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Greensboro, North Carolina
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w. -2. 11 1 ,7 rr -tVorfeoi Wf. lVe learn tbit trie pre 15 Wov ivijn pres AltRIViLs AT THE EL1XD HOUSE, from the.Wk to thtZSth JarcA, 18, Col. Foster, Meronejr, Bryan I ft) 1 Twitty, Brown Newlin.

Mclver, Hainan, Shields, lit. tiletw 20. Wro Ramsour. Chambers) Mr. MVrphy, 0 Bar'Jett, Harns, Charlea Hall.

2 1. Un Smith, Da is, llendersorf, McCubhius, Eudy, McKorie, Piggett. Bull, Lindsay. 22: iosilan, Jesse 8 Smith it Lady, Miss Ma-ry Gllliland, Miss Craves, Miss Jane Smith, 1) Pattori, John Smith, Graves, B. Graves, Huskey, AF Wilbar.

-v- 23, Charles Hall, Patterson. ii. Young, 11 Everett, A Mayhew, Mat II Banner, Wro Banner, McLean. Vre have just Received a fresh supply, of hevV iinil which, added to onr previonsly targe and extensive wdl enable us to execute in a superior style, such printing rs mo be called for.4 We can now, with the uimoM confidence, assure the public of our ability to compete in STYLE 1N0MOTT wun any oinc in tnis part oi the country; In pur late purchase wo have had an esDecial xm thm i 1 1 ill 1 1 1 i I II 1 1 SAITHIDAY, MBCH Reduced JTerma. of tb Patriot, Al ih close o( tli present oluine, in April next; the price of the Patriot will be reduced from tft.W to two dollass a year, in advance.

All cuet owners la arrears will be allowed, foeir "fl oU $tort, to have tbe paper at two dollar paid ia ail new subscribers to have it at the aaroe price. JVe jwish jt distinctly that uorie need expect to avail themselves of tho reducej price until arrearage opoe our books ehall have beet) Our standing term will be 2 in advance, 12.80 aAm tkr4k RlAflthfl an1 fto rahnlha inflexibly adhered to iaall tiaiwu. except thowe per i 43ur friMs as4 ik publiegenevelly are solicited 1 eoaa in our immediate vicinity w'ah hom we have eonittant dealings. Mr. Fillmore's Tour.

We are ery eorry to learn, br 'IVIegjpaphie tliepatck from Waahingion, rereived at thia o(Bce on yeitertlay afternoon, that Mr, frtlu.nre con tiituea very ill, anil that the lime for Mt. Fill- SEND UJ THEIR 0RDEE3, swisv uavsjr piiau fw ii vuihuj eiliciiiiajii Jan. 1851 bVVAlM SHERWOOD; GTAn assortment of the best qualities of Para phlet, Cap, and Lette. PAPER, for jobs, hand inoreV leaving Washington if more uncertain ever. Raleigh.

Ilegiiler, 4 Or rica or thi N. 0. Rsiiroad CoMriMT, Gsixssboso', March II, 853. NOTICE-The Directors of the N. C.

Raiboad Company are notified to meet in Greensboro', on Friday the 1st day of April ensuiiij: By onfer of the President, 1 l2lu-2 C.P.ENDENllAjLL'Wy.O Encourage Home Manufactute-Tbe Snow Camp Manufacturing Company continues to manufacture in the neatest and best style. Wheat Thrashing Machines, from two to six horo power Cutting of different size (Jouble and Single Wool Carding Machines Mill and Factory Gear; Saw and Jurist Mill Irons Edge Tooty Cotton Yarn and Wool Colls, J.c., lev -v r. Persons wishing to purchase would do welLto' give us a call before purchasing as we are detormiucd to sell cheap forcash or on time to punctual dealers. Our Jong experience injbe Manufacturing busii ess enables to feel uo hesitation in saying Unit our work shall not be surpassed by i any Shop in the South. Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed) we respectfully so- licit "a contiuuutico ol the same.

All letters addressed to the Agent ef the Company? Snow Camp P. Alamance county, North Car- i.Iiiia, -prompt attention HAVID DIXON, Agent of tlu ft. C. Munuftuturittg Cohtpanu, Snow Camp, eb 22, 18C3. route which the express was obliged to take.

Mkiinl flts-aaaa ttiinilriKl eatiff sisa I a' la s.aa ik.iL.s I lutti I u-hupa Ka on.ilioLn. i ji uunw uiu, Thnrn ilipv l.miwl maviiififeul slid iniini nr.1.1 'I'lisi Wlnirs. hciiifr mi rrtn.tilf If-lv unnnrfd unilpp new Slock ofOfnls. embraClilif a UOOd asortinenl n.f.,xi.i in tins uisinci as io nave rut muiice lor a camn- i v-n date of their own, may still have the pleasure of rtM, Boots and Shoes, Sugar, Odlee, Molasses, l. i Rice, Teas, Hardware, Crockery, Cutlery, choosing between opposmg Democrats-though Drugs, Medicines, and list every some will consider it only a choice of evils.

lning eUe usually kept in the retail store of thi ll is something, however, to enjoy the excitement country. All of which I am receiving and putting 1A.I IT A A T. Not ice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that a Land War- rant iuen mjmv tavor on Uie day uf June. A-0-- icj. nuiuwi ittvi, anu caning lor JCU acresk tias not been rt-ceirtl by me or tny agent, or my tight lotliesanie aiieigned or disposed "Of in any iu-.

Any person in whose handa said warrant may be louud, holds it fraudulently, and any attemnt on the part of such person to locate br obtain a patent therefor, will be avoiled by me. said warrant is entirely lost or iu the hands of some person entertaining fraudulent designs, I delay apply to the Commissioner of Pension the issue of a iluplieale oi said warrant: and this I notice will be pleaded ujrainst any person purchasing jtaid warrant from any fraudulent he Committees of t'onues with iiajructinris this 1 Copies, fof this pur- ii pose, will be sent Ii6hi Raleigh to all the. ty'hair- if''--- 1 Thll hand-bil conlaini inatruVtion to teacher and pupil irpUcedr a desired; jt be read by all, thu letting teacher and pupil knoW that lh4 eyes of the 8tate are looking upon them, and it voice of encouragemeni and admonition reaching Jheni in every Common $ciiol in the Sute. Tearhers, knowing' liiat their pupils will read, arid coiripar their oIuct wiib the standard of duties rerornmt.iled will bt aor cartlnl and eni ulou a to succeed acHnlarsi when properly checked or admonishe1, will be tne more likely to obey, feeing that the teacher ia backed by the authority of the Slate? C. II.

WII.EY, Gen. 8uj. Com. School. Jackon.

N. Mareh it, 'Si Cold Jefferson Davis: Secretary of ar Jyj dent 'op'tri-e -'Nl ortn crowd of importunate office-aeekeri, that he had no tacancie rt ihe Department, -that if-any if hi clerk should hereafter be found incompetent, they would be dismissed, and then the qualifications of applicant wou'til be considered. He added, however, that he anticipated no necessity fur removals. President Pierce also is reported to have made a very suitsble reply to a person representing some liocofoeo ClnS, who called upon him to make certain demanda in the name of the Club; The President replied that he Was always willing to hear the applications of cilisena, but that lie reengniied no ctUbt. Harnum's Latt PryVc.

A new project has been suggested by Bsrniim, which we should like to see tried. In a recent temperance speech made by hiiu in New York, he stated that there were 7,000 grogshop in the ciiy, with an aver age custom iu each of probably 10 a day. lie made the following offer to the my, via If the city would shut Up all the grogefles; dnd give him the ainout spent iu all of them, l-e would pay all the city taxes, amounting to 1 1,000,000 send every child to a good school present every family with a library of 100 gooo books, three barrels of flour, and a silk dress to every female, old or young, and give every body a free ticket to hia uiuaeum We learn the Hon. A. Venable, Oxford laal week, declared himself a candidate lor re-election to Congress and that Augustus II.

Lewis, F.sq., ofFrauliu, alao declared himself of the campaign without the mortification of a deleat, which we have been so many time doomed to suffer in our Congressional elections. I Il'illiiharri' lirrarilrr, The new Territory of Washington, created by the last Congress, comprises that part of Oregon hich lies north of the channel of Columbia river, to -where it crosses the 46ih degree of Ulti- i 1 tude, and thence a ong said degree ol latMtude to the top of the Rocky Mouutaius. 1 he land oc- ii cupieu oy Missionary oiaiious, not eaceeumg 040 acres to each, together with" the improve- nieiits is expressly confirmed to the Missionary same, bullous that were, so occupied prior lo IIIU U.OIIC BLI UIK.III.IIIlf tllV i i.dA ul t.k i.u t. I viuv utc. Jlathinglon Cosxn The Washington Cor- i rAcniituUnl if iKll aav Vsark PvnrBia aara lliav '-0'bss va 'la though there are North Carolinians herein drove, but two of theiM ask federal wince out of talei These are Duncan K.

McRae of Wilmington, who asks the mfsion to Chili, which he wll not gel, and John II. Wheeler. rL i .1 i o. one, wno ues. es in. Auauor- ship of the I reasury, which he get. South Carolina, on the contrary, which pfetend. to be independent of the Fedecal GovermfienW and to in have ppli- cants lor tiatl itieoHice its grtr. IJur iieigh l'or havetno idea ot peaceable lecettion from of- nce-holding. -sSMSsssa.

MARRIED, In Vanceyville, Caswell county, on Tuesday evening, 15th int by Hev. Mr. Mcl Powell, Col. JKSSri S. All Til, of Asheville, 10 Miss M.

J. GUAVF.S, daughter 01 Jeremiah Graves, 01 ancey vine. In 'his county on the by A. Dil worth, Es(l Mr. B.

GLUYAS, to Mrs. LYi IA COUCH, ia 01 'uinJ' 1 Madison, on Slarch 12th, Miss EM MA SMl'iH, daughter of Mrs, Elia Smith, aged about 13 eart- WM health on Monday, sldy o'clock, she was a corpse- was a lavome aaugnter ana sisierana now student. Possessing an exuberant flow of spirits, a intellect and tender sensibilities, she wa th charm of every circle in which she moved Her bright lace was cheering in the Bible Class, in the Church, and in the family: but God has been pieasea to remove mis ngnt irom- me lamuy 01 uie Widow, and' Irom the and Irom our riliage. Ihe Lord gave and the Lord haih taken away: blessed be the name of the Lord." The mother indulges a hope that she ha- gone to enjoy that glory of which she spake in her last word. Coin.

Ttol AEKETS. 21, Flour superfine to 3T00 fine 4.23 to 4.35 scratehed 4. Uacon.llt to II. Lard 1 1 14. Feather ZV to 37.

Corn 00 to 03. Wheat 73 lo 60. Oat 40 to 45. Pea 65 to 70. Rye 63 to 70.

Flaxseed 91.10 to 1. 15. Whiskey, 28 to 30. Tallow 7 to 8. Wool 22 to 2a.

Iron Swedes, common bar, ditto wide, 6 English 4. Coffee Rio 11 to ll Laifujra Hi i SL Domingo 9 to iB. Molasses- Cuba 24 to 27 New Orleaos 40. Sugar loaf 10 to 11 crushed 01 to 101 St. Croix 0 Pfirto Rico 7 to New Orleans 0 lo 8.

Bacon hog rounif JOJ ham 12 lo 13 Salt 83 lo fi.00 per sack, Spts. Turpentine 04 to 63V i Cotton, rhosily old at 0j. Corn CO to 11 to 121. Flour in New York dull at $1.50 lo 5.12 in Charleston to in Baltimore $4.62 the I pecta of tHIa inatituiion are good. At the com-.

inencenenl on the zJ there were ini hen-dred aiudehla prevent, and an eseelk'nt for fitiy. more. War are glad, to, hear thiaaa we are aure no man dearrves the akl arid eotnitenanffi of tbe jiuhlib, iriert than the PreiiifenU Re. B. CaiVKi for tiii exjrtiooa to extent) the benefit of Education throughout.

Ilia jSule. We learn that the Hoard Having charge of 'thie jnetitution i about closing a contra (ft with Mesar. "Woatw Rice for lheereetio large iew building at eight thousand Improve-Tnebu brbegf contemplated on a rp()t)fUohate scale, ukeu in connection with the natural beauty of tbe loca i i Several fine dwelling, we ace iniorrneu. are ro- in uo in the neifiliborhood. The facilities held JarenuasbeM ofvptipile to th School.

The Principal a entlemaB of freil industry and eoergy-quaIiee which eommnd tueceM in everv deoarlment of life. We wwh connnual Iwprnvemeut and pertnanent auteeae to the Intti tution. Probate of Deeds. An Act ol the last sVssion of the Qereial As s-mblr of this State provides- "That hereafter the clerks of the several courts1 of pleas and quarter tfsioiis by themselvea or their (teputies, aiiau iih counties to uke ih I tFUIIKCO aaai bp ell deeds, bills of isle, marriage settlements and oilier mariiaga contracta reiuired by law to be re- i gUtered at any time, in as lull a manner as their respective courts can or may oo. rrurumi, That this act shall not apply to the probate ol deed.

executed by 111 i Whiff Meeting in Watauga. A meeting of the Whigs of the above County sa hrld in Boone, the County-seal, on the 2'2d 0,. John Hsrdin, presided. and Adolphus W. Penlv was appiiitel Secreisry.

Delegates u. or annoiiiied to District t'onvenlion and the following resolutions, among omers, were adopted, il I demJitd, That the Free Suffrage bill, defeated in iL Ixhi Safion of our lri'iclature, oflered to the l.h -uManCe yolilicai power, jiemMttd 1,1 con iaH the nower ottne peop with their hps to oiler them equality. ii kiui uaittinn itCHNDCU, I lint an uilicuuivreu people, tor the amendment ol the constitution, to be called. tV. Attention is directed to-the advertisement of tie Secretsry of the American Culoiiiiatiou Society.

A remarkably fine opportunity offer fr Colored persons disjiosed to einigiate to Liberia. Some we understand, are already preparing logo from this section of the country. Ma. ilrt, the Soperititendent of Common Schools, st this time on tour through i. portion Of the Eastern counties, laboring taithfully we doubt not, and we trust also efficiently In the great cause of popular education.

13T The citizens of Raleigh and of Fayette-i ville. in town mcetincs, have invited Ex-Presi dent Fillmore to visit their respective to U'list while on his Southern. Uuir. The rumors picked up and manufactured in Washington, and telegraphed all over the country, have fallen into such disrepute that Mile or no attention ia now paid hi ihem and one-halt -r .1 i Ilorl9 orofes. to communicate what is I ai.tiiaiiy protess Miciinimuiiivaie wnai ia 1 and done at the Cafciftet meetings, lo in-1 form the-pub ic what subjects the becietane are ukln8 UP aml Wenng in their private apart- I It ihm muininm will imsyn aa incitrreei or nnrenanir.

ooinc oi iiicbc Ink 1 1 i stiller themselves sud their readers to be thus1 humbngged. Gazette. Wjj gMom owft hrM Washington rumors." We long since learned the complete fudginetn of their character. For the Patriot. Messrs.

Editors: Tbe power of Certificate from Normirt having been a ftfbjecl of discussion in various parts olihr State, 1 send you the fourth Section of the amended Charter, whieh is sufficiently explicit 'r Section i. Be it further enacted, That the Fac uhy and seven of more Trustees ahull have power to grant which Shall exempt the bearer from examiuauoii by county cOiiimittee through out the Mute, anu-wtierevr ueruticates ate or may hereafter be belore paying out ttie public lunds, a ceriilicai iiom.i AOrmn college 7. fT 0 The amended Charter was ratified about the 20th of Duceiubcr, 1653, 11. Cravxn. According to our recollecthm, there if clause of the Act appoiirtiiig a Su'pcCinicndent of Common School which ia in conflict with Ihe above.

The Act was published in the Raleigh 101, which, unfortunately, we have laid away so earefully tnart vf cannot (Htd it, though we have been for some lime deairoua lo publish the Act ii the Patriot. We trust, however, ttiere is no difficulty presented by thi discrepancy but what may, with a little skill and patience, be surmount ed lo the satisfaction of all concerned. Dr. Spencer D. Armstrong, of Rocky Mount, Edgecombe county, who under indictment a accessary to the murder ef Tilghnytn Hunt, has lately been flourishing In Norfolk, where fie wh about to commenoe the grocery business on a large scale, but concluded to wind up by passing off forged not.

lie raised SOO on that oaieTand decani ptdV Hi triaf for murder was fixed for but probably he did not, an- oea'rV Hi father 1 bail ih'vhjj UnV of ttf00. r.L- r- oroved by votinavlter its Ueleat, airaiust a 1 i. .1 .1 I vention oi me pwpie, im I i I i wiute tuey proiesseu I rfth WILLIAM POKES, Chatham county, Feb. 13, IS63. V- -t 7 -ri.

DlHHolutlon Thfe co-opartnerslnp; 6(. NasH Co. was dieaolve' by mutual consent on the 1st July, 1852. K. P.

Nash having puicliai-ed the interest of. Fi. Simmons, the business wiu' ba setld nnd conducted by htm alone. A II persons having claims the laVe firm, will pieseut them lor arul tose iia'J debted please n.hke jiauneiit. E.

P. Ji' I0' J.Il.SUMONS. ident of the United States, at Combre, near Ma tanzast by Rodney, on the 4ih lnw'- Cwti King's health, iri the whole, has not Improved, aad Kis'doubifuJ whether ia fejn ever aatime lb duties ol his" nlBeeir Tot the Patriot. The Fifth Distriot. Mtun.

ion-Einbraced within the territory composing the present 6th congressional district, ire coontiea that have never before been placed together in the same district but are fractional parts of several of jhe Under the present the counties that have to-unite in the selection of an inilU'ulilal to repreaeot thera in Congress, are. Alamance, tasweli, CHatHarii, Oullfofd, Mwrtgoai- ery, Moofe, iolpn and Person. I nave been looking for sope propoaltldri to be made, for ascer ty of the citizens of the whole ttiatrict. Thera ia scarcely a county in the district that does not contain perrons who would make veryjcrediuble members In Congress. And it may be that there is no one in tbe district, who would feel free, tinder the circumstances, to announce himself as a candidate, without Urn having some general expression of desire oo the part of the people.

I know not how this can be come at better than by the assembling of delegates from, the several counties of the district, at Borne central point, for the purpose of comparing notes, and Insuring union and harmony in the dis- trici For this purpose I would propose a genera! i to hM Xhcb6fd', on TWsday of kWMC.nt,Ce.rtfbn,tU.W day of May. If you, Messrs. EiUtors, or any boly else, can sug- a better arrangement I will cheerfully acqui esce. Asheboro' would be a little liiconvenien! to our lrieiuls in Caswell and Person to attend but it ia perhaps the most ceutial of any courthouse in the district. A WHIG.

Disoovery of a New Country. We copy the following items of intelligence from South America, from the Panama Echo of the 2 1 at February Wa laaorik rraim 'llmmejA at aI an .1.. i a r. I nip nucii iiib. wij utiura 111c steamer sailed, air express arrived overland from the AfltertcMu exploring etpediiioua on the Am ezon, that the explorers hud resctn ied a point on some three direct Iuih bl" b' rircuiliou.

rates to their export It seems by the statement of Capl. T. and others, that the Yankee steamer will secure the bonus of $10,000. offered by the government to the first steam vessel navigating the walers nf the Amazon into Bolivia, and also the entry ol her entue cargo, duty free. Letter from Mr.

Wiley, To the Chairmen of the Boards of Uounty Su periuieuueuts ol uiiiiiiiion pciiools, to bxsm- liuna Committees, and others interested in the i. i cause of geueral Education ip North Carolina! he law authorise me, as Usneral Supenn- I tendehi of Common dchools, for the Slate, to re-1 I. i bchool and was hoped and ex- peeled that this recommendation woiilj be genT rrany uurnu. i no reason ior lUTesiliia II I I i II obeveu. I lie reason lor invesiina atiiiiority, in some one, are obvious to all exDe-i nenced teachers and many of these, in view of i'VIsttilitf 4lifllluliiat- ari PVPI1 t( rt.

vi 'iiiiuu mill some one should have the power uf prescribing, absolutely, what books should be used. It. ia impossible for one teacher lo do Justice to! many scholars when there are a many classes 1 1 as there are pupils and it 15 a well known fact "ools variety of text book is nearly counl in num bef lfl Uw 3 that my reeommen-! rM Bd( A tf 1 1 Heel now given that Hpariie may be prepared i lor the Circulars which will soon be issued lo all the Com mil tees of Lxaminaltont 1 desired, before makinir my recommendation. I lo ascertain, if possible, what books, worthy of 1 being adopted, are now most generally in Use in the Stat the convenience nf parent and the chespness of ihe works recommended are objects not to be over looked. And I may as well state here, also, that i.i regard lo Ueographitt, I have I had some 4liffkuliy, lor il seems impossible for writers, out ol the Btate, to do justice lo North Carolina.

In a popular work of ibis kmd; re- cently published, and dtie otherwise worthy of bemg used il is stated that the Pilot Mountain ia orre of the Chief natural features of the Sute, aod is situated neor the Virginia line "an expression, apparently bor.owed from a lass I 1 1 1. i emigrant who wished he disgface oft being -'native of ihe Ktale, by qualifying ii with the explanation' that fhey were from uear the I Virginia line." Without disoarasinc the Old Dominion, il should Ire well understood in North Carolina thai her mountains borrow none of their grand1 features, and' her people none of their dignity of character from their proximity to the boundary line of Virginia. In another late work on much itJrtt in oer Acatfemree rt'r titled that the principal town of the State are Wilmington, New Berne, Washington, Edenton, Raleigh, Oxford, Jieaufort and Atheboro'. Ai Beaufort we hope ro Ice a great City, but it is yet in embryo. Oxford i a village famed for it beauty and hospitality, and Aahboro' is a County seat, remarkable for it moraffty and good order but it is rather a butleaqruc, which the good cilixens of thoae places wilf readily ad mil, to designate either of (hem as a chief town of North Carolina.

In thi, public school of North Carolina, under it patronage and Care, (he Children should learn tomething of their native or adopted State 1 and it is important that information of this kind should be That this end may be accomplished, I shall make application to the author of one of the book alluded to, for permission to correct ills work and ff lie wilt consent, the edition' pa rflvi-jed vriH be recommended to the Schools of the Stale. I have prepared a card or hand-bill to be polled, in a consplcubu place, 00 the wall, in tvery free schoVii liouse iri the and lone that 1 tile County. ClialrMeri Will1 distribute" copie ui uucnve ctiunirv, wiiii resourres oeyuiiu previous i conception. Ootloii heetiug at 60c. per vard i i ii i 1 eicoffeellj Uier products; proporu.mate i rices, cutlery, especially, being very high.

The imports ar fully equal in their 3u. Post Routes. Iii the law eitablialiing new Pisl Route we find the following in North Carolina I From Ciourd Vine, via Ifurgnn'a Mills and Iive'a Level, to Clear Creek post office iu Ca- barrua rouniv. From Gilchrist'e ridge to Blue! Richmond county. Albemarle to Swift ULml post office, Montgomery county.

From Greensboro' to Madison, In the founty of IWkingham. rrom inline nier, nunj v-h Vhiteville. N. C. wit a -e and Flovd's Mills, to Fiir Bluff, Columbus toou- Aj, N.

C. i .1 iIia ciii- UINU MIV f.V-.l.. IU." kens of the Dsu River country, in the vicinity of Madison, are subjected to grertt delay and un- certainty in the' receipt of intelligence. Nearly) r. i.

rr. i'u r.t i he ereat neces- sitr for a direct mail to Madison, we nope ar- ranrements will soon be made to put the route to oiauison in operaimn. i The Charlotte Railroad. We learn from the Charlotte paper that the business of the CharlotK! and S. 0.

ltail Itoat) for the month of. February is as follows Freights, Passengers, Mails, $13,077 03 84 i 418 00 18.577 67 There have been Conveyed on this road since November, 88,843 bales of Cotlotl, A portion of each train is loaded with Flour, Corn, Oats, and other agricultural products; Thia is certsinly dning a first rale business, dnd the stockholder! caii have no reason to complain without the proceeds are paid out for repairs, freight on a barrel of flour from Charlotte to Charleston is 40 cents on 10 cents' her bushel on cotton, 'i. 1 0 per bale on salt, 70 cents per sacV. St ekes County. Stoles County Court as held last week, anil ihe annual county business attended to.

The taxes including the Slate and Asylum tax. in Ihe aggregate, amount lo tl.70 un the ii 1 .1 siaa 1 is 4 poll, and 60 cent on the 1 00 valu.rhrn of land. lame Tultle rra elmed County Trustee. John F. Kiddick.

Register. Johrr J. Terry, Surveyor. Elisha J. Eudaily, Coronor.

Dpecai 1 nam a. i.a.n. Ja. M. Covington and J.

Ma.tin. 1 1 Uommtttee Trm a. lUitcrieii, c. Is. Martin and Alex.

King. The following gentlemen qualiflfeJ as jniuetS tft the Peace, onder ppoliiiihcni of the' fast to re, 4i Lemuel Pitcher, Joel F. IIiI Hamilton Scares, Robert Wall. J. F.

Kiddick, James Dearman, F'eter Ilutchigon, tj. F. Ueax-ley, C. W. McAnally.

I)m F. Daftort, Wm. Cole, and James 11. 1 Pneumonia. This disease is prevailing to an alarming ex sent in the nwrihern pari of this county, sheady eamee a number of erence to the obituary indices steady earned off a number of in-rsiMis.

IU 11 win ne seen rvni that ihere have beest, 111 one neighborhood, 13 tleattu anionir Ihe white populauon, f'om this Disease, in les than Iwe week and a corres i i I i I 1 XIX. weulu respecUully say to hi friends and patrons, that he still continues to devote his whole 4nne) and attention-to the duties of his Prwteseiorr Irt its several departments, viz: Practice of Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery. He desire to return his sincere thanks to Ihoim who have heretofore i til 1 paironiseu mm, mm io renew run promise, give Erompt and faithful attention to all who mar desire is services. His professional services may be had at all times, night or day, regardless of weather. All persons indebted to him, either by note or account, are requested to call and settle by April Court next, as his circumstances tender it necessary for him to close bis business up to the 1st Jan'ry, 1853.

(722tl) March, 1863. FIRST VESSEfc FOR LIBERIA. COLONIZATION ROOMS, Va8hjncto, Feb. 35, 1853. The American Colonization Society i making preparations to start a vessel from Norfolk, the first qf May, with emigrant for Liberia.

On hundred and uveiily-eigkt persons have already applied for a passage; of whom one hundred and fourteen are from Virginia, fifty-ttvd from North Carolina, six from Kentucky, three from Massachusetts, one from Ohio, one from Pennsylveuia, and one from New York. A fine large vessel wilt be affording the most ample accommodations for two hundred and fifty passengers. Ap- filication for a passage should be made immediate-y. The price of passage and six months' support iu Liberia, is tislv iloiluri each one, fur all who are able to pay. A IreO passage and six months' support will be given to all worthy ertons who are unable to pay, and who can come well recommended.

A pamphlet containing all necessary ''Information XdSSt about goinjz to Ijberia" will be forwarded to all W. McLAIN, Secretary American Col. Society. STOItK AT CEXTBE. The up at the stand lately occuoied by Dr.

11. T. Weaih- erly, Centre, Guilford county, where I respectfully ask a call from the citizens ol the sdr' tounoing counfy WM. WEATllEULV. March, 1833.

62 3 tenni Saw Mill. The subscriber has pur- chased the Steam Saw Mill oi the ini-low, situated in the Fair Grove settlement, lUi- TfruTl lo. riety ot LL Alb hit used for bui Ulinir purposes. On nflce -m ftn len8i Qv otw ti. k.

Vi I'lank turned out by this mill cannot lad lo please, Orders hithrrto furnished to the ill will be filled by the subxcriler as early as practicable. Post Orlice address. Fair Grove, March, 18S3. (T223) JOHN W. THOMAS.

I Ill1PZ nnriAf1 a I imp kiln lj four miles west of Germantun. cm the lloilow 8I" 1 W'U eP coiiMantly on hand aMinpiy of keen constantly on hand nmrmilv of siacseu ana nnsiacxea ua, I'ersons wishing to wiirchu-' call al Gvnnanton, or at John Kirser's -1 i. 1 1 1 1 tt' I). C. 1'KlTKIi.

722::3 rilAILORlAG I TAILORING I WEST-JL BROOKS PILWOUTII lespectlully inform their customer ami the public generally, that they continue to carry 011 the Tailoring business, at New Boston, four miles from Their reputation as Tailors, is sufficiently established by their unrivalled success in the business. Gentlemen send in your Orders you ihtttt be pleased. WfcSTBKOOKS D1LWORTH. March 23, 153. 722 tsars I RawH Raajatll We continue to receive Bags for J.

F. Jortlan Raleigh, and will pay the highest market price in cash lor 300,000 lbs. BRANSON JOHNSON, Successors to H. Branson Son. Payetteville, N.

C. 714:13 DW. Illllott, Plain ii. Ornamentul rainier, GREKNSBOKOl'GH, N. C.

References Messrs. Sloan, William S. Rankin, Col. James M. Bland.

Orders for work left with any of these pontlemen will be promptly attended to. 7 17tf All persons who are indebted to mo by book account prior to the first of Jnur.ry last will please call and settle. A. CALDWELL. March 9, 1853.

720tf. DR. JOHflr Em OLE. ha. ing permanently located in Greensboro offers hi Services, in the various brandies of his 1'rolession to the citizens of Greensboro' aud adjacent country.

1 1 January 22, 1853 7l3tf 1 i i 1 1 1 1 Common Schoola. The Board of Superintendents of Common Schools in Guilfora county are notified to ireef, in Greeusborough, oil Tuesday of Superior Court, in April next. L. SW'AlW, tiairman March 15, 1853. rphresninp; 9achlnee-The undereigrfed, l.

agents for Emory Albany, New York, will receive orders for their celebrated Kail Road Horse Tower, Thresher, Ac. 1 Now on hand, one Two Horse Power with Thresher, Separator, For sale at Manufacturers i rices, J. K. J. SLOAN March 15, 1867.

rim tier, in udlLaus iii: -JL 'WtRO wjll be paid for1 the apprehension and deliverjMb trio Jail of Kershaw District 'of HIRAM, a neyro man, the property of L. K. Blair, a fugitive from who startids indictwd for the mujiier ot Airs J. day incbes sraait eyes, iioiusnis neuu iar pacx in waiKtnirria sattirt wt Kava sa atrvi 1 1 imr nn tho tiunlr fkia lT- eaitj iv novo vinqm bvui vu mw vi jiaini i. fc by a cut froni a knife.

He is about thirty fit- vla ot age, aiid is quick spoken I i. jytii lj- YOUNG. Camden, S. Feb. 22, 1833, 7 1 P.

nsli, Hook und'Plano-rorto Seller, Peteisburtf. wiil keep constant ly on i hand a tatge anil elT leloc'ted stock "of gooda in hisline; and proposes, during his conleiripiated trip North, lo in a La it still more complete, lie expects to sell at such prices, and ti give such personal attent-nn lo buMuess as may merit a cbntinuance of former jy 12 SIGN OF THE -GOLDEN MORTArT DRUGS MEDICINE; Paints, OIIm, Ujre-Stumt, Aet CHEMICALS, COSMETICS, Ac. kof The Subscriber fa now receiving his large, and. well assorted Summer Stock ot Drops and fledi cines, which were purchased by biasewU at rate sw favorable as to enable him to sell theiii 33f li'cl. Ibsss than offered in ihis market, many articles he can do even more than this.

ieoTniiig it unnecessay to give an entire catalogue of prices here, which can be furuislil jiXiriy time t(j Piiysicians, and others at his Drug will simply slate a tew of the articles and their pri ces, S. P. Townsend's Sarsapatilla, qt. lot. Aqua Ammonia, 1 fft, Iodide 2' Wistars Balsam ViU Cherry, bet.

5 A) re's Chefry Pectoral. 87J Small profits and quick sales, is the word, call and judj'e for yourselves. To his friends and customers, Le would, say that his stock is larger, and assortment more complete than it has been for the last 12 years, and he js de-terminevl tbVoll thrm as low as the same quality of goods cao be purchased in the western part of the Slate. Call and examine for yourselves Physicians prescription and family medicine compounded and dispeusec at any hour, day or nights ttm personal attention is gi veil to this branch of the business. 1).

Pj.WEIK May, 183fT 23-tf. (, Chairs, Chairs-We have and. expect to-keep constantly on hand a fine lot of Chairs of various patterns and prices. Also, several seti of Beds teads, which. we will sellrheap.

Aujf. 1851. KANKLN 4 r- 'T: Burr Mill-Stones of the approved make and finish, put up of any sir wanted with a style for dressing adapted to the' delivered wherever desired. R. G.

LINDSAY April. 1852. BIRI.r.S.-At the GniTford County Bible Society Repository will be found tbi. best assortment ot bibles vet found mi t.n. i- Apply at the Store of R.

titrate Mvta. A destituleofbiitemes alight? a WW I Peel to settle for their uewrtbaDorwilhiFiM. ood' would co.nlr a favo by the same llu1 March J8, 1833. 4WAIM SfIEHWOODi jp. Swede Iron Plow -niouldaa rare ard: this country Iba mryOpO lb r.

IlAKKlN McLEAN. pondent informs us, that froth ihe number rck, litany more death are anticipated, negro ie jiopulation suffers to a great extent. 'ai- ttteville Carolinian. The lame disease has prevailed lo a considerable e'flent in tlje upper part of IWkingham, fiuilfordv Stoke. We heard a physician in Stokes say that hev administered medicine to about 40 negroes' in one day, on a Dan River planutioo.

I he ihsVasejinost prevalent, pneu inonia. with occasionaly cases of erysipelaf, nlenirtv. Ate. taTbe "National litelligeneer," alluding lo Mr. Kcnyon's declent ioit of the appeintment of ii, S.

Senator tendered ui hFm oy Coy. Foote, of MississippU and the fact tha't the Executives of none of the three or fotif tfierk Sute. in whose Senatorial representation liihilar vadancie now exisC have thought fit to' ciereife ihe poWer of Ailing regards it a in ulatiibn of tftetr inability to 111 tuttf ikVerV in eonnexiort1 Willi; (i vemor! FooleV ajitT Jllr. Kcnyon' letters, at sjtujin'g ilie ffles'ljbti 'm 1 excellent article io en. Crop, Molassee-ef excellent quala7rceivel and for sale by 4rl forsaU U.

LINDSAY. Mtt'ltif 1 I excellent article for 1.

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