The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on November 3, 1911 · Page 13
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 13

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1911
Page 13
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THE OHAfiLOTTE HSVTf y NOVEMBER 3, lSf i3 few Plan to Betide W 01 Ids Baseball Championship associated Press. Br m-:co, Nov. 3. A plan which will pake a radical change in the present -cpm cf deciding the world's base- v," championship, it was said here i-et vrxhu will be laid before the Na-fai "commission which meets in Cincinnati. Nov. 14. jte session of the commission has ee called for the purpose of inves-t'catins ticket scalping in connection wiTh'the recent contest between the,ts and Athletics and suggesting remedies for the cviIs wnich have attended every contest for the diamond si' ueu5t Herrman, chairman of the rnnmission. it is said, has a plan to r-n awav with the present world's championship struggle of seven games a"d substitute a schedule of sixty con lhe Iradesman's Weekly Review Cha'tanccsra. Nov. 2. For the week end-'n"- todav. the new industries organized in the south, as reported by The Tradesman, shows quite an increase over last week both as to num-ters and capitalization. That an Improved condition exists and a better ceneral feeling in business circles prevails is further evidenced by the Tradesman review in this week's Issue cf the' iron market in which it says in -"While $10 per ton for No. 2 pig iron is nor considered a satisfactory price, t'-e melt is not being held up and the chances are that this will very shortly le increased, as additional furnaces in the Birmingham district will likely be put into operation very soon. The indications are that there will be no immediate change in prices. Large quantities of pipe are being shipped and orders in hand and in sight will warrant a steady operation of plants of this character for some time to come. The foundaries and machine shops are using quite a little iron, too. whi'e stove makers up to a few day? ago have been doing better than thev had for many months previous. The melt, though considerably tinder the production of iron in the Southern territory, has been steady." The list of new industries for the week as reported by The Tradesman follows: Mississippi. E-jmsville $10,000 bank. North Carolina. Ashboro $5,000 automobile company. Charlotte $30,000 leather goods company. $15,000 coal, storage and commission company. , Eagle Rock 5100,000 quarry. Fayeueville $75,000 lumber and box company. Graham $30,000 cotton mill. Greensboro $25,000 motor car company. Herdersoaville $100,000 automobile company. Tryon -550,000 realty company. Wilmington $5,000 bottling company; $100,000 development company; $50,000 candy factory; $125,000 turpentine company. Oklahoma. Eartlesville $30,000 oil and ras company; $50,000 ice and cold storage company; $100,000 manufacturing company. Cheotah $3,500 oil and gas company. Claremore $20,000 development company. Collinsville $5,000 horseshoe company. Muskogee $25,000 oil and gas company, $100,000 mine. Ryan $30,000 oil company. Oklahoma $50,000 medicine company. Tulsa Roller Mill. YYaukomis Elictric light plant. South Carolina. Charleston $25,000 realty company. Con-sv ay $50,000 development company. Elloree $10,000 warehouse company. Pages Mill $1,400 telephone company. Prosperity $5,000 hardware company. Timmonsville $10,000 development company. Tennessee. Chattanooga $100,000 bank, $100,-0n0 railroad company; $10,000 fuel and supply company. Cleveland Wholesale grocery company. Fayetteville Warehouse company. Jelico $100,000 mine. Lawrenceburg Cotton gin. Memphis $100,000 furniture company; $5,000 automobile company; ??.000 automobile company; two 53,-COO tent and awning companies. Nashville Adding machine company, $10,000 knitting mill. Texas. Corsicana $10,000 printing company. Dallas $22,500 investment company. Donna $2,000 brcom factory. Eagle Pass $20,000 ice manufacturing company. Elkhart Telephone company. Houston $400,000 cil company, to 7000 cypress farms company; $10,-000 land company. Wichita Falls $50,000 oil company. Jefferson Stave factory. Rockdale $6,000 cotton gin. Koyston $3,000 cotton gin. Royston $3,000 manufacturers stack pipe protectors. San lnfnin ten rnn ii; ... . - .iiuuia uu.uuvf mining tv ai- pany. Wyiie $4,000 water company. Virginia. Harrisonburg $15,000 orchard company. Norfolk $5,000 veneer mill; $300,-m realty company; $10,000 spring bed Manufacturing comnanv. Pleasant Ridge $5,000 telephone company. Richmond 325.000 development corarany; $250,000 silk mill, hosslyn $23,000 realty companv. BRIEF TRANSIT. Wh hen lovely woman stoops to iol'v j -na s nictiirpri on , - I jsn't very long, by golly; , N before she's starring on th- stage. page. tests with the 16 teams of the two major leagues as the contestants and cut the regular schedules of the two major organizations to 112 games. " In other words each team would be called upon to play 172 games, 18 more man me present season schedule calls for. By f eliminating the many open dates the increased number of combats could be decided by the middle of October. Each club would have to meet all the rivals in the opposing organization and the world's championship would be determined on a percentage basis. The team finishing with the best record at the end of the sixtv contests would be given the big nennant. In addition all the major league layers would be given a part of the receipts accruing from the post season games. Columbia College Meets Florida U, By Associated Press. Jacksonville. Fla. Nov. 3. One nf them ost Important football games of the season so far as Florida colleges are concerned is being planned for this afternoon at Gainesville with trie University of Florida and Colum bia College elevens as contestants These two teams are the strongest in the state and keen rivalry exists between them. Florida has played several hard games and has shown her strength while Columbia is in some ways an unknown quantity. The probable line-up of the teams is as ioiiows: Florida. Storer .. .. Aker .. .. Coarsey.. . Swanson . . Wilson .. . Hancock. . Buie Shackleford. Taylor. . . . Position, center right guard mm right tackle right end left guard left tackle'" left end quarterback Columbia . ..McCord . .Alderman Nance . . . .Morgan . .Springier . .Manning .... Hooker .. ..Blitch .. ..Terry right half back Gavis Redden left half back Tenney Tribble full back Columbia has the following substitutes: Kinghan, Holzendorf, Harb, Albritton, Miller and Wiltsey. New Use for Aeroplanes. From Popular Mechanics. The supervisor of the Selway Forest, consisting of 1,600,000 acres, which was formerly part of the Nez Perce reserve in Idaho,' predicts that aeroplanes and wireless telegraphy -will te important factors in forest-fire prevention before a far distant date. He believes that a man in an aeroplane could do more accurate and extensive survey work in the forests of the Pa cific slope country in a few hours when forest fires are raging than is usually accomplished by twenty rangers in a week. With wireless stations installed on peaks in the chief danger zones he believes it would be a comparatively easy task to assemble men and apparatus to check and extinguish the flames and prevent spreading. Shifted Positions. From the Washington Star. "You are not making speeches now, ' said the admiring constituent. "No," replied Senator Sorghum; "there are so many people out my way who want to talk that the man who is likely to become popular i? the one who is willing to be the audience." Prayer In an Indian Court. Charles Johnston in the Atlantic. " The noon hour struck, tolled by the rail-gong at the treasury door, and in a 'moment all things came to a standstill. The Mohamedan lawyers, the village Moslems loitering about the court, even Mozuffe. Khan with his guardian policeman, reverently with- A moment later they reappeared on the wide concrete veranda outside the window at my left. There they laid down their prayer-mats, and standing first with devoutly bowed heads and hands folded they murmured the noon prayers . of the Prophet's religion; then knelt, still praying, and made obesisance, prostrating themselves before Allah the Merciful, the Compas? sionate. The reverence of their de votion was perfect, and wholly tree from the self-conscious snameiaceness that I should have felt, supposing that I, the Magistrate, had suspended court to pray there in public. Bovying In 1780. From ' th,er November Atlantic. "If you bcW to any one passing by, do it in this manner; - raise the right hand to your hat gracefully. - "Put your fore-finger as far a 3 the crown, and your thunmb under the brim, and then raise it from your nead gracefully and. easily ' ' . " nt thfi nerson you bow to, and hold your body gently forward. "Hold your left arm straight down at; your side, neither drawing it for- .ward fir hack ward. ;vt ier if the nerson -toes by on the right side, and keep "If the person goes oy on me leu side, move the left leg, and keep th right firm. , ' , ' "Let your body be bowed moderately, not too much." He Knew. "The Malays have a queer marriage custom," remarked the traveler. The groom holds his nose against a small cylindrical object. I couldn t quite make out what it was - ,nornna "K grindstone, probably," interposed Mr Grouch.-Kansas City Times. , -n...i., trico Tir.ondersa. N. Y.: "All persons using this tub are requested to leave' it clean." In Brooklyn: ."Autos to hire out in In Lebanon, N. H.: "Hacks for weddings, funerals and other similar occasions." New York Mail. Sunday School (Continued from Page Eleven.) In friendship such as passed a woman's love. "So, raise up my head. How dark it is! I can not seem to see The faces of my flock. Is that the sea That murmurs so, or is it weeping? Hush! My little children! God so loved the world He gave his son; so,loved ye one another; Love God and man, Amen. Now bear me back, My legacy into an angry world is mis. I feel my work is finished. Are the streets so full? What call the folk my name9 'The holy John?' Nay, write me rather Jesus Christ's beloved. And lover of my children. "I am the last. Once more we are com plete To gather 'round the Pascal feats. M place Is next my Master. Oh my Lord! my Lord! How bright thou art, and yet the very same I loved on Galilee! 'Tis worth the hun dred years To feel this bliss! So lift me up, dear ixjra, . - Unto thy bosom, there shall I abide Follow the better to th bpst .Tnhn was a disciple o fthe Baptist before he Decame a aisciple of Jesus. Light al ways leads to more light. The most mystical and tenderest of the -biographies of Jesus is the Fourth Gospel. Jjove sees most clearly; because Jesus and John were heart-comrades, John was able to write so that readers of his book also become lov ers or his Lord. SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS. Ascend a step In choosing a friend ine laimud. A good man does good merely by living. Bulwer. Religion is the answer to the oues tion, do I live, and what is my relation to the Infinite universe about me? Tolstoi. Men may rise on stepping stones Of their dead selves to higher things Tennyson. Great thoughts come from the heart. Vauvenargues. - , Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. Emerson. My own hope is, the sun will pierce My thickest cloud earth ever stretch ed; That, after Last returns- the First, Though, a, . wide compass round be fetched; .- . That what began best can't end worst, Nor what God blessed once prove ac curst. Robert Browning. NO POLICE; NO POSTOFFICE. No Mail and Not a Stamp Sold For Five Weeks In Busy Town (New York World.) - Joseph Barney, postmaster of Irons-port, a village of 700 inhabitants, several miles east of here, today closed his office. He said he had not sold a single stamp in five weeks nor received any incoming or outgoing mail. The people explain that they have no friends to write to and that they don't receive any mail. There has not been an idle man in Ironsport since. 1909. The mines are running full time and every miner in town owns his own home. Three weeks ago the entire police department was discharged. The chief of police declares that not one arrest has been made within the last six months and that it is a waste of the taxpayers' money to keep up a police department. A recent census showed that the population is composed of 637 Irishmen, 1 Welshman and 52 Germans. Ironsport has yet to have its first taste of scandal. Hard Requirements. (Cleveland Plain Dealer.) There was a queer old specimen of humanity brought to the Cuyahoga county jail. He had been convicted of the crime- of cruelty to animals and there was no doubt in anybody's mind that he richly deserved the penalty inflicted. It is the custom to examine prisoners, however, before they are assigned to their cells. When this old reprobate was brought up' the interrogation went thus. "What is your name?" " "Budd Dobbs." "What is your age?" "Sixty-eight." "What is your religion?" "Great snakes! Does a "man hafter git religion before they'll let him inter jail in this county?" Tact sometimes consists of knowing enough not to know too much. Many a fellow with a big bank account is of not much account otherwise. Catarrh Gone No More Hawking and Snuffling When You Breathe Hyomei. HYOMEI (pronounce it Hign-o-me) is guaranteed to- end the misery of Breathe it, destroy the catarrh 'germs and soon hawking and snuffling will cease. ' . Breathe it, and. crusts will no longer form in the nose; mucus will not lodge in the throat; all inflammation will leave the membrane of the nose and throat and your head will feel clear and fine. ' . Breathe it for coughs, colds and sore thrdat; its soothing, healing, antistptic action, is better than all the stomach dosing remdeies in creation, and there isn't a particle of opium, cocaine -,ar other habit forming drug in it. Complete outfit, which includes inhaler, $1.00. Extra bottles of HYOMEI 50 cents at R. H. Jordan & Co.'s, and drugists everywhere. j We Offer a . PATTERN HATS $5.00 VALUES $2.98 New lot of smart-pattern hats just received from New York. Handsome models in velvet, beaver and velour, large, medium .and small shapes, trimmed with ribbon, wings and feathers. Black and Color&. Saturday and Monday . . . . . . v. $2.98 WOMEN'S HATS 98c $2.00 TO $3.00 VALUES Untrimmed : and .ready-to-wear, sorts. Felts, Velvets etc., black and colors. Saturday and Monday ' . . 98c. AGENTS FOR PICTORIAL hEVIEW BABY AND GUN ROUT THIEF. Plucky Woman Backs Up Stratagem With Weapon and Burglar Flees. Catesville. Pa., Nov. 3.Alone in her home with her baby. by. her side, Mrs. Earl McClellan awoke at 2 o clock to her a man moving in her room. She nulled a revolver from beneath her pillow, but feared to move to switch on the lights lest the thief pounce upon her. She pinched her baby, making the infant cry lustily. "All right, dear. I will get up and get you something to pat." she said aloud, then rose, turned on the electric light and covered the amazed burglar. "Throw up your hands!" she said. The burglar did. He marched down &tairs and out the front door, his arms above his head and Mrs. McClellanNmarching behind him. After her nlucky feat Mrs. McClellan collapsed. Her husband, who is employed at night work, found her when he reached home suffering from a nervous collapse. ONLY HALF ARE IN SCHOOL Fifty Per Cent of Nation's Children not Attenaants, says txperi. Washinston. D. C. Nov. 3. "One- half the children of the nation are out of school," said P. P. Claxton, United States Commissioner of Education. "One of, the great problems of the age is to get boys and girls in the schools and keep them there until tney a fair education." Mr. Claxton who recently assumed his work as head of the bureau of education, said: "More than 4,250,000 children have quit school after finishing their educa quit school after finishing their elemen-tnrv education, who ought to be in .the high school. The pupils in high schools represent less than a rourtn ot tne children who ought to be there." . WEDDED JUST BEFORE DAWN . Dispensation Keeps Couple Waiting Until Unusual Hour. Wilmington, Del., Nov. 2. Waiting until 2:30 o'clock in the morning for a -dispensation that would permit them to be married in this ciay, Dr. James Brickhead, a New York physician, and Miss Helene Bilodeau, of Montreal, decided to postpone their wedding no longer and accordingly Rev. George L. Wolfe was summoned from his home to the reception room in the Clayton House Hotel, where the ceremony was performed. A Nature Study. "Witnessed ' any sporting events lately?" "Only one." "What was that?" "A stiff battle in a moving picture between a water bug larve and a salamander. I won some, money on the larve." w of Goats mi Complete Showing You Would WOMEN'S SUITS $15,00 VALUE $9.98 Of Fine Serges in black, blue and pinstripes. Cut on the very late&t lines; Coats satin lined. Saturday and Monday $9.98 WOMEN'S SUITS $25.00 VALUE $15.00 Fine Serge in black and blue, mannish suiting in "Invisible stripe. English tweed in gray arid two tone effects. Handsomely tailored. All coats with satin lining, guaranteed for two years. Saturday and Monday .... $15.00 POLO COATS VALUE, $20.00 $13.98 Of double face blanket, fine quality in brown and gray, tan and gray, etc. Clever new styles. Very Stylish. Saturday and Monday .. .. .. $13.98 WOMEN'S COATS $5.98 l$10rOO VALUE All wool in solid colors and mixtures. SpJendid value " . . $5.98 WOMEN'S SWEATERS $3.00 VALUE $1.98 Strictly pure wool in white and red, with" plain or rolling collars. Saturday and Monday . . . CHILDREN'S SWEATERS 75c. VALUE .. $1.88 48c Come in white, gray, navy and red. All sizes. ' . Saturday and Monday 48c. SHOES Our stock of Shoes is very complete, embracing all the wanted kinds from .. the work shoe to the dainty satin slipper. .. We invite your attention to our table of special values in Men's and Women's Fine Shoes; $2.50 to $5.00 values,' that we are closing out at ..' 98c. and $1.93 SPECIAL SALES FOR SATURDAY. At 10 A. M- Unti I Sold : - ; One Lot Outing, in dark colors; limit 5 yds. to customer . . 3c. Yd. 39 EAST TRADE STREET PATTERNS. Bluffed It Out. (Chicago. Evening Post.) The stories of the embarrassment of unsophisticated diners when-faced by highly sophisticated menu cards are endless and usually amusing. A man whose career had confined his knowledge " of things to j eat to such standard: products as ham and eggs and pork and beans found himself among a company who ordered intelligently from an extensive bill of fare. It contained so many classified dishes as to make a fair-sized book, the pages of which he pawed aimlessly and in dismay. The waiter, who needed oniy his order to go to the kitchen, was standing at one side deferentially, with his order slip and pencil in hand. The delay was noticeable and irritating to the unskilled diner and finally he pointed blindly to the middle of a page with his finger. . "Give me some of that," he said. The waiter looked over his shoulder and remarked:. "That's mayonnaise dressing, sir." "I know it. I can read." "But" apologetically "what will 3'ou have it on, sir!" "On a plate, you bonehead! Do you feed your customer in troughs here?" ROCKEFELLER WINS $25 Brother Wiliiam Gets Prize Offered By Archbcld at Flower how. (New York World.) When William Rockefeller and Joseph Eastman learned last night that they "had won the $25 cash prize offered by John D. Archbold for the best 12 chrysantnemum dioohis ai thirteenth annual flower show of the ! Tarrvtown Horticultural Society which opened yesterday in music Hall, they enjoyed a laugh. They immediately called Mr. Archbold on the telephone and thanked him for the donation of "easy" money. The flower show is ag reat success and the Vest ever given by the society. Among the exhibitors are some of the wealthiest people in the coun-ty. ' William Rockefellers silver cup was won by A. Lewisohn and F. S. Vallis with a chrysanthemum bloom that measured 12 inches Irom tip to tip. , ... . A special feature for today will be the competition by wealthy women for the best decorated table. Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish, of Garrison, will be present to assist the judges. a wise Choice. ! Miss Ethel Barrymore, at a garden 'party in Los Angeies, saiu vl c a,"-fornia girl who had refused an earl to marry a rich young San Francisco manufacturer: j. ' "She very wisely preferred a business nlant to a family tree." MifSkeiry at Prices Very Much Less Than Expect to Pay WOMEN'S SKIRTS $10.00 VALUE $5.98 Handsome qualities of all the .wanted materials. Empire effect with buttons on the side. Saturday and Monday ...... . . $5.98 WOMEN S OUTING GOWNS 98c In solid colors and neat stripes, trimmed with fancy braids, lay-down and ruffle collars, worth $1.50. Saturday and .Monday ,. . . .. .. 9Sc. HOUSE. DRESSES AND WRAPPERS 89c Of percale in neat figures and stripes; long and short sleeves. Saturday and Monday . . S3e. WOMEN'S CORSET COVERS 19c Trimmed with torchon and Val laces, insertions with beading and ribbon, 39c. quality. Saturday and Monday .. .. .. .. 19c. WOMEN'S WAISTS $1.50 VALUE - 5 98c Very fine lawn in stylish : new models, trimmed with fine Val and Cluny lace. . ; -. . Saturday and Monday . . .. .. . . 9Sc. GOOD SHEETS 50C. VALUE 39c Good bleached muslin, free from dress- ing, full size. Saturday and Monday .. .. .. 39c. At 11 A. M. Until Sold: One Lot Ladies' Fast Black Seamless- Hose; limit cne pair to customer .... Pair, 1c. At 2 P. M. Untjr Sold: One Pair Full Size Cotton Blankets Limit, one pair to Customer . . ,. Pair, 25c. At 3 P. M., Until. Sold: . J Women's 'Heavy Ribbed, fleeced Un-dervest and Pants. Limit, One Suit to Customer ;. .. Suit, 25c. BROTHER SERVES FOR BOTH. William Goes to Prison so That John Can Support Mother. " (New York Sun.) When William O'Donnell, 22 years old, and his brother, John, a year younger, were arraigned for sentence before.. Judge O'Sullivan, in general sessions, yesterday, Mr. Kimball, the probation officer, told the court that the young men .were anxious that one of them should escape a prison sentence so that their mother would not be deprived oT her- suppor. They had pleaded guilty to assault. They live at 277 East One Hundred and Forty-eightth street. It was a matter of no - moment to them, Mr. Kimball said, which . went to prison, but one of them must have his liberty. He added that John's employer was willing to take him back. As there was work waiting for him sen- tence was suspended on John. When William learned that his brother was to be released to take care of their mother he grasped his hand and the two brothers stood side by side while Judge O'Sullivan . complimented them on their devotion to their mother and to each other. He then sentenced William to the Elmi-ra reformatory. After a hearty handshake William was led back across the Bridge of Sighs and John left the court to tell his mother the news.; Dog's Appendix is Cut Out. (New York Herald,) j Spot, a fox terrier belonging to1 Western Pacific headquarters, in Oro-ville, is the first dog in California to submit to an operation for appendicitis. Dr. Thompson, of that city, was the surgeon. Trainmen took up a subscription to pay him. -The operation was successful. Feminine Applause. ! "What one arth d'you keep clapping for? That last singer was awful!" "I know; but I liked the style of hpr clothes, and I want to have an other look at .them." London Opinion. the Successful European Remedy Wonderful Results in Most Stubborn Cases! TO THE PUBLIC Please distinguish STOMALIX from the host of compounds prepared by irresponsible larmea and advertised as coaaaercial ventures. STOMAUX is prepared by a distinguished European Physician and Pharmaceutist, Dr. Saiz de Carlos, whose name is a guaranty of its worth, and its freedom from anything harmful. At AH E. FOUGERA & CO, Agents V, S NEW YORK. 1 WE SIM .Ai):, r l : i it . II .i ."i - i pi II' i I mn I K I : . I si i- pro: ft .I : Hi Mil- a COMFORTS VALUE $1.25 98c Good size comforts, nicely covered and well filled. Saturday and Monday . . ' . . 83c. N. C. WOOL BLANKETS 2.95 Full size, ' alLL. wool.:.. blankets $5.00 quality. -Slightly, damaged, v . - -v. Saturday and Monday . . . . . . $2.95 GAINED 450 FRANCS. Clumsy Man's Fall Through Window I Followed by Clever Swindle (New York Herald.) While 'passing in front of a wine shop in the Rue de Passy a well-dressed man slipped and fell, breaking a window of the wine shop." The wine shop keeper rushed out and grabbed the clumsy individual by the collar. A heated dispute followed and a crowd quickly collected. "Search him!" suddenly shouted some one in the crowd., The wino shop keeper and a few helpers found the idea a good cue and quickly went through the man's pockets. In his possession was found a 500 franc note. "My wendow cost 50 francs," said ine wine .siicp hceyt'i . lueics if francs change. Now we're quits." The man who had broken the win dow slipped' away with a dejected air. Shortly afterward the wine shop keeper sent to the . bank to change the 500 franc note. It was" a bogus one. The trick had been cleverly worked by the clumsy individual and the man in the crowd who had suggested searching him. 1 "Generally debintated for years. Ha! sick headaches, lacked ambition, wau worn-out and all run-down. Burdock Blood Bitters made me a well womaa." Mrs. Chas. Freitoy, Moosup, Conn. Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner? Tongue , ccated? Bitter taste? Complexion sallow? Liver needs waking up. Doan's Regiilets cure bilious attacks. 25 .cents at any drug store. Dcn't. think that. pile can't be cured bj Doan's Ointment. 50 cents at any drug stove. Farmers, mechanics, railroaders, laborers rely on Dr. Thomas' EcJectk Oil. Takes the stirig out of cuts, burns or bruises at once. Pain can- TO PHYSICIANS Physicians prescribin STOMALIX have reported most gratifying resalt3 in Chronic Gastritis, Gastralgia and Dyspepsia (combined with Chlorosis). Chronic Gastro-Enteritis, Anaemia. Gastric Neurasthenia, Dysentery. Hypochlorhydria, Dilatation of the Stomach, and in Gastro-lntestmal Diseases of Children, cases of very longr standing" yielding- to the treatment. Drvsslst. Co

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