Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1895
Page 2
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S3!p£!SS!^^ That Tired Feeling Is a dangerous symptom. It means »lack of vitality in the blood—a decrease of the red corpuscles upon-which the strength and richness of the blood depends. It comes especially in the Spring because the system has been •abject to unusual demands during the cokl \vc-;t:!ier. The wasted vigor must be n—ti;olied. That iired feeling must I'"' overcome, or else the np- pro':<- ,i :•• iiot weather will have most serial >-.. -'its. The best ::' jring Medicine Is Ii.) • '. :• -.u-sapurillci, because it cures Th.:! '; .. : Feeling by purifying, enricli: ••' •- !."! vitalizing the blood, giving il ; -.v :' to carry health to every orguii <'!' •'.;(.-. body. Jt '• rnakos tho •Wi.'ai; •"• : •'," not by BtiinulaLitig, but by :.. ',. ... -,'ivitig Ktrongth, by build- in" i::i L.ii; -.vasted energies, restoring Hood's Has Merit One Bottle Convinced— Farther Use Cured Hip DIs**se, Sciatic Rheumatism, That Tired Feeling. "I read that one bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla would convince me of its merits, and I have found this true. "Some two years ago two ulcers appeared on rny hip, which, after being KOI-C a long time, broke-arid discharged. I also was attacked with sciatic rheumatism, ray leg being drawn so that I could hardly got around the house. 'I hardly knew what a good night's rest was. The hip trouble caused me great trouble and annoyance, and eczema "I have been taking Hood's Sarea. parilla for six months. Before-I began taking it I had that tired feeling when I got up in the morning, also a terrible headache and my blood was very impure. Since I hare been taking Hood's Sarsaparilla ».ll that tired feeling is gone, also tho headache, and my blood is pure again." WtLLiAii GARDNER, 10 Tower St., Fall Kiver, Mass. Makes the Weak Strong. " I had a tired and drowsy feeling and my nerves were in a bad condition and appetite was poor, so I concluded I would take Hood's Sarsaparilla. After I had taken the second bottle I began to feel much better and I recommend Hood's to all." ELMER J. WOOLLEY, Jamesbuvg, New Jersey. MAD LOVE. Philadelphia Married Man Kills the Woman He Admired, Frenzied Because His Unwelcoms Advances Are Repulsed He Takes Two Lives. the ap;)";: "• ::nd assisting the stopaach) will ili;.: ••'•••<: organs in their irapor-' tanl fu:..' • ;i-'. Tliu importance of at- tcnili:i', r i- ; 'I''* matter of hnalth now carinul. In- •. .-i.-ruslimatcci. Hood's Sar- Baparillii. will make ;t vast improvement in your feelings. It will thoroughly ro:;:/v:'tc your system and fit you for the duties and pleasures of the (i]'ri:i;; and summer. The Wonderful Cures of scrofula, Bait rheum, eczema and other discuses which have been accom- pQshcd by i food's Sarsaparilla have given it the lending- place in the field cl medicine. Vi'hcn you take Hood's Sarsaparilla to purify your blood'you • arc not experimenting 1 . The facts all prove absolutely that in Hood's Sar- BapadHa you liavo a medicine tried and true. It htw cared thousands'of others anil it will do you fjood. Do not bo iru'ltKcd to buy any other. Insist upon Hood's and only appeared on ray hands. Naturally I btynn to mu dow'n, was weak and low spirited. The physician told me my hip would have to be operated upon bfforc I would get any better. At last I decided to take one bottle of Jrood's Sarsaparilla. In three weeks my rheumatism entirely disappeared and I found tlsit I Was on the Gain. This was very encouraging, and Hound that I could Bleep well at night. My health steadily improved, and, of course I continued'taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. My hip has been restored to good condition, the sores have stopped discharging 1 and healed up. I am able for the first time in three years to do my own housework, and can -walk two miles without trouble. I have no symptoms of rheumatism; that tired feeling has entirely left me. My neighbors say I look better than for many years. I do earnestly recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to all sufferers, especially those afflicted with impure blood." MES. A. S. BovnsN, Clinc, Arkansas. , ' "My brother and myself have had scrofula or salt rheum ever since we were born. "We took Hood's Sarsaparilla and commenced to get better. "When we had taken one bottle and a half each, we were cured. My mother used to be ti-oubled with headache and pains, but took Hood's Pills and was cured." James Scanlon, 54 Koxlord St., Norwich, New York. Hood's and Only Hood's. "I took Hood's Sarsaparilla for a tired, worn out feeling, and it has proved the best medicine that I have ever taken. I had a breaking otrt on my faco -which I thought was erysipelas. I commenced using Hood's Sar- eaparffla and have not had any of that trouble since." MKS. H. B. KEADLE, Pickaway, "West Virginia. Hood's Sarsaporilla, is sold by all dm "gists. SI; six for 85. Prepared by C. I. Hood £s Co., Lowell, Mass. The Blood Purifier and True Nerve Tonic. PHILADELPHIA, May 10.—A terrible tragedy was enacted on the sidewalk in front of 1C North Seventh street at 9 o'clock Fridaj- morning, in the presence of a throng of passers by, by A u- pust Tapper, manufacturer of novelties, aged 30 years. lie shot Clara Ilerhold, ajrcd 20 j-ears, twice in the right side and then sent a "bullet into his r:<jbt temple, dying- almost instant}y. The fi-irl was removed to a hospital, where she died half an hour later without having 1 regained consciousness. Dnsperutcly In Lorn. Topper was a married man and lived at 313 Xoble street with his wife and faruiJy. He was desperately in love with the Herhold pirl, but his advances were coldly received. The girl came from Germany about a year afro and went to live with the Topper .family as a servant. Tepper's attentions became so annoying to her tiiat she left her place about a month ago. Topper's annoyance did not cease, and the latter part o£ last week the g-irl went before a magistrate and secured a warrant for his arrest. ;t was not served, however, and Topper continued to annoy her. Shot, Without WnrnliiK. Miss Herhold, who was a tailoress, left her room about S o'clock Friday morning to go for some work which she was to take to her home. On her way Back Topper met her at Seventh and Noble streets. The couple talked earnestly for a few minutes and the girl started to move away from the apparently enraged man. She had gone but a few steps when Topper produced a 3S-ca!ibcr revolver, uud, pointing it at her, fired. Coolly Kills Himself. The girl fell to the sidewalk, and while shu was lying prostrate Topper again fired. IJotli bullets took effect in her right side. Either bullet would have caused death. After assuring himself that his victim was beyond liunian aid. he coolly placed the revolver to his right temple ami pulled the trigger. The man dropped lifeless on the pavement within 10 feet' of the girl. Wife KnfuSKH to liccclvn Ilo<!y. Miss Uerhold w:is taken to a hospital, but died within ten minutes after being admitted there. Topper's body was taken to his home, 313 Noble street, but his wife refused to i-oeeivc it and it was taken to the morg-uc. Waiitod Her to Klopo with Him. Mrs.' Teresa Hose, from whom the •unfortunate girl rented her room, says Tepper continually annoyed the g-irl, and the latter had often expressed a fear that he would commit some rash deed. It is believed Tepper threatened to kill the pirl i£ she did not elope with him, and this was the main reason Miss Herhold wanted to get the warrant for his arrest. ANOTHER KENTUCKY TRAGEDY. >• Albert n. H»L1 KUJi Volncy Btuxa for Wrecking III* Home. tiESEfGTOK, Ky., May 10.—Volney Beard, single, 32 years old, was shot and killed at 7 o'clock Friday morning- by Albert C. Hall, a grocerymau, for whom Beard formerly clerked. Several weeks ago Hall discovered that his wife and Heard were on intimate terms and discharged the latter. Friday morning Hall sent for Heard and, in the presence of -Mrs. Hall, said lie was going away forever, and would leave his wife to Heard to care' for. Hall put on his hat and started for the door, when Beard attempted to restrain him. A terrific struggle ensued, in which Hall pulled a pistol and shot Beard, killing him. Hall was arrested and his wife voluntarily accompanied him to the jail. Tha men were cousins. jjiccl Smtficiily. DELPHI, i'nd.. May 10.-A. M. Eldridge, county clerk and postmaster of this city dr.ring the administration of President Harrison, died of heart failure. Tlirt GhoNt of a Charxv. Is a verytliadowj- affair. Ere the cliunco or recovery becomes ii vanishing pliost, taku ;i most poteiit means of overcoming the inactivity of the organs tb;it terminates In their too trtiquently fatal disease, by resorting to Hosteller's Stonincli Bitters, which gives just Hie requisite Impulse to the renal orpins to promote their vigorous action without exciting thaw, mi edect too often pro duced by the lisry and immedlcatert stimulants of commerce. Brlshc's disease, diabetes and Inactivity of the bladder, are foes of terrible menace to the system. The Inroads may, however, be stajed If tliey sire met at the start and combined with the Bitters. This Una and genial corrMtlve also remedies malaria, dyspepsia, rheumatism, deblliiy. nervousness mid the Infirmities Incident to age, It hastens convalescence, and Is promo- tlve of sleep and appetite. A. Thankful Vi-L-ran. BHYAN, 0., July-'!. 1S9I. Buyer lledi'lno Co.. Toledo, Ohio: Gentlemen—I think it due you lo raise my voice in praise of your Dr. Bayer's Penetrating Oil, I was a soldier in the 105th O. V. L, and contracted rheumatism during the war in my right hip and left knee. I used a bottle of your Oil, and I never have been so free of pain in ton years. Sly wife also used it for similar trouble, anil it acted likewise on her. I sincerely believe that my cure is permanent. Thakfully your friend, JKIIKMI.AH BKAVIRS. For ss.le 'at John M. Johnston's drug store, 25cj.ind COc a bottle. ^ A Glean C::c O.v»t YOU ca;: keep cicr.n .-.ii Use lime—-a collar '.li:it docs -jot v.-i!t '.vt'cn vou g'ct ovcr-hcntci! I (h:a does not fray on the eilgc, or tear out at the buttonholes, ;:::d can be cleaned by simply -.vipir.'j o:T ivitli a wet sponge or cloth. These collars and cuii's arc j-r.dc by covering liuen collars or cuiTs on both sides v.-ith v.-atcrproof "celluloid." Uiusj'iviag strength and durability. They :irc ihc tW/y waterproof joods so made, aud every piece is stamped as follou-s: Ask for tbis, and refuse to take any imitation if you expect satisfaction. If your dealer docs not keep, them, send direct to us, enclosing amount, and \vc \vill mail vou sample. Collars 25 cts. each. CulTssocts. pair. State size, and \vhcthcr stand-up or turned-down collar is xvantcd. THE CELLULOID CO., Pnn.AiiKi.vnlA, M:ty 10.—A prominent Reading- oilic-iul admitted that Philadelphia no lonjrrtr owned a majority of the Ki!;idm<r-Kiehinond stock. The voting- control of llu; road, he said, has boon transforrcd to New Yorlc :iud London. iMoneyMadeatHome Lost, month I cleared, after unjlni; till Menses, ••'-':;;> ;>•!; tlir month bctorv $IW.M> uml have ,-it Hie i .June time .-itremlwl to ray rojiular liuslness. J oo- llevK aimnip, iinj where. :.-m no as well, as I Have not. - i particularly piwl location anil tint nincli <?s- I petloncc. Wlion you have an artjcle that ovvry I family mints. It isviry wiw wlllnc It. It ticeins ^r;niKi>. tliat a t»od. clicap ilisli washer was never before placed on tlio market. Witli tli« IVrlCc- lion wlilcli sells fur $3, you oil) wasli nml ilry in* Olshcs'lora I'auilly In two minutes, wlMiout pnt- tlns the lianas In water. As soon RS tlio people sMthuwisliut work, tlicy want ono, anillhn Is why so much money ram bo made i-o quickly. J;or fall particulars adilrts* Tlie I'crfection Mlc. Co.. Slatlon O.. KiiKtovooil, 111. 1 fwl convinced that ' any laily or Kcntleiniin, In any location, can n»:iKi> I S, r ; to SID inlay, as every family will veir soon ' 5uvi» a dls!) washer. Try it ami publish your experience I'or ilia benefit of others. AI.ICK 0. WE UNDERSELL! The oi gre?.'.r> '"i| of.it to •. <-.. ••knowing •>'.'«• • ver ti so ITU •!>:. We bought the stock at our own price and must dispose of them at once. „ of the largest and best clothing manufactory A Habercom & Bros , K Y., dul y reported by our Logansport papers some days ngo has provedi to_be , = -ce and hSnefit to our city. The New York Bankrupt Clothing Go , 324. Fourth street, bought the whole stock at 29c on the dollar, and ,h ppea pait . ; o in Logansport. Sonoe'of our jealous, would be competitors are trying to hoodwink aod nrslead the people ibey first, toed to Keep us out ol tcwj. , , ,no-h that they would never be able to compete with our goods aad prices. Now since they failed in tras. they are irywg to mislead you by fake ,m- - , ,etling out to Quit or fiemoval Sale?, and so on. It -s Humbug They are trying in vain, as everybody m Cass Gouaty knows to day, that the *». X. ! !'.;• ; r Company, sells goods cheaper than other Store keepers can buy them., We will commeace this sale, II, 1895. If you have no ready money, borrow some, for you can never buy these goods again. MOTHERS READ THIS! You Can Buy $5.00 Worth For $1.00. 200 d«z Mail's Fme Outing SHI TS. worth 75c • <"V 19c 200 Mens fine DRESS ^ CITS worth $14 now f 5.C9 Mens striped pants WORTH SI.60 Our price GOo 300 Child? SUITS worth $4 now |1.0S. 380 fine pants f WORTH S3 J- : 1 Our price $1.89 170 doz Men's Madrass SHIRTS worth $1 now 29c Men's Silk SUSPENDERS worth 35c now 9c Men's Silk SUSPENDERS worth 50c now 19c Men's Blue OVERALLS worth 50c now 29c Men's Stiff HATS worth $2 now 39c 1GO Mens SUITS worth $20 now $9.74 140 young Men's Suits 14 TO 20 YEARS worth $8 now $2.98 1S5 Childs SUITS worth $5 now $2.24 200 fine pants pants WORTH Oar price $1.98 200 Mens SO ITS worth $24 now $11.08 Young Mens suits from 14 TO 20 YEARS and Mens single pants The very finest Childs SUITS worth $8 now $3.74 Fine imported pants WORTH $5 Oar price $2.49 125 Mens suits IMPORTED GOODS. wortli$18now $8.05 75 young Mens Suits 14 TO 20 YEARS worth $10 now $3,74 A model of BEAUTY worth $6 now $2.98 140 fine pants WORTH $6 Our price $2.93 Men's fine suits SUITS worth $10 now $3.03 100 Childs, all wool suits 4 TO 14 YEARS worth |3 now $1.39 It will pay you to travel 100 MILES to attend this sale. Very fine Snuits J4 TO 20 YEARS worth $13 now $5.98. 149 Mens fine SUITS worth $12 DOW $4-74 137 Childs SUITS worth $3.50 now $1.79 187 very fine all WOOL SUITS. worth $15 now $7.24 Remember this sale starts SATURDAY, MAY 11 at 8:30 A. M. 824 FOURTH STREET.!

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