Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 3
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. IUUS8IS. FBBgf. IRITSS0.L ITTM11LION BOXES PER YEAR T, SAFEST CATHARTIC FOR LIVE« AND BQWEL5, AND PEOPLE KhJOW If, ' |y*f* fin*I Don't stay bil>ou«, sict,; headachy or con.. stiaafed. . r« >!."} ntivt h'.Ed in 1;m*«n»ott R&T PENSION. i»»» •- ih«. fit-lit ,1 ^ t f , ; , , r n r. ( 1 I II,t« 1 <lld,.-V •t~, . t '!'>,(• S r •• ,| - -TJT) f n, } t i tint HERE FROM WISCONSIN. thnf <rv !:«v Aritt-n f ,1 Til m-r. ;. -; --,..- HOLB rV-—rrrrrr r TTiT '(>•• Srnitb .v S- ilfilay by th* -.irut PhHsthoa PROPHSTSTOWN BRIEFS, \'1V : List of Hunitittit Horses that Will Positively be at the TWO DAYS* MEETING AT AM BOY, ILL,, WEDNESDAY & rMUKSDAY HATTHS BURTON, K ,, I fi 1 Q 10-AS 4 f ,»...lia«....btitii_ 'f »n«k. then cunfiutd_ill. ¥!'*•«'.*, .>{,'«-rw4i'.. at what, Indie* of Jwv.jf Uf v. Hv;i| >' "!l-r<- ,«:i! Mir P.nptiM Aid A l.'nui- amount ,,(,•» *-v«-rytblnis UK' th" lur tl«>p-* in Tarn-' a U'nl- f islcf-«t, gentlest liver and IHK you .ever experienced. HitlK (tflUHl. Vlilir llf-H'll j-rnir tnngup rtean, hroftth It, fttonifich fWf'H nnd your )iv<-r thirty feet of bowels art He, (Set at nny driiR store nnd Htiiilehten Stop the headaches, lillluut spalls. TAMPICO BRIEFS. .V- T- fjluttsbuiii «trt'"d imntr Tn^P«!;»y r'vjMitm?' fruju I'hb'asto. where h" 4*"-•-+»«!v-—it4tftttfft-tt <-rrttn fi|ii>mtinrr; irnil though rather lin-d from hl.i Journey. Prof. ».'. A, Smith nM-elvf-d n tiox of paw paw* from Indlnnn this week, the fruit being unite ri <urk».*l1y fit these im'rts. iiijh Mnlti street re^ldenrf> tvlrrd fur otrlfk ll«hla this wec-k nnrt will now eo!ct« Hlid Imtl days - Ilrightrii, up, [enjoy jminf <if the ct.nvenJcJU£«-of tun r «|t, ("lean lip! Motherfi pliouUl ' tinumm fdprlric sr-rvite. a, Whole Omen rot to Children when I -Mr«. Philllpn «>f Lcmtant arrived horo bll!nu« f f«vrrlsh or If tnnKUP Ni 1'ursday evenltiK to UwH nftpr her lartfp -tJrey nr«« hnrftvlfcK— never"jeiTpipj'Tavm"Br»HlIiea«t of town. /\ i Mrn. Tlnjinnfi Ctwmpy. one of th« ~S5»' r>ioiii-i«is of Hiihnaninn (owiiHhlp nn«l TAMPICO NEWS OBITUARY J ! i am 1 rxiliki It W,-i JACOB B. A CAMS. ok death from heart fa II- rptnrned by the rorom-r'a jury faun nf .Inmli ft.' Adfllns. \vho found dead in an ^nr 4ny nlpht. t»ti H, AttflniH \\as born tn Ind., January 1!', I S37. and With his parent* In 1M7. nettling county south nf thin place, he resided until, fo-veral years he retired from active life IUL -Tom uh'o, „» Ji bib _Jllnee_ his .home during ibt* remainder 1* life. He serve-,! hlw country JST the civil wnr a« a member of \JO, 64th III. 'Volunteer Infantry. married in Minn Nellie «»s- larch 28. IH?:!, and IH mirVlvwMiy AdnniH at, home, Mny Adnnix of th Dakota, and .Minnie \Vbit taker, yomlnn; bin wife having depart- I!B life September '3, 1HM, Wft* a familiar figure- on for a number of yenrs a resident -of> Tampko, wan seized \vith a severe spell Wednesday arul for a time tn fcarctl f>hp would not rally, but at la-st reports she was somewhat Improved. Oien llowtftt nrrlrpd hcrr- this week from Cleveland, nliio. where he has a Kriod position in n bank, nnd will upend ft few week* vi.«ltinu bin father, <?«-o, Howlett, nnd other relatives In thin viclnltv, 11. R Sweet hn* returned from \Vnu- l;<,'sliri, Wi.«., where he has been taking tieatmentit for diabetes and fcelwrniicb IiUbJ'oVfd In hisfltth, although he will need to bf very careful for Borne t inn- Mr, and Mrs. Cnlvln on and dniiKh- u>r. Huth, motored to Hooppota Sundny and alwi railed at the home of Mrs. jjarah Klin ball lit Twrnpico. ^Irn. (J. Ill JncltSon, fit Tlock "fiflrfiTdT up Saturday afternoon and In at the home of P. \v. Mnx- •fllns: w«JJ. con:«'ii.Tmn«e b«lirv* that «-hi' will ulilrnair-Iv \«n 1C fm<1 ;ild" to be about happ> injure, ttbe WM* takwi iH. ll"w, t»i>t!i I'f'iitt, were vi"ifi picn sr-veta) rfay« lafct. wei-k. nut vHltur Satuiilay et>ink on buslnesa n-turiilniti hortte in the rvenlns. '. Mr.", J.ury Tim merman wa« a pas>- stenffW' to I'lucaKo Saturday morntnK Alr^. Allwrt UeoitMfdhnrtf of this plfrt'.e, r«?,turtH'il botnn to l'f»|»hetsU»wn Sntunlay r<Vf>nlns ,.aft«-r a.,visit with lallvfs in Hint i : -it>; for wveral weeks, Mrs. Jennie Htuitt'vant and won wf-re jinwenjter!' to <'hicn>fo .Monday on .11 bu«<iri«'* U ip. Mr«. H. I.. (iiilTin vva* home to LaKallf, III,. >t«.nnday rnornlnx afie-r f'v«ial dn>•.•«' vl^lt In Prophetstown a liocsi Tii""fhe home of Mr, nnd" yt*. C. 10. t';lddot;k. MIH. Daniel Conaodlniv and Mrs. J. f mm FENTON . Mr. I%lHs «Mvr-n nf Mr-rftn. \rtirnfkn. "innt ;t couple oJMbi.tH here tin- Kut'St. • if his broth'*-'. S '*. Olven tittd- hfs n'••!(•*"' Mr.": fldVil Ijlji.-k. Mr. UivMi was enll- «'d here I'.v th<* «!(-rt!h tii.hhi tafUlifr .VfanV^'*-! (Sl\fn nf < 'litVaCt'. .Mr. anil .Ali.s. Clar^nci 1 Turni'y ami dau!thl«-r lirt!«> Miss Ili'H-n di-wi» to Pmphr-fMown Friday afternoon and did .Mr. and Mrs. A. K. \Voo.l and Ajia wilt to Krb- Monday f-vntnc Mr. and Mr? llustfti 1 MILT DETHRtOGE. .TIP 0AUOEL.U EMMA STEWART, u f MODESTA .... w ... BOY. *oti Mr.«. Vr"d. 'f drove to imt'ortant nnd t'bibl- COLtE. .!• nt '., > ClRCULAYir ' V t i BLUfe RACER, ml-. t ! DR. BODINE, .-h ''.-.. • dt in 7 ,'.", "'. . - ."• • JUNGLE, I. m . 1,1- ESTHER L.. 4 b in., SAN JOSfe BELLE, RUBICON. 2ND, b I .-if irrriT-r-m \\'!ld ..Ins l,ra\ t-tl, H;iu ,!o«r-. IH, ;O Tbi. ?,i-f» riosMie A. '..las. Lfiurtt. San ,los«., HI. in., '•!. t'olin Arrisf-r. . . ..bis. t,ca\e(t. Han .Jjixe. III. afterhoon at the hotne ^nee «AS n \V<Mlnesd«y, nt»rn!np Ml«neH- Mahle Ruck and THla Jobn- Hon. returned home Saturday frorn their visit in Hock Inland -and Moline. Mrs. B. M. Sweet roturned'honie Saturday evenitiK from Waukeiha, Win., where Hhe Hpvnt the week with her luinband, who Is In the Banitarliim the, there. and will, be missed by hlw num- «l~"tlieir m in" to .the , WllO bereaved family. VISIT HIGH SCHOOLS. !dent P. A. Urower, W. P, Har- .C. BoltenUat-li uud R W, Hmlth, of the board of udneatlon fur Bchopl, were Monday uiornhm for I'elch), where they Ina flrw« hlKh school building- rt»« WearchT j rut-led Tn H »earchT for |,.Of. help to t|inm when tht» pluitn for the Tnmplco prpjcct ado. Messrs. Hrewor, IlarrlN, ICnrl made a trip and ~~Duhiti<1 to Inftpm-l which are HJiKl to be .ot (heir kind. They were well tn~thT?-TPKpttn-of-thp<r trip -found many Kood Ideas to help In thplr work. n«6!i and giving their time free of a mere example of public Hjilr- INCURS BADLY- CRUSHED. Minnie Foy receive«l a . very Injury. Monday afternoon while r"k tn the cemetery c-arliiB for and ernptyiiiK out flower urn«. le manlier which Cannot be. ,ex-> uhe K r 't the fln^erK on "her left badly rrushed and It .wan W. Qunintance roporto that he IH aKnhx—thitr time it~hr-Tr .*on, born Oct. 2nd. to Sir. and Mm, Otto Qunintance of OcliHydan, lown, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Whittaktr. of Kluie, MlchiKuji. visited a few day* thl« wtH'k at the home of- Mr.. «n«J, JMr«. Alfred 1 Hmlth while en route to Florida, where they will wpend the winter. J. II. jollier IB havhiK city water Installed In hi* buildtnt; on Main Htreet for the greater convenience* of hiir ten- nnt, and otherwise lmprovlng~thp iprop- erty, • .MrH. L. \V, Quulntnncp Is vIslthiK re|. atlvt'U at Marnhalltown, Iowa, and Mr. Quaintanco li trying hl« hand at keep- Injr bachelor's inmrteri*. Er M. Fox mui family, of Walnut, motored down Sunday and spent the day at the home of their aunt, Mr«. Sarah Ktniball. N. K. Ttentoon nnrt family nlao lint home. took dinner at the Kim- c PROPHETSTOWN NEWS to amputate 4>ne and foara nnothennny have amputated. At tbiw writing t<he recoverwl from the elTeotH of but will probably get Bunker, of. Kjtchita, Ivan,, who a faw \veekn ago and left i in Michitian HpruiiK a bur- B~W«~Tf1fiUvr»"lu»ro", \vheii ho Carried Sept. 30 to Mr.s. Mary A. , of vitt. Mich, Mra, Runkcr known in thin vicinity HK A BAKED DUCK DINNER W. J. Mlnoh And Parity Returned l^riem a Hunting Trip W. j. Mlnvh with a party of friends recently returned <Yom a Northern trip wherw th«.y /inna-r frU'ii^c—fhny their friends and wt'iu-"tu nun" for*"&"KHn'(fnff hout and they were not ilisappointed in having a good ,tlm»» ^'ith their friend** and Um J«,tter Baw to It that they were nut disappointed in. gb|tlnf «oine game nlthough It iviiifr-wcit OK plentl- honie-jif Mr. and Mrs. Uowi Klrier pev- eml dny« infi iWecU returnltiK home Hunduy, Thi-y also vlclt«'d durtnK their stay. Mr. and Mr«. William enjoying a.'Itrip in,Iowa, bnvltiK been ifont- Heypraj week*. They went in their auto nnd will be K<>ne several da)* before tbi-y jn«k«J l'iupbet«towii. At the present timi' they nre with rein- tivex iti DI-S* MotttcM. J'elitl. of Cordova, town, IH In town, hnvlns arrived Saturday and will retnaln several wPPk" with rclatlven. Mr,«, NoU "f Hbrevfporf, Ka., win? K in ProphetMown at th<? pre^nt lime vli<itiiJK rebjtlv«-», wnn In C'hb'aKo n f<<w dny«Hhp p/ittt wf^k. returnlnir home Mutiirrtay pyr-nlntt. Mr. utxd .Mrs. WilliamWalte, of Leon, IOWH, who have been In town for about i week returned home by auto Monday arnimpanliMl by Mr*. Mftry Garrison, who will 'vlnlt relatives near Leon for Kevernljlny.i. Jvfr, nnTI l\}r«7 TtoliFrt ^"TtiTrlfFo" irrRl" family after a visit of several days in the home ot jMr.'nml Mrs. Iticttard Sft- tk'H were |>afon'n)c<'tH home to < Huinhiy accompanied by Mri*. who will rHiuiin N«>vernl days with old ftb-iulH. \ Walter Hettb-.n after u vittH of Hevcral diiyn In th<t'borne of Mr. und Mrm-G««*r Htudfbakei'. and Mr, und ,Mr«. Benjamin I.ewiM of Auburn, 111.. IM once fnure at bonne nml rejMirlM a plen$aut Htay. Slendota »everal dnyw with tho «'hlld- reft rciurned, home Monday night.'She ipeni the ttmi« wltb her people, .Mr. and Mrt«. Uiiyniomt Houoh re' Hiriit'il borne Mumlav , nlfaht from a viKlt with' relaUve*-|n Mu»un City. Tht<y rejKirt a i)U>iuutiit '*H«>\ t', t'. Plumley was an arrival home Monday night frohi a \'I«U wJUi friends Hi>v7~A7~TBr t'lrlcli wan nir arrivnl liom,o from ronfereneo Monday night and will fill the puh'lt in the M. K, church Sunday to*tho Bt'«'i»d delight of hi$ audience, Who arc pleased at hl» return to thin fhartse for another year. Therirjm» many channel* in thin" 1 "' 01 !*'- ty however. Henry Bandnxsk returnwl home. Tuw^ttffy* niornliift I't'cnr'H'"ntnrtn to Wijlarloo, fown, (ieorKe Murjihy uf thin pltit'i 1 to Chicago Tu«wd<tv morning where they went a« delegatea to the. grand of MfiKnnu, repreBPntlnR Iho In Prophetstouri nnd Hoopole, Mr. and Mrne. Jtick Ufrd arc Bt Rutland, llllnoiH, whore. Mr. tllrtl has property otui wliii-j'i will have hl« «t- tentlon whlli* h<* 1» ab«ent. The cou- pie will return to PropheUtown. AU'Jn HicharilH of MuKoir fill, lit.. i» In town on a'vinlt Ui.hU two broth- orB nnd 1he(r families livlijg here. l\t> ' -ttr Mr. r«'»i of Allinny tulnr-d Hunday nf- Mm Mnry T' (•> t'llnton, Iowa, Mr, and Mr*. ItiilpH Tlttrdy and son I',eroy of Fulton .ipent-'iNnturdny even- in»r ill,the home of Mr«. Hardy. nlnuT Mm. Harry <V.o)n'r and fnmlly.. (««Mir>r»' Pope was plennantly entf-r- talned Hundny nt the horhr of Mr. and Mrs. JlMRtfn T*n|H-, Milton Hull of Morrison wan very lilensnnlly i'ntonaln«>d Thursday «-ven- inp at tbo home of Mr. and MrH. Oliver Jordan. Horn to Mr. and Mr« IVtcr Norrrmn. W* sb'\ t'oopi-r went (•> MorrlHon. Mtindtiy on. v*'fy !mp«»riani l>MsiTi<'»«i Mr. and Mrn. Ha)|>b Hardy atirl »on heroy of |-*u|t.on w«'n» dellKhtftilly en- t'«'rtiilin-d Hiimlfty at th'' home of Mr. and MrH. \V» ( Hb'y t'ooper, ~ Mark Klllott and two sons Dwlght and Harry went to Erie Saturday nfternoVin on irmslnejis. s Kev, T. A. Hart on went to his new charge at Kmtthfield, lll««. and wpeiU r»vn—Httntlny. -Hrrr- Kr~ vlirrrta-n-tTf-^rrl- t-aKO, the new t'ltHtor, was here Sunday and dellevcd. bin first Hemtun. He waH wejl liked by _ull who heard him .Mr. irmf-M rs. i lA_4:%^»,. M r. « n d Mr». John Hurnw nniT tHe 1 MlHHejt C'harlottc and Marthit HttrnH, motored to Mt. I'arrol Sunday to we the new «'avi% which bun Junt b««n discovered at that place Mr.t. Joe Hiivvn of Union .Grove, wpent ThurxdH.x at the home of Mr. arid Mrn. Ham l.hmh. jSr, and Mr»<, Joi- llvirnH Emm lit Hurng and Mr and Mrs, Li-roy Llurn.s went if> Mt, t'nrroil, Bnnday. Mr, Kd. iKwers and daughter Rachel nnd Mlj«» Kvflyn Kwt'i'K, went l" Mt. Carroll KumJny to »eo tht* cave. . i a > liuliii'on t.'Jenne. .. : I' HOII.II-. St. I'aul. Minn. LENSHE^N'S PRID6. I. in,. :,. iv-rritu rbn-r I! K. Otah.'irn,, III. «., 1. Mi-Uee- Klorlal.' I! K ilt'abam. ArinitiRlon, III. K. (iti Sain- TootKny ,Ma<>,,... , »,'. lli'lliffi. UtovfT Hilt, Ohio . .... ..In.) Trildo-it. I.aKayHtf, Inrt. . b, (.«* fafHerlrtii t'nknown., hid Trililn-tt.'fiyrtte, InJ. ~TTT i—]-'- rtfft1r»tt"tr ) "Trktt«W1t rr-, ...U". M. tiillfit, P.-uililln'j,', Oblo in. 4. Ni-alon \Vooihvitcb , .. ...M. I., Itrookllcld, Mo, in <i\> t'oht'-stor l-'antiic W . . ."-.T; Uradict), lirooKllt'b!,' Mo. '.', \Vhllnr> -MHH llofic •T. I'.r.n l(rp, prookflnld, ^fo, K . '">, Tnuisvsial Lonia GORDON RUaSELL, b.*" h,. "fl. Manlimont 2nd- Tokalon... . II. \V. I'lant. Siisfl<nti>on, ('an. FOEMAN, br. «>'. •'•, Karhnnn l.ady Ivriban.. - : • -II. \V, 1'lanl. SiiMkatDon. Can. EARLV'MORN. i-b. It. :,. lv,.p O'I'ay Per;' 1 foimnjire II, 'A. Kttmey,- \VmniprK, Cnn. MARCUS, br. K. tai Hitler |{'r»..t,.. l I>, l-'i-rKiison, Calvary, *"an. TRISTE, eh. tr., ia» .The. .BoriUan- L;i'1y Oorol 1, Ii. Ki'rKii(«'!i.'CiilKary. Can. ST, AVANO, eh. m, ,'i. st, Avonuii"' Af>»vin.. 11. Ureen. \Vvomin«r, III, rOODLING, b. K, f.. ToddlniKion" PiinceRtt Pepper .........It, Uteen, \v>omhiK. III. MAY PEEP. Ulk. in., 0, Peep i STAR "MeGEE. 1. IS8Y HAM, .IRON QUEEN, I YULE TIDE. b. -OESTENOrtmr WOOD MAID, l. BESS WARD, s. INROSE, <b, tn . . TRANsPbRT, b LUCILLE B., ! M, FRONTIER, i. -,: . < MAY FIRST, '• in TOPPr BELL, !.!i, EASTER LADY, b. EAsfkft"iViArV'.-! .SUR_E_O_|VHj._5..,_..< MOSE IRVIN, <b. K TOMMY MURPHY, MISS DETROIT! i. Mlsfi Hhlpp ST. LEO, h. e.. 4, S ',! i.. r _ 'ltrTf-v, Xcwpoif, Ark. n i ••• J%B( i nii«' f. . . ., ul|»«v, ,\«'tvpnrt. Ark. >> \\hltnoy A!Ns 'ulfx, Nfupurt, Ark, 'hup Hi. Ssil in--~ 'i'iU.v, fv'ett jxirl. Ark. H, f.. DnvK AfHimlon. S, star Hl»<">! Aiiv.'rtnf.. . K, I>«v'if«, Ar!iiH;fo!t, M. Dak. Dnk. CHILI SAUCE, b. in TnnmicH ........ Mix* May Hot 3, l,tn ky riiaim »'. Sloan. New liostnn. COME ON EVERYBODY III. GARNEAU, b. HfLORENrHr* t-.Dr. H. K. I >m IH. At.liiu.inii. ft.'Dfli-.i GIN RICKEY, b. R.. 6, 1'hiHli Hid ..... Dn Itlo.k MtHl.U>. I'hi, rut". IH. CHEEKY, br. m., (a) Slrf-rioti ,,;,,..», * •.-, .I.)u isnxk Stable, I'bUauo. 111. THE HERMIT, b. tr., ('., H.-rmK- Klylmir K.-iHblon Dti Hro'k Stable, <:iti-fitfo. DJ. LITTLE GINK, b. K.. R, Tim Payn.- La Pm-ta ,.,„.*—«.,—Du JJifiL-k. Btuiite. ChlcaEQ.^IlL LENA JACKSON, b. m, ». Marchmont 2nd Atinen ,lrit kson. .Du lirock Stalile', <*blraKo, 111, FORBLE, f. m., (in ,\lvrr« ott • lleiinu....... ...Du Urock Stable, Clii.a«o. )i!.- HEMPA, ib. «., lid HninburK - All»« Amn*«... , . . , ',".. , ... . . i. . .DU I>ro« v k 'Hlftble, PIiitiiK", III, KITTY McCUE, ro. in, tat I'loy.l K, -Hudget Mc«*un ...II. Slr-w-rtil. Kewlnton, III. FLYING ELKROY,. b. ir.. fa) Fre- Knight" 1'nknown TI. Htewalf. I.eWJufon, Tti, COLFAX. t>. K., 5. Ooid-Heiiw poiitlm,'.' W. J. MeJ£lroy»_Wyoming, III. PHILLIPINO, blk. in., f>, KillKrnn«>---Haptuif.. W,. .1, AtcMlroy, AVyntiilitfc, HI, SID LOVE^cji.j;,.. 5^^1alloi j- --DiilrhvHH <tb.._. .....AV. ,1. Ateijiiov, Wyomlntr. III. LAST CHANCE, cb. K . t n, Imp.. l-Vrolc Kuchaiee ..%V. J. M. Klroy, Wyoming, Jit. $15,000 IN PURSES 6 RACES EACH DAY, 6 No Less Than 6 Horses In Each Race 6 BAND CONCERTS EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING This Meeting Is Given for the Benefit of, Lee County Fair Ass'n Dance in Opera House » Free Attractions A SURPRISE PARTY A Hiiprlse party W«H itiveti at the home of Mr. Dwfirht Elliott Saturday evening Sept. SO. A very pleasant even» ln»f was Hpt-nt by the twenty-two present. x\ number of (snmes were played anil there wa« n niockt-weddhrit. An eie- v«n o'eloek lunch wu« served nnd earh one departed to their homes nft«*r -« inoxt enjoyable evening. ties, tin* 'UrtHf f'MV weeks, bis'l \\r-fUf ll|py *|>f>nt He V era I dnVH with Aunt! MiiH'rva Knox and Alrn S l> «'fdlin- ( at the I'oitnty liomi', the latU-r l»'int,v a HiHti'i- of Mr. Walt. Mr. and MrH,' SibiN Walt, ami-Mon'Perry of Propbi't,-*. ' town alut Alb-n , lllli'licock it r/»tijiln j Miiiilnliinri'x fn MorrlHon. MllladK«'\ lib-. Krle nnd tieneHPo, were TeitTcnitfeiT'it 1>j ^ th<» folltH from Iowa, l»-for«' returnfiiKi ha\ to Lepn. i and has'returned Mud, to liur-hotnci in Hock I«-t nntl How Worts I M ftf that th* nests wrr« floode4 ftJid thi'i e waa a llRht hatch. Howpvifr they »ui'CC4MU-<l in getting a K<)i?dly number and on their return hom« hroaght Hurno back with them and. Uimu^h thi> kindness W, JT, Mirveh and Aim. Jo»t»j)hlno Mlnch a duck dinner wn» and ano lluif w«8 mwit «A||Hui all who were, fortunate enough 'to be present, which included the *>iii> nloyee* ut th*» «aruK«n in tuwh nnd l^yntton 'with their friendti anU wives. . Tlu> dinner cunaUitd nf h^ke diu-k \\lUi ilr^MSlnt;. , fried HW(*et |iotatot'M, jiotutooH. HnludH, and wxliul rt>llB, 'Jelly, geiier&ny t'otneK up ttui'o a «>e them and his fdendH and l*» Keep iab on t!m town. ,'Dr. C,. V. Winsett Is now nicely located In Prophet «to«n eorainfir from Chicago b'-re. Thl« makes the fourth dot'lor for I'rophetxtown go there wjll The Hale hotel hun been leaned to Mr, and airs. Piti»r«u|j of tiouth Pekln and they have tnken jiosuesfiion, Mr. and MrH. ueo Hull who hud HO micceHK- fully conducted the hotel fur the pant litre* yearn, ...have moved to Their many friends ur«? *orry i« them from Nelnun. but weUn^Tje Mr. and Mr». Piiterson Hnd wiwh tlu-m the hiiccesM that the KullH i>njoyeil SOCIAL CIRCLE MET Social of tlu 1 fVmetery wan JiebJ at tho Hound 1 hon.He, TueBdny e.venlnjr, for the 'be Of t>]f(:tlllK ft Seer Ue t?luunberlaln MlHH .MIldr.Ml bi-i-n KucHtH of AIr«, MatMlu Knox iiIxo vlHlted' frlendH In Morrison SirrlhiK for nevernl wcekH return- homo In Aimtln, lil.f U few ""•• ........ •' *" . ' and FELL FROM A SCAFFOLD . «-d m th.-h- Herman lleiiti-ri* a well Known nv* phti* ago., - r ' clmnfc mid itnod workman,' fell Tronra • Mr, Vie Kwern and- M!HM Ruby HoafftddlriK while phlft'-rlm; the Inside •' \'"iniK of Fen ton wen- Sunday vi«korn of Leo KnoK'sxIlo and In Jiire«t »»ne It iipr*a''t llie Allan Mathe\y3 home. so badly that he ha* tieim ifbllBedTo Wnlter, youiw'Bt HOII of ,\lr«. keep to hlM bed In thin liusv i line t Knox, had 1it» toniHt»j4tu! adenoids r«- ttluiJtt— UteiJu!n!c)'.' > are_ Hit_inniJi_hi __ de-j itnived, .rec.t'iiUy, When he recovers. mitntl e\«*ry where the caxualty ocea-, frmn tln» oiMTtlTloirTTe" «'Xp«*tSTTiiirtake FIGHT WAS FATAL n.-iinilli'. III., n,-f, 1.1.- <'fwHe«r. \\'. Ueatn. roiit«.» iiaent for the i». j. Ou.Io Ailvei tlMintf finnpauv of Xuw York, died after hejntr thrown fr«»m the. third story of"Tjrti«71«r-\vIn«ToTv followlnw a midnight inw ' wlih hl« r<H»mmate, t'htnrtn-li. -l^nrtlPT, mnior pnlntecf; -who • IIUH Ju'*m IraveliiiK "with He«m, wn« arresled and In held nn n suspet-t pending further nssu S&'if'i- » blft&vsi with thft ' r«.in- klmls of fruit. Th« affair was held, at the hpmo of Mrs. Juiwphtne Mnicb of Hooppole, and those who wttr0 present were' IUrani - Warner, I*r»>pheu»town and Porter of HUirling.' Adoit -Answn «u»d Miss farntenHOn of Kj'ie. J. It. Front and- Minn Mlna Hill Propli«t«town, Humid Htlt ProphetHtovvn and Minn Allen of LyiMlun, \V. J. Mtnch Pio- ttiul Misa Wunnatt H<«»t>- Hobin«on ami \\\t\< l,yu- tlnir Holt und MUs Stone of t '' was spent in a Kiu'».Hinkr ('IIIIIH.IIU'I unih, in muMc and in over'tlut many curioua of t'or- iufids vibjch wer» obtained by misjjluiuinc« /n the Alinclt J'»«nil>, It »»•«*•• a mot.? enj j><jt»li» t'\'t'n|ng nml "wen- fiHt'i lauioil b\ Mr. Mlnch * 4 ODD FELLOWS INSTALL DANDRUFF GOES! HAIR GETS THICK, WAVY, ' > ;J •« 4 *AVE YOUll HAIRI BEAUTY IN A FEW MOME TRY THI8I T8. Half itopi oomjtia out ~~" tielt of dandruff < viry apptar*. Try us -you will, Miter on application of Danderlne, you can not find a silniflft trace of dandruff or fnllin«r b«|r wifl. yo^r si-alp will not Ueh, b«( whmt «U1- pU'UBH you moat, will bo aftor o f«tvr \vvekit' Mao, when you *V>P noW hair, tint downy al ttmt >•*-»— but r«ftUy halr--grmviiiK all wver tbo »oalp. intiu Durult'i'iito .inuiuHliutuly dou- the beauty 0f- your hair. No tll(- h,ow , diUI. failod, T1i«' A'eiMon social I'ircle nail a enJoyablH afternodn Wednesday the 4th with Mm. Chti*. Atklnaon, ElKht ni.-in- bcra and fiye vUltor* were present. nfteritoan WUB paHBiul .K'.jfUUly. tlxlnti refreshment* were nervetL .by tb" boMtena Tin- next int'vtliij, v will umil lo«« to him. A corn carnival will he held Wed- uesday of next week. October llth in the Bound Orove uchoul lioiiHe, tn which all lh« schooln In Mt, nr*» expected to lake a Hockabraiul JM the tiuicher liii charge, thin year. ;] When In.'MorlHon Tuemla.v", our IOIIB ! tlpie friend "Johnny"' Haird. landlord of i the Morrlxon J.|on«e. treated your i-or-j excellent up biH HtudleH n Hlislnr.sH 'college. in tho DAM WASJBLOWN UP Citizeni At Doontur Taka Law In Their Own Hand*. -f-H-i. 13.—-TWrt Per.irMlV bib'.s traded wit ft |iroinincnt iiu ludinc one or two rlty otlh eltizeiw, ialH, left wMh Mr». n of oiti- date. ir0m anil oinl tliif ftt their »nd raiso . . , wltb t>»ft- *, muke tlu'ia r <$8t. .Nothing- 3H.o .I^* V H« corn it off. There's of Th* Rtbekahs Ai$a An Enjoy*fel» Banquet lliji} t i'i'iru\iji at fJM'lr iHSt r.ieet- thc UeVt'l'Uby and tlui MI h iiiiitj'' u, "" Th. ilcrlnt' and rart-fully draw U your iiulr, tuKniB -oiu> MMH!( vtrnud at time. The efiivt is imnJu aniuKlnK-'-yi'ur hair will b« light, fluffy and wavy, umi luivo mi uiJj>i;«m»u'.u 01 au ijui-mimrolJie iMstne, and luxuriuuv, tb"> T beauty and oc'trui- hair liralih. 'jr.-.cni lu.ttte of KiiowJtojn'* " fn»iu ai» duiK »t«ire or toilet ami i-iuvc yuil ytnir bull' i* u« .il *<>ft i» any that it h}i« bvtui l or ,l«juri'U by i' t m'U'<B« ttxvt- .Hi.'it'ji all. - ( • tu the luilr whjit fri"*|' unU - y •< ' ' ttJ HBfc. -^U'tf ,4J' Ji K*»I'«> nifhl ta th bo held lit Merndale farm <}eo, linhHoin Oct t 1$. ecru will be held on that Mr. and Mrs. J. J, Met'oy arid i1 tee Virginia hayu ruluriiedlionir au enjoyttble visit m Helvider*' |lorkfwr<I. Mrs, Frt*d C*''Kwull mpeut a «-ouple of days la»t week wllti hla" moiher. Mm. M, In Ulxon. who WUH iiulu* I". ' ' ' ' Alr^ and Mr* l?red Kolnlrr. HvliiK east of the viliAgfl wwlcomt'd a flnt' SI-a Ib HOII to their home Buntlay p. m. W. A, JHvIlm.oy| *pent a few da.\s neefng at JVoritt, Pckln. and Dun- la«t wet-k. FMta. Mc-ilmoyr v l.siti-ci frli ml« at Hock iKlnnd, »Mr». Tina VeHU enKfrtaiiu-a bwl iuiultiy-. Mr. «nd "&lr#. • Ijennle Ouvis and O rand ma Davis. Ml«» Vera Davis till of Ornnd IH*tour. Mrs. Arthur'Ouvin and baby Bsih*>r SrUo huvy fn-fn \ in- IHiiR at tin,- i**'ltb lwn»i% Jrettirhed home •with them. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Jahn Omwrd of «Hik J'urU sju'iit Mondiiy ami Tuenduv ot thlH week with Air. and Mrs. M t* Stitzcl. . 4if. nnd Mrti ('ban.- Pliitlios \\lto hltvo bet-n visiting the \V. "M and H- W. PhllllpK family, ivtunii'il t'mtbi-tr lumif In Wt-bstt-r rity, Ht. Air. und Mrs* Unlit.- Moilftu- and Mdbt-1 and Mlldred'weiveu- HniKlavjit the ChritttlHit Item* ,s I" .YtCtiuii. Mrs..t'-.vv.'.Jj'-'fkK und Helen VOUHK m«U'«ed t-> ih«- of 5lr, fiml JJr« Kv«»rt Honker We<M»et<da> and v\ •'»•»• vntei t.Um'd ilii'|-<'. ah exeeirenr -Tinner »TCT| norjitiu- at midnight, prneewlwl to tbo a olpan whai-iV-iis he l« a barber by|^,, m ,,f j. j{, j»p,.k, near "(!erro <3ufdr», profesHlon. He Informed OK that he l»>j nm | d\uaniiteil the diiin there, roku^- feeditiK Hjxty-flve jieople three tiun-* a! \ nts thoitfiandM of gallon* of, water, day: wn are nhul to knoiv he is i>tvm.-' T)ie iljun hutl been built by P«?ck to perlnc. and feel thankful for the Mtui I Htnntfv tlm i-cuirsi- of thi> HatiKlunon reinembi'aifee and heart v Invitation to I rivi-i. \\hleh tloweil 4>ver IIJM place. 1U>_ i-all imfiln." | wiereeded in fhaiyiliiK tho euurHe. but, ^. 'backed up fl«''fuieh water that'I>eca- TOOK IN FOUR MEMBERS j turn untcr Hiipply wim threaieneil. Kotir new iiH.inlu-rH were initiated tn , with u water famine porilin* thft dry the laHt-im-etliiK of tb«- Hound (irovejand a big factory ft>"»ed to ithnl down Thinibb'club held at Uie b«mv».of,MrH the .•itlitoiui toplt th« luw Into their John AlatlievvH. l\yo ml** north ot tbl^ own baiidH and blew up Iho Uain. vllhiKe. Thursday, SeptMinber 2S. The next meet Inn will he wtm Mrs. M>rmi Bubscrlba for The llumplirey at the Kinlliue Knox home. Oct. 12." •> . _ ROUND GROVE BRIEFS Wbethrr HiCvttniiiK*' "' th" fine weather will t»« laki-n i»r not "tlte op» |Hiitimil> l.or doing ail Mndtf*.»>f Txll work reinalnc: MH- mil'' i-rithlna •jrtHH-JHIF certainly <foe«JieaL of twenty year*, Hterally^^Mwndl ot, *}>y$ician$ toll ho* *icce«rWl ihc H^N \ InoJ treatment ta forccjc/na ar>3 similar •-*l^in^f^m^tleS;—Tlie first u«t of-Rcainol Ointment anil UcsinolSoapusunlly stops tlio itcliiny and burning, and thojf goon clear uway «i| trace of tho eni(rtion. K<i other treatment for tUg.sktn now, before the public can show fiudi a record of j)r»ifcssiunul «]>prov«L '' , Sold t>x *11 imt and a It rain IK needed. K (1 "d latlvi-8 In tlilt* «rctlo»i for It'a 3Scsy-*'If Yot« Ed wards' The «\T4-i C03&E TO BLC^MINGTON Illinois 9 Greatest Corn and of uml havliik a t-f !«-c|iiiit; >•' «1»* l'" J i'"'* ti bowds--ili«,tc' ;cli jous no s utuUr in ivr ' ttr- nr l' t V«> s— iii»i{' f— <lfll h-s- cw Ptinuilnting j».( i !•'.•» t'miM 1 n:; ;t)ul li unrt the f mm. ] h.ui VISIT OLD TIME FRIENP8 Mr n*wl- Ml*. -W. M- W«*» 08* >v\j li,t\<- ln-eti x i-,<Ut'K 'ii'i ftnid* Hi VVbitcfhat'.' jud iU-nrj fftm Jltaeitvc b'wc! n. a U aiul JiUs, . . pbfio4 wfswl the I'.vi-r aii-l 14s patii-nt.* f'- I)r. o 1C .' 11 V i. about ai-1 M- >ia. tint' ,-!"'' ,1! 'llt{ art' t-xuhermu-c -fn- ttbjd nut)M»ntK»H. <I«ilv, ./-, OCTOBER 18th TO 28th 4 - Imnuwso Ituil.Uin^ beautifully, Tho greatest- corn exhibition tln« groat Illinois lluiv«»rHity exhibit. $1700.00 <'aHJi prciuiums, Trophy, McUuui County Trophy. Several. NoVutry fee, uowMjyt'r $1.00. I<'nnut'r.s Have your auction'reprfeswitiul, Loctuivs oil fttrniJn I hiiui'st'if. sr»n.Ml<'P>U*rttu'i > EntertaiilinT/fiT: -Fnnmus Bl Iligli class YHU<i«villt' 2:'>ltf ainl it. Urinif thu i'uiuily. , BI*OaMINGf ON; ILWNOJS, October 18th to 28th. _„_., -"|,^™jp"fili'tfujr juTorimHTuu COMMEBCLAL CLUB: /' ...» ib.jc'c(s daily.

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