ... in the make-up of|our clothes work their superiority. We are not tbe'obcapeBt tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment ol SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL TIRES ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good at NBW ZINN & COMPANY. 303 Sixth Street. loganspoit rWabasli Valley Gas Co Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates oh heaters during: the months of May, June, July August and Sept- tern be r. . : • • • ; ' Invitations— .• Are always appreciated and especially so when tbey>ro tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department Is making a •peoialty of . .''•'.' INVITATIONS, PROGRAMS- LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.^ ETC. latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The wsll-lcnown SpoclalUl8-"ol New York have appointed D. A. HArK as agent for their celebrated Spectacles and Ije Glauses, even pair guaranteed. , . . • , . D. A.iHAUE haa complete nuortment and Invites all to oeUitt themselves of the grew imperlorltj of theteioodiortr . anj m»naf»ctured, at the store of D. A, HAUK, sole agent for Logvuport Ind. . ';.'.. : Ho Peddlers 3uppU*d. GOLD CONFERENCE. Bynum Confident That a Convention Will Be Cleveland Maintains ,an. .-Aggravating Silence—Democratic-:and'PopiPst Conventions in Mdny "State*... Indianapolis, Ind.,.-Aug.-6.rrThe delegates to Friday's conference 1 , of .tlie provisional uiitiouul committee of-the gold democrats, which-.will 1 ..:hold' |ts lirst session at two p. 'in'., began arriving Thursdny. The fi.rst.:to reach the city .were' M. I,. Crawford,-of -.Wallas, Tex.,, mid J.. P. Smitl), of -Fort Worth, Tex. 1 . They had scarcely rt;giHtured at t he jBates' house before'they complained e; h'cht, which is .terrific. ;tlie ther- noon stniidfag, at 90; with Ecarcely. a breath of air stirring 1 . The Texni-V delegates had-little.-to sny of thciproposcd confereucjevbut'from their utterances it may be suklithat't-hey-arc nb'f eJXtft-eJy in favor of u gojd;eonven- tloii.v; i 1 ' 1 •.':. ••'•'• ' ' . "Down In our state." .said .Mr. Smith, "the sold 1 men have allle'd tliymuelvog with this .or^thnt parrj". and .the •so'uiiil money' faction- has been almost obliterated. There lias Uoen too much delay,, urn!-1 do not think thaf'jic'tlon at this tlnWwIIl bring out the full strength of the mo'yument.V . : ,. /. J .-j, i Cleveland J» Dumb'.' y The.i'cnusylvnnia delegraliou arrived shortly .tit ter nooii ami took, rooms' at the totes house. There" hiftV.been no c'ther.-iii'rivuJs up to tliia liihe, but Con- frjessmo.li Bynum says/that, more than SO.Vstatee will be 'represented. Word .w.os received Thursday'morning .to Ihe effect .that New Jersey will 1 not'seml a delegation, but Mr. 7tynu.ni.is assured that any action which tlie conference may take will receive tbd''su'pj'x)rt of the' gold .leaders of that-'sJat,!;.-' There was. much .discussion. Thursday, .niorn- 1 ing ,o£ the fact that not 'oitij'w6rd .has been'.received from rresidoYi'tCleyeland,-. who is-put down as fn'vorable:'<o the nomination of a gold ticket;; " f jt was expected that he would, nt 'eiist indirectly, encourage the confererice',''fihd his silence is' not looked \ippn'',jylt,h ( .f,0,vor by many. . . By.num Thinks Convention Will Be Called. Much 'disappointment hn's also been caused by the receipt of a dispatch from Colorado. Springs, stating that Louis Ehrioh, the well-known "sound money" leader, is still there and will be iinable to attend the conference. For this reason the mass-meeting proposed for Saturday night hoa been called off, thus spoiling another important feature of the gathering. Congressman Bynusa expresses no fear as to the decision of the conference, although be admits eomc of the delegates mny urge against the proposed gold ticket for reason^ such as those put forward'by thq Pexa.3 men. He says that, a convention will Burcly be decided upon. 1VILI-. RESIGN. Chairman IVrlffbt, of Pennsylvania Democratic Central Committee, to Step. .p^t>' Philadelphia, Aug. U.—A's;p'ecial dispatch from J-larrlsburg; Pity'. . y ay s: After next Thursdny Democratic State Chairman E. E. Wright wil|'iiollonge.r be state chairman, ns he -will resign at the meeting of the state committee to be held In 1 this city on that-day! Dillinger says that Chairman VVright, after resigning, will not have Anything to do with the management! of'the campaign because of the free silver heresy. He declined to say '•whether hei.would •upport-the nominee. " '•''. It is said here that the "sound money" electors on the democratic ticket will remain on until 15 days'of election, when they-will 'withdraw and disorganize the ticket • The reason'there tare been so few withdrawals up to'the jJr.MenViii'^ecause of this programme. jfBEE MLVEB HAN NOMINATED. . V". •,- • ''*' '• •• r'. - .'i • K*lne DemocrBti delect Their Candldkt* for Uorernor »nd • Bolt Follo-irib ; Watervi'lle, Me., Aug. 6.—The second democratic,state convention, called because of the declination of Hon. Edward T. Winslow to stand as candidate for governor, and the divided.sentiment on the silver question, was .held here Thursday. .-..•;.:..-.• Frank was nominated on^the first ballot. The'vote resulted:.Fnmk, 192; ffanson, 300; scattering, 5, Hanson moved the nomination be made .'unanimous,, which was occordinglyjdone.., . Frank is'a free silver.;man. Hanken, Svho was-defeated,; i&.a Vsomnd. ioney!Jadvocate. ..» . • . '. • Eesoiu'tions were offered fayoring'he Thlcngo nominees, aid the .candidate named,by. .the aon-ventlon ''fat. governor. Hon.-\Villiara Henry Clifford,.of Port- Jand,;/6pposed them, 'and'the wildest scene;' ever witnessed in a Maine con- reffltlon'.'iollowcid. Clifford Vas''-fairy.' j.'.'bowled down. W. II. Mc'Cfellan;6'f- 'ered as an nmendmeht toi/the S-elota^ ,16ns the gold plank in the platform idopted at the Portland convention. • Clifford and the other Vspfln^Lmoney'- men then bolted from the' 1; conventioh and withdrew from they-;httH;.;aaiia liases;. _>.', . ' ..• . • -j . •, •'. .-.- Tie'nroendment was dcfcaled and the 'olloAvlng- resolution,"''ivhlelrppJcJJcaHy ndors'es the work of the 'Chieofgd ; coh- 'entlOD, was adopted: ••• ' _ _ VR&olved,' That.we tak»-from»our-state platform tha followlBR declaration; , ; "Wo ' oppose 1 free coinage .tna favor.the iln'ffle gold standard, .unless a. different itandard Is adopted through International nrreemcnt'; 1 '<in'd that wo" Ih'd'ors'e' the' ; na- lonul democratic platform with Bryan ind Sewall." • ,,. "" \. .'•• Reort Renomlnated.v^ ( 1 Portland,- ; Me., Aug. O.^Hoh. Thomaa ; Thursday by the republicans of the 'First district. . '. ..,.',.. : Mr. Eeed was'nomlnatcd by acclamation by a rising vote -and then three' nheers for Keed were given, great applause following. ~'Mr. 'Beed addressed ' the convention arid -received 'an ovation. Resolutions were adopted indorsing the. platform and candidates of the St., I-ouis convention. •.'•• : •' i" Dnnio/Tttti of Mluonrl. Jefferson 'City, Mo., Aug. C.— Tin: temperature was iicar-to the '100 mark lu the hall of representatives; when Chairman Peer's gavel reassembled the democratic state convention at 9:25 o'clock Thursdny. morning 1 . ' ' " . On the balloting- for state auditor T. M. Suibert^ the, present incumbent, was rcnominated by a vote of JiGJ 1 /., 10 J. K. llrpwn's 138 and F. ' Kaltineyer's 62^. The iioinination,.>y<is made unnnimous. On motion. Frnnlc Pitts, of Monroe county, was nominated for treasurer by acclamation. Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. G;— Tennessee hclcl un election Thursdny to select three -judges for the .court of. chancery appeals and county officials. Indications point to the election, of Itirton, Wilson and Xeil, democrats, for judges: but the republicans clciim-.the election of TV. K. Turner, their candidate in this district of the sttite/'Tlie 1 money question was not considered, in the election, and in severaVof .'the 34 eust Tennessee 1 counties the denippvats had no regular candidates, aHlib'iigh the prohibitionists-are hopeful of carrying- n few' counties. The populist vote;is going with the old parties'.'.^." Morton Jordan, Sjfe'r'iiiig P. Bond and E. C. Crowe, were placed in' nomination for 'attorney genera!. Before the ballot'. had proceeded .less- than half the counties, the name of Bond was withdrawn. Crowe had nn overwhelming- majority, -and on motion of Jordan the.. nomination was made unanimous. This' is regarded as a personal triumph for Col. Bill Phelps, The convention took a recess until 2:30 p. m.- POPULIST CONVENTIONS. in . I exu». Galveston, Tex., '.Vug. 6.— The dele- gatea to. the gopulfstfstote convention were up early XliuVsday'm'prning, and, although it was 11 o'clock before the convention adjourned Wednesday night, Thursday morning's session was called to order, at eight o'clock. -.permanent Chairman -Bcntley occupled ; .the chair. of m niaaison Squaj-e Garden or taking u.n active part in the campaign in advance of the action of the New York state convention. . After, the .adoption: of; the report the committee'ori'credentiajs, the plat form was read.' . . ;'. : : A'n amendment to:the platform favor- Ing 'the improtement of 'Texas harbors and .witil«r»«jww.*w«^and carried. The tonven'tlon got into a snarl over nn amendment to the 'platform liroitirig the salary o<-;any.state or county official to $2,000 per-' year. , The., platform fa-«- vors a salarjfeinBtead of.the present fee systeroi bu^ooca not specify the maxi inum ! sum'.'to'.be;paid.:. .^' ' ' • The only .reference -to 'the St. 'Xouis convfcntlon Is^asi-ioUows:!.--. convcntiun in'r* 3 . j-uiiv"**.- . "We Inddrso/th* principles of the people's party as set-jfortlv.la. <> u r..national platform at St. Ixj'ujs.'.'July 22, .1596." . ... .- .-.. Abilene, Knni, Aug. e.V-The populist state convention was- opened Thursday morning by the , committee on resolutions which ! submitted' n r -platform in- dorsing'the national •' populist code of principles, arraigalng-. ; th.e republican state administration-,; demanding the enactment of a mas'lraum freig-ht rate bill by, the next legisllure; 1 ' '; _. , The .committee in its report neglected to mention. t^' e P9P u !j. st nominees for president and vice prei'ideht. This was noticed by the. mlddlerof-the-road element and. the fight on the.,que6tion of the indorsement of 'the' .candidacy of Wateori foil, vice president. . Afler a stormy' debate and amidst much confusion -the names'iof "Bryan rind Watson were .injected into . tee resolutions ami telegrams- were; ordered^seht. to the populist state conventions' M of Texas; Georgia, PennsylvajU».,ahd ' Nebraska, notifying them of the'. faction Viken. Judge- Frank iSbster; of Marion- county, was nominated for,'c,hicf justice on the first ballot'.;-'/-', y ';x '' ' ' . . ..., . _ . Omaha. Nab., Aiig/.e.-f^rtie state populist convention at Hastings Thursdny morning nominated J. B. Meserve for trcasurur, but left, the" other of the two offices,' originally' so, requested by The democrats; 'that .of ' nttorney-general, blnnk. : William,|NeTille., and James S. Kirkpatrick were nominated for supreme court justices. . > In Georcla. Atlanta, Ctu, Aug. e.-j-The state populist cpnyeritlon met here Thursday. A strong movement- was-,Eet on foot a few days ago to, f use.with tho^prohibition- isU by giving them. tbe,noini4iee for governor. • •' : :;.'•: .' '?;'.-> '•';. At si caucus',, h^ldj-.'late-i-WedneBilay night the fu8ipni«ti:.,-werfl.. defeated In .their plans t$ naige i.the governor, but the attbrncy-peiiBr^lship : was offered to tJiem. .: Instead- pf>ipr.; r ,GampbelI, ^the prohibitionist •cindldatejif or-, governor, the'rimlt and ¥le iBem'tpjbeifor Gen. J. K, Hines, -who iwaif defeated two years . .ago. .'It ia ; 'sald tlin|;Hin^s.)yin deeliuo and L then .William BtiekjOr'Ya'nccy Carter will probably •'be" nominated. Peek ia a •jnlddie-of-th'e-irijac|-wan. i; The convention will ihflo'rBe' ; Bryan .and" Wataon and ae'man'd a strttigm-bntHlcket, unless Se'vall comes^pfl 1 ! the' democratic ticket,!;'"- .: ':" .'-' '' jf ;-K"^"','" Jouei Hill Con«e»nce;VflMioat Keiolt. Kcwi York, Aug. C.— Tlie Eyeiilng Sun says: Kfwos lea'rned : Thursday that the conference of. Chairn^n:: Jones with Senator. Hlir was witsbut result so far M it-elated-' to the New York senator '>E notification 'ceremoniei. OVEE THE STATE. Events In Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire, Made Insane from Fright. Eekerty, Ind., Aug. C.—The sad life of Miss Mary Kannnda has closed, and she should be a warning to the thoughtless joker. Nearly 28 years ago Miss Kannada, a girl of 17, was going to a dance. She liad to pass a "haunted house," where some boys, relatives of hers, hid themselvi>s, and at the proper moment a ghost appeared at every avenue of escape. The intercepted pleasure-seekers all became frightened, but Miss Kiinnada fainted, only to awaken with her reason dethroned. The unfor- tnniile girl never recovered. She \vaa 43 ye:n's old Mt l-he time of her death. fin: allst Lulior Tli-krt, Indianapolis, Intl.. .Mig. C.—The so- flnlisi-labor party met 1:1- this city and nominated Die following state ticket: Governor, Phil IT. Moore, Indianapolis; liniitoTiiint governor, Harry Sharpe, In- dlannpnlis; secretary of slate, Ficd Adnms. Fontani't: tri-iisnrcr of stnte, F. Hrlluch, Kvnnsvville; stnte .stall's- tic!:n\. .losi'ph Crunner, Richmond; jli'ctors at inrg-e, K. Vicugh, Tndian- jipi'lis. mid Chris Schand, Kva.n'svil.'c. The platform imlorses i.he national pint- form "f (he socin.'ist-lnbor party adnpli'd in' New York July 4. Hrvlv:il Slectlnffrt nn Siilonii hlttl. ; • Kokoino. hid.. Aug. G.—Burlington, 1,-nnwn far and wide ;is the. home of the rlynnniittr, where six saloons were put i>in of existence by dynamite, is now h:'viiip- one of the ™re:itest religious iiiv.'ikoninps known in this section 6f 'lie country. On the ruins of the last •<n disp."n?nry revival meetings hove \}i'"*n in r)i'OC-re--,s for n week and more than inn conversions are reported, iimpnjr thi'in bei:ip 'ninny, of the best patrons of The saloon in titni»s past. Trnsrlo Sorlrj of Acclrtnnt*. Frnnklin.- Ind.. An?. 0.—The i;ounir son. cif John AVulters Ml Jroxn n stable lr,ft.in w.hich he wns playing nnd rn- cciv'cd f:itnl injuries^ The fatlier of th; 'chihV'wiis working near Ijy, and in hl.1 hurry to get a physician he became overheated from the exertion of cuptur- Ins- n horse and riding 'p this city and his.recovery is.doubtful. The inju'refi boy is two years old. The horse Wai- tors rode dropped dead in its tracks. . Clone'ri-by .the llcat.- Anderson.- Tiid., Aug. B.—The mercury went "'out of sight" Wednesday, and at 12 o'clock the thermome'ter toucher! the 102 mark in the shfide, ; while in the open sun the heat was wilting. A number of prostrations nre reported from different points in the county. Reports from El wood «nd Fr-.inkton state that the men in the factories were compelled to quit their work. The same was the c^se here'. End) with a Banquet. Elwood, Tndi, Aug. G.—The seventh tinnun] convention of the Catholic Benevolent Legion of Indiana ended its '.work here with a banquet. A new constitution was adopted.and W. S. Dick- inon..-of Ttichmond, wns elected-presi- .clcnt.^ The next convention will beheld at JTort Wayne on the second Tuesday in.'Augnst, 1837. -, Traction Engine/Wrecked. (Anderson, Ind., Aug. C,-^Just as the Joel Menefee threshing crew was finishing, threshing on the farm of. William Wynant, in the southwest part of /this county, the traction engine was completely wrecked by the boiler exploding. David Wynant was killed outright and others were injured. Charted with KlllInK a Negro, Vincennes, Ind., Aug. G.—Hal Selby, baggagemaster at the union station, Cairo, III., was arrested here by Chief of Police White and Lieut, Robinson, charged with having killed a negro at Cairo last December. Selby admits the .killing, but says it was done in sclf-de- :fense. He was taken to Cairo. Trotting at lied ford. Bedford, Ind,, Aug. 0.—The opening races of the Bedford Trotting association were witnessed by 5,000 people! The 3:00 trot was won by Ally G.j Izin, second; Alabama, third. Best time was'2:30. The 2:40 pace was.won by Little Dolly; Alice W...second; Joe Davis,' third. Time was 2:2ft',4.. .' '.' . Thirty Yearn a FrleU. Avilla, Ind:, Aug. 6.—Itev. Father D. Duchmig celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his priesthood. Many church dignitaries were present, including Bishop Rademacher, of Fort Wayne. Kev. Father Duehmig-has been pastor of St. Mary's church here for a quarter of a century. -.'•••-. • . j : ' • Found Dead. Ligonier,'Jnd.: Ang. 6.—William Ru- baugh. of . Je-/tersoiv .township, was found dead at his.barn door by his daughter. After working hard nll'day he sat down ond ate a hearty supper. Heart failure is the cause. • Commliilon Dealen FalL Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 6. — Frank MuitimcnhofC &. Co., comniission dealers-,, went.to the wall and \V, F. Kuha took charge of their business under a bill of ; sale : for $1.000. • D*»f Motei Wed. •''..' South Bend, Ind., Aug. G.—William L. Hunt and Hattie L.vHacgley were norricd here by a minister from Chicago. Groom,',br!*e and minister are deaf'mutes. Vx -' -' - ". • ' ;i , ' TO STAY CLOSED. Unknown When Stock Exchange'at Chicago Will Essums Business^ Sub-Committee Obtain* Little Infor*- mation from the Moore Brother*— To Protect the Brokers. Chicnjro, Aug. C.—No report from, the) governing committee was forthcoming on the stock exchange Thursday afternoon regarding tlie Moore Brothers collapse, nor will there be this week. The. . subcommittee that hns the mutter In. hand has a gigantic job before Stand it has not. been enlightened materially up • to fhi.s hour as to the actual stntus. It; is nnt ;it all likely that, any report will; be presented this week, since the committee is engaged in the laborious work' of trying to save all t he brokers, big and: little, from being crowded to the wall. In this r.hey have n. hard duty to perform, since most, of those who acted a« brokers for the Moores were left badlyj in the lurch by them, and some of them' necessarily will be heavy losers. . The. subcommittee of the governing committee met in President Jamieson's private office in the forenoon. It was a quiet, but interesting session. The Moore brothers presented no figures to act upon. _/.• "We arc pledpod to say nothing-," T>a!d : Mr. Jamlwon. after the meeting; had ad- , Journed. "It would serve no pood purpose If wo <Ild. There la nothing now that w« • . can ronke public. "Moore- Bros, have made no report In. writing to us, nor do I uclleve that they will make any statement. They recog- nise the legitimacy of this committee and saj-that they will help us all they can In get- tlr.Rat the nub of the situation. The bankers are reasonably well protected, and: what we are trying to do now Is to protect the brokers and prevent failures amonjf ,; them: The situation Is such that we can' say nothJnp: until we know more of actual-, conditions." JumlftMon Troouled. Mr. Jamieson declined to discuss tbo liabilities of Ihe Moores or their possible assets, but it w.is evident both from • • his manner and his conversation that he was considerably troubled and not Et \ all ho,,ef ul of future prospects. He said that there would be no report possible before Monday, and the stock exchange-' would bckeptclosed until that tirae,aDy how. How much longer depended upott circumstances. • OF THE TIDAL WAVE. Epidemic of Dlieue Fe«red on North* r»«t Caut of J«p»n. Washington,- Aug. 0.— United Sauitary Inspector Eldridge at hamare-rartstothemarinehospitSi^^;^' ice that" the terrible condition of TSi^* 1 '' 1 northeast coastdistrictimindnted by tha tidal wave of June 15 is likely to fftva. likely rise to the development of epidcmiej disease. Upwards of 30,000 lives vrer» . . lost with the accompanying mmihila-; •; ; tlon of crops and supplies. The conn- '' try Is so -nearly depopulated and laboij • 'so difficult to obtain within a reasonably ; distance that thousands of corpse* araj . still unburied, while the survivor* of!.. •.' the calamity arc almost starring, despite the efforts of the government nnd • private benevolence for the relief nod! ' sanitation of the affected district!.! Cholera, though existing, has not in-, . . creased in Japan during the past month,- ; but there is a great deal of smallpox reported. _ i ' Heavy Failure at Philadelphia. I / Philadelphia, Aug. 6.— An assignment for the benefit of creditors wa» made Thursday by Boyd, Harley & Co., .'.> carpet dealers, :,222 Market street. Th» attorney of the firm states that the lia» bllitlcs are about $210,000 and the a«-' sets about $350,000. A portion of 'the : latter, however, he says, is in bills, whicn may prove uncollectible. There , .. is a considerable amount of stock on liand. Ko judgments have been con-. : fcssed. "Business depression caused by the workings -of the .yV'ilson, bilp,' i« . ' given by the attorney as the cause of ' , the failure^^ _ _ .' Robl>e« start s Fir*. Halifax, N. S., Aug. 0.— A fire which : is supposed to have been started for the purpose of robbery was discovered in the store underneath the Globe, hotel -••-; early Thursday morning. Two of the , hote'l boarders and a servant girl were : carried out of the building unconscious from the smoke, and the other inmate*, 30 in all, had narrow escapes from lo*> ing their lives. The fire was exttn- .', guished before much damage had been . done. Foreign Capital Back* Out. Houghton, Mich., Aug. 6.— Owing to the unsettled condition of finances and the uncertainty regarding the future 1 American money standard, the Euro-, -. .pcan. capitalists who hold options on the, four idle mines south of Houghton will , drop the deal when the option expire* , next month. The consolidation would have interested nearly $1,000,000 capital . and would have given steady employ- .; .merit ^ to COO men. _ , • •,.-' . ^nrere Bain at »prla»;ll«l<l, O. ' C6lumbus, 0., Aug. C.-A press special; . ;, from SpvingfleJd, O., says the severeat ' rain and electric storm of the sea.' son broke over lhat city Thursday •' morniiig: Water stood a foot deep on .•• the main street of the city, and many; ' iiersons and horses were stunned by the, ..' terrific discharges of lightning which.. ;, struck about the city, but no one wma fatally hurt^ ' : _ _^ " • M?W Vork. An-. G. — F. II. Po«tha» |ust been 'posted on the cotton exchange • . ' for failure to meet his contracts, tia-.'.. ;. bilities arc supposed to be rather largt*. -- ; : __ • ._ ^^^' •_ ^H^^MOTM^^te. ' - ' • • ^

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