The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 29, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALTFORNTAN . TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1908. 1 That Santa Plans did- I't puy much attention In the money ntrlii'<i>n- ry. • That there's plenty or noli(la> gifts Htill left, for th.ise who will mnl>e retii'ti slftn. That m;i!iv who were too liusy id go Christmas shappini; will find * handsome line (if New Yonr'H gift -. at It IIT'H Drug Store That a CilMli- Safety Hii/or Outfit for $5 malu>> tlii« most milt- »hlo uift for mo*! any of the strner Hex. Thin it Kodak or n Fountain Pen make H must opproprliito calling Kift for New Year's Announcement Two Big Trees Extraordinary! at St. Francis I'u.r. .1. Kranois Breniiun. world's most celeimue.-t palmist am; i took place n St. . . . . . .evening and It wa clairvoyant. has arrive in the city am! lias opened an office In the GRAND HOTEL ' the A double Christmas tree celebratim place n St. Francis hall l^t evening and It was most elabom"'. T , u , lorge hal , wag packed by g p m Some 200 children were present wrn tlH ' lr friends and relatives. On eni >~ AM*I m i t ~-> . . ln>? the hall the two Inrge trees lliiii'- Cor. 20th Street and Chester Ave. ed ,, p b y tiny electric lights, ga Room 2, ri ' ;l ' Christmas scene. Boys where 'he "tin be con- 1 B 1 ' ls came from a1 ' P arts ol suite. 1 on all affairs, of life. Prof ' clly ln Parties of six to twelve Drennan lias no equal In uis profes- ' morl ' After the tul1 offecl ot slon. He stands alone, the prince of '.colored lights hull been noted, Path- T clairvoyants, and la recognized by the ' Fnuid addressed the children, tell'ms press and public as the greatest mas-! them the story of Christ's birth ami Leading Druggists Baer's Southern Hotel Block ter of the science of palmistry world has ever produced. Ho guarantees to reveal every Incident of your life; tell when, whom •ind where you will marry; tell you 1 just what you are fitted for and how i lo obtain money you are in need of. i The happiness of your future life may ; depend upon the right solution and proper advice. The profeu;jr makes no mUtukes. and all his predictions are true, and he may be relied upon. You may wish to know if it Is advisable to make a change In business, in love and In marriage. WHOM SHALL I MARRY? HOW OFTEN SHALL I MARRY? SHALL I EVER BE DIVORCED? DOES ANOTHER SHARE THE LOVE THAT RIGHTLY BELONGS TO ME? IF SO, WHO? IS MY DISEASE CUR- thejliavliiK the children in turn give th"ir IONAL CREST YOU 'WANT IT ! SOLO ONLY IN TINS Bakersfleld Grocery Go. Bakersfleld, Cal. Sole Agents 'hone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th proved to he Dr. Kedlan, AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakersfleld. Main 142. Main 1260 ABLE? WHEN SHALL I LEAVE HEHK? AM ; LIABLE TO ACCIDENT? SHOULD I INVEST MY MONEY? IN WHAT SHALL I INVEST? HAVE I ANY ENEMIES? PAN I TRUST MY FRIENDS? IN WHAT TOWN OR STATE WOULD I W; MOST SUCCESSFUL? HOW CAN 1 SELL MY PROPERTY? The professor U'lls all these things, ,'ind iii.uiy more. He Is ever ready to help those with small capital to nnd a quick and suiv Investment. If your business is unsuccessful, or if you are In trouble of any kind, you should see tiiis truly gifted medium at once. 5Ie I has h-elped thousands on the road to ; siiroe.-s nnd he can and will help you. i .lames O'Hare. i He not otly tells you what your life i has been and will be, but also how to I better your condition In every possible way. Thousands of people are failures i t'od.iy simply because they do not see these things for themselves or are not following the right trade or profession. Prof. Hrennan has made a life study of these, things and he is now prepared to show you how to make a thorough success of your life. His fee is reasonable and within reach of all, and if he does not make you a reading that is superior to any you have eve; 1 had he will positively refuse to accept any fee whatever. Office hours, 10 a. m., to 8 p. m. Sun day. 1 to 4 p. m. Lady attendance. Three reception rooms, so arranged that you meet no strangers. Perfect satisfaction by mail. Send $1, day and date of birth, for mull reading. SPECIAL—Prof. Brennan Is the only medium In the country who positively telU your full name; nnd he will tell it free of charge to all who rome prepared to take a reading. Cap-! ital furnished for business enterprls-j es; partners found; property bought I and sold. etc. Remember the address, (Grand Hotel, corner Twentieth nnd I Chester avenue. Oftlee located just at head (if stairs. tf own idea of the first Christmas. spok<! to them regarding the necessity of keeping the Holy Infant's manner of coining into this world before them as an example of humlli v Father Frund urged the Catholic pir- ents 10 teach their children as to 'lie feasts of the church. He greeted '!'•• many non-Catholics present, statins; his as well as the congregation's ; ••;•• preelatlon of their presence and pi' 1 ing them a hearty welcome. The program, consisting or <lr< •> mations and songs, was splendidly given, helng carried out as here' 1 'fore announced in the Californian The program ended, dear old Santa Clans, over whose name a very close contest was held, appear •! | from the wooded scenery and by 'n;'-* . unique manner brought the little on s to their feet with cheers. Sana gr>':f friend of the children, and as Sau'.i Clans the doctor was very popular; with the boys and girls. He w:i? : Uept busy for over an. hour dlstrl)'"'-: ing presents. Two hundred and fl' ; v presents were distributed. ' Fatlio Frund requests the nlan to extend his thanks to all v.'i'> In any way assisted in the good weiU. Notably he mentions the congrt^.i, tlon, friends, Miss Winifred Timmon- Mrs C. Helbllng, Mrs. Seib, Miss Hell. Dr. Kedlan, Edward Helbling, WOODMEN TAKE IN EIGHT NEW MEMBERS. At the regular meeting of the \V..'id- men last night eight candidates v.c.v put through the paces of initiation. In mldiiion several applications I'or mi'iuher.-dilp were ivreive.d. Following were the initiate.;: Ciiarles !.. Dana. Tiffed Hollofiel 1. Heury Matthew Good, 15. W. McCtine, .1 L. H. R. LuH-.ln a:: 1 Ceorgc V,v Californian want ads.: three days, 25c BETTER LOOK OUT For A. B. llerriiiijton if yon want Christinas souvenirs, :{5e, 50e nnd /5c. Also gloves of all styles. rat topped and tleeee lined. Plwsth litp rohes, $:{.()() to $ii.fiO, feather and wool dusters, sponges chamois, snaps, oils nnd liur- . drying. ft. B. HERRINQTOH Go to A. F. Stoner for It'a'.fa seed. first-class tf SPRAY YOUR TREES WITH PRATT'S SCALECIDE Soluble petroleum. Will positively destroy San Jose scale, and all soft bodied sucking insects without injury to the tree.. Trees sprayed. . For sale at Chester avenue Nursery, corner Sixth Street and Chester avenue. Phone Main 745. DIXON ®, SON Undertakers. Funeral Successors to Morton & Con RED OKOIB AMBULANCE \nbalmeM, 1 Attendant. 1414 19th It•ht or Day, Main *» That Special Sale of Men's Suits YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IS A Broken Line of Men's Suits and Overcoats for Now on! $9.75 In keeping with onr policy, never to carry any goods from one season into another, we've taken all onr broken lines of Suits and Overcoats and reduced them to Nine-Seventy-Pive. Suits that readily sold sold for $15, $16.50 and $18. In most of these Suits there is only one or two of each stylo, but there nre all si/es in llie assortment. Browns, Grays, Stripes and mixed, also single and double breasted Black Thibets. Criticize and compare. You'll decide ^hem the best values ever put out. The Great Sale of Men's Suits IS A WONDER OP Dii Ot) ev.- Diirinir the ten days we have sold more men's suits than were r before sold in that length o»' time in Baker*lield. NO WON- $11 85 DER. when suits worth tip to $2i5 nre IHMIIJT sold here for $11.85- Men's suits that nre strictly up-to-date, of newest fabrics and colorings, perfectly tiiilored by such t'nmous makers as Alfred Renjaniin & Co; Hart, Schaffnef & Marx: Rosenwuld & Weil and Washington Fashioned Apparel. Did you get one of them? If not, select one at once. The Sale won't last long. Boy's and Youth's Suits Reduced 25 per cent Here's a chance to clothe your boy for New Years at a savintr of 25 per cent—worth while, isn't it? They are bri-iid new suits, strongly tailored of good wool fabrics. sixes are for boys and youths from 7 to 20 years. $3.50 Boys' Suits for $2.63 $10.00 Youths' Suits for .-$7.50 $5.00 Boys' Suits for $3.75 $12.50 Youths' Suits for ..$9.38 $7.50 Boy's Suits for $5.63 $15.00 Youths' Suits for .$11,25 $1.25 Oxford Shirts For 75c 50 do/en heavy oxford shirts in medium colors, have just been received from our New York buyer at almost half price. They are just the kind of shirts you would select to wear right now. They are warm and very strong. All sixes. $1.25 quality for . .. .75c TO SIGN DALTON AND SAVERS j The next pugilistic card will be j Klil Dalton vs. Maurice Sayers, pro- I viding the clever lightweights can be i matched. Frank Carillo, who Is man| asing Billy Morris, decided yesterday | that he did not want his boy to fight again before March, so the proposed bet has been passed over and Manager Reht'eld is turning his attention to the smaller fighters. Teddy Murphy, who is managing Sayers, was telegraphed to this morning, accepting his offer to meet Dalton and now if the little dark haired scrapper's name can he anchored to the articles, the match will be a go. Rehfeld has Instructed Murphy to sign the men and if he succeeds they will fight at the Union Theater in this city the night of January ISth. Rehfeld is already planning a February card and in this Leonard Lander, the classy Los An- Reles boy who so easily disposed of Eddie Wliite a week ago last night, will figure.i Rehfeld plans to match Lander with the winner of the Dalton-Sayers fight and the scrap should be a hot one. Lauder will not fijht until February, he desiring to rusticate In the oil fields until then. For March an effort will be made to rematch Billy Morris and Al Neil, providing Curillo will back his man for a substantial side bet. THE COLORED MASONS~ INSTALL OFFICERS. San Joaquln lodge No. 11, F. A. M. (colored) held its annual Installation of jofflcers last evening, there being a large attendance. An enjoyable banquet followed the installation. The retiring master, Leon 3. Howard, Jr., performed the installation ceremonies, after which Deputy Grand Master F. D. McClanahan presented him with a jewel on behalf of the lodge in an eloquent speech. Following are the new officers: H. E. Simpson, worshipful master; \V. L. Maxwell, senior warden; E. W. Winters, junior warden; R. D. Whitmore, secretary; Clifton C. Ctimby, treasurer; Albert Drls- dom, senior deacon; H. S. Houston, junior deacon; A. W. Vessell, chaplain; Morgan Cumby, tyler; S. S. Allen, marshal; A. Anderson, senior steward; W, R. Groen, junior steward. the skin' is a phrase at the shrine of which many feeble folk are sacrificing the lust flicker of their energy in the daily morning tub. 'Plenty of fresh air' is another tyrant which has claimed numberless victims. "I once lost a good patient who was always ailing by cutting off his dally morning tub," aays Dr. Clarke. "He grew strong and put on weight and i 11 was his delight to shock his friends by telling them how many years it is since he had a bath." Too much soaping and scrubbing, according to Dr. Clarke, remove the lubricating material secreted In the glands of the skin to make it soft and supple, and the removal leaves the skin more sensitive to atmospheric changes. The skin is a self cleaning organ. By soaking the body the self cleaning cells absorb water, swell up and die. "One has only to rub oneself after a bath, and they come off in little rolls. These do not consist of dirt, as is the popular Idea, but of dead I skin-cells. I often tell people that It Is quite possible for them to wash themselves dirty. They remove so much of the protecting surface that < they give the dirt a real chance of getting into their skins." PAYNE |& ?ON Funeral Directors Embalmera AMbUUCNE Phone Answered Day or Night «FOR SOLID COMFORT * Go to the <• GRANADA HOTEL * Sutter and Hyde Sts. * San Francisco - * $3.50 per day American plan. * Headquarters for Bakersfleld. * I* »j* »j» «£• *J* »5* *J* *•• »•• •!• ••• *S* *t* *•* *•* *!* Too Late For Classification FOUND—Bull pup, owner can have Same by paying for this ad and proving property. Address Box G, P. O. 132 BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE »OBT. <i. bAXTON, runtqrjr. Friday January, 1 POWELL & COHAN "BUD HICKS, THE "Yankee Doodle Boy" A COMEDY DRAMA WITH MUSIC 10 BIO SONG HITS 10 3—GORGEOUS SETS OF SCENERY—3 Prices 25o to $1.00 Buy Seats Thursday. LOST—A purse on 19th street near Arlington Hotel; contains money and keys. Finder please return purse with keys and one 10 franc gold piece to R. E. Galloway at Monte Curio cigar stand, and keep balance. 132 LOST—Small bliick coin purse, between Uakersfield sanatorium and K street. Suitable reward. Return to Bakersfield sanatorium. 129 Cor. 19th and I St. Cor. 19th3and I St. S.WISEKOPF THE BEST MEN'S STORE New Coat Sweaters For Men and Boys Just Received BI BLK'S CYCLERY—Just arrived: Two new Curtlss 3 h. p. motorcycles, ?210; two new 1909 R. S. motorcycles, $225. Also have four sac- end hand motorcycles, Racycle, Sill); Light, f!25; Reading. $150; C'trtls, $150. Bible's Cyclery, 1807 ! Chester Ave., Phone Main 850. 132 SAYS DAILY BATHING IS MOST INJURIOUS. LONDON, Dec. 29.—One o f the 'n)o>t cherished traditions of the Brit- Isr nice, the "cold tub every morn- Ing," Is mercilessly criticised by Dr. J. H. Clarke. Dr. Clarke contends that in the matter of health we are enslaved by words and phrases. "The 'pores of Sunday, January 3d, Carl Berch Presents the Greatest Living Irish Actor, Erin Vcrner in the Historical Irish Drama, "Shamus O'Brien" The Hero of '98 Mr. Verner will sing some of the real Irish Songs. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 Buy Seats Thursday.

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