Pismo Times from Pismo Beach, California on June 23, 1933 · 3
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Pismo Times from Pismo Beach, California · 3

Pismo Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1933
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-N- 'N (J PISMO TIMES, PISMO EE.CH, CALIFORNIA PAGE THREE : Fellow Citizens and Voters: There has been sent to you, by mail, a pamphlet and a circular letter opposing Proposition Number 4. In both the JAMS Home for People Away from Home tew Modern ,ne 150, Pismo Beach , 51,50 to $3.00 for two EST WELL CABINS On the 101 lIiKhav C. V. WILLIAMSON, Piop, REST AT THE liUSTYVtl I," Pomeroy Street idem Steam Heat Rates $1.50 Up jE BUTLER, Owner-Mgr On MARTIN OLSEN, Prop Modem Eleotricallv Heated Rates SI. 50 up ti'le Highway Pismo Beach I EADS COURT IIIERX END OF PISMO ON THE HIGHWAY n, Beds Private Toilets INGLES and DOUBLES . TO HEAT AND COOK. GOTHAM COURT Rooms & Apartments, all modern Reasonable Kates Mrs. Allie Sellars, Prop. 25G Ocean View On the Eeach Phone 70 p. o. Box 208 PISMO BEACH DIRECTORY TEND FOR THE FIRST ,T IS YOUR BEST INVESTMENT I.et us help you with your plans and estimates BUY AT HOME PACIFIC COAST CL LUMBER Everything in the Building Line ROBERT (BOB) BARBER.. Ala nasi er Pismo Beach, California CO, LOW TIDES rOR PISMO BEACH San Luis Hot Springs Hotel (Avila Road) MEALS SULPHUR BATHS DANCING Featuring A1 Thornes Balconaders Every .Saturday Night (Commencing June 24) Riding Academy Cottages MRS. LILLIAN COLE, Proprietor Phone S.L.O. 8-J-l DANCE Very Saturday Night Pi AT l8mo Pavilion pamphlet and the letter, statements are made, possibly unintentionally, whieh are. to say the lea-t, misleading and contrary to the iaets. I ask that you read carefully this answer to them, and when doing so, that you read carefully a copy of the Aimndmuit as set out on page ten of the Bropo, 1 amendnnnts suit vuu by the Secretary of State, so that j mi can he uie 1 hat I am giving you the correct facts and nut trying to mislead you. In the pamphlet it is stated that number 4 creates a new ( la ,s ui tax exemptions. This is not turn. Read the pru-po d amendment and you will readily sie that it only adds, mio your Constitution, a provision with reference to the Sec-on L.i.n Schools. They did not tell you that your Constitu-t1'151 Beady exempts any Educational Institution of Colley. ate Grade not cundueted for profit, and that now it is only propo-cd to place those of less than collegiate g.ade on the same footing aiul to give to them the benefit of the same exemption. It does not create a precedent, because your Constitution already exempts those of collegiate grade, and iL does not exempt All private schools but only those not conducted for profit. It is further stated therein that Number 4 will cayse countless priately owned schools to spring up, exempt from taxation but concealing profits so as to come in under the designation Non-profit. This is far from the facts. In no place in the proposed Amendment is it contemplated to exempt schools from taxation merely because they do not make I a protit. Turn to your proposed Amendment and you will j, j see that it contemplates exempting only those schools not ! conducted for profit. Your merchants conduct their places of business for profits although they may not make a pro-, fit. J profit, although they may not make a profit in any year. But this proposed Amendment has no application to , such schools. There is a vast difference between schools run fur the purpose of making a profit, and those not cou-, ducted for profit. In this state there are many schools being conducted by the Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, i Catholics, Methodist-Episcopals, Seventh Day Adventists, Jews, Nazarens, Episcopalians, and other religious and fra-j ternal organizations which are not run for profit, and to which this Amendment applies. But there are also a great many private schools including the fashionable boarding j schools, which are conducted by individuals with the intention of making a profit, to which this proposed Amendment does NOT apply. So do not be misled by the repeated as-seition about the fashionable boarding schools, being exempt, for all schools which are being conducted for profit will continue to be taxed, whether they make a profit or not. It is stated in the pamphlet that Number 4 lowers the oars to organizations other than schools to escape taxation. Again turn to the proposed Amendment and notice how untrue this is. as nowhere therein is anything mentioned except schools conducted for profit. You cannot by the greatest stretch of imagination, include anything but schools under the proposed Amendment. In the circular letter it is stated that Number 4 would exempt from taxation privately owned schools charging tuition throughout the state, bur the writer was not fair enough to tell you that it would only apply to those not conducted for profit, and that it would not apply to private 1 schools conducted for the purpose of making a profit. It is also stated that private schools are paying their taxes out of tuition charged and that they will continue to do so. There may he some schools, not conducted for pro-I fit, that may be paying their taxes out of the tuition, but let me tell you that pracically all of them conducted by the different church and fraternal organizations are not even able to pay their expenses out of the tuition, and are finding it necessary to have collections taken up in the churches, donaiions by friends and advances from their Conferences to even keep their schools open. In fact, the financial depression has hit them so hard that some have already closed, and if help is not given, others will have to close which will certainly throw a tremendous additional burden upon our taxpayers. It is a known fact that over one-half of the students in the private schools not conducted for profit areimcn; aPd lt ulll be g00d busmess I unable to pay any tuition and are being taught free in such iw- all tnxpaveis to Vote "Yes" on chools iriopos.tion No. 4 The bill was 1 pp cn: unamm?uy by the State den upon our already heavily taxed people. o. It such schools in San Luis Obispo were forced to i Lise it wan'd mean an additional burden upon the tax payers oi not less than twenty thousand dollars per year. 6. The taxes paid by the private schools, not conducted for protit of this County amount to less than four huiaaed dollars per year out of a total tax in the County of -,e lo t in million dollars. The relief asked is very small inui -,1 (am. ared to the taxes collected in the county, but, in t'.i" Lme u linancial distress, it is a considerable item to the i 1 1 ' I i idu.d school. L I- s.a-e California should not be left as the only n taxing private schools not conducted 1 1 Because the adoption of Number 4 would be a good proposition. la cause it is Fair and it is Just. VOTE YES ON NUMBER 4. Respectfully submitted. (Signed) WILL P. BRADY. QCEANQ E.b Fiautxlin and family, of Maricopa. .it the vpik-cnd m Oce-'inn wMlum relatirs Mis Lillian Angcllo, who is m San D ego ir'iant, relatnes, will return via the Ridge Route and isit her ion m Foil orville. Mr and Mis Sam Knudsen, road-mader for the Suuthern Pacific Railway Company at Oceano, de-oarud Wednesday for Chicago to v:sic the Century of Progress exposition where they will enjoy a month s vacation. Joe Gardner, of Naples, leheves Mr. Knudsen during vacation. Mis. Edward Muenter, of San Numerous schools of this state are being conducted for ; Fiancisco, spent Sunday in Oceano. . j the guest of her parents, Mr. and glen Mrs Sam Knudsen. Miss Catherine Muenter. who enjoyed a week's visit with her grandparents, returned home with her mother. Mr and Mrs. C. P. Smith, of Ocean-). were at the county seat on busmens Saturday. Mrs. A R. McNaughton is visiting her son, Harry Carrow, and family in Woodland, this week. Mr and Mis. Ben Hughes and daughter Mary Louise spent Sunday in Bradley visiting Mrs. Annie Defreese. Mr. and Mrs. James K. Cattlin and nephews, Lucian and Howard Iligams of Carpenteria, stopped in Oceano cer the week-end to visit Mrs. Minnie Albzert. They were returning home foilwing a trip to Ycsennte Valley. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Bushnell entertained as then guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. P. Launlson and son Donald, of San Luis Obispo. Mi-'s Mary Sih era, of Santa Maria enjoyed Saturday m Oceano visiting her si.Aer, Mrs R. A. Gattlin. Geoige Spears, John Hughes, and Jack McCaha, of Oceano were in San Luis Obispo on business Saturday. VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 4 NEXT TUESDAY THE RESTVVF.Ll Guests at the Restwell over the ttvek-end included- Mr. and Mrs. E V. Knight, Fiesno; Mr. and Mrs. E i R. Lyon, Long Beach; Mrs. Edna Goodman, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs j J. G. Moran and child, San Bernar-Uhno; Mr. and Mrs. L. W Anthony, Hollywood; Mr. and Mis Chas. L. Biown, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mis R D. Hawley, Whittier; Lieut, and J Mrs. M. Posner, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Lmegar. San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McRae, Marys- ville: Mr. and Mrs. H C. Kantner Fillmore; J. E Williams, Canbv; Mr. and Mrs. J. Kyger and party, ! Vallejo; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mc-Cahill, Reedley; Mr. and Mrs Geo. Bird, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. it. L. Jepson. Vallejo; Mr. and Mrs Lej Blanchard, Los Angeles; Mr and Mrs. Chas. Ross, Paradise; Mrs Gladys Browe and childien. Selma; Mrs. Irene Bailey and daughter. Selma; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McLein, Long Beach; Miss Mary Gailock and party, Los Angeles;' Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Caiman, Taft; Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Risley Van Nuys; Mr. and Mis. H. L. Humphrey, Santa Ana; Mr. and Mrs. George Wohlgemuth, San Jose; M rand Mrs. C. E. Jagger OBrien, Oregon. Cypress Coffee Shop ALBERT PORKY CAIER, Prop. Sandwiches and Short Orders We specialize on clams, sea food Cypress St. and Ocean View Avc. GIBONEYS Sandwich Shop SANDWICH I WV On The Highway Price at Pismo Strict CHICKEN 24-Hour Service EAGLE CAFE OCEAN VIEW AVENUE Sea Foods, Chicken and Ravioli Dinners Six Years of Sendee under the same management, have made this cafe Popular PHONE 98 TOM GELLES and MRS. MARIN. Proprietors C. SUNSET CAFE 320 Cypress St Pismo Beach Specializing in Fried Clams, Clam Chowder, American and Italian Cooking and Sea Food'. TONY CORAGGIO, Proprietor. Scottys Shack For Home Cooked Meals Pure Milk Chowder Fried Clams Abalone, Finh and Steak Dinners Corner San Luis and Price Sts. Pismo Beach, California SHELL CAFE Regular $1.25 Dinners or service A La Carte NORTH END OF TOWN Lucky Spot Cafe j REGULAR $1.00 DINNERS j or Service A La Carte j Opp. Post Office, Pismo Beach i BARGAINS In Sacrifice Sale All Leather Couch $28.85 3-Piece Bedroom Set .... 17.85 5-Piece Dinette Set 8.95 4-Burner Perfection Oil Stove ' 19.85 Dust Mops 39 Air Suction Sweeper .... 3.85 Camping equipment at reasonabe prices many other things sold below cost. E. S. WHITLOCK FURNITURE STORE 113 Branch St. Arroyo Grande MACKS INN On The Highway Best of Food and Service Re-Opened For Business Mr. and Airs. W. IV. McLaughlin ,i C LAM DINNERS SPECIALTY Real Home Cooked Meals 45c Mothers Kitchen Mrs. C. R. Garrison On Highway Pismo Beach GALLIS RESTAURANT Hinds Avenue Pismo Beach LUNCHEON - - - 50e DINNER - - 75c and $1 Quick Seri ice Luncheon Counter, Sandwiches, Beer, Coffee Italian Cookery Specialty (Continued from page 1) achievement and the great saving that is being effected these nop-piefu schools are asking for tax lehef amounmg to $350,000. This j means only 3 ei nts for every dollar 1 1 hey save the taxpayers, j It has everything to commend it to the sober judgment of thinking Children loe TONIGHT Lee Tracy and James Gleason in "CLEAR ALL WILES A headline hunter afle scandals and making them. Lau jh scoop. oev.-X,' u v ylitui ,iuu7 rLkiUi. SATURDAY ONLY . Buck Jones as "WHITE EAGLE Redskins . . . redblooc'ed cour-lge. Gang comedy. News, Car-oon. etc. SUN.-MON.-TUES. June 25-2G-27 Janet Gavnor with Henry Garat in A DOliABLE" Adorable romance, adorable melodies Silly Symphome cartoon. HTDTTIUKS., JUNE 28-29 TWO EXCELLENT FEATURES Zasu Pitts-Slim Summerville in "OUT ALL NIGHT Latest- and best laugh howl. Boots Mallory and Ralph Morgan "HUMANITY" Every emotion of the heait. News. The circular letter leaves the inference that school taxes are collected from the utility corporations, but you know j that your district school taxes are collected from you and that the extra burden would fall on you if the private schools j are closed. j Let me repeat that the proposed Amendment Number 1 4 only places the Secondary Schools. in the same conditions 'which already apply to your private schools of Collegiate Giade, and m almost the identical language in Cm Cunsti-uiiion, and it only applies to those private school.-, whit h are not conducted for profit, which fact will have to be prov-n to your tax bodies betore exemption would be allowed. 1 In conclusion. I wish to state why in my opinion, you should vote for Number 4. 1. Because it is fundamentally wrong to tax Education. 2. Our Compulsory Education Law requires that all children attend schools, and theretore when the service of Educating some of the children is being rendered by a private agency, without expense to the tax payers, you should not tax that agency upon that free service. 3. Because this is not really an exemption from taxation, but it is merely a relief from double taxation. 4. On account of the depression, many of the private schools not conducted for profit are in dire need and many of them might have to close unless they can get some relief, in whieh case it would certainly cause a great additional bur-, Assembly When We Advertise SOFT WATER WASHING and RINSING Remember WE DO NOT Have to use any . chemicals to soften the water. We take the hardness OUT OF THE WATER Three Suds Baths COLD, WARM, HOT Then FOUR TO SIX RINSES All in Filtered, Softened Hater. Semi Finish raniilv Hash, Flat Work Ironed, Wearing Ararel Dried. 6 cents a pound. Minimum 60 cents. Home Laundry Co. New Waffle Inn Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lemons Specializing in CLAMS AND SEA FOODS Service and Expert Cooking Cj press & Hinds Phone 33 Pismo Beach STEVES TAXI MEETS ALL TRAINS Day &; Night Service 2ac passenger Phone 10-J San Luis Obispo CYPRESS STREET PISMO Peerless St. BEACH Phone 99 Pisrno C. W. PALMER MORTUARY "Distincthe Funeral Service Moderately Priced LADY ATTENDANT 1204 Higi.era Sti eel Phone 1021 AMBULANCE SERVICE San Lius Obispo AT YOUR SERVICE groceries Fishing- Tackle With Complete Stocks Hardware Paints Tourist Supplies TOP i ilili Free Delivery A. A. ERHART Pismo Beach Phone 39 !( RIM Your local merchant in addition to paying local taxes, to help maintain your local community, fully realizes that lie must meet all competition fairly, on equal quality and price. Lei Us Figure Your Needs for Lumber, Building Materials and Paints BUY AT HOME We Meet All Competition For Cash Prices S. P. 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