Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 28, 1964 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1964
Page 6
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6 - Friday, Feb. 28* 1964 Redlands Daily Facts IN HOLLYWOOD So now the girls will chase Grant? OUR ANCESTORS by Quincy By Erskino Johnson HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — Hollywood and Grapevine: Pals who know Gary Grant best re port lie was shaken up a year ago when his favorite New York film critic strayed from his views on "A Touch of Mink" and gave Cary a personal tip. He commented that despite Grant's youthful appearance, it might be wise for Cary to consider his age (now 60) in ac cepting "young girl-chasing roles." That he accepted the advice, in a way, is on display in the current "Charade." The star's hair is gray at the temples and the girl (Audrey Hepburn) chases HIM. Jackie Gleason's choice of doing his CBS-TV show in Florida, instead of Hollywood as once rumored, left CBS Hollywood staff members thinking they were lucky. A penthouse built for Danny Kaye now occupied the roof of CBS' Television City here, and as one CBS man pointed out: "If Jackie came to Hollywood we'd probably have to build a penthouse for Jackie on top of Danny Kaye's penthouse." Movie trade paper headline: "Claim New Optical Process ATTENTION CALIFORNIANS 65 OR OYER Ask These Agents About WESTERN 65 Health Insurance BEAVER, WILCOXSON & DAVIS 204 E. Stole SI., Ph.: 793-2373 BOB COX 16 W. Citros Ave., Ph.: 793-5221 FOWLER'S REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE 25 Cajon St. Phone: 773-2883 FOY & FOY REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE 8 E. Citrui Ave. Phone: 793-2591 GILLMORE INSURANCE, INC. 35 E. Citrus Ave. Ph.: 793-2151 MORT AGENCY 107 E. Citrus Ave. Ph.: 792-1465 LARRY W. NOBLE INSURANCE AGENCY 108 W. Slate St. Ph.: 792-1341 REDLANDS INSURANCE AGENCY 27345 W. Redbndi Blvd. Phone: 792-3442 JACK W. ROSE 416 E. Redlands Blvd. Phone: 793-3134 SAWYER, COOK & CO. 12 W. Stole St. Ph.: 793-2814 SEDGWICK-ARNEGARD INSURANCE 211 Oronge St. Phone: 793-5939 GARRY VAN VLIET 111 E. Citrus Ave. Ph.: 793-5141 Hurry . . . enrollments end March 31, 1964! REDLANDS INSURANCE AGENTS ASSOCIATION Enables Drive-in Theaters to Operate in Daylight." This is to romance? But what will this do to romance? George Sanders, the "profes sional cad" of the screen lor 25 years, says his role of a millionaire in a new movie probably will be his last. It is type casting because Sanders IS a millionaire. His long acting career helped, but a business interest in bam for the shelves of England really set him up. He has a ham canning and pork sausage factory in Scotland which exports throughout the British Commonwealth. He also owns a construction company in Italy which is building three food processing plants. "Acting is something of a bore anyway, old boy," he told me on the set of "A Shot In the Dark" in London recently. "I think I've about had it. I'm going to turn to business inter jests." Sanders and his wife, the former Benita Hume, widow of Ronald Colman. now live in Switzerland, where h i s CADCO Corp. is based. He took the "Cad" from the title of his successful book, "Memoirs of a Professional Cad." "A Shot in the Dark," starring Peter Sellers, is a comedy. "At least," says George, "I'll go out with a laugh." Selected short subjects: A novie about the nortorious Dachau concentration camp of World War II will be produced by a German film company . . . Beverly Hillbillies' Irene Ryan. Max Bacr Jr. and Donna Douglas will hit the road in the spring for big personal appear ancc loot. Spike Jones will go along with his wacky band. . . . Charlton Heston is all but set for a movie in Tokyo, with a Japanese costar. . . . Filming of the "Tom Dooley" biopic starts in Thailand in March. No casting yet. .. . Clara Williams is due back on television with a new show- next season ... I -/• Sports •;• "Now this looks more like a sandwich island than those other ones, Captain Cook!" Censorship, last of a series Obscene items enjoy no legal protection Terrier nefmen trim three teams Redlands high Terrier netmen coached by Paul Womack rolled over three teams, Montebello, Palos Verdes and San Pedro this week. The Terrier tennis players will host Montebello on Tuesday on the RHS courts. Redlands downed Montebello yesterday 14-12 without the services of Ron Bohrnstedt or Doug Verdicck. Tuesday play will start at 3 p.m. on the high school courts. Along with the win over Mon tebello the Redlands squad beat both Palos Verdes and San Pedro in a three way match. Redlands high def. Montebello 14-12 varsity results: Round Robin, D. Grainger (R) lost Kling, 6-2, lost Willison 7-5; Jim Stryker (R) def. Kling 6-3; def. Willison 7-5; Tharaldson (R) def. Puryar 6-3. def. Corona 6-1; Jimenez (R) def. Puryar 8-6, lost to Corona .1-6. Wright (R) lost to Taylor 7-5. lost to Poirier 6-0; Shaw (R) lost to Taylor 6-2, lost to Poirier 6-1; Newcomer (R) def. Bogan 7-5, def. Tate 6-1. By HARRY FERGUSON a nude. Playboy Magazine pub- WASHINGTON (UPD—Deal- lishes pictures of undraped ers in pornography do a $300 girls, but it also carries articles million annual business in the of general interest by wcllj Hoffman (R) lost to Bo"dan United States. Their products!known authors, and it movesip..^ ,jef. j ate g .4. GoIdie°(R) consist of pictures, books, mag-ithrough the mails without rc -|i os i t0 f-arricco 6-2, 6-2. azines, phonograph records and'straint. In the famous Roth movies, and much of it is deliv-lease in 1957—the trial of a man caught sending pornography through the mail—the U.S. Su- ered to American homes and addressed to children. This is what is known aslpreme Court offered this defini- 'hard core pornography"—smut!tion to help determine what was for smut's sake — and the ma-jobscene: terial makes no artistic or lit.- j "Whether to the average per- erary pretensions. Obscenity 1 son a p p 1 y i n g contemporary and hard core pornography en-!community standards the domi- joy no legal protection. In niHnant theme of the material tak- merous decisions the U.S. Su-'en as a whole appeals to the preme Court has denied to ob-j prurient interest." sccnity the freedoms accorded! No Longer Censor to speech and the press. j The Post Office Department Use First Class Mail | 1)a s developed a new approach Producers of pornography are!in its fight against pornography difficult to apprehend trying to remove itself from so many of them use the refuge the role of censor. It took a of the first class mail to dis- defeat in 1959 when Postmast- tribute their wares. The Post'cr General Arthur Summcrfield Office Department has no au-| personally ruled that "Lady thority to open and inspect first| Chatterlyo's Lover"' was "ob class mail. A common device oflscene and non-mailable." Grove Advice to would-be from Don Porter: "Practic enunciation by filling your mouth with marbles and using one less marble every day. When you've lost all your marbles, you're an actor.' the pornography trade is to offer a toy airplane, a baseball actors I or a doll. The advertisement is read by children who write asking for the articles. In return they receive in first class mail a nude photo or two along! AF launches another secret satellite VANDENBERG AFB. Calif. (UPD—The Air Force launched another secret satellite toward polar orbit Thursday night, the fourth major space shot from this West Coast base this week. Although the Air Force declined to disclose details of the shot, in keeping with Defense Department policy, officials did say a Thor-Agena booster combination was used as the launch vehicle. Press, the publishers, took the case into federal district court in New York and Judge Frederick Van Pelt Bryan ruled that the postmaster general "has no special competence to determine what constitutes ob- with a sales pitch that they can| sccnity." buv even more daring things ifl The new approach of the they will send some money. A;Post Office Department is to conservative estimate is that:Permit obscenity cases to be the names of a million children fried on the state and commun arc on the mailing list of tlm'ity levels with the local prose Doubles — Tharaldson and Grainger (R) def. Kling and Willison 6-2, 6-4: Stryher and Jimenez (R) def. Puryar and Corona 7-5, 6-2. Shaw and Wright (R) def. Taylor and Tate 6-4, 6-1; Hofman and Montano (R) lost to Poirier and Bogdan 6-3, 6-3. Redlands vs. Palos Verdes and San Pedro. Redlands 12. Palos Verdes 1 and San Pedro 0. Verdieck def. Burk (PV) 6-1, def. Wise (SP) 6-0; Stryker (R) def. York (PV) 6-0, def. Brunell (SP) 6-1; Jimenez (R) def. Bozarth (PV) 6-1, def. Wilson (SP) 6-2. Newcomer (R) def. Nash (PV) 6-4. Howard (SP) 6-2: Doubles — Tharaldson and Grainger (R) def. Lundberg and Winkler (PV) 6-0: def. Spiel and Arian (SP) 6-2; def. Berk and Wise 7-5. Shaw and Wright (R) lost to Partarge and Longsworth, 7-5. def. Nakahara and Wishkeno 61. Final score 12-1. IISTON'S INJURY — The artist's drawing indicates the area in former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston's left arm where it was injured during the title fight in Miami Tuesday night causing the fight to be stopped and challenger Cassius Clay to become new title holder. Liston's big biceps muscle was torn where it joins the tendon that links it to the bone. He needed this lifting muscle for upper cuts and turning his left hand as he punched. (UPI Telephoto) Silent Sonny at Denver in seclusion pornographers. The newsstands in many cit- cutors doing the work. The de partment, if convinced it has Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 Now! A new health insurance plan limited to Californians 65 and over. It was made possible by a state law Western 65 Health Insurance is here at last! The legislation signed into law on July 23,1963, has enabled 62 leading insurance companies to combine their resources to bring you a more adequate plan than ever before possible. You get generous benefits, yet your premiums are reasonable. It's so easy to enroll. There is no physical exam. No health questionnaire. No upper age limit. Spouses may also be covered regardless of age. And your individual coverage cannot be cancelled because of your long or repeated illness. Sons and daughters may enroll their parents. No signature of the insured is required. That's the kind of advantages you'll get with Western 65. For your free folder, fill out and mail the coupon below. Or call an insurance agent today. Any one of them will gladly help you choose the coverage best suited to your needs. Hurry! Enrollment opens March 1, ends March 31, 1964 Please mail me the complete folder on Western 65. I understand there is no obligation. |^ WESTERN 65 DeptJ Box 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 (PLEASE PRINT) Address. -Zone. -State. ies are loaded with magazines,' an authentic case of obscenity, and paper back novels that! will assist the local prosecutor make "Lady Chatterley's Lov -iin any way possible including er" read like a nursery rhyme. !'he production of evidence. If The U.S. Post Office is flooded I. v °u or your children receive with letters demanding that the j something through the mail traffic be halted, but the writ-'hat you regard as obscene, the ers misunderstand the problem.Jibing to do is turn it over to That type of pornography is not;'he local postmaster or prose- under the jurisdiction of thej curing attorney. That will set Post Office because it does not I legal machinery in motion, move through the mail. It is shipped in trucks, chiefly from New York and Los Angeles. Enforcement impossible It is an offense to move obscenity in interstate traffic, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has jurisdiction. But the flood of pornography has swol-j SAN DIEGO. Calif. (UPI) — len to such proportions that thei Airman Jerry P. Doolin cs- FBI could not stop it even if it jcaped with nothing worse than increased its personnel tenfold. i a Dlack e - vc when 1)0 slipped on What is obscenitv: It is more tne aircraft carrier Bon Homme than publishing a photograph 0 f; Ricnard ,ast weekend and fell :'tl feet into the ocean 1.000 ; miles from land, the Navy re ported today. A helicopter from the carrier rescued the 21-year-old San Diego sailor 13 minutes after he BELGRADE. Yugoslavia 1 fe " overboard. (UPI)—A square in the center! Wllen a shipmate heard Doo- of Zagreb University's School, un ' s cr >' for ncl P as he fell. a " of Economics was named John| alarm . was sounded and the big Fitzgerald Kennedv P i aza j warship made a sharp turn to return to the scene of the acci- a Airman falls overboard, picked up O'Hara takes crack at mile record Kennedy Plaza in Belgrade rr,, « _ . _ . • _ »• 1 U IU IIIt aillli: Ul tilt Ul_ Thursday, according to the^ u-L ent _ A saUor , hrew DooUn goslav news agency Tanjug. • life jacket through a porthole. Tanjug said the plaza wasj and ne clung t0 it unti i , he dedicated "in memory of thc! carr j er .based helicopter picked President with whose death the American people lost a distinguished statesman and the world a champion of peace." Song writer to wed him up. Fire station destroyed by flames RED BLUFF. Calif. (UPI>LOS ANGELES (UPD—Song-'The state forest service's fire- writer Ben Oakland. 56. will! fighting station, from which marry Mrs. Beatrice F. Rose-'smoke-eaters arc dispatched to nus, 52, on March 8. George!battle forest fires, went up in Jessel and Tony Martin will be:flames Thursday, his two best men. I A fire-fighting truck was Oakland, who wrote such!parked outside, but the four tunes as "I'll Take Romance,"!Forest Service firefighters mak- and his bride-to-be were issued jing repairs at the station were a marriage license at county I unable to quell the blaze. The courthouse Thursday. 'building was a complete loss, SUNDAY MORNING DO-NUT CLUB 3 - 6 • 9 Doubles FREE COFFEE! FREE DO-NUTS! EVERY SUNDAY at II a. m. Entry Fee — S4 per team S2 Bowling — $2 Prize Ladies: Let us find you a Bowling "Pardner" for Sunday Mornings EMPIRE BOWL 840 W. Colton Ave. Phone 793-2525 NEW YORK (UPI)-Ifs one more crack at the indoor mile record next week in Chicago for young Tom O'Hara, "and then we get serious about the Olympics" Those were the battle plans mapped today by O'Hara and his Loyola of Chicago coach. Jerry Weiland, in the wake of Thursday night's New York K of C track meet — in which O'Hara set a world indoor record of 3:43.6 for 1.500 meters and went on to the second fast-; est indoor mile in history, 3:58.5. Next stop — (he mile in next Friday's Chicago Dailey News meet in Chicago. And that positively, the youth and his coach agreed, will be O'Hara's last indoor race this year, his last chance to im prove on the indoor mile record of 3:56.6 he set two weeks ago. "After the meet." explained Weiland, "Tom will go into his training program which is aimed at making him America's No. 1 man in the 1,500 meter run at the Olympics in Tokyo in October." Other meet records were broken Thursday night by John Uelses of LaSalle in the pole vault with 16 feet, V* inch, by- Bruce Kidd of Toronto, Ont.. in the two-mile in 8:39.0, and Morgan State College in the one- mile relay in 3:16.5. Also, Mel Pender of the U.S. Army tied the meet mark of 6.1 seconds in the GO-yard dash. Bill Crothers of Toronto won the 600-yard run in a near rcc-i ord 1:09.7 and also ran a 47.2 quarter-mile on a relay. Other winners included Roy Hicks of the Army in the hurdles- at 6.2 seconds. Charley Buchta of the Marines in the 1.000 at 2:08.7. and Gary Gubncr of NYU in the shot put with 62 feet, 8 ! ,: inches. DENVER (UPI)-Silent Sonny Liston remained in seclusion at his northeast Denver home today, recovering from a painful wrenched arm and facial beating received at the hands of new world heavyweight champion Cassius Clay Tuesday. Liston, his huge arm dan gling in a sling, arrived with his wife in Denver Thursday afternoon, pushed stolidly through a cheering crowd of 250 at Stapleton Airfield without a word, and took a cab home. Liston made no comment regarding tax liens filed against him by the Internal Revenue Service amounting to an estimated $2.7 million. The claim made Thursday blocked payment of nearly $5 million to Liston, the firm which promoted the fight in Miami Beach, and another organization with movie rights to the match. Liston was not available for comment late Thursday. The former champion, whose handlers threw in the towel at the beginning of the seventh round to give Clay the crown was emotionally upset to be re turning to his home town as a loser, said Denver boxing promoter Milt Willner. Willncr, long as associate ol Liston, said Liston told him he did not want to talk to anyone on his Denver arrival. In this corner Mr. Irs Liston's next fight with U.S. tax men WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sonny Liston's next fight might be with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An IRS spokesman revealed Thursday night that more than S2.7 million in estimated tax liens have been filed against the dethroned heavyweight champion, the firm which pro moted Tuesday night's title fight and another organization with movie rights to the bout. The IRS spokesman added that the action was aimed at getting Liston and his associates to discuss payment of taxes before being allowed to collect proceeds from his fight against Cassius Clay, which was halted between the sixth and seventh rounds because of an injured left shoulder suffered by Liston. "We only take such steps when we think collection of Alvin York improving JAMESTOWN. Tenn. (UPD- World War I hero, Sgt. Alvin C York, continued to show "some improvement" in a steady battle against illness at Fentress County Hospital. The 76-year-old Congressional Medal of Honor winner was reported taking some fluids and "responding to treatment" late Thursday for the dehydrated condition which led to his eighth hospitalization in two years last weekend. York, a Tennessee rifleman who once tried to avoid military service as a conscientious objector, was credited with killing 25 Germans and capturing 132 others in a single day during the Battle of Argonne Forest in 1918. Ciano, Ellis win round robin event said David Ciano and Sonoko Ellis won the Redlands Racquet Club round robin mixed doubles title in class A with a 2-6, 6-4, 6-' win over Ted Thee and Malle Kim. Flight B winners were Ken McKenzie and Jan Hawcs with a 6-8, 6-4, 6-4 victory over George Alexandris and Jan Hasse. Ten teams in the first flight and nine in the second played eight game round robin matches before the finals. The club plays on the University of j Seattle at San Francisco taxes might be difficult, the spokesman. A SI.105.500 lien was placed against Intercontinental Promotions. Inc., of which Liston is president. Another $867,866 lien was placed against Liston and his wife, Geraldine. The IRS also claimed $793,000 in taxes from Delaware Advertising and Management Agency. Inc., which had secondary rights to the fight. Another government group also expressed an interest Thursday in the Liston-Clay fight. Sen. Philip A. Hart, chairman of the Senate antitrust subcommittee, said his group plans to look into the arrangement which gave Liston promotion rights to Clay's first title defense. There were indications that both Liston and Clay will be called to testify at a hearing of the subcommittee in the near future. Hart's subcommittee has investigated boxing in the past. The Michigan Democrat said that "a short set of hearings might be useful" in the Liston- Clay affair. WHL standings W L T Pts GF GA Denver 41 20 2 84 246 178 Seattle 27 27 4 58 220 189 Portland 25 28 6 56 195 205 Los Angeles 25 28 5 55 176 213 San Fran. 26 31 2 54 190 224 Vancouver 23 33 3 49 195 213 Thursday's Results No games scheduled. Friday's Schedule Denver at Los Angeles Redlands courts. 'Portland at Vancouver. Cope track season opens with win over Norco Elephants take walk SESTRI LEVANTE, Italy (UPI)—Ardito Ghio was sitting in his clothing store Thursday when three elephants lumbered in. "They took my safe and tossed it from one end of the store to the other," he said later. The elephants roamed this Riviera town for four hours after escaping from a circus railway car. Keepers herded them back after they had damaged two bars and Ghio's clothing store. Rocket charge unfounded, says U.S. WASHINGTON (UPI) — The United States has described as "unfounded" Russian charges that military rockets are being built in West Germany. Wiiliam R. Tyler, assistant secretary of state for European affairs, made the statement Thursday to Soviet Ambassador Anatoly F. Dobrynin. On Jan. 31, the Soviet Embassy protested to the State Department that rockets and guided missiles were being built in West Germany. Now You Know By United Press International The richly bejewelled St Edward's crown, now used at all English coronations, dates back to 1662 when it was made for the coronation of Britain's Charles II, according to the En­ cyclopaedia Britannica. Cope junior high track and field team opened the 1964 sea son with a 75-20 win over Norco junior high yesterday on the Norco track. Coach Jim Scribner's Golden Eagles won eight of the 11 events and swept four. For this meet the teams compete as a whole rather than in classes. Bob Manning was the iron man for Cope scoring 16Vi points for the total possible. Manning won the 100 dash in 10.9 seconds, the shot put, 40 feet 9 inches and the 220 around a curve in 24.8 and ran the anchor leg on the 660 relay team. Bill Burke of Cope ran a fine 660 with a 1:33.2 clocking coach Scribner said. Results: 70 yd. high hurdles — John Morrisset (C) 10.6, Bill Morris (C), Bruce Freeman (C). 100 yd dash — Manning (C) 10.9, Dean Means (C), Pat Daniel (C). 660 yd. run — Burke (C) 1:33.2, Zubia (N), Brian Craig (C). 120 yd. low hurdles — Forrest Waller (C) 15.6, Morrisett (C), Bane (N). 220 yd. dash — Manning (C) 24.8, P a t Cunningham (C), Maskrid (N). • 1320 yd. run — Langorca ($) 3:48.3, Tom Dolan (C), Tim Bone and Mike McKeever (C): 660 yd. relay — Cope (1:14.4) Waller, Means, Cunningham, Manning. Shot put — Manning (C) 40 feet 9 inches. Freeman (C), Barry Miller (C). Long jump — Maskrid (N) 17 feet 9 inches. Morrisett (C), Cunningham (C). High jump — Best (N) 5 feet 2 inches, Andy Coyazo (C), Lynn Bethrum (C). Pole vault — Jim Brown (C) 9 feet 6 inches, Steve Johnson (C), Bond Germain (C). Jim Glaze, Inc. "Drive In Style" in A BRAND NEW '64 • CONTINENTAL • MERCURY • COMET 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 FOR INFORMATION, CALL MR. IEO CRANE, LEASING MGR. SERVICE

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