Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1916
Page 1
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READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING. DAILY GAZETTE SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1916. THEN READ IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS v • . —.*-....*........ PRICE TWO CENTS. REPUBLICANS Hold the First Meeting of the Campaign At Armory 7:30 Tonight. Band Concerts and Address By' • Mrs. Jeffery and Local .! Speakers. j MRS.BARRETT DEAD Service* Will Bti Hefd Saturday Af ~!?ii!h M;trr*tt |i.< 'K T<:;if<-l;t\ UTILITY -!i;t-T 'A HI month he Ix fln The lirPt Knit of ib tie tiled by tb» Itepnl nlnit. frim l hi--* ti f«>r ;t»i tu! Jt 11-4 t (' »'i I-" k. Ke«.' fh' trwio. |-ji.«- the I'ti- ;!n li-rl;(n MimHi, isili of- Intertneni ••,«!!! be in !h'> i;i\<-.r- ••me'eiv. A <-'i!«picte obituary i. pobltsb'-d hiff-r. ANOLDDOCUMENT New Schedule For Gas, Electric Light and Power To Go Into Effect Nov. 1. The New Rater Are Almost As Low As Those Secured By Much Larger Cities. >>' tit ifle -.!. tin! ami •.ipi>lt", Minn., (>••!. J2- .An nn- -d ericineer \vas Instantly kill- tlr«>mtin perhaps faintly injiir- th»> lives of, ttinny pa.«sr>?nrer« i od;im?err-d, wh» t) train -No. f), nt the f •hir.-u-'j, Milwaukee & fp/, .ran) railroad jumped the track and y-.-i tried the ( n . ;;!)!•, ti tiihr :i»)d four hneK.'lKe :ino! f>X~ pr«'«<» cyts im<i the ditch. i- i n ili'-n w til ri'ie llcpubllcans j . ~ ..,**; ,, , „„,„„„ :l( u ,ej Historical Society Gets a Valu .. :,nd tfu m.nj able War Record Of the puftHi;; into ..p. (at i..ii r.f the fn-iluie.M i.f i..i-j.. il. i-tric Itul ftrir {tuner !" »''•* l'c»'»>fiy r.'i t-c ,'f th- A |-o-..pc;:it int.' With A FINISH FIGHT |Big Crowds Greeted Wilson| i Yestlrday In Speeches In \ | Indianapolis. ; _ .__,.."rr"™T."-".7 - |Reviver Of Sectionalism) Is Unworthy Of Receiving Confidence. MAYO OUT 15 DESTROYERS IT FIND ANY SUPPLY BASES nnd women of th<> t-itv nr<» cordially In- j vite-d tt'i, tie present, nttd MM many n« deMire are retpic««(cd to Join the He- ; publlcnu "club. i Previous [± i tho Tlv-etlmT .< h ** S1e r • i Unit bftnd will render u nnmiier i«f~pTrrj lection-* on tho f»trf-et, nnd nft* rward } piny fur half, nn hour In the armory. | Tbc Sterling; band njwuys biltu-H :t bin] Year 1864. Agreement Was Signed By 340' ' !iM-,r!i,'s.>ii;.:h III-- ••rr.'t f l:ition .if < •oinin< ii ••-ho t'lty of Stetiilu,'. tn.lkev th of' tho lllmni.H .\orf!i>-tir Ttiiities t an eKj>ec|ni(y ini!>.v pl.ii-e. into efT*-ct OH. 1 »! Mill xet loll?* 1)1 t!',i ! n«'W - «t . ffice "SteFTmg Citizens To T5ef Subs Ror a Draft. in- first rntty -will Iw of Kpedal to th«* women 1VS the te-ldS.MC | ppr-tikcr of ,flu* <ncnim, will lie Mr*. i Jeffrl««», of rhicjwfo, who comes undirj f tbo uucplfe-ii of th" raltte«\ *>ther local Pi-ciiK'TH Hill n\no •rfell* er TtijWivwM'j'. Tho campal«iii up to t been tiithcr i|Ule! atid 11 people Itesifl—to lake mure interest In the t|ue»Uotm of thr hour. »'*,very vot- i»r who c.m net away should attend thin merUm?, It i." th«' Hrft e:tmpnlitn llrriFe'bi'sV'Try'of The~cooiitfv'Tvln>rc."ThT5 women of Illlnol* could Vote fur pres- \Vhere;i*. ! is 'now llnhlt- teen men. l.t bv the t-nveri tli« !1--.|,ip- nf- bi- drafted" f fh»- number •nt under th«* last r. Holdii-i'K, iuiij _^—» Whereas, the tittdi-t "imied an" ximis nnd witlini; t" avert the :«i!V of the enforcement of »aid tlt.lft ... limp linn M ('[ «»wn*hlp. Is time the' " *' ""• therefor'', agree -to pay the 'respective "iiniH of mont-\ p'siecd op- posiff our namcK Into tht'' hnnd* <>f J>. »•'. Vvitmer. l>. M. rinwford. H, S, i Weaver. H. S. .Street an'd.S. S. 1'utt«>r- l«l«-lit. Mr«. Jrffrion, thf ni>i-akor tonluht. v>il! Klvi' I ho tnltillc tho roanons from ih» HopMolli-aJi vi«-w|«)int ujiy tho wo- m«*n nhoul<l *>ipport ftiiKhoN. Tho wo- nhpuld r«»H|x>o.l in IHIKO nnmht-i-H nri* numerous local orator^ ...... ;;; [Germany Will Continue the War', Until England Asks For Terms Of Peace. S!:ifT ''c y iti.i.irt ii, >rrt'!-<i«'iii!< -tit f t'niti'd The and t'ona. f';i.. Oct. ! 3. l'l«ist:d i't-f pi inn tic r«'i-< Ivt'il .v^Ktcr- ll'iTi;t. rri-s-lil»'nt Wil^in tu- loiiK In his and! pi i - amlj \| Aj 1 1 ;' iT« { ! per 'month i rale put ! Germany's Carnegie Defends the Action Of U-53 In Raiding -the-At (antic. Tr.-iin. Alt iwlili tin- ,(1ny in 1r lidiy \vit» s Irrtln «-nr<Mi!r> (o I,<inK Itntnoh. JlcnjiKTatic lc;>ilcr.«i *itt\ fcfl that IrnJiaiiii !t HII uncertain ((iinnltly hut tlia! the iiililifH^»-H i>f tlif Tirn«ld(»n( yr<«- U-nliiy ctrricil hi>nii» two Important tlint the )ir«'siiirnt i« f aiirh iMniif'H n« »»>«•- The Authorities Do Not Believe the U-53 Carries Enough Supplies For Long Campaign; Raider Was Sighted This Morning W. ,....„—f ctrricil jHitntv. 'First, fiiiitcrn'|itiiotiM Hon.'ilivtn firiil i»-«,.rit«"it hv ht in i!t l«'iniiji>-il to Tlji-ni Vimr tii s of ..ju i'ii';h at llhi will t!fr<l!-i-d or;! rtlt'iiJt-i rniJDiiiv nf l«. hiini-v« r, n tii liwht ntte uhu-h «<>ni( customer!! nniy find I«'MI» ve than the. .new blm-k r«ti>. the end of the rnonth it is< I'd Ihat »»!> ru>.!iimer will the Sti-r- N'tit Hi. in !<.»• their r. thr. new the Hhilif which IH etj liii: industrial .te.'id'.-r in '\ullev. Ifje tlubl.strlal' cent'- jt 'I'-rin.'tivv 's I'iitiiiiiruh. tii\< 'nation '••( the xnlim/tfine \vurfiirr up or Hl th»' real ! opponents nnd that he to carry hl« cnmpnicn iiniKe'TTW lidVi'Isiii leH "pitt up." "ti what be .reii'urd" leH of tho CiitnpniKlt, Sec(Vety to the •riitir ron- pHHwillK lite and I t By i Wnshinttiin. J). t'.. <»ct. i<m that a hellitlerent ntit;ht he maintaining a naval bas-c tut the Atlantic coast i.f t-hj.. ciiuntry.^c-auH- ed. the ftllildelt dilMh |i> «ea nf desfoyerM fr-«m .\e\vpiirt. ye«terilay, Secretary I>anle!.«t said ttuhiy. , Ad m Ira I MIIVO. cnmmnnditiK lh« At- Irtntlc fleet, t.rderi-d tile shipH out U-tday to 'i-cour the coast: ..!is...far.-. at the Cttiifidian liouitdarv «enr fur -Hitimarino a hnsf, w»> linve )»fnt «l«»!«troyprs out in search for It," Slnco lhi> nrrivnl of HIP l?*6S Secretary I.».inioi«» Hftiii th»>ri> have be«»n many ri-portM particularly In the newftpaper*, of sotno l'i-lliM»-nt havlni; a bane hire. Socri'tnry Danloin hlm.iplf. haw rtfplved I'-ttors suKKPstlnK tliw poRHlblllty of th'cTv bplriR- a tmKc. Ord*T8 for th« yo«»- Uuddt n trip "f tln> Ooitroy«T» though «•«•»! «md« hy wn Initiative 1 . -Mayo o« ,, t wiu- n-it 1 f tb«» mid n bounty !<i be j>ald to iho.*e who may volunteer to till tin' i|iiotn in walil township for tho tenn of one yenr. Then follow i in a hiise prill inn. two yard* l<»hs. 3I'J mim«-« of ijuiet SterMnK men.who were not wllliiu; t'i t>lioulder arm.". It wan aL-so provided In the : will . , Alt .._ *' , t:H< n turn. ••(•(trie pow > for years jiait !.«-»-n rall.' X<(V. l«t .«-r rntc. i>ower cn<'-r^ who jiaid acconlitiK to what I the "N" r,nt*». will be tit the n^w block JK>W- who are cnpnble of rrovvYI nnd there wdl be plenty of or- nlorlciil pyrotechnic* jjhot o(T. f«o that tlm voter who mlsHC« the* met ting to- wjll rnlsH a treat. iMEFiisEO ". ||.ronniblt.> that if mure ' etltettain!n« , u ,y | l-reimmn- loin n more niiilie^y wa.< col -- lecfed than necessary, each* man wa« to receive the surplus back pro'- rota.: If IH'sad In think that .scarcely one <?f the xliincr* tn»ioiiKS tvj the roll of the' living. .Inf. Harpham. It. H. Street To'THe «outh. the few who Htlll walk the earth. AmniiK the namex that take you back to the lawt generation iirf Harking of-New-Trails LeadOo New Interest In Keeping j ^Boadslfl Condition, The miirklnK of .»ever«l new auto- molille trnltw has »roii»ed a new Inter- out In Kood roads In this net-lion. Tliere nr«> a lot of pretty tfood roadw now, yet th«»re are numerous Mri'tche* that; travellers Way would b« ir lot bet t<-r If dragged with n King road drag after each rnliu TT—W "X" rat*' baH t«H»Ji al>ol- ixh.'d because It i-s declared-- by the State I'lilitieH Commis.tjon to be un- full. «»• accordiiiK t<» that rate a ens. turner iiMini; soo kilowatt of electricity a month paid less cash for it than one ifsed only^K-tj kilowatu ^> ; r month. "N" rate customary u.«inK a nmal! |d>wer will pay . Ics* t"*'-. farmers What the iJemm iK'Tdle^H <:<t tile Intt-i'eista of the United JyrekM bait-done f»r (hem in ;States. . M U ral cri'dll bill.'federal r j Chancellor vo« Hellmuin-JJollttek |other (ict-<. on the fatter point hi-* ifiiccs opp^ijtltlon from the ihdtmtrlttl In-jlleutenantN feel Hat bin Idea !.« now Mtterst-j in both tht. Rhine nnd \Ws<t-!w«-ll before Hie country, ifullin provlncex, hot beds of Von Tlr-j They feel thnl the otic hi K Ixstie on i :plt.».i(vm. These JntereHtM believe that .'which the campaign 'r«-.«tH IH whether or I thoiiKh they nifty not be ablv to (run»|not the pi opb> endorse Vv*it»on'n foreien vine- the government now they will'policy. They jhilnt to the <>nihmdnfim I win later. Tht«y base their hope on | thnl Kreeti.-d his .-very utterance rwlmrinir uTer <fr-n:~rnn Himtpnbr-rR. •pence, n» •,stn>ni{"eviitenw of the I "The war mu«t be foueht to a finish." ipleV approval. jdcctared the W«'Htfarli»che Xeltunjir,, • „ iirly reprenenttt the wntlment Strict. . "Hither Uernmny or KtiKl'iiKl muxt-wln and-the intcr^ilx |on the Khtne are ready to ffRht until Ujr-rnniny win*." ! les.*- r<lal|on<4. i "We have ', belllKerent ••ill I MM (t|l to it ovor thcro huvo f hf-l lieen u WARMLY GRiETED. Indi.'innpolis. | n d., Oct. 13.-- ! l"r Wilxon repllf'tl to tli* lieputilican that the Dimiocrtitlc party Is for h " " f \V. 'annual the In variouH "Bt'ctloi'm hlKhway comml*»lonc'rH have contracts with furrm-rH livhiK line to go out with a KiiiK dra^ after Ptttli rain nnd go over their .contruct- Tint). It T* wild, keep* tin roailH up In Rood an- to c«t tioction," cart It ant) H»>IO in llu^ HlinolH law on tho jwt: of hMhwayw aro have earth rondtt at rfll HcanuiiH of I lu* year whenever tl»o Htirfin'o of tlu v rt'«idr« bocomo roiiKli twi they will not properly" «hwl th water wlilcli falls upmi them. It Hhnll 1«« the duty of tho commissioner or cummlnHUuHTij to do» fiom t'ltno to time what rmulH IIP drujiKPit. He «hall CHUHO th« work to t>i* rtonn by Kivinjj the purites con- t'nu'tcfl wkth f4ir>-the performunev of on or be- •leerned Hufficlont;- he «hall fore th«- (lf»t«i«nth day of Ke t»HC'h ye«r «ontruct with an many «ult- pernoiiH as In* »|e<<niM necoHsary u> th«» roadH in 'hi« township or dl»i« trift for that ywir tuit wbull not up. portion the draKtfi'ug of more than six mlle« of rortd to any 'one nornm.. Tho i'«nunlH»loiu'rS may at any time ranct*! *uyh fontraotn for driiKKinK when tho .HtlputttHonn herein oontalu- • t'A huvtt not been properly coniplio'it with .or_-_w ti*n tht» work . l« _not done In n, witUfactory manner. 1'rnvuU-d, ,r<i!irt dtuKKluH- «M«'h coufrm-tH shall not JM- Jt^t fur « Mtim exceeding one dollar »$!,«()» per mil* for ouch tutu- drained 1'rovldod. further, yuit tln> width r.>- <juired to !»*• rtragsed «lwll be not U^» sthan fourteen feet, if the width of the bluhway will per.mlt. • It hhull be unlawful for poisons to drive over or 1 cause jo be driven a vohick-. of any jrtoirrlinion -in or upon Mil* itujtiiui of Hu> hi«li«av iuuuctlUte- \y -after tju» same IIUM been dr^KKed nnd before Hticfi portion hJi.Uf have pur- ttitlly diled-t«iU or fr« l'i<i\Uiiuu .noihiim in tlii« »ei'iii»» (-hall apply in tlM»K*> instaiH't'B wh<'ie it i* unpontiltle to tllivc wlih sMfety at one f>uli- ut* w.iid diaKKvd j;»v»rtiun of 4 he io;»d, or wheie ;i vehicle does not nnUe a tut ur Mali pwtiim of the toail the work MJVtwpliwhcd by' th to of the road thiig. » not make « .lohn Cniw», C. H. 1'owfll. K. Bowmnn, A i _KjaplMtrn 3 .J<. Sto_«^'kb'. H B, dard. The uliiuuuth «!bed wens from |5. to $10. 2K. $r.O. $|no, $ir>0. But- thl** precaution W.UJB not ncccsn M«ry. There wa« .no draft in IlllnblH. UH In most other .states*, l-'rank fJra«'h- llju; found the yellow docume.nt among papers iu Witmer's former More, and this morning kindly transferred the precioim record through the hands of Jnshna'."SeldH to the Historical Ho- ciety. Where U.nSso a tnaxtntum ile- imand rate for jM»w*>r customers, and. .Jacob M f " '» Ktiiffcr. I inwtcHd of the u«nv block jtlrecturs. of Germany's steel tni»t ' J' 1 " 111 ' l»«rty with fhe Htatcment and othci| miHionaircs In --thlx--HubiH- i """>'- r " !in wfl " revives the In HIM' of trial country declare unnwrvcdly that ("'''""''naliwm in thl« country is un- lierrnany will not. m«k« pence" unill ^ w " rt ,', ly <lf '*"" Cl "»»"«'''» ce «' Hie na- Him'land asiks the tcrmn. jtion." , ; .The. IJh)nela,ud pre»H »tlll Is disciiHH- j Tno l>r«>Hlib'nt cnme to. IndlnnAiKdl* l<> J^llrjI^^LJlli'HIUKH of trood roadtt ad-j vocaten ami furmf-rx, "^ statement to the I'nited l*rww ! vo< '" M ' M """ IH 'm«-rx, review an auto-j Bayonnp, N. J.. Oct. 13. — Though tlmt the.allies rrnint carry the war to'" 1 " 1 '" 1 ' J mn "J*' celebrating (Jo'od Hoad».fearinn that KtUlay th» 13th may v be ft a ''knockout." ami hold thin stftternun <lny °* "'*' 'm\l«mi centennial, and at-'bl<Midy Friday, police and ci(lxfiin tried tend ft nonpartiftan lunc-hftvu of l^Hdlnsibtdsty to quell the oil men's »trik«* with No Rial Information, department han. no Information f« helk'ViMl bceu(us<» of the nation i« mnintuinliiK a Imse jdennexs of (Ju» depnrturf of the •re." Secretary Dnntels (sold.jsiroyern from Newport" that naval ' I'uritiK the Ia«t year, however, when-(tipped off the location of the ban*. "report« or th< IM «aid a^c-ntu of thi» treasury ftnd Ju«» its maintwininK jtlce departments nrp«co-op<>ratln& with navy department. The> Justice d*»* jpnrtment IK concernt'd whether this I country Is permitting a violation of Ita jtu'iitrnllty by allowing the entablliih- ment aa Much T?a8e». The treamiry de-- I rrrrr: _ _.'lijar.lmenLJijwi£klniE tlirututh-the-coairt— The Strikers At Bayonne. N. J.Jf lunl «•"•'"• T ^ pomibie bu« «-. ' ' ' *•'! liases are not bi-Hev».<d to b« on land. jbttt th«> npyiiik' nmy be done bjf shlp- |m»MtorM while non-slnkablo raftii with ; barrels of oil are floated out to BOO. •'The tip received in that thft German j submarine in biflns xuppUed. On of* jnclul. Kuartledly admitted the b«llef "that there will be more submarine r*ld» • next month. The authorities do not believe that the U»53 varrlM riufflcient itupplles to jbiHt for three months an Ju captain OtTcJalK would not may DOB!-' that th* : IN AN UGLY MOOD Are Heavily Armed and Patrol the Streets. K Third Victim Of the Rioting Was Found Today With Wound In His Head. hliri KiVt'.-h rate. The new rnte» tliosse recently stn ulinoMt a» low as In Illinois towns USB every Knpland. The activity of the ha* sreatly IncreaKed^ Talth In tht of unlimited Congregational Ministers Con- elude FatHteeting Of Roclr While H few people will have to more, other thuusands will, pay and it In estimated the total "KS will be.nbout ten thouwind dollar* per year to the. pe<ipu< uf tin.-* tximmuriity. WOMANlTTACKEO ^Continued from Page Six.) River Association. Good Addresses Were Heard Last NiQht^and Today and Resolutions Adopted. The fall and meeiinir of the Itock Hlver of Co'nKreffutiunal Minls- lw#, held at the 1'lrnt church of Hle-rllng this wet k concluded'JtH sessions thlx afternoon about 3;t»> (I'chick. Tho a«»oclu- tiou Mas fruuuht wiHi muc.h i;ood arid said to nave .been of imp4»wiu»co by tllOM> ill ;y'l''llilnnce Tiif. nyn'^erW '-f thu local church, including Dr. **V. M .lonew, pastor, did ^liut they could to make the. vt.sit «»f the pastors nnd l.i> deli'KiilcH pleiisanl and the visitor* xp'eak in thu hiKhe.-Jt icrnin of iho bus- pituHty e\te-ndi'«l to them during theii two diiy.s «tny in thin city. The cnfteteriu dinner iintt stiprtcr held in the hiixcmi.*i(t of -the church Thura* ditv nnd 1'Tiday were proiifiiincetl c>x- ci'llent. The ladieci of Uto church wwt to Ki'cat pains to buve, the menu an ilhuate ojie nnd. every V'iiuui "iif_ llie An Automobile Trip. <>IM- of.i'lie plc<i«fint mctrorit-s of the \lslt ttt Ki«»i-lm«r'by the many minister* and deUv;a(o trnm tht diHlrict <« tlu uut«» nip given ibem by Ihe con^rcsa ttou thin iift«-it«>oN immediately af!*-i dtimcr AutoM iveie at the chinch am a tour of tin- cilv wut. mude. Tlw rid« took'the lart> iivef •« route full of in- I'est (uul they ucrc enthiuscd over the m,in\ tiixhtH and pleuh.tnt' lmme« uis« lUe f.tftttU-, n iu the two cities. La«t Night'* Suction. The I.UKI* cbiitch uan^m*elv dl!'tl laM injii-' -it tile i \eiiliiff MeJ-fU>n Tlu ,.huoct ti d >« iniou V-.l.S 'ib-liVCIed I>V Ifev KianU Cifi h of l*ropti ^ICVMI 11^ ,ld^lt^-s*^ v\.tH tuli of K<'i"d tlii'rKlit »tit>1 Two Men Arrested At Dixon For Attempted Assault On It hrtK been a IOHK ti»ni> f»lnr€» the city of AmtMiy ban been. w>.s»tlrivi| up »« It wa« lust niBlit when u bevame kjuoWh that '"one "iif the "most prominent luxlies of that pity had boon made the victim'of an uimiwespful brutal attack by two men. thought -to be from Germans Move Heavy Firing Pieces'Back On Somme To -Prevent losing Them. Italians Fail In Isonzo and Anglo-French in Their Dixon. But little detail of the could he learned, but from Rood authority U In stated that the lady -in from one of the best families of the ci.ty. The two men attacked her and'It \\t\n only after u hard fitrutiKle* that »he in making her'.'escape; •• The esofipeit "oii u -north bound; TTJey vf~vrt> K«H-U und tlM>T»Jx- t»n police were notified. <\immiK^ion<- er Vnn Uibber and tmicer (loldtunith In the office. They hurried to the C. depot but the train had already the station, > man answering the de- ot -ojie uf Uu>. <-ulprit*«, just fmtn ft car. Officer Uohtr him under arte»t. Mr. train for the Macedonian Drive. Hy Henry Wood. (Staff Correspondent of United l're««.) 'With the French Arniiw*' on the .Sorarne, Oct. 13,-t-Ttie. Germans hav withdrawn their heavy Jjunx from -out iind a half to live milen behind their Sonitno front. Anglo-Kn?uch aviutoi-H aflfalr luive diwcovored on their recent -The withdrawal wan ordered to nave the pieces rrom being captured; In recent da«he« of the allied Infantry many heavy guns have been captured before the German** had an opportunity to draw back. ; The < lei nians now have ti.lut) guiiH op« and UrttiHli on. the 1, reached They foriptlon «ettillK off >tmUh placed Van Bibber Kesirched tin Oth«r man, but failed to find him. then Sent it mesu-ajje to Frveport to be *>n- the lookout for him. loiter, huw.- «ver. Mr, Vnn.iUbber met a man an- sr the deKcriptlon ,uf the ot bet- man, uiitl ulKo\in«wei-liiK iu the/name the Ambuy people hkd supplied.' Mr. Vaa Ijiblu'r uue.-,lioned the man and he {Tht confronted to haxiiu; b«-en on the. tutin «nd gcuinK off at the ttlll north »tf l>ix>n and WHikm« back. He wui> also ;iln#ed in the county j,ill • ;,:>.( Hhvritt i'hiltips will take them both to Aml«-> tliday to xe." if the lady can'identify then*. It H *uid tht* lady is _ti! pros, t rut fd \\ith a ilervotiH breakdown dl account of the horribl<> art air. «il mile .front. .Since the allied"utTch- hive IM-KUU more than 5tio German nuns. have"b« en captured. CAUGHT TRAPPING Ftftjten and IN THE BALKANS. (t!y United I'resH.) 'London, HUB.. Oct. l3,-~|'uwJiUU4 U«4r putnil.i efthtwurd from Prowenik and Topolyva, captured I row, the HulKHw a few da>s aiio, |hu Hritlsh reconnolt- fn-«l with armored cars ttlnnit thtu railway to the junction of the KereH-Sal- «liuHi road, it 1« officially announce<l. Tho Bultiars arc holding the railway In cdtiMdcmble /orcc. «'.'irtlu' Uike Uoiran front cnenjy trencltt'f. were milled by the Hritinh dehpite liea\y re»iHtunce-by tho ItulKarw Hulgurx tb-d after their VisslHtetice bn K« n. tiritixh troop.s advanced on the flout between, Gutb'cuurl and Lew Houeffn in in -severe lighting north of the jHlommi' 'at-t nmht. Gen. I la IK reported today <;;nn.- w* i«- in.ide nonhwe.Hl of (Juade- i'uut t.iiinl I5u pri««»ntTrt tak^n A <Ji«r- tnaii att.ioK novth of .Stuff icdoubt wan dll\« U <'!f. Chrts Thompson Fm*d ^ Co*U For Trapping Tt.i'tlll holt WilS Ult l«\ J.. in JuMtlte W KUlJn .4t)i) i oinni int of- |;er J H. or whoie il nearer 1 '.f line r and l lie inltil- -from the center of thp road, fur would of ct'Ul'i« T.'ith m-it je;sr. . AH oltfi.tiU «:ih I l,l| I iQii. |J| a}ll'Jimt7l'ii4 .Thompson TW4N OJTY MOTOR HMUO. ni,«n<it;> r of- t'o , tod-iv ttl *'- oi '' l«t >t 'U''t -d «>»» aiul .nil!'-'!, t GREATER Hv RAIDED GERMAN WORKS. t l!y Cnlted I'n'h.s i i.-.. I'r.ini'c. Oct. 13.- r'letieh and .th .111 «(iiadron.s bombiitded the in.tuset woikh at odci'id<>if, "dtuppliiK n».ulv tiwloiij! of piojoctiluM, it waw oitt tuil> amiuunml today. On both ,- ut>-Sumtne thu aililleiiuK was, rather \ioh-m lilKbt, t^peciull) bc- on, BuchmiehVCf and Ohaul- GERMANS TOOK A TRENCH. i By t'mtcvt Fn-aa.) Ht^»^l^'.. Oct. 13, Ill-Milan p't tompoi .ti'iiv occupied a j>e< tion lit in ht>4 nouthwexl lif aitilbi> l.-m- -e l«'n> Hf*l l,\ .t lit,- Indiuniunw. lie w«» seen tiy crowds'out calllnn •which packed the .*tre!&tH for blocks, jiriic lint of Good Ro»d» Ltnk Section*. |er dciith, in ""In bin ffrHl Net i*peech he »poke of i certain- that the good done by highways In prevent- inir N«H'iiomtli-.m. • "My fellow eitUeri'x," he continued, "I need not tell you that I dl<| not eom« here to talk politics, but there i« one thitiK that In pertinent in thin con out the mSllta. The jrrrtw-J'*' submarine In supplied by nhlps aloitK the cormt. but one ftU- thority «ay« the evidence, which th* " HV >' »«arsl».-from a r«l|«>|ft ^. casualltU'.s. -Including «noth- v<vwli Kation'. -J'*' -l v<v °f the miwt thorough The today under fearful riots, made It un- thlH cviuld, bo accomplliih- MI r i k e r« were i i > a n.. .njslyL JoiUOil j _ while the police, and deputies" Uan McCady. the nix SCOURING THE COAtT. United Pnswt.) - '• -I:-' ^Ct. 13._— BUKhlnflt thfl wcater* an fai» north M' inwpector, were ready for anythlnif. the Canadian bouldary, 15 torpedo d«- The polic nectlon which I i-iinnot deny mywlfitrol over the Hituallon in view of tlu> Jhn v j»rl%'llene of -ttaylnK': icdwlnu <>f the Mtloons. but denpitt 1 the "Any man who revives the i»*ue ofide(idlint»M and gun play tlu> territory Kectlonalifim in thin country ix un- {actually controlled by thp HtrlkefH was worthy-of-th*' cotil!dence of th« nation. J a block . broader. Strlkern, heavily lie nhowH himself q provlnlcal: hf Utrntod. palrolbHl the territory and were . „. Ktroyern from the naval ban* h*re, are claim they have better con-'{'wnrch the harbor^-for a poiwibia b«l« I (Keren t mwal liane. One by one the destroyem left Newport ycwterday until mldnlRht th*x were wtruiiK out alonjr the coant with three, reported UB far -north aa Bar Harbor. Me. Rei>»rtn of their loentinn of Nh<>w« that lie himself does not knowTl'i'«"pared for titihtiiiK. The riot* the varioiiH HcntioiiH of his own coun- ;yesterday in which a liystander try: he HhowK-Urat he ban whut bin'killed, were not repeated late at nlirht heart up In n Ifttle province,'and that j but the city wu.s nervous about the who do not seek, tho Hpeciai In- ifitt'n'e.' . Kfmy~rort!ry^lTI^oTty~i7rilii UliUteTiT^ while he alone IM national, That-'^wl man. believed to be' a Slav, tin Is the depth of anti-patriotic feeling." j third killed, was found on 54 \VeHt 1SU Giy» President Hand. j street, with, u bullet wound over hit At were not. Klven out by thn naval station and m) far BB known no actual evidence haw be*n received that tha base of supplies ha* baen located. lw)th meet jiijfH .the pre«ldent'.H ad- right eye. An investigation .ehowed were intt-rrupted CriMjupotly by jthal he .wan a. worker for the Genora opplauso, and hartd clapping marked ht« Chemical Company, which tried to get through the xtreets. the fair grounds, his first address, j tH In the- rear, I The Colineum tit Where he delivered had many vycant-sui the hall in which he spoke: later was filled. He also itpoke tirlefly ut tt luncheon iflven him by Uov. and Mra. 8am- >l M. ItalHton. of Indiana. The necom'1 «et speech >vn» devoted to n dixcunHion of the works of tho the'wirikei-K to return to their Jaborw for a boriux. that the dead drink about n A saloonkeeper reported man had beeiuln for u Nin« Wore Arreited. Throwing theij; lines Into the bloody »one"of the HtHik the police nnd deputies sowed the striking oil workers. Nine men vvere arrenteJ -on various ! ch.irKeM. <hu» man, tln> |»olice nay, u»l- I inn led iltuTlie, was a sniper. the nation. , j They.had failed up to an .early, hour left ut 5;-lfi o!clock for! 1 ' 1 '" afteriUHin "to get any j'oncluslvt in«?rx of The prenlde U»ng Branch, N. J., where he will arrive thl.H afternoon »t a o'clouk. Helen Criep Who Killed iaby it Freed After~H*r~ Marriage. (By'United 1'renn.) Madlmm. VVls,. Oct. 13.—H«len Crl«>p. u ttteuoKruphcr, who Hpcnt two vcc-H* n the Uune county jail churned with Mr«t degree imii'ilcr, following her con- Mtoii that idie ^mothered h«r-w«ek- »Id illcKltlmaU' child and cast the body' n a park hutnon, will not KO to pns- n. Walter I*. Burch ct>nffM>ii'tl that be Wist tht) father of the child and announced to .hulxc Htippmun that he would mjtrry the tAlrl/ He did. The court foiind tlv*> sirl t>anc and i eutenced her to one ,jw»r in prison i »ut Mh*» \\t\n immediately!«i liii wo polict women and left the court ,' vith lu-i buwliand who was lined |i. | BOY BEHEADED i proof in the early morning: murder of an untatmtiritHl man. believed to lm\« been a iVntrat Chemical company agent, engaged In trying tu t?«'f the men to return to \voik. ', J There ha« been some milplnt; to4lay, iut_U»ii_ivild-i"iuitk &( tht» provii iu H dayw \vel>* IcMScTlcd. IhoUKh thin diu'K not fncan that the bloodshed Isi ended. ELECTIOTFBAUDS .ic)e» in i»hh».' >jUain.i. \\>»t Youth Kidnapped Ten Day* Ago Wa» Found Murdered m Eait St. UovU- tlt\ 1'i.Ucd i'n-Kfe) Kabt St I..MHH. Ill," i>. t, 13 • The it<idlt-»i< M«dv of A(pho"inse .' hive yenis uld. was ft^und in a war his home today, J-itt!^ . tic wn of ,v |> Mutiiii (an, "King of I.lttle Aiuu'ul.i." \\.ih kidnapped from •>„„,,, h'A tidlllU'i J'iKeli IU ilUiH JU}U~- ' SEEKS WARRANTS Hoyne Department Of .Justice;;,!? Investigating a Wide-Spread Conspiracy. i By United Tress.) >, r, ocrrn^r^iimTeW election fraud con««|«lr- iclUKun. liuliuiui, I'enn- \"nnt!ua atiiI Colorudo aie under m\et>tlt:atfon by the ib-puit- nu-nt of ju»tice. The depaitment hopes to dihpooe of the castes bi'foie th< i-oiu- iiitt cfltviion itrttuTy illctiul registration, coloni/.ition and proposed illi'^iil \nlhiK in the "November t-feeUou ure mcludt'd m Ihi* chuiKfSi, Tite ili-ji-uniu nl hu» IA-en infuimed that it wa.s planned to take votels fiiiin tine «-taie to another to ut<e them in Hie nantut; t-lectioii The cimriie>< .nv m.uii' tu tijf lifjuirtmvnt, it )* «d I, un t'\ci-Ht ni^ ,4uthtti ily. Main •f th« chui^tK were madt.- ti> sdu-u- euuuex and citi/cn'.- oiyjiiiMitixtiti .In nine HlM.tlij;* ->• dtH cl cJt.UKCn Wele null it 1 .it i lit.tin p»'ht* State's Attorney Arreit of . V !h r—trtrr- il W.ll Demand Healey. (By United Pr*iw.) Newport, ii, L. Oct. It.—Th* radio Htution here received a report this mornlHB from an unknown uteamer, Htatlns that «he had flighted th& Oar- man t?-53 well off the Nantucket 8hoal« fit 7 o'clock thin' morning. THE KANSAN SAItS, ,(Uy 1,'nlted Pr«w.) . J>ct, 13,—The Ameri- Uner aKnaan, which was intercepted la*t Sunday by a o*r» man submarine otfiv Nantucket ll^ht, left today for Genoa, carryinc a car- of war munltiomi and hhraoa for th» BARR ELIMINATED • •- (lly United l»w««) fhlcngo, in., Oct. IS. —After a long contest, Richard J. Barr, of 4olk.t, to. day was finally. eliminated a» repub* 1 i '' ! L'lJi3iL 1 iUiiai&-f<>r attorney- ( when Judge Hal^wln In circuit court refused to grant him a recount of the rook comity ballot*. The Judge held there wan not »ufflcJentJUine_ii*_makft. the recount.and fll« the result with the secretary of state by the required bffoH' election. Edward J. the other candidate, flted a demurrer 10 th«s,petition of B*rr. name will su on the bitllot. TOOK P.O. MONEY <Hy Frilt^Mi Hrra*) Uoncoe. 111., Oct. lf.—<j«orge Brown, 3f». postmnmer here, who w»« arrested Ia«t nlKht cliarge'd with miKupproajirl- II.o5o of the postotTlce funds, examination today la-fore Com* er K U. Green and wa « held t*i llu- jii.,nd jury. Ui-own i« »»>« tO; havt- uwcd thf monej to;pay 'blM* < a lined bv McJKneiia in the family, 'fla [mid back most of' the monuy. Hrown wa« f<irinetly employed" in the uffieo •f Mark A Tooie. V, S. i ' ALLIES REPLY . c*. 1$.- uY-Tther the state department or tiu> allied tiiidutqala would dUcuss tlva I'L-J «,i urtrtt Urttaln »nd Prance In ird tu the American, prou-nt It HAN NAPOLEON. Hit d I'l* -- 1 lit! «l" St.ill , ttl.ll ' i" 11 • •n r.iri' t'" 'i'» 1 II. ( ( „.! - I-' l "U II ' ' IS W 4 . 1 1 1 i ' t i.' IN' with lh« con i'irnmen e a right to cen- undcrHtood they < lairu m f..|.,'ing nenttal

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