Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on December 17, 1965 · Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 6

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1965
Page 6
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COMMISSIONERS' CLAIMS ; r - Dec. 23, 1965 • Florine H. Jones, 1st deputy_..S300.00 Jeanette Echroeder, 2nd dep 283.37 L. Janet Navarra, clerical 59.40 Eunice Low. 1st deputy. 300.00 Nancy Parker. 2nd dep 283.37 Katherine Strasburger, clerical 211.20 Vida Loucks, clerical 99.00 Thelma Manlief. 1st deputy 300.00 Marita Cherry, clerical 250.80 Carol Meer, clerical 257.40 Edell Williams, 1st deputy 300.00 Clinton R. Tucker, 1st deputy.. 291.74 Clinton R. Tucker, per diem salary 62.00 David Blodgctt Jr., 2nd deputy 100.00 E. A. Porter, health officer C6.74 Rosemary Peters, county health nurse 375.00 Beulah Tucker, -clerical 23833 Arthur Vanderbur, sanitarian.. 170.74 Wanda Loyd, clerical 69.30 Walter S. Redington, service officer _ $200.00 William Duncan, custodian .$325.00 Helen Linville. matron 88.S7 Myrtle Gidley. jail matron $125.00 Edward A. Porter, county home physician $ 50.00 Ronald Beard, county attorney 83.37 Russell Corya, council 100.00 Joseph Strasburger, council 100.00 William Galloway, council 100.00 Staton Maudlin, council 100.00 Wallace Johnson, council 100.00 Bertis Farmer, council 100.00 Edgar Craig, council 100.00 COMMISSIONERS' CLAIMS Dec. 23, 1965 Clerk's Office Qualityprint, Inc., official records ? 25.00 Jackson Office & Supply Co., office supplies 14.31 Jackson Office Supply, furni- -•ture and supplies 95.74 Jackson Office Supply, repair of equipment 44.20 Auditor's Office Bobbs-Merrill. official records..$ 17.50 Indiana Gas & Water Co., utH... 1.00 W. C. Pulse Lumber Co.. repair of building 11.49 Espy & Son, repair of building 1.50 Jackson Office Supply Co., supplies and expenses 44.50 Southwestern Petroleum Corp., supplies and expenses 30.00 Sid's Supermarket, supplies and expenses 56.65 Henry E. Brown Wm. Trobaugh Cloyd Schilling Charles Strasburger Plymate, Inc., supplies " and expenses Arnold C. Brown, supplies and Jackson Office & Supply Co., stationery and printing 56.21 Qualityprint, official records.... 16.00 Batterton's West Side Drugs, stationery and printing 16.68 Treasurer's Office Jackson Office & Supply Co., stationery and printing. $ 16.09 Mary Miller, postage 172.50 Qualityprint, official records 1407.38 William Burford Printing Co., official records 15.00 Recorder's Office Hemrand, official records $104.6 Sheriff's Office Clinton Tucker, per diem mileage S 62.00 Brenton Company, car radios.... 19.56 Doc & Son DX Service Station, gas, tires 57.26 Health Office Batterton's West Side Drugs, office supplies $ Rosemary Peters, reference and periodicals 22.25 Lois VanOsdol, professional supplies 26.70 Broadway Market, maintenance supplies 15.22 Beulah Tucker, maintenance service Assessor's Office Cathleen Loyd. mileage $ 30.01 Qualityprint, official records.... 18.25 Batterton's West Side Drugs, office supplies 11.06 Coroner's Office Kethleen Kinker, clerical fees..? 10.00 Decatur Co. Mem. Hospital, autopsy fees 1°-0' Service Officer Walter Redington, postage $ 5.0' Court House Otis E. Harlan, 16.80 expenses 71.70 County Supply Co.. fixed properties and equipment 1.17 McCamment's Wholesale, properties and fixed equipment.... 4.18 Jail Batterton's West Side Drugs, repairs Bldg. and structure....? 6.00 ndiana Gas & Water, utilities.. 77.36 Espy & Sons, repairs of bldg. and structure 10.68 Arab Termite Control, pest control 14.00 '. C. Pulse Lumber Co., repair bldg. and structure 5.97 County Home Hunter Pharmacy, clothing and household $ 5.07 Commissioners 'ohn Henry Deniston, Jackson Twp. trustee salary $225.00 Harold E. Smith, Clinton Twp. trustee salary 169.00 Greensburg Times, printing and advertising 91.5£ Greensburg Daily News, printing and advertising 91.58 Skipper Tempest, fox bounty.... 3.00 !rvin Vanderpohl, fox bounty.. 3.0C r orest Barnhorst, fox bounty.... 3.0C Joe Lecher, fox bounty 3.00 Sheldon L. Morford, fox bounty 3.0C John Hess, fox bounty 6.0C Ed Wiley, fox bounty 3.00 Don Rozell, fox bounty 6.00 M. C. Weigel & Sons, burial soldiers 100.00 Gilliland-Howe Funeral Home, burial soldiers 100.00 Charles Ed King, traveling ex- George D. Roberts, travel exp. penses 200.24 Ind Assn. of Counties 10.73 Charles Ed King, travel exp. Ind Assn. of Counties 16.83 Mary Mobley Theobald, traveling exp. Ind. Assn. of Counties I 8 - 01 Douglas Craig, fox bounty Charles Eiler, fox "bounty.. 3.00 _ 3.0( John "Settles.' fox bounty 3.00 Butler, Fairman and Seufert, Inc., bridge cumulative 493.35 WELFARE DEPARTMENT CLAIMS December 23, 1965 Russell D. Royal, director ........ $575.0i Marilyn Bouse, salary ................ 375.01 Doris Jean Browning, salary.... 375.01 Florence E. Hichardson, salary 355.0' Dorothy D. Netherland, salary 355.0 Helen H. Marsh, salary .............. 3 Jf'S' Jane Ann Stier, salary .............. 235.01 Harvey S. Colvin, bd. member I. Lynn Thurston, bd. mem ..... Williamette Lemmon, bd. mem. Ruth Helen Osting, bd. mem... Russell D. Royal, postage ............ Public Telephone Corp., telephone expense ........................ Russell D. Royal, travel ............ John H. Deniston. travel ............ Dorothy D. Netherland, travel- Florence E. Richardson, travel Jackson Office Equip. & Supply, repairs — furniture and equipment .................................. Indiana State Industries, furniture and fixtures .................... Marilyn Bouse, travel ................ County Highway Claims lO.Oi lO.Oi 10.0 10.00 15.01 34.2 52.2! 26.61 4.3 21.5 30.0 60.8 ,jwis Clark Dris Ladd Paul Hinds i"red N. Moore Elmer D. Powell Zack Shoemake Howard Niles Vemon B. Evans Henry A. Schmid Howard G. Fromer Slvic Hobbs Tillis M. Dinn Vilbur Mozingo loward Pyles Arthur L. Smith :iifford Weisner 3ale Moffctt — — — Other Operating — Associated Truck Lines, Inc i 'ublic Telephone Corp Public Service Indiana .Indianapolis Blue Print and Litho. Co Worland & Schwendenrnann.... Jecatur County Farm Bureau loy Montgomery A. M. Lynch, Inc Gamble Store Jackson Office Supply Batterton's West Side Drugs.... Helen B. Marlin — Materials — New Point Stone Co Harris City Stone Co., Inc Smith Corp -W C Pulse Lumber Co., Inc.- Construction Products Corp Indiana Wire Products Westport Implement Co Holthouse Furniture Corp Reid-Holcomb Co., Inc Rodefeld Co., Inc The Gibson Co Ball & Son Vanderbur Implement Co Espy & Son Sibbitt-Mann Chevrolet, Inc MacAllister Machinery Co., Inc. demons Hardware Pleak Hardware ....... Pohlman Hardware — Current Charges — Gosnell & Harrison Motor Fuel Tax Div D—Dec. W—Dec. 475.20 469.80 61.20 430.65 430.65 443.70 478.80 427 35 . 459.00 430.65 442.20 352.35 482.40 469.80 1"! 388.88 4.91 26.28 4.58 23.94 21.75 821.95 317.44 512.18 6.81 .... . 151-JO . 91.4J 381 .11 467.37 . 78.26 76.76 88.2 iSioi }?,„; 451.04 647.86 54.91 1- = 55.56 17-2' 17-24 NOTICE TO TRAFFIC CONTRACTORS Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for the construction of cer tain highway improvements as described below will be received by the Indiana State Highway Commission at its offices in the Indiana State Office Building, Room 1313, Indian apolis. until 10:00 A. M Eastern Standard Time on the 21st day o December, 1965 and all bids will be publicly opened and read, immediate ly thereafter, in the Chambers of thi Indiana House of Representatives State Capitol Building. T-6874—Bids are invited on New Signs and Sign Structures in the Sey ™3£l£r^™?^SS&*» COUNTIES—On State Road 3 anc State Road 62 at Charlestown. or State Road 7 and State Road 107 a Madison and on State Road 3 an' 1-74 at Greensburg. Plans and proposals may be ex amined at the office of the Indian State Highway Commission, in th State Office Building, Room 1313, In dianapolis, Indiana. INDIANA ~~ — Personal Services — H. Huber ._ $666.74 D—Dec. 10-1 W—Dec. 10-17 ORDINANCE NO. 4965-18 AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO THE SPEED AND TJSE OF VEHICLES UPON THE STREETS OF THE CITY OF GBEENSBURG, INDIANA. BE IT ORDAINED and enacted by he Common CouncD of the City of "Ireensburg, Indiana: Section 1. It shall be unlawful to Irive any vehicle on any street or ighway or alley within the corporate imits of the City of Greensburg at a peed exceeding that lawfully set for uch street or alley. Section 2. In the interest of safety o all persons, including children and chool children the following speed imits are set upon the following treets: On Main Street from Lincoln Street to Ireland Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Ireland Street from Main Street to North Michigan Avenue Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Lincoln Street from Main Street to Hendricks Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On South Michigan Avenue from Main Street to Poplar Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Washington Street from Lincoln Street to Ireland Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Broadway Street from Railroad Street to North Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Franklin Street from Railroad Street to North Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Central Avenue from Broadway Street to Stewart Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On North Street from Broadway Street to Stewart Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Stewart Street from Washington Street to Central Avenue Twenty (20) miles per hour. On McKee Street from South Michigan Avenue to Franklin Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On East Street from Washington Street to end of Street at South Park entrance Twenty (20) miles per hour. On South Ireland Street from McKee Street to Davis Street Fifteen (15) miles per hour. On Walnut Street from Broadway Street to North Michigan Avenue Twenty (20) miles per hour. On Sheridan Street from Ireland Street to Broadway Street Twenty (20) miles per hour. On all alleys within the corporate limits of the city Fifteen (15) miles per hour. N On all other streets within the corporate limits of the city Thirty (30) miles per hour. Section 3. The fact that the speed of a vehicle does not exceed the applicable maximum speed limit does not relieve the driver from duty to decrease speed while passing schools or while traveling upon any public thoroughfare on or across which children pass going to and from school during school days when school children are present: or when approach- ary to avoid colliding with any per- on or vehicle or on entering the treet in compliance with legal" requirements and the duty of all per- ons to use due care. Section 4. No vehicle shall be operated or allowed to remain upon th street or alley in. such manner as t orm an unreasonable obstruction to he traffic thereon. Section 5. No vehicle shall be left unattended while the motor of such vehicle is running; and no vehicle shall be 'left without a driver on any hill or incline unless the vehicle - secured against moving. Section G. It shall. lie unlawful fo more than one person to ride upon any bicycle propelled by human lower, or upon any bicycle propelled ay a motor or upon any motorcycle other than upon a seat permanently attachced to said vehicle. Section 7. It shall be unlawful for any person on any street or alley riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or any other motor vehicle, toy or other- •age 12 Gteensburg (Ind.) Daily News, FriJay, Pet. 17, ing and crossing an when approaching a intersection hill crest, when traveling upon any narrow street, or when special hazards exist with respect to pedestrians or other traffice by reason of weather or highway and street conditions, and speed shall be decreased as may be neces- JL11C1 Jllukvl VC11JU1C, lujt UI UIHC1- wise to cling to or to attach himseli or his vehicle to any moving motor vehicle. Section 8. It shall be unlawful for any person upon any bicycle, motor cvcle, coaster, skates, sled or othe: vehicle, toy or otherwise, to cross any street except at intersections or at a crosswalk. Section 9. Provided further that i- the Mayor and Council sets other limits as provided by statute, or for the safety of persons and property then such limits shall govern on tht streets indicated by appropriate signs indicating such limits. Section 10. The Street Commission er of the City shall post appropriati signs showing such speed limits, park ing limitations and other regulation determined. Section 11. That any person, firm or corporation convicted for the violation of the foregoing provisions this ordinance shall be subject to a fine of not less than One ($1.00) Dol lar nor more than Twenty-Fiv ($25.00) Dollars for each and every offense. Section 12. That should any part o this ordinance be held invalid by ; court of competent jurisdiction, th remaining parts shall be severabl and shall remain in full force ani effect. Section 13. That all ordinances o parts of ordinances conflicting wit the provisions of this ordinance ar hereby repealed insofar as the sam affect this ordinance. Section 14. This ordinance sh« take effect and be in force from, an after its passage and the publicatio thereof. Passed and approved by the_Com mon Council of the City of Greens burg, Indiana, on the 6th day o December. 1965. SHERMAN MIERS, Presiding Office ATTEST: Mary M. Maynard, Clerk-Treasurer. Presented by me to the Mayor o the City of Greensburg, Indiana, o the 7th day of December, 1965. Mary M. Maynard, Clerk-Treasure This Ordinance approved and signe by me on this 7th day of Decembe 1965. SHERMAN MIERS, Mayo D—Dec. 17-2 W—Dec. 17-24 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the ommissioners of Decatur County vill receive sealed bids until 10:00 . M. December 23, 1965, for Blank ooks, Blanks, Stationery and Pnnt- ng for the year 1966 for various qunty Offices; also tax receipts, pecifications are on file at the. office f the County Auditor. Bidders Bond of $500.00 to accom- any bid.' MARY MOBLEY THEOBALD.. Decatur County Auditor. D—Dec. 17-24 W—Dec. 17-24 NOTICE ON FINAL ACCOUNT, ETC. TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF FLORENCE STRICKLAND In 'the Circuit Court of Decatur bounty, Indiana. . December • Term, 1965. In the matter of the estate of Florence Strickland, deceased. Estate Docket 12, Page 219. Notice is hereby given that D. K. Ford, as Executor of the above named estate, has presented and filed his fiinal account in final settlement of >aid estate and petition for distribu- ion, and that the same will come up or the examination and action .of aid Circuit Court, on the 24th day of December, 1965, at which time all persons interested in said estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, why saic account should not be approved. Anc the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are also required to appear and ma^ce proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said 6Stat6 ' D. R. FORD, Personal Representative AUDREY NAVARRA. , Clerk of the Circuit Court for Decatur County, Indiana D. R. Ford, Attorney. D—Dec. 10-1 .Two Nuclear Blasts 1 Set Of fin Nevada WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) set off two nuclear blasts at its Nevada test site Thursday. Both were aimed at determining the effects of a nuclear >xplosion on various weapons ystems. A spokesman said one test m- •olved explosion of a low-yield device equivalent to less than 20,000 tons of TNT. The other was a low-intermediate range device which falls between 20,000 arid 200,000 tons of TNT. NOTICE ON FINAL ACCOUNT, ETC. TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF ROY HOOTEN In the Circuit Court of Decatur County, Indiana. November Term, 1965. In the matter of the estate of Roj Hooten, deceased. Estate Docket 13, Page 4. Notice is 'hereby given that Bonni Hacker, as Administratrix of th above named estate, has presentee and filed her final account in fina settlement of said estate and petition for distribution, and that the sam will come up for the examinatior and action of said Circuit Court, the 30th day of December, 1965, a which time all persons interested in said estate are required to appear ii said Court and show cause, if an there be, why said account shoul not be approved. And the heirs c said decedent and all others inter ested are also required to appear an make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. BONNIE HACKER, Personal Representativ . AUDREY NAVARRA. Clerk of the Circuit Court for Decatur County, Indiana Don Hubert Wickens, Attorney. D-^-Dec. 10-1 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby, given that the un- ersigned will receive written sealed lids until 10:00 a. m. December 31, 965, at the office of the Hospital Administrator for the purchase of No. Fuel Oil for the year of 1966. OU to be delivered in the owners ank at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital. Delivery will not be asked o be made in quantities less than i.OOO gallons. . The Bidder shall enclose with then- bid, an analysis of the oil they are proposing to furnish. The undersigned reserves the rigW o accept or reject any or all bids Bids should be directed to the Uiv dersigned on Revised Form No. 9o Described by the State Board of Ac counts. BOARD OF . TRUSTEES,' Decatur County Memorial Hospital D—Dec. 17-24 W—Dec. 17-24 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Commissioners of Decatu County, Indiana, at the Auditor's Of fice. Court House, Greensburg, Indi ana, until 9:00 A. M. (EST) Monday January 3, 1966, for furnishing th following supplies and materials fo the year 1966: 1. Stone, Gravel, Sand. 2. Bituminous Liquid Materials. 3. Bituminous Coated Aggregate. 4. Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel Fuels Lubricants. 5. Tires, Tubes. All in accordance with specifica tions on file at the Auditor's Offic and within the estimated quantitie requisitioned by the Supervisor o County Highways, which requisitio is on file in-the Auditor's Office fo inspection. Bids to be submitted on forms pre scribed by the State Board of Ac counts which will be available at th Auditor's Office, Court House, Greens burg, Indiana. Bids to be opened and considere at the Commissioners' Regular Mee ing, Monday, January 3, 1966 (EST Awards to be made as announce by the Board. The right to reject any and all bid is reserved. GEORGE D. ROBERT ED C. KING, KENNETH WALLPE, Board of Commissioner D—Dec. 17-2 W—Dec. 17-24 F Dec. 17, 1950 A three-ring circus and the appearance of Santa Claus were eatures of the annual Christmas >arty of the Eagles lodge at the ommunity gym. About 1,500 at- ended including some 500 children. Thermometers here dipped to hree degrees below zero. The maximum was 26 degrees. Mrs. Rose B. Shelhorn, 85, expired at her home east of it. Omer. Earl Bayless suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was taken o Memorial Hospital. A Christmas concert presented by Sandcreek High School at the Westport Baptist /Church at- racked an -audience of nearly .00 persons. Mrs. Gloie Craig received word of the death of her cousin, Mrs. C. E. Lynch, at Ottumwa, The Junior Department of the Presbyterian Sunday School had an afternoon Christmas party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Siefker and Tuxis Society an evening party at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Hugh I. Schuster. Mr and Mrs. P. M. Johnson of the Letts community had gone to the home of their daughter, Mrs. Nelson Frederick near Greenwood, for the winter. Word of the death of Howard V Hornung, 62, at Detroit, Mich, was received here by relatives. The Burney Baptist Church presented its annual Christinas program at the church. Twenty- one servicemen from Camp Atterbury were guests. Now You Know Combs, as implements of hair grooming, have been found by paleontologists in prehistoric stone-age dwellings, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. For Society — 663-3111. HERE'S A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT BOOK: "CHURCHILL, THE LIFE TRIUMPHANT" The Moving Story of Sir Winston Churchill's 90 Momentous Years from His Birth in the Reign of Queen Victoria, Through Two World Wars, to His Death and Funeral. 144 PAGES WITH PICTURES PREFACE BY DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER PER COPY If inconvenient to pickup your copy at the Daily News office, use the order blank below. Enclose cash, check or money order. Add 25c per copy to cover cost of mailing. r DATE. GREENSBURG DAILY NEWS GREENSBURG, INDIANA GENTLEMEN: Enclosed find $ to the following: for which please mail copies of "Churchill, the Life Triumphant" NAME L ADDRESS GREENSBURG DAILY NEWS

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