Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 1
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'WITH WAR BONDS 1 LXVIII, No. 161 'A, Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" WEATHER Shower* Tonight Full Report On Paite * ' ESTABUSHEDT885 WEDNESDAY;? JULY 12, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three CenU Yanks Move Up To St. Lo Front In Normandy jSA- 1 * ' -WI-A" .•••••<••:•»•*'..»•*•» ..-•.,, , . _. .' . . ..' *^ National Chairman-Reads Fourth-Term Acceptance liy liiiil; units, Anirricnu infantrymen u r <> .shown us tln\v moved forward In thu sector he- I'Ymiioml iiiKl St. I.o in >"oriiiuii<l.v. Tin- solJior :it right ciirrli>.s a lur/ooku on his shoulder. Cloxo l (liui-Uirriiniul) is a Gi-rmtiii Murk IV bulk lh:it WHS knocked out diirlnif tho advance after tin' AnirrlCHii iiilvaiicc fur a short lime. U. S, Slgiuil Corps Kudiophoto. (Internutional Sound- photo) < Cherry Street Extension | Residents Tell Of Sorry Conditions In That Section Septic Tank Troubles Are Brought Before Meeting i By Irate Property Owners Ttw spfcial meeting oC -the board of wunlt-n and burgooes started of.' In high g«ar here night when thj suusion. opened with lilie- pcc.*nt;ilion of a petition from eight residents' ot the 'northern «iJ of Cherry H trout extension asking Co,- the Installation of a. snnj' lary se-wer in the area anil for the establishment of grade llnus anil consequent improvements. Warden, Leo J, Erophy askccl if tj!rrc wa-x tinyon-c prc-senl to talk On the petition and the rfsponse vvu.s so broad and .so t-nlighluiilti;,' that LliK board for Ihu betu-r part of the tie-xt hnur runlly heard many things about, tho sec Lion, .10! generally known. la fact several of thi. revi'lation.M may possibly lead lo court rtc-l ion. Cherry street extension rosi- ili-ni* who attended thi: mooting in- cludtid Mrs. Victor 52ena.i!cas, Mrs. <'.',. A. Manor. Edward Garland, Kliii.s Jfatlxega, Mrs. Betty Krull- kuwski. liayinond Oogoluwaki anfl OIK- woman asked w-Tiy residents of the area pay Iwo tn-xes when i thi-y rccL-ivc nothing in. return. I Warden, Brophy pointed out I lint I ihe sri'vct never has been accept- I t-tl by the tiui'ough and wuiild have,- to be tui'nu'cl over to th>: iniuik-i|.:Uity lii.forc grade Improve- uirntx ai-o offerlod l.liei-t'. R:\Ki- clonts thi-n demanded Lo know who owiK-il Hi.,, road and thu board. MM- tllciitucl that t-lio U, S, Kubbcr Co. cliil. Whon the matter of a sanitary sower Cor Ihe section was mcn- I ; iun,< then the fireworks foully went (iff in earnest. Borough ofii- '••iiils wiih State HoalMi Depart- ini-iit hvad.s some lime ago in'ipect- '''I .vvcriil houses In the area cm 'he ciuuslion of poor septic tank - : ' v ''ii|) tlit'rij. arul seu'uge backing "Ho thi: collars. The r,.[ifirt of the slatr> oft'iclrils Indicated (he possibility of sevrajre b-iffUiiijf inlo the- cellars a I- u of pcwsii-,1,; sewa.jre drainage' i"lf> tl'i- liroi.k t-liat. runs through th:: 1'iJHl in that, section. Tin: state report indicated that a suniliti-y si-wt-r would lip l.he a.'i- arwi.T to (he sewage problem in thi. area, and slated that the bor- "iitrli w.-iji ticit at fault anywhere in tin- niatier, but Indlcaud that tho 'Itir-stion of damages should be a. "'vil matte:- between resident* there and the builder of the hous- '••1. MiLtthi.-w J. Knrbowlcz of City inn street. One after another of the resi- (ll 'it:: who signed the petition, and Pi'Jictic-iilty each was there, got on his or h nl . feet and told of the de- Pl<M-;ili|(. conditions in the section 'hroiijih Miin'ace water and sev.'- «K>' problems particularly in the Npi'in;; and winter seasons when 'hi; irrininil I'M full of water. On i- woman who hast a husband ln thi> armed forces told of having <" wear hip boots to attend her 1 in the winter. Mrs. Lorettti tokl of having to ask the Naugatuck Circus Man in Borough For Short Stay Karl .Jlasriuin, .former. Nnuga- tuck- resident.-and -associated with the R'.ngling Bros.-Barnum and jSalley Circus, was in the borougl •IhlH mr>rnin^r for a short stay. Mr. Rasquin, who is well-known hort,'. wa.s born on Cliff street, anil Joined t.he circus world in 1914. .Ho has been connected with various shown in his long career. His duties with Rlngiing Brothers consisted of taking cure of the ,'le- phant, numbering <19. As soon ns it is allowed, Ihe circus will reUirn to its quarters In Sarasota,. Fla., but Mr. Ras- ciuin plans to join another group shortly. Questioned aboul. the fire in Hartford last week, Mr. Easquin said thai, the animals Look the fearful .-scene-without too much cx- citomunt. His charges, the elephants, behaved well, he said. Whether or not the circus will reorgani'/e soon, Mr. Kasciuin could not. .say. Ha said that many pcr- fot'riiurs will join other circuses in order to keep on with their profession. "Dutch." ns h'o Is known, may leave the borough after a week or no of renewing old acquaintances. Republicans Keep The Democrats Here Waiting 1 , This Time f AM a rule- Nauttatuck's Ueni- ocrallc l>iir|;eKNK.<i keep their lirpiilillciin collcu^iiON waiting for the opening of the reRiilar inoi^tlnK'N of the Borough Fathers, lint 'v.Hiiuh- -was not tlm cusu ' here last -'n'ltht. About '8:43 o'clock HiirjjeHiicK •I. Hudolpli Anderson and Doinenlc llerarlo iVrriviid 'Ut the; Tnwti'lliill from thcDUCCt- fnir of the Vounff G. O; P.] ait r.vthiun hall, with the Information that G; O. P. BureeSN Williiim I'loNkl ' would iiot "be present UN '.he was biisy at' the other Jii(.'<;tlii(f. Even with', .the' late.' arrival of the'. two G., .pi IV'soIonn,' , the' Boron jfh' Hoard .. H:55 o'clock, utmost an hour Into, nnil lioi?|)lii(f H'lltlnn for a lon^' time a large number of pcrNoiiH Ire the Borough Court room, ninny .of •whom line] bu.sini'.Ms to present— to the meeting. ., • •;', -'.. Fish, Game Club Meets Tonight The Naugatuck'Fish'-and;: Game :iub, Inc., will '.Mold Its 'monthly meeting tonight at Town.-!,Hall .'at 8 p. m. Tickets for the annual. 'clambake, which will be .hold-at'SchlTd- ,'un's gnove in-September, will,-be listributed. Walter A, GeJssc'ck. 'is n charge of arrangeme.nits. ,,'.-,• A report, on the outcome of the drive for fishing equipment tor- -non in the service will also be; leard. List Reaches 240 Mark Hope That 300 Blood Plas ma Volunteers May Reg ister By Friday The list of, volunteers for ' the Mobile Blood Plasma Unit that wil be In Naugatuck, on Monday, July 17, has J-eachcd the 2-10 mark, the Naugatuck chapter, American 'Red Crosg announced today. Red Cross .olllclals are hopefu that the volunteer list will, reach 300 by Friday of this week so that lna|- preparations may. be made for Nauj|iluck's largest contribution of blood plasma. . The newest list, released here,, ncludes 49 more local residents j who arc willing to give their blood that American soldiers ,m»y live. • Military ottlcials have asked for 250 pints of blood . plasma, and to attain this quota at least 300 volunteers arc needed. It is hoped that Naugatuck residents, who in the past have never failed in a patriotic -crisis will come forward just as soon, as,possible in order that American soldiers and sailors on the war fronts of the world, may have a chance to survive in this terrific war. As American forces steadily drive back, our Axis enemies, So also do America™ casualties mount. In recent w^oks the toll of American wounded- has been appalling, invasion casualties in Prance being higher, than, anticipated, while .the invasion .of Sa.ipa.ii. and,obher Marianna Isla-nd actions in-, the Pacific, have been .successful but very cost- ly'to- American"., bodlcij..'' , • American fiplitlng men .a.rc will-, Ing to '.lay down .their- lives for l.heir, cour.try-and every'resident In it. In return.'we-should be willing lo'donate blood'jn..ordcr.that those who -survive, the -battle. . though wounded, .may..-''have-.their- chance to live ,and .regain, normal health 'arid'lives..- . _-•., .;• ••-•. •:,-..,'.;• '-. •• I I /Today's' i follows:'..-, •-'_•' :-,:Mrs.• JotmlMcKeo, -Mrs.;Wallace • 3uxton,vMi cliial -Honanj-'WviV-dyi i-' .teriden'. " Phyllis" 'Clark, •• Theddbre Heller,'' Joseph - Koaper,,-Mrs. Burton Morel, SlJinley Lodzi'ato, How ard ThiboUeau,- Arthur" Rabtoy Chester Geida. ' . •Also Virginia Dinsmorc, Josep Pralakas, Edward Rostowsky,. Mrs Irvinj; Clark, Ray Adcnhokl, An drew Rozum, Robert .Cook, Edga Ouellette, Thomas Poulos. Also Harold Bun-all,' Gus Kllm asxewski, Anthony. Waranowic?. Arnold Wurm, H, P, Baldwin, D Lorfn Schcocne, - Mrs. - Elizabetl Schoene, Charles Asplund, Harr> Parks, Edward Dube, Charles Ter rill. Also Leonard Harrison, Leonard Passcck, Rutan Stabley, Leroy Bair, John Mahan, Lee..Aderhold, Edward Williams, John .Sargent, John Reardon,. Francis. Grabowski. Also Mrs, Bernicc Stricskl, Louis Kcchkes, Walter Beck, Mrs. James Glynn, Mrs. Seymour Squires, Mrs. Ralph Tripp and Viola Evans. Building Inspector's Salary Change Likely Board To Look Into Change In Building Ordinance No\v 20 Years OJd department for aid on the 'l»"stion of water flooding her eel- l! "' .anil of the- wet cellar walls, ap- from .septic tank trouble. tliiT n-siclents P !L|1 t of tin- u'uu-i' were sure that trouble was from (Ctintinuccl on Pago 8) lnr , .., . i,.. ;J""tru Music Mart, »» Church SI. Ji'l. 5^»7.— AUv. The first step in a move thai may put .the office of Building In- spcctbr In Naiitratuck on a salary basis only,' was taken at 1: night's meeting of 'Ihe- board of warden and burgesses when it was deckled that the building ordinance here bo overhauled and bl-ousrht up to date. Tile ordinance is said to be 20 yours old and modern changes in building and Ihe materials used, call for more up-lo-dato Interpretation of -foiMtruction. Warden Leo J. Brophy was named to head a committee that will consult with Building Inspector Andrew C. Buntley and Borough Engineer Charles D. Curli.f on tho matter. , When Hie situation was presented at the.board last night, il was pointed out that Naugatuck «"(i« enjoying- a building boom at the moment and that builders should have the benefit of close suporvlslon from the local bui-ki- injf Inspector. It was also stated •that fees on. the 200 houses' in the Glenrldge development will net Building Inspector B e n 11 e y approximately '$1500.00 and if there is another $1,000,000.00 worth of factory construction iliero within .Ihe year 'f.hat. there will be- other fees of approximately $1,000.00. Build inf Inspector Bun.tloy re(Continued on Page 8) Local Soldier Writes From Fox Hole In France 38,000 Japs Killed In One Month By Allies In India (By United Press) . An Allied communique says the Japs lost more than 38 thousand dead in India last,month, •'.,,.'' They suffered these casualties while being driven back'almost to the border of Burma. ,~ ; The communique adds that -enemy positions in the Ukhrul area of India are deteriorating rapidly. The Jap»' also arc withdrawing in the Blshenpur region, southwest of Imphal in India's Mnnipiir state. In North Burma—Allied troops swept the last organized Japanese resistance from the Kamaing-Mo- gaung road. This route feeds Into the Lcrlo high way, : 'Which General S til well's troops have; been . building from India into Burma toward Chungking. The Allied victory adds a 300-mile stretch to the Ledo I'oute, It is an immense stride forward in Stilwell's-campaign to reestablish overland traffic in. arms and supplies from India, to China, tVaNhlnirton •lur'-he-'Tc'aYI "1'reslde.nt Roosevelt's letter or .acceptance of the party's nomination"- fourth term,'in "the -White House. -Chairman . Hiuine£iin. had. informed .(ho 1'rfisiclent'that thc-T>cmocr:itic nation-' onvention. in Chicjig-o will tender the nomination, and h:id asked .tho-PrONldcnt to say th'At he will concluding paragraphs-of which arc re-' (InU-rnational Soiindphpto) lii'.:' •«•;'•••". . • '.:" . To Sign Honor Scroll Signatures To Be Sent To Eisenhower, William &. Boies Says All Nauga-t.uck resident* purchasing additional cash war bonds" up to July 27 can sign a scroll ot honor '.hat will be sent to Gen. Dwhsrht Eisenhower, commandcr-in.-chicf of Allied operations in the European theater of war, William G. Boies, chairman of Ihe local war 'finance- committee, announced this morning- Purchasers of bonds at the Post Office, the Savings Bank, or Ihe National Bank can sign the scroll, which will be sent to Hartford and then to if he General with all si%- nalurcs obtained in the state ot Connecticut. The message at Hie head of l^ie •oil lo Gen. Eisenhower reads: "On Invasion Day, Connecticut moved with your troops and aunchcd the Fifth War Loan. s'ow, as evidence of our faith and admiration and with a determination to continue our support of you and your troops, we, tho undersigned residents of Connecticut, at the close of the 'Fifth War Loan, have purchased an extra. War Bond to complete a chair, 1 of bonds from Conneclicut to your forces on the batUefront," • . ; . The document will be known, AS the Connecticut Scroll of Honor. Although the- Fifth War Loan drive is officially, over, sales of bonds up .to the" • last .-day • of July will be credited- to -the drive. • The state, lias been reported as well below the quota for'"E'- bonds.- ' '-respond. 1 -Mrl. HoOKcveltV reply was-this acceptance. '. produced (below) with-the President's'signature. Red Army Threatens To Cut Off Latvia And Estonia As i " i r 1 • ir A nni*AQ/*n r QCT Y ripprodtn Labi • 'mm, ' Advance Appears To Be :Ch.anging Nazi Military Plans ROBOT BOMBS London. July 11—(XJP)— bot bombs Ml Lon'don agairt today after an. all nig-ht lull. And it's estimated that nearly a-quarter of a million persona, have left .the British'capital In the past 10'days for safer areas." •.• •,'•'-»••• ••. •.•.-•., •'. Corporal Earl J. DuBois, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lionel DuBois of May street, is now In Prance, a letter dated June 26 and. which has just been received hero, reveals. Corporal DuBois has been-in the service for nearly three years, and until several months' ago wns stationed at Fort Francis E. Warrnn near Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was stationed in Wyoming for his entire period in the Army, until he came East some months ago, shipping out for England only last spring. ' ' The local soldier is a veteran National Guardsman, and' was on maneucvers at Plattsburgh, N. Y. some years ago. He is very well known in Naugatuck where he haa., always made his; home. While here Telegraph offers some background ho was an employe of the Fulton" information to explain the acute Markets, and later worked at the Wnterbury, Companies, Inc., formerly the Waterbury Button Co. Corporal DuBois writes that he wishes he could talk French so that he could understand what the natives of that, country -arc talking about, when they address the soldiers. He states that/the, letter was written in a fox hole with'a pup tent over the top to keep out the rain, He asks to be remembered to his friends in Naugatuck, ..His address is Corporal Earl J. DuBois, A. S. N. 31041956, Hd, & Hd. Co. 52nd Q. M. Base Depot, A. P, O. 350, in care of (By United Truss) The smashing Red army advance vestwnrd appeared to be changing azt military plans. As Soviet forces converge on the Polish , city of Pirisk, approach close to the borders of E.M..SL Pr'.is- ia, and threaten to out off-.Lii.tvia xnd- Estonia—a swirl of eports has come from neutral and ncniy, sources. . ' 'Diplomatic circles in Ankara ay German civilians n.ncl factories re .evacuating Poland. A Stock- lolm'-'dispatch asserts East Prus- ian.authorities are "in the highest tate ' of-.alarm." The Journal do- lares' they have mined the approaches to the country, closed the 'frontier, arid forbidden anyone to leave- or enter without special permission. The .German-controlled Scandinavian Telegraph Bureau quotes an .unidentified Berlin military commentator as hinting at the possibility of a Nazi withdrawn.! frbin Estonia .and Latvia. ;'..--'An' article in- the London DoHy Postmaster, .r Y. . NEW HAMPSHIRE G. O. P. Cocnord, N: : ,H:, July."12— (UP)— ; The . Republicans v.,of> New.. Hamp-) shire have rejected'. Governor Rob-[ ert O.' Blood's bid for a third term.- Almost complete returns fronr.yes-. t e r d a y's primary . give Mayor. Charles M. Dale of Portsmouth. the G. O. P. • g-ubernatorial inatior " • '.-.'• ' nom-'., Nazi' jit'tL'rs. - -It Sovlo't. -command estimates' 1 the has committed only 140 of 600 available divisions so 'far 'in its offensive, The newspaper claims 110 thousand "German have been captured to prisoners date.. ?-. Latest front reports indicate Red' army, .troops .have tightened their 'encirclement' of Wilno, capital of Soviet Lithuania, in the fifth straight day of street fighting. To 'the north, other Soviet forces broadened their wcdfje between Daugavpils (DvinslO, in. Latvia. and' Kaunas, in Lithuania, to 45 miles. Thcy-.advanced to within -14 miles • of Kaunas — which is thu former'.; Lithuanian capital. ! Gohcral Chcrniakhovsky'B men have -forced to. within 155 miles of the;"Ea'st Prussian frontier. They threaten to" smash -through, to the •' ," '(Continued on''8) -^Wiir .workers find that, Jeff'B RcNluurant 'offers Ocllc.ioiiH, hcnlth- ful foods tO:1ccep one liv tip top Proposed Extension Of Fern Street Is Still Held Up The tho matter of opening ihe north end of Fern street into Chestnut street is far ,from settled' was indicated nt last night's meeting of the board nf warden nnd biirjycsses and which was attended by severa residents of thnt strop.t. . As originally .set up, Oie borougl- asked Gco'-gc Oissidy for -to fee of land, with which to mnlcc a vo.ic and open' up the area into Chest nut street. Mr. C.'ussidy in turr asked for 25 feet af land on Chestnut. street, in order tn amplifj building lots ho owns on ' that street. Residents of Chestnut street now foal that either the boroujjn should buy the entire strip on Fern street from Mr. Cassidy or else the owner of the land on Chestnut street should deal direct with the Watcrbury man, rather than the way it is now set up. A few allegation^-' of a '.'squeeze play" on the part of Mr. C.-issidy were made nt the meeting, and thu matter" finally was placed on the basis of a future meeting between Mr. Cassidy, Mirough ^officials and Chestnut street property owners. The mat.tcr of opening up- Fern street was again presented by David LorentzBon, a property owner there who maintained that the dead end si.root was a fire hazard. The warden disagreed in this statement aSd Borough Attorney Mai-tin L. Caino stated that the area could not bo condemned and taken over by the borough on the grounds nf it being a fire hazard. - Edward Rcinauer another Fern- street resident told of alleged plumbing ordinance violations in JAPS LAUNCH DRIVE Chungking, July 12— (UP) — .Japanese forces have launched n. general onslaught against Heng- yang supported by aerial and. artillery, bombardment and gas, attacks, according to a Chinese army cwnmimique. ARMORED -CARS Xew York, .Inly 12— (TJP)— A German news agency report* (.hat five masked inon held up two Bitnk of l?rancc armored cars and escaped with 20-inlllioii dollnrs. - oOo — — - "• • '•: •" STIMSOX ENGLAND^ Closing Of Dump May Have Averted Serious Tragedy .Ward'en Leo J- Brophy ; in prn- senting -a. petition, signed by 92 residents of Xpt-fch.' Main istrcet on<l adjacent sec! ions list inj^ht, to tho board of.w-ardcn and'burgesses, in a. protest afrainst tl« -bgrough using the Eastern Malleable Iron. Co. dumping grounds, gave a. very clear and cor.cise resume of the matter of a dump 'litsre. The warden, stated that the War Department had forced- the closing of tho Cherry stret dump du« to •the fire hazard there in connection wiUi Ihe Synthetic plant. He- stated tliat one plant of a similar typo liad been blown up already through fire cause, in this country, and that the blast leveled houses a mile away. Warden Brophy stated that under the government order that there was nolhing for the borough to do except close the'dump and look elsewhere. He told of trying- lo find dumps on the East Waterbury road, in' Millville and other places but th-ere were serious and in some cases official objections to each site. ' (Continued on Page 8) Borough Drenched By Short, Terrific Showers Yesterday London, July 12— (UP)— Unitxd State Secretary of War. Stimson and his party arrived in Enfjjand today from 1'uily. AIRBORNE COMMANDO'S; Allied' 1-Te.idqunrtoTrs, London, .Tuly 12—(XJD—An official an. »ii»nnci?n»ont say.s spociu) Allied uirhnrno commandos arc operating behind enemy Hnes-'in France. The commandos arc ^known -UK SAS troops. "Anil presumably, Iho.v'ro teaming: ii|> 'with-French patriot forces. ' . . F. D. Quells Brush Fire On Forest St. Tho Naugatuck fire department answered a call yesterday afler- noon, .shortly after -4 o'clock. Five- men extinguished a brush fire wJiich wns blazing on the property of John Vanassc on Forest street. Chief John J. Sheridan sajd. •JAUANESK .BROADCAST A Japanese new.*, agency broad- ca^l.'.as heard by government mon- tors, says abou-l, 30,000 school chil- the construction dl . on hava - bcc)T cyacua , led f ,- om ,_. ' • Tokyo to vura'l districts since July The warden indicated that if ! gth. It was on'. July 7'th, you'll re- connection with of his house. Fern street is or is not. opened up, that in all probability, that resident's' of the northern ond of t.he street will bo'nblc to connect with a sanitary sewer in Chestnut street, but. that, there is n'o storm shape, these hot, sticky days.—Adv. sewer on tiiat street. call, that the-second Superfortress attack- hi-l Japan. ... The broadcast says the evacuation 'of the. school children is iii> line with ;|.hc Japanosc government's, precautions against . further American-air assaults. ••> Old Jupiter Pluvius-let himself go yesterday afternoon* shortly after 5 o'clock; and gave the earth below a thorough drenching. Man V Naupatuck residents were caught in the sudden downpour without umbrellas, without-'rafrf- coats, without hats—as a matter of fact, widout nuttin"'. • ; Automobiles .traveled in water several inches .deep downtown, especially in Union City,, .where on North Main street,- even* th#. ancient Noah and his-notable arJc would not have looked out of place. Windshield-"wipers -on cars swished back andjorth to no avail 'as the big-, drops of 'water fell faster than HWcpt off. And the poor pedestrians — requicscant ,In pace—huddled in doorways or ducked into stores. soaking wet by the time cover wa« secured,, . ' Sand and (tones were . found in gutters and streeti this morning- showing the'after effects of the rushing rainwater. Str«et- deportment worker* were clearing tho debris away thit morning. A tree fell across tho-road.near ' .he Nichols- gasoline station ,6n tforth Church 1 Btrcet, with a result .hnt one-way traffic was possible there for ;8ome.hours. .. .... -.-' A. report \v«s-'receive* of lifrht- ning striklnff ;in the .Elm .. street area but no detail*..were received. today. . '• * '• ., - ;." ' ' • —Wlinn you think of Vacation Mid Holiday , ClolhM. It's 'BBphwI's iiKBtuck-iiFsAlilonOnler, whero StMo 'and - rx>w Price • go feuutd In

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