Pismo Times from Pismo Beach, California on October 14, 1932 · 4
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Pismo Times from Pismo Beach, California · 4

Pismo Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1932
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t , ' jtVy, October 14, 1032 PAGE FOUR. PIS1EO TIMES, PISMO BEACH, CALIFORNIA. jau Ifilli SuDerior Judge T. A. Norton has radio has been installed to bung in commenced another six year term in political speeches. At a meeting San Luis Obispo County. He re- Friday evening those present m-ceivcd last Monday his commission eluded Mr. Brady, E. P. Re:eis, and appointment of election from chairman; W. C. O Donnell, W. C. Gov James Rolph, Jr. For eighteen Wickenden. John B. Beikemeye , years this able jurist has presided Pete Manfrcdi. James Piper, Geoige over the superior court room in this W. Wilder, Thomas Rougeot, Petei county and at the primary in Au- Boysen and Alex Galewsky. eust was unopposed for another six , vears The commission was signed , R. G. Wiedemier, of Orland, presi-bv Gov. Rolph personally and Judge dent of the California Turkey Grow-Norton took his oath of office be-, ers Association, will hold a killing fore Gwendolyn Marshall, deputy demonstration under the auspices countv clerk, immediately after its of the United Turkey Growers' As-arrival sociation, of San Luis Obispo Coun- ty, Monday afternoon, October 17, The Motel Inn, San Luis Obispo, , at 2:30. The demonstration will be is being greatlv improved under the , at the McGarvey Lakeview Turkey management of R. H. Klein. The ranch, near Atascadero. The dem-rooms are being redecorated, a new onstration will be followed by a hot waiter .System installed, and meeting of the turkey growers. All numerous other improvements made, interested are invited to attend. . . The office of the California President Ben Fatchett, of the Highway Patrol, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Farm fiu-will be closed Sundays and holidays, reau, officiated at installation cere-according to announcement of i monies at the Cayucos farm center Captain C. F. Loomis. The new ar- meeting Wednesday night. The of-rangement went into effect this week I ficers .installed: Ben 'Tognazinni, and the office was closed Columbus j director; Louie Paolini, vice-direc- STATE ACTS TO PREVENT PSITTACOSIS (Continued from Page 1) permission of the local health of- flYou are directed, further, to quar- Mr. and Mrs. J. Fugley. Los Angeles; anline all birds of the psittacine ( Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Whit'-, Los An-family upon all premises where Igeles; Mrs. H. C. Woods, S. J. Nalby, birds known to be infected with San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. A. S. psittacosis are located. All such , Norcross. Fort Worth, Texas, Mrs yalleio- Mr and premises shall be placarded with M. Mayfield, San Pedro; Mr. and Dictc , Joe Bu , -J standard quarantine p- -irs. Ed Collins, Los Angeles; Mi. Mrt. j' provided in Rule 3, Section 13 . of, and Mrs. C. R. Kramer. San mu- Ma 5 - ; jQe Green the Public Health Act as amended cisco. " by Chapter 360, Statutes, 1927. i cs Any violation of isolation or I GOTHAM COURTS quarantine as provided in this order Registered at Gotham Courts. Mi . constitutes a misdemeanor and may j and Mrs. John Sylva. Sail Jose, Mi. be prosecuted as such. land Mrs. W. J. Green Los Angeles; Yours very truly, I Ml', and Mrs. D. W. Wheatley, Sa l (Signed) Giles S. Porter, M. D Bernardino; Ky Billingsley, Hanford. BUTLER HOTEL Registered at Butler Hotel: C. A. ay. County officers and banks Iso observed Columbus Day. The California Principal, a nonthly state-wide educational nagazine published in San iLuis Dbispo, made Its initial appearance or 1933, October 10. Carroll Atkin-on, principal of the Fremont School, of San Luis Obispo, is ed-tor. Miss Erma Pivetti, of Hol-ister, is business manager. tor, and Romeo Tognazzini, secretary and treasurer. Harry Nuss Bank of America, was one of the speakers. A nine-year-old boy, Stanley Gen-ardini, of Morro Bay, last Saturday .rescued a little girl from drowning. The four-year-old Brebs girl, play-mg near the end of the pier, fell into the water and the cries of Stanleys younger brother brought him to the rescue. He plunged into the water and brought the tiny girl out. Letters HOTEL WAVE Registered at Hotel Wave: Mrs. Maddock. Duarte; Mrs. Besey, Dons Besey, Duarte; Mrs. A. Somcie, Wasco; Mrs. M. Brown, Lost Hills. ADAMfT court Registered at Adams Court: T. W. Ian Luis BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY YOU EAT? CT TO r Well then be sure OOIXIL. to come t0 Granada Sandwich Shop For Best Foods at Economical Prices Luncheon 35-50c; Dinners 50-60c 1122 MORRO STREET San Luis Obispo If you have eye troufles or head aches, ask us about guaranteed glasses. Yc give the most thorough examination equal to that of ar.y city. Our new and up-to-date equipment insures this. Glasses that lit you if you need them, good advice if you dont. With our modern shop we can give 1 day service if necessary. HAMBLEN OPTICAL COMPANY Formerly F. A. McArthur. 1029 Chorro Street San Luis Obispo J3UUCI nuici . w. n. ' Francisco; Mr. and Spaulding. Los Anele COOPERATIVE COOPERATION Pismo Beach, California, October 6, 1932. Editor, Pismo Times, Dear Sir: Cooperation as so ably expressed in the Editorial Views in the last weeks Pismo Times, does not only apply to the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is only one cell in this great comb of government, there must be cooperation between all the cells for a stable, smooth running governmental machine. Steward. San Mrs. P. B. Jones, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. M. Curtis, Stockton; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Jones, Fresno; J. E. Z. Anderson, Long Beach; J, B. Fill, Long Beach; J. W. Miller and party, Mr. and Mis. J. H. Masters. Independence, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Townsend, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. c. Baker. Santa Paula; Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Fine? an, San Francisco. The county barn near Traffic Vay, Atascadero, was destroyed by ire recently. It is thought the fire . ras started by some one trying to William R. Bums, of Los Ang , teal gasoline. When the fire de- who posed as a painter m San Luis .artment got there it was too late to Obispo and cashed worthless ave anyth!, .g. Loss amounted to 'checks to the extent of $150, was bout $1,000, which includes a Ford arrested in Los Angeles on in oi-mck and tools. j nation from Sheriff Jess P. Low- . . . ery's office. While operating in San W. P. Brady, of Creston, is in Luis Obispo. Burns used the name :harge of the Roosevelt-Garner of F. R. Johnson. He is said to be leadquarters on Monterey street, I wanted throughout the state as one Jan Luis Obispo. The new Fitz-iof a group of three passing woit ;erald building will be maintained j less checks, is a club for all supporters of the 1 iwo national (candidates reyyard-ess of poll d al affiliations and all nterested itj the campaign of Roose-relt and Gamer are invited. A s,.. s WAltK . e f v1nf several days duration. The Board of Trustees of ' , The Colonial silver tea held in City of Arroyo Qrande have entei d T1 under the auspices into an agreement with A. E. Cul I o the Arroyo Grande jbard. of PiSm ?eaCT .MeSodlst Church was a very de-The present depression would not geles, lepiescn ing Minne jjghtful affair. There was quite a have become more than a mere , Syndicate of M for display of hand-made quilts, old dent, a deep dent, in our protective sota, wheieby a ;6o00n and new, home spun bedspieads, armour, if there had been cooper- the retirement ,f sirs piUow tops and other articles. 'water bonds, the Mrs; Sen Conrad won the prize for Plates repaired as low as $1.50 AT MY PRICE NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT GOOD TEETH 22-K. Gold Crowns from $5.00 Fillings $1.00 up Out-of-Town Patients Given Prompt Attention DR. L. J. NIELSEN, CHIROPRACTOR (palmer Graduate) Radionic Diagnosis and Treatments. Complete X-Ray Laboratory Ultra-violet and Infra-red Treatments. 1021 Morro Street Telephone San LuL-i Obispo, Calif. 988. C. W. PALMER MORTUARY Distinctive Funeral Service Moderately Priced LADY ATTENDANT 1264 Higuera Street Phone 1021 AMBULANCE SERVICE San Luis Obispo ation. Our leaders did not cooperate, our followers did not cooperate, our lenders did not cooperate, our borrowers did not cooperate, our buyer, our sellers, our employers and our employees did not cooperate and last and most important of all, our voters did not cooperate. Too many of our citizens, who, asked if they belong to this or that organization, say, Yes, I belong, but I am not active. How many of us belong but are not active? TimK How many of us let Jones do it, in-KMpmgupwithttePT of helping do it ourselves? is advancing youi . .what this rmmtrv needs is coooer- Phone 2620 Warden Jr., Bldg. Under the Clock Tower SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. is a NOTICE Sunday Closing Beginning Sunday, October 16, the undersigned Barber Shops will be closed all day on Sundays. Wm. Shaffer Shop. Highway Barber Shop, W. H. Bogue. Pismo Beach Barber Shop, R. G. Thayer. What this country needs is cooperative cooperation, citizens that are active, and citizens that help Jones Ido it. I Whos fault is it that our country I is in this condition? The main fault j is with the government, and the s government is the people, the voting public. Why dont they show ja little cooperation at the polls and I vote? When they blame the gov- ernment they are only blaming themselves. The steady flow of old members 1 who are renewing their membership i and the new memebrs who are join-i ing has given the Pismo Beach Post 1 343 of the American Legion a good I start toward their quota for 1933 1 membershipe. Commander Earl OReilly Hi pays 5', pel cent to tnc , s ag0Ml.s. Ethel Wood won pounded semi-annually, t 1 rst ize; and Mrs. C. Schow the grim . S" rS, B,mU attended a up by the syndicate as they fal. du Beach last Thurs- Mr. Culbard appeared befoie Lie repl.esenlatives of special meeting of the tiustecs . - diurch, fraternal and school Thursday and is organizations, called to discos and H t7he f of the oldest and , formulate a plan for unified chai-said to be 01 in th uy work during the coming winter. strongest financial stneues M. BenneU gave those present the Salefandtten prorinces. Accord-, history of the successful work caring to Mr Culbard. 35 cities mVsML. Bonjoru- have reschool dls 'c, al. Grande for turned from the east, where they plan adopted by AnoJ Grande re,atlves for several months, financing bond issues. j c L Balley had as . ,hn, wiii he ' their guests over the week-end, Mr. One of the projects that Baileys brother and wife, Mi-, and undertaken by the " ad"&0 Mrs. Walther Bailey, of San Fer-office this coming season is piotcc ' tion of erosion on steep , Mr and Mrs Charles Bodenhamer that are subject td bea. a'ne ' and daughter, of Ventura, were vis-According to Pailcei Ta b uors in Ai-royo Grande Sunday, area most affected by eiosioni , and Mrg Guy Gearing enter- light sandy soils m the Oak P k llieh. home Sunday, jn-. district near Anoyo r . f and Mrs. Jerry Maha, of Shandon. start on this P)ect . .. U John Plessas, c(f pismo Beach, extension specialist m iB on a number of his Arroyo the 'University J 7' to; ' Grande friends Sunday, gether with Mr. Ta ' ' Mr. and Mi's. Frank Richards and series of dcmonstifltion contoiu C. R. STRADER EXPERT LOCK REPAIRING Auto Keys Cut by Number. Keys Made, Locks Fitted, Saw Filing New Address 1131 Garden St. San Luis Obispo tend to business matters. Mrs. Herbert Phillips and Mrs. Byron Ewing visited Paul Phillips at the San Luis Sanatarium Monday. Paul is receiving treatment for an injury to his leg, received in a motorcycle accident in August. A number of Arroyo Grande folk I i Dr. C. P. Proudfoot Specialist in diseases of j EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT Phone 710 I 784 Marsh St. San Luis Obispo i SiM V-TT-l it! If ZyZT IS, MILESTONES (Continued from Page 2) - Born. To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Guy, Santa Margarita, October 11, a son. Died. John Daniel Champion, paper-hanger and painter, of Atas- attended the Pioneer Day celebra- j cadero, October 7. He had been a, tion at Paso Robles including, Ben j resident of California 16 years an Short, Oscar Eldridge, Levy Young, 1 had lived in Atascadero the past j Agnes Riley and Mae Ketchum. 'eight years. I 1 Mi-s. C. L. Conrow returned from, oo , . . . , . Died Mrs. Gertrude Mayei, bo, i :tMMrsdaEowTehr 6 i of Atascadero, October 7, at the; Refer? Spehr, of Arroyo Grande, ihome of Mrs. J. P. Nicholson where was in San Luis Obispo Wednesday she had been llvlng. ! . v on a business errVd. .Sm-vmng are her husband Hen y j James Orman made a buisness trip 1 Mayei , one jdaughtei , Mj . , to San Luis Obispo Wednesday. jPaul- former Atascaderan. Mrs. George Grieb was hostess I , , , , ' to the members of the Past Noble Died. Mrs. Baibaia Madonna, , Grand Club at her home on Tuesday of Old Creek, Harmony District, j afternoon. The club is assisting in October 12. She was born m In-i relief work by making igarments tnnia, Switzerland, March 25, I860,, and other articles .necessary for and had lived in the Harmony dis-the needy. Ac the meeting a quilt trict since 1881. She was the wadow and other articles of clothing were, of the late Paul Madonna. Suiviv-completed. A decision w-as reached j ing are three daughters, Mrs. Es-to meet every second Tuesdsy ofjther Righetti, of Morro Bay; Mrs. the month hereafter. Present at 'Tomasini and Miss 'Mai gaiet Ma-the meeting were: Ella Olliver, Le- donna, of Cayucos; and two sons, ona McNeil, Alta Hinshaw, Eliza- Mansuetto and Flinio Madonna, oi beth Whitten, Jessie Bakeman, Mm-; Cayucos; one brother, Sam Brume Dowell, Florence Gullickson, , moni, of Cayucos; two sisteis in Alice Mosher and the hostess, Mrs. , Switzerland; four grandchildren, Grieb. Mrs. Minnie Dowell will be iLaverne, Alexander, Clarice and hostess at the next meeting. jEveret Madonna, of Cayucos, and Mrs. P. J. Ralph has been con-j two nieces and a nephew, Carrie, fined to her home by illness tills Henrietta and Alfred Briunoni, of weejCi San Francisco. Commander Earl OReilly says series of demonstration ,. children, of Bickncll, were guests at There are only 13 days left in which checks, using a level to make ei home of Mr and c. j. SINSHEIMER BROS. Since 1876 849 Monterey Street San Luis Obispo Featuring Our Complete Stock of FALL COATS October is the month to buy your new coat, to get a full seasons use also to get the best selections and values. Our coats are priced much lower than you could believe possible for such beautiful qualities. to sign up before you become delinquent, be a volunteer boys, enlist in the American Legion now, dont wait to be drafted. The Legion needs you. The Legion is fighting your fight, and there cant be an American Legion without members. Yours for more cooperative cooperation. MARK L. STREETER, Pismo Beach, Calif. gi'ade 'unifonu. This demonslrafiou ; h0 r. is located on the Arroyo Grande visitors faim, which is in san Luis Obispo Saturday were pea growing district, haa 1 f c past Dr. H. E. Baird and daughter, Mari-been subject to consideiable loss of soil through erosion. bel. . . Mrs. John Soto and daughgter, W. B. Hooper, extension specialist Heicn; and Mr alld Mrs. c. B. Doty, in irrigation, visited the Anoyo gan Luis Obispo, were week-end Grande district recently at the visitors in Arroyo Grande. They also L -m A , ri r- 'Tollirit In in-1 . . . .. . . SPECIALS PERMANENT . . . Wave . . . GET IT NOW Special Wave $2.00 Oil Permanent Wave $400 Regular Wave Includes shampoo and fingerwave. Expert operators. THE VOGUE BEAUTY SHOPPE 843 Uiguera St. Room 4, Warden Jr. Building San Luis Obispo, Calif. Phone 246 l Mrs. Helen Boeker Granted Divorce quest of Farm Advisor Talbot to in vestigate leaf burning that is prevalent in all the walnut orchards there. According to Mi. Hooper, this burning may be due to the and friends visited relatives Santa Maria. I B. F. Pratt, Mrs. Howard Pratt and Mrs. C. F. Earman were among -- - - . J the Friday visitors in Arroyo Grande presence of mineral salts found infrom pism0 Beach. J- U. ..mnnlinii in ( nv Olid tfi ilQI'P!1. High School News Judge T. A. Norton, in the Su- , tain whether or not this is the cause the irrigation water, and to ascer- Ml. and Mrs Andy Nightingale, uuuge . n. inuiuuu, ixi me ouvum wLov.iw w. 0 OiTutt. visited fiiends in Arroyo penor Court at San Luis Obispo, 1 samples of water will be sent to the Qrandc Monday Tuesday, October 11, awarded Helen 1 experiment station at Riverside for Boeker an interlocutory decree of ahalysis. divorce from William Boeker and J Week-end visitors in Arroyc awarded her alimony of $25 a month Grande included Mrs. Edna Shultz. xhsmas Keown returned Sunday I for one year. Mrs. Boeker will re- of Orcutt, who was the guest of her 1 jj-Cim north, whore he enjoyed jsume her maiden name of Helen 1 parents, Mr. and 'Mrc; Thnmns plpfVipr , Keown By EVELYN FINK AND KATHER XNE SANFORD Arroyo Grande Union High School COINS Old U. S. Coin?, Coppjr, Silver or Gold, bought. Send for price list to W. B. TURNER P. 0. Box 51 SAN LUIS OBISPO I. XUgll bciiuui iauunj, hi vw Chaileo Thelander transacted northern cities to spend the week-business in San Luis Obispo Mon- ' ' Dress and Sports Coats-Priced at -Real Values $14.75 T0 $24.75 AND UP ONE GROUP COATS SPECIAL SEVERAL PRICED AS LOW AS These Are Special Values week's a cut ion and visited relatives. Mi, and Mrs. A. Solonberger motored lo Santa Maria Monday to at- Arroyo Grande High School vs. Santa Maria Hirih School TURDAY, Miss Stout and Miss Cool, of the Mr. Walter Harris, punch, the in-high school faculty, motored to 1 gredients of which were contributed by a number of girls, and which was end. Miss Stout sojourned at the 1 made by Wilda Harris and Clara home of her parents in Oakland, iRuedi (who says that blonds arent, and Miss Cool visited Mrs. George any good in the kitchen!?) and the F. Childs, of San Francisco. striking decorations, all combined A very successful party, is the to give the students and ex-students verdict handed down by students who attended the dance a very en-and faculty members alike on thejjoyable evening. It is hoped that 'print and cord" dance, which the many more similar parties may be Girls League sponsored al the local given in the future, high school last Friday evening. , Beulah Chlarson, of the Veterans' And here are some of the facts that colony, is a new student at the explain its success. school. Beulah is a freshman. As soon as Miriam Pruess, Girls A new markmg system for physical education has been initiated into the school. Under tins system a plus sign signifies satisfactory or passing work, and a minus sign unsatisfactory or failing work. The Arroyo Grande Eagles will meet the Sanla Maria Saints on the local football field next Saturday. The townspeople and students A. W. Shurragar F. T. D. Florist MAIN STORE 1461 PALM ST. Phone 1178. San Luis Obispo, California Gainsborough Studio PORTRAITS THAT ARE DIFFERENT San Luis Obispo Phone 1541 862 Higuera League president, and Miss Stoiit, League advisor, decided that the 1 Girls League should sponsor a dance, all the girls fell to woik with a will to make the affair an interesting one. Those who did not serve on committees contributed towards the decorations and refresh- 1 ments. I Betty Ho'ward and Marguerite jeuy iiowarci ana ivuargueriue , A , . . ,T Murphy worked especially hard on are ' -uca lu out and clleer th the decorations, and the result wasiEag es 011 vlc 01y-very pleasing to behold. Black and , Report cards for the first six weeks orange streamers, hung alternately were issued Wednesday after school - hid the ceiling, sheaves of corn- The freshmen as a whole recrhocl I stalks (the girls and some of the , unexpectedly good grades. I boys who helped them had to shuck The nine individuals who earned j all the corn before they took the the distinction of having their stalks from the field) and huge, red names placed on the Honor Roll and gold pumpkins stood in the were Ruth Patchett, Ruth Kuro-corners and along the sides of the kowa, Fred Rcss, Byron Black, Wal-audUorium, and a bale of hay, lace Carnes. Leo Young, Lucille Or-placed in a conspicuous position, , moude, Sadie Patchett. Pearl Wal-aided in lending the proper almos- ton. rl vn-n 1 Ho ! phere to the picturesque occasion. It will be observed that there LHlllUlCn -LUC j Music, played by Overton Wilkin- were nearly as many boys as there a sons orchestra, cider, donated by 'were girls on the Honor Roll. WALLACE MIMI CO. Fbone 1436 403 Higuera Street San Luis Obispo Send it to a Master Cleaner. Driver calls Wednesdays and Satin days. I D. T. COLE I Specializing in LADIES AND CHILDREN'S Haircutting 2 P. M. Arroyo Grande School Field Adults 35c I I As vou want it j 'VOR TOYS r7TRMACY I On the Cornrr Higuera Street Sun Luis Obispo, California Window Shades Phone 1000 j San Luis Mattress t AM) UPHOLSTERING WORKS Mattresses. New. Renovated. Made to order, Upholxterin?-Couches. Bed', and Springs Mirrors Resilvcred 1135-37 Garden. San Luis Obispo

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