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Page A18 THE SACRAMENTO BEE Wednesday July 29 1970 vv Witness Tells Or olayings ocreaming At I ate house One Senate Vote Blocks Reagan's Tax Shift Plan Continued from page Al -proached her in the midst of the kill ing "I said 'Sadie make it stop but she said 'It's too late'" Mrs Kasabian continued -sir- Mrs Kasabian said she didn't see Bloody scrawlings were found at the death scene The four defendants all in jail denims sat impassively staring straight ahead as Mrs Kasabian testified At one point the girls mouthed a message to the witness and she silently mouthed an answer Mrs Kasabian was asked whether the other two persons who she said went on the mission to Miss Tate's house said anything as they drove away from the scene "Yes they did They complained about their heads They said that people were pulling their hair Sadie (Susan Atkins) said that when she was struggling with a big man he hit her head" Then Mrs Kasabian said the group changed clothes in the car and began looking for a house where they could "hose off the blood from their bodies" Claims Threat Mrs Kasabian's attorney told newsmen that she was threatened by Man-son Monday as she walked by him in court "You really blew it Linda You better say your prayers" attorney Gary Fleischman quoted Manson as saying "We're very concerned" Fleischman said Ml IMI Jnr 73 1A1 Miss Folger slain And apparently she didn't witness the killings of Miss Tate and hair stylist Jay Sebring 35 who died in the house Mrs Kasabian's testimony was interrupted by a rapid-fire volley of objections by Manson's attorney Irving Kanarek who vainly challenged virtually every prosecution question The state's star witness who has been promised immunity from prosecution said she was unaware of the purpose of the mission when Manson sent her with the others into the night Do What Tex Said "Charlie told me to go with Tex and do whatever Tex told me to do" said Mrs Kasabian Watson has been indicted in the case and is fighting extradition from Texas As Watson started the car Mrs Kasabian said "Charlie came to my side of the car and told us to leave a sign He said "You girls know what I mean something witchy" She said Manson referred to girls in his mostly female clan as witches -wtTssiu-x wrv as Continued from page Al logne Coombs Cusanovich Dcuk-mejian Dolwig Grunsky Harmer La-gomarsino Marks Marler McCarthy Nejedly Richardson Schrade Sherman Stevens Way Whetmore and Democrats Burns Carrell Danielson Dills Kennick Song and Walsh 26 AGAINST Republican Bradley and Democrats Alquist Beilenson Collier Dymally Mills Moscone Pe-tris Rodda Short Stiern Teale and 13 During yesterday's marathon session Democrats were on the short end on most issues failing in numerous attempts to overhaul the tax program The governor at one point was on the threshhold of his biggest victory of the 1970 legislative session when AB 1000 was passed with the help of six defecting Democrats Stripped By Technicality But a provision of the state Constitution which requires a two-third vote on measures involving the corporation taxes was the means by which the minority party was able to thwart the governor before the day was over Under AB 1001 the corporation and franchise tax would be increased by y2 of 1 per cent This made it a 27-vote bill in the upper house On the first rollcall yesterday afternoon AB 1001 had only 24 favorable votes After behind the scenes conferences two more senators voted favorable But the Republicans could not get the 27th vote and finally gave up for the day Hit Limitation Democratic senators argued vigorously against the governor's program charging it would handicap county government and the schools by its expenditure limitation They also attacked the sales tax increase and claimed the property tax relief provisions would benefit wealthy homeowners One senator took issue with language he said would give big landowners a tax break under the plan to lower assessments on land threatened by subdivides These arguments were supported by a series of amendments In each case however the Senate voted them down GOP Ally A strong ally of the Democrats was Republican Sen Clark Bradley of Santa Clara County He warned property tax relief would be short-lived that taxes would go up again just as they did after the 1933 Riley-Stewart plan designed to help the property owner The 1933 law started the state sales tax The Democrats who sought unsuccessfully for changes in the governor's program included Stephen Teale of Calaveras County Albert Rodda of Sacramento County James Wedworth of Los Angeles County and Walter Stiern of Kern County Although unable to win any of their points they had the muscle in the final analysis to stop AB 1001 Today's Action The Assembly today is expected to act on Senate changes to AB 1000 Normally this is a routine matter automatically sending the bill to the governor But Assemblyman John Miller of Alameda County Democratic floor leader said a floor fight against concurrence could develop As time runs out on the 1970 legislative session the big question is: Will one of the 13 hold-out senators capitulate? If not Gov Reagan's big tax shift program will have been derailed in the station yard Nixon First Tough Crime Bill Is Signed Into Law-At Last xx vX -bF tSh xxV-jSJ'x5 ssate Close Call Bitter 5-Year Grape Strike Ends As Delano Growers Sign with his parachute while awaiting rescue (center right) The jet was recovered from the carrier's catwalk (lower photo) and the pilot was rescued shaken but unscathed AP Wirephotos Lt Bill Belden was forced to eject from his US Navy A4E Skyhawk (top photo) when its brake failed and it veered off the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Shangri-la somewhere in the western Pacific Belden of Racine Wis struggled ington the crime capital of the world A bill to provide preventive detention in all federal jurisdictions is one of several other administration proposals pending in Congress Other proposals would renew federal aid to local police agencies combat organized crime and revise penalties for crimes related to narcotics Angry Viets Hold Marines In Death DA NANG Vietnam (AP) A crowd of angry Vietnamese surrounded a truck carrying six US Marines and held it for almost 10 hours until American officials paid nearly $2500 compensation for a Vietnamese youth killed by the vehicle reliable sources said today A spokesman for the 1st Marine Air Wing in Da Nang confirmed the incident took place but would not confirm the amount paid "The deputy village chief demanded payment for release of the vehicle and after lengthy negotiations a solatium payment was made on the spot" the spokesman said The incident occurred July 15 on Highway 1 the main coastal highway running through Da Nang American authorities bargained with the Vietnamese the sources said because they were afraid that any effort to force the release of the vehicle and passengers would result in an anti-American riot Guns Planes Strike Along Suez Again By United Press International The battle along the Suez Canal today raged for the 69th consecutive day There were artillery duels which wounded one Israeli soldier and new Israeli air strikes against Egypt's canal positions Israeli jets also swept across the Jordan River at noon and blasted three Arab guerrilla bases south of Jarash in northern Jordan as reprisal for guerrilla attacks a spokesman said in Tel Aviv The bases were 15 to 25 miles inside Jordan Continued from page Al lent crimes provides more judges and creates a public-defender system Most of the debate on the bill centered around the no-knock and preventive detention sections Sen Sam Ervin D-NC called the bill "a victory for repressive criminal procedures" And Sen Harold Hughes D-Iowa said he fears a trend "that places simplistic faith in the mistaken notion that force and repression are the only routes to achieving law and order" But Sen Joseph Tydings D-Md who managed the bill argued that the number of felonies in the District of Columbia rose by 122 per cent during the past years while the percentage of convictions declined steadily Crime Capital The measure grew out of recommendations submitted to Congress last year by Nixon who during the 1968 presidential campaign called Wash- West German Soviet Ministers Confer MOSCOW (AP) The foreign ministers of the Soviet Union and West Germany met today for 2y2 hours on treaty negotiations described as "businesslike and in keeping with the difficulties" The meeting was the fourth between Andrei A Gromyko of the Soviet Union and Walter Scheel who arrived here Sunday for final negotiations on the treaty to renounce the use of force SubwayWorkers'Strike Paralyzes Madrid MADRID Spain (AP) Subway workers suddenly walked off their jobs in Madrid today tieing up this city of 35 million people The government ordered them back to work by midnight or be drafted into the army As members then of a military force the workers would have to work or face disciplinary action An estimated 15 million persons were hit by the strike US Chalked Up $29 Billion Deficit During Fiscal 1 970 Continued from page Al months of fiscal 1970 which ended June 30 He said a projected upturn in Bishops Farm Labor Committee and federal mediators began work in the Coachella Valley which finally brought the series of contracts As the harvest moved north the Bishops Committee became the leading voice of mediation The committee formed in November last year is headed by Joseph Donnelly who was to fly to Delano today from Hartford Conn It includes also Fresno Bishop Hugh Do-nohoe and Msgr Roger Mahoney of the Fresno Catholic Social Services Following are growers who were expected to sign contracts: Giumarra Vineyards Jasmine Vineyards (Martin Zaninovich) Frank Lucich Morris Fruit Co Steele Sons Anton Caratan Sons Sandrini Brothers Sabovich Brothers Caratan Inc Stephen Pavich Son Jack Zaninovich Farms Jake Cesare Sons Pandol Sons Nick Bozanich Jr Marlin Brothers John Pagliaruo Fruit Co George A Lucas Sons John Dulcich Sons A Zaninovich Sons Vincent Zaninovich Sons Dan Tudor Sons Louis Caric Sons Jack and Marion Radovich Se-trakiaan Co and Mark Zaninovich With some 75 to 85 per cent of the table grape crop signed the UFWOC now faces the task of gearing itself to supply the labor force demanded by growers in the contracts Msgr Mahoney said "This is the start of a new era farm workers now have a viable union of their own and their lives will be significantly changed" US Sen Alan Cranston D-Calif sent a telegram to Chavez in Delano this morning congratulating him on the breakthrough "After the long hard years of struggle to achieve dignity and economic justice for farm workers today's breakthrough must be gratifying to you as it is to the thousands of men and women who labor in our vineyards orchards and fields" Cranston wired US Sen George Murphy R-Calif who has bitterly opposed the unionizing drive by Chavez had no immediate comment His press secretary Duke Zeller is home ill Murphy's office said Continued from page Al more than other table grape growers have accepted and a nickel per box less than the so-called prototype contract For several weeks there had been indications the Delano-Arvin growers had shifted their holdout position and wrere seeking ways to end the strike because the boycott had seriously disrupted the flow of nonunion grapes from Arvin to Eastern markets After failing to get talks started through Gov Ronald Reagan and the State Mediation Service growers quietly accepted the arrangements put together by the National Catholic Bishops Conference Farm Labor Committee The grower-union talks began July 17 in Bakersfield The growers were represented by John Giumarra Jr spokesman for the 11000-acre Giumarra Vineyards Louis Lucas Louis Caratan and Martin Zaninovich The talks were recessed for four days last midweek and were resumed again Saturday in Delano Final agreement was reached Monday night and the contracts were put together yesterday Union negotiators included Delores Huerta Larry Itliong and Bill Kircher chief organizer for the AFL-CIO Giumarra and other growers first sought the governor's help when rail carloads of nonunion grapes ran into strong boycott action in several of the nation's markets The UFVVOC boycott is one of the strongest ever attempted in the history of American labor With a light crop good prices and an even flow of union label grapes into the markets the nonunion growers felt enough economic pressure to make a dramatic change which effectively ended the Delano area grape strike The 25 growers who were to sign today include most of the ranchers who were struck originally in September 1965 Before this season their opposition had been strong enough to carry most of the table grape industry with them Under the pressure of the boycott this opposition began to sag and the 'i ranged from $6 to $10 billion deficit and one key committee chairman privately has estimated that the deficit will be $15 billion Shultz said he is "explicitly restraining" himself from an updated 1971 estimate but he again urged Congress to pass the President's tax proposals on leaded gas and a speed-up on excise tax collections that would yield an additional $3 billion annually He stressed the administration would continue to exert pressure on Congress to hold the line on spending this year Nixon already had threatened to veto the education bill which received final congressional approval yesterday because it exceeds the President's request by $453 million Shultz called the bill "one of many bills of increased spending that are causing concern in the administration In discussions this week with the President and budgetary officials Shultz acknowledged that a possible tax increase proposal next January is one of the options being prepared for Nixon's consideration Elaborating on comments on Vietnam War costs made by Defense Secretary Melvin Laird Monday Shultz said that war costs would be reduced to about $145 billion half the peak costs next spring when the last of 150000 troops in the latest withdrawal are out But $45 billion represents reassignment of troops withdrawn from Vietnam and sent to other locations not really a saving Shultz said After the briefing however Shultz indicated that the defense budget may be substantially increased in fiscal 1972 from about $74 billion this fiscal year He indicated it will cost about $5 billion a year to achieve an all-volunteer army and that such an increase is being prepared as an option in the event Nixon wants to seek a volunteer service the economy during the last half of this year should boost business profits and "give a better picture for fiscal 1971" "This deficit in 1970 can be seen as an example of a situation where the expenditure line was held within revenues that would be produced by the tax system at full employment The deficit results from the automatic operation of the fiscal system and that in itself is a stabilizing force" Shultz said Spending within revenues that would be generated by full employment Shultz said is Nixon's rule-of-thumb in looking toward fiscal 1971 and 1972 budgets But the OMB director would not move beyond the administration's May projection that the 1971 budget will result in a $13 billion deficit Most congressional estimates have RussSpaceShotMayBe Test For Orbital Bomb MOSCOW (AP) The Soviet Union launched today an unmanned spacecraft that appeared to be another test of its fractional orbital FOB The craft labeled Cosmos 354 made less than a full orbit and traveled the same path as a Soviet projectile nearly a year ago that was identified by the United States as an orbital bomb test There was no indication whether the new launching might have been a step toward perfecting the Soviet equivalent of the US multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicle called MIRV The test was carried out by an unmanned spacecraft angled to the equator at 50 degrees the same inclination as Cosmos 298 of last September which the Pentagon announced as a FOB test The brief announcement distributed by Tass news agency said the craft was launched in the Soviet Union It apparently also was brought back to earth on Soviet territory The Soviet Cosmos program is a top-secret series of unmanned space experiments that also includes spy in the sky satellites weather watchers and dry runs for manned launchings Manson 'Family' Member Cites Fear Of Black Panthers black clothes so we wouldn't be seen And that was why we had guards At night one or two of the men wandered around with guns" she said Mrs Kasabian also told the Superior Court jury yesterday the women took turns standing watch carrying walkie-talkies and reporting back to the camp if a vehicle passed by She said Manson told his followers the Black Panthers might attack them "because they knew we were supera-ware and that we knew about them and that they wanted to do away with us because they knew we knew they were going to take over" The "family" lived on refuse collected from trash barrels behind supermarkets and restaurants the young woman said LOS ANGELES (UPI) Charles Manson's "family" made group love and patrolled their campsites with guns and walkie-talkies because they feared attacks by the Black Panthers a "family" member has testified Women at the ranch spent their time sharpening knives sorting dune buggy parts and caring for the babies Linda Kasabian said while the men repaired dune buggies "Charlie told us not to allow the children to wander in front of the ranch" she said "because he thought we were being watched He told us we were being watched by the Black Panthers" She continued "he said the Black Panthers hate white people and they might kill or kidnap our children "That was why we had to wear Casualty Lightning Kills 3 WHIGHAM Ga (AP) Two brothers ages '8 and 10 and their 12-year-old cousin were killed in this south Georgia town Tuesday when lightning struck the pecan tree under which they were standing officials said Pfc Jim Gardner could not take the 90-dcgree heat aboard the carrier Iwo Jima off the coast of San Diego yesterday He passed out during change of command ceremonies for the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force AP Wircpholo iMW Ln jr-ifi i-- -ir.

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