Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 2
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S0N DAILY GAZETTE PWJ)A«. OCTOBER 13, 39 J 6. f AKEN TO Convicted Men Af* Tal«tH_t«JPaali*ft *m» Jsliet by ft'A result of i tahtern oat "•."J'J ^i,*r'T U>!it!if.v !>.ft Th!ir«- <>("•'> t> .Mitt',.- fir I'i i!:n<- wr). t v ir> into *4me loose strnw, * !.H«<it,«.t<* i{,.t*f: \Viih«m# and Clyde feet, was tuirned to i R<>g»*t-»5, who h.i\« J>c*n rowvlfted of jjfound tWrlnewlsy nijrhf. U'^fM-r j hiirjel.ify and l.rt.t-m- and jtir«n inde^ (Hh tlfl feet Inner, « lO-sl? | {eirniiia** H"fit» ",«*s_.stierifr Kern- nml ;ind ;i 40tl*t » hi« ken i !>*|>IM\ t'hfirl«s .lohrmon, of Sterling, were about sixty tr.n<< of wiH «?«. ur J ( .I;«M t<..|fl> and take. Victor toK^thnf- wlrh feveral Fi*h, J,,',it M*y-i rind. Hr-nry Shim- n>ft» hln^y. 1'Ut there inel|«f»'iuujf t<> *nr\.« fient«»n<e<. fh*- \tipv f« e*t|. W < Ttu.nw.ti at t-t-<«ff-r» 1 ENTERTAINED AT BRIDGE. amount of liny tire attrnt-ted n'enr- Wav to the sfi»ne, out from Pent on nenr live*, The and the Mr !<> ,St*-r)in«r for n shwt Mr* J AN'S WOMA Woman's H «t th» H F C1.U8. r- \V. Ti».t .\mt n. I <«t W».J- w.«lft Th*> iom*> H«!»lrtctc«<. m»'ftine will !>«• at tii«- -r. It fnt«TtalhP«l a niifntxMr of flirn aC O»1r. !nui»e. on- HIP h*-«t <«u*Nl Ihc an<i s<n«-r,il wlmtow n fr«mi fh«» sjame INJURY fri"-ftfn"iil« W(-r«- «nrw<l lute In the SUNDAY SEftVICES tin ftftprii<Htn ' mi'TfjT»i»rsr"""Th»» »rt». witi XHUHCH. Suntlny, <KI, 1,1: Sunday ftrhtxrf will bp hpld at 10 a. m. Momlnier worship ami wrmon at H a. « t . R»bJ«ct of sermon, "The Immanent Ootl/* Th* puiilic Is j«nliallv Invited. Almlra JU L) 8 «- rrlfe wo* the victim of lent while attending the at hound Grove Thurs- aui«d him murh pain and fr.~ T When'ntepplhK ditch the,ground at the, nfc 1 htrn to slip and eflie in hi* fight )VK. gainful one although PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. , Sunday, Oct. 15; Sunday school at lf> n. m.. Mrs K. w. Payn* mjperln- Mr-* DEATH rhas. Mitm-rip, lirother of Mrs I»*-n- Ver Hallewen. din! lR«t Thurwl«> -t the ARfltdrt htiNfilliU at f'llnton, 11« Wait ill but a ftH»»ft Wme «f't»tt*um«ini.'» The rpnwttt* w*ee tmniKht here to !•«• li»He«r at l-3«|tte I'wlnl «»emet»^".V, - I'r. J. r. Rwuftmwn «ifflft«iliiK. Hf »* &n • Vivert "liy hli» wife and one sort. Wit- Hani of OfiATH OFlRftS; UARBfiR- Mr*. Ema»tn*l Iwirher passed away tprw»(«»n. bible riawi in tb« read •»TtmrMf*y. Country «>ntor- leii aouthweDt of i(JJ needlework, and a I'wna served. Tho ladles s'jft Thursday with Mrs. ?ITH. PNEUMONIA. ler._n»ho resides on Weat wa* taken y«ry ill the l»t- la«t week with an_.attack Saturday wan pronounced *jA. JraUied nurso has been ^nfl. she ia now tnuob. room of the Morrlnon clubi Morn» at » a. m-.. «ermonr-"ytn? of the Christ/' Chrtatlan Endeavor- at 6 p. m, KvenlnR nworohlp at T p. m.. nermun: "In Me«kne«* a VJr- tu* in I'rwwnt Day Llf*?" Thl* In the third sermon in the »erl«» on "The ot» th* Mount In Modern Life." A wrdlftl wHeome to all these nett'lcea, W, It, Cremean«, mlnltter, BAPTIST CHURCH. ntl.le *«ciw»o! at 10 o'clock a. m. MornliiK wornljip nt II n, m., topic: «t t»'cloci(, , Hhe is survived by h«r himBnmt and wveral ehlldreft. Kuner- kl iwrvic»««» were held Thji««day after at 2 o'clock at~t»«' renldenre. K«-v. A big new discovery in cigarette blendin '** _.,..,-;... »-*.„.,.. Tb» kif* thing abmit Chesterfields is t&eir umtj ne - blend. The Ckesttrfmld blend Is aa4Esjti«4y^ew€ef»^ bination of tobaccos. This blend is the most important new development in eigarettb making in 2ft years. As a result, Chesterfields produce a totally new kind of cigarette enjoyment—they satisfy! Just like a "bite" before bedtime satisfies when you're hungry, But with all that, Chesterfields are MflD t too>! i v This new-enjoyment (softer yet mild) comet ONLY in Chesterfields because no cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend. $ff* b "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SATISFY I" , *• i «-•-•- a. W, Welfh, onlrittlNI, WALTERS' INTENTAINeD. • Mr, and Mrn. Hennaw WAItpn* en. "A FU V. P, U. ,,M6LD A SOCIAL. '' iJF»eo^l#'» of th* i, will; hold a social nt *y evening A program will be li aha refreshmcntu will - h« -Invited and there I GRANTED. s>tetmi'«"iter. husband, Albert b#i|: circuit court on iftvo bwn realdlnff at 6 p. m., topic: "Spiritual Life— A DI*l4iK'Uiw." - — AH— wlH be welcomB. T. H. Martin, pottor, MORRiSOfTBRIEFS Mrs. U. Walbaum returned to her home In'Oonyva. Ill,, Thursday, after a short vtelt with frlendu in thla city. . Mr. nml Mrn, }|, Uir«<t of MIJ«». la., w«nt to Storllnp Thur*d«y, wliere thoy vi«Hp«l their daughter. Mm.' A. J. apoMn| who la recovering: from an operation In the HterllnK hmpltal. Albert <»well* home on'Tufftday ewntn«. The Int wnn one round ptatituro and dainty flwntR were wrved at a 1m* which wcrA greatly enjoyed hy CH1B8B DAY. Dr. Ji r. Kaumniui. F. O. Wolfe, W W, tJIUe. M. It. Bernheitiel rootore«l t«' Wis., on T»«*d«>' .»«' attend day. A thousand pound rut and u - lar»;e crond here to enjoy IU BRIEFS. * '"Ml 1 , and Mrs. It. t'.-Kiwjt and «<>n, '1'aut, Mrn. Otto Mey_ersi_«nd_ daughter Ilolel. hiotorwt ti> J-Veejiort Wunday tu *p«ntl the day. ( Mfc W. R. Clough ttpent the fnre pnri of tht week in C'hieaito trananvtlnif "dam» in UterTJnu Thumday evening. MiHS Franc«« Qunckenbuab arrived home from ChJtsaRo Tlmrsday__morni»« for a »hort vtoll» home of her t»arent*r.Vr. and Mm. -Prank Qgaoken- t»u»h. Mrs. .Qeorge Crawford returned to her home in Orchard, low*., after. « 'few daya* vlult at the home of her bn>ther,J^K.JUureb. .-,---, -. I>wigbt Wilson went to Chicago, on buainewi Wednemday. Jlenry WoUeaon. of Movile, Iowa, •ha* arrived tor a \1iit with relative* In thl» vicinity. Ml** '.Martha Kentfleid .returned Wedneaday evening from a few day**, visit with friend* in Chicago. . K, ,A, Smith left the first of the Wok. omi btrttrtt^a trip to Twin MtHli Ktlicl <Jee»eyf who la in training for a nurso in Chicago* ap*m IM>V- rol Any* with her parent*. Mr.- and 'ft. W. M. Oeeney. 4 - : Mm. Mary Ban r«turne<l Friday frtrni ft neVeral weeks' vlait at Katherland, Iowa, • Mra. Mwl«» Ym>if*r and children, of Hpent m'Veral days thlw week at r the home ot Mra. Effto Oault *i'n0 A ISahafk tedot* beitiR 1 to 4. "r; and Mw. " hwt Sunday. The llatler nnd-family 'Mr; and ASnt tv»mk Ark«-r and er of ^rrealon. were. Sunday at th« a J. H. Diehl h<*me, W. I'i t train Mpent neveral days at itur attenduujT the ^rm«r'a drain rs convention", j ! . C. C. GoiOthorpe and family re »***«***•*•«V***! ie« Ucuiuh HufOtnmn. Avis Uuxton «l«y HI the- -Kjjrnhcy h<»mK ' HUME NEWS BIRTHDAY PAHT 1 ?. About thirty of the friend* «f T»y- lor Hnntl K»\» him the *urprlcp nf hJ« ni«fht, wh*n th«y cnme in on him to hrtp Mm. ' ««Jirtit- " u ">* iltorw at th«» Sarah ntr«lsaU TEA TO DARKEN HAIR Sh* mad* up a mlxturf of &»g* Tea and Sulphur to faring 0toffr ENTERTAINEO AT DINNER. j Mr mid. Mrs. Charl<-» liir<tiuill and! y r ^ djj it\Kt_ jiiiudaxL— and UFEJUAKES FAT TRY Oil, OF KOREIN TO KEEP eenth birthday, n^fresmtmtd were along, and game;) and a «o" -they~nttdhdwr InY fiftieth anni- ..Jf' trf th«r PlattviUe Normal il of which Dr. Cioldthorpe wan a Archibald left Wednesday to days Rt * Doeatur and and family, of Man: motored here Sunday and i»p*nt Mr; Wise, contract aK»nt for the I. t U,, of Sterling-, waa in Morrison on usineus Thursday. Ur, and x Mm. Melvln Nelcon return- d~ffipdn«Kl»y~evenlpg frora~a' ~visit 'v, - ith relatives Ih Chfcajfo, Mm. H. J. Ludena and throe,children are vlaltlng relatives in *Pul' ton, i Mrs. I, M. Chapman returned Thursday, to her Homo in DeKalb after a 'short visit with friends'jn thte citir. «t the QeorK« D«fet* home. | r Holbrook and fansily will mow tafc Mr>t. Kimpp property roceuty by Dr. Uoidthorpo and fam- ~aad Mr*. M. & UroHuwn and ' ChtcrtBO. Kpenrthe past wwsk *M. W.'Frea* home. *. f\ ColdthOrpe and family mov- otut time 1 were, enjoyed " by all till -a late hour. -The following owt of tdwn hrttvytMi with Mtlphur trray. »tn»nk«Hl and fudt-d har WEIGHT DOWN. OR TO REDUCE SUPERFLUOUS : Mn-- t IVt'i'le who nre confined withln.doora U. U\jmi>- i 1 '"" 1 wl!0 ar * deprhad of fretih, in- uir and exerolse must take T-uominu * r-»» irri'camion to jriiiit'dnsiilnst 0%-er^utnut- .,, . '""OUQH A BALL. j ness, as ftit ut-qXiInnl hy indoor life is . , . »'{ IHMi-man .l»«nttT» fell from it «ruff»|d- funheoUhv nnd a daneer to the vital i&^V'^'^V^'ff ^W'' 1 ", 15 Wlul w "'f^^.K the under ground ^""c the bo\ly Tkck of Txerc «e MUinB Ui« J*K» T«i and ^ ? u]phu^ : «|rr nt th^ Leo Knox- r«rm uud badly in the.fre«h air ta said to weaken the nxyiten oarrj'inK |K>wer of ttw blood, recipe at home, though, is troublesome, {injured one-of hi« . Unth Myera. JUta Johnson, Carol . I^sroy Emmeit, and Monroe of, Sterling. An «le-of- pound at any drut; ntore alf- Thin itt the old ATTEND Mrx. John Wetxel, Mrs. JOBS« M«'I- an#:uut Mf». Maud« Qaulrupp of th« l>u>ii! Olroje went t« (,'hicag^i Wednes>- to attend th* King's DauBhterw 1 ami Mr«. \V'm. Thurti- t?Ann>e , ^ J 'tojpent WedjKJUday Nh; Chicago, ; Kttthryn D«eU and Lla»ie Har- aecrn tho past weeJt at Jtforrl« aftirar a v t the m K. Tucker home, j • I. N. Alllmm ano Ml»8 l-rfah motored to Iji Oranuc, ill., and thft wiK-kr end, at the !«<*> -lX>ty £«* »tu}~~w1fi lefTFiriday W days' \l»it w«h mend* in .., Straktt *p«nt the week end in ' 4Bd MP*. Clare Q'^tme of llaeel- Mr. And Mm. C. K. Stmka V fu*«t« at the^Sfra. Ann* e, |don,jacjuion, of Elgin, apent aev- ltf-^afT *?r«t* With Wa »l»- elen UftpJwon. ydi* Hawkins and Ruth «i*nt the week end at Wd - 1/fjnKHiu'i-kt-r of " th» , and Miss Kio'y uollman of the BunnMiU' C'irc-te, were alao deiogsitos to the tvinvotiilon, "^^ CIRCLE. Mrs. Theodore Frank will entertain th«« O<H>d Deed Circle of KinK'tiOatiKh- ter« lu-xt Thursday at ah,all day mt-et- IIIK at her home In Montmorenpy and * J/>yal Circle will ba entertained the day at Mrs. Kd M«"y*r«' home, near Milledfevllle. way^H to get a 60-cent Mwlpljur Cntn- •L. "AVRIST SPRAINED IN FALL. i"»-had 1'ond. Morriaon. miHforum,' to fall Saturday n.*, K i proved by the addition of other in- i«. v «i»»in B ;uul badly sprain lu-r ri s ht rWIh't) ' . . While wfopy. KRiy. fad«l hair ia not} sinful, w^ all deslrt- to n-tivin-our youthful avpeitrance.and atiraetlv«n«wn, liy darkeniiiK your hnlr-wtth Wyeth'H Has** und Sulphur C'ainpoiurtl. no one can tell, because it dowi it ,50 naturtilly, jto vitality und the formation of unsijrhtly nn«l unhealthy fat la the 'rt-suit. If you ttrw ir> or 20 pounds above nor- on Jil, : »]id draw thiK (i Mis« Wood«. of Onrwin. Imva, Hv. Hi ' "piiNt tw<> ;uid fni-nds -with rt-la mnl weight you are. daily ...^.... your reserve Htrt'iiKth und «r« Bluntly lowering your vital It)', by. carry- Air. and Mrs. E. \V, Miicln-H tipent Tuemiay at thy ju-.l-.iiU- iif Tnrsiui moiiit-r in Morrttioh. Mr,"ttl«T"SI iti—±fiil'!, l t__ " ll " Jl *' **' 1 "' "" l w iiiii Mr,"tti«i Mr*. lr»i .Tulmwn t-tstcrtaln- ign >«inr hnir.—taking one ttnmll.,,,| :l | •(| k ^i r home for dinner Sunday. ^^^»S^.^K^S™-t^ rV*r*S5*7S[ 7 !r'? 7 ^ urllB ir ^Ih'dd «h.-ir c,.rn carnival ut th« O.ult titrarn 1 hair» other. ^on»*« beautifully darkr^jloitJiy,-soft nnd luxuriant. rn carnival m thv 1}«H Air. and nt on . »J, W IOT ,,r prevail.,,, dl«- tliw fxceMK burden. Any perwona who are ntuixttod In their own mind that they are too irtout are advised to jaa. t<» n f,nrn\. r)rtiKtrtjH-^m<<-«»t-«».-4»e«- uf oil of korehi eatwuleK. am) take one after euoh mi-ul and ono Just l>efor« retiring jit niKht, fow -dayg-tmttment- report etl to show u n*»lice»ble reduction in weight, imr>rowd digontion and a return of the old "energy; footctepa tMHitme lighter and the ukln le*H fltibuy in appearance u« HII jwi lluousf fut dla- «'"'» Miss Aitha, Brogan spent ihiH week j,""»."''^** % "*"' l ** ov »"-« w«» »r»*-imii,«"-— in Sterling 1 . 11 ... < T. l '! i * >n v. . wen . 1 to K . ri . d Wednesday jw? 1 ? Mrs, William Dt'tr- - J " °' koreln ia Ine^peniolve; cannot tirm'wee townxhip. ; injure, and help* the di««stl*>n. Any Clara- Thorns, of Al^ona, Iowa, j l*r«m who wjttits to reducw 15 or 20 the past wevk with friendu''' " Mr. and Mf}«. Carl Andrew HUME BRIEFS. week.,' ". . i Mr, and Mrs,- tlc*nr>' -Partridite and baby, opwU Thursday Tn~Steflln». •" " ~ Mrs. J. ,8, Srhutt came homu over back ta Itock k «pen« Monday in Hook FUlln at the homo of Mrs, , night this week, Fallg' In tfae f morning. i* fyf* ^<* Z**- mt i.Recipes •^'convenient use in your kitclten will be if yw send your nam^ &nd cooking lessons explain how yo» ean aJwayr^Eawr*^oo4 luck" in your baking through Choosing the ing the heat o your oven, t*r mtaf an*> H. Becker, of Ster- Sunrtay at th« R I>, Fiko "? and Mra, ;«*y Fr««» »p«nt sev- flay* this week ia CMea*a; !*lfe»fl J4r», a A, M«lMlwilMai and ^JCWnajd, returned ham* Wwlne». KM Afni. Mendenhttll nag-beeij the ;pa»i raonth at her former " M«»iden»»tt returned DYSPEPSIA Missea Ruth and Dorothy Fluek at- loaded an afternmm i»arty at the home Gf~Wr», Frey in Sterling Haturday afternoon. Mr. ami Mrs. H«nry Olds enter- r-«ueHt h> Hpeiul a few day* with friendn. Mr. nml Mrs. iierhard Hi-!ireiis"«c. 1 - - - £hulu. motored to FreejKirt Sunday, where ther speijt the day. Harm Onk*n ha« lu»a a fine modurit chick«m huuse ei«>cteii rail. It U built with a .,»... ., v~~ •<•»*•.«. w rand all the latest i MWP I'tiiiisy Birds ljuth Rrtyer, prlniary tearhcr Uhld came Frutay and spent the weefc'emi the hum« of her jiarents, M.r. and C. F. Royer; Margaret Pond, of Morrison, jy., j tvent to Chirago Wetluewlay where she _^ Jwill spend a week or two nt the home Birdsair ia a^Utlns Mrs fof a "«'l>hew, Mr. and -Mrs, Ge«irs:« HoJ- k^ «»__. .™. i I-* »* ^4 rTOltt * k***w».*». i,t-**i *«»iti «ta*v *,. va&h« in. «.«W»rt a|td Cfiurlea City, Iowa. «, H. «r* of relatives Overteolner and chii- «,-., p r ~,,, tha weak 4>i»i m Coleta, at the, Chaa, Uarwlck. honif. ralpi AOce- ilmihnvl, »f Htpriinj,'. »iMmt ins week end at tho hum*** <>f l>. C; l%w*» and Ralph, t\«flf«H>. .|^ B. Mi'rrtam sjwnt Sunday ut Ga|wibur« with his i*«n.. Armon. ' m** Detitt Frank and Harry Kramer »Wi fatally,»jp*ot tJunday at tte Frank ,P ' Kt,Y« a w>iH-*-rt at- ilve IiiKtilutv to )H> lu-ld ut tiai. place iii the in-«r futur«v Jfrk Iverkerawt and mother, »f Ore- goi), «u«ns tho week cud ui the Will Ueats hom«\ , , , Mrfc. Chad. W. Oiehl, of l^inaik. H|M-nt Keverul day« thi« wvi'k ut tli« iH>m^ ut Mr* C. 3, H. ttl«?hl. dinner; Mr. and Mrs, Dan Myetu, of Sterlins, Mr*. H*nr>- Wetnel . and daughters Rena &nd Lullu^ ind *4fi Ifarry »f HocJt Fallal au'd Mr, and Mr», John WetxH-and,family,.fu»d Mr, and Mr»" O«(«ar Wettsel and family. Mr. ami MrB,-,Jlurry Ford »nd fam- Uy and J. B, 8chutt.spent Wumlay in Ohio Siation with friemln. Mrs. K. R. .Hand and son Nathan daughter ,Oj»rol drove to Mendota ' is Mi** Kva Wo«d», .of rsarwin. Iowa i ^iH-iulinsMt few day«s this wetk with*! 4intj ., for an indefinite visit with and Bister. 'R. B, Fleming friends v ln gterlin*. She will return, , 1>a " 1 t>*«tman a|M«it_3&jw«l»j/' with te. her home Ui Jowa the latter part frl ^ IMl * ! n itt* * 1. . J.> .»_.,. .»_ T... k ..> C"~"^*» ^M »,. f~* of this w««t-k. Mim-J*,, Minn., to" «|H'iKl she will «i* to! Ml> r R Hoyer will entertain the ' waiter I l<wrtl **' *^ A °' * UI * Kmeraon rhurr-h ,,.r.'-- — ~ * "* ^*"* »'** • **i^>s *«u*fciri j fttt « — with -her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas TUursrtay afternoon, Chirk. Mtaa Woods and her *i»ter wvre ! ««i« time renidenu of thin vicinity nnd : to their \v«>»ti*ra vvomtn wfef from a fornrof IndlgwUon oy dyspepata which doe* not yield to ordinwy treatment. While the aymptomg are aitniUr to those of ordi yet the waally jawcribed do not restore the normS _ f the fcinaid 4 WhUo thi* appear* to be th« tlUtttry iaUigsatioo it e«n be only by a medicine which, bar side* acting M a atonmcii tonic, u good for ftmaie ailments. Read what such & medicine did for Mrs. Williams :' 4 8efow I began taking \V41l Rmmett, of near- Dixon, spent Thursday at the C. M«inf r |ti>m«. Wl|l »oyle spent Monday in Hume ut his farm. Mr* and Mrs. J.tko Wulterti «pvntf Sunday at the Wi>l Kmmlit lu.w.-. m ' Mr, and Mrs. Ilvnry I'uitridgt; nnd family spent Sunday «fieni»ou at tti<« Ira Shonts home ut Unit. " Mr. and Mr«. \\vndell (?,»uir.isij' day. Making th» World Batter. That the, \vartil is growing better nirans that tho ruling thought! ara - ,. ..,.„ J 1 , 10 ?* "WWOB brighter, Iwtttsr, things, and friends jti tht-ir imute gun- «»S»«r U'vt4s of vlshM»,--Max. n few ,yv*r» Mr; and Mrs, Gerhard H^hW-ns en' mat-hiiurj t«. a<?vv tutm mar. t'«- *a«Cliei|li*, ..-. Mt'Calary yj«MHl *Juudu Mrs. M. lirnu in Mrn., • I'Uu days in K 'ulah Stv «!r.* ;tiut L'UJH.v4 ^, {unuuusd- to ' - Is »iit*wdingr s \V*».if.- ivi tlu- . tn 4if Mrs ' *•«!.. hav* f 4lr ' jaud »nt«-r-|» 9 una POWK| I WM troubled with dyapepsia and bearisg down in and aides, and after my meals my stomach would blua( up till I could scarcely! i«t - C HOPKINS RIEWS SAVE A MASQUeRADE DANCE, &lr. uud Mr-s. j«thann«-f« iii-isi.-t fiiirjfii a l;tr«<- »H>tt)i«fay nf (hvir I' tl ;» m4»mn'rjiie duntv .u >]ntf f.u " * V v;Jl ceuUl hardly on my feet and I TOWf, ettfw. -Mrs Now I l»«a f. thv Mr; * **-.{um<--> A- -^4ty titnr—sen.-, <<'t-i> TI.I-.^ d Mi?>, Ki-ui,- iii its*' Vap-0-Ruli For Cold or Croup . . •< m Mrs. Oscar "wleh, 403 WiUlametta Ave, reports; "I was sick with a cold in uty head and ctre&t, and coughed at Gi#til so I could not sleep. I trt«d Vtck's Yap-G-Kub A« tUrt»ct^fl, uud fiwibd it to be tatter than internal medlciae. t jmn rubbed it ^n nxy tbroat ft»d chest, and u little on my forehead tt nd leiui!l«a, iiud was relieved after-^jte jmfcoad applicatloa. My husbaati h&» uUsq 'fpUHtl it lent for oatarrlsat headaohfa." ^C, H. West, JU* N. ...... k rltKi Vap-OK«b on (IJITen'nt of hb faiuiiy for bead colds, aora tbroa.; a»*l t-a!ar*}icti trou'/lcs, Fly kiail |ifrnxission. we give below "\ i re ports from Lincoln, Illinois, peopla 1 r who, last iMaU'r, were sekH-ti'd by I Uusil druggists 10 try ot» this .S ITt-IM " l-rt-jmiation ami report the results, -Mrs. Anna Pickett, 6Ui N. ( ., writes: '•! ikijt «sr<! Vap-O-Rub •^ tor my baby, $>)ghtecn iwonlhs ohi, for • u st'»ert« cold in her. clu»$t, I first l-uth«hi -hvr with 'wartn wafer, thoo Vit-*-'» t»«t-freely, co\0rt!d »•- »n , ,» by u wurtu, thiuiU 1 ! cloth, ami ihea laid, a rn(> »inall hot W4UT Itottltf on. lu fifteen 5>h%>. was breaking ENTeRTAiNEO FOR SUPPER. played tu the seow. ami tttok a Rub ass., that "tho vauori«it)g qu*UUe» it uioJ»t u^ful. • Kow. I iblnk, wa shall iii*\t'r- In) wUhutu it." Vap-O-Rub couw* in .mive form^ auJ ^ wheu uppltcd over tin- tliroat and i-ht«»t. tti«j body hvajt r«.4«««v« th'e IB- s lu th<» form ol yautir^" Tli£se_ •v,

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